Mother going through strange transformations Hi, I've just had a pretty bad dream, but it will sound like I have mental issues which I don't. Here goes, then I was talking to my mum, she was in pain, then being killed by sunlight coming through a window, then she immediately changed into what I can only describe as a my little pony toy. Please don't laugh it was really bad I needed to ring her straight away after waking up. Seeing your mother in great pain is often interpreted as a sign that, subconsciously, you recognize your mother is going through some difficult time or has been carrying some burden. The image of her being killed by sunlight is particularly strong, indicating that she may be avoiding asking for help or trying to avoid the presence of those who might see these difficulties. You may want to take special care of your mother and make sure she is getting the love and attention she needs, not just from you, but from other important friends and family members. Seeing her turn into a toy or TV character reflects your desire to see that she is happier and well taken care of. Acting on these feelings and showing her you care is probably the best way to improve her morale.
Confronting mother who left in the past and died later My brother and I were in a big house, and we entered the third door on the left. We saw our mom sitting criss cross on the floor, so we sat next to her. We asked the question "did you fight for us when we were in court?", she said "No I didn't but...". I woke up before she could finish. She was pale skinned and skinny, I couldn't remember her face. My mom left when I was 3, and died when I was 14, I never knew her, just had one picture of her. Dreaming about arguing or trying to initiate a confrontation with a deceased parent, no matter how distant or detached you may have been in the past, signifies potential losses or shortcomings. It can also mean some unfavorable events or circumstances coming into play against your will or as external forces. The big house you were in within this dream is significant of your longing to fill the void left by parental and physical departure of your mother, but conflicts, or things leading to possible conflicts, with the deceased in a dream are usually a harbinger of negative things or experiences to surface in reality.
Parents' approval to live together My lady love had dreamed between 4am to 6am. The dream was that "her parents had given permission to live with me and told he's good for you". Having your girlfriend's parents expressing consent and amicability toward your relationship with her indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on things outside of this relationship and her needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road. Your girlfriend is subconsciously projecting things she is not happy about as far as the two of you are concerned, and she could be replacing the negative aspects of this relationship with things that are brighter and much more promising.
Trying to help relatives and failing at it Just repeatedly with both my dad and grandfather, and I was helping my grandfather to get in a wheelchair and I was calling for emergency help and couldn't get through. Dreaming about being with your family suggests you are close to them and rely on them for help. This is especially the case with your father and grandfather, possibly because they have taught you some life lessons that ring true in your life. Calling for help on behalf of someone else predicts getting help when you need it, most likely from either your father or grandfather. You should listen to any advice they are willing to dispense, as it may serve you well in the future.
Discovering that parents are dead I wake up to the fact that I have been asleep for 2-3 days and that this time that I awake from my sleep I am told that my father has passed and they take me to the car were they have the coffin with his body and then, once there, I am told that my mother has passed as well and then I am going home to find that I have moved. All my sisters are there and they tell me that mom's ashes are there in the house placed behind one of the walls, and I cant stop crying and asking why, just to be told that it was my fault that their dying was my fault. Dreaming about learning that one or both of your parents have died, when they are alive in reality, predicts upcoming issues and troubles and the need on your part to watch for quickly changing circumstances or unexpected developments in your personal life and family matters. This dream is warning you about a looming danger or unexpected events which will throw you off course from regular activities or obligations you have to perform in your everyday life. The dream vision you had also contains strong signals that you may have recently done something or have not acted in a timely manner to trigger unfavorable consequences which may affect you and other family members, not necessarily your parents. The dream therefore advises to be on the lookout in order to prevent worse things from happening.
Mother pregnant and eating sweets My mom getting pregnant and I am eating sweets. This is a strange vision with two opposing symbols. On one hand, the image of your mother being pregnant predicts some serious misfortune in your life, likely related to your mother. This means she may become ill or have some terrible misfortune befall her. However, envisioning yourself eating sweets, whether as a result of her being pregnant or as a separate part of the dream, represents happiness, joy, and satisfaction in your life. This dream can be interpreted literally to mean that you should expect a series of major ups and downs in your life or that something good is able to come out of something bad, the proverbial silver lining.
Mother kneeling over a grave My mom kneeling on all four over a grave with a cross marker. You have not specified whether your mother is alive, and if she is, the image of her being near a grave means that she is about to receive a news or other type of information from very far away. If the grave in this dream was freshly dug up and open, the news would be extremely negative and upsetting for her. If the grave was covered with earth or had a tombstone, it could predict upcoming health issues or sickness, affecting either her or someone else inside your family circle.
Father ignoring and not talking back My father walked into the house to help with something, I can't remember what, and he wouldn't talk to me even though I wanted him to. Entrance of your father, who is ignoring you, in the house signifies that a vestige of your arrogance in your youth still exists as a part of your personality. The absence of direct contact specifically points out that your perfectionism and drive towards independence could actually turn into obstacles in your life. You should pause to contemplate whether there is a discrepancy between your idealized self and your current situation. You may want to reinvent your ability to be a good speaker, but also a good listener as well, which will eliminate small grains of hypocrisy from your social relations.
Filing paperwork and losing the sight of the spouse I was filling out paperwork and when it was my turn, the father of my son approached the clerk and told her we were there for him to sing over all rights over our son. We later walked out to the bus stop, I got on the bus, but he said he needed to used the bathroom and the bus left without him. I felt nervous because he did not have money to get back, so I got out of the bus and looked for him in a corner store and eventually he showed up and I woke up. This vision is full of nostalgia but suggests these memories may be holding you back. For example, filling out paperwork in regards to the guardianship of your son in this dream indicates that you could be focusing on how things once were instead of how they should be. While remembering where you have come from is important, it could distract you from your future and prevent you from making progress on your goals and dreams. This is also supported by being at a bus stop, which indicates that you believe in true love and may think someone from your past is the one deserving your time and affection. By not considering others who may provide you with the same in your present or future, you may be missing out on the person you are really waiting for.
