A little girl and a boyfriend When I was little, in fact 1 and half year girl, my parents went to a beautiful place with me. I saw in my dream that I have gone to the same place with my parents and I am an adult girl. But I saw that my mother was carrying that 1 and half year girl who was me in her lap. I saw that then I took that cute girl in my lap from my mother. Then I called a boy who proposed me 1 month ago. I didn't accept or reject him. I was thinking. I called him and told him to meet me and my little self. After a while I saw him. He was coming to me in a rush.That's all. What is the meaning??? Having a dream about seeing yourself as a little girl means that you are not fully satisfied with current relationship you are in with your lover. You long for more affection, warmth and subconsciously desire to make this relationship a more intimate and wholesome union. The best solution would be to share your concerns with your lover. If your lover was part of this dream (which you have indicated), this could also mean minor losses or disappointments related to this person. It could be that you two may separate for a while because of a new work assignment of family issues and, taking into consideration your recollection of him rushing to you, it could also mean that he is either going to let you know about it very soon or he is very anxious or nervous about doing so.
An older and ill lady Seen an older lady who is ill Meeting or seeing an old woman in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to some old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these problems or issues might have a negative outcome for your life if not addressed properly. The symbol of this old lady being ill in the same dream can be a prediction of prolonged and time-consuming attempts or measures to deal with and resolve this situation for the better.
A baby and street dogs I saw that I am holding someone's baby and am taking care of the baby and giving her milk feeder. And as soon as I stop taking care of the baby, some street dogs try to sniff the baby and I came back and pick up the baby and start taking care of baby. The scenario of this dream suggests an unexpected turn for the worse in the plans you may have. It could also mean being deceived or betrayed by a friend or a close acquaintance. The notion of later returning to taking care of the baby signifies the fact that you may be successful in resolving this situation to your advantage. Feeding a baby in your dream can also be a sign of being occupied by a difficult or time-consuming activity which, when completed, can bring personal satisfaction, both emotionally and materially.
A man with blue eyes and a cotton cap A man with cotton cap and blue eyes. This dream can be viewed as a reflection of your own behavior and personality. In this context, blue eye are indicative of not being able to succeed or failing to achieve a goal because of your own excessively timid nature and indecisiveness. The cotton cap signifies your inability to focus on what could be really important, procrastination, or your tendency to concentrate on things which will not help you succeed.
Being interviewed by a foreign lady and in love with and marrying a foreign girl I saw a dream in which I was being interviewed by a Western lady of about 40. After some days, I saw another dream in which I was at home. The door was knocked on and I went to open it. There was a Western girl about 22. She requested me to give her shelter because some unwanted people were after her from whom she wanted an escape. I agreed. I offered her food. She seemed me pretty and I asked her to love. She accepted and I had sex with her. Then I requested her to marry me and live with me. She agreed and the dream ended. Dreaming about a woman of a foreign origin reflects your worries and anticipation of danger, you may also be engaged in something that you subconsciously do not want to be doing or be a part of. Being interviewed by a foreign person in a dream reveals that you are excessively gullible and tend to trust people whom you may have recently met, the advice here is to exercise caution because you may end up being hurt emotionally. In addition, these people might want to take advantage of you to in order to accomplish their own goals and plans. Visions of being involved with and marrying a foreign person could be a sign of potential troubles and issues which you may soon be facing.
A friend becoming injured I saw I met one close friend of mine after nice gap and saw him injured. Seeing a close friend getting injured in a dream means you may be facing a period of time in your relationship with this person when he will be desperately needing your help and support. You could be the only one capable of providing a sensible solution to problems or issues he might be experiencing. This dream is a forewarning to be watchful for signs of him needing you because he might be feeling shy or ashamed about asking you for help.
Foreigners attacking In my dream my mum, me and my little sister were walking out of a kind of supermarket. We saw four foreigners that looked like Pakistanis hovering to one side just watching us. We all walked the other way to avoid them but they followed us. They circled us and as I tried to get my little sister before they did, more appeared and started attacking us. One went to attack me but I then woke up. Dreaming about people of a foreign origin reflects your worries and anticipation of danger, you may also be engaged in something that you subconsciously do not want to be doing or be a part of. Being attacked by a foreign person or persons in a dream reveals that you are excessively gullible and tend to trust people whom you may have recently met, the advice here is to exercise caution because you may end up being hurt emotionally. In addition, these people might want to take advantage of you to in order to accomplish their own goals and plans.
Lady's face with long eyelashes and a burka My vision was a lady's face, long eyelashes on the outside of the eyes and she was wearing a burka. This dream about long eyelashes is somewhat a mixed sign and means you have a desire to live a happy and satisfying intimate life with your current lover partner. But if you happened to see a burka in the same dream, it could mean you may be thinking that your partner or lover is hiding something from you or being insincere with you. Try to discuss these matters with this individual in order to convey your message and to make this relationship work better for both of you.
Wife and other relatives naked and smiling In my dream I am see my wife's cousins standing and looking at me. My wife too is looking at me. Both of them are naked. I can see their breasts, they have slight smiles on their faces, and are looking at me. Then I see my wife's younger brother also standing and looking at me, slightly naked too. Dreaming about naked body of your immediate family member (such as your wife) is a good sign of happy coexistence and resolving potential issues to your mutual advantage. Seeing your wife’s brother naked in a dream is symbolic of the fact that you are about to find something shameful about this person. Discover a few skeletons in the closet about them. This could be something quite embarrassing for this person and make you question or re-assess your relationship with him.
A newborn baby I saw a new born baby. Dreams about newborn babies are usually an indication of a pleasant and unexpected surprise or news you are about to experience. You may be delighted and astonished by the events or developments which are about to take place in the nearest future.
Playing a pool game naked Friend and I get together at my house while my parents are out of town. We are 11 years old. We go down the basement and decide to get naked and play pool naked. We stand at look at each other then we grab our pool cues and start playing. We play for while then get dressed. A dream in which you see yourself naked in front of others is symbolic of an illicit relationship. A relationship in which you might indulge yourself, and which might question your morality. This will only bring you shame and tarnish your reputation. Playing a pool game in a dream is symbolic of a hardship or difficult situation which might prove to be hard to resolve or get out of, from the context of this dream, it might involve your friend as well.
Aggressive masqueraders I saw aggressive masqueraders. Dreaming about aggressive masquerades, especially when they are trying to go after or attack you, could be an indication of upcoming minor issues or troubles which will not have any significant impact on your life and can be disregarded altogether.
A tutor wanting to break up Dreamt about living with a tutor after running away from some bad events and people. And my tutor was angry. I haven't told anyone I was staying there, she felt heavy, pressured and wanted me to go. I was gutted cos I felt close to her and really admired her. This dream about staying with a tutor and not wanting to end this relationship with her could be an indication that your self-esteem and confidence are currently undermined. This vision could also signify that you depend greatly on some person and have been facing some circumstances lately which you think are going to lead to separation from this person.
Having a baby I keep dreaming giving birth to a newborn baby. Dreams about newborn babies are usually an indication of a pleasant and unexpected surprise or news. You would be delighted and astonished by the events or news that you might experience in the nearest future. Since you describe it as a recurrent dream during which you are responsible for the child’s birth, it may be that you are partly or completely accountable for this happy occurrence. For example, it may be that you would soon have a great idea, find a great solution, be involved in some creative and successful work, successfully renew and improve yourself or build a great relationship with someone. Either way, the dream is about promising positive changes.
Dropping a baby Dropping my nephew who is a baby. Dreaming about newborn babies is usually an indication of a pleasant and unexpected surprise or news. You could be delighted and astonished by the events or news that you might experience in the nearest future. Dropping a baby could be a reflection of your anxiousness and anticipation related to events or news you think are about to happen in your life and change it for better. It could also represent a sudden change or turn in your current plans or actions which could otherwise lead to this positive outcome in your life.
Having many babies In my dream I had fourteen babies, seven girls and seven boys and I was preparing to bring them all home from hospital. I was getting name tags ready so I could remember who was called who and preparing enough bottles to feed them all. What does this dream mean? Dreaming about seeing or having many babies in one place could symbolize the repetitiveness of a task. You could have been, or be about to spend a great amount of time on simple but repetitive tasks. You would need to perform them in order to to accomplish an overarching life goal. Also, you had a vision about not being able to recognize or distinguish between each one of these babies. This could mean that you could currently or soon be subconsciously preoccupied with solving many tasks at once, some of which could be confusing or interfere with the resolution of some other additional activities. This state of affairs could suggest that some occupations could be standing in your way and hindering the completion of you main life goal. For a better work experience, you could perhaps spend some time organizing your schedule and plan with the objective of cutting out superfluous tasks.
Socializing with a celebrity I've had a dream about the same person and he's a celebrity - I've had a dream 3 days in the past week - one was about I was showing him around my city holding hands with him as we were a couple and the other was we was working out in the gym exercising. This dream has two meanings depending on your personal situation. First, it could be an indication of your obsession with or excessive interest in this particular celebrity. You could be completely absorbed and taken by the life story and appearance of this person. You might have desire to be closer to that individual. The second interpretation involves your own desire to be a celebrity yourself. For example, you could have been trying to accomplish something or have a grand ambitious plan. However, you would most likely be over-estimating your abilities and resources available to you. This means that you could be about to face frustrations and disappointments. The dream would therefore work as an advice. You should get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and self-assessment.
Forgetting to feed a baby I suddenly remember that I have a baby in the wardrobe that I've forgotten to feed. Every time I dream it the baby is thinner. I start to mix up formula but never get to feed the baby. Dreaming about forgetting to feed a baby is symbolic of a task, obligation, plan or needs within a relationship that you are forgetting about, failing to pay attention to or unable to complete. Your subconscious mind is reminding you that you need to resolve those in order to reach a certain goal or accomplishment in life. Also, you had a vision about this baby getting thinner. This could suggest you are currently preoccupied with solving too many tasks at once and failing at the one that means the most to you. That is, there may be something standing in your way and preventing you from addressing this important issue. By showing you the thinning baby, the dream is reminding you that the unaccomplished affair will not wait forever. Time could be running out. It is therefore important to try to understand what that neglected task is and give it the required attention.
