Stranded in the middle of the ocean and weather turning bad I am in the ocean, can see the shoreline, quite a long way off, a woman closer to shore also in the sea telling me the pool float drifting out to sea isn't too far away. I think it is too far to reach safely. I tried to retrieve it but being carried too far away from the shoreline and struggling to make progress back to the shore. Water and skies are dark and then weather becomes stormy, then very windy and stormy with big waves, I wake up. This dream contains many symbols related to the imagery of water and, therefore, could have conflicting meanings in its interpretation. For example, being in a large body of water, such as the ocean, indicates the presence of numerous opportunities which could lead to beneficial outcomes should you choose to pursue them. This is opposed by the image of the stormy sea which predicts trials and challenges in your future. Your vision, then, could suggest that if you miss out on available opportunities, it could lead to a number of challenges to follow. On the other hand, it could also mean that in order to fully reap the benefits of the opportunities ahead, you would need to make some significant sacrifices affecting other important aspects of your life, such as your free time or relationships with other people.
A girl diving into ocean and following her A girl was standing on a rocky cliff above the ocean. She was pale and stared me down, then she proceeded by diving into the ocean and I followed. There was a mirror at the bottom of the ocean with a pattern that I traced with a finger and then I was trapped and could not breathe and I woke up. Very Vivid. A large body of water, such as the ocean the girl in your dream dove into, is indicative of opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising to you. Being challenged to follow her and jump from a great height suggests you may be easily fooled or have a tendency to get involved with unrealistic plans or ventures which are doomed to failure from the start. The conclusion of this dream serves as a hint to carefully analyze opportunities that come along, as the image of a mirror on the bottom of the ocean implies, otherwise you could be left helpless and devastated.
Being naked in the ocean and catching fish In my dream I was in the ocean naked and I was a man and fishing with my hands, and I caught a big fish and picked it up and carried it to shore and started to skin it to eat it, and there were other women around me who were naked, but nothing sexual happened. This vision strongly suggests a future opportunity that you may or may not want to take part in, depending on your personal situation in wake life. Oceans are commonly associated with new beginnings, but seeing yourself as a man indicates that the morals or ethics surrounding this chance may be a bit hazy. While you may not mind tip-toeing the line occasionally, being naked could indicate this endeavor quickly turning into something illicit whether you intended it to be so or not. Exercise practicality and common sense should you choose to accept any fresh opportunities coming your way.
A boat in the ocean Dreaming of being in the ocean as a boat with an engine moves away from me. I am treading water and calling out to it, but it keeps getting further away. Oceans are often symbolic of opportunities opening themselves up to you in the future. While this is normally a good sign, the rest of the imagery in this vision suggests that, while there may be opportunity aplenty, they may not prove to be viable options for you. Specifically, treading water as the boat that could save you moves away indicates things that are beyond your grasp, meaning that at the current moment you do not possess the experience or tools to make this situation work for you.
Planning on catching a creature in the ocean with someone In my dream, all that I can remember was planning on how we (we being me and whoever I was talking to, but I couldn't see anybody) were going to catch something in the ocean. I vividly remember being in the ocean under water planning the tactics of how we were going to catch this unknown. I woke up charged and energized, almost excited in a way. Being underwater in the vast ocean trying to catch something alludes to feelings of empowerment. You are likely feeling confident about your capabilities and ready to take risks to see where your skills can take you. This denotes a period of harnessing your hidden potential. Diving into the ocean's depths also symbolizes upcoming travels. You may soon pack your bags to go off on a trip you have been wanting to take, possibly work-related or purely for pleasure. You could have been delaying it up until now due to your busy schedule, work overload or family concerns.
