Failing to cross a river Failing to cross a river Dreaming about being unable to get across a river could symbolize undue resistance. You could presently be in a situation when you refuse to accept some of your everyday problems. Instead of admitting there is an issue, you might tend to ignore or deny its existence. This psychological defense mechanism sometimes is ineffective. It causes mental and physical strain and may endanger your emotional well-being. Ultimately, it also does not help solve your problem. You could perhaps benefit from changing your approach to solving these dilemmas, for example, by looking at them from a different perspective or dealing with them in a different way. Such strategy could minimize their magnitude and your distress. Nevertheless, you should be prepared. Resolving or rectifying these situations may take a long time and require a lot of dedication and effort, regardless of what the strategy is.
Rain and flood event, black horses and chariots I had a early morning dream, my daughter left to school by 7.15am. I went back to bed I had a dream at that time... In my dream I am sleeping I suddenly wake up and see my daughter is still not gone to school, I ask her why she is still not gone to school, she says cab is still not come and its raining... I peep out to see and it is raining heavily, I go out to see there I suddenly see 4 horses chariots all are dark black shinning horses running fast I peep in the first chariot to see if it is a king, it was a doll of a king no human beings and lot of chariots go fast one after the other, it starts raining heavily, so I go inside my house and I see through the window suddenly it rains more heavily and water fills on the road and the water is dirty and black one of the chariot falls in the gutter and 4 horses are drowning in the water and I water is till the eyes of the horses they are struggling and I am feeling helpless I want to save them but I am not able to do anything, my heart is heavy, I go out to see the road is filled with dirty water, opposite to my house is my mom's house, I stay in the first floor so the water is still not come to my house my mom's house is almost drown This dream about a flood event caused by heavy rain with muddy waters means you may have been exposed to some strange unusual circumstances, threats or some other negative things recently, and you may still be surrounded by strange things happening to you as a consequence. The presence of dark (black) horses is an indication of possible sudden realization by you that you are doing something which is meaningless and not worth pursuing from this point on. This could be something you are planning to do on your own, without consulting with other people, people such as your family members or friends. The vision of your mother and husband appearing at the conclusion of your dream reflects receiving reassurance and advice from either or both of them and your hopes they will help you overcome these issues or dilemmas you may have been facing.
In a cave while losing sentimental items I am in this dark cave with my 2 young daughters and my ex, their dad and there this body of water that we are swimming in and all my sentimental items are on this little ledge and they start falling off and I can't catch them and then something grabs me and is pulling me down and then my kids come in after me, but their dad was able to save them and me and then we run out and get in this old yellow car. A cave us usually a symbol for the unconscious mind and of everything primitive and wild. Given that it is dark, the dream is probably speaking of some negative, forbidden or censurable feelings, thoughts or experiences. The underground lake further accentuates the idea that this is a dream that is most probably talking specifically about feelings and emotions. For example, it is possible that there are still some perhaps unconscious and unresolved issues with the people that appear in the dream, or other people that are very close to you. These negative and undesired emotions had been pushed down towards the cave into oblivion, and would now be trying to reach out to you and demand your attention. It would perhaps be beneficial to considered these emotions fully, for a better resolution of those problems that you might be trying to forget. Indeed, the end of the dream seems to suggest that you could be able to be successful at this task. This would allow you to move on with your life, at least from an emotional perspective.
Alternating sea waves and bright sky This was a vision in which I saw a large body of water with the seas calm and bright color sky. At one moment then waves would appear very heavy at times coming and beating towards the shore and then the calmness would show up again. Please explain. Dreaming about sea or ocean water is a symbol of new and unique experiences ahead. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or become involved in an advantageous situation or experience. Looking at an enormous body of water with a bright sky above foretells being offered great opportunities in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for you. The second part of your dream about waves alternating between stormy and calm states is coalescent with this interpretation, but adds some negativity to it. You could encounter possible obstacles created on your path by people who might dislike or be envious of your accomplishments along the way, but you would successfully manage every hardship or obstacle appearing in your life's path.
Driving on the shoreline and enjoying it Hello, been trying to find answers to my dreams. Past couple of nights been dreaming of water, in which I believe was in Hawaii. I went on a trip with a friend and her dad, he was driving on the shoreline in a red jeep with top down. We were in the back seat (waterside). I could feel the nice breeze and see the clear blue ocean. I recall the waves would splash a bit on us as we were driving and I told the dad to speed up a bit, so we would not get caved in. I was a bit concerned but happily enjoying the beautiful ride. Dreaming about sea or ocean water usually is a symbol of new and exciting experiences ahead. You might soon have an interesting encounter or become involved in some kind of enjoyable situation or experience, involving the people who were present in your dream or others whom you are fond of. You may be also desiring, planning to, or have recently traveled. Both the water and the car suggest the idea of movement, either recent or forthcoming, although not necessarily in its literal meaning. For example, you might have a social gathering which could “feel” like traveling, in the sense that you are exposed to new and transformational circumstances. The part of your dream about waves splashing on you could be adding some negativity to the overall interpretation. You might be facing some minor contentions, hurdles or obstacles. These events could spoil the journey when it happens or make you disappointed because of the way it would unfold. Most likely, the things you envisioned could point out some unpleasantness or dissatisfaction, but they would not become a major complication or nuisance according to these dream visions. As you noted, you were slightly displeased and yet enjoying the ride.
