Receiving roses and sweets A man gave me colorful roses and some sweets. Dreaming about receiving signs of affection from a man could reveal your inner doubts and uncertainties. You are unsure whether someone is being truthful about his intentions. This would be someone with whom you were infatuated or interested in. The roses, as a symbol, could reveal lack of sincerity on their part and suspicions on yours. Moreover, receiving candy as a gift in this same dream could amount to a forewarning. Namely, you should be cautious and attentive in regards to someone's potential deceitful actions. Such care could prevent future disappointments and grief. An alternative interpretation goes along the lines of need. You might be feeling lonely, missing someone's true affection or in need of being nurtured. In this case, you should try to find inner comfort by pursuing goals which would make you a happier person.
Ex-boyfriend appearing as a husband I dreamed about my newly ex-boyfriend who is acting like my husband in my dream and a 2-year old girl who seems like our daughter... With some common friends around us. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend appearing and acting as your husband in this dream could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or circumstances, which could turn out to be negative in their nature rather than something beneficial or in your favor. The notion of the child and your friends present in the same dream could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite and get back together with this person, especially if the breakup was recent, so you would prove to yourself or others that this relationship deserves another chance. This dream could also be the result of your doubts or uncertainty whether you had made the right choice when you separated from your boyfriend.
Girlfriend saying "I love you" I proposed to a girl. I love her madly. I saw in my dream that she is saying "I love u". I wasn't in front of her, maybe she was saying "I love u" in front of a mirror. Having a dream about experiencing feelings of love or being loved is a good sign of happiness and confidence about things you try to accomplish in your life. If you happened to be uncertain about or question reciprocity or true feelings coming from your lover, it can be an indication of encountering minor obstacles on the way to achieving or completing your plans or projects.
Riding a bike with someone in love with I was with my two female friends on a bike. One of my friends were riding the bike. My other friend was behind her, and I was in the last (we three were on bike). The rider, whom I love secretly said, I am not interested in long-term relationships. ME: Really? What about short-term relationships. She remained silent. I don't know what does this mean. Thanks, waiting for you kind response. A dream about riding a bike predicts sexual encounters which are going to be different from those you typically engage into, adding to this analysis the friend(s) you saw on the bike in the same dream may be an indication of their involvement or participation (even indirect) resulting in these activities. Talking about committing to a short-term relationship with your friend can also signify considerable but destined to be unproductive attempts to create a relationship with this person, according to another source.
Love triangle, cheating I dreamt, that my long time boyfriend, (who loves me too much), was in love with another girl, but his attitude in the dream was that I should know about it and I should understand. In the dream he first went to meet her outside after telling me he is going on a date with the girl. I pulled them apart but he laughed thinking I am mad to not understand. Somehow I felt I should at least try to understand so I went to my room while they stayed in the living room. The girl played very sad in front of him but behaved like a superior in front of me. Later she tried coming in my room under the pretext of looking around the house. I yelled, twisted her arm and threw her out of the house, saying this was it. She kept waiting outside the house as her purse was left behind. He thought I will understand on my own. All I wanted was for him to reassure me. To dream of seeing another girl with your current boyfriend means your boyfriend is hiding something from you. Once you discover the secret that he's hiding, it may change the way your relationship is developing. Arguing or fighting with your boyfriend about someone else interfering with your relationship could indicate that your boyfriend is actually trying to keep secrets or hide something important from you. It can also mean he's thinking about something you are unaware of that may cause confusion or disagreements in your relationship once the secret is revealed.
A diamond ring and a french kiss I've dreamed the my male guy friend gave me a diamond ring but I'm married to his friend. But before that he gave me a french kiss. Please interpret my dream. Thanks! Dreaming of receiving a french kiss in a dream is a warning of being engaged in unacceptable or questionable activities or behaving this way. You may be inclined to commit some immoral acts at some point in time. Be aware that these actions could have long-term effects on your life and which you might regret later on. Being given a diamond ring can be treated as a sign of blessedness. It symbolizes favorable changes, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who might prove to be very important for you or achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself.
Making out with a best friend's boyfriend My dream was about me, my ex best friend and her boyfriend, we went out for a picnic and he dumped her on the spot and got with me straight after! Dreaming that you defeated your ex-best friend in regards to the having of her boyfriend’s love and attention may illustrate the existence of feelings of competitiveness. That is, it is possible that you currently experience or are about to experience jealousy over the situation of someone with whom you have an intimate or close relationship. You could end up finding yourself in some competitive game. You would try to overpower that person and keep for yourself whatever it is that that person has and you envy.
Signs of love from ex-girlfriend I always dreaming about my "ex" showing that she still cares for me and loves me. But in real life I'm not thinking of her and we don't have communication for long long time. What does it mean? Why she always appears in my dreams? Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events, which at the same time may turn out to be some negative events or circumstances instead of things that may benefit you. The notion of not communicating with her in real life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even get back together again.
Falling in a love with a man at a reception I was at a party with my friends and they were trying to make me go on a date with a random guy and I slid down a slide and met a guy and I fell in love. Dreaming about experiencing feelings of love or being loved often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it reflects happiness and confidence about your plans, projects, businesses, activities or occupations. Alternatively, it could indicate that you could soon encounter minor obstacles. Nevertheless, due to your determination and persistence, you would still manage to triumph over them and resolve them to your advantage. Moreover, you also experienced sliding in this dream. This symbol often indicates you could have second thoughts or fears regarding these projects or plans. However, these would be unfounded fears, for you would soon succeed.
