Being a bodyguard I dream being a body guard to presidents. The dream of being a bodyguard to presidents or other officials could indicate that you presently are at a pivotal moment in your life. You might have to make an important decision or make the best use of the abilities and knowledge at your disposal in order to assist or provide help to someone who is very close to you and presently in need, such as a friend or a family member. Your kindness and support are of the utmost importance to this person at the moment.
Being a president Greetings great team! My friend dreamt of being a president, for 7 times now. Dreaming about being a president could contain ominous connotations of getting involved in an accident or unfortunate event or becoming a victim of it. This dream could also symbolize his unrealized ambitions or recurring inclinations to do something which he thinks might elevate him above people around him or in his social circle. However, once he performs these actions to satisfy his far-reaching desires, the outcomes could be damaging for the relationship with these people. It would be better to find a more sensible and wiser way for self-expression.
Business Dreams about business Dreaming about owning a business could be a reflection of your current preoccupation with success. You could currently be involved in and worried about the success, accomplishment or completion of some project, plan or activity. This endeavor would bear some transactional, economic or exchange character to it. You are most likely wanting to find permanent solutions. This dream could also predict your ability to remain diligent, focused and dedicated to your occupations. This would be the basis and possible cause of your upcoming success.
Owning a hotel Dreams about hotel owning Dreaming about owning a hotel could be a favorable sign of success. Your life circumstances could soon become very auspicious and fortunate, allowing you to succeed at something you are currently striving to achieve. If you make use of these circumstances in a timely and wise manner, you would become able to benefit from such circumstances and take the most out of your undertakings.
A great scientist appearing in a dream I had a dream that I was talking to Albert Einstein in a classroom. He was irritated with me because he said I was too impatient. I wrote down a word on a piece of paper he had with other words on it, but I can't remember what they were or what I had wrote. I want to know what this iconic man is doing in my subconscious. I can't find any info on him whatsoever in ordinance to people dreaming about him. This dream can have two possible meanings, depending on your current situation in life. Being inside a classroom often represents being in a complicated, stressful situation in real life. This is further explained by your inability to remember any of the written words, which indicates dealing with many little details which do not seem important to you. Seeing Albert Einstein and receiving advice from him may be your subconscious trying to speak to you through his image. If you are currently a student or have had some project involving this famous scientist, this dream could be suggesting that you should not procrastinate. Instead, you should take time doing your school work carefully. However, if you have no connection to school or Einstein, your subconscious may be trying to surprise you with his presence. In this case, it is a reminder not to rush through parts of your life you find boring or unnecessary lest you regret it later.
Socializing with the president Dreaming about talking and socializing with the president. Dreaming about socializing with the president of your own country reflects your great dissatisfaction and frustration with current political system which exists in your country. This could stem from your opposition to established policies or something that has recently been introduced causing this personal revolt. If you envisioned talking to a president of another country, this vision portends experiencing great disappointment with how things important to you are about to unfold in the nearest future.
Being a jockey and winning horse races I was a horse rider on the fast horse in that area, I raced two races and won gold medals, eventually some guys tried to attacked them, but I overcame them. I then went to my horse, it was brown and had long legs, a best runner indeed. That time it was weak and weary. I woke it up and removed something from its neck. It then recovered and I rode it. I took it to some place and I gave it directions to turn and it was so close to my heart and people were admiring it and I went back to where I was. Riding a horse or being a jockey are both considered positive signs associated with projects you are working on. If you continue to put time and effort into these tasks, you are very likely to succeed. Winning the race further suggests that this goal is in connection with romantic relationships. You may currently be admiring someone you wish to ask out or already in a relationship. In either case, this vision portends a happy future for the two of you.
Working at a fish processing factory Dreams about working in a factory where me and some other worker were in a production line rubbing salt and flour over the fish going down a line. Then there were some cutting up fish in small halves, then they threw it inside a tub to be placed in bags, but the fish was still bloody. Seeing fish being processed at a factory in this dream is a symbol of recent sexual interaction with people who were processing or preparing the fish together with you. Although it is difficult to say whether this interaction was enjoyable or unpleasant for you personally, the image of bloody fish indicates that you may have intentions to continue associating with this person or people because they seem to provide exactly what you need, be it physical pleasure or other benefits you were expecting.
Naked doctors while not in a hospital There was a lot of doctors, some where naked and it was not in a hospital. Not surprisingly, a dream about doctors can be related to your health, especially when you need some form of guidance or reassuring advice. Normally, doctors will appear when there is an imbalance in your life. In your dream the doctors were naked, which can indicate an impending accident or mishap with a possibility of injuries and subsequent suffering as a result. The magnitude of such pain is unknown, but these visions give sufficient reasons to exercise caution and avoid places or people which could become the source of harm or damage.
