Fast approaching flood and finding safe place on the roof Elder sister came and told me that flood is going to come to our area up to our roofs, she looked very calm and told me that it happened once before also with new technology from USA. I got scared for my two boys and myself also coz I can't swim, my sisters said that water won't stay more than 2 minutes. We all were on the top of the roof suddenly one of my gold bangle fell down but I picked it up. One old man from our neighbors said we can stay on the top of the roof of his house where water can't reach, so me n my sons stayed there safe. I saw some fast grey water approaching fast. Water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil, whether in you internally or around you. Dreaming of seeing a flood with muddy water means you may find yourself in a strange circumstance, or you may end up being surrounded by an unfamiliar or strange environment. A visions of fast approaching flood your experienced is a sign of your inability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances in your life.This may place you in a state of limbo for a while until you learn how to adjust to change. Having this type of dream is an indication that you need to stop wasting time and start doing more productive things in order to succeed in life. If you insist on being hesitant to do things, then you may miss out on a valuable opportunity to change your life for the better.
Surrouned by flood and a house collapsing I keep having dreams about water rising up and overtaking the place that I'm in. In one dream I was in a department store, a big display in the shape of a house began to break down and crumble and water began to come up from the floor and fill the building. I can't swim so I just did my best to stay afloat. Another dream had me in a fast food restaurant and all of a sudden it was filled with water. Dreaming of being completely surrounded by flood water under various circumstances could be a sign that you could be living a somewhat extravagant lifestyle or in a very wealthy environment. This vision could also indicate your tendency to spend money (or contemplating to spend) on things you do not really need to have. Seeing a house being destroyed or collapsing in your dream could indicate the presence of an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged which could prevent you from completing them.
Storm destroying the house I dreamt that there was a big storm and things were starting to fall, I saw my house falling. Experiencing a dream vision of being caught in a stormy weather, strong wind and thunder portends frustration, periods of boredom, dissatisfaction with the way things are going. It can also be a sign of big losses for a wealthy person, but can equally symbolize success or unexpected income for less fortunate individuals. Seeing a house being destroyed or collapsing in your dream could indicate the presence of an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged which could prevent you from completing them.
Beach not suitable for pleasure I had a dream where me and my family were on a beach, but it was like we were in a cramped room and the day was just really dark, the sand was dull and there wasn't any ocean and there were trucks on the beach driving around. Dreaming about a beach which is anything but a place to relax and enjoy yourself is a sign of having desires or plans which are viewed by others as something irrelevant, inappropriate or not worth pursuing. You might become a subject of ridicule and mockery if you proceed with these plans. Trucks on the beach symbolize that you may be completely preoccupied with these desires or plans to make them come true, maybe it is time to carefully sort through what you are trying to accomplish?
In the ocean with someone when it is evening and about to rain Me along with my elder sister are in the ocean or sea, but we are not afraid. The climate is awesome and its about to rain. Its evening time. We are together. Dreaming about traveling on the ocean in the evening time when it is about to rain can be related to your tendencies to shut yourself down, alienate yourself from other people and make your presence less visible to others. This is usually an indicator of growing presence of depression, introversion, feelings of inferiority and loneliness you may be experiencing. The presence of your sister in this dream can suggest either that she somehow influences these states you experience or might try to help you in dealing with these issues.
Flowing water with rubbish and drowning in this water I see flowing water in my dreams most of the time, sometimes I saw blood evil spirits and rubbish things in my dreams. But I saw water most of the time that I am drowning in water. Can u tell me the reasons why I see these types of dreams? Everyone told me that watching flowing water is not a good sign. Drowning in water is a symbol of refusing to accept everyday issues that you face. Instead of admitting there is a problem, you tend to deny its existence. This may be causing you much stress physically and endanger your emotional stability. Try to look at problems differently when you face them, so their effect is lessened. Seeing rubbish floating on the water surface in your dreams signifies problems and issues with your finances or shortages of money which will be haunting you for quite some time. You will need to apply a lot of effort and spend a lot of time while rectifying these problems. Slow moving water currents you see in your dreams can symbolize a concern you express toward your sexual partner who is very sluggish and cold in bed. Sexual activities with this person may bring you disappointment and desire to find someone else as a replacement.
Sea, ocean or lake Dreams of lots of water in form of rivers, seas, lakes etc. Dreaming about sea or ocean water is a symbol of new and unique experiences ahead. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or be involved in a pleasant situation or experience. Looking at an enormous body of water that stretches along the horizon, tells of being offered great opportunities or ventures in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the opportunity that is most suitable for you. Looking at sea water blue or dark blue in color foretells a possibility of meeting with someone you have known for a long time, which will bring joy and happiness as a result of the time spent together.
Two clouds touching each other Sir, last night I had a dream about two separate clouds in the sky. Sometimes they met very slowly each other. What is the meaning of this dream, plz, Sir I request? This vision of clouds touching each other in a dream is an indication of possible trip or travel you are about to take on or find out about. If the clouds in this dream were white and fluffy, this could mean a very pleasant and delightful trip, if the clouds looked dark and heavy, you could be disappointed by the news about this trip or unwilling to go.
Stormy sea and hiding in a house from it I dreamt while I was swimming with other men in the sea, when we finished, there was a huge thunderstorm and scary dark clouds approaching fast, with a lot of lightning. We got into the house to hide from the approaching storm. Dreaming that you are in the middle of a stormy sea during bad weather could symbolize an upcoming separation and relationships filled with conflicts. Such breakup or disagreements, conflicts and mistrust could be related to sharing a particular asset or a task. It would be temporary and of a short duration. You would not necessarily be parted from or argue with the people that were included in the dream. Rather, the conflict or detachment would be between you and one or more of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family members or lover. You further indicated that you would all hide inside the house, seeking shelter from the weather. This could symbolize forthcoming success. You would be able to properly deal with the existing difficulties, warding off any situations or circumstances that could potentially be harmful. For example, you would be able to resolve the conflicts symbolized by the stormy ocean part of the dream. Overall, the dream suggests that you may be about to experience a disruptive and difficult situation. Nevertheless, you would be able to come out of it victorious and capable of adequately solving these issues.
Heavy storm and dancing in the rain Sir, last night I had a dream about a storm. In my dream I had a very high storm and rain is following at very high speed and I am dancing in the rain and I feel I am enjoying this rain. What is the meaning of this dream? Seeing yourself dancing in the rain in your dream predicts joy and happiness you have been waiting for for a long time, it can also mean that you will be able to help a person you know very well to advance his or her professional career. First part of this dream also suggests that the person in question could be experiencing some turbulent and unsettling times before you step in to offer your help.
Colorless dream, tree roots, being lifted off the ground by tree limbs In my dream, there was no color. It seemed like sun down and it was raining with some winds. I saw myself struggling under ground with these tree roots. I pushed them off me to get to surface and finally as I got closer, the limbs seemed to lift me off the ground and I saw myself crawling and then stood up and walked off. Colorless dreams usually are a symbol of rapid physical changes or aging. Tree roots protruding from the ground signify losing your freedom, independence and individuality. Such loss would be consequent of the influence and pressure exerted upon you by more powerful or capable individuals. Alternatively, you could be losing your autonomy due to forces that you consider too strong, uncontrollable and unknown. For example, aging. You then had a vision that you were being lifted up from the ground by the tree branches. This suggests that you could feel detached and uncomfortable in the presence of people outside your regular social circle. Overall, this is a dream with negative connotations that speaks of feeling displaced and disconnected. You were never with your feet on the ground. You were always below or above the ground. Moreover, the symbols were all impersonal and cold. Thus, you could be going through a difficult period and you could be feeling depressed and alone.
A man with a flowing robe and fall scenery A tall, dark-haired man in a flowing robe. Walking with me in a house with fall leaves on a brick floor...light wind blowing. I am not afraid. We walk outside. He is reaching up in a tree. I am watching. I see a forest....big dark old trees. It must be fall. They are beautiful. It is calm and peaceful. Dreaming about a tall, dark-haired man represents a negative symbol. Namely, it could relate to possible unexpected problems. These could ruin your current plans. However, you were not frightened in the dream. Therefore, you would not become overly upset with such unexpected changes. Rather, you would remain collected and in control of the situation, responding properly to the unforeseen events. Alternatively, the calmness and beauty of the forest could also be an indication of how you would feel after having successfully resolved that situation. You would have peace of mind and stability, either on your own or with someone's help. Moreover, you experienced seeing images of the fall. This often is a moderately positive sign. It could reveal that you would be able to come into the possession of some material property or object. Nevertheless, to gain it, you would have to compete with others and invest considerable time and effort into the pursuit of this goal. Dark and old trees appearing during the fall season could also be a reflection of your current concerns with the possibility of becoming lonely or sick as a result of aging. Finally, there is some overall sense of the natural cycle of life and your strong affinity to nature in general.
Someone trying to get inside the house, grapes and a relative swimming in the river water I saw someone trying to open the window to get inside our house but he stops when he saw me. Then I went outside found out a tree of grapes that fell down and we were playing with the fruit of it by throwing. I was collecting the grape's fruit after in a basin and washing it. Again I went to get more but the fallen branch of grapes was already down the river shore. I saw some of my relatives swimming in the river then water suddenly becomes high and we tried to go out of the water as fast as we can. Dreaming of witnessing someone trying to enter your house portends potential problems. These issues could be related to the lack of respect for boundaries or privacy. These might affect your household, your close family or you personally. You subconsciously see yourself as a protector and you would immediately react to such invasion. However, you would soon dismiss the situation as harming. Hence, you might find yourself confronting the intruder on less private grounds, outside the household. The symbol of grapes has multiple meanings. Nevertheless, collecting or washing this fruit usually indicates the existence of a growing set of issues which need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. Moreover, dreaming about someone swimming or trying to swim in fast water currents or bad weather often is a sign of upcoming dangerous developments. You could soon find yourself in a seriously threatening situation or experience health-related issues. The dream alerts you to be careful. It is possible that something that you dismissed as a non-threatening situation can subsequently develop into a set serious difficulties. You should not get discouraged. The dream also suggests that, most likely, you would be able to successfully overcome those issues. This success would be consequent of your diligence and ability to anticipate things. Your instincts and reactions ensure the safety of your close family and personal belongings.
Guava tree and a butterfly My dream was about guava and a butterfly. I climb on a guava tree and I was picking all the ripe and big guava. Then I saw one of a guava fruit was only half. Then I saw on it their is something inside and its moving. Then I was so curious what is inside and I started to open it. And I was so amazed of what I saw. I can't believe, it was a butterfly and larva too. The butterfly was soon flying and the larva is started to be a butterfly too. The color of the butterfly was blue and gray... Kindly help me, what is the meaning of my dream? Overall, the dream speaks of revelations and transformations. Picking up fruits from a tree could be a positive sign. Namely, your plans or relationships could start to be rewarding. However, you will have some unexpected surprises. These surprises could be related to making some discoveries in the relationship with other people. Seeing a blue and gray butterfly could reveal that someone will demand something from you which you are not ready or willing to give at that moment. Such request may cause some tension or conflict with that person. Alternatively, you might be exposed to receiving some attention or affection from someone. You would have a genuine curiosity and interest in learning more about this person. You feel amazed by your discovery perhaps because there were some pleasant moments while interacting with this individual. Simultaneously, you subconsciously feel unprepared to deepen your relationship, not being ready to trust them or reluctant to reciprocate. Hence, you let the butterfly fly away. A vision of larva turning into a butterfly could also indicate that there are two people with whom you might meet.
In the river with a kayak Family and friends got on kayak with a guide. I missed the boat. I got in my own large kayak and ran the very large powerful river myself, not knowing what I was doing...very successful. I did great! Everyone was amazed! Me too... Felt good and proud. Dreaming about a large powerful river could symbolize major upcoming events or pivotal life circumstances. These would currently exist or would soon develop. It is possible that these could affect you and other family members. The vision of your family being separated from you while in the river could be a reflection of some recently experienced or upcoming kin disagreements or conflicts. You could but only recently become aware of these problems. Despite such separation, you managed to find your own boat, deal with your lack of skill and successfully ride it. This suggests that you seem confident and reassured about your independence and ability to counteract. No matter what happens you believe you will triumph. Thus, the dream suggests that you would benefit from being prepared for possible upcoming problems – and, in particular, any family-related problems. You could use your abilities and self-confidence to try to help and support those in need. Some of your relatives might struggle more than you. An alternative interpretation goes along the lines of your desire for independence. You might be at the realization that becoming more independent from your family is a huge challenge. The challenge would be represented in the dream by the visions of the mighty river. However, you hoped or believed in yourself and your ability to succeed. This is represented by your one-person boat journey. Finally, the dream, as described by you, does not reveal the nature or emotional aspects of possible family problems or the outcomes of your quest to personal independence.
