Mother going through strange transformations Hi, I've just had a pretty bad dream, but it will sound like I have mental issues which I don't. Here goes, then I was talking to my mum, she was in pain, then being killed by sunlight coming through a window, then she immediately changed into what I can only describe as a my little pony toy. Please don't laugh it was really bad I needed to ring her straight away after waking up. Seeing your mother in great pain is often interpreted as a sign that, subconsciously, you recognize your mother is going through some difficult time or has been carrying some burden. The image of her being killed by sunlight is particularly strong, indicating that she may be avoiding asking for help or trying to avoid the presence of those who might see these difficulties. You may want to take special care of your mother and make sure she is getting the love and attention she needs, not just from you, but from other important friends and family members. Seeing her turn into a toy or TV character reflects your desire to see that she is happier and well taken care of. Acting on these feelings and showing her you care is probably the best way to improve her morale.
Confronting mother who left in the past and died later My brother and I were in a big house, and we entered the third door on the left. We saw our mom sitting criss cross on the floor, so we sat next to her. We asked the question "did you fight for us when we were in court?", she said "No I didn't but...". I woke up before she could finish. She was pale skinned and skinny, I couldn't remember her face. My mom left when I was 3, and died when I was 14, I never knew her, just had one picture of her. Dreaming about arguing or trying to initiate a confrontation with a deceased parent, no matter how distant or detached you may have been in the past, signifies potential losses or shortcomings. It can also mean some unfavorable events or circumstances coming into play against your will or as external forces. The big house you were in within this dream is significant of your longing to fill the void left by parental and physical departure of your mother, but conflicts, or things leading to possible conflicts, with the deceased in a dream are usually a harbinger of negative things or experiences to surface in reality.
Parents' approval to live together My lady love had dreamed between 4am to 6am. The dream was that "her parents had given permission to live with me and told he's good for you". Having your girlfriend's parents expressing consent and amicability toward your relationship with her indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on things outside of this relationship and her needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road. Your girlfriend is subconsciously projecting things she is not happy about as far as the two of you are concerned, and she could be replacing the negative aspects of this relationship with things that are brighter and much more promising.
Trying to help relatives and failing at it Just repeatedly with both my dad and grandfather, and I was helping my grandfather to get in a wheelchair and I was calling for emergency help and couldn't get through. Dreaming about being with your family suggests you are close to them and rely on them for help. This is especially the case with your father and grandfather, possibly because they have taught you some life lessons that ring true in your life. Calling for help on behalf of someone else predicts getting help when you need it, most likely from either your father or grandfather. You should listen to any advice they are willing to dispense, as it may serve you well in the future.
Discovering that parents are dead I wake up to the fact that I have been asleep for 2-3 days and that this time that I awake from my sleep I am told that my father has passed and they take me to the car were they have the coffin with his body and then, once there, I am told that my mother has passed as well and then I am going home to find that I have moved. All my sisters are there and they tell me that mom's ashes are there in the house placed behind one of the walls, and I cant stop crying and asking why, just to be told that it was my fault that their dying was my fault. Dreaming about learning that one or both of your parents have died, when they are alive in reality, predicts upcoming issues and troubles and the need on your part to watch for quickly changing circumstances or unexpected developments in your personal life and family matters. This dream is warning you about a looming danger or unexpected events which will throw you off course from regular activities or obligations you have to perform in your everyday life. The dream vision you had also contains strong signals that you may have recently done something or have not acted in a timely manner to trigger unfavorable consequences which may affect you and other family members, not necessarily your parents. The dream therefore advises to be on the lookout in order to prevent worse things from happening.
Mother pregnant and eating sweets My mom getting pregnant and I am eating sweets. This is a strange vision with two opposing symbols. On one hand, the image of your mother being pregnant predicts some serious misfortune in your life, likely related to your mother. This means she may become ill or have some terrible misfortune befall her. However, envisioning yourself eating sweets, whether as a result of her being pregnant or as a separate part of the dream, represents happiness, joy, and satisfaction in your life. This dream can be interpreted literally to mean that you should expect a series of major ups and downs in your life or that something good is able to come out of something bad, the proverbial silver lining.
Mother kneeling over a grave My mom kneeling on all four over a grave with a cross marker. You have not specified whether your mother is alive, and if she is, the image of her being near a grave means that she is about to receive a news or other type of information from very far away. If the grave in this dream was freshly dug up and open, the news would be extremely negative and upsetting for her. If the grave was covered with earth or had a tombstone, it could predict upcoming health issues or sickness, affecting either her or someone else inside your family circle.
Father ignoring and not talking back My father walked into the house to help with something, I can't remember what, and he wouldn't talk to me even though I wanted him to. Entrance of your father, who is ignoring you, in the house signifies that a vestige of your arrogance in your youth still exists as a part of your personality. The absence of direct contact specifically points out that your perfectionism and drive towards independence could actually turn into obstacles in your life. You should pause to contemplate whether there is a discrepancy between your idealized self and your current situation. You may want to reinvent your ability to be a good speaker, but also a good listener as well, which will eliminate small grains of hypocrisy from your social relations.