Being a teacher and needing some time alone I am a teacher and I dreamt that I wanted some me time, but the children in my class refused to leave at lunch time and even tipping them off the chair or getting angry didn't move them. I was getting wound up and agitated as I just wanted to be by myself for a bit. Stress and frustration could be dominating factors in your waking life, so they end up seeping into your subconscious as manifested in your dream. You might be taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, causing you distress and tension. Generally, wanting to be alone means that you are an independent and goal-oriented individual. In this case, the vision is telling you that you are encountering too much noise and distraction which are hampering your plans or objectives. Perhaps you think you are being stifled by too much work or suffocated by bureaucracy, you may need to step back and clear your mind, so you can have clarity in your professional or personal life.
Struggling to be a prosecutor and receiving help from unexpected sources I had this dream where I was supposed to prepare for a court trial and I was the prosecutor. I didn't have my notes and I was scared because I didn't have that much time to provide valid notes with points to help me win. I've had this court trial twice and I've lost twice. Moments later I found myself in a classroom in Nigeria where the dream always takes place, some boy helped me and I was happy but within minutes my aunt came out of nowhere and started ordering me to go and clean the stove. Being a lawyer in a courtroom is an ominous symbol associated with discord in your household or work environment. Specifically, taking part in legal proceedings suggests you and someone you work or live with may have a disagreement over some aspect of your shared space, such as who buys what or who cleans a certain part of that space. This disagreement is likely to create a very stressful atmosphere, as the image of the school predicts not being able to relax or let your guard down under these circumstances. Your aunt's order to clean the stove in this vision is meant to serve as a reminder not to put off unpleasant tasks. Your relationships and work environment could be more enjoyable and easy to maintain when you perform regular upkeep on them, rather than seeing bad feelings and unnecessary tasks piling up.
A company auditor causing a flood to occur I had a dream that I was standing behind the auditor, (the auditor of the company I used to work for), and he walks into his hotel room ... As soon as he opens the door, it's all flooded and the ceiling is leaking water. The appearance of the auditor from your former company in the dream alludes to a reevaluation or a reassessment of decisions. The leaking ceiling inside his hotel room could point to the status of your former company or possibly a previous path in your career. Are you perhaps planning to go back to your former job? In which case, this dream may be cautioning you against that decision, showing you that this former path is doomed to be a failure. You can find no growth in there. Alternatively, your subconscious may just be validating your decision to leave that job, as it is not a good fit for you anyway.
Dinner with military personnel I am a male, I had a dream of a lot of female soldiers, we were all sitting at a very long rectangle table, they all had on battle dress uniforms, it seemed like we all ate dinner at the table outside. They were all interrogating me about my military background, but the interrogation was a good thing and everyone was but still weary. I am a ex soldier and I have been fighting for my career for almost 10 years. Dreaming about sitting around a table with military personnel seems to be both a reflection of your past work situation as well as a sign that major changes are coming your way. This dual reality (recollections of the past combined with hopes for the future) is probably causing you some anxiety in wake life, as being interviewed in a dream vision could signify higher than normal levels of stress in the waking world. Until you let go of the past and completely embrace what is in store for you, you may not be able to fully enjoy or take advantage of the opportunities knocking on your door.
Being recruited into police force l saw myself about to be recruited into police high commission. Dreaming about getting recruited or joining the police force, and the high commission in your case, has to do with a badge of courage and valor. Your subconscious mind is contemplating this idea and scenario as a way of resolving your issues in the real world. Maybe you feel you need to be braver and stand up to your oppressors. You want to be able to speak your mind regarding any issue without fear of being ridiculed or mocked. However, be prepared for a possible challenge when you act on your own without your friends' support. Part of being brave is also becoming accountable for your actions.
A chef eating chips I dreamt there was a chef who was about to eat enormous oval plate of chips. The image of a cook in a dream alludes to self-confidence, meaning you may be about to tackle a challenge which you predict to result in moderate to complete success. Potato-based snacks, like the chips in your vision, are often thought to be connected to work-related endeavors, so it could mean that you are about to take on a project which, upon completion, could lead to a promotion, raise or some other intangible benefit from your place of work.
