Building a house with father After my dad had drawn the house pattern and laid an under the earth foundation for a new house, I found myself taking over from him by laying the first blocks on the earth. However, I found myself struggling as I have never built a house before and had no idea of how to lay the blocks. Nevertheless, I proceeded in a "trial by error approach". I also stopped a few times to ask questions not feeling sure of what I was doing. It was frustrating. This dream shows the type of bond you have with your father. His pattern and initial efforts to build the foundation of the house alludes to your view of your father as the individual who provides support to the family, financial or otherwise. Consequently, taking over his work could reflect your sense of responsibility to take care of your family when he is not around or incapable of performing his fatherly duties. Perhaps there are circumstances that prevent or hinder your father from being fully functional and you have to assume the role of the guardian in those instances. Or it could be that you are trying to follow his footsteps because you have high regard for him. You look to him for guidance and respect his words of wisdom unconditionally.
Friend's mother behaving inappropriately I, myself, am a straight girl and my good friend's mother was being awfully friendly to me in this dream. She was kissing me and grabbing my butt and I remember her falling on top of me kissing me as my friend was watching from afar not doing anything but standing there. It was in my middle school kind of setting. It was very unpleasant and made me feel uncomfortable. Dreaming that you are sexually involved with your friend's mother in this dream reveals your state of confusion. Even without exhibiting homosexual tendencies, something worth noticing may have sparked some interest in you towards your friend's mom. As a result, your subconscious mind is trying to sort out your emotional reactions to this person's behavior to figure out the cause. There is a possibility that you are questioning your own sex drives and femininity because you sense a disconnect or discomfort whenever you are around her. On the other hand, if there is absolutely nothing sexual about your reactions or encounters with her in reality, then it may stem from your need to find affection or validation from the people you are attracted to.
Mother naked during praying I was dreaming that I was sent to someone to pray for me, while we were about to start, my mum showed up naked and I chased her. Dreaming that others are praying for you denotes your need for some guidance in life. You may be feeling lost and possibly without purpose, hence your loved ones are starting to worry. In the meantime, your parents, particularly your mom, who are responsible for guiding and providing you with advice may be preoccupied with their own problems, leaving you to navigate the world around you on your own, for the most part. Her naked appearance refers to possible secrets which could be revealed. You may be interested in uncovering her past to be able to relate to her better.
The mother of three evil brothers There are three lethal brothers, grown ups, seen to be wearing all dark suit and tie. They had an ill mother whom they loved but abandoned her except the first brother, he has always cherished and appreciated her. The first time I saw these brothers was on a dark rainy night. They drove until they almost ran into me. Suddenly I met their mother and for no reason she seemed to me as a loved one. The dream ended when the mother fell terribly ill and almost collapsed, until I got her. Men in dark suits are an ill omen to experience in a dream vision. They often predict becoming the victim of someone or a group of people who are out to deceive you, possibly by offering you an opportunity that seems too good to be true. The rainy night which characterized your first experience with these men suggests that you tend to shut yourself off from others, making it difficult to find someone to rely on in situations like these when you may need extra help or back-up. Catching the mother at the end of the vision could mean finding a way to pick yourself up off the ground after this situation has passed, but it may take some time to get back on your feet again.
Elderly mother giving birth to a boy I had a dream that my mom who is 90 years old gave birth to a baby boy in my unfinished home. She was tired and in pain but was still able to walk. She handed me the baby, and as soon as I held him, he threw up on me. Why did I dream that my mom who is old, gave birth, and why did the baby throw up on me even though I am great with kids? I am the mother of two teenage girls. Witnessing your mom giving birth in the dream alludes to your inheritance. The baby represents the wealth that could be passed down to you. This wealth could either be material or something intangible like memories and the wisdom she has passed on to you in the course of raising you. Consequently, the baby's vomit hints at the unsavory aspects of this inheritance. You may end up resenting some of the things, memories or lessons she may leave behind. Perhaps you need to work a little harder to uncover and understand the true value of her legacy.
Father in danger and being kidnapped In the last couple weeks, I've had two dreams about my father being in danger. In one, people were coming to kill him at our house and in the other, he was kidnapped from his car on the street and disappeared. Does this mean anything? I can't find anything online about it! Thank you. Both dreams about your father reveal a contrasting presence of a gap or distance between the two of you. In the first one, which involves someone trying to kill him, there is an allusion to perhaps your hidden desire to overpower your father. Maybe you feel he is very controlling and the killer in the dream represents your suppressed anger and animosity towards him. Similarly, the second dream of him getting kidnapped points to your reluctance to accept his views. It is also possible that you do not want to follow his footsteps and want instead to forge your own path.
Bathing and good news from parents I'm a girl of 20 yrs... I was in a dream, I went to a public tap to fetch water, the line of buckets was long, but soon I fetched it. I went to a hall in my house to bathe, I wore a long white singlet that reached my laps... I didn't want to bend when scooping the water, so I squatted splashing the water gently to soothe my body. Then my dad came around smiling that he has good news. Telling me that he bought 931 bags of rice. I saw my mum too besides him I smiled. Then I woke up. A dream wherein you see yourself splashing water on your body suggests that you are presently going through a significant change or letting go of your traditional beliefs or long-held values. It involves altering your views on life and learning to cope with the world in a completely new and different way. Perhaps you started to realize that your prior thoughts were a misconception and you had outgrown them both spiritually and emotionally. Seeing your father and your mother in the same dream is a symbol that further reinforces the personal transformation you have been undergoing. It suggests that you are heading in a favorable direction during which fortune and success would be on your side.