Filing paperwork and losing the sight of the spouse I was filling out paperwork and when it was my turn, the father of my son approached the clerk and told her we were there for him to sing over all rights over our son. We later walked out to the bus stop, I got on the bus, but he said he needed to used the bathroom and the bus left without him. I felt nervous because he did not have money to get back, so I got out of the bus and looked for him in a corner store and eventually he showed up and I woke up. This vision is full of nostalgia but suggests these memories may be holding you back. For example, filling out paperwork in regards to the guardianship of your son in this dream indicates that you could be focusing on how things once were instead of how they should be. While remembering where you have come from is important, it could distract you from your future and prevent you from making progress on your goals and dreams. This is also supported by being at a bus stop, which indicates that you believe in true love and may think someone from your past is the one deserving your time and affection. By not considering others who may provide you with the same in your present or future, you may be missing out on the person you are really waiting for.
Having a strange woman as mother and rejected by real mom I use to have a dream where I was young again and I was a different skin color, I was a little darker than usual. In my dream I remember I saw my mom and I wanted to go up to her, but I was pulled back by this lady who said "What are you doing?" and I answered "Let me go, I'm going with my mom" and she was laughing and telling her, "Sorry I do not know what has gotten into my daughter." I was like "You're not my mom, let me go." I got out of her grip, crying and trying to run to my real mom and she said "Sweetie, I am not your mom, she is". I just kept crying non-stop, until I woke up. Honestly I haven't figured it out yet. This vision is a highly ominous sign in regards to your personal life and emotional well-being. Dreaming of yourself being different from what you are in wake life is a revelation that your subconscious is manifesting a different version of yourself, probably an aspect of your personality which you dislike and try to hide from others. This could include your desire to minimize the presence of such a trait to such a degree that your subconscious self is not even recognizable by your own mother in this dream. Furthermore, the presence of a different mother could point to others learning about your weakness anyway and using it to take advantage of you. It may be time to come to peace with yourself and use this experience as an opportunity to become stronger.
Father talking to a strange boy who came by My father had a dream last night. A boy 8 or 9 came into his house, got a drink of water and they spoke. He said he lived in the neighborhood for a long time. When asked, my father then said it was time to go home. He then said if that is what you think I should do. What does that mean? Your father might have seen a portentous sign in his dream, namely that there could be unexpected news waiting for him when he finally returns home or to his roots. In this case, however, home doesn't necessarily need to be a specific place. It could be something more abstract, such as a person who made him feel safe or cared for or, perhaps, a routine that was once familiar to him. Once he gets back to where he was, he may become aware of some aspect or part of himself he never realized before.
Ill mother becoming healthy again Someone dreamt my ill wheelchair-bound mother was walking and being her old self again. When someone dreams about your close relative being back to normal, it is suggestive of you being in control of your domestic matters, such as chores or housekeeping as well as other matters related to your home, like bills, taxes and budget. Because your home life is in order and under control, you should be able to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation that comes with the peace of knowing everything is taken care of. It is probably a good idea, however, not to procrastinate or let things pile up, as this may lead to chaos and uncertainty in life.
Fighting with father but reconciling at the end This is the second time I would dream of having a fight with my dad. This particular time, we had a misunderstanding again and he was going to hit me, I was upset and I took my things and left the house. On the road, he came with his friends to talk to me, I thought he was coming to capture me, so I wanted to start running, then he broke down in tears and asked why I am dishonoring him, so I broke down and went to him, and woke up crying and we reconciled. Arguing or fighting with a parent suggests unresolved issues in your family. Problems and issues evaded or bottled up in real life are pushing their way into the dream world, forcing you to acknowledge and confront them. The fear that he will use violence against you speaks of a lack of emotional connection between the two of you. Perhaps you are not communicating enough, hence you tend to walk on eggshells when dealing with each other. Running away from home also alludes to avoidance of problematic situations. It seems, however, that you want to settle matters once and for all, as evidenced by the reconciliation towards the end of your dream. Your subconscious is guiding you to a resolution which requires a head-on approach instead of running away or pretending that the problems do not exist.
Being attacked by naked parents while in the washroom My dream was that I was sitting on the toilet and I'm sure that I did lock the door. Then my dad and mom walked in, they were both naked. My dad started to spray "Raid" (ant and roach killer) on my face and body. He kept yelling "There's rats in here!". But I never saw any! He also kept telling me "Hurry up, we want to shower!" I kept yelling "Jose, Jose, Jose" for my husband to come help me, but he never came to the restroom! Jose actually woke me up! Using the toilet in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of trying to rid yourself of other people's misconceptions and perceptions about you. Other people may believe you have not changed over the years, but the truth is that you have become very different and no longer want to be treated the same way. This is further supported by the image of your parents trying to kill bugs around you, which symbolizes other people meddling in your life, perhaps influencing you to be or act a certain way. Calling out for your husband indicates your trust and reliance on your spouse, suggesting that he understands the true you. However, it may take more time and effort to convince those who are not as close to you as your husband.
