Winning lottery, becoming rich I have a lot of dreams about winning the Lottery, car, house and I will get the millionaire or billionaire. Another week, I dreamed that everything I have in my dream came true. I need someone who can consult me about my dreams and also I am deaf guy too. Dreams involving visions of winning a lottery or becoming rich predict a sudden realization or discovery of new traits in your personality which may drastically and radically change the way you live your life. This could be related to finding hidden talents or abilities you did not know existed.
Winning a luxury automobile and money I had a dream about my cousin winning a car, the car is golf and black but when me and her brother checked the car, the name of the company where I am working was written. And even me in the dream, I won R 600.000.00 rand thousand. In the dream I was confused and not believing it. Please can you help with the interpretation of the dream, does it tell me something? Dreaming about looking at an automobile (especially if it was a luxury brand) is a sign of temporary worries and issues related to your workplace. These issues could be the result of being worried about personal life, changes in lifestyle or the need to take into account personal (family) problems and this could stand in the way of your performance at work. An interesting detail is the person (brother of your cousin) who was checking the car with you - he could be somehow involved to be the cause of these worries, does he work for the same company by any chance? Winning a large sum of money, if this was the part of the same dream, means that you will be able to successfully deal with these issues related to workplace and resolve them to your advantage.
God giving a coin On the day when I had a meeting with the boy for matrimonial purpose I saw a dream that God gave me a coin but it slipped from my hand. The guy with whom I had a meeting for matrimonial purpose was sitting there quietly, but did not help me to search the coin. I myself searched for the coin. And at last I found the coin given to me by the God, but the guy was neutral. Dreaming about money as coins refers to your discontentment in your current involvement with other people, groups or certain affiliations. The presence of God in the dream could signify a woman figure exerting a lot of pressure in your current relationship with a someone you are currently dating or living with. You are probably looking for answers or solutions to improve the relationship with both of these individuals.
Paper money blown by the wind and disappearing out of sight I had a dream holding a thick roll of cash. Then wind came and blew away all the money from my hand. The money paper was flying all over being carried away. I tried to recover the money with help of a friend. With a few money banknotes back in my hand I saw after a short while the wind calmed down and all the other unrecovered money that was blown had vanished. It just vanished after the wind calmed down. The vision of holding rolled up banknotes could be reflective of some recent or upcoming expenditures related to buying household items, going on vacation or house renovations. At the same time, more prominent symbolic vision in this dream was the wind and its impact it had on you. The symbolic vision of the wind overpowering you could represent some constant, continuous and recurring influence on you in waking life, which could transform into a very dangerous situation or even disaster if its intensity increases with time if not taken care of. This influence could be something you are not fully aware of, but which is starting to manifest itself in you subconscious mind. At the same time, the vision of money disappearing and the wind calming down at the end could signify that this influence upon you as a result of such negative circumstances could be repeating itself and you have already been exposed to similar impact in the past.
Being paid with black gold Someone pays me with black gold. Dreams containing images of receiving or being paid by gold of any type are indications that the money you had lent to someone would never be re-paid to you. The same meaning can be applied to situations related to investment decisions, either personal or on a business scale. Do not expect to receive any returns and be careful not to lose the entire fortune after experiencing this vision. Even if you think you can control the situation and trust your decisions, some unexpected turns and circumstances may emerge and prove you wrong. Symbolically, being paid by someone with black gold, could also reflect your current state of mind when you feel like you have been taken advantage by someone or some people after helping them. This unfair treatment could be a source of frustration and disappointment and make you think twice next time around when somebody asks you for a favor or help.
Putting money in a bag Putting money in a bag from an ATM. This dream about receiving money from an ATM is symbolic of your kind and giving attitude towards others in your waking life. And, although, you are always the first one to lend a helping hand and support someone in need, you probably tend to remain unnoticed and shy away from praise and gratitude as represented by the symbol of the bag you were putting the money in.
