Revisiting an enchanted forest from dreams in the past In this dream I revisited a mythical forest that I had dreamed about when I was younger. In my previous dream I was trapped in the forest running from a beast. In this dream I was a magical being able to fly above the forest and I was trying to warn others from entering it. Being trapped in a dense forest in a dream vision is the symbolic manifestation of feelings of loneliness. You likely feel as though you have few, if any, people to rely on when you are feeling sad or depressed. The fear over this situation can be seen in the image of the beast which is chasing you. However, flying over the forest and warning other people of its danger suggests you are normally a positive person and are not likely to be hindered by the challenges of today, meaning you can overcome your current situation or turn it around to your advantage rather quickly and painlessly.
Picking up fake gold In my dream a man performed magic gold on the floor and asked us to pick it. I did but the gold seems like a fake gold. Dreaming about gold scattered on the floor around you has negative connotations. It could mean that someone may be trying to cause problems for you, which could actually result in you suffering great misfortune. Such an event could actually put your happiness and peace of mind into jeopardy. The right thing would be to beware of all individuals who could potentially create trouble for you. Perhaps you are lured to follow certain things which in actuality are harmful to you, but are polished like gold, only to entice you. Make sure you remain vigilant and be prepared.
A soul extracted from a dead friend I dreamed about my best friend who is dead, a magician person was taking out another dead person's spirit out of her. Dreaming of dead friends generally hints at the possibility of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you in wake life. Your tormentors would have a negative effect on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. It further suggests that you would miss your best friend's support during this challenging period. The exorcism performed on her could be an indication of your desire to accept her passing. Perhaps you depended on her a little too much while she was still alive, and now you realize you need to stand on your own feet.
Entering a magical world My friends and I were attending the really fancy prep school, but one day one of our friends found this magic stone that allowed us to enter this magic world where we could see the people of everyday life as the creatures they really were. A lot of them were friendly and asked us to keep their secret. We agreed, but when one of our friends gets taken by something truly evil in that world, our new friends agree to help us. It was a wild adventure but no details that I specifically remember. Dreaming about entering a magical world is a manifestation of your own innate desire to escape into fantasy to get rid of your existing problems. This escapist attitude signifies that you would rather focus on what things could have been like instead of trying to take them in stride. And although indulging in day dreams can sometimes be helpful, it is also important to focus on reality and deal with things as they come. Try and be more assertive and you would soon start to embrace anything that comes your way, be it problems or small victories.
Ability to destroy and create buildings I just dreamt of a smaller North Korean palace type of building and me standing in front of it, then with the motion of my hand I raze it to the ground and raise a giant broad skyscraper and then it gets destroyed by a nuclear explosion. The palace structure at the beginning of your dream likely reflects the expectations others have of you. Perhaps your parents, peers and other authority figures are pushing you down a path you do not wish to take. In contrast, the skyscraper you raise from the rubble of the former structure reveals your passion and aspirations. You have big dreams, and you want the freedom to follow your heart. Unfortunately, the nuclear explosion may be an indication that your efforts would be in vain. Your own temperamental nature and tendency to dabble in risky behavior could prevent you from achieving those goals.
Asking for power from a dragon If I want my powers back I have to respect the dragon. Dragons symbolically represent arrogance or pride of the dreamer's personality, so it is possible that respecting the dragon means understanding your tendency to put yourself above others and working on overcoming this part of yourself. In that way, you can become more powerful with the support and cooperation of those around you. Your true power lies in your ability to coexist with others rather than working solo and doing things your way.
Keeping a murder a secret and magic I'm a female. In my dream I was keeping a secret about a murder that happened cause someone was trying to hurt me. Later on I had magic. I was on a flying carpet. Flying into a bunch of different rooms. I ended up in a fancy hotel as if I knew where I was and why I was there. I walked up to him and he knew me. He said I look like me but that I seem different. I told him magic changes people. After I said that he smiled seeing that it was really me. He kissed me. We were engaged. I did not know the man. Starting at the beginning of the vision, dreaming about keeping someone's murder a secret could mean that the well-being of someone close to you, either emotionally or by family ties, is being threatened. You may be subconsciously preparing yourself for the worst to happen. In these difficult times, you probably feel less than excited or enthusiastic about life, which is also seen in the image of the hotel you later visited. This is also connected with your use of magic in this vision, a symbol commonly thought to be the manifestation of a personal desire to escape into a fantasy world to avoid the problems present in reality. This escapist attitude signifies that you would rather focus on what things could have been like instead of trying to take them in stride. The end of this vision contains a warning, however, and should be taken seriously. Dreaming of kissing a stranger suggests that your tendency to avoid tackling any developing issues may lead to long-term negative effects in your life that you might regret later on.