A girl crying and a boy trying to console her but unsuccessfully I dream that there is a girl sitting in the corner she is crying and one boy coming to the girl to hug her and one girl saw them. She wanted to react instead she only bowed her head and the boy wanted to come closer to her but the other girl cried again.....Please help me to interpret.....thank you and good day! Dreaming of observing a crying girl may translate the possibility of upcoming negative events. These would be related to your relationships. For example, your partner or lover could soon cheat on you or resort to some unfaithful or deceiving acts. Two girls were involved. One of the girls was observing and one of the girls was crying. This does not necessarily mean that there is a third person involved. Rather, it suggests that the negative relationship-related happening would come as a complete and utter surprise. Hence, part of you started crying, whereas the other part of you observed and was unable to react. She remained submissive and watchful of the unfolding events. The image of a boy could symbolize the cause of the grief. Alternatively, there could be someone coming into your life. He would try to comfort you and help you deal with such difficult situation. Although the external help might come in handy, you should try to take responsibility and courageously face and solve whatever is about to happen.
A woman unable to put a baby inside a car A vision that was given - showed me a woman with a baby scraped to her chest and heading to a car. when she opened the door the car was completely filled with stuff and there was nowhere to secure the baby in the car. the car was a working car standing still however the woman didn't have a place to to put the baby due to the pile of stuff. This dream could represent your subconscious projection of worries and concerns you could be experiencing in regards to a person who is important to you. The baby is a representation of changes or new developments in yours or in this person's life. These changes would influence the other person. The symbol of the car stuffed with items is an indication that this person or yourself cannot embrace, accept or deal with new changes which may be coming your way. This inability could result from some present demanding responsibilities, obligations, duties or anxieties. The notion of the running car can indicate that these changes could be related to relocating, moving away or leaving the other person behind soon. The outcomes of such separation could be problematic for you, but it will all be dependent on what this person decides to do. Alternatively, the running car could suggest you would be forced to change, even though you or the other person seem to be or feel cramped with little internal and external space for new changes.
A friend who is upset about seeing dreamer with another friend My friend keeps having a reoccurring dream about me . She comes down to visit, and surprise me, and tell everyone at my shop about it. When she arrives I am in the back room with some random girl . She is usually incredibly upset, and the dreams are starting to bother her. We are just friends when have been good friends for like 3 years. Recurrent dreams usually translate the existence of some subconscious conflict or desire that is important to the dreamer. This dream vision involved being surprised by the visit of a friend while entertaining someone else. This could represent the intuited, feared or real existence of suspicions and secrets in your relationship. The idea that you were surprised in the backroom reinforces this idea of secrets. These secrets could be unconscious feelings of love or jealousy nurtured for one another. One of you could also be associating with someone the other does not approve or like. Alternatively, there could be some rivalry between the two of you, concerning the desire of obtaining the exclusive attention of someone from the opposite sex. Such rivalry and competition could be hidden, disguised or unconscious. It would be associated with the fear of being caught betraying the other’s trust. The notion of being surprised is also indicative of trying to find a way to resolve these issues which have been bothering your friend for quite some time now. The best way to help the situation is to analyze in which way you might be experiencing any of these alternatives. It could also be beneficial to have a frank discussion to pinpoint existing interpersonal issues, problems or poorly expressed feelings and emotions. This is because the existing problems might be nothing but fears, misperceptions or misjudgments related to your current relationship and harbored by your friend.
Friend's relatives in a house, angry woman and dying I went to familiar place a I find my family relatives to know them and suddenly I remember the house of my school friend during college then she brings me to her house and talks to them with her husband and kid. Then my friend notices in their kitchen one woman standing and anger with memy said to his husband she aswang nory and I saw that lady outside and I'm angry with her ... then I said don't aswang me don't aswang me ... Then in my dream I'm back to my own home and my daughter is their and after 8hours I was die... What it does mean? This dream could be an indication that your usual daily routine and the way of living is about to change. Most likely you have been exposed to some tensions or disagreements among people you know closely, such as relatives or friends, but without participating, just a side-observer. The dream ends with you dying and in dream interpretation it means you are longing for major changes, either for yourself or for the people whom you deal with on a daily basis. Angry people in the same dream could also symbolize that you have tried to change things around you in the past, but without any success or because people were reluctant to recognize your efforts to make the situation better. You still treat this issue as unresolved and subconsciously want more improvements.
A stranger girl trying to communicate at a social gathering It was my mom's birthday expecting cousins to come by, but an uninvited bunch of happy people (politicians and bureaucrats) from our community coming and having a feasts at my place full pack and a girl stranger trying to get my attention from another room and I remember some of them leaving after having food.. . And one part I remember my cousin girl taking to me.. .And just at that moment I began to think that I am wealthy or something like that :) Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with a large number of people attending this reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot. You might also have recently been or about to be persuaded to attend some community-based or volunteer activities, which is depicted by the vision of a stranger girl trying to initiate contact or conversation with you in this dream. Overall, this dream indicates some type of festivity or social event waiting to happen in the near future and which you will become part of.
Being chased by a girl in a white dress and mother figure In my dream I was chased by a girl wearing white dress and I came running to my mother on the bed, but my mother didn't see this girl. She was trying to pull me from my legs. The dream vision of a girl in a white dress chasing you could be indicative of a certain person in your life whom you know very well and who is trying to propose to you or take your relationship to the next level by marrying you. You seem to be either reluctant or averse to this proposal. Your parents could play an important part in the process of making important decisions because of their authority, and you probably always consider what they have to say before taking a next step or accepting changes which would impact your life in a serious way. Although taking parents' advice into consideration is beneficial to anyone facing tough decision, you might want to try relying on your own independent thinking and judgement when it comes to your relationships and personal choices.
Meeting a celebrity (Eminem) at the airport and being encouraged by him I was sitting at the airport and suddenly Eminem came and sat beside me (Eminem is my idol). So I asked him if he would help me to be a star like him and he said "Yes" and then danced and went away. This symbolic vision of meeting a celebrity (Eminem) is obviously a subconscious manifestation of your obsession and extreme interest in this person. You could be completely absorbed and blown away by his life story, appearance and success. You might have desire to be closer to this individual. Another interpretation involves your own desire to be a celebrity yourself. The vision of being at the airport in the dream is probably the reflection of your plans and intentions already deeply rooted in your brain or completely overtaken your life (e.g. "sitting at the airport" usually means "about to take off"). For example, you could have been trying to accomplish something extraordinary or have a far-reaching and ambitious plan. However, you would most likely be over-estimating your abilities and resources available to you. This means that you could be exposed to frustrations and disappointments down the road. The dream therefore cautions you to get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and ambitions.
A man approaching moving to a beat It starts off with a man very far away and he starts coming closer and closer to a beat and he smiles and he stops when he gets to my face. This dream vision of a man approaching you from a distance could be a reflection of your own recent behavior, actions or personality. You could have recently come to terms with something you have been questioning or trying to solve for a long time. It is not necessarily an indication that it was a good or bad decision or action, but merely a reflection that you have finally made your choice and moved on. Judging by the elements contained in this dream scenario you described, this decision could be related to your personal life, relationships or even romantic affairs.
A man on the balcony and woman leaving the house In my dream, I saw my grandmother's house, a man is standing in the balcony of the first floor and a woman starts to leave the house while I am entering. We look at each other and she smiles, I have no clue why, the woman leaves and the man in the balcony I feel is hiding inside... I start to walk in without looking up to him, but wishing he is still there looking at me. Your dream about observing a man standing on a balcony and looking suspicious or as if he was trying to hide something from you means encountering a person (not necessarily a male) who would be willing to help you with something you are unable to undertake or manage on your own. However, their willingness or readiness to help or assist you will come with a price you would have to pay. You would probably be having some animosity or disagreements with this person before they agree to help you. The outcomes of accomplishing your plans or goals are worth going through this initial unpleasant and stressful period in the relationship with this person. The symbolic vision of encountering a woman who was smiling at you in this same dream could indicate soon to be received news or announcement which would lead to the unfolding of these events.
A tall blonde man in tuxedo telling to commit suicide A dream about a tall white man with blonde hair wearing a tux that was telling me to go kill myself. This dream vision could originate from your attempts to try to compare yourself with an individual or people who are more successful or popular than you in waking life. You are probably constantly referring to someone you know personally or from media sources as a role-model or idol because they seem to be in your eyes. However, they could be belonging to a completely different social circle, have manners or traits you know little about and it would be close to impossible for you to adopt their lifestyle and qualities. The notion of the man telling you to go kill yourself most likely means you are in need of a change, or so you think. But you should look at these attempts more realistically and try to find out why you are not content with the lifestyle and things surrounding you in your everyday life.
A woman swallowing white snakes I had a dream of a woman surrounded by many snakes and she was swallowing them alive. The snakes were white.The woman was not fearful she was just swallowing snakes one by one. This dream vision could be interpreted as you recently becoming aware of someone, most likely a woman who is your acquaintance or whom you know closely, learning or finding out using some other way or method, too much information about you which you consider to be private and personal. And even though this woman does not go around sharing this information with other people, you have growing concerns that when she reaches a certain level of such knowledge, she may become a real threat to your well-being and peaceful existence.
Ex-girlfriend crying and stabbing herself Dreams about it was dark and I saw my ex in the corner crying. And when I asked her if she was okay she didn't respond. Then she got up and stabbed herself in the stomach. Darkness within a dream points to some issues in your life which have not been resolved or you have not found closure for yet. Because you are still grappling with this issue, you may be neglecting some other areas of your life. The vision of your ex-girlfriend crying, despite looking like a sad image, is actually a positive sign predicting good changes coming about in your life. These changes are most likely the result of your own hard work and effort, being related to either your personal life, such as a relationship or financial goal, or your career, like a new project or landing a big client. This is further illustrated through your past partner stabbing herself. While it is another morbid picture, the meaning is quite similar, indicating large changes brought about by your own hands.