Father kidnapped during Halloween In my dream it is Halloween and I am at a party in the basement with friends and family. We are trying on costumes, a bag with a cell phone appears, it rings, no one knows whose it is, so I answer it. It is my dad calling from someone's basement or something saying he is gonna die, that a guy kidnapped him and has been holding him hostage and torturing him. My sister and brother-in-law don't care, they start to party harder and talk about selling his things. I go looking for him. I never find him. Halloween suggests voluntary or forced transformation. Trying on costumes points to a desire to shake off inhibitions and assume a new identity in order to fully express yourself. On the other hand, it could also refer to a tendency to hide who you truly are. This act of putting on the facades is likely causing a strain in the family. Perhaps there is a need to communicate more with each other, as represented by the phone. Your father being kidnapped in the dream alludes to a reluctance on your part to follow in his footsteps. He may have certain expectations from you that you do not necessarily agree with. However, it seems that you are concerned about your father's well-being. This means that although you may not see each other face to face sometimes, there is still an effort to reach out and hash out problems between the two of you.
Father after a surgery with dreadful scenes Had a terrible dream, wherein my father got operated. And later he was carried to a river along with the bed. He was drifting in water. Fearful view of water filled with blood. Later immediately after he recovered, leaving wheelchair, he started going down using staircase very fast. I was trying to chase and get a hold of him. I was chasing over the steps. Finally I reached him, he held me and gave blessing for me as final words from him. Your father's operation in the dream alludes to letting go of unnecessary and undesirable aspects of himself. He may be on the cusp of a personal transformation. Drifting across the river which later on shifts to a view of bloody waters is a warning of a potential disaster. In relation to leaving his wheelchair which means freedom and independence, the vision's message seems to refer to an upcoming death in the family. The rest of the symbols contain the same message of release, letting go and moving on. Running downstairs connotes a regression or going back to where your father came from. Your subconscious could be reassuring you and preparing you for eventually making peace with the imminent passing of your kin.
Mother appearing in dreams, but without face My mother comes to my dreams like 4 or 5 times a year and it's always in a stressful and struggling manner, but I can never see her face! Or is she trying to tell me something? That I could be missing her? I always feel sad after one of these dreams. A recurring dream about your mother could be due to some unresolved matter between the two of you. The fact that the tone of the vision is stressful alludes to your ongoing preoccupation with your mother. On the one hand, you may just be seeking her help and guidance if you are going through a troubling period as mother's presence and love can be comforting. On the other hand, it may be a sign of guilt. Perhaps you have not been in touch with her, hence the obscure manifestation of her face in this dream vision, and this is your subconsciousness reminding you to reach out.
Being told to live in exile I dreamt that I came home and my mom was telling me we needed to pack up because we had to go to a concentration camp. So, I started packing and woke up right before we left the house. A dream with references to the Holocaust could be a result of consuming material about that period in you waking life. Reading a book about it, watching a movie, or having relatives and ancestors who experienced this grim part of history can store these images and symbols in your subconscious. If it is not a current exposure to the subject matter, then its associations could be the reason why you dreamed about it. The concentration camp suggest confinement, imprisonment and torture. Are you perhaps feeling marginalized in reality? Packing up and heading to the concentration camp reveals a threat of losing your existing freedom. Some major change may come up in which you could be forced to give up some luxuries and liberties.
Mother having someone else in place of real dad I had a dream that I found out my mom had an affair and my real dad was someone else. I was insanely upset, angry and sad because I didn't want that person to be my real dad. Dreaming about your mother having an affair when such a situation has never occurred in waking life can be the manifestation of your feelings in regards to how you perceive others, although not necessarily related to their choice in partners. Affairs are normally associated with the idea of lost and forgotten dreams, so you may see that the people around you are struggling to make their dreams come true but you are powerless to change this situation for better. Your feelings in this vision may reflect similar, but more general emotions you go through in the real world.
Mother dreaming about bad things happening My mother dreamt about me crying and there was a cream table facing upside down, so what does that mean?? The dream your mother had, of you crying and a cream table upside down, points to a period of negativity in her future. A time of misery and misfortune that could stem from a disagreement with her friends or neighbors. This trying time would not last too long, however, it could even be considered a wake-up call for her to change a disagreeable facet of her life, and maybe you are the one who can tell her about it.
Uneasy relationship with a deceased father My dad came into my room and fingered me. And I let him. But it felt like a dream within a dream because next, he just sat down beside me with some food and watched TV. We were talking and he was saying how he came to my graduation and I said no you didn't. You couldn't have because you are dead. And then I woke up crying. Having this strange kind of a relationship with your father is associated with the idea of making decisions or observations based on broad generalizations about a certain situation or group of people. Your inability to distinguish a singular entity from the whole could have negative effects on your interactions with others, especially newer relations. The fact that your father has already passed could suggest your way of thinking is based on things you heard or experienced in the past, perhaps pointing toward a "fossilization" of your ideas and beliefs. It might be wise, then, to spend some time actively looking at arguments which challenge your stances and see if what you believe in stands up to the test.
