Father after a surgery with dreadful scenes Had a terrible dream, wherein my father got operated. And later he was carried to a river along with the bed. He was drifting in water. Fearful view of water filled with blood. Later immediately after he recovered, leaving wheelchair, he started going down using staircase very fast. I was trying to chase and get a hold of him. I was chasing over the steps. Finally I reached him, he held me and gave blessing for me as final words from him. Your father's operation in the dream alludes to letting go of unnecessary and undesirable aspects of himself. He may be on the cusp of a personal transformation. Drifting across the river which later on shifts to a view of bloody waters is a warning of a potential disaster. In relation to leaving his wheelchair which means freedom and independence, the vision's message seems to refer to an upcoming death in the family. The rest of the symbols contain the same message of release, letting go and moving on. Running downstairs connotes a regression or going back to where your father came from. Your subconscious could be reassuring you and preparing you for eventually making peace with the imminent passing of your kin.
Mother appearing in dreams, but without face My mother comes to my dreams like 4 or 5 times a year and it's always in a stressful and struggling manner, but I can never see her face! Or is she trying to tell me something? That I could be missing her? I always feel sad after one of these dreams. A recurring dream about your mother could be due to some unresolved matter between the two of you. The fact that the tone of the vision is stressful alludes to your ongoing preoccupation with your mother. On the one hand, you may just be seeking her help and guidance if you are going through a troubling period as mother's presence and love can be comforting. On the other hand, it may be a sign of guilt. Perhaps you have not been in touch with her, hence the obscure manifestation of her face in this dream vision, and this is your subconsciousness reminding you to reach out.
Being told to live in exile I dreamt that I came home and my mom was telling me we needed to pack up because we had to go to a concentration camp. So, I started packing and woke up right before we left the house. A dream with references to the Holocaust could be a result of consuming material about that period in you waking life. Reading a book about it, watching a movie, or having relatives and ancestors who experienced this grim part of history can store these images and symbols in your subconscious. If it is not a current exposure to the subject matter, then its associations could be the reason why you dreamed about it. The concentration camp suggest confinement, imprisonment and torture. Are you perhaps feeling marginalized in reality? Packing up and heading to the concentration camp reveals a threat of losing your existing freedom. Some major change may come up in which you could be forced to give up some luxuries and liberties.
Mother having someone else in place of real dad I had a dream that I found out my mom had an affair and my real dad was someone else. I was insanely upset, angry and sad because I didn't want that person to be my real dad. Dreaming about your mother having an affair when such a situation has never occurred in waking life can be the manifestation of your feelings in regards to how you perceive others, although not necessarily related to their choice in partners. Affairs are normally associated with the idea of lost and forgotten dreams, so you may see that the people around you are struggling to make their dreams come true but you are powerless to change this situation for better. Your feelings in this vision may reflect similar, but more general emotions you go through in the real world.
Mother dreaming about bad things happening My mother dreamt about me crying and there was a cream table facing upside down, so what does that mean?? The dream your mother had, of you crying and a cream table upside down, points to a period of negativity in her future. A time of misery and misfortune that could stem from a disagreement with her friends or neighbors. This trying time would not last too long, however, it could even be considered a wake-up call for her to change a disagreeable facet of her life, and maybe you are the one who can tell her about it.
Uneasy relationship with a deceased father My dad came into my room and fingered me. And I let him. But it felt like a dream within a dream because next, he just sat down beside me with some food and watched TV. We were talking and he was saying how he came to my graduation and I said no you didn't. You couldn't have because you are dead. And then I woke up crying. Having this strange kind of a relationship with your father is associated with the idea of making decisions or observations based on broad generalizations about a certain situation or group of people. Your inability to distinguish a singular entity from the whole could have negative effects on your interactions with others, especially newer relations. The fact that your father has already passed could suggest your way of thinking is based on things you heard or experienced in the past, perhaps pointing toward a "fossilization" of your ideas and beliefs. It might be wise, then, to spend some time actively looking at arguments which challenge your stances and see if what you believe in stands up to the test.
Father being arrested by police I heard a knock on my door and it was the police calling for my dad. I watched out my window as they arrested him, but when I went downstairs he was there, smiled at me "Hi, honey". Dreaming that the police arrest your father, but when you discover later that he seems to be fine, points to the possibility of you needing help, either now or in the future. The fact that it was your dad that you saw the police arresting could mean that he may be able to help with whatever it is that you would need help with. Do not be afraid of asking him for assistance if the situation calls for it.