A plane crash for a pilot I aspire to become a pilot. But I have recurring dreams in which I'd be witnessing a plane bursting or crashing. I always wanted to become a pilot. What does this dream indicate? The plane in your recurring dreams represents your ambitious nature. You have a specific goal in mind and you work hard to attain that. Unfortunately, a plane crash in the dream world usually portends failures and disappointments. This kind of dream usually pops up or recurs whenever you are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges. During this time, you may start losing your motivation which would snowball into the increasing likelihood of failure. However, the good thing is that this is not set in stone. Your failure or success still depends on your persistence and determination. The plane crash may just mirror your current doubts and insecurities.
Enjoying being a waiter Found myself starting a job at a corner restaurant and I actually enjoyed the job and the people I worked with, the boss kept on promoting me. The thing is I am not a waiter, I am a computer engineer, have no experience in a restaurant nor do I intend on getting a job like that, this was a very unexpected dream. Your dream about being a waiter does not actually have anything to do with the actual job, rather the purpose it serves. Hence, dreaming of being a waiter reflects your tendency to prioritize the needs of others over your own. You probably like helping your colleagues, maybe even too much, that you would take on little tasks or favors despite having a lot on your plate already. In that sense, the promotion you get in your dream vision means the opposite in the waking world. Instead of reaping the rewards of all your generosity and hard work, you could experience burnout and suffer some health issues because of your eagerness to help. In fact, you may benefit from saying no from time to time, especially when you can no longer accommodate the deluge of favors.
Forgetting to give medications as a nurse It's the end of my shift as a nurse. I used to be a nurse in real life. I realize I have not given out meds to some of my assigned patients. This is horrible, I scramble to see if I can give the medication now. Were more than 1 dose missed? I need to cover this up yet I need to protect, care for the patient. Very anxious in the dream, how did I forget? I know something, I don't want others to know. The anxiety comes from they will find out. I always wake up before I have to tell. Dream reoccurs. Forgetting important tasks in the dream world means you may be stressing out in reality. You could be taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, leading to mental tension and anxiety. Specifically, your anxiety in this recurring dream may stem from the fear of under-performing, failing to accomplish important tasks or overlooking significant details. The nursing profession lends even more weight to this idea because forgetting to give out medicine could be a fatal error. Alternatively, committing workplace errors in your dream vision may reveal doubts about your current path. You could be second-guessing your decisions up to this point or uncertain about where your current path would lead you.
Incapable of being an announcer As an announcer, I was announcing, but as I tried to read the words they kept disappearing off the page so I had to make most of the stuff up. Just as an announcer tends to relay information about a situation in waking life, so does this vision suggest you are often expected to act as an intermediary for others. It is possible your work requires a large amount of communication between yourself and clients or needs your time and attention to project a certain theme or image. In either case, your ability to articulate your thoughts, either with words or visuals, is your strong suit. However, the fact that the words kept disappearing off the page may reveal that you have not been using your skills to their best. You may need to take more time in preparing for projects than you have in the recent past.
Causing someone's death as a doctor I went back to work. I think I was a doctor of some sort. Because I gave one of my coworkers a vile to give a man a certain amount of dosage every few hours. Well, something went wrong and the man died. I went home and was jogging around my neighborhood thinking about this. Recalling the conversation I had telling them it was not my fault and us hiding the fact the man died. I got home to my husband who greeted me with a kiss. I don't know who he was but I felt a connection to him. I went and took a shower and that's it. Dreaming about being a doctor has positive connotations. It portends that you would soon reveal a side of you which was previously unknown to your partner or others around you. This would help strengthen your relationship with them. Similarly, the notion that you saw someone dying because of your mistakes in this dream is an encouraging sign despite it being a completely opposite image in reality. The death of someone could signify the end of all your past problems, an indication that your life is about to take a completely different turn making things eventually fall into place and to your advantage.
Getting a position after a coin toss I was in a hotel with many other people sitting in round tables having dinner in a function-type arrangement. The master of ceremony walked near me and then flipped me a new shiny silver coin which I caught. I had examined the coin and it had designs and writing of Middle-Eastern origins on it. Then the guy made announcements that I was the head of an organization, Secretary or a State Department, I was shy and asked him not to make a public announcement. Being inside a hotel in the dream world usually portends misfortune and disappointments. When it comes to work and career, this could mean that you would suffer setbacks or be singled out due to under-performance. The silver coin you caught signifies disagreements and conflicts perhaps with colleagues or even with family members. Those disagreements may either be the cause or result of the unfortunate circumstances you would experience. Furthermore, the unpleasant encounters could end in breakups in your personal life or resignation in the professional aspect. Being appointed as a leader of an organization likely reflects your tendency towards passivity. Perhaps the dream is your mind's way of telling you to take action and be more proactive with your decisions, otherwise you could get swept away with other people's expectations of you.