Father being arrested by police I heard a knock on my door and it was the police calling for my dad. I watched out my window as they arrested him, but when I went downstairs he was there, smiled at me "Hi, honey". Dreaming that the police arrest your father, but when you discover later that he seems to be fine, points to the possibility of you needing help, either now or in the future. The fact that it was your dad that you saw the police arresting could mean that he may be able to help with whatever it is that you would need help with. Do not be afraid of asking him for assistance if the situation calls for it.
Mother with skin disintegrating I had a dream that I was talking to my mother. She didn't feel well and showed me the skin on her chest and arms and it was full of holes and the skin was stretched out and hanging a bit (no blood, muscle, or bone showing - just black nothingness in the holes), but it was like it was just deteriorating off of her. In real (waking) life, my mother was just diagnosed with stage IV bone cancer. It probably has something to do with that, but is there any other meaning? This dream is really scaring me. This dream reveals your concerns about your mother's health and well-being. In a more general sense, this vision represents how you view the deteriorating state of your mom, literally slipping away and disintegrating. The black holes of nothingness scattered on her body symbolize the wasting of the mother you remember. The disease could be taking its toll on her and her personality may be transforming in the process as a result of the suffering she is experiencing. There could be times when you can no longer recognize her and her good humor may be hanging by a thread. It is up to you to keep her optimistic and motivated to keep on living.
Walking behind father I saw a dream last month where I'm walking behind my dad. Since my dad is walking ahead, I see some police men sitting at check post. When my dad crosses them, they stand up and salute him. As I walk behind him, I'm essentially following him. My dad doesn't look back at me. He is holding a long stick in one of his hands. As I walk behind him, I see a few dead snakes. I ask my dad if they are snakes. And he replies yes. On this note I woke up. Please send me interpretation. Thanks. This dream has ambiguous meanings. On the one hand, walking behind your father and witnessing police men saluting him could reveal your admiration and respect for him. You may want to follow his footsteps in reality. On the other hand, it could also be interpreted as fear towards him. The stick represents his brand of discipline and you may be scared of provoking him into anger. The dead snakes allude to neutralized threats. You could be dependent on your father to fight your battles for you. Perhaps you need to consider treading your own path and sticking up for yourself using your own resources and capacities.
A double-up version of the father I went downstairs and saw my dad in the kitchen, but when I looked behind me he was there again, there were two of him. Dreaming about kitchen or kitchen areas is closely related to worries and concerns you may have in regards to the current situation or developments in your household or inside close family circle. Seeing your father's image doubled in this dream further supports this interpretation and could be indicating your exposure to or anticipation of conflicts, disagreements or verbal confrontations taking place or about to occur among male figures present in your everyday life.
Standing in a hole in the ground and mother scared My mother dreamed that I am staying in a big ground hole, not deep and also not shallow, she was screaming "Get out from here, why are you staying here?". I looked at her indifferently and said "Don't worry, it is not deep as seemed to you". The dream your mother had about seeing you standing in a hole could indicate her desire to spend more time with you. Maybe you have been avoiding her recently or have been too busy to pay attention to her, so her subconscious is summoning you from out of a hole. You should make some more time to spend with her and help her have peace of mind about your well-being and safety.
Fighting with a deceased father I have repeated dreams of fighting with my dad who died 10 years ago. He and I had a wonderful relationship while he was alive. It is very upsetting to me that the only times I dream of him we are fighting. Seeing yourself having an uneasy relationship with your deceased father, with whom you actually got along well when he was alive, could point to certain character flaws you may possess. It is possible you make broad assumptions about particular groups of people and may be unable to properly distinguish an individual from the group he belongs to. This could, in turn, get you in trouble in the future and could be something you should address sooner than later.
Parents getting divorced and re-assuring In the dream, my parents ended up getting divorced and went through the whole process of saying the crap like "We still love you, guys" to me and my three other siblings, which I got really mad about, but that's when I woke up. Seeing your parents separate in your dream means that you do not rely on honest practices or do not have consistency in how you handle things, making it difficult to achieve higher status within your community. Having your parents affirm their love for you further indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on your career or personal growth while ignoring your family needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road.
Being assaulted by parents I was out with my mom and dad, then my mom slammed me to the ground and started kicking me, hard. When she stopped, I wanted to report her to the nearest officer, but my dad held me by my throat so I wouldn't. Then my mom started ripping my clothes off and threw me on the ground again, kicking and stomping so hard my bones shattered. Then I felt something biting me hard, I couldn't see it but I suspect it was my dad. I was trying to scream and no sound came out. Then I woke up. I am female. Dreaming about being attacked by both your mother and father could represent taking the criticism of others to heart much too easily. This means you may be overly sensitive, making a mountain out of a mole hill when you get your feelings hurt. This is likely to lead to difficulties in your interpersonal relationships, as others may get annoyed with having to shield you from the truth. Trying to scream but being unable to make a sound suggests you could become sick in the near future. However, others may not believe the severity of it, thinking you are blowing it out of proportion much like everything else.