Swimming to the shore and feeling uneasy Reoccurring. At beach. The sea is so bad and choppy, dark sky. People are unaware of danger. The water is tall and sharks are all in the water. I have to swim to shore from the ocean, and have to stay close to the surface. I am afraid, but I have to go. I see the beach from the water. The people on a slight hill on blankets watching the water. They are not leaving this danger. The water is almost to the buildings. I am on the beach too and can see the tall water with sharks all in. This vision is highly ominous and should be considered a warning about getting involved in things outside of your concern. To be more specific, the stormy ocean which rises high above you and the others represents a scandalous, outrageous situation which may have a negative impact on your social interactions and, in turn, your career opportunities in the community at large. Additionally, the sharks in the water suggest that your involvement in this situation is an accident caused by your own obliviousness to the facts of the matter. Getting to the beach at the end also points toward feelings of deep regret and remorse, possibly because you cannot undo what has already happened. If none of this has happened yet, it may be wise to keep your head low to avoid making any huge mistakes you cannot fix later.
Drowning in the ocean as part of entertainment There's a place where our college is taking us for a tour. Somewhere very far. There's a sea or ocean where there's a so called "water ride" where they take us up to a place where the land below us disappears and we have to suddenly drown down and then swim back up. I was with two of my friends on the ride and it was little dark out. We entered and the land as per the ride disappeared and we three drowned. But I ingested water and was gasping. My friends helped me bring back to the shore. Same dream past two days. This watery world that is the destination of your excursion in the dream represents an unexpected journey you are about to embark in reality. This journey may be metaphorical, such that you are in fact exploring your inner workings or your emotional state. Drowning in the dream alludes to drowning in emotional turmoil. There could be trials and tribulations in the waking world, and the only way to overcome the emotional upheaval they could cause would be through the support of family and friends. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it would be in your best interest not to carry the burden alone lest you risk serious emotional damage.
Hit by ocean waves while dining out I am a girl. At night, we were all sitting (my family and some friends) at a table on top of a large hill were the restaurant we were eating at was. Our cottage was a few blocks away and you can see the ocean clearly from where we were. It was very close. The ocean was very calm and dark. Suddenly there was a very big wave that was big enough to go up some of the hill. Then a way larger one came that was able to get up to our ankles wet, and we ran to the cottage that it wouldn't reach. Being on top of a hill in your dream suggests wealth, success and being in a respectable position. It seems like despite your status, you remain grounded and humble, preferring a simple lifestyle than an extravagant one. However, the fact that you were eating in a restaurant reveals a yearning for some sustenance for the soul. Perhaps you have been feeling overwhelmed by decisions and issues in the waking world, or maybe you are looking for something or someone that is missing. In any case, the incoming wave represents emotional turmoil. If you are not careful, you could get swept away by your own misgivings. Fortunately, you have a strong support inside your family circle.
Lured into the ocean by a mermaid Hi. I had a strange dream in which first I saw a female mermaid starring me in between very deep black cyclonic sea, like she was calling me, and I was very desperate to talk to her, but somehow that was not possible. Then again I saw her and I followed her walking over fluorescent stones deep inside the sea and realized I myself was turning into a fluorescent green mermaid, until I realized some men were searching me to kill. Mermaids are tempting sirens. They are often associated with feminine attributes and sexuality. To dream that a mermaid was calling out to you probably reveals your personal journey towards discovering your own sexuality. Perhaps you feel inadequate and insecure about your ability to attract the opposite sex. Hence, your transformation into a mermaid suggests a yearning to be attractive and desirable in order to catch the fancy of prospective suitors. Despite this desire, however, you also harbor a certain fear of falling prey to their whims. You want to be in control when it comes time to select a partner.
Drowning while on a platform in the ocean I was on some kind of a metal platform or something that me and others were going to perform on and I was on it myself practicing, it was above water like a lake or the ocean. Some sort of fresh water then while practicing either the water got intense or the platform started rattling. Then I screamed for my dad or grandpa to save me because they were standing on the shore together. Then my grandpa jumped in, swam over and saved me because I really thought I'd drown even though I was above water. Performances can often give anyone the jitters. The platform or stage in your dream could point to your desire or penchant for being the center of attention. This need to be in the spotlight may be a manifestation of your dependence on others for approval and self-esteem. The water represents your emotional stability. Perhaps whenever you find bumps in the road or things get too difficult, you tend to panic and look to others to bail you out. Your subconscious may be showing you that in order to achieve success, you need to be in control of your emotions and willing to stand on your own two feet.