Woman with a martini glass and traveling through natural sites I dreamed a woman was stuck on a martini glass. A group was watching her then we were all racing. We had to use a suit as like a sail as such. We went through caves and rapids. The woman ended up on a rock, no she lost but was fine with it. The martini glasses was our tool a boat as such. Seeing a martini glass is often interpreted as a symbol for collective memories of time spent with friends and loved ones. This is also reflected in the race you and the group of people participated in, which points to an event involving many people. However, traveling through a cave and rapids represents feelings of loneliness and sadness, possibly due to being unable to spend much time with those you care about. This dream, therefore, is likely a message from your subconscious to make time to be with your friends and family to improve your happiness and overall well-being.
Old and untidy women Very old and dirty women in dream Visions of meeting or communicating with old and untidy women in your dream foretells problems or troubles from the past starting to resurface. It can be due to unresolved issues from your distant or recent past which continue to hound you, and they may have negative and lasting impacts on your life if you do not manage to address them right away.
Finding things out about previous relationship from a stranger I had a dream that a man at a bar was being protective over me when I wanted to leave and go to a bar by myself. Later, this same man told me that my ex boyfriend was my true love. Then I was walking with him crying and we went into a kind old ladies house where my married friends and my ex boyfriend were sitting. I sat next to my friend's husband and he had me lay in his lap, on his penis specifically. And I watched a video of me professing my love for my ex boyfriend while he sat, confused, and watched, and continued asking why I was upset. The man who was protective seemed very angelic. Dreaming about being in a bar portends to needing help in the near future. Normally this might indicate needing financial assistance or having to deal with government agencies, but, in this case, it seems to point more to emotional support from friends and family, which is also indicated by the other images in this dream. The protective, "angelic" man may symbolize feelings of guilt or remorse. Crying together with this person predicts beginning to overcome your past feelings and possibly to the opening of a new path for you. These past feelings are probably related to the ex you saw in your dream, as seeing yourself profess your love to an ex-boyfriend in a dream may represent some time recently when you, either by accident or on purpose, captured his attention. His confused expression, however, indicates that this is likely a lost cause and that you should continue to focus on your own growth and personal life.
A woman giving men a green snake A lady giving the men green snake. Dreaming of a green snake means that you may soon be involved in an event where alcohol would be flowing freely, a party or celebration arranged by the woman you saw in this dream and possibly together with men she chooses to invite. The same dream vision could also be symbolic of the fact that this woman may have a tendency to drink alcohol excessively, so if you know this person or tend to hang out with her, you should be mindful of her actions at this upcoming gathering because she may get you involved in some inappropriate behavior.
Meeting people by the sea I was walking up steps away from a turquoise sea, the sun shinning on it and a light wind, with my son and mother. Next, I was high up in a busy cafe finding a seat with them both here was a massive panoramic window and you could see the sea. Then, all of a sudden, I was on the grass in a park with a male that had been on my course at university who said nothing but passed me a piece of paper, when I looked up he was gone. I looked at the righting on the paper, when I looked up I was back at the sea it was dusk, a smart lady in her 50s got out of the back of a limo with a brief case offered help with masters. Seas and oceans are often associated with new and exciting ventures. This could be concerning the masters you mention at the end of the dream though it could also be related to a new job or travel as well. Additionally, vast quantities of water also indicate that you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by what is to come. The receiving of a written message and the offer of help both represent subconscious feelings of trust and admiration, perhaps for a well-liked professor or upperclassman or woman. This dream may, therefore, be a message to seek and consider following the advice of those who have gone before you, especially in regard to an academic journey.
A stranger claiming he is watching over the family In my dream I felt like I was awake and heard a noise coming from my kitchen. When I walk out to see who it was, I see a man in his early 30s standing next to my refrigerator, eating a sandwich. He was dressed in a grey 3 piece suit with a maroon vest and tie. He also had a pocket watch with a chain. The sight of the man scared me so I picked up my 4 year old daughter and left my home. However, as I stepped out my house the man said "Wait, I need to tell you something, I watch over you". Still calmly eating his sandwich he added, "There are four others watching you and your daughter". Because this dream took place in your house and kitchen, it can be inferred that this dream is concerning you specifically. Seeing a stranger in a vision may indicate feelings of regret or disappointment over past behavior and actions. This may be somehow connected to your daughter due to her presence, but not necessarily. It may also be related to something at work, as symbolized by the man's suit. This man's promise to protect and watch over you, while on one hand representing remorse, also predicts you have the ability to overcome these feelings and make things right. You could, therefore, analyze what you may have done in the past and amend things where needed and if possible.
Meeting with the ex, a dog and a baby I saw my ex as he was walking with a dog and I was with my girls. He saw me and came to say hi. He talked to everyone but I saw that he wanted to come to me and his dog (Jack Russell Terrier) just wanted always to come to me and was dancing and touched me. Dog was on the leash to my ex and he came to me. When i started playing with the dog, the baby carriage appeared with a baby in it. I thought it was his baby from other woman and it was cool, but baby cried and asked for mom. I took him and it felt like it was my baby. Baby calmed down and I said mom is here and woke up feeling like a mother or this mother feeling was so real. Talking with your ex-boyfriend in a dream is usually a negative sign associated with communication issues in your current romantic relationship or with other people you are close to. Flirtatious behavior between the two of you also suggests not having the complete picture about an issue that is important to you, possibly related to some minor trouble with your friends or family. These two negative signs are balanced, however, with the image of the baby. Taking care of an infant or small child within a dream vision represents finding solutions to your problems and coming to a resolution which greatly pleases and satisfies you in multiple ways. The strength of this positive ending is reflected in the powerful maternal instincts you felt at the end of the dream.
People under various circumstances Two tour buses passing me by with "Wild Horses Tour Taylor Swift" written on the side with a picture of a brown horse running wild. Also my granddaughter with white bird poop in her hair, my elderly friend behind me getting up from a fall but smiling saying she is fine and doesn't have her walking stick. And then actor Tyler Perry in a hat and sunglasses sitting in a lawn chair but when I get closer it is not him. My boyfriend hits a rabbit with broom in the corner of the kitchen, his grandson morphs into my friends grandson. I put on a red vest. Boyfriend wakes up searching for me. All in the same dream. There are a lot of conflicting images and symbols in this dream, making it difficult to a singular conclusion. The multiple symbols in and of themselves may point to being extremely busy and possibly over-inundated with information. Seeing celebrities or their images, in this vision, may reflect your desire to be in front of a crowd. You may enjoy teaching or entertaining others, and you may even have a talent for getting people to listen to you. The red vest you put on at the end of the vision indicates acting with your heart more than your head. Finally, the older friend that you see in your vision could represent your own desire to keep pushing yourself to do your best, even without the support of others. If you strongly believe in your dreams and yourself, you may be able to achieve what you want by your own hands.
Standing on the mountain of dead soldiers and more approaching Why do I get the dream of me standing on top of a mountain of dead soldiers on one side of a river running red with sword in one hand and my people looking up to me. Some with their hand closed in the form of a prayer and bodies littered everywhere. And I see in the distance the sun setting and huge number of soldiers approaching with their eyes glowing more like demons than soldiers. This vision has a number of complicated images that require analysis. The first symbol, you standing on a mountain, suggests feelings of discomfort and hesitation. In wake life, you may soon find yourself in a situation where you are unsure what step you should take next. This is also supported by the soldiers you saw in your vision. In general, being around soldiers suggests receiving news, and it is likely given the gruesome scene painted by your vision that the news you receive is not pleasing. However, while you may be facing some troubling or difficult times in the future, both holding a sword and the people who look up to you suggest eventually overcoming these evils, though it is likely to take a lot of time and effort.
Meeting a woman with children and letting them go In this dream my husband and I allow this woman with children stay with us, her daughter lied on me and said I foot my foot on her face. Everyone knew she was lying. Her mother was a good person, but my husband and I had to tell her and her children to leave us. Dreaming about allowing strangers into your home suggests you feel aspects of your life are unbalanced. This is likely in relation to your husband since you both allowed the woman and child to live there in the dream. You may feel he is not spending enough time with you or that he is not giving you the attention and love that you need. However, the lying child and everyone's knowledge of her deceit means that things are not as bad as they seem, though improved communication might make things clearer. Asking the woman and her child to leave at the end of the vision can be interpreted as a sign that you need to stand up for yourself and ask for the things you really need. If you keep your true feelings to yourself and do not communicate them with your husband, you may run into problems down the line.
Looking at a picture of a crush with others My dream was about me looking at a picture via Internet of my crush with an older woman. Also, there were 3 kids in the picture with them, but one of the kids weren't his. What does this mean? Dreaming about looking intensely at the photograph of your crush points to your desire, if not obsession, to establish or maintain a long-lasting relationship with this person. Your subconscious mind has painted a picture of an old woman, which is probably just a projection of your own self, imagined together with the children as a representation of the family or union you would like to have with this man.
Thieves accompanied by a dog Dreams about four thieves and a small dog. As the details are very limited, it is difficult to give an accurate reading of this dream. The four thieves you encounter generally predict having issues or difficulty in your life. Seeing a small dog also predicts minor troubles related to your relationship with a shallow, materialistic person. It seems that this person's behavior or actions may get you into trouble or that other people may scorn you for your association with this person. You might want to reconsider your relationship with those who are superficial and fake.
Strangers trying to attack and family members dying I was leaving my house and a man walked outside of my basement side door. I was calling for someone, but they drove away and didn't hear me. An old man in the street with gray hair and a green apron was signaling me to come to him and then he disappeared and another man tall with dark hair came to attack me near the basement door. And my left arm was tangled in my shirt, so I couldn't defend myself. Then I dreamt my uncle and husband died in a car accident and I wanted to drive back, so I could change time, but then realized I don't want to die, this is so unfair, now I have nothing and was crying. The images of being attacked by a stranger outside of your house point to upcoming changes at home or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These transformations may represent the direct result of external forces or circumstances, but could equally originate from within the family. The notions of not being able to defend yourself in this dream point to your reluctance or unwillingness to deal with something already happening in your life at the moment, which would otherwise lead to something even bigger in its magnitude later on. Most likely, you are afraid that if you make wrong moves or allow something new to enter your life, it might irreversibly impact your relationship with the people who are important to you.