Mother with skin disintegrating I had a dream that I was talking to my mother. She didn't feel well and showed me the skin on her chest and arms and it was full of holes and the skin was stretched out and hanging a bit (no blood, muscle, or bone showing - just black nothingness in the holes), but it was like it was just deteriorating off of her. In real (waking) life, my mother was just diagnosed with stage IV bone cancer. It probably has something to do with that, but is there any other meaning? This dream is really scaring me. This dream reveals your concerns about your mother's health and well-being. In a more general sense, this vision represents how you view the deteriorating state of your mom, literally slipping away and disintegrating. The black holes of nothingness scattered on her body symbolize the wasting of the mother you remember. The disease could be taking its toll on her and her personality may be transforming in the process as a result of the suffering she is experiencing. There could be times when you can no longer recognize her and her good humor may be hanging by a thread. It is up to you to keep her optimistic and motivated to keep on living.
Walking behind father I saw a dream last month where I'm walking behind my dad. Since my dad is walking ahead, I see some police men sitting at check post. When my dad crosses them, they stand up and salute him. As I walk behind him, I'm essentially following him. My dad doesn't look back at me. He is holding a long stick in one of his hands. As I walk behind him, I see a few dead snakes. I ask my dad if they are snakes. And he replies yes. On this note I woke up. Please send me interpretation. Thanks. This dream has ambiguous meanings. On the one hand, walking behind your father and witnessing police men saluting him could reveal your admiration and respect for him. You may want to follow his footsteps in reality. On the other hand, it could also be interpreted as fear towards him. The stick represents his brand of discipline and you may be scared of provoking him into anger. The dead snakes allude to neutralized threats. You could be dependent on your father to fight your battles for you. Perhaps you need to consider treading your own path and sticking up for yourself using your own resources and capacities.
A double-up version of the father I went downstairs and saw my dad in the kitchen, but when I looked behind me he was there again, there were two of him. Dreaming about kitchen or kitchen areas is closely related to worries and concerns you may have in regards to the current situation or developments in your household or inside close family circle. Seeing your father's image doubled in this dream further supports this interpretation and could be indicating your exposure to or anticipation of conflicts, disagreements or verbal confrontations taking place or about to occur among male figures present in your everyday life.
Standing in a hole in the ground and mother scared My mother dreamed that I am staying in a big ground hole, not deep and also not shallow, she was screaming "Get out from here, why are you staying here?". I looked at her indifferently and said "Don't worry, it is not deep as seemed to you". The dream your mother had about seeing you standing in a hole could indicate her desire to spend more time with you. Maybe you have been avoiding her recently or have been too busy to pay attention to her, so her subconscious is summoning you from out of a hole. You should make some more time to spend with her and help her have peace of mind about your well-being and safety.
Fighting with a deceased father I have repeated dreams of fighting with my dad who died 10 years ago. He and I had a wonderful relationship while he was alive. It is very upsetting to me that the only times I dream of him we are fighting. Seeing yourself having an uneasy relationship with your deceased father, with whom you actually got along well when he was alive, could point to certain character flaws you may possess. It is possible you make broad assumptions about particular groups of people and may be unable to properly distinguish an individual from the group he belongs to. This could, in turn, get you in trouble in the future and could be something you should address sooner than later.
Parents getting divorced and re-assuring In the dream, my parents ended up getting divorced and went through the whole process of saying the crap like "We still love you, guys" to me and my three other siblings, which I got really mad about, but that's when I woke up. Seeing your parents separate in your dream means that you do not rely on honest practices or do not have consistency in how you handle things, making it difficult to achieve higher status within your community. Having your parents affirm their love for you further indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on your career or personal growth while ignoring your family needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road.
Being assaulted by parents I was out with my mom and dad, then my mom slammed me to the ground and started kicking me, hard. When she stopped, I wanted to report her to the nearest officer, but my dad held me by my throat so I wouldn't. Then my mom started ripping my clothes off and threw me on the ground again, kicking and stomping so hard my bones shattered. Then I felt something biting me hard, I couldn't see it but I suspect it was my dad. I was trying to scream and no sound came out. Then I woke up. I am female. Dreaming about being attacked by both your mother and father could represent taking the criticism of others to heart much too easily. This means you may be overly sensitive, making a mountain out of a mole hill when you get your feelings hurt. This is likely to lead to difficulties in your interpersonal relationships, as others may get annoyed with having to shield you from the truth. Trying to scream but being unable to make a sound suggests you could become sick in the near future. However, others may not believe the severity of it, thinking you are blowing it out of proportion much like everything else.
Being kidnapped and parents naked I had a dream that a certain man who was so black, tried to kidnap me, but as he was taking me away he passed by my parents' bedroom window and as I called my dad for help he threw off his blankets, but was embarrassed because they were naked and couldn't help me from the man who was taking me away. To dream that you are being kidnapped denotes latent feelings of limitations, restrictions and being trapped. There may be parts of your reality, possibly your peers and family, trying to control your decisions or actions. Alternatively, you may be feeling alienated from your loved ones because of some existing disagreements. The imagery of your parents naked and unable to help you during the kidnapping could also reveal that you current views and opinions are drastically different from theirs, perhaps even excessively liberal and nontraditional, so the only way for you to overcome future disagreements is to be more accepting and tolerant towards other people, especially if they are the members of your family.
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