Failing to cross a river Failing to cross a river Dreaming about being unable to get across a river could symbolize undue resistance. You could presently be in a situation when you refuse to accept some of your everyday problems. Instead of admitting there is an issue, you might tend to ignore or deny its existence. This psychological defense mechanism sometimes is ineffective. It causes mental and physical strain and may endanger your emotional well-being. Ultimately, it also does not help solve your problem. You could perhaps benefit from changing your approach to solving these dilemmas, for example, by looking at them from a different perspective or dealing with them in a different way. Such strategy could minimize their magnitude and your distress. Nevertheless, you should be prepared. Resolving or rectifying these situations may take a long time and require a lot of dedication and effort, regardless of what the strategy is.
Rain and flood event, black horses and chariots I had a early morning dream, my daughter left to school by 7.15am. I went back to bed I had a dream at that time... In my dream I am sleeping I suddenly wake up and see my daughter is still not gone to school, I ask her why she is still not gone to school, she says cab is still not come and its raining... I peep out to see and it is raining heavily, I go out to see there I suddenly see 4 horses chariots all are dark black shinning horses running fast I peep in the first chariot to see if it is a king, it was a doll of a king no human beings and lot of chariots go fast one after the other, it starts raining heavily, so I go inside my house and I see through the window suddenly it rains more heavily and water fills on the road and the water is dirty and black one of the chariot falls in the gutter and 4 horses are drowning in the water and I water is till the eyes of the horses they are struggling and I am feeling helpless I want to save them but I am not able to do anything, my heart is heavy, I go out to see the road is filled with dirty water, opposite to my house is my mom's house, I stay in the first floor so the water is still not come to my house my mom's house is almost drown This dream about a flood event caused by heavy rain with muddy waters means you may have been exposed to some strange unusual circumstances, threats or some other negative things recently, and you may still be surrounded by strange things happening to you as a consequence. The presence of dark (black) horses is an indication of possible sudden realization by you that you are doing something which is meaningless and not worth pursuing from this point on. This could be something you are planning to do on your own, without consulting with other people, people such as your family members or friends. The vision of your mother and husband appearing at the conclusion of your dream reflects receiving reassurance and advice from either or both of them and your hopes they will help you overcome these issues or dilemmas you may have been facing.
In a cave while losing sentimental items I am in this dark cave with my 2 young daughters and my ex, their dad and there this body of water that we are swimming in and all my sentimental items are on this little ledge and they start falling off and I can't catch them and then something grabs me and is pulling me down and then my kids come in after me, but their dad was able to save them and me and then we run out and get in this old yellow car. A cave us usually a symbol for the unconscious mind and of everything primitive and wild. Given that it is dark, the dream is probably speaking of some negative, forbidden or censurable feelings, thoughts or experiences. The underground lake further accentuates the idea that this is a dream that is most probably talking specifically about feelings and emotions. For example, it is possible that there are still some perhaps unconscious and unresolved issues with the people that appear in the dream, or other people that are very close to you. These negative and undesired emotions had been pushed down towards the cave into oblivion, and would now be trying to reach out to you and demand your attention. It would perhaps be beneficial to considered these emotions fully, for a better resolution of those problems that you might be trying to forget. Indeed, the end of the dream seems to suggest that you could be able to be successful at this task. This would allow you to move on with your life, at least from an emotional perspective.
Alternating sea waves and bright sky This was a vision in which I saw a large body of water with the seas calm and bright color sky. At one moment then waves would appear very heavy at times coming and beating towards the shore and then the calmness would show up again. Please explain. Dreaming about sea or ocean water is a symbol of new and unique experiences ahead. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or become involved in an advantageous situation or experience. Looking at an enormous body of water with a bright sky above foretells being offered great opportunities in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for you. The second part of your dream about waves alternating between stormy and calm states is coalescent with this interpretation, but adds some negativity to it. You could encounter possible obstacles created on your path by people who might dislike or be envious of your accomplishments along the way, but you would successfully manage every hardship or obstacle appearing in your life's path.
Driving on the shoreline and enjoying it Hello, been trying to find answers to my dreams. Past couple of nights been dreaming of water, in which I believe was in Hawaii. I went on a trip with a friend and her dad, he was driving on the shoreline in a red jeep with top down. We were in the back seat (waterside). I could feel the nice breeze and see the clear blue ocean. I recall the waves would splash a bit on us as we were driving and I told the dad to speed up a bit, so we would not get caved in. I was a bit concerned but happily enjoying the beautiful ride. Dreaming about sea or ocean water usually is a symbol of new and exciting experiences ahead. You might soon have an interesting encounter or become involved in some kind of enjoyable situation or experience, involving the people who were present in your dream or others whom you are fond of. You may be also desiring, planning to, or have recently traveled. Both the water and the car suggest the idea of movement, either recent or forthcoming, although not necessarily in its literal meaning. For example, you might have a social gathering which could “feel” like traveling, in the sense that you are exposed to new and transformational circumstances. The part of your dream about waves splashing on you could be adding some negativity to the overall interpretation. You might be facing some minor contentions, hurdles or obstacles. These events could spoil the journey when it happens or make you disappointed because of the way it would unfold. Most likely, the things you envisioned could point out some unpleasantness or dissatisfaction, but they would not become a major complication or nuisance according to these dream visions. As you noted, you were slightly displeased and yet enjoying the ride.
Observing two types of water mixing with the wife I had a dream last night. I am standing near a water body, which was like a big pond. I was standing with my wife and it was a sunny day (day time). I was happily chatting with my wife and showing her the water body. Interestingly, what I saw was, that the water body had two types of water. One is clear and the other one is slightly red in color and they were mixing together at a junction. It was like the same water body had two types of water mixing at a fix point. I was showing this to my wife happily. What is the meaning of this dream? This dream about observing two types of flowing water mixing together is a symbol of new experiences or changes you are about to face. This change or transformation is most likely going to affect your relationship with your wife. Symbolically, traces of red color in the water which caught your attention in the dream is an indication that one person in this relationship relies too much on emotions, the quality which could be slowly taking over common sense and practicality. Because of this seemingly minor discord or imbalance, one of you could feel that his or her wishes or desires are not accepted fully or addressed properly. The last part of this dream when you seemed to be happy pointing to the "mixing point" means that you might be concerned or worried about the presence of such nuisance inside your relationship and want to perhaps find sensible solutions or ways around this issue.
Being shy, a tree almost falling and being saved by a friend A distant friend of mine had returned from abroad to attend his high school reunion, he has graduated and we were at the same school. He came to me and asked why didn't I join the broadcasting club. I said I would have loved to but I'm shy. He smiled at me and ruffled my hair and told me that he'd like to meet me again soon before leaving. On the same night, a lightening stroke a tree and it almost fell on me, that friend was near and pulled me in for a hug, saving my life from the falling tree. Then he walked me home and we talked along the way. When we arrived, he told me that he'd like to date me. I blushed. The symbolic vision of being shy or reluctant to do something in a dream is a sign of receiving praise and becoming respected after completing something important in your life. But at the present moment you could be finding yourself hesitant or unsure and subconsciously looking for other people to help you with either starting or continuing with your endeavor. The image of a falling tree and being rescued from under it speaks of failures or episodes of frustrations experienced in the past, but because you were saved in your dream you can expect success this time around. However it would probably be a trade-off when you would have to give back something in return or help the other person or people with their issues and problems. You could even be considering asking a person you know very well to assist you, but afraid they might take it the wrong way.
Sailing in the boat upstream and finding gemstones In my dream, I'm a wanderer then a man my age asks me to follow him. Funny thing, he takes me on a boat against the waterfall, we ascent instead of falling and arrive in his home. There he said that there are many gems inside his garden. Automatically, I dig into dirt and find 3 glowing moonstones and a pink gem which I believe is a tourmaline, glowing too. Those gems are normal size for a necklace's locket... This dream was so unexpected, what does it mean? Thank you. Going against the flow of the waterfall in a boat in this dream signifies an existing or upcoming challenging period in your life when you are or will be trying to get help from someone in order to overcome and solve your problems. Most likely, you are seeking help from those you know well, such as your friends, your family or relatives. These efforts could be time-consuming and require a lot of patience, but you cannot solve these issues on your own. Coming across an array of gemstones in the same dream indicates the existence of some powerful and capable person who would be able to help you with your quest. Shining or glowing gemstones you were discovering along the way also speak of the possibility of making mistakes or relying on a wrong person. You would probably need to talk to a few of people before you find someone who can actually understand your issues, give you the right advice and guide you in your endeavors.
Catching fish which appeared dead and eating fruits In my dream my nephew was catching fish in a river. The fin of the fish appeared and we thought he caught a silver fish. A grey old man appeared and wanted to help and as he pulled the line lots of large silver fish started to appear on the surface. They were all lying on their side and appeared to be dead. Then my dream switched and I found myself with a group of people at a house. I went to the back and saw some fruit trees and I picked a pear, which was pealed and I ate it as someone who was so hungry. I spotted some large green figs and picked and ate them. Dreaming about observing someone or participating in catching fish predicts difficulties or tough experiences you are about to immerse yourself in, and at the same time being able to solve them to your advantage as time passes. However, the vision of the caught fish appearing dead means that during the time period of dealing with these problematic situations or circumstances you would have to sacrifice important things in life, such as let go of some of your material possessions or money, or experience emotional downfalls. Eating fruits in a dream could be a reflection of deterioration of your personal values and loss of good qualities, most likely because someone is influencing you in a negative way and leading to such moral self-destruction (the image of a pear already peeled for you by someone). If you can recall the actual taste of fruit (sweet versus bitter) or your reaction to the taste (i.e pleasant or not so much), you can predict the extent and nature of the resulting impact of this process on your future.
Family driving toward a beautiful lake and into it My family, i.e. my husband, my daughter and myself, is traveling in our car. Then we see a large placid, beautiful blue lake with green trees outlining its shores. We in fact admire how beautiful it looks. Then somehow drive towards the lake and bridge seems we are going into the lake. Then suddenly water splashes on our windshield. That's when I wake up in panic. This dream about driving toward a beautiful blue lake could be a reflection of a journey or travel you have recently been on or planning on going. If there has been a recent travel, you could have experienced pleasant atmosphere and general sense of satisfaction with what you had seen or visited, but there could have been regrets or slight disappointments both for you and your family members related to this recent travel. If you are planning on traveling or taking a vacation trip soon, this vision could reflect some concerns you or someone in your family may be expressing about certain aspects of this upcoming experience. These doubts and uncertainties may originate from either not enjoying yourself to the fullest because of certain arrangements you had made in regards to the trip and the way you were treated, or simply because you have never been there before. The symbolic vision of water splashing on the windshield represents these unpleasant memories and impressions boggling your mind.
A tree surrounded by mountains during sunrise A lonely tree surrounded by golden grasses and mountains circled around it and a beautiful sunrise. Watching a sunrise illuminating a beautiful scenery around you points to positive outcomes in your life and your ability to succeed in your undertakings and projects. The symbol of a lonely tree also signifies that you are an independent and self-reliant person who is capable of applying your own talents and resources in order to achieve good things in life. The mountains surrounding this tree as a dream vision are symbolic of people in your life whom you can trust or rely on if such need arises.
Piranhas while trying to cross a river Trying to cross a river, but too many flesh eating fish, feeding them first to bring them all to surface and then using oil to burn them all. Dreaming about trying to cross a river could portend that there is ominous news in store for you. This upcoming message might leave you feeling disgruntled and disappointed. However, being successful in killing the flesh-eating fish in the same dream could serve as a promising sign that you would be able to guard yourself from positive negative consequences or manage what's coming in a timely manner to prevent the worse from happening.
A path in the ocean and being kissed I was in the ocean with a clear blue path from me to a deserted island. There were so many active sharks on both sides of me that the water was black. I then saw a woman's lips kissing my forehead. Dreaming about being in the ocean usually represents having new and interesting experiences, either occurring randomly or due to your own efforts. Being drawn to or seeing a path toward some deserted place, however, indicates doing things on your own, therefore pointing more toward some course of action you take or choose for yourself. This might include trying a new hobby or going somewhere you have not been before. In addition, seeing sharks surround you may predict health issues if you are not careful about taking care of yourself. This includes your mental health, like expressing your emotions and not bottling yourself up, as symbolized by being kissed on the forehead.
Walking on the snow towards a mountain I had a dream where I was walking through the snow in a battle dress moving towards a mountain. When I got to the mountain, the snow started melting and grass grew. I am a 17 year old male. Walking in snow represents your surrender state of mind or a current situation in which you do not feel like you are moving forward or making much progress, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. This is also seen in your journey toward the mountain, which is a symbol for trying to do something or moving out of your comfort zone, which may indicate that you see, at least subconsciously, a need for change and growth. This is supported by your battle attire, which could signify a willingness to take on the challenge of self-improvement. Finally, seeing melting snow at the end of your vision symbolizes finding some reassurance or building confidence along the way as you see the progress you make.
