In a pit with mud and rats I am a female. In the last part of my dream I was struggling to climb out of a muddy pit with a giant hand and rats appeared behind me trying to touch me climbing on my back. The hand told me to climb on it and submerged me into the mud covering me to try protect me. Finding yourself in a muddy pit in the dream world alludes to hopelessness and futility. You may feel powerless in your everyday environment and be unable to stop all the negative attitudes and behaviors in your surroundings. It could feel like you are being consumed or infected by the pessimistic views of those around you. Specifically, the rats signify the decay and deterioration of your environment. This could be a physical worsening of conditions, but it can also refer to your spiritual nature. Furthermore, rats can be interpreted as symbols of greed, deception and envy, so there is a chance that you would end up being betrayed by those you thought were your allies. As such, the giant hand, your salvation in the dream vision, points to a friend or social connection who would keep you grounded and lend you a helping hand.
Taking a bath and being scared of the house I'm in a house in the front portion a living room. The color is kind of a black and white photo with I slight tint of blue. By front door is a window. It's big. I'm taking a bath, right there at the window. I'm scared. Standing by the bath facing back of the room. Everything in the room is floating, a girl in the corner, long dark hair covering her face. Everything falls to the floor, look down and see a child in my hand. Run all same houses outside look back, the chaser is myself. Dreaming of images that are in black and white may reveal your firm beliefs and stance. Perhaps you tend to be a bit rigid, especially when you have a firm opinion about something. Meanwhile, taking a bath represents your unease and suspicions regarding the loyalty of the people around you, including a potential romantic partner. Perhaps you feel like you would be betrayed. However, the presence of the girl with long hair is actually a positive sign that you would find happiness with someone special. The only possible hurdles are your keen sense of self-preservation and your tendency to self-sabotage.
Being killed by someone in a helicopter I had a repeating nightmare about fighting someone I couldn't see on an impossibly large helicopter. And then it crashing and I am inhaling glass and the invisible man becomes visible and it's pretty gruesome. And it just watches me as it creates this bomb and I can only wake up after it has blown me up and (assuming) I die. I am a guy. A helicopter represents power and lofty ambitions. In the context of your dream, the invisible man in the helicopter may be a powerful and influential adversary who is preventing you from moving up or progressing in your chosen path. This individual may be holding a grudge against you for a past transgression or something that adversely affected your relations. Furthermore, the bomb represents overwhelming animosity and rage. Perhaps you need to take care of loose ends and diffuse possibly destructive relationships before they damage your aspirations.
Unable to move in bed and demons around Female. Age 15. I was paralyzed and there was a strange figure at the foot of my bed slowly creeping up on me and I couldn't speak or move or even close my eyes, my body felt like lead and there was this little demon thing running around my bedroom laughing. The laughter sounded almost robotic. When I woke up, I still couldn't move for a minute and my heart was racing and I could still hear it and I am so scared. Help me please. Having a dream where you are unable to move your body usually means there is some type of mental dichotomy bothering you in reality. This is likely the result of two opposing ways of thinking or dealing with a situation. This vision seems to represent irrational thoughts and desires being in conflict with more rational, practical reasoning. The demon laughing and running around your bedroom in the dream shows this may be related to money or finances. It is unlikely that there is an option for middle ground in this case. You would need to make a definite decision one way or another in order to move forward.
Hands emerging from the ground Hey, I am a female and 20 years old. I saw that I am returning back from a party and in a totally happy mood in a school rickshaw. I saw two hands visible from the layer of earth like someone was buried inside. I started crying and shouting while the colony people call the police. The vision of hands covered in dirt and appearing to emerge from the ground likely means you are neglecting your loved ones. Your tendency to focus on your own needs and issues may cost you the love and support of those who care about you the most. It can also mean that your spendthrift behavior could get you into serious debt. Earth and soil symbolize upcoming loss of money or possessions, so manage your finances wisely.
Being chased by an evil clown and saved Female. My dream was about a clown chasing me and I was saved my a mysterious girl. Having a dream about an evil clown chasing you could mean you are experiencing some tensions with people from your social circle, maybe due to changes in their lives which take them away from you, such as when they move away, become married or have a baby. If your dream about the clown chasing you was perceived as a nightmare, it could mean you are attempting to restore these broken connections, but you feel frustrated because none of these individuals seems to be supportive of your efforts.