Practicing the occult I keep dreaming of occult practices, crystal ball fortune telling, witches and people telling me I have witchcraft powers. Dreaming of occult practices usually means that something from your subconscious is bubbling up. Maybe you have certain instincts that your are ignoring or issues you have been repressing. Unbeknownst to you, these unacknowledged and unresolved concerns may be holding you back from focusing on your goals and realizing your full potential. Similarly, the crystal ball could be an indication that you are lost and you need some guidance. A lack of direction in life often conjures up these types of dream symbols. On the upside, being told that you have witchcraft powers suggests you have the ability to achieve so much more than you think is possible. You just need to unlock and discover your skills and capabilities.
Legs in pain because of black magic I was dreaming about my younger brother that one of his legs was severely injured. My grandma and grandpa try to find help for curing one of his legs. I knew that the pain in his leg was caused by black magic by one person. Dreaming that your younger brother has pain in his leg suggests he is having some trouble at the moment, and you are subconsciously picking up on some of the signs of his distress. As legs are commonly thought to represent both emotional and physical states, leg pain points towards a problem that he cannot overcome by himself. Your brother may be ill and unable to accomplish some important goal he has set for himself. Alternatively, he may need to do something difficult that he is currently too scared to do. Perceiving that black magic is involved reveals your intuition is working well. It is not your brother's fault that he is not doing well. Some outside force, someone or something close to him, is hurting his chances at success. Perhaps your dream is urging you to step in and offer some assistance before it is too late for him.
A wand in a hand I'm a female. I dreamt of an older-looking hand with a wand sitting on top of some sort of book and my own hand was clenched in a fist sitting next to it. The wand symbolizes power and influence. The older hand holding the wand symbolizes a person in reality who holds significant power over you. Meanwhile, your clenched fist signifies defiance. The more this person tries to control you and make you obey their wishes, the more you would want to assert yourself. This conflict and tension between the two of you makes the presence of the book much more important. A book is associated with wisdom, so it is possible that your subconscious is telling you to listen to this elder because of their wealth of experience and knowledge. If nothing else, listening could give you a whole new perspective about your situation. Maybe you can begin to reconcile your differences and meet halfway.
Marshmallows coming alive and a magic wand I had a dream where I was with my family except my little 3-year old sister, then suddenly there were marshmallows all over our back garden and they became alive, I was picking some up and they were so cute and I was eating some of them too. Then my mum came up to me with a magic wand and made a realistic picture of what my sister would look like when she's older, she did it wrong so I took the wand and made a picture with it. I just remember being in awe about how beautiful and angelic she was. The marshmallows in your dream reveal a lack of self-confidence. Your subconscious is encouraging you to believe in yourself more because you actually have the potential to achieve a lot of things. Eating the marshmallows also points to your willingness to learn which means you are ready to start asserting yourself and showing the world what you can contribute. Meanwhile, the wand symbolizes power and influence. Your mother has a lot of power over you, so this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is if she has a tendency to be controlling, then she calls all the shots about what your future should be. On the positive side, perhaps her influence over you keeps you focused and on track when it comes to your goals.
A magic stick that helps flying I am David by name, I dreamt that I went to unknown place, in that place I wasn't surprised or afraid to be there and I was given a shot tiny stick and I was trained by someone on how to use it to perform an action like flying a long distance area. On my getting back home I hide the tiny stick inside my food then I told my brother not to eat my food. After that time I went out and when I was a bit away from home then there was an accident in the area and I remember that I was not with the stick. Dreaming of undergoing training, especially for combat, means you are looking for guidance and you want to take control of your life. The stick can be associated with primal urges and sexual needs. It is possible that you are having problems with intimacy and this area of your life requires professional help at this point. This inadequacy could be affecting other areas of your life. For instance, hiding the stick in your food reveals you insecurity about your ability to execute your ideas. You need to seek help from someone you trust, so you can get to the bottom of your personal failures. Once you identify your weakness, then you can begin to build your confidence and focus on your goals.
A forest dancing with colors When I close my eyes I see a full forest of bushes and trees with array of deep violet and orange and turquoise blue dark red and with every heartbeat I feel the forest shake and dance at me, more intense with each beat until I feel like my heart will explode and I wake. In dream visions, forests predict important changes taking place in your life, and different aspects of your life may be subject to this positive transformation. For example, you may change your current job or experience radical improvements in your love life. Seeing such a beautiful and intense natural scene is a symbol of great improvement concerning your career or intimate relationships. Your hard work, dedication and energy would undoubtedly be recognized and rewarded by others. In the case of work, you could soon receive a promotion or a raise. When it comes to love, you could soon find that you are happier than you have ever been before.
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