Ex-boyfriend returning with love, arguing with his sister Hello. I keep having this dreams like my ex-boyfriend comes back and he tells he still loves me and we make love. And his sister which was my best friend appears and we are arguing all the time. Its like the same dream over and over again. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend returning and showing signs of love or affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events, which at the same time may turn out to become unpleasant and bothersome instead of being beneficial. The notion of fighting with his sister could be your subconscious desire to re-visit or even re-unite with your boyfriend's close family.
Love confession from a strange girl A girl that I never met before, told me that she loved me whilst going to a wedding. After the wedding I couldn't find her. It felt like I was emotionally connected to her. Dreaming about experiencing feelings of love from or being loved by a stranger but being unable to find her is a positive sign. Specifically, it is possible that you could soon encounter minor obstacles and problems. These issues could make achieving your goals harder and more strenuous. Alternatively, you could be longing for a sense of belonging, acceptance and peace that seems to escape you. Nevertheless, in both cases, due to your determination and persistence, you would still manage to succeed and resolve your problems to your advantage. Therefore, you should not let yourself become discouraged or anguished while experiencing unpleasant and unexpected issues.
Boyfriend cheating with other girls 1st I dreamed about we're taking a bath with my friend together with my boy friend that's weird, so we were totally naked and I asked them why you didn't shy to my boyfriend. I asked my friend then she just smiled I felt something wrong, then suddenly they admitted it that something happened to them.. Earlier I dreamed about my sister in law having sex with my boyfriend I don't know what does it mean :( Can you help me is my boyfriend cheating on me? :( This dream does not necessarily mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It rather reflects your worries and concerns about your boyfriend's actions and behavior, and about the future of your relationship. It also transpires an overall lack of confidence in your boyfriend or the existence of feelings of jealousy. More specifically, if you are in love and had a dream about being naked, it is possible that the one you currently love is not your true love. It could also mean that this person is self-centered, overpowering and dominating. He would make you feel submissive or fragile in regards to your feelings. Moreover, you had a vision of a threesome and of an affair. Both these encounters involved people who are close to you. This could suggest that you feel that neither of you is being yourselves during your encounters or that you are never fully present during your inter-exchanges. Therefore, you would feel unable to develop an intimate and deep bond. In the long run, these circumstances could culminate in a breakup. The causes of such separation would be mutual misunderstandings or mutual disrespect. You would benefit from discussion your worries with him.
Being in a car with ex My ex dreamt that we were together in a car with someone he picked him up, I look uglier, and I refused to go with him to visit a church. This dream experienced by your ex-boyfriend could be a projection of his fears or uncertainty related to coming to meet other of your potential dates or future partners, after separating from you. His subconscious visions of someone else he welcomes into his life (someone he picked up to give a ride in the car in this dream) were accompanied by unfavorable changes in your appearance. You became uglier, that is, worthier of his negative feelings. Alternatively, he could also feel ambivalent towards his own pursuit of a new relationship or of accepting separation from you. The notion of you refusing to join him to go to church (symbolic of your dominance or control over him) further accentuates the idea that the breakup with you might have left him feeling uneasy, rejected and perhaps even temporarily incapable of finding a new date or a life partner.
Getting ready to have a rest with a loved one Arranging a meshed room with loved one and he is carrying a girl baby from cradle and all are preparing to take a rest. Dreaming of seeing your loved one in peaceful and relaxed state is a good sign. It means he may put forward some interesting proposition or enticing idea intended for you or for the relationship itself. This idea is reinforced by the vision of him carrying a little child. Such proposal could positively affect your current relationship with this person. It would result in some major positive changes and favorable outcomes. The symbol of a mesh could also indicate that, when together, you tend to live in a very open and transparent way. You may be sharing everything amongst yourselves. Other people's opinions or advice might also be truly welcomed, accepted and appreciated by you as a couple. You most likely receive them in a non-judgmental way.
Ex-boyfriend fighting with the current one My ex-boyfriend fighting with my current boyfriend. Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream has negative connotations. If you are currently dating another man, it could mean that you tend to delve into things from the past and make unfair comparisons between your ex and current boyfriend. This interpretation is reinforced by the fight they got into in the dream. When you focus on these feelings, it might cause major interferences with your newly established relationship. You might become unable to cherish, understand and take it to the next level. In relation to the fight, you might also want to be loved by both men equally. You could also feel undesired, unloved and undervalued by your new lover and subconsciously want him to prove his love for you through real actions. Note that this interpretation could equally apply to other people with whom you have a very close and significant relationship.