A man in white clothes on a white horse I saw a man putting on white clothes from head to toe and riding a white horse. Dreaming about a man wearing white clothes has ominous connotations. It must be considered a forewarning that someone who's very dear to you might suffer severe health ailments or the fact that you might hear the news of their demise very soon. An image of a white horse is also not a very positive symbol. In the context of this particular dream, it could signify either the need to travel in conjunction with these events, or someone arriving from far away to stay with you following these unfortunate circumstances.
An unfamiliar woman in a green dress flirting In my dream a woman in a green dress was trying to seduce me at a family function. I did not know her. The green dress the woman wore represents satisfaction and happiness within your relationships, both familial and romantic, however, this is only an illusion. This is because a woman who acts seductively toward you in a dream vision predicts disappointment in those closest to you, possibly causing you to react badly to their behavior and do something questionable yourself. You might want to brace yourself for news regarding your loved ones and try to avoid making rash decision about it in the heat of the moment.
Trying a wedding dress on and people giving advice I was standing in the mirror wearing a wedding dress trying to adjust my veil. In the second part of the dream I was sitting at a table with my ex and his mother. She was telling us that we have to let go of things that cause hurt. He was saying to me, you waited for me. Both parts of this dream vision reveal your insecurity or excessive worries about starting new relationships or keeping them last for a long time. Seeing yourself trying on a wedding dress in a dream signifies your concerns and anxiety about upcoming significant life events. However, it could be emotionally draining and uncomfortable to be worrying so much. As the second part of this dream suggests, other people seem to be encouraging and supporting you in your quest to overcome negative experiences from the past and focus more on what's ahead.
Someone with bees surrounding him I was a cashier and a guy was waiting patiently. He walked tiredly to a chair, I saw the bees in his head just sitting like barrettes. I didn't know how to ring up the item. I went for help. There was a church service. I was trying to get thru. A multitude going to prayer. I heard some say the way to bring Muslim and Christians together, remind that Jesus is in both the Koran and Bible. There was more. Anyway I walked back and saw the bees dead on a trail. They led up to the guy no longer tired, he was smiling healthy. Joking with me. He said I know I'm gonna get your number after waiting. He was on lunch. This is a complicated dream with a number of symbols which warrant interpretation. The first sign is that of the bees sitting peacefully on the cashier. Bees on a person portend finding love or your soul mate, meaning someone you have a deep, lasting connection with. Finding yourself at a church service after suggests having inner peace with this realization and also feeling safe and protected. This person, though not necessarily the cashier you envisioned, is likely someone you enjoy being around, not only because they are kind and interesting, but because they take care of you. The dead bees you see leading up to the cashier at the end of the dream, however, indicate that not everything is as perfect as it seems. Dead bees represent financial problems, so either this special person may bring their debt into the relationship or you may go over budget due to dates and other related expenses.
A strange trio and being chased by a dog I saw two long-legged women go into a house. I looked into the window of door. They were kissing on a man. He saw me... The women turned into dogs and he turned into devil... The door flew opened and the dogs chased me thru an orchard. Before they caught me I climbed a tree praying to god. Then I woke up... This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of interesting symbols. The first sign is that of the women kissing the man, which tells of an unfortunate experience that is about to befall you. The dogs you see represent the scandal and gossip that occur as a result your thoughtless actions and behavior. But the man turning into the devil makes the situation clearer, pointing toward some temptation that you are dangerously close to giving into. If you give into your desires without considering the consequences, you may be the target of rumors or may even be shunned by others. Climbing up the tree at the end of the vision, however, means there is a glimmer of hope, namely that you could avoid this trouble and even become more successful in life if you do the right thing and resolve your natural urges and desires to find balance and stability in life.
People outside entangled in tree roots I was inside my house and I saw people outside, so when I get there I see they're trapped in the tree roots and I help them escape. I was awoken by bugs on my arm and it made me jump awake. Houses symbolize both your current life and where you are most comfortable. In this case, stepping out of your house can be interpreted as stepping out of your comfort zone, meaning you may be about to embark on a new journey in life. However, this vision shows two possible outcomes for this endeavor, depending on your own strength and ability. On one hand, seeing people trapped in tree roots could represent losing your freedom, individuality, or both. If you are susceptible to the influence of others, you may experience some difficulties. But if you are strong-minded and able to resist pressure, the bugs you saw suggest finding great success and prosperity.
Traveling barefoot and meeting people who behave strangely I dreamt that I was traveling barefoot. I ask for help and a woman carrying a little baby gave me slightly used but new-looking brown sandals to wear. At that moment I saw myself wearing a gold-color wig and gold earrings. After that I saw a lady who took me to a bathroom because she wanted to look at my vagina, but I was reluctant to show her, at that moment she started pouring water on herself. And there was also a man wearing green sleeves with no underpants, also pouring water on himself and I woke up. Please, I need the meaning of this dream. This dream is full of negative imagery and portends a number of troubles in your future. The first sign, traveling barefoot, is very ominous and predicts serious monetary problems. This is also supported by envisioning yourself asking for help, so you may have difficulty providing for even your most basic needs. The wig and jewelry that adorn you in the middle of the vision give further information about the reason for your poor state, namely that you have either been robbed or swindled. You probably could have avoided being duped by being more careful or listening to others, as indicated by seeing people pouring water on themselves, leading to feelings of empressement and sadness. However, not all hope should be lost, as receiving shoes as a gift indicates a similar situation in real life, meaning that even if you are in a dire situation, there are still people willing to help and care for you.
A neighbor moving away I dreamt about my good neighbor and friend moving out of our apartment building. Thank you for interpreting my dream. The departure of your friend and moving away from you is an indicator that you are losing loyalty and respect among a number of your family members and peers due to what you have recently done or said. Since no conflict or signs of tension were present in the process of your neighbor's moving away, the dream suggests that your social balance is preserved and that you will be able to cope and repair the damage to your reputation by yourself, which, however, may involve investment of time and resources. The ultimate reward after the revision of your relations with other people is the return of your confidence and self-esteem.
Women with periods in progress I was told by two young girls and shown they had just gotten their period. Dreaming about two young girls who have just become women is symbolic of your tendency to rely chiefly on your emotions to solve problems or negotiate with others. While feelings can be useful in some cases, you may disregard logic when it does not suit your interests, causing conflicts with those you are arguing with. You may want to take a step back from heated confrontations and analyze the whole situation you are in before saying something that does not make sense or is not supported by good reasoning or common sense.
Various people inside a house that sinks I dreamed that one of the managers from work invited to his home. He had twins with his ex-wife who was there. The house sank in the ground, but we were all fine. The next day we were all still there and the house sank a little more. His girlfriend came over and he was anxious to give her personal information not to be disclosed to us. The twins were always one with me and the other with his ex-wife in the home. At the end I was on a giant fast Ferris Wheel. The two most important symbols in this vision are that of the house and twins which oppose each other in many ways. The image of this sinking house is similar to that of a sinking ship, indicating that everything seems to be going downhill around you. You may even be feeling the negative effects of the chaos and disturbance, leading to difficulties completing your tasks or performing profitable and productive work. However, this is offset with the sign of the twins who are always near you. This means that, despite the trouble you may see around you, you are confident in your ability to get through the rough patch and be successful.
A strange dark lady approaching and wanting to communicate A lady came to me, she was dressed in a black dress, she had bruises all over her arms and face. She was holding me tight then she tried to put her fingers inside my back. Dreaming about a woman dressed in black represents an internal sadness you have inside you. This may not be something you have shared with others, but it is likely connected to the upcoming or recent passing of a loved one or being unable to be with someone you care about. Receiving what was perceived to be a hug from this woman, however, indicates having one more meeting with this person or a chance to communicate. This opportunity could give you some closure and help begin the healing process.
Having to deal with sister and other people My sister lost a bunch of weight and was kinda rude, she was wearing a red and pink outfit, said she lost 89 pounds, she had an old lady cleaning her house, then all of a sudden I was in a grocery store, apartments bars etc. in one building and my boyfriend was with another woman and he said it doesn't count because I am not around. This sign is the manifestation of troubles brewing within your relationships, especially the one with your sister. The red color of the dress indicates you may be under some stress and are in prime condition to lash out at someone whether they deserve it or not. Additionally, your sister's weight loss in the vision suggests you might feel as though you are being treated unfairly and, as a result, may be inclined to take more than your fair share at the next available opportunity. All this may culminate in the prediction given by the last sign, which is your boyfriend cheating on you. This symbol means a major confrontation is ahead, and you should either try to avoid it or be prepared to deal with it when the time comes.
A stranger dressed in white inside the house Walked down my stairs into my living room and it was completely white all there was an unfamiliar young man sitting in a couch dressed in white. The man dressed in white is an ill omen predicting the upcoming passing of someone you care about, likely a person who as already been dealing with serious health problems (whether you know about them or not). In this case, the man is similar to the image of the Grim Reaper. Seeing your living room also devoid of color indicates that, though you cared about this person greatly, you can compartmentalize this situation and still go about your life normally, if this loss does occur. While your work and daily life may distract you from the pain you experience now, it is important to deal with your feelings instead of running from them.
Being approached by the ex-fiance's son I was at a stop light and I saw my ex-fiance's son. He walked over to my car and started confiding in me. I let him talk and cry and then I asked him if he knew who I was, and he said that he didn't. Then I told him that I was engaged to his dad but I never got a chance to meet him. Whether you met him in wake life or not, seeing your ex-fiance's son crying in your dream vision predicts an upcoming situation in which you are likely to be called on to comfort and stand up for someone in your life. This person may be a younger relative who is being bullied or an older family member who is being taken advantage of. In either case, being at a stop light suggests putting something in your life on hold to take care of someone else. They would certainly appreciate your help and express their gratitude profusely, but whatever you have to give up in order to help them might be just the right amount of effort you may want to spare in order to address their needs.