Having a strange woman as mother and rejected by real mom I use to have a dream where I was young again and I was a different skin color, I was a little darker than usual. In my dream I remember I saw my mom and I wanted to go up to her, but I was pulled back by this lady who said "What are you doing?" and I answered "Let me go, I'm going with my mom" and she was laughing and telling her, "Sorry I do not know what has gotten into my daughter." I was like "You're not my mom, let me go." I got out of her grip, crying and trying to run to my real mom and she said "Sweetie, I am not your mom, she is". I just kept crying non-stop, until I woke up. Honestly I haven't figured it out yet. This vision is a highly ominous sign in regards to your personal life and emotional well-being. Dreaming of yourself being different from what you are in wake life is a revelation that your subconscious is manifesting a different version of yourself, probably an aspect of your personality which you dislike and try to hide from others. This could include your desire to minimize the presence of such a trait to such a degree that your subconscious self is not even recognizable by your own mother in this dream. Furthermore, the presence of a different mother could point to others learning about your weakness anyway and using it to take advantage of you. It may be time to come to peace with yourself and use this experience as an opportunity to become stronger.
Father talking to a strange boy who came by My father had a dream last night. A boy 8 or 9 came into his house, got a drink of water and they spoke. He said he lived in the neighborhood for a long time. When asked, my father then said it was time to go home. He then said if that is what you think I should do. What does that mean? Your father might have seen a portentous sign in his dream, namely that there could be unexpected news waiting for him when he finally returns home or to his roots. In this case, however, home doesn't necessarily need to be a specific place. It could be something more abstract, such as a person who made him feel safe or cared for or, perhaps, a routine that was once familiar to him. Once he gets back to where he was, he may become aware of some aspect or part of himself he never realized before.
Ill mother becoming healthy again Someone dreamt my ill wheelchair-bound mother was walking and being her old self again. When someone dreams about your close relative being back to normal, it is suggestive of you being in control of your domestic matters, such as chores or housekeeping as well as other matters related to your home, like bills, taxes and budget. Because your home life is in order and under control, you should be able to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation that comes with the peace of knowing everything is taken care of. It is probably a good idea, however, not to procrastinate or let things pile up, as this may lead to chaos and uncertainty in life.
Fighting with father but reconciling at the end This is the second time I would dream of having a fight with my dad. This particular time, we had a misunderstanding again and he was going to hit me, I was upset and I took my things and left the house. On the road, he came with his friends to talk to me, I thought he was coming to capture me, so I wanted to start running, then he broke down in tears and asked why I am dishonoring him, so I broke down and went to him, and woke up crying and we reconciled. Arguing or fighting with a parent suggests unresolved issues in your family. Problems and issues evaded or bottled up in real life are pushing their way into the dream world, forcing you to acknowledge and confront them. The fear that he will use violence against you speaks of a lack of emotional connection between the two of you. Perhaps you are not communicating enough, hence you tend to walk on eggshells when dealing with each other. Running away from home also alludes to avoidance of problematic situations. It seems, however, that you want to settle matters once and for all, as evidenced by the reconciliation towards the end of your dream. Your subconscious is guiding you to a resolution which requires a head-on approach instead of running away or pretending that the problems do not exist.
Being attacked by naked parents while in the washroom My dream was that I was sitting on the toilet and I'm sure that I did lock the door. Then my dad and mom walked in, they were both naked. My dad started to spray "Raid" (ant and roach killer) on my face and body. He kept yelling "There's rats in here!". But I never saw any! He also kept telling me "Hurry up, we want to shower!" I kept yelling "Jose, Jose, Jose" for my husband to come help me, but he never came to the restroom! Jose actually woke me up! Using the toilet in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of trying to rid yourself of other people's misconceptions and perceptions about you. Other people may believe you have not changed over the years, but the truth is that you have become very different and no longer want to be treated the same way. This is further supported by the image of your parents trying to kill bugs around you, which symbolizes other people meddling in your life, perhaps influencing you to be or act a certain way. Calling out for your husband indicates your trust and reliance on your spouse, suggesting that he understands the true you. However, it may take more time and effort to convince those who are not as close to you as your husband.
Father kidnapped during Halloween In my dream it is Halloween and I am at a party in the basement with friends and family. We are trying on costumes, a bag with a cell phone appears, it rings, no one knows whose it is, so I answer it. It is my dad calling from someone's basement or something saying he is gonna die, that a guy kidnapped him and has been holding him hostage and torturing him. My sister and brother-in-law don't care, they start to party harder and talk about selling his things. I go looking for him. I never find him. Halloween suggests voluntary or forced transformation. Trying on costumes points to a desire to shake off inhibitions and assume a new identity in order to fully express yourself. On the other hand, it could also refer to a tendency to hide who you truly are. This act of putting on the facades is likely causing a strain in the family. Perhaps there is a need to communicate more with each other, as represented by the phone. Your father being kidnapped in the dream alludes to a reluctance on your part to follow in his footsteps. He may have certain expectations from you that you do not necessarily agree with. However, it seems that you are concerned about your father's well-being. This means that although you may not see each other face to face sometimes, there is still an effort to reach out and hash out problems between the two of you.
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