Working around a ship and catching fish I am male and had dreams about finding myself in the water next to a ship and I was requested to let the ship move and I went to the other side and picked a nest full of fish from the fishnet. I had to go the destination where the ship will stop carrying the net, I walked in water and a voice told me to just walk and nothing will harm me. Te water was like a sea and it was not deep. When I got there, the ship jumped off the water and there fishes in it. My mother wanted to fry the fish, but I refused and some of my friends who believed in the Lord permitted her and I gave my sister a cup 1/4 full of cooked spinach. The most prominent symbols in this dream are that of the water, the ship, and the fish. This dream contains a lot of open water, which is symbolic of novelty, new beginnings and a sense of adventure. Envisioning water often points to positive and interesting experiences, but also represents an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. The image of the ship portends some loss, which may mean having to let go of some aspect or piece of yourself in order to fully embrace a change in yourself. This is further supported by the sign of the fish, which also means having to give something up, but indicates that this sacrifice is for the greater good.
Clean and white water in front My dream last night was that I am standing in front of lots of water to go at me. I don't know what kind of water it is, but so very clean and white. Dreaming about menacing sea with big waves moving in your direction can be a sign of events and circumstances which could be both positive and negative in their nature. However, if by white water you meant foamy sea waves coming to you in your dream, it is a bad sign of some unfortunate events or disastrous circumstances you are about to experience after having this dream. Images of clear water approaching you could also mean you are about to witness your plans or projects being put on hold because of existing hard-to-control obstacles appearing in your path.
Seeing dead fish in the lake Dreams about I was sitting in a boat in a lake, I saw lots of fish in the lake. Then suddenly after a few seconds I saw one dead fish. I threw that fish out of the lake, then I saw another fish dead. I threw that fish also out of the lake. Then suddenly I saw all the fishes of the lake were dead. I got afraid. Dreaming about being in the middle of a large body of water predicts experiencing something new or doing something different. While this may sound like a positive message, the image of the dying fish predicts dealing with some grave illness or disease in the near future. This may be some sickness you have never gotten before, or it may be something you have caught in the past but never had such a serious case of. Therefore, this dream is most likely a warning to be on the lookout for changes in your body or to take better care of yourself.
Paddling down the river and talking rocks Last night I got to paddle down the Colorado river... Numerous times the rocks spoke to me. Dreaming of seeing yourself paddling down the river represents your lack of concern and indifference towards your current lover or partner. There could be other people in your life who excite you more, making you more interested in them as opposed to someone you have at the moment. The rocks speaking to you represent the reaction you get from these people you communicate with regularly, whether they approve or condemn your acts.
Fishing and using meat as bait I was fishing and had slices of meat loaf. I tied meat loaf loosely to a string and let it SLOWLY sink and once you feel a tug you know the fish took it and you mark that depth. Then you set your line for that deep. Then I was at the dock but wanted the big fish. So I laid down on the side of the dock and dropped another piece of meatloaf in. Only the big fish can eat it so one big catfish that was hiding under the dock came out and snagged it up. Then it came up the the surface and started to tug on my hair hanging down! Then it was trying to get to my nose! The dream you had about fishing using meatloaf as bait could be indicative of your outstanding ability to handle some tough or challenging life experiences appearing in your waking life from time to time. Since you are describing in great detail the process of preparing for and fishing itself, you must have a personal quality of solving and successfully overcoming what life throws at you while handling things expeditiously, effectively and with great attention. The vision of catching a big fish is also an indication of your popularity among the opposite gender and a great deal of interest expressed by them toward your persona. It could probably be a reflection of some recent encounters when you had to purposefully avoid a certain person just to get away from all of the attention you did not need.
Swmming in the river, fish and a woman with a baby Swimming in a deep dark river. Feet got tangled in some kind of weeds and I got myself free from. Swam to the river bank and got out of the water. Was watching the water go by and all of a sudden I saw huge fish swimming to the bank. I said to myself it must be a family of fish. Two large fish and two smaller fish. The people eating next door in a outside restaurant were feeding them and then they swam away. By the way I cannot swim. There was a woman there with a new baby and I asked her how much it weighed and she said three pounds. The baby was very small to be three months old. This dream vision has two distinct parts to it, which may even contradict each other. Seeing yourself getting out of the water where you seemed to be drowning is symbolic of existing positive developments taking place in your life. It could signify being exposed to some events or situations which may have recently yielded positive and encouraging results for you. The image of a big fish and other fish swimming together with it in the water could mean that you are to experience even more events or situations soon, but the outcomes could be uncertain or not as favorable compared to the ones you had just lived through. Most likely, it is because of different circumstances or participants this time around, as envisioned by the people feeding the fish. The last part of this dream about a woman with a baby could be symbolic of going through a period of great disappointments or challenges, there is a good chance they would be related to unwanted pregnancy or complications during pregnancy for someone you know closely or are very familiar with.
Caught in the rain and wild animals I forget to pick my stuff from someone's place, so instead of going home from the half way I go to pick my stuff with my maid daughter. Suddenly rain started and we are at some other place. We are not able to find the place and rain got heavier. I saw seriously injured lion about to die, from the forest road flood water coming. We stand by a roadside rock and saved form flood water. I saw one man dragging dead tiger, and one wild animal attacks my maid daughter, but I cover her face with my hand, so it pricks my hand with its sharp claws. Observing and suffering from damages caused by a flood in your dreams means you rely to a great extent upon your primary instincts which may have a negative influence and effects on you and the people who are closest to you. The wild animals in the dream impacted by this disaster and one of them attacking your daughter could also signify an internal battle taking place between your intuitive and pragmatic sides when you feel uncertain as to which of these aspects to utilize in dealing with the outside world and people around you. It is likely, based on the imagery of dying wild animals experienced in this dream, that you could presently be going through a process of important decision-making, but are unsure which of these parts of your personality to depend on more.