Observing two types of water mixing with the wife I had a dream last night. I am standing near a water body, which was like a big pond. I was standing with my wife and it was a sunny day (day time). I was happily chatting with my wife and showing her the water body. Interestingly, what I saw was, that the water body had two types of water. One is clear and the other one is slightly red in color and they were mixing together at a junction. It was like the same water body had two types of water mixing at a fix point. I was showing this to my wife happily. What is the meaning of this dream? This dream about observing two types of flowing water mixing together is a symbol of new experiences or changes you are about to face. This change or transformation is most likely going to affect your relationship with your wife. Symbolically, traces of red color in the water which caught your attention in the dream is an indication that one person in this relationship relies too much on emotions, the quality which could be slowly taking over common sense and practicality. Because of this seemingly minor discord or imbalance, one of you could feel that his or her wishes or desires are not accepted fully or addressed properly. The last part of this dream when you seemed to be happy pointing to the "mixing point" means that you might be concerned or worried about the presence of such nuisance inside your relationship and want to perhaps find sensible solutions or ways around this issue.
Being shy, a tree almost falling and being saved by a friend A distant friend of mine had returned from abroad to attend his high school reunion, he has graduated and we were at the same school. He came to me and asked why didn't I join the broadcasting club. I said I would have loved to but I'm shy. He smiled at me and ruffled my hair and told me that he'd like to meet me again soon before leaving. On the same night, a lightening stroke a tree and it almost fell on me, that friend was near and pulled me in for a hug, saving my life from the falling tree. Then he walked me home and we talked along the way. When we arrived, he told me that he'd like to date me. I blushed. The symbolic vision of being shy or reluctant to do something in a dream is a sign of receiving praise and becoming respected after completing something important in your life. But at the present moment you could be finding yourself hesitant or unsure and subconsciously looking for other people to help you with either starting or continuing with your endeavor. The image of a falling tree and being rescued from under it speaks of failures or episodes of frustrations experienced in the past, but because you were saved in your dream you can expect success this time around. However it would probably be a trade-off when you would have to give back something in return or help the other person or people with their issues and problems. You could even be considering asking a person you know very well to assist you, but afraid they might take it the wrong way.
Sailing in the boat upstream and finding gemstones In my dream, I'm a wanderer then a man my age asks me to follow him. Funny thing, he takes me on a boat against the waterfall, we ascent instead of falling and arrive in his home. There he said that there are many gems inside his garden. Automatically, I dig into dirt and find 3 glowing moonstones and a pink gem which I believe is a tourmaline, glowing too. Those gems are normal size for a necklace's locket... This dream was so unexpected, what does it mean? Thank you. Going against the flow of the waterfall in a boat in this dream signifies an existing or upcoming challenging period in your life when you are or will be trying to get help from someone in order to overcome and solve your problems. Most likely, you are seeking help from those you know well, such as your friends, your family or relatives. These efforts could be time-consuming and require a lot of patience, but you cannot solve these issues on your own. Coming across an array of gemstones in the same dream indicates the existence of some powerful and capable person who would be able to help you with your quest. Shining or glowing gemstones you were discovering along the way also speak of the possibility of making mistakes or relying on a wrong person. You would probably need to talk to a few of people before you find someone who can actually understand your issues, give you the right advice and guide you in your endeavors.
Catching fish which appeared dead and eating fruits In my dream my nephew was catching fish in a river. The fin of the fish appeared and we thought he caught a silver fish. A grey old man appeared and wanted to help and as he pulled the line lots of large silver fish started to appear on the surface. They were all lying on their side and appeared to be dead. Then my dream switched and I found myself with a group of people at a house. I went to the back and saw some fruit trees and I picked a pear, which was pealed and I ate it as someone who was so hungry. I spotted some large green figs and picked and ate them. Dreaming about observing someone or participating in catching fish predicts difficulties or tough experiences you are about to immerse yourself in, and at the same time being able to solve them to your advantage as time passes. However, the vision of the caught fish appearing dead means that during the time period of dealing with these problematic situations or circumstances you would have to sacrifice important things in life, such as let go of some of your material possessions or money, or experience emotional downfalls. Eating fruits in a dream could be a reflection of deterioration of your personal values and loss of good qualities, most likely because someone is influencing you in a negative way and leading to such moral self-destruction (the image of a pear already peeled for you by someone). If you can recall the actual taste of fruit (sweet versus bitter) or your reaction to the taste (i.e pleasant or not so much), you can predict the extent and nature of the resulting impact of this process on your future.