Unable to find the ocean In my dream I was looking for the ocean. Every time I would think I found it, someone whom I don't know, would tell me it wasn't the ocean, it was a river. It looked like the ocean, calm waves, looked deep, was blue and beautiful. I was very irritated that I couldn't find the ocean. So I kept looking. The search for the ocean may be indicative of your real-world fixation on finding enlightenment and a sense of purpose. Perhaps, time and again, you have had certain individuals convince you to follow certain belief systems or pursue certain goals for practical reasons. This tendency to get swept away in the dreams others have outlined for you may be starting to wear you down. Deep inside you know something is not right and perhaps this dream vision serves to remind you to listen to yourself and pursue your true passion. It would take time, but passion entails a bit of suffering before you can finally look back at your achievements with pride and joy.
At the ocean side with boyfriend Me and my boyfriend at the ocean or beach, water is full of waves and tides. Over us sky is lighting and it's raining heavily. My boyfriend was sitting on motorbike and pressing his leg over by butt and I was sitting within his shoulders covered. We got totally wet. And we both are looking at the waves and sky sitting on the edge. We saw a group of unknown people coming over there, group includes women and children too. After few moments they left the place and we both still sitting there. The ocean is a powerful symbol in dream visions as it often represents the multitude of opportunities that are open to you. Given that you were sitting on a motorbike, an image commonly associated with the journey through life, and with your boyfriend, it seems that this vision is the manifestation of your thoughts about where the future could take the two of you. The stormy weather is a warning, however, to pay attention and be prepared for potential troubles which may seem to pop up out of nowhere. These issues may be caused by your temper or by the way you treat those around you. Your misuse of others may end the connection between you and your boyfriend before you reach your true potential as a couple.
A sick-looking friend and being pulled underwater This dream was very much like the "Pirates of the Caribbean". However, the most disturbing that I recall is a friend who looked unhealthy with sores or scabs on his body. I felt that I had to go find something to help him. Next I was floating like a buoy in water with others laughing, really not able to steer my direction. Then from underneath I was pulled down spiraling down and down like in a water funnel to I was dropped. Woke up immediately frightened, breathing hard. Dreaming about a sick friend has negative connotations. It presages a warning of dire consequences which you might face in the near future. This negativity could be regarding your recent endeavors, most likely about plans which did not quite culminate the way you intended. The fact that you want to reach out and help your friend is the manifestation of your subconscious desire to make things right. However, seeing yourself floating on water denotes your efforts to stay afloat despite your problems. The disturbing symbolism of people laughing at your struggles and not providing any help is related to the individuals in wake life who want you to fail. You should be wary of those who may cause you harm or would profit from your failure.
Surrounded by fish while on a flotation device I was going into it felt like lake but looked like the ocean. I could see a lot of silver fish and I was going to get water on floating device and then somehow I ended up on a glass float and the fish got large and had large teeth coming at me. It felt like they were sharks. The lake in your dream is a representation of your consciousness, while the silver fishes swimming around are your insights and ideas. You may be currently experiencing, or sometime in the future, an intense period of creativity and productivity. However, as indicated in the dream, some of your ideas may be too bold or ambitious for you to handle or implement. Some of them, those that turned into shark-like creatures, may end up backfiring and causing some serious setbacks if not properly approached.
Swimming on a turtle's back I'm female and 22 years old and my dream was about a huge turtle in the seashore where my house is near and I saw this giant turtle. What I remember is that I swam with it with my brothers riding on the back of the turtle. Dreaming that you or someone else is riding on the back of a sea turtle alludes to anxieties over little disruptions in your otherwise peaceful existence. It may reveal your fear of change or a tendency to be pessimistic. Perhaps you need to change your perspective in order to attract good tidings. A more optimistic worldview could help strengthen your bond with your loved ones and allow you to overcome challenges with better motivation.
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