Being kidnapped and parents naked I had a dream that a certain man who was so black, tried to kidnap me, but as he was taking me away he passed by my parents' bedroom window and as I called my dad for help he threw off his blankets, but was embarrassed because they were naked and couldn't help me from the man who was taking me away. To dream that you are being kidnapped denotes latent feelings of limitations, restrictions and being trapped. There may be parts of your reality, possibly your peers and family, trying to control your decisions or actions. Alternatively, you may be feeling alienated from your loved ones because of some existing disagreements. The imagery of your parents naked and unable to help you during the kidnapping could also reveal that you current views and opinions are drastically different from theirs, perhaps even excessively liberal and nontraditional, so the only way for you to overcome future disagreements is to be more accepting and tolerant towards other people, especially if they are the members of your family.
Building a house with father After my dad had drawn the house pattern and laid an under the earth foundation for a new house, I found myself taking over from him by laying the first blocks on the earth. However, I found myself struggling as I have never built a house before and had no idea of how to lay the blocks. Nevertheless, I proceeded in a "trial by error approach". I also stopped a few times to ask questions not feeling sure of what I was doing. It was frustrating. This dream shows the type of bond you have with your father. His pattern and initial efforts to build the foundation of the house alludes to your view of your father as the individual who provides support to the family, financial or otherwise. Consequently, taking over his work could reflect your sense of responsibility to take care of your family when he is not around or incapable of performing his fatherly duties. Perhaps there are circumstances that prevent or hinder your father from being fully functional and you have to assume the role of the guardian in those instances. Or it could be that you are trying to follow his footsteps because you have high regard for him. You look to him for guidance and respect his words of wisdom unconditionally.
Friend's mother behaving inappropriately I, myself, am a straight girl and my good friend's mother was being awfully friendly to me in this dream. She was kissing me and grabbing my butt and I remember her falling on top of me kissing me as my friend was watching from afar not doing anything but standing there. It was in my middle school kind of setting. It was very unpleasant and made me feel uncomfortable. Dreaming that you are sexually involved with your friend's mother in this dream reveals your state of confusion. Even without exhibiting homosexual tendencies, something worth noticing may have sparked some interest in you towards your friend's mom. As a result, your subconscious mind is trying to sort out your emotional reactions to this person's behavior to figure out the cause. There is a possibility that you are questioning your own sex drives and femininity because you sense a disconnect or discomfort whenever you are around her. On the other hand, if there is absolutely nothing sexual about your reactions or encounters with her in reality, then it may stem from your need to find affection or validation from the people you are attracted to.
Mother naked during praying I was dreaming that I was sent to someone to pray for me, while we were about to start, my mum showed up naked and I chased her. Dreaming that others are praying for you denotes your need for some guidance in life. You may be feeling lost and possibly without purpose, hence your loved ones are starting to worry. In the meantime, your parents, particularly your mom, who are responsible for guiding and providing you with advice may be preoccupied with their own problems, leaving you to navigate the world around you on your own, for the most part. Her naked appearance refers to possible secrets which could be revealed. You may be interested in uncovering her past to be able to relate to her better.
The mother of three evil brothers There are three lethal brothers, grown ups, seen to be wearing all dark suit and tie. They had an ill mother whom they loved but abandoned her except the first brother, he has always cherished and appreciated her. The first time I saw these brothers was on a dark rainy night. They drove until they almost ran into me. Suddenly I met their mother and for no reason she seemed to me as a loved one. The dream ended when the mother fell terribly ill and almost collapsed, until I got her. Men in dark suits are an ill omen to experience in a dream vision. They often predict becoming the victim of someone or a group of people who are out to deceive you, possibly by offering you an opportunity that seems too good to be true. The rainy night which characterized your first experience with these men suggests that you tend to shut yourself off from others, making it difficult to find someone to rely on in situations like these when you may need extra help or back-up. Catching the mother at the end of the vision could mean finding a way to pick yourself up off the ground after this situation has passed, but it may take some time to get back on your feet again.
Elderly mother giving birth to a boy I had a dream that my mom who is 90 years old gave birth to a baby boy in my unfinished home. She was tired and in pain but was still able to walk. She handed me the baby, and as soon as I held him, he threw up on me. Why did I dream that my mom who is old, gave birth, and why did the baby throw up on me even though I am great with kids? I am the mother of two teenage girls. Witnessing your mom giving birth in the dream alludes to your inheritance. The baby represents the wealth that could be passed down to you. This wealth could either be material or something intangible like memories and the wisdom she has passed on to you in the course of raising you. Consequently, the baby's vomit hints at the unsavory aspects of this inheritance. You may end up resenting some of the things, memories or lessons she may leave behind. Perhaps you need to work a little harder to uncover and understand the true value of her legacy.
Father in danger and being kidnapped In the last couple weeks, I've had two dreams about my father being in danger. In one, people were coming to kill him at our house and in the other, he was kidnapped from his car on the street and disappeared. Does this mean anything? I can't find anything online about it! Thank you. Both dreams about your father reveal a contrasting presence of a gap or distance between the two of you. In the first one, which involves someone trying to kill him, there is an allusion to perhaps your hidden desire to overpower your father. Maybe you feel he is very controlling and the killer in the dream represents your suppressed anger and animosity towards him. Similarly, the second dream of him getting kidnapped points to your reluctance to accept his views. It is also possible that you do not want to follow his footsteps and want instead to forge your own path.