Having a crush on a former classmate I always dream of my classmate in high-school. We are together as lovers in my dream. But we are too far from each other. The truth is he is my crush. But only that. There are not so meaning. We have now family. But I don't know why? I am always dreaming that we are lovers...please help me. Thank you... Dreaming about having a strong crush on someone is usually is a favorable, relationship-related symbol. You could be experiencing the strengthening of some existing friendship, affection toward someone or professional connection. Alternatively, it could mean that you could be going through a period of happiness and satisfaction in your life. You seem to be attributing these feelings to past experiences with your former classmate. There could be many reasons behind this belief. For example, you relationship with your classmate, albeit merely a crush, might have brought you great joy. The world might have seemed a better place in his presence. Thus, in your unconscious, he appears to reinforce and magnify the state of happiness and delight. The subconscious brings up this person whenever these feelings are involved. Still, you might be idealizing him, and look down on everyone you have encountered since then. Perhaps you could think back at your past relationship with the classmate. Explore the feelings you experienced at that time in greater details. This could give you a better idea of what this person actually symbolizes for you.
Partner going out and then upsetting a friend Dream was my partner took down Xmas decorations and got loads of people to clean up, then disappeared and someone said he was in the pub (he doesn't drink). Then my best friend came in crying because he upset her (they have never met in the past). The notion of Christmas decorations being taken down could symbolize that your hopes or aspirations are falling through or failing. Alternatively, it could mean that your projects are reaching a disappointing or saddening outcome or end. Your most significant other, such as your boyfriend, could manifest a somehow ambivalent conduct during this situation. In the dream, although he mobilized the support of a wide group of people, he also disappeared without finishing the task. That is, you could feel that he sometimes was, but sometimes was not helpful and supportive. Dreaming about how your best female friend became upset after hanging out with your boyfriend could indicate the existence of secrets. Your boyfriend might be hiding something from you. The idea of the existence of a secret is further represented by having someone make a comment about your partner, behind his back, that is, for you, inconsistent with what you take his behavior to be. That is, you are surprised by what is being said about your boyfriend. Overall, this dream vision suggests that you might benefit from re-examining your relationship with your partner. Discovering the secret or learning more about his intentions could have a significant impact on the future of your relationship. Alternatively, the dream could also be brought about by the beginning of the new year and reveal a need for renewal or some kind of personal reassessment. In this case, you would benefit from being honest with yourself and admit to some truths about yourself.
Kissing boyfriend's friends without any reaction from the boyfriend In my dream I was kissing my boyfriends two friends, in front of him and he never said anything! I don't understand why I would kiss his friends because I don't fancy either of them. Dreaming about kissing other men could be an indication that you have recently met a good-looking man. You could have seen or talked to him from a distance or face-to-face. You might have felt strongly attracted or fascinated by him and had a desire to act upon your feelings. In this case, the dream vision does not directly relate to your relationship with your boyfriend. It simply demonstrates how you still experience or express feelings of attraction to other men, even if merely on a subconscious level. This dream could also be a symbol of retaliation or revenge. You might currently feel ignored, rejected or deserted by your boyfriend. In order to get his attention or free yourself from his demeaning actions, you kissed his friends in front of him in this dream. Overall, there seems to be some diverted attention in regards to your relationship. You or your partner may be paying more attention to other people or other aspects of your lives than to each other and your relationship. Both could start to become emotionally hurt. You would benefit from trying to spend some quality time together, to revive or re-tune your relationship.
Boyfriend cheating with another man and attacking him My dream was that I caught my boyfriend having sex with another man, he was calling the man sexy and wanted him to have breakfast. I ended up screaming and attacking my boyfriend, I didn't know the other guy. Dreaming about catching your boyfriend with another man could mean that your boyfriend is hiding something from you. Arguing or fighting with your boyfriend about this man, whom you perceive to be interfering with your relationship, could reflect your possible suspicions that your boyfriend is actually trying to keep secrets or hide important issues from you. It can also mean he is preoccupied by something you are unaware about. His concern or secret, once revealed, may cause future disagreements in your relationship or hinder your relationship development. You might also be feeling that you are unable to develop an intimate and deep bond with your boyfriend or that your boyfriend is not paying enough attention to you and your relationship. You could be concerned about the future of your relationship. In this case, your subconsciousness is projecting these feelings through the images of a male who is lavished with your boyfriend’s attention and desire. In the long run, these circumstances could culminate in a breakup. The reasons for such separation could originate from mutual misunderstandings or disrespect. You could benefit from discussing your worries with your boyfriend before it is too late.
Girlfriend's husband not upset with the ongoing affair I dreamt that my girlfriend's husband discovered our relationship. I thought he was going to hit me, but he raised his hand up as if to slap or punch me, but he high gives me and said "I understand". This dream vision of your girlfriend's husband finding out about your relationship with her and if such an affair already exists in reality could be a sign that you are subconsciously realizing that something is going to go wrong between you and your girlfriend or something is about to happen to make the relationship worse than it is now. Even though you did not experience any confrontation or hostility expressed by the girlfriend's husband in this dream, you are most likely to experience episodes of jealousy or find yourself in some competitive game or conflict with your girlfriend. You could also be harboring fears related to your girlfriend discovering soon that you did something which she thinks could undermine or threaten the stability of this affair. This could be related to you being unfaithful to her or having secrets which you think could damage this relationship if revealed to her.