Waking up a patient when entering a hospital A guy woke up when I entered the hospital room, he was a patient. Dreaming about running into or walking through hospital patients predicts facing a period in your life which would be characterized by indifference, ignorance or even outright hostility toward you. The notion of the patient waking up upon your entry could also mean that you may have been doing something recently, not necessarily wrong, to evoke or magnify these kinds of attitude in those you are surrounded by.
Neighbor visiting while being naked For some reason my male neighbor visited my house naked. When sitting on the couch his penis was tiny and hidden amongst a lot of black hair. But I could see it was about an inch tall. When his penis got erect, it suddenly had a black crochet hat on it. I commented that it was strange and I'd never seen a penis hat and my neighbor said he loves them and always wears one. Help please, I've never had a dream this weird. This vision is a manifestation of your disposition toward this person, and you seem to be treating him as an insignificant, low-key and undeserving individual. The small penis is also an indication of hostility and aversion you may have, which you project into your subconsciousness, but not dare to express openly. The crochet hat he had on the genitalia is a sign that he wants to learn more about you, in a non-sexual way, and perhaps prompt you to change your attitude toward him, which is supported by the fact you were so focused on and interested in such little details of his exposure in this dream.
Mother, a president and a soldier together in one scene Me and the president of my country were upstairs and the people were downstairs. Our names were written on a paper. It was crowded. Suddenly I saw my mum who was arrested by security agents and was sat down. The young soldier wanted to save her, but he could not do it because the agents attacked him with a bayonet and wounded him. Anyway, this was the last time I saw my mum. Being with the president of your country and seeing his or her name written down alongside your own is the manifestation of feelings of inadequacy or a lack of confidence in your skills. Seeing your name next to an extremely successful person in wake life often brings up comparisons which may not be described as working in your favor or to your advantage. This is supported by seeing your mother restrained and the agents attacking a soldier who wanted to help her, which represent taking the blame for something that goes wrong, not necessarily because you caused it, but because you feel it would be your responsibility anyway.
Kneeling before a handicapped woman and son walking in I was on my knees, I was going to touch a woman in a wheelchair, her left leg was hurt and my son whom I have not heard from walked in the room. He had light blue slacks and a white shirt on and he looked healthy. What does this dream mean? Dreams containing imagery of coming into contact or being around disabled or crippled people is a reflection of your anxiety and concerns about lonely existence you anticipate ahead. The subsequent appearance of your son whom you lost connection with could be symbolic that these thoughts are directly related to you missing him in your life and the fear that you may never hear from him again. At the same time, the bright clothes and his good health indicate that there is a strong bond that exists between you and him, so you could reunite with him soon, despite your doubts and uncertainty.
People trying to cut a rope and hearing a voice I dreamt many people were trying very hard to cut a drying line (rope), but were not able to. I tried it and was able to cut it. There was a pit underneath the line and a voice came from it saying "You're left with 12 years". I don't understand this dream. This dream vision about cutting a rope could symbolically represent your great dependence on people from the past, such as childhood friends or schoolmates who are still present in your waking life. Relying on their help and expecting them to always be there for you may be a great thing for you personally, but you could also be sensing their growing tiredness and reluctance to be around all the time because of their own responsibilities and commitments. If this is the case, you could be hearing your own voice warning you about breaking ties with these people soon if you do not consider being less reliant on them.
Being with someone in a boat Someone kissed my hand. I was in a boat with someone. To dream of yourself on a boat with someone is an indication of unexpected and imminent changes. There is a possibility of moving or finding a new home, hence the need for relocation preparations in your future. This change may materialize as a result of the symbolic kiss on the hand which points to the acquisition of considerable wealth. While this all bodes well for your prospects, sailing through the waters would still be tricky, as you would have to adopt certain behavior and attitude that could hinder your success, so a re-evaluation of your approach to having more money is essential.
Receiving advice from an unfamiliar woman Saw a desk a computer, looked at my phone (ex was texting me). Didn't know what to say back. Phone was white, it was a different phone. A lady came she had pretty wavy curly loose hair it was black, her voice sounded black. She was thick, but I think big-boned or medium-boned. She was dressed professional and said "If I were you I'd date him, he's a producer, he likes music, makes his own music. Y'all have the same stuff in common, I'm just telling you girl". Getting advice in dreams usually points to issues in real life needing resolution. Based on your dream, it seems that you are currently grappling with relationship concerns. Are you thinking perhaps of getting back together with your ex or is there a new romantic prospect? More often than not, your dreaming consciousness wants you to recognize something that you already know, but not ready to accept or admit. Your mind is also putting pieces of information together and processing them in your dream. Whatever the case, the good thing about receiving advice in dreams, love advice or otherwise, is that it urges you to introspect and find out what you really want or find the best way to approach a problem.
Being in bed with a strange hairy woman I had a dream I was in bed with this big muscular furry and that we are a boyfriend and girlfriend. And we were just cuddling in bed and sometimes she would kiss me on my head and cheek. While somewhat unusual, the strange furry who you were being so taken by in your dream, represents a certain feeling of dissatisfaction that could start nagging at you in the near future. Something in your life could trigger this feeling of discontent, which may lead to conflicts with people who are close to you. Keep a straight head, remember who your true friends are and this should be over soon.
Strangers occupying apartment without permission I would get home and people were in my apartment washing clothes and sleeping, people I never met and they had the key to my apartment, and I will get so angry and fight with them and kick them out of my apartment. Seeing your home being occupied by others without your consent is a negative omen. One that portends upcoming issues in your relationship with someone close to you. Be it your boyfriend, a friend or a relative, this person's company may have already become cumbersome for you. He or she may end up doing something that would represent the last straw.
Trying to talk to an old woman and unable to I had a dream about an old woman in a old-fashioned blue dress staring at me. I tried to talk to her, but I could not get any words out, it felt like I was completely numb. Dreaming about an old woman points to the possible heartache and frustration you may suffer due to malicious rumors circulating behind your back. Regardless of whether they are true or not, this blow to your reputation could cause you a great deal of stress. The old-fashioned blue dress the woman in your dream was wearing represents the emotional distress that may be caused by the aforementioned gossip. Keep your head high and do your best to not let such things affect you and you may come out on top of the situation.
Being with someone in a hotel room Kindly interpret my dream. If a married lady dreamt she was in a hotel room in a single bed that was green and clean with another lady in another single bed, but both in same room. A hotel room often symbolizes a fresh perspective or a transformation. The two single beds with a woman on each of them alludes to a need to connect with another person, yet being unable to. Perhaps the dreamer is feeling isolated and is trying to reach out to someone for comfort or sympathy. The color green in dreams is associated with fertility, growth, even jealousy. Hence, it may also be related to a need for independence or breathing space in order to grow as a person.
A transvestite in a dream Transvestite dream, meaning please? Seeing a transvestite in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of being tricked or deceived by someone in wake life. While, generally speaking, a transvestite dresses in a certain way to express how they feel on the inside, this vision suggests someone in your life doing the opposite, that is, using their outside appearance to conceal their inner self. You should be careful of people who do not seem sincere in their dealings with you, especially those who are in a position to hurt you emotionally or even initiate a verbal or physical fight.
Having only females as neighbors Dreamt my roommate, my son and I all lived in a neighborhood with just other women as neighbors. All the female neighbors would come over to ask my male roommate for help with doing projects. Envisioning a situation in which your male, adult friend is being requested to help females in the surrounding area suggests you have a caring and giving personality, especially if in the vision he seemed happy to perform these services. The big difference between the number of men and women, however, suggests you also have a tendency to treat people preferentially according to your own code, which may or may not agree with society's norms or traditional views.
Being prevented to visit someone and meeting others on the way back A person came to me with his fiance and requested me to take them somewhere and in the dream I see they wanted to go see my mum who in real world passed on. We failed to reach her place because of human waste caused by a broken sewer. On our way back was the guy's fiance's home. Her young sister initially was excited to see me, but I was talking to an old friend. Afterwards she couldn't answer when I called her back. Your dream draws a lot of its symbols from past relationships. Your deceased mother and an old friend are aspects of yourself that are rooted in the past. The engaged couple in your vision who are seeking to meet with your mother symbolizes relationships and domestication. Maybe you are thinking of settling down or getting into a serious partnership and you want the opinion and approval of your loved ones. However, the excrement from the broken sewer blocking your way in this dream signifies undesirable situations. Before deciding to make a radical move in your personal life, some things need to be resolved or cleaned up in order to avoid potential complications further down the line.
Interacting with elderly while by an old monument Saw my fiance climbing an old wrecked monument's remaining stairs and myself following him a few stairs back when a stout old man hurriedly climbs nearer him showing how well the boy standing at a distance did in maths exam. When I look that way, I find an elderly lady nodding. Just then I take hands of my fiance and take him downstairs. I feel that the old man gets bitter on such a gesture. And I force my eyes open. The old, dilapidated monument that you and your fiance climb is a positive sign associated with having found the person who loves you the most and understands you deeply. This happiness in your union is also seen in the image of the old man. Though he looks disgruntled, the old man represents the positive energy which surrounds you and helps keep both of you happy and satisfied. While everything seems to be going well, the old woman nodding "no" could be a sign of trouble ahead, perhaps something you have been ignoring in favor of looking on the brighter side.
A man cutting a loaf of bread It's very simple. I was watching a man sitting at a table cutting a loaf of bread. What does this mean? Dreaming of watching someone cutting a loaf of bread represents the possibility of hardships in your future. This may happen while you are working on a particular project and hit a setback that could undo all of the effort that you have put towards achieving your goal. As long as you do not give up, you should eventually be able to overcome this adversity.
People leaving and entering a house Seeing midgets and normal people coming into and going out of a house. Seeing a variety of diverse people enter and exit your home or some other house is a highly auspicious sign associated with good things coming into your life and bad things leaving it. This could manifest in a number of different ways. For example, you may come across seeing better opportunities at work or unexpectedly receive money from a surprising source.