Bathing and good news from parents I'm a girl of 20 yrs... I was in a dream, I went to a public tap to fetch water, the line of buckets was long, but soon I fetched it. I went to a hall in my house to bathe, I wore a long white singlet that reached my laps... I didn't want to bend when scooping the water, so I squatted splashing the water gently to soothe my body. Then my dad came around smiling that he has good news. Telling me that he bought 931 bags of rice. I saw my mum too besides him I smiled. Then I woke up. A dream wherein you see yourself splashing water on your body suggests that you are presently going through a significant change or letting go of your traditional beliefs or long-held values. It involves altering your views on life and learning to cope with the world in a completely new and different way. Perhaps you started to realize that your prior thoughts were a misconception and you had outgrown them both spiritually and emotionally. Seeing your father and your mother in the same dream is a symbol that further reinforces the personal transformation you have been undergoing. It suggests that you are heading in a favorable direction during which fortune and success would be on your side.
Buying a plant for mother Buying a plant for my mother. Plants in dreams allude to fertility, wealth and growth. Hence, buying a plant for your mother in the dream bears a positive message. It is possible that you would soon be repaying your mother for all her efforts in raising you. Perhaps there would be a reversal of roles in which this time around you would be the one to take care of her. Alternatively, the plant could be a symbol of your own child on the way. Either way, this new element to your relationship would make you closer to each other and give you satisfaction.
Mother giving birth to twins We were gonna go to Vegas and my mom left to the hospital and she calls me that she had twins. Then that she was back to our place and that she was in her room holding one baby in her arms and the room was dark with white candles everywhere. Dreaming that your mother gave birth to twins shows that you are confident in your abilities. Perhaps this knowledge and skill came from your formal education, or maybe you learned it from experience or keen observation. As a result of this self-confidence, you would soon make others believe in you too and, consequently, double your material wealth or your current income. Seeing your mother holding one baby at the end of the vision suggests that your hopes and dreams would soon come true, meaning that any task you are currently working on is likely to result in success.
Mother sitting in bed and being condescending It took place at a friend's house whom I used to stay with. I was running upstairs and I don't know why, but I was in a panic when I got upstairs to the bedroom. My mom was sitting up straight on the bed back against the wall and feet straight in front. And I started pleading or begging "Please mom tell them I'm good" over and over, and she turned to me with this evil look and said with a sarcastic kind of chuckle "Yeah, you are good" rolling her eyes. A dream wherein you see yourself rushing up the stairs symbolizes that you are presently chasing after your goals. Although it's necessary to pursue your ambitions, perhaps you are making certain mistakes or omissions in the process. You need to be more careful regarding what your plans are to actually achieve your objectives and make sure you don't leave your loved ones behind. Perhaps you too feel that you are making a few blunders here and there and your guilty conscience has manifested itself in this dream. The notion that you were seeking your mother's approval and she felt otherwise signifies that you may have hurt your loved ones and are aware about the fact. Just make sure you take into account the feelings of the people you love while striving for your success.
Deceased parents handling bricks My parents have died. I dreamed that my parents are picking up some of the old bricks which are used in the yard of my childhood. I told him these extra bricks and old and better we pour out. He said they were supposed to build a platform and yet not at home without having to build. And I said I'll do it myself. The old bricks your parents were picking up in your dream represent thoughts and insights they have collected throughout their lifetime. Then again, those individual pieces may only be related to the time and experience they had as a couple, including starting their own family, since the setting was in your childhood's backyard. As such, the task of building a platform could be your efforts at holding on to their memories and their legacy. This may be your way of coping with the loss. You want to pay tribute to their wisdom and contributions not only to your own family, but also to the community they touched and influenced.
Parents keeping and feeding fat children Hi, I am a 14-year old boy from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had this creepy dream a few times. I was in a cave under my house, and my parents were there, and a lot of fat kids. Somehow I found out that my parents were feeding them for some reason. I try to escape, but my parents stop me, eventually I escape, and run a bit, then I wake up. The cave under your house represents some dark side to your family, one that you may not be fully aware of. Perhaps it is some family secret or just a belief that does not feel right based on your modern moral standards. The overweight children your parents were feeding reveal their attempts to control your and others' way of thinking or their desire that you share in the family legacy. Escaping at the end of the vision, then, suggests you would be able to break free from this controlling, morally questionable environment, although it may take a lot of time and effort to do so.
Grandmother concerned about the kids' safety This is my mom's dreams, she won't leave me alone. She keeps having the same dream that someone steals my children away. I am a helicopter mom, so hard to see this happening. It's getting really irritating because I think her dream has more of a meaning then just someone is going to kidnap my kids. She keeps telling me, texting me for months that I need to look out because someone is going to kidnap my little kids, help please, thank you. It's distressing. Your mother's recurring dream about your children being taken away or kidnapped likely reveals her anxieties regarding her own relationship with your children. She may be afraid of losing touch with them or being unable to relate to them as they grow up and develop their own identities. In a sense, the people or forces in her dream taking away your children represent all the changes, both physical and psychological, that may or may not create a distance between her and your children. Perhaps it could also refer to some new information or developments which could change the way they interact and she wants to protect them from the harsh realities of the world.