Becoming friends with ex-girlfriend of current boyfriend Hey, I am a girl and I am currently crushing on a guy who is also crushing on me. I had a dream about his ex girlfriend, who I know and dislike because she is what you would call a "psychotic person", really obsessed with him and in my dream I was at a friend's party and me and his ex actually became friends! And then after a while she went back to ignoring me but in my mind we were still friends. What does this dream mean? Your dream about having conversation with and befriending the ex-girlfriend of someone you are presently romantically involved with is an indication that there is rivalry and bad blood between you and someone in real life who is not necessarily the girl you were talking to in your dream. This person may be jealous or mad at you for showing interest in or having an affair with her romantic partner or friend in the past or presently. It is also possible that you are the one who is jealous, obsessed or upset with the person you are interested in dating. You may think that this person is making inappropriate advances towards other girls, whether this is true or just a suspicion. Overall, the dream speaks of existing feelings of rivalry, hostility and misunderstandings. These are poisonous to any relationship and to you personally for they are capable of undermining your confidence and self-esteem. It would be advisable to examine and make an effort to overcome these feelings.
Ex-boyfriend showing signs of love on the phone I dreamed that I was talking with my ex-boyfriend and he said to me on the phone that he's missing me and loves me so much. Dreaming about receiving signs of affection from your ex-boyfriend over the phone could be symbolic of some serious developments in your romantic affairs. If you are presently seeing or dating someone, this vision could indicate a possibility of encountering a female rival or competitor who might interfere with the way the relationship is going right now. The consequences of such interference could have some significant impacts on this relationship. If you are not a part of a dating scene at the moment, this vision could be a sign of a new encounter, but the outcomes are most likely to disappoint you because you might have doubts or uncertainties toward this individual.
Meeting with first love and falling in love I was in a surreal world, not sure. But there I could fly and the peak of my dream was when I was with my first love. She was never my girlfriend, but in my dream I was nice to her and then she nodded as saying yes. Let's date. But another thing I noticed was her rough hands and her saying she got hurt on a coral... What is that all about? This dream vision of encountering someone who was your first love in the past could be indicative of your dissatisfaction or frustration with your current circle of close friends or even with your romantic partner. Most likely, these feelings of unhappiness with the people who surround you in waking life have been bothering you for quite some time now. This emotional state could simply be caused by deep nostalgia about past years and remembering the people you used to know when you were younger. The notion of noticing the girl's hands being hurt by corals could mean your desire to have more meaningful and rewarding life experiences while communicating with the people you surrounded by, but something connected to your past is holding you back. The symbol of coral or corals in a dream is often associated with re-building existing relationships, but through a lot of effort and sacrifices on the dreamer's part.
Ex-boyfriend looking mad while having a conversation with him I was in a class with my ex. He was in Florida but he moved back to Bartlett. We know we looked at each other a few times. We talked to our friends while we did. He talked about a girl he met in Florida in a obvious way. I talked about my boyfriend. He looked at me as I talked about my boyfriend. I could feel him looking mad for some reason. This dream vision of your ex-boyfriend engaging in a conversation with you and discussing your current romantic life reflects the fact that you want him back in your life or it could be an indication of your dissatisfaction with the way things are developing between you and your new boyfriend. You are also comparing his new relationship with your own and perhaps even think that he is doing much better dating this new person as opposed to dating you. There are certain undertones of jealousy and envy which you express through your subconscious mind and you need to find a way to remain just friends with him because now you have other people involved on both sides and they could be hurt if you continue to focus excessively on your past relationship with this person.
Ex boyfriend having secret conversations with family members I dreamt of my ex ex boyfriend getting in touch with my family secretly and I was so angry when I found out. I forced my brother to show me all their conversation and my ex ex bf was checking on me through my brother. I was just so angry, I don't know why. In reality, no one have met him but in the dream, they talked and chatted like friends. In reality, my ex ex bf often stays in touch with me. In the dream, he didn't talk to me at all. Having this dream vision about your ex-boyfriend appearing to be having conversations and communicating with other members of your family behind your back could only reveal your tendency to keep secrets or hide important information from someone you become involved romantically. Perhaps you also have a habit of depriving your boyfriends or partners to speak their mind openly or share how they feel about the relationship you have with them. Even if you stay in touch with them in your waking life, your subconsciousness is telling you that this is mostly a one-sided communication and something that is based on what you have to say or do rather than letting them to be an equal part in everyday communication. Therefore, the dream advises you to be more accepting of their opinions and concerns they would like to express and share with you.
Having a romantic relationship with a classmate and marrying him Dreams of a guy that I made up with in 8th and my dreams are about me and him being juniors in high school and the last two dreams I had were that we were at the park and chasing each other and we told each other we love each other. The last dream we were planning our wedding and then we got married. The dream felt so real that when I would wake up I would feel him in my heart and I still do. Does this dream mean he's real that I would meet him in my junior year of high school? This dream you have experienced reveals you nostalgic feelings and good memories about the moments you had with this person in the past. It serves as an indication that you would like to continue seeing this boy and reflects your hopes that he will be spending more of his time with you to make the relationship more meaningful and rewarding. At the same time, the reciprocity and mutual exchange of these happy feelings between you and him could be something that only you perceive to have continuation and flourish. So, to answer your question, you are the only one capable of turning these visions into reality without causing yourself heartbreaks and disappointments in the future.
Boyfriend with big family in the future I met my boyfriend in the future when we were 43 years old, he had 3 kids and a wife he had been married too for 12 years. He also wanted to get a divorce and get back together with me. I'm a female. This dream about meeting your current boyfriend some time in the future is a reflection of his outgoing personality and other people whom he has been surrounded by as you perceive it. You might feel that you do not get enough attention or affection because he tends to spend a lot of time with the members of his family, his buddies or coworkers. As a result, you could sometimes feel ignored or forgotten. This dream vision is most likely not related to romantic or love affairs with other women.
