A crocodile-snake monster kept by people A silver crocodile body-snake head in the sea following me and my son... It killed so many people... When it was captured, it was placed in the swimming pool, but later on it walked like a human and started following us... People in the area didn't mind it even someone had already died.. A monster or a scary creature following or chasing you in a dream represents a hint to exercise caution and watch your back because someone is trying to put you or members of your family in a compromising position or threaten you. You could soon discover some unpleasant or unsettling news. If you try to find out more about what has been plotted against you, use only legitimate and safe methods. Do not attempt to prevent or disrupt someone else's attempts to degrade you using direct confrontation and hostility because your actions may backfire causing more damage than good. Also, from the end of this store it can be inferred that some people around you could be helping the person in question to bring you down, so pay attention to what is happening around you.
Running from a monster and flirting I was in school, with a group of people I know, and we were all running from this alien-looking beast or monster, and we were running around from room to room, and in every classroom there was a dead body, and we were scared, but the main thing that seemed to matter to me was this boy I like, and I was trying to flirt with him. Dreaming about being inside a school building represents growing negativity in your life caused by past actions or inaction, depending on the case. Schools are symbols for responsibility, and moving around inside one in a dream may indicate having to take responsibility for something in your past which others now blame you for. Your apprehension at this situation is seen in the sign of the alien-like monster, which is an image associated with being worried about something that is smaller than it seems. Your problem, though it might feel like a big mess, is likely to blow over once you take steps to rectify it. This is further supported by the image of the running crowd, which can be interpreted as a sign of things working out once you properly face your fears and issues. Finally, the image of flirting with your crush may predict receiving unexpected and surprising news in the near future, possibly after you have resolved your current troubles.
A giant turtle eating people I dreamt of a hostile turtle that ate humans and moved really fast. It would run and engulf anything that came to its mouth. At first it was outside and then it came into my house. My goal was to take it to the ocean but never happened. I also saw it eat my shoe. I trapped it in a box but the box kept moving and I remember feeling extremely scared. Dreams containing images of a turtle in motion are reflective of a possibility that you might fall ill or generally feel unwell. This may stem from your lack of people skills as manifested by your hotheadedness, irritation or sudden outbursts when you are in the company of others. If your attitude goes unchecked, more and more people may start distancing themselves from you. You would feel isolated and rejected, and your health would suffer as a result. Similarly, the vision of a turtle escaping from you is an ominous sign of unhappy goodbyes and endings. A very dear person in your life might leave you or end the relationship with you. This person could be either a man or a woman to whom you have a very deep attachment, whether emotional, romantic or otherwise. Even if you employ all means possible to try to change this person's mind, your efforts would prove futile. This sudden loss may pose a problem to your future personal relationships.
Charlie Chimp as a monster Charlie chimp with sharp teeth, missing piece of skull, foam in its mouth, green skin, brown fur, lobster claw feet, blood shot eyes, orange and black stripe pants, pink vest, claws, drills coming out of cymbals. He has been in my dreams for nine years and he has a taste for murder. Dreaming about toys which are misshapen or transformed in a hideous or eerie way is a reflection of your dissatisfaction with your life and realizing you have been living your life while doing things in vain or with no particular reason or purpose in mind. The overall appearance of the toy you are describing reveals signs of frustration, imbalance and stress you could be currently experiencing. At the same time, the notion of its 'taste for murder" has a strong indication that you could be reaching a tipping point in relation to this whole situation, with a sharp turn you could soon be taking, either for better or for worse.
A beast attacking in the bush Sometime in 2011, I found myself in the bush and a beast appeared. I could not move, I became so weak that the beast jumped on me and I woke up. A week later, I lost my job, I made effort to find another to no avail till now. Being alone in the bush in a dream vision represents feeling alone in life, when you have no one to rely on. This is especially true when you are experiencing hardship. You may have friends who are there when times are good but are not around when times are tough. The symbol of being attacked by a beast, predicts difficulties and challenges in your life which can be overcome if you maintain a positive attitude and use these opportunities as a way to grow as a person. This means that, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wishing others were there to help, you should pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You are more likely to experience success if you do. If this dream mirrors past events, it is probably your subconscious mind reflecting on what has occurred, but if it is completely different from the past you have experienced, you should watch out for chances to challenge yourself and try to keep a stiff upper lip on the face of adversary.