Father traveling I dreamt about my father traveling. Traveling in dreams alludes to success and progress. Therefore, dreaming that your father is traveling could symbolize a promotion or a successful undertaking in his future. On the other hand, travel can also be interpreted as distance and departure. Perhaps you are afraid of losing bond or connection with your father because of his busy schedule and other commitments.
Mother threatening with knives Hi, I'm female. The other night I had a dream where my mum was threatening me with knives, then slashed both my arms open and left me there to bleed. We haven't been on the best terms lately. Thanks! Knives in dreams generally allude to conflict and discord developing within your relationships, especially those involving family members and close friends. The knife in this instance symbolizes the threat of severing ties and bonds with your loved ones. In addition, wounded arms represent your inability to get yourself together as well as a difficulty to reach out. Your conflict and misunderstanding with your mother may be reaching its boiling point which could make it more difficult to patch things up with her.
Sick mother being assaulted and taken away My mother with dementia was lying outside, I could not pick her up alone as she did not recognize me. I went for help but looked back and saw people heading towards her. I went back and managed to get her to the street, but a large red pick up appeared with 3 guys in it. They said what nasty things they wanted to do to her and one produced a large billhook. I asked a passerby for help but the guy with the billhook slit his throat and dragged mum into the pick up before speeding off. I could not read the number plate and was left standing in the middle of the road helpless and distraught. Dreaming about your mother is usually considered to have positive symbolism. However, dreaming about a mother who is sick and suffering from dementia negates the optimism of this sign. It portends a period of gloom and unhappiness which is about to enter your waking life. The notion of you running around and looking for help indicates that you would try your best to alleviate the problems which surround you but your efforts would remain unsuccessful. It would be helpful if you try to overcome your fears and apprehensions. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, make sure you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This would help you stay strong and not be swayed by any calamities appearing in your path.
Unable to visit mother in hospital In my dream my mum was in hospital with hours to live, she was completely unresponsive. When visiting her I could not go in her room. I had to watch from a computer screen, like a web cam. I was pleading to tell her I love her and she had done a great job but was not allowed in the room. My mum is alive and well in real life. I see her everyday. I am a 26 year old female. Dreaming about a close relative dying in a hospital bed is not a literal warning of what could happen, however, it could signal that some future events could take place regarding this specific person. Your mother, in this case, could become the source of some surprising news which could change your opinion about her and perhaps cause you to feel disappointed or embarrassed. But your willingness to let go of the older version of your mother and accept the new one is the key to learning how to deal with the issue. Your mother dying in the dream could be a metaphor for your own perception of who she is used to be up to this moment.
Discovering who the real father is First, I was asleep in my dream in a restaurant and then my friend's crush was there and my mother and my father were also there. When I was sleeping they were talking how my friend's crush was my father. My friend's crush was sold to one of my mother's brothers then something happened so that is how I was born in my dream. The notion of an alternative narrative about how you were born could mean you are feeling unhappy with your current situation and you wish for things to be different. Since you envisioned your friend's crush as your parent, it could mean you perhaps desire the kind of social life or prestige this person has and that is why you were replacing him with your real father. Perhaps your own family relations are imperfect according to you, making you dissatisfied with your domestic circle.
Father purposefully crashing a plane with family My dad takes me and my entire family on a plane and stars flying really really low across this crystal clear blue water. He then purposely crashes the plane into massive crocodile-invested waters with me and my family on the plane as well as my animals. When I wake up my family are gone and I'm still underwater trying to save the animals. When I get out I find my mum and the rest of my family besides my dad I later in the dream find out he's a murderer and was purposely trying to kill us. Dreaming that you are flying low may allude to carefully reviewing some aspects of your life. Likely, you are obsessing over past events that embarrassed or upset you, especially because the flight resulted in a crash. Plane crashes in the universe of dreams often appear as the manifestation of dark, suicidal thoughts on the part of the dreamer. While you may not actually be contemplating taking your life, it would be wise to consult others outside of the affairs you are worried about in order to get another perspective. Things are probably not as dire as they seem. Finally, the crocodile infested waters may mean that someone has put these bad thoughts into your head for their personal gain. If you are caught up worrying about minor transgressions in the past, they may be able to get ahead or use your distraction to further their own goals.
Stepmother and father getting back together My stepmom and dad got back together and my stepmom was worse that when they were together in real life. Dreaming of your stepmom or stepmother means you are looking for a nurturing presence in your life. However, since she is portrayed as being difficult in the dream, then you could be trying to justify her absence. In fact, while their separation in reality may have been a relief for you, a part of you could be feeling guilty or at least curious about what would have happened if you all got along.
Parents getting re-married I am female, I dreamt my parents getting married, my mom was in a white dress with sparkling embroidery while my dad wore black. My sis wore a floral dress with a black leather jacket. I can't remember what I or my other sister and brother was wearing. Dreaming that your parents are getting married signifies harmonious relationships. If things have been rocky at home, then you would pleased to know that everything would settle down soon. The conflicts could even bring you and your family closer than ever. In addition, the contrast between the floral dress and the leather jacket means a sibling or loved one may be the source of misunderstanding or arguments in your household because of being too stubborn. Fortunately, a calm and diplomatic approach can soothe hurt feelings and bring peace in your family once more.