A friendly ranger A ranger who gives you money without asking and he likes you enough to ask for your phone number. Receiving money from someone in your dream is an allusion to your own generosity and kindness. It means you may be the type of individual who is always willing to help others in difficult situations. Fortunately, the presence of the ranger who gave you money means your goodwill helps you accumulate good karma. Rangers, such as a park or forest land official, symbolize responsibility and stewardship. As such, the vision is telling you that you are well-regarded and respected by your contemporaries. All your good intentions would not be in vain.
Being a Nazi general I am a Nazi general in full uniform with multiple iron crosses on my chest in a king tiger tank parading around a destroyed London, thanks! Nazis have become synonymous with evil and destruction due to the horrific acts they committed in history. As such, dreaming that you are a Nazi general likely reflects your grim and pessimistic disposition. The recent events and news about terrorism and a general sense of rising violence globally may have affected your worldview in a negative way. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to rationalize the senseless violence you read about or see in the news which is why you cast yourself as the villain in the dream. In a sense, surveying the aftermath of London's destruction may be synonymous with your efforts at understanding the roots of terrorism and violence in general. In doing so, you can be better prepared and more vigilant when you are confronted with the worst side of human nature.
Being a children's dentist I was a dentist for children. The combination of these two symbols, namely being a dentist and helping children, could reveal your existing state of uncertainty or even fear related to some important step you need to take in real life soon, such as relocation, starting a new job or relationship with someone, or any other decision which requires your input. You could be unsure because of advice or opinions coming from others or because you are comfortable where you are at the moment. However, your subconscious is trying to suggest that no matter how difficult or painful the first steps may turn out to be, it is for your own good to do something about it now.
Fiance killed on duty My fiance (we are a same sex couple female) was shot and killed in the line of duty (police officer). Dreaming that your fiance was shot and killed in the line of duty may shed some light on minor issues affecting your relationship with her. Her status as a police officer in this vision, whether or not she is in real life, suggests you harbor some subconscious fears, perhaps about your upcoming nuptials. This is normal and completely understandable, however, envisioning that she has been shot could further mean that your fears are somehow affecting your partnership. It is possible that you are not sure if you are ready to make such a big commitment or maybe you wonder the same of her. In either case, until you can lay all your worries out and clear the air, things could become tenser and more difficult.
A woman detective trying to protect kids A female detective wants to understand the mystery behind lost kids. She saw a book that had a drawing of a kid halfway inside a tree that had a hole at the bottom. The child had lemon green items, some were crayons, pencils and even the shorts of the child were lemon green. Away from the kid a monster was hidden in a bush. The detective heard some kids were going on a trip. She ran to her pal's house to warn her not to allow her kids go. She didn't listen. The monster ate those with lemon green clothes. The presence of a detective in your dream means there are hidden dangers in your environment which would require a keen sense to detect. The lost kids or missing children actually refer to a part of yourself which you have lost or repressed all these years. This could be your curiosity and sense of wonder because those traits are often associated with kids. Meanwhile, the monster eating the kids is a symbol of adulthood which is killing your child-like wonder because of all the responsibilities you have to carry. It could also be a specific person who is killing your joy and making you feel trapped. This is the threat you need to confront in order to regain your freedom and independence. As for the color, green clothes in particular usually point to wealth and happiness, so your subconscious is basically telling you to stand up to the oppressive force that is keeping you from realizing your full potential.
Winning a court case I was in a court room having a formal debate and there was an audience full of people, so my opponent was talking to the audience telling them his side and when it came to my turn this boy I like said that I was going to do great. Well I went on stage and just stood there and then these 2 women in the audience started arguing and shouting at each other. Then everyone in the audience started shouting, then everyone stopped and was silent and started clapping and I won. I am a female. Courtrooms and debates are highly symbolic in the dream world as they often point toward upcoming conflict and disputes. You may soon find yourself in such a mess, surrounded by men and women on all sides trying to pressure you to do things different ways. This can be seen both in the number of individuals witnessing the case as well as the shouting and arguing they partook in. However, the presence of your crush and his support of you are a reflection of your inner strength and reasoning ability. This means you should have faith in your own decisions. You can listen and consider other points of view, but you do not need to feel like anyone else knows the answer better than you do. Once you come to a decision, this vision predicts you would feel happy and at peace, as both winning the case and the audiences' cheers point toward success and satisfaction.
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