Following the right-hand path, sitting down with former crush who is a writer There was these two slides that lead you in the right path if you chose the right things and the wrong path when you didn't. When I went up the right slide, I went back to my 2 friends and a person who I USED to love. I asked one of my friends to leave so I could talk to the other one. I didn't see my old crush until we were done talking. He was writing a story, and I sat in front of him reading it and he let me until he came to one page, and I told him it was okay to let me read it. He dropped his head down, let me read it, his story was about me and him getting married. I held him so tight. Dreaming about having to choose between two slides could represent two or more different paths or choices that you may currently be faced with in reality. Because one slide is clearly wrong and the other is right, this decision is possibly related to moral values and honesty, although it could be equally associated with signing a contract, entering into a formal arrangement, forming a union between two people or companies, or doing tasks in a certain, predetermined and logical order. Envisioning someone you used to love or care deeply about in the process of writing a story predicts that he may surprise you by doing something sudden and unexpected, and since he allowed you to read his words, it likely means that this action will be related to you or involve both of you and your personal interests.
Being led to believing someone loves My crush told me that he liked me back and wanted to be with me, so I became his girlfriend and was so happy, he was all lovey-dovey with me, but soon after, his best friend started texting me more and more and told me he also liked me. I was confused and told him that I'm in a relationship with his best friend, and that is when he told me that his best friend didn't really like me and was just playing with my feelings. I was hurt and I didn't know what to do, I woke up after that. Dreaming about being led into believing that someone loves you but later discovering that this is not true means that you have good chances of eliminating someone's attempts to degrade your name and ruin your image in the eyes of others because you will be able to always be a step ahead of their intentions and deceitful actions. These actions are not necessarily related to romantic affairs or dating, and could equally be expected from your general social interactions.
Back together with an ex and in a new city I have been dreaming that me and an ex of mine are back together living together and are in a different city than either of us have ever lived in and we are both wearing wedding rings. Having dream visions about relocating to a city where you or your ex-boyfriend have never lived portends that either you or him would soon have to completely change your lifestyle, place of work and, possibly, your current place of residence because of some unfortunate, but unavoidable developments or events. For a woman, same dream could mean receiving a proposition or offer which could completely turn her life upside down. The vision of the wedding rings in this dream speaks of either the long time before these issues are settled, or the fact that both of you would be equally involved in and impacted by them.
Ex-boyfriend living in the same house My mother allows my ex-boyfriend to stay with her. I guess I live there too. He follows me around the house just watching me. Never talks or touched me. This dream vision of your ex-boyfriend starting to live with your mother and you could be indicative of the absence of any meaningful connections between him and your mother. You tend to consider their relations and communication to be insignificant, if not the reason for your breakup. On the other hand, these images could be a portrayal of your feelings when you started to realize that he was not giving you enough attention, affection or love. Most likely, your ex-boyfriend had never cheated on you during the time you were together, and it was more about his self-absorption, timidness or preoccupation with other non-romantic aspects of his life.
A man with overwhelming love feelings In the dream, the man commanded power, his love and lust for me was overwhelming in the dream... He took me to the rails of a jetty of a lake and was kissing and cuddling me.. His car was parked where I could see it (a red Toyota Camry 2014 model saloon car)... I was treated with respect by everyone because of him. Experiencing love in your dream which left you feeling overwhelmed or breathless is a symbol of your own control and power you exert on other people present in your social circle. The image of kissing with this man publicly, in broad daylight for a lot of people to see, shows that you stand firm in your attempts to become involved in a romantic affair. You could be longing for love and affection regardless of what you see around you, or what others close to you do or say. However, the little details you paid attention to while in the arms of this man, such as his car parked nearby, could also reveal your insecurities, reservations or even fears which you think you may face while dating someone new. These feelings could be directly related to the current position you have within your social stratum.
Meeting Mr. Right I dreamed last night that I met the right guy for my future. Despite seeming like a happy sign, dreaming about Mr. Right is actually a relatively negative symbol associated with erratic emotions. More specifically, it portends becoming upset about small things or events that do not go the way you want them to. Seeing this in a dream may be a warning to watch your behavior and words around others, as you may be judged for your reactions over such petty details.
Falling in love with a state trooper I was traveling to another state. State troopers were directing traffic. This one particular trooper made me pull over and took me to the hotel I was checking into. We never had sex, but he said he was in love with me and will move me there. I asked if he was married and he replied "No, but would divorce her if he was". There was something about me that made him fall in love. He promised to get off and my time there would be his. By the way, I was visiting my cousins is how I met the trooper. Looking into his eyes I could see the love and I began to have feelings for him. I was very shy and blushing. A dream about being stopped by the police indicates that you may have some seemingly insignificant problems which you should not ignore. These problems could well have something to do with misunderstandings or arguments with friends. Often we do not want to deal with these problems, as we believe that friendship transcends all, but this can be a mistake and could result in loss of money or personal property. Similarly, a dream concerned with falling in love also indicates potential issues, but often more serious ones. You can also overcome these problems by putting in a lot of effort. The fact that you were blushing means that you need to become a little more assertive, both with others, and with yourself.