Dying and unable to say goodbye to parents I am a 16 year old girl on an exchange year away from home. My dream was about me dying and I never got to say goodbye to my parents. I could still see them but they couldn’t see me and all I wanted was to tell them that I love them, but I couldn’t. Dreaming that you are dying indicates an upcoming health problem. Your immune system is weak, so there is a high chance that you would contract an illness after being exposed to viruses in your environment. You would need to take some time off from your regular activities in order to fully recover. During times when the physical body is fragile or vulnerable, the mind often drifts to places of comfort and familiar faces. This is why your subconscious conjured the images of your parents not only to reassure you, but also to remind you of what you truly value in this life.
Parents on the ground at night It was a clear dark blue night, and I was walking down a street in the hills with trees, grass and flowers. I went to the neighborhood's security gate and the security guard pointed to a lit-up workshop underground, where men and women were moving large cardboard boxes to conveyor belts. I walked back out onto the main road, and I saw my mom and dad in sleeping bags in the center of the road. They were arguing about buying a luxury car, I walked away and it turned into a loud electronic noise. Taking a stroll on a clear night denotes contentment. Together with the verdant hill, it seems like you are happy with whatever accomplishments you have achieved so far. However, other people in your life could be expecting more from you. The neighbor, therefore, refers to more accomplished and more successful peers who are constantly being compared to you. Their wealth and prosperity are illustrated by the security detail and bustling activity at the workshop. Your parents arguing about buying a luxury car reveals their aspirations of running a bigger business or climbing up the social ladder. They could be pressuring you to be more enterprising and ambitious, but your transformation at the end suggests defiance. You would rather follow your instincts rather than accede to the demands of others.
Mother being hostile towards a crush My mom was yelling at the guy I liked about me and then punched him. I started crying and she said that I'm just trash and he could be with anyone else. I'm not worth anything. She left. I ran to him and his entire face was swollen and bloody. I took him to the hospital and sat with him. A parent's disapproval in a dream of a significant other or someone you are interested in usually reveals conflicting interests. In your case, you and your mom are engaged in a tug-of-war, especially when it comes to your choices. The guy, in this case, represents your interests and passions which your mom disapproves of. Punching him actually refers to her tendency to force her views and opinions on you, so you end up arguing over your differences. At the moment, you are not ready to capitulate, this is why you decided to run to the guy and took him to the hospital. You know what you want and you are willing to stand up to your mom for it.
Mother with a penis Seeing a penis on my mother and touching it. Envisioning your mother with a penis means you view her as someone powerful and authoritative. This could also be a reflection of your inferiority complex due to your mother's strict parenting and controlling nature. On the other hand, touching a penis suggests intimacy issues. You could meet someone who would urge you to perform certain sexual fantasies which you are not willing to do. Your poor self-esteem could also affect your ability to find pleasure in the bedroom.
Running away from parents I ran away with a boy and he tells me I will never see my parents again. Then he kills someone and we get chased by the cops. After that he ditched me and I get caught. The way I get caught is that I came out of my hiding spot. The cops thought I was kidnapped but I told them I was not. Then a female cop gives me a huge bag of candy and takes me back to my parents. Running away with a boy means you do not feel accepted or do not have a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, someone will take advantage of your weakness and insecurity. In fact, witnessing someone commit a murder means a person you love and trust will hurt you out of spite because they want to take something away from you. While you are wallowing in self-pity, someone out there is actually envious of you and wishes to live in your shoes. Fortunately, your elders and authority figures, represented by the cops, would talk some sense into you. They would help you improve your self-esteem and recognize your strengths. Once you get to that stage, the huge bag or box of candy means you are going to achieve the happiness you deserve.
Carrying father into a room I was sitting under a tree in the dream, when I suddenly saw my father going to pray at the mosque, unfortunately he stopped and was looking at one place so I ran to help carry him to his room by lifting him up. When I approached his room I saw my sister. I asked her to open my father's room because I was carrying him and I could not open the door by myself. She was on something so I yelled at her that it's the time she opens the door. Sitting under a tree means you are going to receive some unexpected but very positive news. You could be thriving in your workplace and be recognized for your performance. Unfortunately, while you are excelling at your job, seeing your father going to a mosque suggests your father is going to experience a personal crisis. This would test his beliefs and faith which would limit his ability to support your family. So, carrying your father symbolizes your need to step up and take care of your family while he is going through a lot of issues. The end of the dream where you asked your sister to open the door means you are going to need your family's support and for them to pitch in because you cannot handle all the responsibilities on your own.
Driving with sick mother Dream about driving a car with my mother being sick. Seeing your mother sick in a dream means you are struggling with a difficult problem or a stressful issue. This problem has probably been passed down to you by your relatives. You are the one carrying this burden and that is why you are the one driving in the dream. You need to push through and show a brave front because there are people depending on you to keep things together. No matter how much you are suffering, you cannot afford to buckle.
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