Trying to cross water and a giant turtle in the middle of it In my dream I am supposed to cross a small water body. From my side I see a huge stone, supposed to climb on it and cross. But as I near it I find its a huge turtle raising its head slowly. I refuse to climb its back to cross as it might get hurt. I take a small flowery path nearby to reach the other side. Kindly help me understand this dream. This is the first time in my life I have dreamt a turtle. Thank you. There are two main symbols in this dream which can be interpreted as follows. The water you are trying to cross represents some situation in your life that you are trying to get over. It is likely something related to emotions or feelings, and even though you know you should let it go, it is not easy. The turtle in your vision points toward this issue being connected with someone you care or worry about often, particularly a spouse or romantic partner, though it could be another close family member or friend as well. It may be that you feel the need to overcome some small hurdle so that you can feel more at peace with this person, possibly because some conflict has arisen in the past.
Working around a ship and catching fish I am male and had dreams about finding myself in the water next to a ship and I was requested to let the ship move and I went to the other side and picked a nest full of fish from the fishnet. I had to go the destination where the ship will stop carrying the net, I walked in water and a voice told me to just walk and nothing will harm me. Te water was like a sea and it was not deep. When I got there, the ship jumped off the water and there fishes in it. My mother wanted to fry the fish, but I refused and some of my friends who believed in the Lord permitted her and I gave my sister a cup 1/4 full of cooked spinach. The most prominent symbols in this dream are that of the water, the ship, and the fish. This dream contains a lot of open water, which is symbolic of novelty, new beginnings and a sense of adventure. Envisioning water often points to positive and interesting experiences, but also represents an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. The image of the ship portends some loss, which may mean having to let go of some aspect or piece of yourself in order to fully embrace a change in yourself. This is further supported by the sign of the fish, which also means having to give something up, but indicates that this sacrifice is for the greater good.
Clean and white water in front My dream last night was that I am standing in front of lots of water to go at me. I don't know what kind of water it is, but so very clean and white. Dreaming about menacing sea with big waves moving in your direction can be a sign of events and circumstances which could be both positive and negative in their nature. However, if by white water you meant foamy sea waves coming to you in your dream, it is a bad sign of some unfortunate events or disastrous circumstances you are about to experience after having this dream. Images of clear water approaching you could also mean you are about to witness your plans or projects being put on hold because of existing hard-to-control obstacles appearing in your path.
Seeing dead fish in the lake Dreams about I was sitting in a boat in a lake, I saw lots of fish in the lake. Then suddenly after a few seconds I saw one dead fish. I threw that fish out of the lake, then I saw another fish dead. I threw that fish also out of the lake. Then suddenly I saw all the fishes of the lake were dead. I got afraid. Dreaming about being in the middle of a large body of water predicts experiencing something new or doing something different. While this may sound like a positive message, the image of the dying fish predicts dealing with some grave illness or disease in the near future. This may be some sickness you have never gotten before, or it may be something you have caught in the past but never had such a serious case of. Therefore, this dream is most likely a warning to be on the lookout for changes in your body or to take better care of yourself.
Paddling down the river and talking rocks Last night I got to paddle down the Colorado river... Numerous times the rocks spoke to me. Dreaming of seeing yourself paddling down the river represents your lack of concern and indifference towards your current lover or partner. There could be other people in your life who excite you more, making you more interested in them as opposed to someone you have at the moment. The rocks speaking to you represent the reaction you get from these people you communicate with regularly, whether they approve or condemn your acts.
Fishing and using meat as bait I was fishing and had slices of meat loaf. I tied meat loaf loosely to a string and let it SLOWLY sink and once you feel a tug you know the fish took it and you mark that depth. Then you set your line for that deep. Then I was at the dock but wanted the big fish. So I laid down on the side of the dock and dropped another piece of meatloaf in. Only the big fish can eat it so one big catfish that was hiding under the dock came out and snagged it up. Then it came up the the surface and started to tug on my hair hanging down! Then it was trying to get to my nose! The dream you had about fishing using meatloaf as bait could be indicative of your outstanding ability to handle some tough or challenging life experiences appearing in your waking life from time to time. Since you are describing in great detail the process of preparing for and fishing itself, you must have a personal quality of solving and successfully overcoming what life throws at you while handling things expeditiously, effectively and with great attention. The vision of catching a big fish is also an indication of your popularity among the opposite gender and a great deal of interest expressed by them toward your persona. It could probably be a reflection of some recent encounters when you had to purposefully avoid a certain person just to get away from all of the attention you did not need.
Swmming in the river, fish and a woman with a baby Swimming in a deep dark river. Feet got tangled in some kind of weeds and I got myself free from. Swam to the river bank and got out of the water. Was watching the water go by and all of a sudden I saw huge fish swimming to the bank. I said to myself it must be a family of fish. Two large fish and two smaller fish. The people eating next door in a outside restaurant were feeding them and then they swam away. By the way I cannot swim. There was a woman there with a new baby and I asked her how much it weighed and she said three pounds. The baby was very small to be three months old. This dream vision has two distinct parts to it, which may even contradict each other. Seeing yourself getting out of the water where you seemed to be drowning is symbolic of existing positive developments taking place in your life. It could signify being exposed to some events or situations which may have recently yielded positive and encouraging results for you. The image of a big fish and other fish swimming together with it in the water could mean that you are to experience even more events or situations soon, but the outcomes could be uncertain or not as favorable compared to the ones you had just lived through. Most likely, it is because of different circumstances or participants this time around, as envisioned by the people feeding the fish. The last part of this dream about a woman with a baby could be symbolic of going through a period of great disappointments or challenges, there is a good chance they would be related to unwanted pregnancy or complications during pregnancy for someone you know closely or are very familiar with.
Caught in the rain and wild animals I forget to pick my stuff from someone's place, so instead of going home from the half way I go to pick my stuff with my maid daughter. Suddenly rain started and we are at some other place. We are not able to find the place and rain got heavier. I saw seriously injured lion about to die, from the forest road flood water coming. We stand by a roadside rock and saved form flood water. I saw one man dragging dead tiger, and one wild animal attacks my maid daughter, but I cover her face with my hand, so it pricks my hand with its sharp claws. Observing and suffering from damages caused by a flood in your dreams means you rely to a great extent upon your primary instincts which may have a negative influence and effects on you and the people who are closest to you. The wild animals in the dream impacted by this disaster and one of them attacking your daughter could also signify an internal battle taking place between your intuitive and pragmatic sides when you feel uncertain as to which of these aspects to utilize in dealing with the outside world and people around you. It is likely, based on the imagery of dying wild animals experienced in this dream, that you could presently be going through a process of important decision-making, but are unsure which of these parts of your personality to depend on more.
Snowy weather Everywhere is covered with snow and weather is white and cloudy. Seeing everything covered in a layer of snow is a sign that you have a curious nature. However, you may not be getting answers to any of your questions at the moment. The people around you may be concerned about sharing their trade secrets or personal information with you, possibly because you seem too nosy or forward in your requests. The cloudy, white sky means that there may be a lot of agitation in the space where you are asking these questions, most likely school or work. Until everything calms down and returns to normal, people are likely to be on their guard and unwilling to diverge any more information than necessary.
Getting a dog into the house when weather is bad I was at my other house and we had a lake! My 2 dogs were with me and were swimming in the lake. We were swimming and it started to rain and I decided to go under water my first priority was to get the dogs in the house once my second dog heard the thunder he ran to the house. I got scared and my dog could sense it so she ran away. She was running as fast as she could and looking very frightened. Finally, we both got in the house and were fine. Seeing a large body of water, like a lake, is a neutral sign which predicts receiving an opportunity or a lucky chance that may impact your life greatly in the near future. The fact that you got caught in the rain while swimming suggests this is something related to agriculture or gardening. Perhaps you find you have a green thumb or that the produce you grow improves both your health and your financial situation through the selling of excess food. In either case, if you do not currently care for some plants, you might consider doing so to reap the benefits it may provide.
Being able to control water and being by the ocean side A dream of being surrounded by walls of calm, tranquil water...but I controlled the creatures that went into the water, the color I wanted the water to be... Dark shades of blue ocean to a crystal clear water. The dream switched and I was with my mom's. We were at this fence, we were on land but beyond the fence was the ocean. Strangely, there were a group of about 40 people that would repeatedly climb this fence and hold hands, forming like a lattice pattern and fall backwards into the ocean. I told my mom I am not doing that, I felt afraid. But when they fell I saw that the water was shallow. The opening of this dream sets the stage for the second half. Large bodies of water are most commonly associated with opportunity, and the peace and calm of this water suggests a similar serenity in your life. Dark water symbolizes problems, while clear water indicates happiness and pleasure. Therefore having control over this water means that you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be, good or otherwise. The second half of the dream is very telling. Seeing a fence indicates there may be something standing between you and your destiny (again, represented by water). Shallow water symbolizes the good and bad in life, and seeing people dive into the shallow water may be a manifestation of your fears for the future and where your opportunities might take you. Being with your mother, however, is a positive sign associated with hearing good, beneficial news. While the future and the unknown may cause some feelings of discomfort, it is most likely in your best interest to take the chances presented to you and to do your best with them.
Throwing up rocks Throwing up rocks. Rocks, by themselves, are a negative sign that points to disappointment and loss in your life. The exact area depends on the context of the vision. In this case, vomiting often represents physical ailments and declining health, which may point to a disease that causes you to lose out on opportunities or prevents you from doing the things you love. The vision of throwing rocks up in the air, if this is the case, also represents something leaving you or missing out on a good chance. Therefore, you might want to take precautions with your bodily health by getting a physical exam and regularly seeing the doctor. Additionally, making plans for a "worst case scenario" would probably not go amiss.
Ocean carrying people away I have constantly been dreaming of ocean coming out and carrying away if I am walking or discussing with friends, it comes out carry people, but fortunately for me I always hold on to something. I am just worried because I keep dreaming of ocean coming out to carry people away. The last one in the dream I have to beg someone to show me the way out. Thank you. Traditional dream interpretation sources see ocean waves as a symbol of ongoing changes. In the context of your dream, you seem to be rigid and unwilling to accept naturally occurring transformations in the lives of people who are important to you. You could be reluctant to accept their changing lifestyles or simply disagree with their point of view. It also seems that you may be preoccupied with your own everyday tasks more than giving attention to their needs, which could involve canceling a dinner together or find more important thing to do around your own house instead of going out camping, dancing or socializing in some other way imaginable.
Sea with palm trees I dream I was on land looking into the sea and it was full of tall palm trees. Dreaming about the sea or other large bodies of water predicts opportunity. However, a sea of palm trees suggests becoming tired or overworked. You may be given a wonderful chance or lucky break, but time spent working on it is likely to require immense amounts of communication with others, leaving you drained and exhausted. You should remember that while it is important to take advantage of opportunities presented to you, taking care of yourself and your mental well-being through rest and quiet time spent alone is also important.
A baboon and a white man A baboon and a white man. Seeing a baboon in a dream vision indicates there are some aspects of your personality which are immature and under-developed. You may have little patience for tasks or tend to speak without thinking first. Seeing a man with the baboon predicts upcoming troubles with people you see on a regular basis, such as family or colleagues. They may find your childish behavior off-putting or unprofessional. It would be wise to carefully consider your recent behavior to see if you can make changes which keep your relationships happy and congenial.
Cats and peacocks hanging upside down on tree branches I am a 44 year old male and in my dream I was looking out the window of a house at a leafless tree. It was dark and windy. Hanging upside down from the lower limbs was 3 cats and 8 peacocks. The imagery of this dream suggests your recent exposure to an event or circumstance outside of your comfort zone. A leafless tree symbolizes witnessing something that has shaken you up and left a lasting imprint on your subconscious mind. Most likely, these are matters related to your household and family, as represented by the cats, and extraneous, exotic and unusual forces or influences brought into your life from outside of your normal, peaceful existence. If you have recently met a new person or experienced some new unusual developments, this vision could be warning you to carefully analyze why it happened, because it seems you want to welcome and keep them by your side.
Jumping over stones in shallow water A person trying to jump over stones in very shallow water and partner edging him on. Shallow water can have both positive and negative connotations. On one hand, it could mean experiencing happiness and lucky circumstances in your life, but on the other hand, it may also represent bad health or declining well-being. The stones represent finding a path to transform yourself into a better person. This likely includes actions such as quitting a bad habit, taking up meditation and daily gratitude, or reading more. However, jumping around and between them in the water suggests you may not be ready to make those changes yet. If you wait too long to change your life for the better, there may be dire consequences for your inner balance. However, if you make the effort to do your best from now on, you may find your life drastically changing for the better in a short amount of time.