Winning a lot of money I dream of a lot of money because I am winning the draw. I don't know what kind of draw but I am winning a lot of money. Dreams about receiving a lot of money, particularly by winning a lottery or some other random contest, indicates some latent abilities that may soon surface to your surprise and to the surprise of others. You may have some special talent that you did not realize, or you may suddenly find that one of your current gifts may become more well-known and admired.
Watching stock market on a board I saw a chart movement of stock market on platform screen. In my dream, I was in the open positions in the trading market and the price market movement is in my favor. You do not mention specifically whether you work with stocks in real life or not. However, dreaming of stocks, in general, may point to people around you who would like to see you fail or want to take what status and wealth you have for themselves. This is further supported by the prices being in your favor, tempting you to act. Someone you work with may be trying to set you up to take the fall for a problem that occurred or that they created. This dream seems to be, therefore, a warning to watch out for those who envy your current success and rapport with others.
Using someone's credit card and being arrested I was in a local store when I found a credit card lying on the floor. I then proceeded to use the credit card to buy very expensive things such as a new car and an entirely new wardrobe. I soon became worried I would be caught. Soon after, the police arrived at my house and arrested me. In prison, I saw some friends from an old school I don't get to see anymore. Spending someone else's money to pay for your expenses or purchases is a warning about a possibility of some negative outcomes. You might be caught doing something deceitful or it can also refer to losing a close friend because of your reckless or careless behavior. The image of being arrested by police also serves as a prediction that you may soon get an offer so lucrative and irresistible it would be hard for you to turn it down. But you should exercise prudence and due diligence. You would want to know whether such an offer, too good as it is to be true, could benefit you in the long run, or ruin your financial standing, leave you feeling cheated or break ties with friends or people you care about.
Coins instead of water in the toilet Going to the toilet and flushing with coins and taking out the coins. You do not mention whether you are male or female, but, in general, seeing a toilet in a dream vision suggests some frustration with your sex life. You may want to try some new position or theme that your partner is not interested in or your partner may just not be satisfying you anymore. In either case, finding coins inside the toilet and taking them out means you might spend a lot of time and money trying to persuade the other party to give in to your desires.
Having a lot of money I dreamt that I had stacks and stacks of money all I saw was dollar signs. I don't remember what I did with it and I don't know how much it was. Seeing stacks upon stacks of money in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign predicting living the good life in the future. This means being able to enjoy the finer things in life without a worry or care in the world. While this symbol suggests being financially secure and having peace of mind in regards to financial matters, you may want to carefully consider how you spend or invest your money so as not to make any rash decisions.
Losing a wallet and finding it emptied I dreamt about my wallet. It got lost and when I found it, it was empty. As in nothing was left. Both losing your wallet and then, upon finding it, realizing the money has been stolen, are ominous signs to see in a dream vision. The first, being unable to find your wallet, predicts harassment and harsh treatment due to unpaid debts you may have accumulated. This means you may not have the funds available to pay off creditors in a timely manner, leading to some scary, dangerous confrontations with the collectors. This is also supported by the image of the lost money, which is associated with financial troubles caused by problems at work. This situation could be extremely stressful and unpleasant, so if you have the opportunity to pay off some debts now or save, it might be good to do so before more serious issues arise.
Exchanging money with priests I saw receiving tika and money from family priests and me giving money to them as well. Receiving money from someone as well as exchanging it with your priests in this dream symbolizes your generous and kind nature. You are always willing to lend a hand whenever there are people who are in trying situations, and eager to share your blessings with the less fortunate. This outstanding personal quality is most likely the result of closely following the canons of your faith and religion and being open to advice given to you by the members of your congregation.