Gory imagery on the phone and in bed A lucid dream that I couldn't control. My laptop showed someone pulling off their own skin, a black and red bloody screen on my phone and and a dull scream or ring in the background. After light outage, I'm under my blankets and a really tall but skinny figure is next to my bed. Could only see outline of the figure and when their hand started to reach up, I woke up. I'm a 17 year old female. The skin in dreams can symbolize barrier or protection. It can also refer to the dreamer's tendency to put on appearances. In your case, the graphic image of someone pulling off their skin could represent disclosures and admission of weakness. Perhaps you are afraid of showing everyone your insecurities and shortcomings, yet someone in your social circle may be reaching out and trying to get to know you on a deeper level. You may be engaging in activities which are slowly pushing you to be more open to others. However, your fear of being vulnerable and a penchant for self-preservation may be keeping you from making strong and lasting connections.
People with no clothes or mouths in the dark I've had recurring dreams of blackouts in my house right after the sun sets. Grey skinny people with no clothes with reflective eyes and no mouths come out of the walls in the darkest areas of my house and they swarm towards my family and I, but only I could see them. A week after the dream, the power went out and while I stumbled around for a flashlight I found myself in the same place turning the same way as I was in the dream. I've been trying to figure out what the "people" are and why they were present. Dream visions about blackouts or power outages could be an allusion to feelings of being lost or ignored. You may be experiencing these dreams whenever you are about to enter a period of uncertainty, possibly new work or new responsibilities. During these periods of adjustment, you feel as though you are stumbling in the dark while trying to find your way around. Consequently, the people without mouths likely symbolize passivity and powerlessness. In relation to the period of uncertainty, you could feel helpless about the situation, which could push you to become more passive and just going with the flow without much control. Perhaps your mind is telling you to resist feelings of inadequacy and thoughtless compliance. This vision shows you the power of the mind, that your line of thought can affect your ability to succeed.
Evil coming out of a mirror I was standing looking into a full-length mirror and behind me everything kept going black, the walls began to bleed, things (monsters) crawled from every corner behind me, but the mirror started to bend. And this thing started to crawl out of it. Really want help with this, never happened before. Dreaming about seeing the forces of darkness in a mirror is an ominous sign revealing your involvement in negative situations, when you could be controlled and manipulated by someone, which can bring out the worst in you and hurt the people around you, hence the blood dripping from the walls and monsters crawling behind your reflection in the mirror, a metaphor for some kind of personal apocalypse. The monster which crawls out of the mirror in the end alludes to the emptiness or dark hole which is forming within, making it impossible for you to connect to others deeply or make promises you have no intention of keeping. The way you treat those around you is probably reaching its boiling point and could culminate in major conflicts.
A murderer in boyfriend's house I am a teenage girl. I had a dream that my boyfriend and I went to his mom's apartment and upon coming in I was greeted by blood on the ceiling and walked past a murderer in the bathroom. My boyfriend grabbed me and dragged me into the room after that bathroom, locked the door and said "Call the police", which I did. The murderer who was washing himself off, started to knock on the door to the room we were in while I was on the phone with the police. Being threatened by a killer or murderer in a dream is generally associated with a characteristic or aspect of yourself which you want to get rid of or eliminate. In the context of your vision, the murder that occurred inside the apartment of your boyfriend's mother could mean that you may dislike certain qualities of his mom. Perhaps you feel like she does not approve of you, so much so that you seem to have noticed certain changes in yourself and your behavior in order to get her approval. Your boyfriend may be defending you from his mom, but her authority and influence over him may threaten your bond. Maybe getting to know his mom better would help relieve some tension between the two of you. Spending more time with her and understanding where she is coming from may change your dynamics. In doing so, she would also get to know you a bit better and she would see the qualities that attracted her son to you.