A forest fire and causing an explosion that kills people I had a dream in which I was in a forest where people were hunting and bullets kept missing me. I was not hunting myself but I could see that some trees and bushes around me were on fire. At one point, a branch I was holding caught on fire, and I panicked, so I threw it away. It landed near some people and caused an explosion which killed many people. I remember feeling horrified and guilty about accidentally killing people. In real life lately I have had a very turbulent romantic interest, but I have no idea whether this is related. Although this is a somewhat complicated vision to interpret, there are some interconnected parts which could be telling you about the way you interact with others around you. Seeing people shooting while hunting and the bullets missing you speaks of your tendency to avoid direct confrontations or arguments with other people when they initiate conflicts or disagreement with you involved. At the same time, seeing yourself surrounded by a forest fire raging wildly nearby and approaching you is a warning that you need to be more careful when you are acting and expressing your opinions around other people in order to prevent making them uncomfortable or intimidated. Similarly, throwing a burning branch and causing an explosion in this dream serves as a warning to be careful of what you say in front of others. Because of your criticism or lack of tact, you may jeopardize your personal relationships or provoke verbal disagreements. The same situation may be developing within your relationship with the person you are currently dating.
Being swept into the ocean by waves and surviving I was in a vehicle that was traveling along a cliff and it was swept over the cliff by raging waters. Somehow, me and the other 2 people with me were thrown out the vehicle into the water and then I found myself just floating over the deep dark ocean that was by the cliff. I was quite afraid because I thought I would have fallen into this ocean, but all of a sudden something just threw me and one of the other guys back onto the land and we were safe and sound. The other guy didn't make it though... Cars are usually symbolic of your journey through life and being thrown from a car into a large body of water indicates finding yourself in a situation where you have many different options available to you. This could be related to your current occupation, including changing jobs or being offered a chance to work in a different city, or it could be related to your home life, like having multiple potential suitors or an opportunity to travel abroad. However, suddenly being put on land again safe and sound, while having a positive connotation, suggests being somewhat off kilter. This means that if you do not carefully weigh your options, you may make a rash decision and find the balance in your life is off, making it difficult to manage your obligations or keep your stress levels low. You should look at all your options with a neutral eye and choose the one which has the most positive benefits for your future.
Being calm and relaxed while floating on top of a waterfall I had a dream about a waterfall. It was huge, curved around. I was floating in the water at the top of it. The water at the top was very calm, like a pool or a pond. I could see over the edge, but couldn't see the bottom of the fall. The water continued to fall over the edge like it should, but I just floated there, never going over the edge. I felt calm, relaxed, like I somehow knew I was safe and could not go over the edge. There was a couple of other people there with me. Close friends or family, but I don't remember any faces or who they were. Just floated there, smiling and chatting. Floating and swimming in a large body of water, such as a pool or pond, predicts having new and exciting experiences. The image of the waterfall suggests that not all of these experiences are to be pleasant ones, as the nature of trying new things usually implies. Therefore, this scene seems to point to a period of growth in your life. The calm water you float in, however, indicates pleasure and being content in the future, so the outcome of this time is likely to be beneficial for your life. The bottomless oblivion you see at the end represents hard times and impending disaster. However, because you remained up top and felt calm and relaxed, this means being able to prevent or avoid these troubles.
Running away from incoming water in a forest Dreams about walking in a forest, then, all of a sudden, the ground got wet and I heard a sound of water. It was loud and we ran by swimming and the place was fenced. We also had to jump the fence to escape the water. Walking in the forest and feeling that the ground is getting wet and water starting to surround you in this dream is a symbol of your hesitation or indecisiveness while trying to manage or solve issues which are of importance to you. You are simply afraid that dealing with these issues may bring negative outcomes or impact you in a bad way. Trying to escape the approaching water by jumping the fence in this dream also warns you to postpone any major plans or actions you may have at the moment because they will either be unavailing or can have negative outcomes if you rush things without paying attention.
In a boat which was about to sink I was in a boat and it got a hole in it. I had to swim to the shore. The water was calm, I could see my feet in the water. But I was tired of paddling and trying to keep the boat from sinking. Having a dream about being in a sinking boat often is a symbol of a significant ending. You could currently have an important love affair, romantic relationship, partnership or project. The dream foretells that such relationship or business is about to end. You might accept the fact and let it happen or you might try to prevent it from crumbling. In this case, you might start intervening and take action to save it. However, based on the ending of the dream you had, you may be feeling that you can no longer control the situation and want to find a your way out as soon as you possibly can.
In the wilderness and being pursued The dream woke me up a few minutes ago, so I remember it well. There was a huge forest, and there were wolfs everywhere, I soon ran into my parents. Here's where it gets weird. We ran into a man and we all decided to get inside from the wolfs. We saw a cabin with open doors and the lights were on, so we went inside. Then we met a man whom the other man knew. While sitting, the first man started talking about how there is no escaping "him". Then bullets came through the window and killed my parents. I pointed a gun at the first man because he was smiling. The second man said "no psychopaths" and I woke. The beginning of this vision focuses heavily on your life and a need for change. Finding yourself in a forest represents some aspect of your life getting a major overhaul, while seeing wolves everywhere points toward a desperate need to improve a specific area in order to move on to the next stage of your life. But the part of your life that needs help is explained more fully in the second half of the dream. Being led to a cabin indicates a health concern or growing problem. This could be some illness that is becoming more serious or, more likely, some lifestyle-related disease that requires you to lead an overall healthier lifestyle (e.g. eating well, exercising more, etc.). Both seeing your parents being killed and pointing a gun at someone predicts imminent danger, so it would be wise to monitor your health and take actions to prevent any serious complications or illness.
Diving into the ocean with someone special I dove into the ocean with a boy holding hands (romantically involved at one time). The blue water looked 2 meters deep and not turbulent. I could see some rocks at the bottom and was concerned to not dive into them. He initiated the dive and I jumped just before him and once in the water it wasn't scary and was actually deep. I swam further underwater while also expecting him to catch up then we climbed out the water together. This process repeated a few times with other people in the dream also waiting their turns. The feeling was "I can't believe this is happening and semi shy" - thanks! This is a fairly straightforward and positive dream to experience. Oceans are most commonly associated with upcoming opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Seeing yourself dive into this water, despite hesitations, represents your grit and determination in getting things done. This means you are likely to make full use of the opportunities presented to you. Going deep into the water further symbolizes protection for you, and you family by extension, from difficulties and problems as you follow your dreams and pursue the options available.
Gathering sea salt with the boyfriend I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were collecting sea salt from the the sea and I was putting the salt in a bucket. Seeing yourself walking along seashore or on the beach predicts a possibility of a long and distant trip, it can also be a sign of reuniting with your long-known friends who currently live far away from you. Collecting salt from the sea, however, could be a sign of deterioration of the relationship between you and your boyfriend. Some emerging irreconcilable differences could make it next to impossible to maintain it viable enough to last for long. The size of the sea salt crystals in your dream could help you determine the magnitude and extent of the problems you may start facing in waking life.
Seeing shark fins from the deck on the ocean I dreamt that I was standing on a pier behind my house that viewed the ocean, and thousands and thousand of dirty, old and ruined shark fins were sticking out from the water. Envisioning yourself standing on a pier looking out onto the ocean predicts opportunities that are just beyond your reach. They are the type of opportunities that only come around once in a lifetime, so it would be wise to take advantage of them while they exist. However, you should be cautious which opportunities you choose to take advantage of as shark fins in water could reveal the presence of someone who is actually trying to deceive you and thus far is succeeding. Your gullibility may become your major downfall if you are not careful.
Frogs in water I was dreaming about a lot of water and many frogs. Dreaming of frogs in water is a very positive sign. It symbolizes success and triumph in your undertakings, both for those which you are currently involved in and also your future endeavors. If you are thinking about embarking on a new project, maybe it is the right time. However, a great number of frogs in your dream could also symbolize conflict and discord. You could be involved in a feud with your close relatives or friends because of some action that you committed, or due to a misunderstanding that you might have with them. This might lead to some fights and undue conflict within your circle. Try to be mindful to avoid such stressful situations in the future.
Observing sea waves from a balcony and being frightened I was standing in my balcony with my sister and an old classmate of hers. It was heavily raining, but the balcony position didn't allow us to get wet. In front of us there was the rest of the town and the sea at the end. The waves of sea weren't high, but when the waves crushed on the shore they were a lot closer to the land side than usual. I felt a bit frightened and asked my sister and her old classmate to go inside, and they listened. We went inside and closed the balcony window. Please tell me what does my dream mean and what does the rain and waves mean? Rain symbolically represents a tendency to distance yourself from others, both physically and emotionally. This could be directly related to your sister and her friend, especially if they have tried to help you in the past, but you were unable or unwilling to accept their support. Seeing a view of the ocean in a dream vision is commonly interpreted as a sign of opportunity. You could be on the verge of receiving numerous offers or being able to choose a new path for yourself. However, feeling frightened suggests you may not feel ready to break out of your shell. In this case, this vision is likely a message from your subconscious, trying to show you how much freedom you have and encouraging you not to limit yourself.
A snail in water Snail in water. Seeing a snail in the water is a fairly positive sign indicating success in the face of obstacles, especially those obstacles created by other people. This includes rivals who try to sabotage your efforts to get ahead in the workplace or higher-ups who dismiss your ideas without considering them. At the same time, this vision warns not to proceed in a hurry and carefully consider options available to you so to avoid potential pitfalls and errors on your part.
Clearing debri-obstructed water I was caught in fast-flowing water with three people behind me. I kicked debris that had a path blocked and opened the path, we all got through and were talking and laughing the whole time. I always dream of fast flowing water with debris while I'm in the water, but OK and laughing. Fast-flowing water in a dream tends to represent better wealth and ability to afford more things compared to other people in your waking life, such as you friends. You could be an independent, self-sustaining and, at the same time, generous person. It also seems that your friends do not think of you as someone superior in relation to them because you share your wealth with them in a lighthearted way, without asking for much in return.
A sight of nature perceived to be in golden colors My dream was of a golden sunny day with water like a large stream in the mountains. There was a man standing beside me, but I couldn't see him. Everything in the dream was gold. I could see my reflection in the water and I was smiling. The beautiful scenery under a golden sunny day reflects your positive outlook in life. The mountain, in particular, symbolizes your dreams and ambitions. Perhaps you are setting your sights on a goal. The smiling reflection in the stream denotes optimism and a clarity of the mind in your quest to achieve your goals. Similarly, the golden tone of the dream points to a rich and rewarding outcome that awaits you should you maintain your optimism and bring out aspects of yourself that are often associated with the male stereotypes, such as rationality, assertiveness and a healthy view on competition.
Fruits ready to be harvested I saw plantain trees with unripe fruits on it, one banana tree which was bent to the ground with its fruits ready to harvest and I used a knife to cut the bunch of bananas. I also picked two coconuts and used one to break the other, but the one I broke was rotting inside. Please what does this dream mean? Harvesting fruits in dreams suggest both leisure and labor. Perhaps some of your endeavors or projects are now starting to bear fruit and you are getting ready to reap the rewards. On the whole, however, your dream seems to lean towards more personal meanings and interpretations. For instance, bananas are phallic symbols and are often associated with sexual partners and romantic relationships. In your dream there are two banana trees, one with unripe fruits (plantain) and the other bent to the ground bearing ripe bunches ready for harvest. The unripe bananas could pertain to an individual expressing sexual interest or affection, but who is likely not yet ready to commit, hence you may benefit from practicing caution in interacting with him. Meanwhile, the tree bearing ripe fruits may well be the viable option, as this person is likely emotionally available and looking to settle down. The two coconuts likewise present this dichotomy, one reveals a rotten core once broken. As such, be judicious in your decisions, whether in professional or personal commitments.
Hunting and interacting with animals I was setting traps somewhere cold and snowy for deer or caribou. Wondering where all this game was, and there was a roar and all the animals ran by, I took cover in a tree and a white wolf cub ran to me. Then, two large talking grizzlies were walking by and one stepped into my trap, ripped its paw off and began to chase me. I was running, carrying the wolf pup. I slid down an embankment and woke up. A dream about a hunting trip is indicative of your desire to explore or start a new professional or personal venture. Perhaps you are pursuing a project or a relationship, or generally just hunting for opportunities. The wolf cub in the dream represents solitude, pride, aggression and strength. The notion of you protecting the young wolf from the attacking grizzlies points to your strong instinct to preserve your independence and protect your pride. It is possible that the grizzly bears pursuing you are signs of rivals and competitors whom you may have encountered in the pursuit of your project or venture. Romantic or not, the presence of adversaries triggers your self-preservation instincts and may make you want to run away from the situation. Play your cards right and with a good strategy to gain some solid groundwork to allow you to overcome the challenges in your way and face them head on.
