Stuck in a swamp full of fish My boyfriend dreamed he was stuck in a swamp and I helped him out, after that he saw a lot of fish in the swamp and also a tree near the swamp was full of fish. Your boyfriend's vision about getting stuck in a swamp means he could soon get embroiled in a sticky situation. It could be an external problem brought about by socializing with the wrong crowd or getting bad advice from a trusted friend. Alternatively, it could also be his self-doubt and insecurities that are causing his stagnation in reality. Fortunately, you have the ability to get him out of this muck. Your support and encouragement would slowly lift his spirits and boost his confidence. In the process, he would gain valuable insights and have a more optimistic view, as symbolized by the fish he saw after the ordeal.
Running in the rain and a tiger in the sky Running in rain water holding hands with my husband. I looked up in the sky and saw a tiger, a beautiful tiger. Being in the rain with your husband suggests he is about to face some difficulties in wake life. Holding hands during the downpour may mean that he would be unable to overcome these challenges or make progress without some help from you. The image of the tiger may point toward a need to negotiate in order to solve this problem. Because the tiger appeared to be beautiful, you may need to help your husband turn up the charm so that he can get what he wants.
A single tree surrounded by abandoned houses In my dream, I used a petrified tree made of stone to prop up a new tree. The newer tree was brown, healthy and thick, but it didn't have any leaves. I also have this vague memory of the tree's location being on a tall mound, surrounded by houses on all sides. The houses were uniform and two-story, but creepy looking, and spaced out strangely. They were arranged in a perfect grid, with nothing between them, lots of space, and they seemed abandoned. A dream wherein you see yourself planting or propping up a tree has positive connotations. It indicates that you are going to prosper and become more financially independent in your waking life. However, the notion that you saw abandoned houses around you in this dream negates the optimism of the initial interpretation of helping trees grow. It portends that you would become dissatisfied with the actions of those whom you love dearly. It may even mean that you would have to cut off ties with this individual or these people. Perhaps the breach in the relationship would be caused by your gaining financial success making others envious of your achievements.
A ring of fire My dream was about a ring of fire. A ring of fire in the dream world alludes to a transitional moment. A pivotal event could occur some time soon which would change the path that you are taking in reality. Perhaps it could be a passionate love affair or an arduous challenge. Whatever the case, the aftermath of this defining event or moment would make you learn a lot about your true character and motivations.
Being handicapped and on an island I was on an island and I was in a wheelchair. When I walked through some trees my wheelchair went away and I had braces on my leg. I was also dating a guy that I hate and then we got onto a boat to escape the island. The island is a metaphor for feelings of isolation and rejection. Perhaps you tend to prefer being alone and working independently instead of working with a team. The downside of being an independent worker is that others may interpret your behavior negatively. As such, you may end up feeling ostracized or judged by your friends or colleagues. The fact that you were in a wheelchair in the dream could be telling you that your attitude is keeping you from achieving your goals. In order to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and ultimately become successful, perhaps it is necessary to work with others or find a common ground even with those you dislike.
Being intimate with a woman in a pond It seemed like it was dark but I could see, I was in a pond with lots of vegetation and the water was bubbling and there was some type of female there that I had some type of sexual encounter with. The water was soothing and warm, she also seemed to connect with the pond as if it had her life, I almost had an orgasm with her just touching me. The darkness and the pond filled with vegetation are both symbols associated with a murky situation in reality. In a sense, they represent a current predicament that seems difficult to solve or get past. Your ability to see in the darkness and navigate the waters could mean that you are the only one who can figure out a solution. The female you had a sexual encounter with in the water perhaps reveals the type of problem you have been faced with. Sex in or around water alludes to a subconscious desire to get closer to someone in reality, however, it does not necessarily mean in a sexual or romantic way. There could be a friend or mentor that you want to understand better in order to deepen your bonds. While this individual may be a challenging puzzle to figure out, the results of your efforts are likely worth the effort.
Taking notes about people while in a forest It was kind of unknowing. I was running through what looked like woods, except the trees were all wide and relatively far apart. It was maybe early morning around 7am or so. There was a body of water, maybe a lake or river. I was crouching beside a friend with a computer and notebook taking notes on people and their ages, years born, but I couldn't see the death year or write anything down as I was to take to another friend like we were searching for something. I seemed to be in a hurry. Running through the woods or the forest generally means a period of change is about to take place. You may be due for a career change or about to enter a new chapter in your personal journey. The changes that would happen to your day-to-day routine, as part of adapting to this transformation or shift, may make this time very emotional or tumultuous as depicted by the body of water. Perhaps you are not yet ready to leave some things behind which is why initially you would struggle to find your footing, Fortunately, the last part of your vision suggests you would be rational and pragmatic in approaching this period of transition.
Admiring a wildfire I keep having a reoccurring dream that I'm driving down a familiar highway at night and all the woods and trees are burning with bright orange fire, but the road I'm driving on is clear. I'm calm, not scared and feel the scenery of the wildfire is beautiful. Driving a car in a dream vision is often a reflection of the dreamer's life. In this case, your calm, clear road suggests that things are currently peaceful, at least in the context of your experience. Your lifestyle is probably comfortable, and you are mostly satisfied with what life has to offer. However, the burning trees on either side of the road may be an allusion to the troubles which plague your community or country. While you may enjoy relative peace and prosperity, you also recognize the suffering others are going through. Seeing beauty in the destruction may indicate deeper feelings of hope that this situation would improve in the future.
