Witnessing a torture and murder Horrible murders, witnessed torture right in front of me with the person I was running with at that time in the dream. Then would go to another person and be running from the torturer again, but the other person always was murdered horribly. So real and raw feelings and when I woke up I was literally paralyzed with fear. Also this is a reoccurring dream, but I have not had it in at least 1 year from now. To see or witness a murder in a dream alludes to a great deal of sadness and uncertainty you are destined to experience. There may be individuals in your social circle who are spreading malicious rumors about you or trying to bully you. Alternatively, the imagery of murders and torture also points to a possible accident or illness. You, or someone you know closely could get involved in an accident, a dispute or experience a serious illness. Perhaps this dream recurs whenever your defense system is particularly vulnerable or you are feeling stressed about what is happening around you or to your loved ones.
Brutally murdering a school principal I'm a 20 year old mother I had a dream that I killed a woman who was my principal in high school. I stabbed her repeatedly and then dragged her in a burlap sack to a ditch where she laid gasping for air until I stomped her head. I was with a known rapper at the time as well. And with this same rapper I killed a guy that I was being beaten over, I had no problem with pulling the trigger. I'm confused and worried, please respond as soon as possible. Although your vision is very graphic, dreaming about fatally shooting someone is often considered a positive sign. It could mean that your goals or long-time aspirations are close to being realized and that you would soon have a chance to finally reap the rewards of all your hard work. Death is synonymous with great change and for you it could be a positive one, something that would significantly increase your happiness and well-being. The fact that this individual was your former principal could reveal the fears and insecurities you felt at that time. As such, erasing this authority figure grants you the freedom to fully enjoy your life. Your lack of concern when pulling the trigger suggests you are determined to become stronger and happier that you were before.
Keeping murder of a child secret Dead body of a known child and knew the murderer, but I had to keep it as a secret and hide the body. But I finally told it. And I saw some area or landscape which is familiar with my past dreams. I and a friend walk along a road in that area with the body. And I saw my college and also a monk and temple. Dreaming about covering up for a child's death could mean that the well-being of someone close to you, either emotionally or by family ties, is being threatened and so you are subconsciously preparing yourself for the worst to happen. Since you mentioned a familiar landscape in your dream, it could mean that what you are experiencing at the moment is probably a problem you have faced for awhile now and that it is probably continuing to have a deep spiritual impact in your life, hence the image of the monk and temple seen in the dream.
Cleaning up after a murder at school I work in a school, one of the children was beheaded in the hall by Al-Quada and the head teacher made me dress up in a sari and clean the mess up. Your dream seems to mirror the anxiety you might be feeling over recent events involving acts of terrorism and how you feel they might impact your life. It could also reveal the fact that you do not agree with some of the school policies or you could be having some existing or developing conflict with a colleague or a superior, and so you subconsciously merge the two issues together as equally bad when both of these things could lead you or people around you to suffer. Since you were the person designated to clean up the mess, it also means you are sensing some sort of added responsibility. Perhaps you should think about the aspects at workplace which make you uncomfortable and why you would equate them with radical fundamentalism.
Killing and burying someone in the backyard I killed someone and then buried them in my backyard. Then I kept checking to make sure it was still covered up. Killing someone in a dream is often thought to be the manifestation of your determination to tackle a challenge or obstacle that is currently causing you difficulty. Burying the body is also a favorable sign that suggests all your frustrations and negative feelings related to this problem would disappear soon, giving you a chance to rejoice and start living a much happier life. Your constant return to the grave, however, could mean you may become suspicious of happiness and contentment and would not fully be able to enjoy this time due to your lack of faith.
Hiding from a gunman under a crib A gunman shooting people, I go into a small room, a baby crib is there. People are hiding, I crawl under the crib. I see gunman's boots as he walks by shooting people, he doesn't see me. Witnessing a murder scene in a dream reveals your own pent up anger or resentment towards someone or some people present in your waking life. Trying to hide under a crib could mean that your actions or intentions may have been considered immature or even foolish by this person who provoked these feelings in you. Your position close to the floor level also symbolizes your current state of mind when you are trying to regroup and come up with ways to calm yourself down and resolve this situation by improving the relationship with whomever you think had wronged you.
Being followed by a murderer Someone trying to hurt or murder me and my friends and we would try to protect ourselves and told no one someone got murdered. I didn't commit it but I had evidence on me from somewhere and this other man was trying to get it from me and I was trying to find a place to hide it but everywhere I went he was there, so I went to the water, swam out as far as I could and dumped it. He swam after me trying to dive we got in an argument and I told him he was acting weird for days and didn't know what he wanted. Being chased by a murderer or killer in your dream likely portends an identity crisis. The person who was killed symbolizes an aspect of your personality which you have lost or has been suppressed. Perhaps you do not feel like yourself lately. This may be due to peer pressure or some other factors affecting your emotions, thoughts and actions. It is also possible that you are the one suppressing this characteristic in order to fit in and the evidence of the murder is what would give you away. Despite personal or external pressures, you may still feel the need to hold on to the evidence so you do not forget who you really are. Furthermore, the water refers to your consciousness and swimming as far out as you can to hide the evidence is another reference to suppression. Either you want to bury this part of yourself in the deep recesses of your mind so you can commit yourself to this personal transformation, or it could also mean that you honestly do not want to change so you are doing your best to preserve your authentic self. Positive change can only come from letting go of negative traits and recognizing your own weaknesses for self-improvement instead of allowing others to dictate your thoughts and actions.
Killing strangers after having sex with them I am a female. A few years ago, maybe 5, I had a dream that my husband and I went to a bar and picked up two persons we were attracted to. He a female, me a male, not a couple. Took them home, had sex on the same bed at the same time side by side. When we had finished, we each rolled the partner off the bed onto the floor of our own side of the bed and commenced killing our one time partner. I was totally into it and brutal while my husband was iffy and didn't want to but still did the deed. Committing cold-blooded murder is an ominous symbol in dreams. It means that you may end up participating or getting involved in illicit or questionable activities in the waking world. This could seriously tarnish your reputation and close the doors of opportunities you may have been trying to seize. Alternatively, the murder could also symbolize cleansing and transformation. The individuals you picked out in the dream may represent aspects of yourself which you want to get rid of. Killing them represents purging yourself of those bad habits or negative characteristics. Furthermore, the sexual intercourse that occurred prior to the killing could indicate that you would need to acknowledge those flaws before you can improve or become a better version of yourself.
A murder scene without the body I am a female. I dreamt I came home and found a bloody murder scene, but did not see a dead body. I called for help but police would not come and help so my kids and I just waited for a few days for someone to help. To understand this vision, we should look at the symbols in reverse. Calling for help but being ignored by the police predicts much the same in reality, namely that you would probably ask your family and friends for help and be surprised to be turned down. Their indifference could have a profound effect on your life and make you start to question what you could have possibly done in the past to deserve such a harsh treatment. The bloody crime scene without a body suggests that your passion and ambition would provide you with enough motivation to be successful in overcoming these hardships and working through your problems without the assistance of others.
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