A beautiful lake with dead fish under water Wow, it was really awesome, it was a big lake with very clear water. Under the water pale-yellow color land, sand stones, also yellowish in color. Me and my friend in one boat, but I forgot my friend who he was. Under lake water so many big white fishes and also small transparent fishes. After some time we enter into the lake with low depth, at that moment I saw one big white dead fish already dead. My friend unfortunately walked on the white dead fish head. Hahaha, and I called him to look down, he was shocked. Sailing through a clear and calm lake symbolizes inner peace, a clear mind and a levelheaded attitude. The lake as a whole represents your consciousness, so while it appears clear and steady, the dead fish indicates that an emotional upheaval will disturb your quiet existence due to an upcoming loss of possessions or possibly loved ones. This game-changing event that could rock your boat may be marked by betrayal or cowardice from someone close to you. Alternatively, the big change could be related to the boat in your dream which means transport, travel or relocation. Your comfortable routine could soon be disturbed and altogether altered by changing jobs or moving into a different residence.
Being stricken by lightning while on a tree branch I dreamt I was sitting on a branch of a tree and I saw lightning striking the branch. I was sitting on it and I immediately jumped before the branch fell down. Please help. Sitting out on the limb of a tree can indicate feelings of isolation, especially when you are interested in befriending people outside your normal social circle. This is seen literally in your solitude on the branch, alone and set apart from the rest of the tree. Watching a lightning strike said tree suggests feelings of great sadness or disappointment because of this situation, though there is little you can do about it.
Refusing offers to swim in shallow green water I saw myself in a place consisting of a large water body, some people were swimming at some distance away from me. The color of water was green. Then I saw a friend of mine flying in the sky calling me to swim and I refused gently as the water was shallow there and remained at the place where water wasn't that deep. I wasn't scared and meanwhile I wondered how did I land without a parachute as I saw my friend flying. Large bodies of water in dreams are considered powerful symbols. They indicate the vast amount of opportunities and options available to you which can lead you to discovering your true potential in life. Seeing your friend flying, however, indicates you may be too preoccupied with jealousy over what others may have achieved instead of focusing on your own blessings. In essence, this vision is telling you to look around for chances to grow and become a better human being (physically and emotionally) instead of constantly comparing your life to the lives of others.
In a boat with someone who keeps complaining In a boat with my partner who has cancer. It is inflatable and I believe a paddle boat. Waters are really rough. We keep going toward the rock edge which is a cliff to a larger body of water. So high, deadly if we went off. He keeps bitching. I get frustrated, jump out of the boat and swim the boat to safety. There are other boats around, but they don't help. Being inside a boat during a dream vision represents conflict and tension in your life, especially due to the fact that you perceived these waters to be choppy and rough. The stress of your partner's situation could be the cause of this, making it difficult for you to say what you really mean or to have the sense of peace you yearn for. Your vision also contains the sign of pulling the boat to safety by your own power, which predicts finding a way through your difficult times, though how you manage this and how long it takes are unclear.
Forest inhabitants and unfamiliar people I remember a forest, the howling of a wolf and an owl flying above. I see some figures standing in the moonlight, but I can't see their faces. Images of a forest in dreams usually point to major changes taking place in your life, particularly changes you have brought about yourself due to some soul searching and a reassessment of priorities. In this case, you are probably making these changes because of a perceived threat, such as a rival or competitor in your field. The owl represents your acute ability to sniff out trouble, while the howling wolf indicates the presence of someone conspiring against you. The indiscernible faces you saw however, suggest that even your mental abilities cannot predict the future or how this situation can play out.
Water bodies which are perceived to be dangerous Hello, I keep having dreams that involve danger and water and my family. Within the past two weeks I've had dreams about flooding, swimming through a murky river, paddling in a murky river with an alligator, and just about every dream I'm having involves dangerous waters. Water represents your subconscious state and the quality of the water in these dreams alludes to your state of mind. Hence, the flood, murky rivers and dangerous waters all point to inner turbulence and negative emotions. Perhaps there is some ensuing discord within the family that is stressing you out. Interestingly, the alligator is a symbol of deceit and betrayal. There could be a person close to you who you feel cannot be trusted and who is manipulating people to get his or her way. In order to clear up your mind and find peace, it may be necessary to identify the source of your problems.
Nature's phenomena in a dream Dreaming about thunder, lighting and water. Dreaming of elements most often associated with a storm points to the possibility of having a fulfilling and passionate romantic or sexual encounter. The symbols you saw in your dream portend such an affair taking place in the near future. As long as you are careful, this could be a pleasant occurrence for you to remember fondly in the future.
An idyllic scene with plants and animals in the backyard I was in the backyard with my sister when she told me how beautiful her white roses had grown. The sun was shining and it was paradise-like. A red cow was eating grass and a sea lion was trying to enter the house, but my sister was trying to not let it in. White roses represent purity, innocence and secrets. The shining sun symbolizes wealth, enlightenment and a sunny disposition. As such, it seems as if the dream is conveying a message of peace and positive environment reigning in your reality. The red cow could be a powerful or maternal figure watching over the both of you, making sure that you do not put to waste the blessings that are bestowed upon you. Maybe the both of you are focused on career and keeping suitors at bay, as symbolized by the sea lion. Perhaps you feel like romance would disturb your tranquil existence.
Being able to control bad weather A thunderstorm with lightning and being able to prevent it by my hand to strike me. Thunder and lightning in the midst of a storm suggests you are bored with life as you know it. Maybe you seek something new or want to go on an adventure to break up the monotony of day-to-day living. Your power to avoid being directly struck by lightning, then, predicts finding some hobby or yet undiscovered skill which may become a source of entertainment in the future or the beginnings of a new passion.
Washed away by flood water while on a mountain I was on a mountain with another kids and people. Suddenly, a muddy water flood came and everything flows with it. But at the end of the flood, all are saved and no damage due to that flood. Dreaming that muddy water causes a flood while you are on a mountain represents the possibility of soon finding yourself in a very complicated situation. Certain circumstances could force you into a strange or unfamiliar environment where you would have to learn to adapt fairly quickly in order to come out ahead, although surviving this event suggests you already have luck on your side and would be able to overcome these adversities, either on your own or with the help and support of those who care for your well-being.
A tree on fire viewed from a ship I saw myself standing on a ship, the ship was moving very fast and as I looked to my left side I saw huge beautiful waves turquoise in color and after some minute, the boat stopped and as I looked to my right I saw a huge tree on large fire, but the fire was not burning any part of the tree... And after some time, the fire settled down and the tree was back to normal, the only change in the tree was that the tree trunk was painted in light blue color. Traveling on a ship during the course of a dream vision symbolically represents upcoming changes. These changes could affect a setting which you often visit, like a place of work or a recreation venue for you and your family. It could also point toward moving house or rearranging your current living space. The tree on fire predicts these changes could cause some self-doubt as to whether you are ready for these changes or if you are making the right choice. However, the calm, light blue color of the tree trunk at the end of the vision points to a peaceful and rush-free process of decision-making on your part.
A building collapsing after a lightning strike I dreamt that while at work in a high-rise downtown, another high-rise a few blocks away was struck by lightning. You could see the lights were out in the whole building. Then it started tipping to the right. I woke up before I fell any farther. Seeing a lightning in your dream portends an unexpected event in your future. The lightning that struck the high-rise building suggests possible hardships and devastation. It could also mean a possibility of forest or other types of fires, which could negatively impact the living conditions in your household, neighborhood or even the entire community. This dream vision conveys the message that some things are beyond your control and all that you can do is remain vigilant and prepared.
Left behind in the midst of a storm I was on a plane with my friend, I walked off, we were on the ground of a field in seemingly the middle of nowhere. There were sparse trees, but mostly just flatness. I was trying to take a picture, I think of the storm, it was crazy, electrical storm clouds and the skies were purple and flashing, very intense. Then my friend leaned out the open door of the plane, about to tell me to get back on because the plane was about to take off, but as soon as she started speaking, it took off and I was left behind. Electrical storms are often symbolic of getting help from an unexpected source, so taking pictures of such a storm could represent your knowledge that such events are taking place around you. For example, you may see the man sitting next to you pay for another customer's lunch or watch as volunteers pass out bags of necessities to the homeless. Your lack of participation in these happenings is likely on purpose, suggesting you do not value generosity or have been jaded. This negative outlook probably hampers your ability to connect with others in wake life, as being left behind by your friend and the plane shows that there is some conflict between you and your social circle.
Friendly and aggressive trees It was a nice sunny afternoon, I was in the backyard of the house where I grew up, there were a lot of big green trees, some were happy and friendly with me, hugged me with their branches, but the bigger, older one was very aggressive, tried to hit me and my two younger children (boy and girl) with the branches. I was afraid it would throw itself above the house or my children and smash them. A man of my family had to cut it and I felt sad but relieved at same time. Dreaming about your childhood home is a common symbol in dream visions associated with wanting to find peace and comfort in wake life. In some ways, you have already achieved this, as the big green trees represent your happiness and satisfaction with some areas of your life. However, as with most families, there are some things which bother you still. This is seen in the image of the aggressive tree. In this vision, then, cutting down and removing the tree represents finding a solution to the problems which may still be haunting you.
An unpleasant shallow beach I dreamt about a man-made beach. That was supposed to be Coney Island. I've had this setting in my dream before. The water was so shallow and the sand was orange. So I'm swimming and I have seen bras under me. It was just nasty. A man-made beach. It was an unpleasant beach dream. The man-made or artificial beach in your dream reflects your current state of mind. The water is shallow and the sand is orange because you could be trying your best to fit in with your peers or members of your social circle. The appearance of the beach is unnatural and repulsive to you because you may feel uncomfortable about changing who you are and following the crowd just to avoid being ridiculed or judged. The bras you have noticed could symbolize sexual inclinations and proclivities which you are not keen on exploring at the moment.
Frightened by a spinning sky I was looking through a window and I saw a cloudy blue sky spinning, I felt dizzy and I noticed that only me was frightened, suddenly from the spinning sky a bright light flashed. I went outside of this house because I felt that the world was ending, I started running, trying to find shelter... Then I was in a big city with big buildings and people working around. Looking out of a window and observing a cloudy, spinning sky could represent your desires for the future which you are too scared to admit out loud. You may have big dreams, but are afraid to tell anyone lest you be mocked for their grandeur. This is followed by your feeling that the apocalypse is coming, a symbol associated with disasters and misfortune. In this case, you do not actually seem to witness anything bad happening which could predict that your worries about the future are all in your head. Finding yourself in a big city surrounded by others, then, represents how you are trying to do all this alone and take on too much all by yourself. It would be better to rely on others to share the burden, that way you can help each other reach your common goals together.
Stealing fertile soil Acres and acres of fertilizer dirt with sprouting seeds of grass. I was taking some with me because I needed some for my home. Dirt which is beginning to sprout could represent your budding intellectual prowess, suggesting you are slowly learning how to organize your thoughts and arguments in order to get what you want. However, trying to take some of those seeds away could predict that your efforts to utilize these powers may be hampered by health issues. You need to remember to take care of your physical needs before working on any other endeavors.
Being taken upwards during a lunar eclipse I don't remember much of it, but I remember this one moment pretty vividly. I was in a field with some other people I know from different points in my life. And we were watching a lunar eclipse. Right when it began, the moon started to shine, and I began to start floating upwards. I was taken off-guard and kind off timid about it, so I came back down after awhile. I tried to go to my friends to tell them about it but no one believed me. That's all I remember. There is some opposing imagery in this vision which makes it difficult to interpret concisely. The field you are in at the beginning of the vision represents all the good things that have happened in your life thus far. Seeing friends and family from various points in your life can be thought of as reminders of the value they have added or the lessons you have learned from them. This is followed by the image of the lunar eclipse, a negative sign associated with misfortune and sadness. However, during the eclipse you begin to float upward. This represents your positive nature and your confidence in a happy future. It seems, then, that as long as you maintain your patience and positive outlook on life, you should have the tools and mental strength to make it through the trials that await.
Climbing a hill with friends I had a dream that I was with a couple of friends picking up something and laughing. Then we decided to climb this massive hill. As we started, we got separated, so when I started there were people looking and laughing, but I carried on anyways even helped others on the way up and struggled but carried on. Once I got to the top, I was scared but the view was so beautiful, but I didn't take a pic because I was scared to move, but after looking at it for a bit I got down and started to make my way down the other side. Dreaming about climbing a hill is a good sign. Each step represents a successful achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you were climbing to the very top, the dream means that you are going through an auspicious period, filled with satisfied desires, victories or successfully completed projects and plans. Helping others and struggling on the way could indicate that there are still things you want to change. This is also seen in you becoming separated from your friends while climbing, a symbol thought to be the manifestation of your desire to get rid of bad habits or unwanted aspects of your personality.
Taking a shower in front of a mountain I was showering inside a space, home, fresh water falling down on me. In front of me was a huge window (or open wall) where I saw a beautiful mountain in front of me. I almost felt as if showering in public, yet the scene was beautiful and made me feel deeply-peaceful while I was feeling cleansed. Dreaming about seeing a mountain is an indication of the connection you feel with nature. You would rather spend most of your free time outdoors, exploring forests and nature reserves, going for swims in secluded rivers and lakes, watching migrant birds, observing wild animals in their natural habitats, or just enjoying the changing of the seasons. Taking a shower in a dream vision represents meeting or being introduced to someone in the near future, although it tends to have a neutral interpretation. You may spend some time and effort trying to befriend this person, however they are unlikely to make any significant contributions to your life or leave a lasting impression due to their lack of personality and possible dislike of the outdoors.
