Fruits ready to be harvested I saw plantain trees with unripe fruits on it, one banana tree which was bent to the ground with its fruits ready to harvest and I used a knife to cut the bunch of bananas. I also picked two coconuts and used one to break the other, but the one I broke was rotting inside. Please what does this dream mean? Harvesting fruits in dreams suggest both leisure and labor. Perhaps some of your endeavors or projects are now starting to bear fruit and you are getting ready to reap the rewards. On the whole, however, your dream seems to lean towards more personal meanings and interpretations. For instance, bananas are phallic symbols and are often associated with sexual partners and romantic relationships. In your dream there are two banana trees, one with unripe fruits (plantain) and the other bent to the ground bearing ripe bunches ready for harvest. The unripe bananas could pertain to an individual expressing sexual interest or affection, but who is likely not yet ready to commit, hence you may benefit from practicing caution in interacting with him. Meanwhile, the tree bearing ripe fruits may well be the viable option, as this person is likely emotionally available and looking to settle down. The two coconuts likewise present this dichotomy, one reveals a rotten core once broken. As such, be judicious in your decisions, whether in professional or personal commitments.
Hunting and interacting with animals I was setting traps somewhere cold and snowy for deer or caribou. Wondering where all this game was, and there was a roar and all the animals ran by, I took cover in a tree and a white wolf cub ran to me. Then, two large talking grizzlies were walking by and one stepped into my trap, ripped its paw off and began to chase me. I was running, carrying the wolf pup. I slid down an embankment and woke up. A dream about a hunting trip is indicative of your desire to explore or start a new professional or personal venture. Perhaps you are pursuing a project or a relationship, or generally just hunting for opportunities. The wolf cub in the dream represents solitude, pride, aggression and strength. The notion of you protecting the young wolf from the attacking grizzlies points to your strong instinct to preserve your independence and protect your pride. It is possible that the grizzly bears pursuing you are signs of rivals and competitors whom you may have encountered in the pursuit of your project or venture. Romantic or not, the presence of adversaries triggers your self-preservation instincts and may make you want to run away from the situation. Play your cards right and with a good strategy to gain some solid groundwork to allow you to overcome the challenges in your way and face them head on.
A beautiful lake with dead fish under water Wow, it was really awesome, it was a big lake with very clear water. Under the water pale-yellow color land, sand stones, also yellowish in color. Me and my friend in one boat, but I forgot my friend who he was. Under lake water so many big white fishes and also small transparent fishes. After some time we enter into the lake with low depth, at that moment I saw one big white dead fish already dead. My friend unfortunately walked on the white dead fish head. Hahaha, and I called him to look down, he was shocked. Sailing through a clear and calm lake symbolizes inner peace, a clear mind and a levelheaded attitude. The lake as a whole represents your consciousness, so while it appears clear and steady, the dead fish indicates that an emotional upheaval will disturb your quiet existence due to an upcoming loss of possessions or possibly loved ones. This game-changing event that could rock your boat may be marked by betrayal or cowardice from someone close to you. Alternatively, the big change could be related to the boat in your dream which means transport, travel or relocation. Your comfortable routine could soon be disturbed and altogether altered by changing jobs or moving into a different residence.
Being stricken by lightning while on a tree branch I dreamt I was sitting on a branch of a tree and I saw lightning striking the branch. I was sitting on it and I immediately jumped before the branch fell down. Please help. Sitting out on the limb of a tree can indicate feelings of isolation, especially when you are interested in befriending people outside your normal social circle. This is seen literally in your solitude on the branch, alone and set apart from the rest of the tree. Watching a lightning strike said tree suggests feelings of great sadness or disappointment because of this situation, though there is little you can do about it.
Refusing offers to swim in shallow green water I saw myself in a place consisting of a large water body, some people were swimming at some distance away from me. The color of water was green. Then I saw a friend of mine flying in the sky calling me to swim and I refused gently as the water was shallow there and remained at the place where water wasn't that deep. I wasn't scared and meanwhile I wondered how did I land without a parachute as I saw my friend flying. Large bodies of water in dreams are considered powerful symbols. They indicate the vast amount of opportunities and options available to you which can lead you to discovering your true potential in life. Seeing your friend flying, however, indicates you may be too preoccupied with jealousy over what others may have achieved instead of focusing on your own blessings. In essence, this vision is telling you to look around for chances to grow and become a better human being (physically and emotionally) instead of constantly comparing your life to the lives of others.
In a boat with someone who keeps complaining In a boat with my partner who has cancer. It is inflatable and I believe a paddle boat. Waters are really rough. We keep going toward the rock edge which is a cliff to a larger body of water. So high, deadly if we went off. He keeps bitching. I get frustrated, jump out of the boat and swim the boat to safety. There are other boats around, but they don't help. Being inside a boat during a dream vision represents conflict and tension in your life, especially due to the fact that you perceived these waters to be choppy and rough. The stress of your partner's situation could be the cause of this, making it difficult for you to say what you really mean or to have the sense of peace you yearn for. Your vision also contains the sign of pulling the boat to safety by your own power, which predicts finding a way through your difficult times, though how you manage this and how long it takes are unclear.