Family driving toward a beautiful lake and into it My family, i.e. my husband, my daughter and myself, is traveling in our car. Then we see a large placid, beautiful blue lake with green trees outlining its shores. We in fact admire how beautiful it looks. Then somehow drive towards the lake and bridge seems we are going into the lake. Then suddenly water splashes on our windshield. That's when I wake up in panic. This dream about driving toward a beautiful blue lake could be a reflection of a journey or travel you have recently been on or planning on going. If there has been a recent travel, you could have experienced pleasant atmosphere and general sense of satisfaction with what you had seen or visited, but there could have been regrets or slight disappointments both for you and your family members related to this recent travel. If you are planning on traveling or taking a vacation trip soon, this vision could reflect some concerns you or someone in your family may be expressing about certain aspects of this upcoming experience. These doubts and uncertainties may originate from either not enjoying yourself to the fullest because of certain arrangements you had made in regards to the trip and the way you were treated, or simply because you have never been there before. The symbolic vision of water splashing on the windshield represents these unpleasant memories and impressions boggling your mind.
A tree surrounded by mountains during sunrise A lonely tree surrounded by golden grasses and mountains circled around it and a beautiful sunrise. Watching a sunrise illuminating a beautiful scenery around you points to positive outcomes in your life and your ability to succeed in your undertakings and projects. The symbol of a lonely tree also signifies that you are an independent and self-reliant person who is capable of applying your own talents and resources in order to achieve good things in life. The mountains surrounding this tree as a dream vision are symbolic of people in your life whom you can trust or rely on if such need arises.
Piranhas while trying to cross a river Trying to cross a river, but too many flesh eating fish, feeding them first to bring them all to surface and then using oil to burn them all. Dreaming about trying to cross a river could portend that there is ominous news in store for you. This upcoming message might leave you feeling disgruntled and disappointed. However, being successful in killing the flesh-eating fish in the same dream could serve as a promising sign that you would be able to guard yourself from positive negative consequences or manage what's coming in a timely manner to prevent the worse from happening.
A path in the ocean and being kissed I was in the ocean with a clear blue path from me to a deserted island. There were so many active sharks on both sides of me that the water was black. I then saw a woman's lips kissing my forehead. Dreaming about being in the ocean usually represents having new and interesting experiences, either occurring randomly or due to your own efforts. Being drawn to or seeing a path toward some deserted place, however, indicates doing things on your own, therefore pointing more toward some course of action you take or choose for yourself. This might include trying a new hobby or going somewhere you have not been before. In addition, seeing sharks surround you may predict health issues if you are not careful about taking care of yourself. This includes your mental health, like expressing your emotions and not bottling yourself up, as symbolized by being kissed on the forehead.
Walking on the snow towards a mountain I had a dream where I was walking through the snow in a battle dress moving towards a mountain. When I got to the mountain, the snow started melting and grass grew. I am a 17 year old male. Walking in snow represents your surrender state of mind or a current situation in which you do not feel like you are moving forward or making much progress, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. This is also seen in your journey toward the mountain, which is a symbol for trying to do something or moving out of your comfort zone, which may indicate that you see, at least subconsciously, a need for change and growth. This is supported by your battle attire, which could signify a willingness to take on the challenge of self-improvement. Finally, seeing melting snow at the end of your vision symbolizes finding some reassurance or building confidence along the way as you see the progress you make.
Trying to cross water and a giant turtle in the middle of it In my dream I am supposed to cross a small water body. From my side I see a huge stone, supposed to climb on it and cross. But as I near it I find its a huge turtle raising its head slowly. I refuse to climb its back to cross as it might get hurt. I take a small flowery path nearby to reach the other side. Kindly help me understand this dream. This is the first time in my life I have dreamt a turtle. Thank you. There are two main symbols in this dream which can be interpreted as follows. The water you are trying to cross represents some situation in your life that you are trying to get over. It is likely something related to emotions or feelings, and even though you know you should let it go, it is not easy. The turtle in your vision points toward this issue being connected with someone you care or worry about often, particularly a spouse or romantic partner, though it could be another close family member or friend as well. It may be that you feel the need to overcome some small hurdle so that you can feel more at peace with this person, possibly because some conflict has arisen in the past.
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