Money falling from the sky My daughter keeps dreaming that she's at a part that's about to start and all of a sudden giant money starts to fall from the sky and it's heavy and she can't wake up and when she does, she can still feel the heaviness of the money. While this dream is rather simple in nature, the implications are rather serious and should probably be discussed in depth by all parties involved. Vast quantities or large bills and coins falling from the sky is commonly interpreted as a positive sign associated with financial gains in real life. Because your daughter dreamed this, it could be just her, but it is also possible that the whole family can gain from this symbol. The source of the money is unknown according to this vision, meaning it could come from legal sources, like investments, illegal sources, such as drug money, happy circumstances, such as winning the lottery, or a tragic situation, like the passing of a loved one. Being unable to move under the weight of the money is more telling, indicating that there is some disagreement about how it should be used. Being unable to move in a dream usually represents being stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to choose a path which benefits you but is morally ambiguous and doing the right thing which is likely not to benefit you at all. The choice she (or your family) makes regarding this money may have a serious impact on your future and should be addressed according to the situation which may unfold.
Receiving a large sum of money I was given $299,000.00, I was asked to sign for it. Receiving money from someone in your dream symbolizes your generous and kind nature. You are always willing to lend a hand whenever there are people who are in difficult situations and eager to share your blessings with the less fortunate. Remembering the exact amount of money you were given is also an indication of soon having a chance to experience a very exciting, rewarding or life-changing occasion or event which is going to make you feel very satisfied and happy for a very long time period after it happens.
Cashing a check Dream about cashing a check at Regions bank. Cashing a check at a bank symbolizes bad news for you or someone close to you in the near future. Your business might suffer a financial loss, or someone you care for could become ill. Whatever the case, be prepared for the worst and remain steadfast in overcoming this setback.
A bank becoming bankrupt I dreamed a bank got sued and everyone took their money out. Seeing a bank in the process of losing all its business is a highly ominous sign in regards to your own finances. Specifically, it predicts serious monetary losses, especially for business endeavors and projects which you have invested or planning on putting money in. You may want to get out while you are ahead of the game, if things have not turned completely south yet.
Befriending a wealthy person and making other friends envious A very rich guy asked my friends out without them knowing he was rich, they declined, then we became friends and he asked me and I said yes, I later found out he was very rich, so I got upset but was still happy. My friends where jealous and talking about it. A rich man symbolizes confidence, as such, dreaming of being pursued by a rich man indicates a yearning for more self-esteem. You are likely harboring feelings of insecurity or ineptitude and the wealthy man in pursuit is your need to believe in yourself and your capabilities. Making friends with the man and eventually going out with him reflects growth and self-awareness. The dream is telling you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses for self-improvement. Alternatively, wealth could also represent your dreams and aspirations. You could be given opportunities to get you closer to your goals, however, these opportunities may not present themselves in a straightforward manner. It is up to you how you nurture and make the most out of the chances being given.
Unable to open a treasure chest I had a dream of finding treasure but not being able to find the missing key... Finding treasure or some other hidden precious item is often associated with the idea of the resources that exist at your fingertips, namely your family and friends. This sign in a dream vision is often thought to serve as a reminder of the vast source of knowledge and experience at your disposal. However, not having the key to tap into these reserves could indicate the presence of an impediment, possibly a poor relationship, which may prevent you from ever getting the information or support you need.
Being refused to get a loan I'm waiting on my mortgage to be approved and had a dream I got a call, it was declined. What does this mean? Thanks. Being denied a loan or a mortgage in a dream vision carries a similar interpretation related to signs about the loss of money. Basically, it indicates an increase in the amount of domestic issues taking place in your family. For example, this could be about growing disagreements among family members over a particular subject or a negative atmosphere in general which makes it difficult to get along with each other.
Learning how to invest money I was invited to a friend's house to listen to investment strategies so that I can try to invest my money. Dreaming that you are invited to a friend's house to have a business discussion could be considered a premonition of misfortune befalling said friend. Because of difficult circumstances this person may soon ask for your assistance. Whether you decide to help or not is, of course, entirely up to you.