Forest inhabitants and unfamiliar people I remember a forest, the howling of a wolf and an owl flying above. I see some figures standing in the moonlight, but I can't see their faces. Images of a forest in dreams usually point to major changes taking place in your life, particularly changes you have brought about yourself due to some soul searching and a reassessment of priorities. In this case, you are probably making these changes because of a perceived threat, such as a rival or competitor in your field. The owl represents your acute ability to sniff out trouble, while the howling wolf indicates the presence of someone conspiring against you. The indiscernible faces you saw however, suggest that even your mental abilities cannot predict the future or how this situation can play out.
Water bodies which are perceived to be dangerous Hello, I keep having dreams that involve danger and water and my family. Within the past two weeks I've had dreams about flooding, swimming through a murky river, paddling in a murky river with an alligator, and just about every dream I'm having involves dangerous waters. Water represents your subconscious state and the quality of the water in these dreams alludes to your state of mind. Hence, the flood, murky rivers and dangerous waters all point to inner turbulence and negative emotions. Perhaps there is some ensuing discord within the family that is stressing you out. Interestingly, the alligator is a symbol of deceit and betrayal. There could be a person close to you who you feel cannot be trusted and who is manipulating people to get his or her way. In order to clear up your mind and find peace, it may be necessary to identify the source of your problems.
Nature's phenomena in a dream Dreaming about thunder, lighting and water. Dreaming of elements most often associated with a storm points to the possibility of having a fulfilling and passionate romantic or sexual encounter. The symbols you saw in your dream portend such an affair taking place in the near future. As long as you are careful, this could be a pleasant occurrence for you to remember fondly in the future.
An idyllic scene with plants and animals in the backyard I was in the backyard with my sister when she told me how beautiful her white roses had grown. The sun was shining and it was paradise-like. A red cow was eating grass and a sea lion was trying to enter the house, but my sister was trying to not let it in. White roses represent purity, innocence and secrets. The shining sun symbolizes wealth, enlightenment and a sunny disposition. As such, it seems as if the dream is conveying a message of peace and positive environment reigning in your reality. The red cow could be a powerful or maternal figure watching over the both of you, making sure that you do not put to waste the blessings that are bestowed upon you. Maybe the both of you are focused on career and keeping suitors at bay, as symbolized by the sea lion. Perhaps you feel like romance would disturb your tranquil existence.
Being able to control bad weather A thunderstorm with lightning and being able to prevent it by my hand to strike me. Thunder and lightning in the midst of a storm suggests you are bored with life as you know it. Maybe you seek something new or want to go on an adventure to break up the monotony of day-to-day living. Your power to avoid being directly struck by lightning, then, predicts finding some hobby or yet undiscovered skill which may become a source of entertainment in the future or the beginnings of a new passion.
Washed away by flood water while on a mountain I was on a mountain with another kids and people. Suddenly, a muddy water flood came and everything flows with it. But at the end of the flood, all are saved and no damage due to that flood. Dreaming that muddy water causes a flood while you are on a mountain represents the possibility of soon finding yourself in a very complicated situation. Certain circumstances could force you into a strange or unfamiliar environment where you would have to learn to adapt fairly quickly in order to come out ahead, although surviving this event suggests you already have luck on your side and would be able to overcome these adversities, either on your own or with the help and support of those who care for your well-being.
A tree on fire viewed from a ship I saw myself standing on a ship, the ship was moving very fast and as I looked to my left side I saw huge beautiful waves turquoise in color and after some minute, the boat stopped and as I looked to my right I saw a huge tree on large fire, but the fire was not burning any part of the tree... And after some time, the fire settled down and the tree was back to normal, the only change in the tree was that the tree trunk was painted in light blue color. Traveling on a ship during the course of a dream vision symbolically represents upcoming changes. These changes could affect a setting which you often visit, like a place of work or a recreation venue for you and your family. It could also point toward moving house or rearranging your current living space. The tree on fire predicts these changes could cause some self-doubt as to whether you are ready for these changes or if you are making the right choice. However, the calm, light blue color of the tree trunk at the end of the vision points to a peaceful and rush-free process of decision-making on your part.
A building collapsing after a lightning strike I dreamt that while at work in a high-rise downtown, another high-rise a few blocks away was struck by lightning. You could see the lights were out in the whole building. Then it started tipping to the right. I woke up before I fell any farther. Seeing a lightning in your dream portends an unexpected event in your future. The lightning that struck the high-rise building suggests possible hardships and devastation. It could also mean a possibility of forest or other types of fires, which could negatively impact the living conditions in your household, neighborhood or even the entire community. This dream vision conveys the message that some things are beyond your control and all that you can do is remain vigilant and prepared.
Left behind in the midst of a storm I was on a plane with my friend, I walked off, we were on the ground of a field in seemingly the middle of nowhere. There were sparse trees, but mostly just flatness. I was trying to take a picture, I think of the storm, it was crazy, electrical storm clouds and the skies were purple and flashing, very intense. Then my friend leaned out the open door of the plane, about to tell me to get back on because the plane was about to take off, but as soon as she started speaking, it took off and I was left behind. Electrical storms are often symbolic of getting help from an unexpected source, so taking pictures of such a storm could represent your knowledge that such events are taking place around you. For example, you may see the man sitting next to you pay for another customer's lunch or watch as volunteers pass out bags of necessities to the homeless. Your lack of participation in these happenings is likely on purpose, suggesting you do not value generosity or have been jaded. This negative outlook probably hampers your ability to connect with others in wake life, as being left behind by your friend and the plane shows that there is some conflict between you and your social circle.
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