Being shocked with electricity I was napping, it has happened multiple times. I feel I'm been shocked with electricity and I can feel my body shaking. I try to yell for my son every time and I can't talk. Dreaming about getting shocked by electricity or being electrocuted alludes to distress and pain. It could be due to some shocking piece of information in the waking world or a very painful experience. Perhaps your inability to call out to your son could be linked to your sense of helplessness, or maybe you are partly ashamed to ask for help. Alternatively, the recurring aspect of this particular dream symbol may be associated with actual physical discomfort. While sleeping, you may tend to place yourself in an uncomfortable position, cutting off blood circulation in parts of your body. This could be due to mounting stress in reality which ends up causing such physiological effects during your naps.
Painful blisters I don't remember much but I had blisters all over my body and I felt them, they burned! I remember just lying down and couldn't move thinking the blisters were improving. Dreaming about having blisters on your body is a manifestation of your desire to achieve greater wealth and success in your waking life. It's an indication that you would like your financial situation to improve, so you could accomplish your goals. However, the fact that you were in pain reveals that you are doing all that is in your power to turn the situation in your favor. Your thoughts regarding possible improvement in your condition could be the silver lining which may portend that things would eventually start to get better.
Beaten up and standing on knees I'm female. My friend has been having this dream for two weeks straight. He hasn't told me all of what happens. This is what I know. His friends and I are on our knees with our jaws cut off and our eyes black and dripping blood. He said we are telling him to stay away from the cave or coven. I'm really worried about him at this point. Please help explain why he would be having this dream. This recurring dream of your friend may be related to his anxieties about the future. For instance, black eyes and cut-off jaws suggest the absence of ambition or direction. Perhaps he is unsure about how to proceed with his personal journey or career. This lack of foresight and indecision may be empowering others to make the decisions for him. Your friend may be a bit lost but he still wants to retain control over his decisions and this is where his anxieties lie. As for the other symbols, a cave usually alludes to the subconscious or a place of refuge, while a coven can mean relationships or social connections, usually family or a circle of close friends. In the context of your friend's dream, he is likely yearning to assert himself yet afraid to disappoint or perhaps rebel against authority figures or family expectations. Your presence in his dream probably means that he feels you are in the same predicament.
Suspended in the air and being hurt I was in a basket being swung around by a construction crane. I was high up, surrounded by hills, after shouting at the driver, I was then dropped onto some power lines, still in the basket, landing on scaffold. When people came to see me I didn't recognize them but they kept urging me not to report it as there would be a big investigation. Also they kept saying it is only my back that is burnt. Dreaming about being lifted up in the air by an external force, such as a construction crane, is symbolic of the presence of circumstances in your waking life which make you feel helpless. You could be trying to deal with some real-life problems all at once, but your efforts to overcome them remain unsuccessful. The notion that you were shouting to be rescued indicates your desire to get out of this situation as soon as possible, however, the imagery of being partially burnt portends negativity which would still be present in your life for quite some time. It is advisable to stay away from individuals who might become the source of trouble and focus on things which bring you happiness. Feeling helpless would not be of any help, but adopting a more positive attitude could eventually get you out of the fix.
A woman calling for help I dreamed someone was calling "Help Me". I heard it a second time, "Help Me", it was a woman, in a very distressed, painful sounding voice. I asked, "Where are you?". One more time she said "Help Me", the voice sounded like she was in serious trouble of some kind. I woke husband in the dream, handed him a flashlight so he could find her. Sounded like way off behind our house. I woke up, out of a very sound sleep. If it had been for real, my dog would have barked and he was sleeping. Dreaming about someone else in a state of distress may point toward contentment and satisfaction with reality. You may be in a comfortable position that allows you the leeway to be generous and helpful to those in need. In a sense, the woman crying out in the vision represents your subconscious desire to be of service to others, sharing what you have so that all may benefit. Handing your husband a flashlight may further suggest a desire to host some sort of party or function where you could meet and take care of someone else, like a charity event or a birthday party. The success of this event would be sure to bring you much happiness when all is said and done.
Feeling someone's pain during suicide A woman looking to be in her 50s stood silently in front of me with a knife. She drew it to her neck, and began to cut her own throat. I felt a twist of excruciating pain in my stomach. I tried to scream but couldn't, I was foaming at the mouth. She kept staring at me, unresponsive to the blood pouring from her neck. It was like I was feeling her pain, but in my stomach instead of my neck. She then plunged the blade into her throat, killing herself. I felt the same pain in my middle. Dream end. This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal relations with someone in reality. Your inability to scream in this dream represents a sense of isolation, meaning you feel rather alone when dealing with the person causing you trouble. Rather than a physical loneliness, it is more likely a frustration that others do not see the same things you do or understand your feelings. The idea that you felt the pain of the woman cutting her throat in your stomach may refer to a personality trait this individual has that you do not like. This could mean that you find their presence annoying and obnoxious or that you do not like this behavior or attitude, yet find that you do the same thing. In a sense, you feel frustrated both with their presence and yourself. Until you can either accept or overcome this way of thinking, you may have difficulty interacting with those around you.
Pain in the left hand My dream was about feeling pain in my left hand. Pain in your left hand means you lack compassion and empathy. All your negative encounters with other people and the bad things people do to get ahead in life would make you become cynical and jaded about life. Fortunately, your subconscious through this dream symbol is making you realize that a lack of compassion would not make your life easier, it would just be a burden or a cross you must bear.
Father with a chest pain I dreamt that my dad was having pain in the right side of the chest. And I was chanting shiv ji's name. Chest pain in dreams suggests diminished self-esteem or insecurity. This is a sign that you need to step up in taking care for your family, or at least take on more responsibility because the provider of your household will experience a setback that would negatively affect their capacity to perform their duties. Chanting Shiv ji's name symbolizes your internal struggle as you try to support your family, whether financially or emotionally, when one of your parents starts showing signs of aging or general weakness.
Being hurt by an object Being hurt by an unusual object. Dreaming of getting hurt, such as during a fight, means you often meddle with other people's affairs. Even though you may have good intentions when you give advice or offer help to others, you may just be complicating their situation. The unusual object is a reflection of your oblivious nature, especially when it comes to the consequences of your actions. This is your mind urging you to be more self-aware for the sake of your friends and family.
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