Winning lottery from scratch cards I bought 25 pounds worth of scratch cards and I won a lot of money on it. Winning money by buying scratch cards alludes to your tendency to put too much trust on fate and chance instead of working hard for your goals. On the other hand, this vision may just be a projection of your inner desires to lead a more comfortable life. Perhaps the constant struggle of making ends meet on a daily basis had been wearing your down, hence your mind is conjuring up possibilities and scenarios wherein you acquire a lot of wealth.
Finding coins and receiving coins for real the next day I am at my childhood home, out by the garage and there, on this grate, were tons of quarters and half dollar coins... I kept picking them up in my dream... The next day (not my dream), the cashier at my food store gave me a half dollar as part of my change. Dreaming that you are staying in your childhood home is often considered the metaphysical manifestation of feelings related to safety and comfort. They show how peaceful and comfortable your life currently is, meaning you have little to worry about, but could be a bit bored from the lack of action and novelty. This is followed by the image of you finding coins and picking them up, which predicts being invited to a large social event in the near future. A party or gathering is likely just the thing you need to shake things up and break out of your current routine.
Losing and damaging paper money I was taking a ride in a buggy and when I got out, my jacket got torn and money spilled out. All the bills were torn except for the fare that I was paying and I began to piece the bills together with a tape. Tearing an article of clothing in a dream vision is suggestive of the need to closely analyze some of your most recently made acquaintances, as someone may not be who they say they are. This person is likely concealing their identity and motives in order to take advantage of you in some way. The torn bills predict you could fall into financial ruin should you become a victim of this person's actions, causing you to scramble (as you did in the vision) to put your life back together.
Searching for and finding old silver coins Searching for a purse with old vintage coins. Searching through my mother's bedroom. Old coins from my grandfather found in a dresser with a note book with breakdown of spending. Coins are all silver in a drawstring purse, very odd strange coins. This dream about searching for old, vintage silver coins predicts having to deal with tedious and busy work. These time-consuming tasks, such as filling out paperwork, running around from place to place and answering endless emails, are likely to all be in the pursuit of some goal you are currently working toward. While you may not have anticipated such small, meaningless activities originally, they are necessary and inherent for the completion of this project.
A large sum of money found in a briefcase I was in a church waiting for my deceased mother to join me when a note was delivered to me stating that a police officer was in the parking lot and a light beige soft leather briefcase was found with $50000 in it. The note was on a light beige paper and nicely hand written. In the dream I did not know what to make of this or what it would have to do with me. I happened to look down and noticed that I was wearing shorts and that my legs were strong and beautiful as when I was young. Being in a church at the beginning of your vision could point toward a need to feel protected, meaning there is some amount of unease or distress in your life which is making it difficult to be at peace with yourself. The cause of your negative emotions is likely connected to your acquaintances or social circle. Finding a large sum of money during the course of a dream vision usually represents the dreamer's generous nature, so it is quite possible that someone close to you has been taking advantage of your kindness. While this is a troubling situation, the idea that your already deceased mother would join you portends a happy resolution when all is said and done.
Receiving change for money paid I went to a party and I was buying something out of a thousand Jamaica dollars, she hold me the stuff was for $100, so I told her "No, it's for 50 dollars". She said "This is a party, so we raise the price". She gave me back my change from the thousand dollars plus she gave me back the same thousand with a piece of paper marked "You are a loser". In all, I got back $1850 change, all the money was folded together with a piece of paper. Please tell me what this could mean? Making money transactions at a party and when you managed to remember from this dream the exact amounts which were exchanged points to your reserved attitude and reluctance to provide help and support to someone who has recently asked you for help or assistance. It could be your close friend or family member in the time of need, or your coworker who may have approached you recently to do them a favor and you refused. In addition, money which is bundled together and wrapped in a piece of paper could also indicate that people around you see you as a kind and generous person, but so far you have proven to them that this is a false impression.