Falling in love with a married man I fall in love with a married guy and we have an intimate moment once, then he ignores me. Now I dream that he visited me in our old house. He hugged me tight and became sweet to me. Before he whispered to me and told me that he have to leave because he needs to study. While this seems to be a romantic vision, it is more likely related to the projects you are responsible for or a goal you are working toward in wake life. Specifically, a relationship with a man which seems to oscillate between intimacy and rejection can predict both success and failure. This means you probably can overcome the challenges on your path and finish tasks in a timely manner, but you are also unlikely to gain overwhelmingly positive results.
Being in love with an unknown person I am a married woman in real life, but I always dream about being with another man, that I feel loved and in love... But I don't know that person. Cheating on your husband with a strange person is often associated in dreams with a sudden paradigm shift in your relationship, usually a negative one. In this case, things that made your relationship work at first, like love and respect, are being twisted into becoming negative emotions. Unless you take preemptive measures to prevent this from happening and mend the growing rift between you and your partner, your relationship may suffer irreparable damage.
Being told about love by a stranger I have seen that a stranger was telling me about the person I love. She was telling me I was born for him, but in real life he doesn't even talk with me. Dreams often play out our inner desires. To be told that the one you love loves you back is a manifestation of your desire for your feelings to be reciprocated. This is a representation of a possibility for interaction. However, since in reality the opposite is true, this could be a sign that you need to muster enough courage to initiate contact or start a conversation with the object of your affection.
In love with someone without arms I was madly in love with a man with no arms. Dreaming of being in love with someone who is missing body parts is a negative sign. It heralds increasingly demanding and dangerous situations appearing in your path. These would take large amounts of time and effort to resolve or get out of.
Signs of love from guys all around My dream was about guys giving me love letters and falling in love with me. Depending on your emotional state, dreaming that guys are falling in love with you could be a reflection of your low self-esteem. Perhaps you need validation or reassurance of your self-worth. Your mind is trying to make you feel better about yourself by conjuring up this dream scenario. On the other hand, if you have no insecurity issues, then the love letters could symbolize a budding romance in the real world. Maybe you sense some romantic energies being sent your way, hence you are feeling extra confident in the dream.
Together with an ideal mate I met the man that has all of the qualities I am looking for. The dream took place outdoors in a warm climate. There was a loving bond, but no sex. I thought "This is the man I'm looking for". He called me by name, but I never knew his name. His last question to me was "Are you willing to leave the mountains?" I said "No". Seeing your ideal man or the man of your dreams may contain a few negative connotations. On the one hand, it could indicate that you get upset and shed tears over trivial things.On the other hand, this romantic encounter in your dream world reveals your desire to settle down or be committed to someone. The mountains he was referring to are probably your dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, being with someone means letting go or compromising certain goals.
Rolling naked on the bed with a lover I had a dream that my lover and I were naked rolling around and playing on a bed. Rolling around in bed with your lover alludes to being carefree with your sexuality. You may be comfortable in your own skin and basically enjoying what life has to offer. On the other hand, it could also suggest immaturity and a lack of commitment on both sides. You may not be happy with how things are turning out between you and your partner not only in terms of your performance in bed, but also in your other states of affair as a couple.
Lover's absence in dreams Why don't I see the man I love in my dreams? Has he stopped loving me? The absence of dreams you want to experience does not necessarily mean something is wrong. Dreams come when our subconscious mind or the symbols of dreams have something to tell us. In this case, not seeing the man you love could simply mean that there has been no change in the level of affection. If you want confirmation and the visions are not there to guide you, it is better to speak directly to the person involved instead of leaving room for ambiguity and anxiety.
In love with a marine I went back to my old home and spoke with a marine's grandmother. She told me about how he was coming home in 6 weeks and that she would like to visit. I agreed. He's constantly been in all my dreams. Recurring dreams that involve a marine or a soldier of some kind point to the possibility that you may soon lose somebody's love and respect. You may end up greatly disappointing this person with some questionable behavior. You may eventually get a chance to redeem yourself, but it is likely that your window of opportunity in this matter would be rather limited.
Being loved by a woman in a red dress I usually see a dream in which a woman wearing a red saree sits besides me, hugs me in her lap and loves me extremely. Please tell me the meaning of this dream. I want to know the meaning? A loving and affectionate woman that you do not recognize appearing in multiple dreams could be a sign that you subconsciously wish to embrace the more feminine aspects of your personality. This does not necessarily have something to do with gender association, but more with possessing certain positive traits that are often attributed to females. Traits like kindness, wisdom, gentleness and even patience may be the aspects of your character that you should embrace and learn to appreciate.