A half-burnt cornfield and a chipmunk I dreamt that I saw cornfield but the top of the corn was burnt, the rest was in good condition because someone was able to save the field. And I was on a small hill looking at the field feeling relieved that it didn't burn down. Also I saw a little toy chipmunk. A cornfield in a dream symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Seeing the top of the corn burnt, however, could signify certain problems in your current financial situation. Perhaps there are certain negative influences which have kept you from achieving the desired amount of wealth. The toy chipmunk could represent juvenile decisions made by you, therefore these may be what have caused obstacles in your road towards success. At the same time, seeing the rest of the corn being spared suggests upcoming events which could eventually lead to your well-being and success albeit after a few trials and tribulations.
Boats being blocked by sandbars I dreamt I was looking out the picture window of the house where I grew up at the lake. Boats were trying to cross, but sandbars kept popping up blocking them. I went to the shore and waded in the water watching the boats and growing sandbars, but could not do anything to get the board through. The boats were red. Water blue. Sandbars white. Dreams where you look out of a window could be a reflection of your tendency to push others away from you, especially family members or your significant other. In your mind, this helps you keep the relationship intact by avoiding conflict and bad energy. However, it is likely that the opposite is true, meaning others can feel the growing distance and are hurt by your lack of trust. The boats being blocked by sandbars predict this situation coming to a head in the near future. Those close to you may confront you over issues that they feel you should be sharing with them. Wading in the water at the end of the vision brings this situation to a positive ending, suggesting that, with your deepened bonds, the future looks bright and your opportunities are endless.
Stuck in a swamp with frogs and snakes I dreamt I was stuck in a swamp with green water that had million of little frogs and snakes in it. I had to struggle to get my way out of it and the frogs were everywhere. You may be facing a particularly tricky situation in the waking world. The frogs in the swamp represent a potentially problematic or stressful situation, which is probably happening at the workplace. The little snakes are some cunning and manipulative individuals contributing to the stress involved in solving the issue. However, you would be able to get out of this predicament and solve your problem easily if you face it with humility and kindness. You may want to learn to admit your weaknesses and mistakes, and seek the help of those who can assist you in solving this problem, like your family and your trusted friends. You would need the support of others to get through it, so do not hesitate to approach them.
Dark clouds, lightning and a pesky bug There were clouds that turned grey, almost black. They were moving fast, a bug kept touching my face driving me crazy. Lightning was striking and I woke up. A dream wherein you can see flashes of lightning against dark skies portends gloom and destruction. It symbolizes the arrival of certain hardships and difficulties in your life. These could either pertain to the financial side of a business or, if you are in a relationship, you may need to keep an eye on your partner. Being annoyed by a bug is indicative of the presence of a certain individual who might be trying to create obstacles for you in wake life. The problems you experience might somehow be directly related to this individual. The best course of action would be to remain on high alert and stay away from those who feed on negativity.
On a bench with a man and tree leaves I dreamt I was near a bench with a man. He was tall, holding both my hands, smiling. We were talking and we both were happy, comfortable and in love. There were colorful fall leaves everywhere and some of the leaves had written words burnt in them like from the sun. The words were "Remember, Imagine, Love". I remember I said I need to collect these and I picked up a few of the leaves and woke up. Dreaming about a man with whom you are happy and contended has positive connotations. It is symbolic of a pleasant and happy time in your life which has manifested in your dream. The positive vibes are further reinforced by the presence of colorful leaves around you. It depicts that your life will take a turn for the better and things would eventually fall into place leaving you feeling contented and satisfied. You would experience this gratification in your romantic as well as professional life. Be jovial for things are working in your favor and keep working towards your goals.
A black flower and a black bee I was picking a black unknown flower and handing it to my mother. I was worried the black flower was poisoned, when this black bee started to fly out of the flower and into my left ear. Black in dreams is a bleak color often associated with death and darkness. As such, the black flower your present to your mother in the dream may refer to a funeral or death. In addition, the black bee could symbolize illness or a tragic accident. You may need to keep your intuition and gut feel on high alert. Perhaps you need to ensure that you and your loved ones are healthy as this dream vision implies upcoming challenges and negative changes in your or your family members' well-being.
Swimming in water with frogs and snakes My dream was about me swimming in deep water infested with poisonous frogs and snakes. Swimming in deep water that is populated by poisonous creatures suggests that you may be facing a particularly tricky situation in the waking world. The poisonous frogs in your dream vision represent stressful circumstances which are probably happening at your workplace. Meanwhile, the snakes refer to cunning and manipulative individuals contributing to the stressful environment. Fortunately, you can overcome the obstacles and challenges in your way if you face them with humility and kindness.
Throwing something into a river Hi, I dreamed that I'm at this big river flowing strongly and that I tried to throw something in the river, but was to have someone help me to throw it in and rush off in a hurry back home. Before I left the river I saw it flowing downstream, it looked like a body covered in white, but I was happy at times in my dream. Can you please tell me what this means? Thank you. A river with strong currents could either represent a period of emotional upheaval or single-minded focus on a particular subject. In your case, the fact that the river flows down stream may allude to your determination to overcome a difficulty in your life once and for all. Whatever you threw into the water symbolizes your firm resolve to let what troubles your mind drown in oblivion. Any worries or burdens you may have been carrying lately would soon slip away to the corners of your mind. However, suppressing problems now rather than facing them may allow them to pop up at an inopportune moment in the future.
Stuck in a swamp full of fish My boyfriend dreamed he was stuck in a swamp and I helped him out, after that he saw a lot of fish in the swamp and also a tree near the swamp was full of fish. Your boyfriend's vision about getting stuck in a swamp means he could soon get embroiled in a sticky situation. It could be an external problem brought about by socializing with the wrong crowd or getting bad advice from a trusted friend. Alternatively, it could also be his self-doubt and insecurities that are causing his stagnation in reality. Fortunately, you have the ability to get him out of this muck. Your support and encouragement would slowly lift his spirits and boost his confidence. In the process, he would gain valuable insights and have a more optimistic view, as symbolized by the fish he saw after the ordeal.
Running in the rain and a tiger in the sky Running in rain water holding hands with my husband. I looked up in the sky and saw a tiger, a beautiful tiger. Being in the rain with your husband suggests he is about to face some difficulties in wake life. Holding hands during the downpour may mean that he would be unable to overcome these challenges or make progress without some help from you. The image of the tiger may point toward a need to negotiate in order to solve this problem. Because the tiger appeared to be beautiful, you may need to help your husband turn up the charm so that he can get what he wants.
A single tree surrounded by abandoned houses In my dream, I used a petrified tree made of stone to prop up a new tree. The newer tree was brown, healthy and thick, but it didn't have any leaves. I also have this vague memory of the tree's location being on a tall mound, surrounded by houses on all sides. The houses were uniform and two-story, but creepy looking, and spaced out strangely. They were arranged in a perfect grid, with nothing between them, lots of space, and they seemed abandoned. A dream wherein you see yourself planting or propping up a tree has positive connotations. It indicates that you are going to prosper and become more financially independent in your waking life. However, the notion that you saw abandoned houses around you in this dream negates the optimism of the initial interpretation of helping trees grow. It portends that you would become dissatisfied with the actions of those whom you love dearly. It may even mean that you would have to cut off ties with this individual or these people. Perhaps the breach in the relationship would be caused by your gaining financial success making others envious of your achievements.
A ring of fire My dream was about a ring of fire. A ring of fire in the dream world alludes to a transitional moment. A pivotal event could occur some time soon which would change the path that you are taking in reality. Perhaps it could be a passionate love affair or an arduous challenge. Whatever the case, the aftermath of this defining event or moment would make you learn a lot about your true character and motivations.
Being handicapped and on an island I was on an island and I was in a wheelchair. When I walked through some trees my wheelchair went away and I had braces on my leg. I was also dating a guy that I hate and then we got onto a boat to escape the island. The island is a metaphor for feelings of isolation and rejection. Perhaps you tend to prefer being alone and working independently instead of working with a team. The downside of being an independent worker is that others may interpret your behavior negatively. As such, you may end up feeling ostracized or judged by your friends or colleagues. The fact that you were in a wheelchair in the dream could be telling you that your attitude is keeping you from achieving your goals. In order to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and ultimately become successful, perhaps it is necessary to work with others or find a common ground even with those you dislike.
Being intimate with a woman in a pond It seemed like it was dark but I could see, I was in a pond with lots of vegetation and the water was bubbling and there was some type of female there that I had some type of sexual encounter with. The water was soothing and warm, she also seemed to connect with the pond as if it had her life, I almost had an orgasm with her just touching me. The darkness and the pond filled with vegetation are both symbols associated with a murky situation in reality. In a sense, they represent a current predicament that seems difficult to solve or get past. Your ability to see in the darkness and navigate the waters could mean that you are the only one who can figure out a solution. The female you had a sexual encounter with in the water perhaps reveals the type of problem you have been faced with. Sex in or around water alludes to a subconscious desire to get closer to someone in reality, however, it does not necessarily mean in a sexual or romantic way. There could be a friend or mentor that you want to understand better in order to deepen your bonds. While this individual may be a challenging puzzle to figure out, the results of your efforts are likely worth the effort.
Taking notes about people while in a forest It was kind of unknowing. I was running through what looked like woods, except the trees were all wide and relatively far apart. It was maybe early morning around 7am or so. There was a body of water, maybe a lake or river. I was crouching beside a friend with a computer and notebook taking notes on people and their ages, years born, but I couldn't see the death year or write anything down as I was to take to another friend like we were searching for something. I seemed to be in a hurry. Running through the woods or the forest generally means a period of change is about to take place. You may be due for a career change or about to enter a new chapter in your personal journey. The changes that would happen to your day-to-day routine, as part of adapting to this transformation or shift, may make this time very emotional or tumultuous as depicted by the body of water. Perhaps you are not yet ready to leave some things behind which is why initially you would struggle to find your footing, Fortunately, the last part of your vision suggests you would be rational and pragmatic in approaching this period of transition.
Admiring a wildfire I keep having a reoccurring dream that I'm driving down a familiar highway at night and all the woods and trees are burning with bright orange fire, but the road I'm driving on is clear. I'm calm, not scared and feel the scenery of the wildfire is beautiful. Driving a car in a dream vision is often a reflection of the dreamer's life. In this case, your calm, clear road suggests that things are currently peaceful, at least in the context of your experience. Your lifestyle is probably comfortable, and you are mostly satisfied with what life has to offer. However, the burning trees on either side of the road may be an allusion to the troubles which plague your community or country. While you may enjoy relative peace and prosperity, you also recognize the suffering others are going through. Seeing beauty in the destruction may indicate deeper feelings of hope that this situation would improve in the future.
Reptiles in the river I always dreamt about the same river that I cross to go to school. About swimming in without needing to breath. Crossing by the boat. Walking across the river. I pay no hind to those cause I'm always calm just like in this dream but the reptiles triggered this post. The latest was again in the same river on the same boat with a man who is holding an oar with a 2-3 inch long unmoving alligator at the end of it and a bigger white grey snake following us, swimming under the gator. Bodies of water, including rivers, usually allude to the dreamer's consciousness or state of mind. Perhaps you associate this river not only in terms of your route to school but as the path you are taking in your personal journey. Hence, crossing the river is a representation of the challenges and trials you face as you work your way towards your goals. Your calm demeanor in those previous dreams likely reveals your composed and self-assured nature. Either you have a healthy perspective about the world and your capabilities or you tend to have a laid-back attitude and prefer going with the flow. Therefore, the appearance of an alligator and a snake in your recent dream reveals dormant fears and anxieties that are bubbling to the surface of your mind due to upcoming life-changing events or important decisions you have to make. Alternatively, the reptiles could be symbols for adversaries who would reveal themselves to you. There is a likelihood that trusted peers or loved ones could betray or disappoint you because both alligators and snakes are associated with deception and treachery.
Standing on the surface of a frozen lake In my dream I saw myself standing on a frozen lake in the middle of a dead forest. I saw a shade or shadow that was in my form. She looked like she was screaming but I couldn't hear her. When I tried to get closer to her, the ice cracked and I fell into the dark cold water of the lake. When I opened my eyes up from underwater I saw blurry images going past me. The vision of a dead forest in your dream alludes to upcoming disappointments. The dry and damaged trees in this dead forest represent your futile efforts at achieving something that perhaps is out of your reach. This is where the image of the frozen lake comes in as it is often associated with isolation and lack of sympathy. The crushing disappointment could leave you trapped in your own fury and feelings of frustration with no one who understands or supports you in this time of need. Falling into the dark and cold water of the lake may be your attempt at closing yourself off and wallowing in your own misery. Perhaps this is a warning or a cry for help. You may need to be a little more practical and circumspect about setting achievable goals to avoid burn out or losing your motivation.