Winning a large sum of money So I had a dream I went to the shop and handed my lotto ticket over to get checked and in my dream I heard the winning music play and the lady that checked my ticket said "Wooow!" I couldn't see her face though, but I know it was an old lady because I remember hearing her voice. I then asked her what I had won and she turned the screen and it had 200,000,00 and the first thing I wanted to do was go tell my partner and share the good news. He was at home in my dream and I went in to check ticket alone. Dreaming that you won the lottery can be deceiving. It means you may be prone to fatalism and leaving things to chance. On the one hand, being in possession of a winning lottery ticket predicts gains on the stock exchange market or other types of investment. On the other hand, these gains can tempt you into making some quick and hasty investment decisions which could lead to losses in the long run. When some things are too good to be true, there may be strings attached. Hence, it pays to remain levelheaded and pragmatic, especially when it comes to calling the shots on high-risk investments.
Silver coins on their heads Finding silver coins on their heads. The silver coins you find which show their heads in this dream point to trouble brewing for you. You may soon find yourself at odds with a close relative over some sort of disagreement or potential conflict. Dealing with this member of the family could lead to unpleasantness and frustration. This may, in turn, lead to a big fall out and even cause a schism among your other relatives, should they get involved.
Receiving a check from a court clerk I was in court for an unknown reason. An older mature black woman, possibly the Court Clerk, summoned me to her desk and began writing. She gave me a check for $546,416 and said that it was an inheritance from a long-lost relative. Being in a courtroom or courthouse without a specific reason can be interpreted as a sign that all your unhappiness and misfortune are about to be replaced with joy and good luck. In a sense, it represents wrongs being righted throughout multiple aspects of your life. Receiving money is symbolically linked with your thoughts and personality, suggesting that you are a kind and generous person. In this case, you may spread your happy situation among others, increasing the love and satisfaction of all around you.
Being robbed by kids and money multiplying I'm in a dressing room about to lock the door, but before I could a group of kids come to rob me. I look into my bag and as they are taking out my money it starts to multiply. It's more money than I actually had inside. To dream of being robbed alludes to unfair treatment. Maybe someone has taken the credit for your achievements and this took you by surprise. You may be the type who works under the radar and does not care much for recognition. However, once someone else takes the credit for your hard work, you may begin to feel slighted and protective of all the care and effort you put into your work. Alternatively, the money may represent your self-worth. In losing something valuable to you, you may be forced to reassess your true value.
Cashing in pawn tickets I dreamt that me and another person whom I didn't recognize but somehow knew cashed in these long-standing "pawn" tickets which were like investments. We both got 3000 dollars each. In the dream I kept thinking about paying off some back bills. But I was also worried about being robbed. We figured if someone overheard how much was being cashed in, they might come and jump us. And we talking about re-investing again, so we can have the same opportunity again if we ever are really strapped for cash. Earning money on an investment in a dream vision, even something as unusual and risky as a pawn ticket, could predict soon adding a new member to your family or the family of someone you consider to be close to you. The amount of time spent thinking about what to do with the money could be an indication of how long you or these people have been considering this option. Additionally, your concerns about being robbed could be the manifestation of worries about what the new baby could need or how this baby's presence is going to impact the budget.
Paper money being burnt in fireplace I dreamed about a duffle bag full of money, then my dad put some of the money in a fireplace then set most of it on fire, but in the duffle bag there was only $1-bills and the $20-dollar bills were in the fireplace and I was hurrying to get the $20 bills out of the fire, but not much of them because most had burned and they were together like in the bank in the bundles. Burning money is a fairly ominous symbol suggesting loss, particularly the loss of money. Given the image that this money was bundled together as though it were from a bank, it is likely that the profit you expected to make on some investment is not destined to yield the returns you wanted. Your scramble to save the money predicts much the same in wake life, namely that you would try to save whatever you could to cut your losses. However, there is unlikely to be much leftover when all is said and done.