Falling in love while in jail I dreamt that I returned to jail and while we were being transferred to other cells, I met and instantly fell in love with a man also incarcerated. I didn't feel alone, we both were able to find some alone time and it was wonderful. Somewhere along the dream inside the jail facility I dreamt that I jumped into a huge bowl of burning lava and I felt no pain, I could feel myself wasting away while I swam in there, only to be able to climb out and carry on like nothing happened. Dreaming about seeing yourself in jail or being incarcerated is an indication that your life is soon going to take a turn for the worse. Plans or projects you may currently be working on would never materialize or yield any positive outcomes. It is also symbolic of some unspoken deed or withholding information from your current romantic partner. Hence, your jail time in the dream alludes to the sense of isolation you feel because of the secrets you keep. Carrying this burden by yourself would make you confront the darkest and often violent aspects of your psyche. With no outlet or venue for catharsis, you would end up stewing in a negative whirlpool of emotions as indicated by the bowl of lava. You may end up being desensitized or become numb by self-loathing. Unfortunately, if you keep carrying problems on your own, you may end up transforming into someone you do not even recognize, and possibly alienate your loved ones in the process.
Falling in love with a woman for women I dreamt that me and my female best friend fell much in love with each other, we are both females what does this mean? Dreaming that you fall in love with your best friend who is a female suggests being deceived by a friend or colleague in the real world. This treachery would cause a world of pain because you would not see it coming. Alternatively, your best friend represents qualities you may aspire to have. Hence, loving her signifies your yearning to emulate her good points. In addition, lesbian tendencies manifested in dreams illustrate your efforts towards self-acceptance. You could be getting tired of putting on a facade just to make other people like you or maybe you are denying certain aspects of yourself for fear of being judged or ridiculed by others.
Getting re-united with first love My dream was me getting my nails done and even though in real life I don't talk to my first love, in my dream we were really close and happy. But I am getting my nails done, then I end up in a corner with a half-bloomed black lily or rose tied to hand. Then these women and some men come in and my first love which is a boy takes off to the back and one man comes over and takes the flower from me and plucks a piece of hair off my hand. My first love said he called her to get answers. Dreaming of your first love could be an indication of your lingering feelings for this person. Perhaps you have not fully moved on and this is keeping you from finding new romantic prospects. Further evidence of your inability to let go of the past are the flowers snatched from you. The rose, in particular, is a symbol of love, so the vision could be telling you that your personal baggage from the past is keeping you from finding the love your deserve. In addition, getting your nails done may be an allusion to your preoccupation with superficial beauty which could also be attributed to your problems in finding real and lasting connections.
Walking through doors with a love interest I was walking down a hallway or corridor holding hands with the man I love (who abandoned me 2 years ago and is currently with someone else). We passed a door on the left. He went in but I didn't. I continued walking down the corridor to another doorway on the left. I went in this door. Then the man I love ran out the door he had gone into before and came into the door behind me. Dreaming of an ex typically points to a lack of closure. As you said, you still harbor fond feelings for this person, perhaps even hoping that you would get back together, which is why he appeared in your dream. The doors represent choices, hence entering different doors is merely a metaphor for parting ways in reality. When he followed you, your subconscious likely created the scenario as wish fulfillment for you because you have been wondering whether he regrets leaving you. Alternatively, following you may be an allusion to your inability to move on. Memories about him, his lingering presence and overall influence keep following you around which prevents you from opening yourself up to other possibilities and opportunities.
Proposing to a boy for girls I am a girl. My dream was I was on my knees and the boy I was proposing. I don't remember his face in the dream. I knew him in the dream but not in real life. The boy had the ring and I took the ring and took his hand and put the ring on his finger. After that my dream broke. For females, dreaming of proposing to the opposite sex could be an indication of growing self-confidence. Perhaps you tend to be submissive or agreeable in reality, but circumstances are about to happen in which your mettle would be tested. In the face of unfavorable odds, you could discover your potential to lead and live your life on your own terms. This defining moment would pave a path to a future you may have not previously imagined for yourself.
A letter from past love I was dreaming about someone I love, not a family member. I loved her a lot and she left me for someone else. The two ended up running away together and my feeling for her never change. Later in the dream I had received a letter from her saying that she still had loved me too. After reading the letter in my dream I went to search for her, only to find out she had died during childbirth. I was all alone, and sad. Finally I woke up. Dreaming of receiving a letter or letters from someone you loved in the past is indicative of your inability to move on. The content of the letter is both wish fulfillment and a much-needed closure for you. Your mind may have conjured up the scenario that you wish would happen in reality to help you close this chapter in your personal journey. Similarly, finding out that she died during childbirth signals the futility of your efforts to try to get her back. Instead, the dream could be telling you to start fresh. The dissolution of your romance, her death, would pave the way for new experiences and prospects as symbolized by the newborn baby.
Meeting with a lover in a castle I was in a castle. Had secret rooms with different views. I had to go searching for the keys to look at them all. The room on the top floor of the castle viewed the sky. When I entered I saw the man I loved, yet I didn't recognize him. Yet in my dream I loved him very much. Dreaming about being in a castle with secret rooms symbolizes your desire to feel safe and secure. This innate need which you have to safeguard your emotions is apparent in the imagery of secret rooms which could only be viewed when opened with a key. Since castles represent protection, it could be your dire wish to enter into a relationship which makes you feel the same. The height of the castle could signify your own lofty principles regarding love and honor. The notion of finding your lover waiting for you in the castle could be an indication of finally meeting a person who makes you feel confident and self-assured. Keep yourself open to love and possibilities of romance coming your way.