A strange woman at the front door I was in my condo and saw a woman outside my front door. I didn't know her. I asked her to leave, but she wouldn't leave. I started to point my finger at her and shout "Get out, get out, get out, get out..." at her. I was getting more and more anxious. The feeling of dread and anxiety that the woman in your dream inspired in you suggests some degree of instability in your current relationship. The woman outside the door that refuses to leave could be a subconscious representation of your jealousy towards people that approach your partner. This jealousy, in turn, could prove disastrous for your relationship in the long run.
Serving meat to important people I brought out my laptop and was having a conversation with some people, then I found myself in a gathering offering meat to others from which I also eat from. While in the gathering, I noticed there were high-profile older men. I stood up to take more, then a voice within said "We will be tested to determine our resolve or capacity". Shortly afterwards I heard my name, then I woke up. Please can I get an interpretation of this dream? Thanks. The event you attend filled with high-profile and older gentlemen in this dream is an auspicious sign predicting that success is in your favor when it comes to work, business or academic endeavors. Successful, well-off individuals around you give a glimpse into the success and fortune you can expect to achieve. This is also supported by the image of handing out and partaking in meat, which signifies the speed at which this dream can become a reality. The words you heard, then, are likely a warning from your subconscious that your worthiness for this great fate may be tested soon. Passing the test would require not only smarts and physical endurance, but also quick-thinking and creativity.
A girl asking to throw books away I dream of walking with a fair girl I don't know and she gave me some books to throw into a bush. This unfamiliar girl in your dream alludes to a possibility of falling in love. You could meet someone unexpectedly and sparks would fly immediately. This surprising meeting could turn into a romance if you play your cards right. However, the downside of falling in love is the loss of rationality and logical thinking. You could be swept away by your emotions and make some rash decisions you would eventually come to regret, as signified by the books thrown into a bush in your dream.
A person in black surrounded by fire There was person in all black clothes and fire around them. If you dreamed of seeing someone wearing black clothes and surrounded by a wall of fire, take heed because it is a warning. It means that some time in the near future you could suffer losses which you will not be able to avoid. This can affect your business or be related to your material possessions. It can also happen in your personal life, maybe in your love affairs, therefore it could be emotional in its nature. Whatever the loss you are about to go through, be prepared when you experience this vision in your dream.
Men and women in the locker room In my dream, I was in a locker room with maybe a dozen or so other men. They were all naked, as was I, but I wasn't uncomfortable. Later I noticed I couldn't find my towel, I looked for it, and eventually found it. As I was doing that, the men disappeared, and a dozen or so fully-clothed women took their place. They were talking among themselves, almost ignoring me, except for one woman, she kept staring at me. Then I left, and went swimming with the men. Focusing your attention on other people's nudity in a dream alludes to rising insecurities or worries in waking life as a result of other people (such as your peers) criticizing your current activities, ways of doing things or your ideas your share with them. The notion of the naked men transforming into fully clothed women suggests that you may be very meticulous and tend to pay a great deal of attention to what others have to say about you. You could feel that even a single negative opinion or remark coming from one person can become detrimental to your current efforts and aspirations, as symbolized by the woman staring at you at the end of the dream.
Fat and skinny people staring I have a dream where these people are staring at me in the hallway of my own home, these people are either really skinny or really fat. There is no one in between. Thin people tend to represent others in your life going through difficult or troubling times. You may have friends who are suffering under the weight of debt or dealing with serious medical conditions. While you may want to help, there is very little you can do. This is contrasted with the image of fat people, a sign symbolically linked with the idea of other friends experiencing great joy in their lives either due to marriage, new jobs or other fortuitous circumstances. These people staring at you but not interfering with you at all suggest that, whether you experience happiness or hardship, no one can do more to influence the course of your life than you.
A woman spitting blood in the face I am a fitness instructor. I dreamt about a woman in my class who was new, running up to me and spitting blood out in my face. What does that mean? This dream, though both disturbing and gory, could indicate the presence of some psychic sensitivities on your part. Blood pouring from the face is often associated with the idea of death and tragedy. The fact that this blood was coming from another person suggests that they are the ones who may suffer, though this person from your fitness class could just be a stand-in for someone else you know. In either case, while you may not be directly affected by this loss, you are likely to feel sympathy and sadness for the difficult time this individual must go through.
Visiting an elderly couple Every year I have a dream about me and my parents visiting these two elderly people in a very large old house and I always have it at summertime. The first dream was me and my parents walking up the dirt road towards the house and then having afternoon tea with the elderly woman and man, the next year around about the same time of year we went to visit again, but this time the elderly woman said her husband had died and was talking about how lonely she was, then the next year it was different. The presence of the elderly in your dream vision could point toward an inclination for psychic powers or special sensitivities, as older people who are strangers to you are often associated with the idea of strange events and the other worlds. This could also be connected to something much older, like the forgotten knowledge of times past. Depending on the time and place you were at the time of each dream, you could determine what is pulling these powers out during the summertime. Going back to the vision, the death of the older gentleman could indicate your powers are weakening, either due to lack of use or distance to the source of your energy. If you want to capture and utilize this power, you should analyze the past occurrences and move from there.
Being attacked by transgendered people Transgenders came to my house twice and they tried to steal silver glasses, but I stopped them from doing so, but they attacked me with a knife and my hand got cut and started bleeding. Dreaming of a transgender or a transsexual alludes to repression of certain traits. You may be unable to reconcile the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality. Perhaps you feel as if one or the other should dominate, instead of balancing those traits. When the trans stole your silver glasses, it means you may be losing sight of the bigger picture and that certain situations call for a different take and temperament. You may be becoming too aggressive and your subconscious is showing you the detrimental results.
Naked strangers in the bathroom Me and this other guy were standing in this bathroom naked and this girl was sitting in the bathtub naked also. We were trying to lift her out, but I was holding a platter of food. After we kept trying a couple more times, I threw the food on the ground. I told my friend to make sure the path was clear, so we could carry her to a bed. After he left, I picked her up and put her in my lap. Then my penis tried to push up in between her legs. Your presence in the bathroom during this vision is very telling, suggesting that some terrible luck is about to befall you. Both your nakedness and the nakedness of your companions allows for a more specific reason to emerge. These symbols predict that not only are you to find yourself in a compromising situation, but that those around you are also likely to be privy to your embarrassment, possibly leading to an influx of gossip and unflattering rumors about you. Throwing food on the ground could signify trying to rectify this situation, but actually making it worse by continuing to remind others that it occurred. It may be better to withdraw for awhile and let the situation boil over rather than continuing to stir the pot.
A girl in a blue dress on a sunny day I'm a male that has been talking to a girl. I had a dream that I saw her, she was walking, I was watching her from a moving car. She was wearing a blue dress and it was sunny. Seeing a girl in a blue dress reveals your yearning to achieve some semblance of success and achievement. She represents your dreams and ambitions, hence the sunny weather reflects your idea of what your life would be if you reached your aspirations. Perhaps your situation in reality does not meet your expectations and you are wondering about taking a different path in life.
Someone disrespectful towards the homeless I dreamed I asked for help in getting food to a homeless person. The guy I asked looked me in the eye as he put out a cigarette in the plate of food as he handed it to me. Dreams containing the image of someone who is homeless predict the possibility of soon experiencing great disappointment and frustration. This is likely due to unfair treatment, disrespect, or some other form of discrimination that is being directed towards you. Because your subconscious is weaving this warning into your vision, it also must contend with your ego, which is where your desire to help the homeless individual comes into play. This imagery signifies your current state of being, showing that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life. In a sense, your mind refuses to believe that something is or could go wrong. However, the man who puts out a cigarette into the food suggests you should listen to the warnings and prepare for the worst.
Strangers ending war and chaos I was in a chaotic war, then coming over the hill I saw two men in what looked like red riding hoods coat. As soon as I seen them, they spoke to me, but I can't remember what was said, just that they were friendly and as they went In different directions, the chaos ended and I knew it was they who stopped it. Dreaming of war or living near a war zone is usually a negative sign. It means you are about to experience periods of sadness and hardships, especially if you are a young person. This chaos in your dream probably reflects your views on the state of the world today or, more specifically, your worries about your future. You may be looking for someone to bail you out, sort of like a savior figure. Yet in order for real change to occur, you may need to start by being more proactive even if your sphere of influence is small. Ripples can cause waves given the right conditions.
Greeting and hugging with a beggar I was walking past some few people with my friends and there was a burnt and badly hurt lady trying to shake our hands! She looked scruffy and like a beggar! All my friends ignored her. But I felt so much pity and I shook her hand. After which she hugged me. And my friends were disgusted about it. Meaning please. A dream in which you stumble upon a beggar or homeless individual has negative connotations. It is indicative of some disturbing events which may eventually lead to you squandering away your assets and property. It could even symbolize the loss of your residence or perhaps breaking ties with a person who at one time may have been your best friend. The severity of your situation can be seen in the poor state of the woman. However, giving this woman a sympathetic hug is symbolically linked with the idea of having an upcoming reunion. Either you could avoid this situation entirely by being kind to those even outside your normal circle or, after a period of separation, everything could return to its previous state.
An older man and a frail girl in a house In my dream I saw an old person with a long beard and long hair and he was muscular, but old. He was inside a well-lit house and there was a happy feeling all around. I go in, greet him like I know him, and he gives me food which I then eat and I think to myself that it's super yummy. I thank him after I am done with the food and then I go to the left side of the house where I notice a little frail girl lying down on a table. I pick her up in my arms and hug her. I couldn't see her face. The old man inside a well-lit house in your dream represents your mature and wise side. This scenario provides a positive interpretation of a happy, fruitful and fulfilling future if you listen to your rational side and use the lessons learned from experiences to make choices in both your personal and professional journey. On the other hand, the frail-looking little girl you found lying on the table depicts the downside of growing up. Sometimes in becoming more mature, we tend to suppress the innocent and child-like side of ourselves. Perhaps the dream is reminding you to maintain a healthy curiosity despite the pressures of adulthood.
Talking with a mad man I saw a mad man discussing something with me. Conversing with a mad man or an insane individual in a dream suggests your own spiral into madness or eccentricity. Madness, in this sense, does not refer to clinical psychosis, rather a more artistic or unconventional mindset. You may be entertaining offbeat ideas to help give your career a boost. Alternatively, you may be losing touch with reality as a means of escaping your existing problems.