Giving money to a widow I dreamt I gave an envelope containing money to a fellow widow like me and she was very happy and kissed me on the lips which I didn't really like. Handing or giving money to someone in your dream tells that you need to spend more money or invest more in order to complete a project that you recently started. It is also a metaphor about generosity and giving love, so your distaste of the widow's kiss likely reveals your inability to express your true feelings. You may have difficulty with being affectionate and to compensate, you express your feelings through gifts and helping out others in times of trouble. It could also reveal your reluctance to ask others for help. You like to put on a facade of strength even when you are feeling lonely and vulnerable.
Giving money for a prayer I dreamed that an old man asked me to give him money and I asked him "If give you this money what will you do for me?", he replied, he said he will pray for me. I gave him the money and he hugged me, he started sucking my ear and both of us fell down. Your dream carries mixed messages. On the one hand, meeting the old man in your dream is an indication of the good vibes coming your way. It symbolizes an existence that is characterized by warmth and happiness. On the other hand, someone asking you for money bears negative connotations. It usually suggests upcoming unfortunate events which may eventually lead to squandering away your assets and property. Essentially, your vision illustrates the double-edged nature of generosity. If you go too far and prioritize the well-being of others above your own, you may end up on the losing end.
Buying food and the family I dreamed about I have coins money in my palm and I buy cooking oil with sliced ampalaya inside. And the cashier gets only 3 coins in my palm. Please what is the meaning of this? And also I dreamed about being home with my family. Now in my real life I am here in the government shelter of Kuwa for 2 months. I want to go the Philippines. Coins in dreams usually represent discontent with your current state as well as financial instability. The uncertainties and difficulties you are facing in reality may be manifesting in this dream. What you are purchasing in this dream represents your desires. For instance, the cooking oil suggests a desire for a smooth transition into a more comfortable and secure life. Meanwhile, the bitter gourd or ampalaya symbolizes wealth and stability. Perhaps those things also equate to your nostalgia and yearning to go home.
Finding a wallet with money Found a wallet full of money. A wallet in the dream world symbolizes your level of confidence and state of affairs. As such, finding a wallet full of money alludes to the possibility of putting up a profitable business venture or project. A lucrative idea or a promising opportunity may present itself just when you need it the most. Alternatively, this may also signify success in your personal affairs, particularly with romantic prospects. If you have been down and out lately, take heart because things would soon turn in your favor.
Digging up coins in the garden Female. I was in my estranged father's dead garden and to my surprise I dug up coins, realized immediately that these were valuables intended for me from my paternal grandfather, but why were they buried in my father's garden. Dreaming about your estranged father could mean that there is some existing problem in your waking life which you have not been able to solve yet or some kind of a pending issue. It could possibly be related to something the two of you had in common or were involved in together at some point in the past. However, since your father is no longer present in your life, it is up to you to make sure you find a solution and the issue can have proper closure. Finding coins in a dream is symbolic of a big event or gathering in your future, so maybe this circumstance could serve as a starting point for you to deal with these existing issues.
Deceased sister giving a check Dreamt of receiving a check from my 2 years dead sister. And water poured on the check, but did not erase all. I didn't know the amount. And she gave it to me to exchange and it was hers and not for me. When you dream about your deceased sister, it could mean you are experiencing feelings of uncertainty or confusion in your waking life, or that you are lacking a proper solution to a problem you are facing, when you are not even exactly sure of what the problem is or where it is originating from. It could also allude to being concerned about other family members who were once also associated with your sister and the way they are dealing with her departure. The notion that she was giving you a cheque without an amount showing could be symbolic of something valuable she provided you with, such as guidance or care, but now you must rely on your own wits and life experience.
Picking coins from a river bed Picking up coins of silver, copper from a very clean river bed among pretty river rocks with a very rich lady. When you dream about finding or collecting coins, it means you could soon invest too much in activities to entertain or please those who are closest to you and, in your desire to do so, you could lose track of the amount of money you are actually spending. The presence of a rich lady accompanying you, however, is a positive sign, since dreaming about being in the company of affluent people could predict material prosperity and better emotional states. Maybe this is what would lead you to want to spend money on your family, but you should make sure to keep an eye on your future expenses.