An unknown creature following and watching Me and my family went on vacation in Italy. We stayed in a house on a hill in the middle of nowhere. We stayed a week and every night when I am in my room, I feel like I am being watched and I get the same dream. I wake up in the house and there is a big dog-like creature with fur darker than black and red eyes (that walks on two legs). It just kept watching and following me and then it disappeared. When I went back to my homeland, it came back, but it was in my house. After that I woke up. Dreaming about a creature resembling a black dog is an ominous sign, but it is not necessarily related to your vacation or your feeling of being watched. While dogs are normally associated with loyalty and trust, a black dog represents a breach of trust you have with another person, likely a friend you see fairly often. While this person is around when times are good, you may notice their absence when things get rough or, conversely, realize that what you share with them in confidence may become the gossip among those around you. While this is something that needs to be addressed promptly, you should be careful not to act rashly. The red eyes of the dog indicate a tendency to act in haste, which could make your situation worse than it already is.
A robot annihilating the world A robot burning the world down and seeing all of it take place has been recurring by a 9-year old girl. Dreaming about the world being destroyed by robots, in and of itself, suggests the dreamer may be on the verge of learning about the negative aspects of someone close to them. Robots could point to the idea of perfection and, therefore, suggest that someone that they saw as infallible could make a mistake or say something which destroys that image.
Being controlled by a giant troll I go outside and there is slow motion rain and clouds falling. I look up and there is a giant troll telling me to do something or he will kill my family, I can't look away from him as if he was controlling every movement of mine. Slow motion rain could be a predictor of luck or good fortune, especially in a difficult situation or at the last second. Considering the second half of the vision, it seems you may be under stress or pressure from someone who has the power to make you life more difficult. This vision, then, suggests your moment to shine is coming, meaning you have a chance to get out from under their thumb and earn the recognition you deserve.
A faceless green man A recurring dream from small child till 20 years. Out my window a green man, no face, hides in the bougainvillea bush at night. It's right next to the sidewalk path to the garage. He would haunt me nightly. Grab me, kidnap my friends, stare at me, but no face. I would wake up in a panic. I have never heard anyone else have this dream. Kept it short for this submit box. Thank you. This vision is filled with opposing imagery, probably reflecting various periods of your life, especially given the length of time this vision has occurred to you. The green man without a face is likely the manifestation of something which stood out to you in your childhood, for example, a monster you saw on television or a monster costume on Halloween. The green color usually represents future victory and happiness, while the menacing demeanor suggests failure and hardship. In this case, then, it seems you may find it difficult to be successful due to a fear of facing hardship on that path. In order to be free of this green man, you may have to find great courage within yourself to triumph once and for all.
An earring turning into a monster I'm holding the new earring that my husband bought me recently and standing near the pool, showing it to my best friend. Once I get inside the pool, the earring turns into a monster. I don't know if it's a snake or a seahorse or what. As long as I lay still, nothing happens. I move slightly, it tries to eat me up. I call out my friend who also jumps into the water. The monster becomes more fierce. Scared, I'm getting out of the pool. Once I jump in again, the same thing happens. The earring could represent an unsavory side of your marriage. You may be associating it with a problem or prevailing issue between you and your husband, which is why the earring turns into a monster whenever you step inside the pool. Additionally, you may suspect your husband has committed some wrongdoings and you think he gave you the gift to compensate for a mistake. It makes sense because the pool refers to your emotions, so it seems like whenever you become too emotional, you tend to unearth past arguments, jump into conclusions or complain about your husband's shortcomings. Due to emotional outbursts, disagreements and conflict can escalate quickly with both of you on the losing end. Whereas when you remain calm, you can usually sort out the issues and resolve things in a civilized manner.