A house break-in I'm female, 25, I keep having a nightmare that someone breaks into my home and tries to murder my family, including my 3-year old daughter. I wake up crying and it's really scaring me. Seeing a vision such as this is very troubling and with good reason. This symbol of someone breaking into your residence in order to murder your family is a highly ominous sign, although it is not related to such an event occurring in reality. Rather, this symbol suggests you would soon be betrayed by someone you thought you could trust or taken advantage of by someone who does not have your best interests at heart. In a sense, they are breaking down the walls between the two of you for their selfish desires. If you have been wary about someone you have been spending a lot of time with in reality, it is possible your subconscious has already picked up on their schemes. It may be better to avoid this individual until they show their true colors.
Being naked in a public restroom I am a female and last night I had a dream that I walked into a public bathroom naked and then 4 creepy men came in the bathroom and waited for me to leave the stall and I couldn't yell for help. No matter how hard I tried I didn't have much of a voice. I woke up before anymore happened but still freaked out. While this imagery in this dream is complicated, the interpretation is fairly straightforward, being related to your personal beliefs and their intersection with your actions in reality. To begin, walking into a public restroom alludes to the ideas, thoughts, religion or morals you share with the community at large. Even though you sometimes feel alone or separated from others, there is an underlying ethical code or set of truths that connect you to society. However, your nakedness in this vision could metaphorically refer to illicit, illegal or immoral behavior that you have recently engaged in, be it something minor or serious in nature. Both the presence of the creepy men and your inability to call out for help suggest you feel turmoil because your actions and desires do not match with the lessons you have been taught and upheld until this point. If you have currently been engaging in an action that makes you feel uncomfortable or leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, it would be wise to seek the counsel of someone older and wiser who can point you back in the right direction.
Hiding from fictional characters I was in my mom's room, Jason the monster who kills people came in my apartment to kill me, so Freddy Krueger and the cartoon characters of Scooby came too. I hid in the closet. Dreaming of fictional characters often reveals a desire to escape reality, but they can also represent hidden sides or aspects to your personality. In your case, the presence of horror characters means you have a side which you are either repressing or refusing to acknowledge. The fact that the killers in your dream are joined by lighthearted cartoon characters indicate the duality of your nature. Whatever it is you are trying to hide, it may not be all that bad. On the one hand, some of your loved ones may not approve, but it could also be a source of comfort and happiness. Hiding in the closet is an allusion to a secret. As illustrated in your dream, you are unsure whether revealing this secret would hurt your loved ones or be a cause for celebration.
Being chased by a crazy person in the woods A girl was picked up by her mom in a white van with no doors to go camping. The daughter knew they were lost because they were in the middle of the dark woods. A guy with very crazy hair and blood dripping from his mouth jumped on the car craving their blood. The mom started to hit random people running because she thought the guy would get off and and eat the other people but when she missed a guy, he jumped off and ate him instead. They drove faster and the guy chased them again. The white van could represent changes in your life or in the life of someone close to you, perhaps a child in your family or someone you are close to who has children. The van's erratic path through the dark woods and the fast drive points toward a sudden change with major consequences, like a 180 degree difference from what has existed before. The crazy man chasing the car represents a great hardship that currently rests on your or this individual's shoulders. It's presence is a constant reminder of things that still need to be done, meaning you cannot relax or rest. This vision does not indicate whether or not this would be a short or long-term situation, but if you are feeling overwhelmed by reality, it may be better to take a step back and force yourself to analyze things more carefully, rather than perform poorly in an exhausted and unhappy state.
Drowning in the bathtub I saw myself start the bath, get into the bath, then I saw myself leaving the bathroom. When I came back into the bathroom I saw myself drowning in the bathtub. I tried to get my arms around myself to pull myself out of the tub and I could not do it and then I told myself I better wake up or I'm going to drown. I remember screaming out my name "Robin don't die on me please, don't die on me" and then I woke up. Finding yourself inside a bathroom is usually a symbol for bad luck. This symbol has to do with a negative turn of events that would send you spiraling into depression. Specifically, drowning in the bathtub means you are overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities. Not only do you have to deal with your own problems, your loved ones also rely on you to take the lead during difficult times. As a result, your physical and mental well-being is severely compromised. This is the time when you need to look out for yourself first. After all, you cannot help others adequately if you are subjected to your own suffering and neglect.
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