Someone famous giving fake money I was having a great time with friends at a concert and on the way back home someone famous gave me A LOT of money but it was fake. I don't get it? The manifestation of famous individuals or celebrities in dreams usually means the dreamer admires an aspect or characteristics of that particular celebrity. In your case, the fake money could be an indication of your tendency to fixate on appearances. Perhaps the characteristics you admire or want to emulate are not very substantial. Maybe your mind is reminding you to focus on more important and admirable attributes when choosing personalities as your role models. Appearances and shallow pursuits only serve to satisfy the ego and not the soul.
Following a thief to a boat and drowning I dreamed I had a suitcase of money and a lady stole some and I was going to approach her and she went away. I was trying to go into the same boat with her and I didn't get on the boat and I slipped into the water and I was drowning in water but somehow I managed to get saved. What does this mean? Dreaming about someone stealing money from you could mean that there is an imminent danger lurking ahead and you should try to be more careful of the people you tend to surround yourself with. Since you followed the woman and then almost drowned, it means that there are trials and difficulties in your future which could cause you great distress and misfortune. You would be able to overcome them with the right approach and since you managed to save yourself from drowning, it is a good sign of being able to resolve this situation in your favor.
Overspending on gas In my dream I spent over 350$ on one tank of gas and it was upsetting. Dreaming about overspending money could mean that you are experiencing some sort of financial insecurity and so you are worrying about everyday activities which you think may end up costing you more than what you can afford at the moment. Because you mentioned overspending on a tank of gas, it could also mean that you are not comfortable investing so much money in having the mobility a car provides, pointing to the fact that you are not ready to make major decision which otherwise would help you move on with your life.
Finding money in old clothes I dreamed of going through some old clothes that someone gave me, and found $15.00 in the pocket. The old clothes in your dream bears a negative message. You may experience financial stress due to losses in your income. There is also a possibility that your business venture would fail due to bad spending habits or mismanagement. Alternatively, going through the old clothes can also be an indication of reflecting on your regrets and past mistakes. If this is the case, then finding money from the pocket of those old clothes means you would gain valuable insight from your failures. More importantly, your realizations and learning could potentially change the course of your life for the better. This dream vision may be a sign that your life is about to improve and you would ultimately find happiness and joy all around you.
Wallet overloaded with banknotes I dreamt that my wallet was so full of money, mostly $20's and $100's that my zipper busted open. It was my actual wallet in waking life too. Dreaming of a wallet full of money is a very auspicious dream symbol. This is usually associated with strong and positive social connections instead of worldly possessions. There may be upcoming events in the near future which would allow you to bond with your friends and family, or perhaps reconnect with long-lost friends and relatives. This would bring a lot of optimism and joy in your life knowing that you have loved ones who fully support and love you no matter what happens.
Fleeing in a car and looking for money I dreamed I was trying to get away, to flee, in my car, driving. Going to get my money where I hid it, money from working, that I saved. My brother was in the dream. He never has much money, so I gave him some of my money as I usually do. He knew I was going to leave, didn't want me to, was afraid I was in some kind of trouble, that's why I was fleeing. I wasn't in trouble, just wanted to get away. The desire to run away or flee usually manifests in dreams when you are experiencing difficulties in reality. For example, you may be reluctant to face responsibilities or you are not satisfied with your current existence so you seek to escape the status quo. However, this could also mean that you are contemplating on taking a new path. This could be a new project you are planning, a new career path or even a whole new environment in which you can thrive. These untested waters require both financial and psychological commitment if you want to succeed. These are symbolized by the money you have saved and hidden away. As for your brother, it is likely a reflection of guilt on your part. Taking a risk can mean you can no longer support him like before because you need your resources for your new venture or adventure you are about to embark on.