Buying a plant for mother Buying a plant for my mother. Plants in dreams allude to fertility, wealth and growth. Hence, buying a plant for your mother in the dream bears a positive message. It is possible that you would soon be repaying your mother for all her efforts in raising you. Perhaps there would be a reversal of roles in which this time around you would be the one to take care of her. Alternatively, the plant could be a symbol of your own child on the way. Either way, this new element to your relationship would make you closer to each other and give you satisfaction.
Mother giving birth to twins We were gonna go to Vegas and my mom left to the hospital and she calls me that she had twins. Then that she was back to our place and that she was in her room holding one baby in her arms and the room was dark with white candles everywhere. Dreaming that your mother gave birth to twins shows that you are confident in your abilities. Perhaps this knowledge and skill came from your formal education, or maybe you learned it from experience or keen observation. As a result of this self-confidence, you would soon make others believe in you too and, consequently, double your material wealth or your current income. Seeing your mother holding one baby at the end of the vision suggests that your hopes and dreams would soon come true, meaning that any task you are currently working on is likely to result in success.
Mother sitting in bed and being condescending It took place at a friend's house whom I used to stay with. I was running upstairs and I don't know why, but I was in a panic when I got upstairs to the bedroom. My mom was sitting up straight on the bed back against the wall and feet straight in front. And I started pleading or begging "Please mom tell them I'm good" over and over, and she turned to me with this evil look and said with a sarcastic kind of chuckle "Yeah, you are good" rolling her eyes. A dream wherein you see yourself rushing up the stairs symbolizes that you are presently chasing after your goals. Although it's necessary to pursue your ambitions, perhaps you are making certain mistakes or omissions in the process. You need to be more careful regarding what your plans are to actually achieve your objectives and make sure you don't leave your loved ones behind. Perhaps you too feel that you are making a few blunders here and there and your guilty conscience has manifested itself in this dream. The notion that you were seeking your mother's approval and she felt otherwise signifies that you may have hurt your loved ones and are aware about the fact. Just make sure you take into account the feelings of the people you love while striving for your success.
Deceased parents handling bricks My parents have died. I dreamed that my parents are picking up some of the old bricks which are used in the yard of my childhood. I told him these extra bricks and old and better we pour out. He said they were supposed to build a platform and yet not at home without having to build. And I said I'll do it myself. The old bricks your parents were picking up in your dream represent thoughts and insights they have collected throughout their lifetime. Then again, those individual pieces may only be related to the time and experience they had as a couple, including starting their own family, since the setting was in your childhood's backyard. As such, the task of building a platform could be your efforts at holding on to their memories and their legacy. This may be your way of coping with the loss. You want to pay tribute to their wisdom and contributions not only to your own family, but also to the community they touched and influenced.
Parents keeping and feeding fat children Hi, I am a 14-year old boy from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had this creepy dream a few times. I was in a cave under my house, and my parents were there, and a lot of fat kids. Somehow I found out that my parents were feeding them for some reason. I try to escape, but my parents stop me, eventually I escape, and run a bit, then I wake up. The cave under your house represents some dark side to your family, one that you may not be fully aware of. Perhaps it is some family secret or just a belief that does not feel right based on your modern moral standards. The overweight children your parents were feeding reveal their attempts to control your and others' way of thinking or their desire that you share in the family legacy. Escaping at the end of the vision, then, suggests you would be able to break free from this controlling, morally questionable environment, although it may take a lot of time and effort to do so.
Grandmother concerned about the kids' safety This is my mom's dreams, she won't leave me alone. She keeps having the same dream that someone steals my children away. I am a helicopter mom, so hard to see this happening. It's getting really irritating because I think her dream has more of a meaning then just someone is going to kidnap my kids. She keeps telling me, texting me for months that I need to look out because someone is going to kidnap my little kids, help please, thank you. It's distressing. Your mother's recurring dream about your children being taken away or kidnapped likely reveals her anxieties regarding her own relationship with your children. She may be afraid of losing touch with them or being unable to relate to them as they grow up and develop their own identities. In a sense, the people or forces in her dream taking away your children represent all the changes, both physical and psychological, that may or may not create a distance between her and your children. Perhaps it could also refer to some new information or developments which could change the way they interact and she wants to protect them from the harsh realities of the world.
Father traveling I dreamt about my father traveling. Traveling in dreams alludes to success and progress. Therefore, dreaming that your father is traveling could symbolize a promotion or a successful undertaking in his future. On the other hand, travel can also be interpreted as distance and departure. Perhaps you are afraid of losing bond or connection with your father because of his busy schedule and other commitments.
Mother threatening with knives Hi, I'm female. The other night I had a dream where my mum was threatening me with knives, then slashed both my arms open and left me there to bleed. We haven't been on the best terms lately. Thanks! Knives in dreams generally allude to conflict and discord developing within your relationships, especially those involving family members and close friends. The knife in this instance symbolizes the threat of severing ties and bonds with your loved ones. In addition, wounded arms represent your inability to get yourself together as well as a difficulty to reach out. Your conflict and misunderstanding with your mother may be reaching its boiling point which could make it more difficult to patch things up with her.
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