Snowy weather Everywhere is covered with snow and weather is white and cloudy. Seeing everything covered in a layer of snow is a sign that you have a curious nature. However, you may not be getting answers to any of your questions at the moment. The people around you may be concerned about sharing their trade secrets or personal information with you, possibly because you seem too nosy or forward in your requests. The cloudy, white sky means that there may be a lot of agitation in the space where you are asking these questions, most likely school or work. Until everything calms down and returns to normal, people are likely to be on their guard and unwilling to diverge any more information than necessary.
Getting a dog into the house when weather is bad I was at my other house and we had a lake! My 2 dogs were with me and were swimming in the lake. We were swimming and it started to rain and I decided to go under water my first priority was to get the dogs in the house once my second dog heard the thunder he ran to the house. I got scared and my dog could sense it so she ran away. She was running as fast as she could and looking very frightened. Finally, we both got in the house and were fine. Seeing a large body of water, like a lake, is a neutral sign which predicts receiving an opportunity or a lucky chance that may impact your life greatly in the near future. The fact that you got caught in the rain while swimming suggests this is something related to agriculture or gardening. Perhaps you find you have a green thumb or that the produce you grow improves both your health and your financial situation through the selling of excess food. In either case, if you do not currently care for some plants, you might consider doing so to reap the benefits it may provide.
Being able to control water and being by the ocean side A dream of being surrounded by walls of calm, tranquil water...but I controlled the creatures that went into the water, the color I wanted the water to be... Dark shades of blue ocean to a crystal clear water. The dream switched and I was with my mom's. We were at this fence, we were on land but beyond the fence was the ocean. Strangely, there were a group of about 40 people that would repeatedly climb this fence and hold hands, forming like a lattice pattern and fall backwards into the ocean. I told my mom I am not doing that, I felt afraid. But when they fell I saw that the water was shallow. The opening of this dream sets the stage for the second half. Large bodies of water are most commonly associated with opportunity, and the peace and calm of this water suggests a similar serenity in your life. Dark water symbolizes problems, while clear water indicates happiness and pleasure. Therefore having control over this water means that you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be, good or otherwise. The second half of the dream is very telling. Seeing a fence indicates there may be something standing between you and your destiny (again, represented by water). Shallow water symbolizes the good and bad in life, and seeing people dive into the shallow water may be a manifestation of your fears for the future and where your opportunities might take you. Being with your mother, however, is a positive sign associated with hearing good, beneficial news. While the future and the unknown may cause some feelings of discomfort, it is most likely in your best interest to take the chances presented to you and to do your best with them.
Throwing up rocks Throwing up rocks. Rocks, by themselves, are a negative sign that points to disappointment and loss in your life. The exact area depends on the context of the vision. In this case, vomiting often represents physical ailments and declining health, which may point to a disease that causes you to lose out on opportunities or prevents you from doing the things you love. The vision of throwing rocks up in the air, if this is the case, also represents something leaving you or missing out on a good chance. Therefore, you might want to take precautions with your bodily health by getting a physical exam and regularly seeing the doctor. Additionally, making plans for a "worst case scenario" would probably not go amiss.
Ocean carrying people away I have constantly been dreaming of ocean coming out and carrying away if I am walking or discussing with friends, it comes out carry people, but fortunately for me I always hold on to something. I am just worried because I keep dreaming of ocean coming out to carry people away. The last one in the dream I have to beg someone to show me the way out. Thank you. Traditional dream interpretation sources see ocean waves as a symbol of ongoing changes. In the context of your dream, you seem to be rigid and unwilling to accept naturally occurring transformations in the lives of people who are important to you. You could be reluctant to accept their changing lifestyles or simply disagree with their point of view. It also seems that you may be preoccupied with your own everyday tasks more than giving attention to their needs, which could involve canceling a dinner together or find more important thing to do around your own house instead of going out camping, dancing or socializing in some other way imaginable.
Sea with palm trees I dream I was on land looking into the sea and it was full of tall palm trees. Dreaming about the sea or other large bodies of water predicts opportunity. However, a sea of palm trees suggests becoming tired or overworked. You may be given a wonderful chance or lucky break, but time spent working on it is likely to require immense amounts of communication with others, leaving you drained and exhausted. You should remember that while it is important to take advantage of opportunities presented to you, taking care of yourself and your mental well-being through rest and quiet time spent alone is also important.
A baboon and a white man A baboon and a white man. Seeing a baboon in a dream vision indicates there are some aspects of your personality which are immature and under-developed. You may have little patience for tasks or tend to speak without thinking first. Seeing a man with the baboon predicts upcoming troubles with people you see on a regular basis, such as family or colleagues. They may find your childish behavior off-putting or unprofessional. It would be wise to carefully consider your recent behavior to see if you can make changes which keep your relationships happy and congenial.
Cats and peacocks hanging upside down on tree branches I am a 44 year old male and in my dream I was looking out the window of a house at a leafless tree. It was dark and windy. Hanging upside down from the lower limbs was 3 cats and 8 peacocks. The imagery of this dream suggests your recent exposure to an event or circumstance outside of your comfort zone. A leafless tree symbolizes witnessing something that has shaken you up and left a lasting imprint on your subconscious mind. Most likely, these are matters related to your household and family, as represented by the cats, and extraneous, exotic and unusual forces or influences brought into your life from outside of your normal, peaceful existence. If you have recently met a new person or experienced some new unusual developments, this vision could be warning you to carefully analyze why it happened, because it seems you want to welcome and keep them by your side.
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