Taking money from a ghost I had dreamed a similar dream way back about my ex telling me if I ever dream of seeing a man coming out of a train track tunnel that that would mean I would find his hidden money on that track. Well last night I dreamed I saw that man and searched for the money as my ex had told me. I found the money after the ghost disappeared. But he wouldn't let me take it yet, I found a way to take it but went running around in search of my ex who has told me in a past dream for answers on what to do next. Dreams that continue the narrative of a previous dream mean your subconscious is trying to help you find answers to your current problems or issues. Usually this happens when something has been bothering or nagging you, so your visions try to solve the puzzle in your reality. Your ex symbolizes your past experiences alongside all the lessons you have learned from him, which means your past mistakes or regrets could be coming back to haunt you. You are dwelling too much on your past, trying to search for guidance and motivation which you likely already possess. As such, the money represents the answers to your problems and finding the money means you will be able to find the resolution you have been looking for. You just need to enter the tunnel, so to speak, or search inside yourself for the strength and wisdom you need at the moment.
A spinning quarter Spinning clockwise quarter. I was curious I had a vision of a quarter spinning mid air clockwise. I think its a positive sign with it spinning forward and monetary possibly being a coin. I just wanted someone else's opinion. Thanks. A clockwise movement in dreams represents an orderly and disciplined way of life. You are likely making consistent progress when it comes to your goals. On the other hand, a quarter alludes to something that is lacking in your life. So in combination with the clockwise motion, it means you are working steadily to fill the gaps or holes which you identified when it comes to your financial status and even in terms of personal relationships. You have a clear plan for your future and you are very much on the right track to success.
Finding money behind a restaurant I dreamed I was outside behind a restaurant with my oldest sister. I was finding money that was on the ground. I picked up several dollars and counted them. There was five one-dollar bills, and a $5 dollar bill. I gave my sister all the one-dollar bills, and kept the $5 for me. We went into the restaurant to eat. Two girls I know but don't like much, offered me extra food, like a plate of bacon to put on the sandwiches I was having made, and a cup of banana pudding which I wanted. Being in the back of a restaurant in your vision means you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed about making an important decision, but finding money is your subconscious telling you that you have nothing to worry about. Whatever decision you make in the end would lead to a better and happier life. Furthermore, splitting the money with your sister means you get to share your blessings with your family because of an unexpected circumstance or some lucrative opportunity or offer from someone. Even the food offered to you by the girls you dislike in reality represents good tidings. Bacon often symbolizes shortage of money inside the dreamer's household, so being offered some more of it could mean starting to spend more money on yourself or members of your family because of these auspicious developments. Just make sure you spend wisely and not frivolously.
An actor giving a big check I dreamt a popular international gospel movie actor gave me a big check. But I was wondering why I gave him my foreign account number to write the payment details and not my local account number after he left. Meanwhile, I do not have a foreign account now, not in Beverly Hills. Receiving a big check predicts a huge opportunity about to fall on your lap. The famous actor is a symbol of personalities you admire or respect in reality, so receiving a check from him means you are close to achieving your aspirations. Meanwhile, the foreign account refers to your financial issues or money problems. This is the obstacle you need to overcome. While you have the brilliant idea and the drive to succeed, you are missing the funding needed to implement your plans. You therefore need to find an investor or backer to help you raise the funds needed to turn your dreams into reality.
Money inside a wardrobe Here's is my dream. I dreamed of where I was sleeping and I woke up and went to the wardrobe where I usually hang my clothes. I opened the wardrobe and to my surprise I saw currency of different countries packed in the wardrobe. I immediately went to call our in-law living with us to see what was in my wardrobe but he refused to follow me. And he kept on going his way and then I woke up from my sleep. A wardrobe or closet in dreams symbolizes secrets, repressed emotions and even unrealized potential. The last dream interpretation is the most appropriate in the case of your vision since money in different currencies suggests hidden wealth. Rather than pointing to actual material assets, your subconscious is telling you that you have so much more to offer to the world. If you only learn to harness your maximum potential, you can become wealthy, self-efficient and fulfilled. In turn, you can use those blessings to share with your loved ones or help the less fortunate.
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