A green monster on the docks Me and my guy friend were at the docks on Halloween when a glowing green monster showed up and started counting down from ten. I was scared so I screamed, covered my ears, and ran away while my guy friend threw a stick at the monster. While docks and seaports in dreams are often associated with the idea of success, you may recently have been struggling to get things done or make progress in certain areas of your life. This is due to the monster, a symbol which is thought to be the manifestation of some fear or phobia in our lives. While the problem itself is not so clear, your friend's "fight" reaction and your "flight" reaction suggest you are somewhat aware that it is hindering your progress, but are undecided whether to give up or face the problem head on.
A monster surrounded by a burning bush Since I was 8 years of age I had a dream for about a few weeks straight that in my back yard a burning bush surrounded a black animal with red eyes and it stares at me, then attacks me and I don't run and I try to kick it. Then I wake up. The burning bush in your recurring dream as a young kid could be an allusion to the Biblical story of Moses in which God appears to him as a bush in flames. As such, the black animal may be a representation of evil and the bush is the power of good trying to reign in the darkness. In connection to you, perhaps at that young age you were introduced to different types of temptations and impetus to rebel or misbehave, which is why this dream kept reoccurring. You could have been feeling conflicted and guilty whenever you did something your parents or other authorities would disapprove of.
An evil clown in the bedroom It always is the same (has been since I was younger). I'm on the top bunk of a bunk bed, I awake (in my dream) because of the bed shaking then it stops and I see a bowler hat on the floor. Next thing I know I'm in the corner of the bed and know, trying to get away from this clown under the pile of hats. The clown in your dream vision represents a facade or mask used to conceal emotions while, on the other hand, the bed symbolizes privacy and intimacy. These two symbols combined could be hinting at repressed feelings or secrets you have been hiding for a long time. The clown likely reveals a persona you created years ago that is starting to unravel. Your seemingly well-adjusted and joyful personality may be cracking before your eyes, making you feel even more isolated and miserable. This vision could be a message from your subconscious reminding you that being true to yourself leads to peace of mind.
Turning into monsters together with others I am female. I'm sitting with two boys I knew from school, and one person whom I don't know. We had family members with us. My aunt and my grandmother were there and so was one of the boys' younger sister. My aunt and grandmother started talking about a monster who looks human, but is only told apart by their eyes. The irises of the monsters were a pink like orange, that blended to an either white or nonexistent pupil. Then the four of us were in a bathroom. We had those eyes. The bathroom setting of your dream denotes misfortune and bad luck. Bathrooms typically mean that some unpleasant, negative event or situation may occur which would negatively affect you and your family's dynamics. The orange-eyed monsters, revealed to be yourself and your companions, likely allude to your youthful and rebellious nature. Perhaps your older relatives as well as authority figures are genuinely concerned about disruptive behavior and their inability to discipline you and your peers, this could be the monster they speak of. As such, perhaps your subconscious is aware of the problems your disobedience could cause and reminding you to be respectful of your elders.
A man who looks like lava I saw a figure of a man that wasn't recognized. He was black and orange. Looked like lava. He was climbing up a wall. Strange-looking creatures or entities whose appearance do not conform with your idea of normal, usually reveal the dreamer's rigid and inflexible character. Perhaps you tend to be set in your ways and generally evade unfamiliar situations or relationships. It is possible that you are dealing with new experiences or uncharted territory in the waking world and you are struggling to adapt to the novelty of it all. Alternatively, lava is associated with suppressed anger. As such, the appearance of the figure could be the embodiment of your pent up frustrations. You may feel oppressed and overlooked and think the only way you would be heard is if you let loose or express yourself in a way that others would find unpleasant or even disturbing.
Someone keeping a monster locked up I dreamt of a huge monster with power and intelligence locked up within a stone-like prison. There was a man who was watching over him. Referring to him as the master and he wanted me not only to acknowledge him as such but sexually as well. The keeper of him was fearful not only of the master, but for me as well. The imprisoned or locked-up monster in your dream likely represents the dark side of your psyche. Specifically, you may sometimes catch yourself thinking ill thoughts about others or conjuring up depraved fantasies during your low moments. For the most part you are able to suppress your wicked aspects through your values and conscience, as symbolized by the keeper watching over the monster. However, bad experiences and injustice in the real world may be wearing you down and you are close to succumbing to nefarious acts.
