A nightmare with a doctor My dream was about a burnt doctor (probably 4th degree burn since his face was unrecognizable), who was chasing me and he was wearing a scrub suit full of blood. Then he was forcing me to open my eyes as I was praying and he told me "Open your eyes, you're the only one I need". Then when I did not open my eyes, all doors closed and he was locked outside the house screaming and I was inside the house safe... Everything was so vivid. Nightmare scenarios, such as your dream, typically stem out of anxieties you could be experiencing in the waking world. The burnt doctor in your vision represents your destructive habits and harmful activities. You could be engaging in vices and activities which are harming your health and well-being. Doctors symbolize healing, so the doctor's deformed appearance in your dream vision alludes to the opposite of wellness. Are you starving yourself or working out to the point of self-destruction? These are things you need to consider to start the process of recovery. Closing eyes alludes to your power to change your present situation. You always have a second choice.
Being helpless and scared in a room There's always one room in the house I am afraid of. I get dragged and held up in the air against a wall and I scream and fight but no one helps me. This is a reoccurring dream. There are times I have no voice. I then wake up scared out of my mind, but yet I am still dreaming. Dreaming about a room which scares you signifies feelings of repression and uncertainty. Being afraid of going into a particular room symbolizes your fear of accepting or trying something new. Perhaps it is associated with something unpleasant for you and you have a strong aversion toward it. Since you are dragged into the room, it may seem that you are time and again forced to face the very apprehensions which you want to stay away from. The best thing would be to overcome your fears and face challenges without panicking.
Feeling threatened in front of a hospital My mom, my sister and I are standing in front of a large hospital, I feel that we are in danger, so we split up, my mom and sister go one way and I go the other. I see a stranger, a man I don't know wave to a man in the sky on a hang glider and out of nowhere a poisonous arrow was shot into the stranger's hand and at this point I find my mom and sister and run inside the hospital for help. Standing in front of a large hospital can be interpreted as a sign that your life in the near future is likely to be stress-free and enjoyable. The idea of going separate ways while running away signifies saying goodbye to your old habits, particularly ones that were a waste of money or did not add value to your life. However, old habits die hard, and you may find yourself running back to them if you are not vigilant.
Husband shot in the head I had a nightmare that my husband was shot in the head and died. What does that mean? Dreaming about your husband being shot and killed in front of your eyes is an ominous sign. This dream represents bad news and hardships which may soon come your way. Negative events which could take place in the near future may directly affect you and permanently change the way you look at things. It is possible that they will originate from one of your social groups such as your closest friends or your neighborhood.
Mother scared of something hiding in the closet I can't remember the whole thing... All I remember is going into a bedroom that was supposed to be mine but it didn't look like my room. There were two closets. One to the right and one straight ahead. My mom was standing there crying and looked stressed and scared and told me (not exact words) that something bad was in there.. She pointed towards the closet straight ahead. She was scared and stressed about it. I asked her if she meant the closet and she nodded. I just stared at her and woke up then. Dreaming that your room looks different from what it should be is an ominous symbol to encounter in a dream vision. Bedrooms are usually associated with inner balance and emotional well-being, so seeing an unfamiliar-looking room instead is suggestive of falling in dire straights. You may need the assistance of your family members or friends to get you back on your feet again, the first chance it becomes possible to do so. Seeing your mother upset and stressed out about an unknown evil entity in the closet further supports this idea. It represents both the misfortune you may face and the despair that is likely to accompany it.
Being raped and tortured I had a dream last night that a man came in my room and raped me. He was putting live mice inside of my vagina and torturing me. I realize how insane this sounds, but I figured I would see if it meant anything. Dreams which center around the idea of being raped often hold a highly negative connotation. They represent going through a very difficult period of time filled with challenges and mishaps in varying degrees of misfortune. The image of mice being forced inside you could point to medical troubles or something going wrong with your diet which necessitates seeing a doctor. It would be wise to pay close attention to what you eat and, if you begin feeling ill, to contact a health professional immediately.
Surrounded by monsters in a haunted house Me and my grandma were going trick or treating at a "haunted house". The normal-looking people invited us in. It looked like they were having a party. We went inside, they locked the doors, then they started to morph into monsters. They cornered us into a closet under the stairs. It got quiet. My grandma went to check to see if it was safe. Then I heard a knock on the closet. It was her saying to open the door. I did, she looked dead. They started to chant "Join Us" and started to close in. A dream involving a creepy or haunted house alludes to the large network of friends and family who are willing to help you when you need it. It is also a metaphor of childhood experiences and repressed issues. Past problems and old wounds may be haunting you lately and you are turning to relatives and close friends for advice. So, when the residents of the house in your dream began turning into monsters, the vision becomes a warning that not everyone in your close circle of family and peers could be as sincere and helpful as they claim to be. You should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you.
Unable to get home to children I keep having this nightmare that I cannot get home to my kids no matter if I am on a train, bus, walking, riding a bicycle. I keep trying and trying but can never get home to them. And I am scared and crying. This nightmare happens several a times a week for a long while now and I would like to know what it means so I can deal with it as I wake up in a panic and sad. Thank you! Being unable to return home to your family in a dream vision represents facing delays in waking life. Given the frequency of the visions, your mind may be manifesting your feelings from during the day, namely that you are constantly being held up or inconvenienced. In a way, this is how the subconscious mind deals with your stress. It blows the situation out of proportion so that you can see what matters the most to you in reality, which is your children. This vision is a sign to focus on the positives in your life and enjoy the time you have with your kids.