Reptiles in the river I always dreamt about the same river that I cross to go to school. About swimming in without needing to breath. Crossing by the boat. Walking across the river. I pay no hind to those cause I'm always calm just like in this dream but the reptiles triggered this post. The latest was again in the same river on the same boat with a man who is holding an oar with a 2-3 inch long unmoving alligator at the end of it and a bigger white grey snake following us, swimming under the gator. Bodies of water, including rivers, usually allude to the dreamer's consciousness or state of mind. Perhaps you associate this river not only in terms of your route to school but as the path you are taking in your personal journey. Hence, crossing the river is a representation of the challenges and trials you face as you work your way towards your goals. Your calm demeanor in those previous dreams likely reveals your composed and self-assured nature. Either you have a healthy perspective about the world and your capabilities or you tend to have a laid-back attitude and prefer going with the flow. Therefore, the appearance of an alligator and a snake in your recent dream reveals dormant fears and anxieties that are bubbling to the surface of your mind due to upcoming life-changing events or important decisions you have to make. Alternatively, the reptiles could be symbols for adversaries who would reveal themselves to you. There is a likelihood that trusted peers or loved ones could betray or disappoint you because both alligators and snakes are associated with deception and treachery.
Standing on the surface of a frozen lake In my dream I saw myself standing on a frozen lake in the middle of a dead forest. I saw a shade or shadow that was in my form. She looked like she was screaming but I couldn't hear her. When I tried to get closer to her, the ice cracked and I fell into the dark cold water of the lake. When I opened my eyes up from underwater I saw blurry images going past me. The vision of a dead forest in your dream alludes to upcoming disappointments. The dry and damaged trees in this dead forest represent your futile efforts at achieving something that perhaps is out of your reach. This is where the image of the frozen lake comes in as it is often associated with isolation and lack of sympathy. The crushing disappointment could leave you trapped in your own fury and feelings of frustration with no one who understands or supports you in this time of need. Falling into the dark and cold water of the lake may be your attempt at closing yourself off and wallowing in your own misery. Perhaps this is a warning or a cry for help. You may need to be a little more practical and circumspect about setting achievable goals to avoid burn out or losing your motivation.
Drowning in a pond I saw a water pond. I am near the pond which was full of water. Then I suddenly fell in that water. But I hold something, so that I can be safe. But after some time that support also goes and I fell totally in that pond. All my relatives watching me but no one helps me. Bodies of water in the dream world usually represent emotions and the state of your subconscious mind. Pond, in particular, can mean "to ponder" or a reference to introspection. In that context, falling into the pond could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. There is a chance that you would have a hard time controlling your emotions and in the process, perhaps, feel neglected or alone while sorting out your inner turmoil.
Canoeing in a cave I was canoeing in a cave with a river. The spaces were increasingly tighter and I had to crawl through some places while dragging my canoe. I made out of the cave, but at the end a person told me there had been a shortage of rain and that's why the river was mostly dried up. Navigating a cave in the dream world alludes to introspection and self-discovery. The tight spaces and difficulties you have encountered likely refer to your efforts at understanding your own emotions and personal issues. The underground and dark location of your journey suggests deep-seated issues and possibly long-repressed memories. The lack of rain likewise represents your stoic and distanced demeanor. Perhaps something happened in your past that made you into who you are now. In order to transform yourself for the better, you may need to confront your own demons.
A storm and dirty water I'm at the sea, it's lovely and calm. I'm with my dad and my daughter who is a baby. Then a storm comes, we are looking at it, we can see water racing out of sewage pipes, it's brown. I'm female. I regularly have dreams of water, mostly it's dirty and rushing after me. A dream where you can see the calmness and peace disrupted by a storm is a manifestation of your inner turmoil. Perhaps the negativity which you feel over certain things clouds over your happiness in your waking life. It might even prevent you from enjoying the time spent with loved ones. On the other hand, recurrent dreams about dirty water symbolize the occurrence of troublesome situations which prevent you from experiencing the peace and tranquility which you crave. It would be helpful to remain alert and stay away from people or circumstances which could disturb the harmony of your life.
Hugging a tree, eating a fruit and crying I was hugging a big trunk of a tree, feeling comfortable, eating a round juicy fruit, then suddenly my tears fell. Big trees often represent the presence of health issues, so hugging one may reveal a habit that is slowly undermining your health, but which you are not quite ready to let go of yet. The fruit symbolizes a similar idea of deterioration of moral or ethical values, much like the fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The results of your actions to yourself and possibly to others can be seen in your sudden outburst of tears, a sign that you would either realize the error in your ways or that your condition would become serious enough that you would have a sudden change of heart out of fear of grave repercussions to follow.
A mountain shaped like a leopard Mountain in a shape of leopard. Mountains in dreams symbolize tremendous challenges and difficulties, while leopards allude to resilience and determination. As such, your dream vision may point to a period of adversity which would test your courage and motivation to succeed. This test could either break you or make you stronger and better for it. Alternatively, this may be a reference to your boundless optimism, such that you see problems as opportunities for self-improvement.
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