Drowning in a pond I saw a water pond. I am near the pond which was full of water. Then I suddenly fell in that water. But I hold something, so that I can be safe. But after some time that support also goes and I fell totally in that pond. All my relatives watching me but no one helps me. Bodies of water in the dream world usually represent emotions and the state of your subconscious mind. Pond, in particular, can mean "to ponder" or a reference to introspection. In that context, falling into the pond could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. There is a chance that you would have a hard time controlling your emotions and in the process, perhaps, feel neglected or alone while sorting out your inner turmoil.
Canoeing in a cave I was canoeing in a cave with a river. The spaces were increasingly tighter and I had to crawl through some places while dragging my canoe. I made out of the cave, but at the end a person told me there had been a shortage of rain and that's why the river was mostly dried up. Navigating a cave in the dream world alludes to introspection and self-discovery. The tight spaces and difficulties you have encountered likely refer to your efforts at understanding your own emotions and personal issues. The underground and dark location of your journey suggests deep-seated issues and possibly long-repressed memories. The lack of rain likewise represents your stoic and distanced demeanor. Perhaps something happened in your past that made you into who you are now. In order to transform yourself for the better, you may need to confront your own demons.
A storm and dirty water I'm at the sea, it's lovely and calm. I'm with my dad and my daughter who is a baby. Then a storm comes, we are looking at it, we can see water racing out of sewage pipes, it's brown. I'm female. I regularly have dreams of water, mostly it's dirty and rushing after me. A dream where you can see the calmness and peace disrupted by a storm is a manifestation of your inner turmoil. Perhaps the negativity which you feel over certain things clouds over your happiness in your waking life. It might even prevent you from enjoying the time spent with loved ones. On the other hand, recurrent dreams about dirty water symbolize the occurrence of troublesome situations which prevent you from experiencing the peace and tranquility which you crave. It would be helpful to remain alert and stay away from people or circumstances which could disturb the harmony of your life.
Hugging a tree, eating a fruit and crying I was hugging a big trunk of a tree, feeling comfortable, eating a round juicy fruit, then suddenly my tears fell. Big trees often represent the presence of health issues, so hugging one may reveal a habit that is slowly undermining your health, but which you are not quite ready to let go of yet. The fruit symbolizes a similar idea of deterioration of moral or ethical values, much like the fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The results of your actions to yourself and possibly to others can be seen in your sudden outburst of tears, a sign that you would either realize the error in your ways or that your condition would become serious enough that you would have a sudden change of heart out of fear of grave repercussions to follow.
A mountain shaped like a leopard Mountain in a shape of leopard. Mountains in dreams symbolize tremendous challenges and difficulties, while leopards allude to resilience and determination. As such, your dream vision may point to a period of adversity which would test your courage and motivation to succeed. This test could either break you or make you stronger and better for it. Alternatively, this may be a reference to your boundless optimism, such that you see problems as opportunities for self-improvement.
Carrying water and river with excrements I dreamt that I was fetching water in the bucket. Then I carried two buckets full of water. Going somewhere and a little kid was asked to show me the way. As we were going, I saw a river and we swim in the river and in the river I saw an excrement from the toilet and it was really smelling and I swam through it. Then I got on a piece of wood and I climbed the wood. Then, the girl who was showing me the road almost soaked in the water, then I rescue her out. Then, I woke up. What's the meaning? Fetching water in a bucket and carrying it is often interpreted as a positive sign in the dream world, as it predicts being triumphant over issues or obstacles that have stood in the way of your success and happiness. The particular source of your trouble seems to be related to money, as the presence of feces in the river is thought to represent financial difficulties and decline in prosperity. In a sense, swimming through the river while being surrounded by fecal matter could mean that you would need to tackle some serious problems or challenges in order to gain the money and material possessions you desire. Saving the girl who was with you from drowning at the end of the vision portends finding happiness and contentment with your position in life after going through these trials.
A giant worm attacking girl scouts Female. I was sitting on top a cliff looking down to girl scouts camping in the forest below with binoculars and they were starting a camp fire when all of a sudden a giant worm busted from the ground and ate them all. Sitting at the top of a cliff in your dream vision means you are at a crossroad and facing a major decision. This could be a make or break period for you. In that sense, the camping ground you were observing below refers to your social circle and support group. These are the people who make you grounded and make sure you do not forget your roots. In addition, Girl Scouts typically represent order and preparedness. So, this may symbolize your efforts to prepare yourself for what is in store for you in the future. Finally, the giant worm alludes to suppressed issues and emotions kept hidden. This is the symbol you may need to watch out for because those issues could potentially sabotage certain opportunities no matter how much preparation you make. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenges ahead.
Trees in green grass Female. I did it Hikaru Namaz to know whether the person I am interested in will be my life partner. And I saw in a dream I am in some school program. Later I was shaking a tree trunk, something like a papaya tree trunk. And I saw green-color grass and trees. Seeing trees in a lush landscape or surrounded by green grass in dreams symbolizes prosperity and happiness. If you have been having doubts or reservations about something or someone, then this is an auspicious sign for you. It means you would find fulfillment and satisfaction in the path that you choose for your future. Most likely, your partnership with this individual you have interest in will be mutually beneficial, rewarding and joyful.
Explaining the nature of tides to others I dreamed I was explaining to 3 or 4 people while sitting on a beach, the difference between tides on the East Coast and Gulf Coast, North-South movement vs East-West and the dramatic difference as it was then low tide at the beach. I am "male" and grew up on the East, that it wasn't a shock to me. Just surprised at dreaming about this. Generally, a dream which involves teaching or informing others about a concept or idea reveals the dreamer's self-confidence. You may have recently further solidified your credibility or widened your sphere of influence, which is why you were showing your perceived or true expertise in your vision. The symbol of tides, in particular, refers to the ebb and flow of emotions. Perhaps in reality you are a source of wisdom and guidance for friends, colleagues and loved ones. Your subconscious may be urging you to use your influence to help others overcome their personal issues and provide the emotional support that they need. Your own past experiences may add even more weight to the advice you dispense since you went through those problems yourself.
Twin sister trying to sell trees Someone was telling my twin sister "Don't sell the trees". I looked around and could see a vast amount of land with hundreds of English-type trees standing on the land, but these were individual trees. I was not looking at a forest or wood. Trees seen in dreams are often thought to be the manifestation of blessings in your life. In this case, multiple individual trees could represent any number of possible benefits or gifts. The warning your sister received about selling the trees likely refers to the idea of looking a gift horse in the mouth. Basically, you should be grateful for what you receive, and you should not pass along gifts you do not want to others. Useless but thoughtful presents should be displayed somewhere, so that others can see you appreciate their kindness.
Causing a waterfall to dry up I saw a waterfall, in which people were having a good time standing under. When I went to stand under it... it dried up. Having a dream of looking at a waterfall could mean you could soon meet another person who would be important in your waking life and who even may leave you shaken to the core. The notion of the waterfall drying up when you stood under it could mean that while you can see other people around you experiencing major changes in their lives, you are being left out of meaningful things taking place in your own life. It is as if the deeper emotional experiences in life represented by the waterfall are being denied to you. That could either be due to some aspects of your personality or to an overall perception you tend to maintain.
Being carried through river waters I'm a female, I was being carried through water for miles and miles by a man, the water was muddy at times but mostly just regular river water, the water was deep. Dreaming that you or someone else is wading through the river alludes to negative vibes. You may have to deal with several obstacles to existing projects and ventures. In addition, being carried by someone through the waters of a river may symbolize your saving grace. Someone generous and dependable may help you overcome the upcoming challenges. Muddy or murky river also refers to negativity. You may have a tendency to be pessimistic, hence you have to rely on a more level-headed and optimistic personality to balance out your disposition.
Going into a river on a bike with father Traveling into a river by bike with my dad. Female. Dreaming of going into a river usually means that your life could be on the verge of a turning point, that some type of surprising circumstances or situations could be coming your way. Since you entered the river with your dad and on a bike, it could mean that if you are to face any hardships or obstacles brought about during this period, you can always rely on help and support coming from your loved ones, especially your parents.
Gathering peeled oranges from an orange tree Hello. I had a weird dream about oranges. I really need help with its interpretation. I was in a place with a friend (I haven't seen him ever but in the dream he was my friend) when I saw an orange tree that didn't look like it had fruits but on reaching closer to it, there were many ripe orange fruits on it. Then an old man, the man was more like his dad. But upon reaching to the top to pluck them, the oranges on the tree were already peeled and had slight dirt on them. The old man rejected it asking to look for better ones, ripe ones. He did not reject it because it was already peeled. They were ripe but he wasn't satisfied with them. So we took the ones we've plucked. There was an old fridge below the tree, it was really dirty. We just dropped the oranges there. I'm really confused about this. Seeing a ripe orange feels good but am not certain with the way it ended. Please help me out here. In dream visions, orange trees are very auspicious symbols of success, especially if it is full of ripe fruits. The fruits in the tree are metaphors of fresh ideas, exciting opportunities or new interests. In the context of your dream, the peeled and dirty oranges could be an indication that the opportunities you would come across in the waking world may not be as good as they initially appear to be. Perhaps ideas and insights for business ventures are actually not as fresh and novel as pitched. Maybe you have your own ideas which may need to be polished some more before being implemented to ensure a smooth roll out. In a sense, the old man symbolizes wisdom, experience and overall rationality. This is your pragmatic side which you may need to heed before jumping into something that appears too good to be true. Your subconscious is basically telling you to be more diligent with your decisions. Furthermore, the dirty fridge may be your repository of ideas and plans which may need more thought and deliberation. Maybe you can benefit from expanding your horizons and changing your perspective a little bit to be more innovative and get your creative juices flowing.
Jumping off a mountain into a river I climb a steep mountain and jump into the river flowing below with my arms spread. Though I don't know how to swim, I swim out of the water and again do the same at least 5 times. I wake up while I am at the top of the mountain, ready to jump yet again. Gender: Male (my younger brother). Steep mountains often represent the trials and tribulations one must go through on the path to success. As such, your brother may be envisioning the manifestation of the hard work and effort he has recently exerted in a specific area of his life. Flowing rivers are commonly considered as indication of acquiring material wealth. Therefore, jumping off the mountain and into the river could mean that your brother's efforts would be rewarded with money or valuable goods. Additionally, the idea that this occurred multiple times could either show that continuing to work hard would lead to additional monetary gains or that hard work in other areas would yield similar results.
The oceanside and a plant Female. I was at the ocean - there were two very long canoes- set up like a see-saw on the beach. I was inside and kept looking out, but then got my coat and ran outside to take photos before the sun went down. My husband was inside talking to someone. Inside was very botanical or tropical-like. A caretaker there was very tired and sitting down, I asked him the name of a beautiful plant with red flowers, he didn't remember, but left and said he would go look it up. Dreaming about being near the ocean is a fairly favorable sign in regards to your overall lifestyle and mentality. It is usually associated with peace and tranquility, often after times of hardship or difficulty. This is opposed with the image of the canoe you sat in on the beach. This symbol suggests conflict and disagreement, although its position outside the water may mean you are involved in this trouble unnecessarily. This interpretation is supported by the beautiful red flowers you saw inside at the end of your vision, a symbol associated with good relations, love and friendship. It would be wise to reconsider butting heads with someone, as it could be better to simply let things calm down and return to normal.
A dog in RV and a butterfly I dreamed of traveling in an RV. I opened the door to the RV, it was raining, there was a small white terrier dog, looked lost. I petted him, held on to his collar and walked him to some girls so he wouldn't get hurt. I wanted to keep him, but I already have a dog. Also, dreamed of a large Luna moth (butterfly) that in the dream it was beautiful, but somehow got one wing torn off. Traveling in an RV means that you are going on a long journey. More often than not this is a figurative journey, such as a journey of enlightenment or self discovery. The size of the RV and the rain suggest an emotional journey in which you would carry a lot of personal baggage. Maybe you have been hurt recently and you want to get away or escape from the turmoil and, because of your trauma, you may be incapable of making new connections or forging new friendships which is why in the dream you decided not to keep the terrier. You probably already have a lot on your plate and you cannot accommodate another person during your period of healing. Finally, the moth is likely a representation of yourself. The broken wing reveals your broken spirit or at least your perception of yourself. You may still need to make yourself whole in order to fly and regain your confidence.