Being neglected by a lover Female. I dreamt that the man I love is too busy for me. He left me in the house a whole day and came back late and tired. And for some reason it's disturbing my peace. Dreaming that you are being neglected or ignored by your partner highlights your insecurities and abandonment issues. Perhaps a part of you feels like you are not good enough for him. However, this does not mean that this is the case in reality. Perhaps your feelings in this vision are only a projection of your own fears. Maybe it would be best to open up to him about your concerns so you can both find a way to strengthen your bond.
Falling in love and being abandoned later I had this dream that I remembered vividly (which is weird for me) that I had met the love of my life (and it wasn't my husband) and it was a deep and passionate love... And then he just left, totally out of the blue. I'm really confused about the meaning of it. Dreaming that you are in love or having a passionate affair with someone other than your husband suggests dissatisfaction or discontent in your current marriage. Perhaps the reality of your relationship falls short of your expectations. Lately you may have been fixating on his flaws. Hence, you may find yourself dreaming of an ideal partner, one who possesses the qualities you find lacking in your husband. On the other hand, getting left behind by this idealized partner reveals your pragmatic and rational thinking. While you may find yourself wanting more from your husband, and your marriage in general, the disappearance of the other guys alludes to a reality check. Deep inside you may be inclined to resolve your problems rather than run away.
A lover kissing breast The man l love kissing my breast. Dreaming about your breasts being kissed by your lover signifies a growing sexual desire on your part. Perhaps you would like to indulge in a physical relathionship with this person but it has not culminated to anything as yet. On the other hand, such a dream could also signify your desire to be more attractive in the eyes of your lover because you want him to find you sexually appealing.
Best friend confessing about cheating I was picked up from school early by my crush. Upon arrival home, I was greeted by my best friend who told me she had slept with my crush. I told him I never want to speak with him again. He was upset. I then told my best friend that I was hurt. Awkward situations in a dream usually point to becoming involved with someone you should not. However, in this case, your best friend was the one who committed a mistake that you are ethically or morally opposed to. Your dream tells you the possibility that your best friend made a mistake that you are unaware of or she never revealed to you. This act of secrecy given your relationship with your best friend is likely what pains you the most. However, this painful situation would not last since school represents learning and finding fulfillment in your life. It could also mean that you are about to experience great bliss and contentment. This satisfaction may come from knowing that your best friend's secret cannot be hidden for long and eventually finding about the truth would set you free.
Confessing love to someone I was confessing my love to the one I love and he accepted my proposal saying he loved me ever since a long time. I saw this dream many a times that I am confessing my love and he is accepting it. We both live happily ever after forever together but haven't talked to that person in real we meet gazed as pass by! Dreaming that your love is being reciprocated by a romantic prospect means that you are in good company. You are likely surrounded by trustworthy and reliable friends who are always ready to lend a helping hand and give useful advice in situations when you need them. In addition, the recurring aspect of this dream vision can also point to successful ventures and travels. No matter what profession you are in, this auspicious dream foretells happiness, wealth and prosperity on all fronts. You could find the perfect partner who would inspire you to pursue wilder dreams and increase your productivity, or you may finally find the time for implementing lucrative business ideas and finalizing profitable deals.
Neighbor forcing to fall in love I am female, in my dream I saw myself pushing a bicycle passing via our neighbor's house. Reaching his backyard I saw he blocked a path connecting to our home with woven and barbed wires, I passed another side to reach our house. He followed me home with his twin kids (girls). Kids got scared of me. He forced me to fall in love with him. I pushed him away, he entered into our house and it turned into a crowded hospital. My coworker and me cooked peanut sauce, my mom was going to cook lamb meat stew. Pushing a bicycle in your dream vision means you have a hard time balancing your work and personal life. There could be issues on the home front at the moment and this added burden is making you tense up and tired all the time. This cause of strain could be the people in your neighborhood. For instance, the barbed wires suggest you and your neighbor would have a misunderstanding, while him forcing you to fall in love with him illustrates your clashing personalities. This also reveals your general displeasure towards him because of past or upcoming unpleasant encounters. In this sense, the crowded hospital represents your need for a place to relax and your home is no longer giving you this sense of solace because of the antagonism with your neighbor. Finally, lamb meat symbolizes the sacrifices that have to be made in order for you to attain a sense of stability both in your work and at home. You can ease off from work for a little bit to attend to important matters at home or you may need the support of loved ones to help you sort out your problems.
Walking down from the sky and falling in love My dream started with me up in the sky, I don't know where I was and I was walking down a huge flight of stairs that went to the ground and I was walking down the stairs and next thing I know I'm in a bar with random people and a waitress comes over to me and I ask for a beer and we locked eyes and it felt so real. Usually I know when I'm dreaming but it felt too damn real the dream and I've never felt this way for a girl. We fell in love right away did I find my soulmate in my dream? I'm a 18 y.o. male. Walking down the stairs in a dream vision is generally considered a fairly ill omen. It symbolically represents moving further away from your goals and aspirations. Your starting location in the sky suggests your dreams are quite lofty, even perhaps a bit unreasonable. However, you are young, and walking downstairs at this point may be your realistic side trying to compromise with your great ambitions, making this more of a neutral symbol than a negative one. This is connected to the image of you in the bar interacting with the waitress. This particularly imagery is associated with needing to unburden yourself from some weight you are carrying. It is possible your subconscious can see the war between childlike hope and adult cynicism, and it is trying to remind you that you can still have big dreams that are grounded in the reality in terms of what you can achieve.
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