In a car with an insane person What does it mean if a mad person is sitting beside me in the car dressed as normal person, but mad and started biting me? Please narrate this dream for me with full meaning, thank you and God bless u. The mad or insane individual sitting beside you in the dream may be a representation of an aspect of your mind that is slipping from reality. Perhaps you are a dreamer by nature and as a way to escape, you conjure up make-believe events and scenarios in your head. However, as indicated in this dream vision, you may be indulging too much in your fantasy world so that you end up losing touch with your actual situation and surroundings. Perhaps this tendency to daydream is holding you back from actually living and being productive.
Coming into contact with a strange-looking woman I dreamt I was making pastries and a woman came up to me wanting to try my pastries. I was explaining they were not meant for her, then a friend came around seeming to question why was she there. Then she turned and faced me with a weird smile, looked like she had two top teeth protruding from her mouth. We came face to face with each other, close enough for me to bite down on her teeth and lips. Then I woke up. Dreaming about baking pastries is a powerful symbol that signifies your wildest dreams coming true in a most unexpected way. While this may sound like a good thing, you may have to go through a number of struggles to get there or maintain what you have earned. This can be seen in the image of the strange woman's protruding teeth. Biting down on her teeth and lips, however, suggests you would not only be able to avoid some of the trouble, but also counteract or overcome any difficulties or obstacles that get in the way of your goals and aspirations.
A girl hiding from someone wearing a mask Paper mache full headed mask. A girl hiding under floor boards from the one who wears the mask. Shallow water above the floorboards, but girl hiding isn't being flooded. In the dream world masks represent hidden jealousy or envy. The girl trying to hide from the masked person represents your own subconscious self trying to hide secrets from those around you. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period in your life and are probably aware of those around you who may be resentful of your happiness. You could be suspicious that these people are simply waiting for you to make a mistake and therefore are trying to pry open your secrets. This negativity is further reinforced by the presence of shallow water. Since shallow water portends obstacles, make sure that you keep yourself alert and try to find a way out of these problems by being more assertive.
Talking to a dwarf I was walking around a circus and a dwarf grabbed me and said "You must take strides outside of the path you walk". He repeated it before letting me go. Dreaming about being in a circus portends a period of difficulty in your waking life. You may have to face certain trials and tribulations which could set you back quite a bit. However, the dwarf in your dreams is the unrealized potential which you have. It is further reinforced by the dwarf asking you to walk on a different path. It seems as if you realize that you have the power to overcome any obstacles appearing in your way. You simply need to be more focused and learn to take risks to ensure that your ventures are a success.
Evil women and being a soldier I'm a woman. Two blonde women are walking through nature, they have evil smiles and they are walking towards me in a zombie-like way, but before they get to me the scene changes and I'm in a maze-like place with white walls. I'm a real soldier playing fake war with other soldiers and I'm frolicking through the maze beating each person I pass and creating a dance as I go. The scene changes to the women following me again and I start to scream before they get to me I wake up. Dreaming about being intimidated by zombie-like creatures is a manifestation of the current status of your life. Perhaps you are going through a chaotic time which is filling you with stress and anxiety. The zombie-looking women are a representation of your fears. The fact that you find yourself in a maze immediately after your encounter these women indicates that you are unable to face the difficulties in your waking life. Although you find yourself frolicking in the maze, it is a materialization of your desire to get rid of these problems. However, it is not as easy as it seems and you are constantly haunted by the presence of the obstacles which are placed in your path, as signified by the reappearance of the zombies in this dream. Make sure you stay strong and rely on your intuition to fare better in life.
People acting strange at a bar I went into a local bar I know, sat down with a male friend holding a baby and then he began breastfeeding the baby. Then I got up, went to the restroom, 3 ladies barged in and one of them started playing with my urine and drank some. First of all, going to a bar in the dream world represents your desire to get a burden off your shoulders. You could be feeling stressed out or overwhelmed in the waking world, so you are looking for ways to relax and loosen up. The presence of a male friend breastfeeding in this bar alludes to your need for love, satisfaction and care. Seeing this image in your dream likely stems from feeling neglected or lonely in the real world. Similarly, since urine is generally a metaphor for negative feelings or repressed thoughts, having these women drinking your urine is an allusion to your yearning for acceptance. Maybe you have been getting more and more frustrated in trying to meet the expectations of others. You want to be appreciated for who you are, flaws and all, instead of being expected to act according to society's standards all the time.
A stranger giving a note Well, I was having a dream as far as I know about me and my partner going out and all of a sudden we are in a building, don't know where though. And there is another woman there with short hair, looks familiar, but I don't know her, very sexy and good-looking, walks past us an puts a note into my pocket. I don't know what is on the note or anything, but it was just very funny and I could not get back to sleep for some time. Being out with your partner, possibly on a date or going to an event, represents your journey towards self-discovery. You could be trying to uncover or understand issues that are bubbling up to the surface recently. Part of your current concern may be about your love and commitment to your partner. The sexy and attractive woman you encounter in the building could be a representation of your yearning to explore or meet new personalities. Perhaps you are feeling limited in your current situation and you are looking for some excitement by having new experiences.
A female friend dressed in white I am in 2-yr relationship but I keep seeing a female friend dressed in white holding out her hand, but when I touch it I wake up sweating and thirsty. What does it mean? There are two possible interpretations for this vision depending on your feelings toward your female friend. The main symbol, your friend in a white dress, has the same meaning in both versions. This sign suggests upcoming nuptials or romantic feelings leading to a marriage proposal. The notion of reaching out and having the vision end suddenly, however, can have different meanings. On one hand, it can reveal an unfulfilled desire to have a relationship with this woman, meaning because of your friendship you have chosen not to pursue something deeper and more meaningful with her. On the other hand, you could be completely true to your current relationship but are not yet fully able to commit to marriage. In a sense, your subconscious mind is using your friend as a stand-in for your current partner because you are not ready to face the possibility of a committed relationship yet.
Not recognizing someone's name Today morning something strange happened in my dream. I heard a guy's name, apparently didn't know anyone by that name? Whats the significance? Names in dreams can often be the mind's way to help the dreamer remember something important. Perhaps you have been neglecting a loved one recently and your subconsciousness is making you feel guilty about it. Since the name sounded unfamiliar, it represents something missing in your existence. You may be looking for affection or validation to fill the void. Alternatively, there could be someone in your life with a similar sounding name and the strangeness or unfamiliar sound of the name is a reflection of how much you have drifted apart.
Black women entering the room by mistake I am a female, I dreamed someone knocking at my door and I said "Enter", then very black naked women entered.They asked for someone before I answered, a person outside called out that they entered a wrong room, it's next door. Then they went out. I woke up. A knock on the door in the dream world is usually a positive sign pointing to good news and exciting opportunities in your future. As for the naked women in your vision, the interpretation depends on your reaction to their visit. If you simply accepted their nudity as something normal, then it means the opportunity or news you would receive likely deals with your ability to embrace other people's needs they want to take care of using your help. On the other hand, if there was fear and trepidation over the nudity, then there is a likelihood that you would stumble upon a sensitive secret or information which could give you some leverage, yet would go against your principles or personal values.
A faceless person What does it mean when a person doesn't have a face. Being confronted by a faceless being or individual in the dream world alludes to deceit and possible envy from someone in your social circle. This personality may be putting up a friendly disposition and hiding his or her true colors to gain your trust. Alternatively, the faceless figure may represent your own identity crisis. You could be faced with several different paths to take and you are unsure about what you really want to pursue at this point in your personal journey.
A harmless serial killer I was dreaming about Michael Myers looking over me, also walking around my house. He didn't try to kill me or anyone. Dreaming of a fictional serial killer means you may be trying to rid yourself of some negative emotions. There may be aspects of your personality which you want to let go of because they are preventing you from achieving your full potential. This may also be an allusion to your self-destructive habits and tendencies. You could be afraid of being a danger to yourself because of your lack of discipline and self-control. Maybe it is time to confront your shadows and start to become a better version of who you are.
Being surrounded by blind people I saw myself surrounded with many blind people around me. I was going somewhere with my friend and suddenly we get stuck in a building full of blind people and we couldn't find an exit. And suddenly my mother woke me up. Being surrounded by blind people in your dream is an allusion to the kind of crowd you associate with in reality. Your peers and contemporaries may be feeling lost or uncertain about their futures. Maybe you also lack direction, so being surrounded by equally aimless individuals is exacerbating the situation. There is also a possibility that you are missing out on great opportunities because your social circle is prioritizing hedonistic pursuits. Fortunately, having your eyes open during this dream means you are at the very least aware of what your priorities should be. You may even feel like you cannot relate to those around you because you have set your sights on more productive endeavors.
Meeting elderly people by a lake during storm My ex-husband and I were walking and riding a motorcycle and came upon a still lake edge suddenly. The lake was clear, so I could see the algae and plants below the surface. A bad storm, a red-hued hurricane, was looming. Clouds were moving quickly, but no wind. An elderly woman needed our help. I picked up her things and he went ahead with her. An older man seemed sexually interested in me. The presence of your ex-husband in your dream alludes to unfinished business. Meanwhile, the clear lake represents fresh insight and clarity. As such, you may soon find the courage and lucidity to close this chapter of your personal journey. The motorcycle as a symbol illustrates the risk and spontaneity that characterized your previous marriage. In a sense, the elderly woman may have been the old you. Perhaps you feel like your ex has not grown up. On the other hand, you are now ready to move forward by looking for someone more mature and stable, someone you can grow old with.
Someone sitting and holding a bowl I dreamt twice in one night that someone is sitting cross-legged and holding out a bowl to me. The bowl in your dream could symbolize either the womb or a place of comfort. Meanwhile, crossed legs could be seen as a defensive and distanced position. In that sense, perhaps you feel like a loved one, perhaps a romantic partner, may be holding back or putting up walls between the two of you. Even when they mean well and claim to have your best interests in mind, somehow you feel like they do not quite hear you or understand your point of view. There is sense that they are reacting maybe out of pity instead of a genuine understanding and attention.