Eating human meat and strange clouds Me and my mother visited a home of a deceased woman acquaintance and we met there two identical women with a little of almost 10-years old. Those two women gave me cooked meat, after eating I had a feeling that they gave me human meat. After that I saw white clouds falling on the ground but all the clouds ran and stopped at the graveyard. Two clouds landed on a dry tree and formed a grey head and another formed a white image of a person. A white one fed a capsule like a holy communion to the grey head. The symbols in this dream seem to go back and forth. The meat you received is suggestive of hard times or difficulty in reality, your feeling that this meat could be of human origin may point toward an inner power or special skill that would allow you to solve all your problems. Tapping into that talent, however, is another matter altogether. The falling cloud represents your reluctance to try something new or work outside your comfort zone, the possible source of your true ability. This could be your downfall. The clouds that land on the dry tree and morph into a grey head could predict misfortune and trouble within your social circles. Unless you find a way to get over whatever is holding you back, other areas of your life may begin to suffer more and more.
A rock and a flower A stone sphere rolling downhill and a lonely daisy standing at the bottom. A stone that is rolling downhill represents the destruction of your beliefs as well as a moment of weakness. You may experience a difficult period ahead of you which would test your strength, faith and personal character. You may discover your dark side which others, as well as yourself, may have not seen yet. Fortunately, despite the hardships and bad luck, the daisy represents hope and salvation. A kind friend or an innocent soul may save you from total self-destruction or a downward spiral. Their positive energy and sincerity could get you out of your predicament.
Spending time with boyfriend at a lake house My dream was about me and my boyfriend, we went to a lake house in a city I didn't know, we were there with my grandma and her husband. My boyfriend and I were rowing a little boat on the water going under a big highway bridge and it started to collapse. It didn't kill us and we went back to the lake house. We all got in the car to go home, then my boyfriend mom showed up out of nowhere and led us back to the lake house. Then I woke up. In dreams, a lake house or a house by the lake refers to comfort and peace of mind. It can be a literal place which you consider as your comfort zone or safe place and it could also be a state of mind where you feel most comfortable and at ease. Meanwhile, the collapsing bridge above you means you are going to miss out on a big opportunity. It seems like your loved ones are keeping you from achieving your goals, as illustrated by the scenario at the end when your boyfriend's mom takes you back to the lake house. Maybe you are also content with your present circumstance. However, pretty soon you would be faced with a difficult choice of grabbing a rare opportunity to chase your dreams or settling down with your boyfriend. It would be best if you and your boyfriend are on the same page, otherwise the collapsed bridge could also refer to the end of your relationship.
A sea turning into a lake My dream was about sea... I see calm sea waves and then I talk to my friend saying this sea is not a sea, it has no much water....We walk on the sea body which has no water, and then we reach a place which looks like a canal, then the sea has turned into a lake which has houses around it, trees grown. I see a guava and bulls heart tree grown and we start plucking those fruits and I see another kid from other side plucking the fruits too. The calm sea in your dream vision refers to prosperity, victory or overcoming trials. Meanwhile, its transformation into a lake points to your level-headed way of approaching relationships. While others may tend to blow issues out of proportions, you remain calm and collected, using your mind instead of emotions to navigate problems. Finally, picking the fruits of a guava tree means you would soon find a romantic partner. Overall this dream is telling you that you are ready to be in a relationship because of your maturity and appreciation of the benefits of having a significant other.
A well surrounded by trees with snakes on it In my dream I saw my teacher giving me a white jerrican, he sent me to fetch water from a well located in the swamp. When I reached the well I realized it belongs to my aunt. There were thorny trees surrounding the well and their branches were bending into the well. I saw 3 big green snakes sitting on the branches of those thorny trees. One snake had 1 big and 1 small breasts. I got scared and went back with no water. The well was in the shape of a pond. This vision seems to reflect the position you find yourself in in reality. Being asked to draw water from a well speaks of your desire to control your own fate, even as other forces, like your parents and teachers, desire to shape you in their image. In a sense, your youth and lack of experience have conjured up this scenario in the realm of dreams. The swampy waters with their thorny trees and branches match with the three green snakes you perceived, a symbol that sheds light on how manipulative and controlling you think these individuals are. While it is sometimes good to assert yourself and stand up for what you believe in, this vision also may be a warning not to dismiss the advice of your elders so hastily. It is true that you are your own person, but everyone needs help and guidance, especially when they are on the road to becoming an adult.
Collecting crystals underwater I have a reoccurring dream about discovering crystals, quarts and other points of different colors under water while diving either in a river or ocean bay. The crystals always are easy to gather and I always feel like I need to gather them quickly and not let others know. Discovering crystals underwater represents positive developments in your future. This is associated with exciting opportunities that would open up for you, in line with your personal goals. You could be offered the job of a lifetime or discover a lucrative investment that would make you a lot of money. There could be an element of time tied to this opportunity which is why you feel like you need to grab the crystals before anyone else shows up. It could be an emerging trend in the market and you need to act fast in order to reap the rewards after. If you have a business plan in mind, then you need to get funding and implement it as soon as possible before others beat you to it.
Artificial flowers instead of real ones in the garden In my dream I was at someone’s garden (they are married couple with 2 young children). I saw 2 bunches of colorful flowers in their garden and I pulled them out from the roots and I threw them, but then I felt bad and I looked back, but then I saw those fresh flowers were artificial and I said to myself that I don’t need to feel bad because they weren’t real and I woke up. Thank you so much. Pulling out flowers from someone else's garden signifies envy. A garden filled with colorful flowers represents a happy and prosperous household. A part of you feels resentful of their comfortable and seemingly well-off existence which is likely better than your own. Meanwhile, finding out that the flowers you pulled out were artificial or fake flowers means you have decided to cut ties with these people, perhaps because you no longer want to feed the spiteful feelings or negative opinions about them or you just want to avoid unpleasant encounters. Alternatively, the artificial flowers could also mean that you think their ideal life are all for show and upon closer inspection they are not as perfect as they appear to be.
Oasis in the desert I was flying over a desert with many clear and still ponds with some plants and life around. Finding an oasis in a desert means you need to take a break in order to recharge. You could be working too hard and for too long, so your subconscious is reminding you to take better care of yourself or you could succumb to sickness or an emotional breakdown. A desert can also signify loneliness and abandonment, so the ponds and plant life reveal your desire to connect with people and find a like-minded group of friends who would welcome you with open arms and make you feel comfortable. Fortunately, this dream symbol portends the end of your isolation and the beginning of a more active and satisfying social life.
In a bush with people and animals I always dream I find myself in a bush with some people and animals. The bush in your dream suggests you are keeping secrets. This is probably a recurring theme because you have been keeping these secrets for so long and your mind is struggling to contain them. The presence of animals means this is about certain primitive urges and desires or a tendency to be vulgar or crass, which you are either suppressing or likely denying. Meanwhile, the image of people together with you, especially if they are strangers, also points to hidden aspects of yourself or memories you have been repressing. A trigger in the waking world could some day cause all these repressed thoughts or memories to come rushing to the surface.
A friendly dog and buying beans I dreamed of a dog, sort of large brown-white, nipping my arm. Not biting, but just nipping and grabbing my arm. He was large, as I was leaving, the dog pushed on the screen door and managed to get out, and still wanted to grab my arm. In the dream I related the dog belonging to my son. The dog was not mean, but just kept biting at my arm. I am no longer working, I am retired. Also I dreamed I was buying 2 bags of fresh green beans from a farmer. Dogs in dreams often represents friends and loved ones because of their loyalty and protective instincts. In your case, the dog nipping and grabbing your arm is a loved one giving you advice in reality. This person wants you to move on or move forward in your life instead of dwelling on sad memories or mistakes from your past. This could be a family member who just wants to see you happy and fulfilled by encouraging you to take up new activities or hobbies. In the other dream, buying green beans reveals your desire to be more connected to the community. Although this can also symbolize frugality which means you could be worried about your finances at the moment.
Driving and seeing a volcano I remember driving down a winding road with an ex. We were on a vacation together and we seemed very happy. I remember seeing a hilly background as I drove the car. I then remember seeing smoke coming from a volcano. I remember stopping the car and just looking at the smoke. Strangely enough I remember being at ease knowing the volcano wouldn't erupt. Going on a vacation with your ex means you are looking back fondly at the happy moments you shared. The sloping or hilly terrain represents the problems and complications in your relationship which likely led to your breakup, but it seems you are looking at it in a positive light instead of being full of regret. Finally, the smoking volcano symbolizes all the negative emotions and resentments that you are finally letting go. Hence, this dormant volcano means you are ready and eager to put this chapter of your life to rest, while taking the valuable lessons you have learned with you. This dream vision further signifies the closure you have been craving, so you can have the peace of mind to face your future.
Walking in an orchard with husband I'm having a dream about me and my husband walking hand in hand through an apple orchard, enjoying the wind and sun. Then we look down and see a rose blooming alone by itself and my husband reaches down to pick it for me and that's where the dream ends. What could this dream mean? I'm a female. A fruit orchard, such as an apple orchard, represents a blissful marriage. You have a loving spouse, good neighbors and a harmonious home to raise your children. You are also comfortable financially, so you have relatively no serious problems to deal with. However, picking a rose denotes a blossoming relationship. This could be either a positive or negative development in your marriage. On one hand, a new person could enter your lives which would add meaning and purpose to your partnership. On the other hand, this could also refer to betrayal and infidelity if someone catches the eye of your husband.
A bullfrog fighting with a snake Male, 54 y.o. Walking down a trail in outdoor or forest setting carrying a bullfrog in my hands. Then the bullfrog is on the side of the trail in partial den or debris fighting a snake. I use a stick to try and pull them out of den, and see that not only is the frog trying to eat the snake but the snake is trying to eat the frog, also. Finally I get them out and both the frog and the snake are dead. Then (the same dream) I see that an earthworm has dug into the top of my bare foot and is coming out another hole, I pull it out. Walking alone through a forest means you are longing for a much-needed break. You have been working so hard and so long that you are exhausted and stressed out from all your responsibilities. However, instead of getting the peace and relaxation you deserve, holding a frog in your hands suggests being involved in some additional activity which would stir up negative emotions in you. In addition, the fight that ensues between the bullfrog and the snake refers to conflicting areas of your life. The frog symbolizes wellness while the snake represents your desire for power. If you want to pursue passions you have long wanted to chase, your health could suffer in the process. But if you prioritize your health, then it means being more laid-back and letting go of certain opportunities. Since both of them are killed in the end, it means you still have not decided which way you are going to go. Unfortunately, being indecisive could compromise both paths. Finally, pulling a worm out of your foot points to your desire to leave behind a lasting legacy or wealth for your family. This is why you want to keep on working even though you may not be as physically fit as you used to be. Ultimately, you need to decide which course of action would be beneficial for you, especially if you have already spent enough time providing for yourself or your family.
Chewing a penis and a garden A man chews at a half-cooked penis, but fails saying it's half cooked. Then another man takes a bite on a large testicle and chews. Then I am walking on rocks or stones. Somehow I come across a ripe garden of millet that is ready for harvesting. Both dream symbols of chewing on a penis and a testicle refer to emasculation. You feel like you are being underestimated by your colleagues or people who work alongside of you are overpowering you at every turn. Fortunately, this is merely an obstacle you would have no trouble overcoming because the second scenario depicts triumph. Navigating a rocky path or road implies a new undertaking which would eat up a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately, the ripe garden ready for harvesting means all your hard work would return rewards and blessings in spades, so just keep your head down and focus on doing your job well.
Flowing rainwater Seeing flowing rainwater into a blank plot attached to my house. Consider yourself lucky because finding rain water in dreams is a promise of upcoming success. More specifically, you can anticipate an increase in your popularity because of your accomplishments. These achievements can occur in the workplace or within your social group. A boost in your confidence will open further doors of opportunities for you, so make sure you make the most out of this auspicious period.
Walking in deep sand I dreamed I was somewhere where there was sand. I was alone, walking in the sand, maybe a beach. Sort of fun and relaxing. I turned around to walk back, it was starting to get dark. The sand was hard to walk in and find my way back. It was deep walking in it, and I would slip a little back, not sure if going right way. I saw someone nearby, so I got really still so they wouldn't see me. It was dark out, I woke up before I found my way out. Walking on sandy terrain in the dream world is often associated with the idea of fragility and the precarious nature of human existence. In a sense, the grains of sand represent our smallness in the grand scheme of life, and sinking into the sand as you walk could be interpreted as a sign of getting caught up in small, insignificant matters that only serve to weigh you down. The growing darkness in the vision suggests upcoming sickness. This could refer to physical ailments but may also mean something bearing down on your soul or weighing heavily on your heart. Perhaps this vision should be considered a reminder to focus on the big picture and not be distracted or brought down by temporary setbacks that do no matter.
Under a tree during a rainfall Standing under a tree in a heavy rainfall facing down. Standing under a tree is an indication of your anxieties and apprehensions about interacting with someone you are interested in. This interest could be romantic in nature or maybe you just hold this person in high esteem. The heavy rain, meanwhile, points to troublesome situations in which you would encounter this person of interest. So, in addition to your insecurities, the complications associated with the situation would make it harder for you to engage this person in a meaningful way. This less than ideal encounter might even convince you to ultimately give up on pursuing this person or earning their approval.
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