A motionless stranger inside the house I am warned about a hit man and lock all my windows, slowly. I duck down and carefully close each 6 large window shutters. Outside it's night and I can see lights from a parked on vehicle. I finally lock all the shutters and sigh in relief, but as I crawl back to the couch, I realize the first window is opened and the killer is sitting inside watching me. I lie and say I have knives everywhere and grab one and stab him 3 times. He just sits and stares not moving and I tell him I'll call an ambulance for him. A dream wherein you are trying to save yourself from being murdered is a manifestation of your feelings of constraint and unhappiness in your waking life. Some existing limitations could be causing you a great deal of grief and their presence is further emphasized when you try to close all the windows of your home. Perhaps you are facing uncertainties or doubts because of your habit of giving importance to all the rules and regulations laid down by society. In reality, the hit man represents your own constrained self wanting to break free. The notion of stabbing him indicates your desire to overcome these fears of closely following what is right and avoiding what is wrong. It would be better if you make yourself more assertive and focus on what makes you happy, instead of worrying about what others may think of you. Whether it's about making positive changes in your personal life or the life of community you live in, make sure that you follow your own heart.
Afraid of a neighbor next door In my dream I recently moved into an apartment I didn't feel safe in. My kids weren't home and as I was locking the door, I saw a man going to his apartment through a crack in the door. He said something to me and I was scared. Shortly after he was coming after me, wanting to kill me. He threw me and my dog out of a window, but we landed on something soft and were able to run. I tried to run to my grandma's to call for help. Her backyard was just ruined by a tornado. I had to keep running. Dreaming about a menacing stranger inside your apartment suggests instability in your relationship with someone close to you, as homes often represent your inner being in dream visions. In this case, feeling there is an intruder is a shock to the system, meaning something is not right with one of your relationships. On the other hand, the intruder could be a reflection of your own guilt. Have you recently developed some uncharacteristic habits or behavior? Perhaps those are the roots of the uneasy feelings being manifested in your vision. You may be looking for some guidance and sense of security as well as comfort because of your recent foray into uncharted territories.
Unknown people in a dark garage Hi, when I was 10 years old I had a dream of me being in this very dark place like a garage, looking at these people in black, I don't remember what they were doing. However, it was really dark and more of an underworld setting. I am now 16 and for some reason, the dream is coming back to me, I can't still pick up what the people are doing because it's a blur, however it's very scary. I wake up sweating and not able to go back to sleep. A dream wherein you see yourself in a dark and sinister place is the manifestation of the despair which you feel in wake life. Perhaps you are encountering certain difficulties which have made things complex and confusing for you. The fact that you have had this vision before could point towards issues from your past reappearing now. This could be related to bullying, problems with schoolwork or even issues with your home life. The best course of action would be to seek the help of someone you trust and do your best to overcome these challenges.
Hurting oneself and screaming I kept hurting myself. I kept stabbing myself and crying out with blood-curdling screams. My friends were just looking at me not doing anything. I kept screaming "help" but no one did anything. I was crying and my tears turned to blood. At the end of my dream I ended up at the top of a building and falling over screaming, and before I fell on the concrete I woke up feeling pain I inflicted on myself in my dream. I don't know what this means. I've had a dream "sort of" similar to this before. Despite the gruesome imagery, stabbing yourself in the dream world is a fairly neutral symbol. It is usually associated with changes that are about to take place in wake life. Because you are the one who is doing the stabbing, it could portend these changes being brought about by your own actions. However, tears of blood point toward a tendency to self-destruct, negating the neutrality of this dream. This means that the changes you make could actually bring about your downfall. This would have a negative effect on your self-esteem and may leave you feeling depressed. Noticing that your friends are unwilling to help you in this vision could be a direct manifestation of what you are seeing in reality. Perhaps your loved ones are not giving you the kind of support or affection you desire, suggesting you should take matters into your own hands and ask for the help you so desperately need.
Turning into something evil I saw myself in a dream. I was looking at myself for what felt like awhile. I was kind of hidden in the dark. I saw my dream self down a hallway standing in a yellowish light. Then I think my dream self noticed me, then her teeth got sharp and she proceeded to chase me. It scared me awake. Envisioning yourself in a dream vision may reflect some situation in wake life that requires self-reflection or consideration. The fact that you were partially distorted by the darkness may represent the presence of your dark, more base nature, while the yellowish light that envelops your other self may point toward a desire to walk on the path of righteousness. However, this light version of yourself becoming feral and chasing you may suggest that even your supposedly good motives may arise out of a selfish want for recognition and admiration.
Running from something in a house I was running away from someone or something scared in a big house that had tons of stairs with never ending halls. Running away from some unknown person or entity in the world of dreams may reflect a tendency to avoid the real issues that plague your reality. In a sense, this vision is the manifestation of your running away from your problems or responsibilities. The stairs which never reach the top or bottom floor and the hall that never ends, then, represent the idea that you would never be able to outrun what is behind you. Instead of trying to avoid the difficulties, it may be better and more efficient to just face them head on.
Being chased and hiding behind a wall I was running and hiding behind a wall. Someone was chasing me. I saw who and why I was being chased. After running and hiding they finally cornered me. They threatened to hurt my mom and an aunt who passed away a few years ago. To save them I let them take me. Dreaming of being chased by individuals with ill intent usually means that a nemesis or enemy is gaining power over you. You may have made the mistake of belittling this rival thinking he or she is not your equal. Hiding behind the wall reveals your tendency to isolate yourself and perhaps this personality trait would be your downfall as your enemy ingratiates himself or herself to your social circle. Your sacrifice in the end depicts your ultimate surrender and recognition of your rival's authority.
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