On a train with mentally ill people I am a man, 23. I saw today a dream about being in moving train. In the train there was like a mental hospital. I wasn't mentally ill, but I was inside this compartment where mentally ill people were. So I was trying to escape and I escaped but they saw. All this dream happened in a moving train. Weird is that I saw exactly the same dream a long time ago. This image of yourself on a moving train suggests you strongly desire to engage with others on a deep, personal level. There is likely a particular individual who has caught your attention and whom you would like to get to know better. This person is probably someone you are interested in romantically as well, although it is possible you simply desire friendship. The notion that the train was also a mental hospital, however, could suggest that your involvement with this person is not a good idea. The connection could eventually lead to discovering some serious issues and making you reconsider the choices you have made.
An Asian woman living in the house I have been going to a Chinese food place where I find this Asian cashier extremely attractive, I always order their food which makes me see her a lot. I'm 22 years old, 23 in May, and born in 1994. So, when I went to sleep I had a dream where I believe I was in my own home but instead of having a shed, it was a room, there was clothes as if a woman was living there. This woman was Asian and she told me to wake up and I was attracted to her, had a flashback of a murder scene happening in this home. The Asian connection which provides background for this vision may reveal the presence of empty promises or outright lies. It is possible you are being deceived, although the person deceiving you may be none other than yourself. Being attracted to this woman in both reality and the dream world speaks of something unusual or exotic which you would like to experience for yourself. However, you may be imagining that she reciprocates those feelings, meaning you are not being honest with yourself about the reality of the situation. This could lead to some internal conflict and great disappointments, as represented by the murder scene.
A lady being touched and smiling A lady standing in swimming dress and smiling, suddenly a lot of hands touching her thighs and vagina, even though the lady still standing with smile. This vision may be related to concerns, holdups or anxieties you have related to sex and intimacy. In a sense, the woman's swimwear could be a metaphor for partial exposure, which suggests you are in a situation you can handle but still makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps the person you are with or want to be with is someone who makes you feel safe, but your personal issues are preventing you from being totally relaxed. This is supported by the image of the hands touching parts of the woman's body that are considered very intimate. Perhaps you also wish to touch and be touched but lack the confidence to do or say so. You may need to take things slowly as you explore your sexuality more deeply.
Running from a dead girl and meeting a baby I dreamt that I was taking a shortcut and I saw a dead female, her face was my cousin who is alive, I walked over her and she got up and started laughing and I started running, but she was walking and I got in the house and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and I saw a baby, she said to me "Look how long I have been waiting on you for us to play". I woke up. Dreaming about taking a shortcut could mean you are feeling impatient about reaching your goals and because of that you could be doing some things not entirely ethical in order to achieve them faster. The dead female you came across on the way could be a warning for you to stop doing things in haste, and the way your cousin has resurrected and managed to make you go back to the house could mean people around you are trying to put you on the right path. The baby at the end of the dream could be a metaphor for a reward for you to follow the right way, since a baby is usually a symbol of accomplishments and the resulting prosperity.
A woman with a chef knife on top of stairs Female. About 30 years ago about when I got pregnant with son, second child, I dreamed I was in basement of the old farmhouse where I grew up, which I dream of often. Someone standing at top of the stairs broke a pearl necklace, all the pearls bouncing down the steps toward me. I looked up and saw standing in the doorway an unknown woman with chef knife making downward chopping motion. I woke up and saw same woman in bedroom doorway for split second making same chopping motion. Going to a place from your childhood makes sense in this vision, as this symbol may be the manifestation of your desire to find comfort and to be sheltered from the troubles you faced in reality. You may have had concerns or doubts about your pregnancy that were making themselves apparent in your dream. The image of the pearls from the broken necklace bouncing down the stairs further suggests you felt helpless and hopeless. This may be the case if you or your son were experiencing health issues during this time. It is also possible you had been given a wrong piece of advice back then, as the female figure with a chef knife appearing in your dream represents practical knowledge and experience miscommunicated with you by someone causing you distress and anger. The notion that you still remember this vision so clearly all these years shows how much of an effect it must have had on you at that time.
A neighbor who has asthma I dreamed that my old friend Arts teacher had moved to nearby house to me. I went to visit them, other friends were there too. He was laying in bed, very white skin, had a white cloth over his face. I asked him if he had asthma. He looked sick and nodded "Yes", he had asthma. In this vision, it seems your old friend and art teacher could be representative of either yourself or someone else close to you in reality. This is due to the fact that he had moved to a house near yours in the vision. Your subconscious may see some parallels in your art teacher's life or personality that mirror something in your own, allowing him to act as a substitute for the situation you witnessed. Seeing him very pale, then, alludes to some form of betrayal or subversive behavior, meaning either you or someone you care about is about to be hurt in the worst way possible. The cause of your friend's illness in this case is asthma, a symbol associated with flexibility in the face of uncertain or painful circumstances. You may need to think outside the box to get through this troubling time or rely on outside sources to find comfort when all is said and done.
A legless woman I’m not close to her at all but I dreamt that she had both of her legs. I also remember sitting outside a restaurant with her sitting without her legs braiding my hair. And I asked if it hurts. Specifically dreaming that someone has both of their legs in a dream, whether they have legs or are an amputee in reality, is a positive symbol associated with success, fortune and progress. In a sense, the presence of legs literally refers to moving forward with some aspect of life. However, the idea that this woman did not have her legs later in the dream could mean the halting of progress or some type of impediment to success. Even though you are picturing someone else in this state, it seems you may be the one suffering from a lack of progress recently, as having your hair braided points to sadness and distress. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your recent results or you are not improving as quickly as you have in the past. In any case, instead of worrying how quickly you are moving, focus on how far you have come and the happiness you would feel upon reaching your goals.
People with backs turned I dreamed I walked into a room and everybody had their backs turned on me and one person said your in the wrong room. Walking into a room may point toward a new idea you have had or a new course of action you have set out for yourself. Seeing everyone with their backs to you, then, represents some roadblocks to your success. In particular, this could refer to your inability to gain the support of some important individuals or keep up relations with those who have helped you in the past. While this venture may not be destined for success, trying something new or working from a different angle may yield slightly more promising results.
Disliking a homeless person Homeless type a girl person, I bought some old clothes she had. They were dirty, unwashed. I threw them in the garbage. My husband tried helping her, I had bad feelings about her, and wanted her gone. She was lazy, laying around. Seeing a homeless person in a dream vision is usually a reminder about appreciating and valuing what you have, including your family and friends. Your bad feeling about this homeless girl means you are taking something or someone for granted. Clothes represent social status and public persona, so throwing her dirty clothes in the garbage illustrates your harsh or unfair treatment of someone in your social circle. An impending encounter or confrontation would reveal your personal biases towards a neglected, overlooked or undermined friend or colleague. This, in turn, would allow you to see what this person is truly worth.
A man in a suit and a man bleeding In the beginning of my dream, the man is standing wearing a suit inside a room. Afterwards, as I try to exit the room, I saw a man lying on the floor covered with blood. He begged and I helped him get out of the room. The man in the suit represents your ambitious and driven side. You are at a point in your life when there are opportunities left and right, however there are also a lot of competition and rivals around. In order to flourish and rise up the ranks in your chosen industry, you would need to fight for your dreams. This can be tough if you are not used to a cutthroat or highly competitive environment. So you would experience disillusionment and discouragement as illustrated by the bloody man. Fortunately, you would be able to retain your fortitude despite all the setbacks, this is symbolized by your decision to help the man get out of the room.
A blonde man by the bed I opened my eyes from sleeping and saw a very blonde-haired man with a light blue T-shirt and tan or khaki pants standing beside my bed just looking at me. I screamed and blinked my eyes and he was gone. While it is certainly strange to see an unfamiliar face visiting you in the dream world, this visitor seems to come with happy tidings. Blonde, fair-haired strangers are often thought to predict taking up a new hobby or trying a new activity in reality. This is combined with the blue T-shirt, a color symbolically tied to the idea of dreams coming true. It is possible, then, that this pastime is something you have wanted to take part in for some time but maybe did not have the time, money or energy to invest before. Now may be the time to explore and pursue those dreams and see where they take you.
Meeting a stranger next to office space I am female. I am walking up the stairs of a vacant parking garage. There is a man in a hat leaning against the wall with a slight smile watching me. I am searching for a code to call my family. I pass the stranger and find a hallway lined with closed office doors. I open one and walk in. Everything is black and white or gray. A dream wherein you see yourself in a dark and vacant garage is the manifestation of the frustration and sadness which you feel in waking life. Perhaps you are encountering certain difficulties which have made things complex and confusing for you, particularly some interpersonal problems you are experiencing at work or school. The hallway lined with multiple office doors suggests resolving this issue would prove to be very challenging, perhaps one of the most challenging things you have had to accomplish, as you may need to humble yourself or ignore your own desires for the sake of someone else. The monochromatic color scheme of the space you finally entered is the manifestation of your dissatisfaction with this situation. However, you may have to keep a stiff upper lip and suffer a bit before all is said and done.
Strange people dressed in black People dressed in black. When they were near the would make screaming noises and would jump and crawl at the same time. Having to hide in a small car in the passenger seat at the bottom so they wouldn’t find you. A dream about people wearing black clothes signifies bad news or an impending negative event. Screaming signifies fear, so it means a group of people including those you love would be in great peril. However, instead of extending a helping hand, you choose to save yourself from being embroiled in this conflict by ignoring the issue. You would choose to focus on your social mobility and career advancement instead of making sacrifices for the sake of others.
People in pairs I keep having dreams of 2 pairs of people watching kids in my dreams. Dreaming of seeing people in pairs, regardless of age or gender, reveals your loneliness. You may not be looking for a romantic prospect, but you crave the feeling of having a steady companion. However, if you do have someone special in your life, you still feel neglected and unloved. Your deepest desire is to find a soulmate who will be by your side through happy moments and tough times. Pairs also symbolize starting over. As the year ends, you are looking forward to a brand new start to welcome a new year, even if it means leaving your comfort zone behind.
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