Sea monsters by the chasm My dream was about a city of cathedral-like castles built on the edge of a chasm with a deep river filled with sea monsters, in it I saw a family of strange people who had a relationship with these sea monsters, kind of like pets. Dreaming of a city made up of castles and cathedrals depicts grandiose ambitions and power. Perhaps you have high aspirations and goals both personally and professionally. The city represents your desired destination. However, the price of achieving your goals or getting to this city of dreams is quite high. You may even be on your way to your dreams and already getting a taste of what it is like. Specifically, the family with sea monsters as pets is an illustration of your perception towards members of this desired place or social status. These personalities may be influential and respected, yet they harbor dark secrets and could be deeply flawed.
A huge monster fighting with women I had a dream! There was a huge and very dangerous man, he was like a monster, I saw two ladies approach and they began to fight him. The huge man killed one of the ladies and broke the other one's neck but then all of a sudden she stood up and fixed her head on her neck and she became alright. Then I saw myself with this same man having sex and I realized that I wasn't scared of him, but we were caught by another man who happened to be my husband and then I stood up and left the huge man. Having sex with a huge man of questionable character is likely a symbol of your personal limitations. You could be finding yourself being unable to experience fulfillment and complete satisfaction for your physical needs and desires. There could be something lacking in your romantic relationship and you are looking elsewhere to get it. The woman with the broken neck points to irrational behavior alluding to the fact that any kind of indiscretion and dishonesty is is possible in your situation. Alternatively, it suggests insubordination to higher authority. Perhaps you tend to resist submitting to someone with higher power at work to the point of getting into trouble.
A scary creature on the back porch My back porch has glass doors and I saw a horrific creature with sunken-in eyes, a pale face, and long curved black fingers. It was just tapping on the glass and when I came out of my room its head swiveled and looked at me. I called 911 and when the cops came, the creature contorted its body (like an exorcism) and went very quickly to kill the cops brutally. It then came back the same way, fixed itself to a normal position, and started tapping again. Seeing a strange, horrific creature tap on the glass doors leading into your house is the reflection of the darkness or emptiness in your soul. You may have trouble connecting with others on a deep level or making relationships last for more than a short time. This is probably due to an inability to keep promises or have true empathy for the people you deal with on a daily basis. Calling the police predicts that this behavior and lack of common courtesy for others may lead you to do something terrible or embarrassing that turns others against you for good. You may need to consider your actions and words more carefully before you hurt and alienate your friends and family.
A dog turning into a monster Female. Recently dreamed I was in my grandmother's house with a few young children I don't know. Saw a dog outside that morphed for a moment into a horrible monster. I knew it could smell us, it growled as it approached the door. I grabbed the kids and ran, hid inside a closet terrified it was coming for us. Seeing your grandmother's house in a dream generally means you are looking for comfort and guidance from your elders. Similarly, dogs can often represent loved ones, so perhaps its transformation into a monster reveals your sense of disconnect from your family members. Maybe you feel like instead of supporting your endeavors, they tend to criticize your decisions. In that sense, hiding inside the closet can be an act of self-preservation. To avoid rejection and disapproval from your friends and loved ones, you would rather keep your problems and concerns to yourself.
A monster outside of the house I am in a gray-scale house, it has many windows, there is a monster outside, and a car outside. I must close all the windows fast and in a certain order, it changes every time, or the monster will kill me. The monster is different every time, but is always very grotesque, and the car is not an option of escape. The monster outside your house reveals your fears and apprehensions about the real world. Perhaps you feel like your immediate surroundings or society in general are being overrun by malicious intent and marked with hatred. This dream shows your need for self-preservation. Instead of facing the problems, you tend to retreat inside your walls. However, the notion that the monster is not going away means that perhaps isolating and distancing yourself from friends and colleagues is not the answer. You may need to muster enough courage to overcome the negative energy around you without severing your social ties.
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