Tulsi plant (basilic) and Neem tree I saw a plant of tulsi and a tree of Neem. Having a dream involving a tulsi plant is an indication of upcoming rapid changes in your personal life. If you already have a date or lover, this dream could mean a very romantic date or spending time together which will further strengthen and brighten up your relationship. At the same time, finding yourself standing under a Neem tree in the same dream could be an indication of your excessive timidness and being shy to express what you want from this person to make this relationship even more fulfilling.
Lilac and plants blue in color I dreamt of a lilac and light blue suede plant. Dreaming of plants and flowers is often associated with peace and tranquility. The cooler blue and purple tones have been associated with romance, meaning if you have felt agitated about your feelings for someone, these emotions are likely to find an outlet quickly or whatever situation which has been causing you worry is soon to be resolved. This symbol portends achieving inner peace once your worries have been assuaged.
Gathering and eating flowers Well, the dream happen to be a survival test, a vacation, and me and my love were walking with the guide eating plant life, catching animals, but what the highlight was, I picked up a carnation flower and ate half of it, the other half was hanging from my mouth, and I gave her another carnation flower. I woke up realizing I was eating in front of her and giving her something that was hanging from my mouth. This vision centers around the idea of the flowers you ate, and the interpretation depends to a great extent on your feeling during this time. Dreaming about eating flowers can predict experiencing loss or misfortune if the taste was bitter or unpleasant. However, if the flowers tasted good to you, it might suggest a favorable event or circumstance you are about to experience. Dreaming about eating flowers and liking it could also reflect your anticipation about an upcoming date or romantic rendezvous.
Trees growing in mud Pepper trees in slushy mud. Trees typically represent growth, knowledge and stability. So, to dream of a tree in slushy mud portends emotional upheavals or a period of difficulty. Perhaps you are feeling vulnerable and not necessarily in control of your life at the moment. Your reservations and fears could be hindering your personal growth. This dream is telling you to take stock of your situation and proceed with caution to avoid getting stuck in some murky, hopeless situation.
Cucumbers in a vegetable garden A garden of cucumbers and two of them were yellow. Cucumbers in dreams are symbolically linked with the idea of bad luck and misfortune, especially in business and financial matters. The yellow cucumbers represent yearning for past times of plenty when in a destitute situation. In this case, should you fail to take precautions with your money, you may find yourself looking longingly back at your current state of relative security.
Plantains which have been cut by someone I saw a very big plantain bunch hanging, which is for me to cut. I saw a hand holding cutlass. Already a bunch had been cut, lying on the floor, but I did not know by whom. Dreaming that a fruit or vegetable that you were supposed to cut has already been cut by somebody else should be considered a warning. Such a dream points to your questionable behavior or some unwise choices you may have made in life. The way that you conduct yourself could be bordering on unreasonable or unacceptable. You may need to take a good look at your actions before you do something you may end up regretting forever.
Green peas on the vine I dreamt of plump green pea pods on the vine. Dreams involving seeing green peas while they are growing are generally interpreted as having too many choices at the same time and pondering on which one to make. You could presently be finding yourself deciding to take on a new job, start a new relationship or relocate, all at the same time. These dream visions are also indicative of your attempts to seek advice or guidance from people who are close to you because you are unsure whether acting on your own would result in any relief or make sense in this situation.
A weeping willow tree It was the last thing I saw. A weeping willow tree. It was all depressing, but so beautiful. A dream about seeing a weeping willow depicts both endings and new beginnings. The ending aspect associated with weeping willows is linked to episodes of depression and mourning. You may experience a personal loss which would trigger sadness and grieving. As a way of coping, however, you would soldier on through the pain and challenges. The journey ends in acceptance and a new beginning. At the end of any emotional journey awaits the opportunity to start anew.
Eating the bloom of a cypress tree I was standing under a cypress tree in full bloom. Next to it was a nut tree full of nuts, but I don't know what kind. They were light-colored like they had a hull over them. I started to eat the bloom off the cypress tree, but said to myself "I'm not supposed to eat it". Then I woke up. What could this mean? Dreaming about a cypress tree portends possible death in the family and attending a funeral. It can also be an indication of embracing this event and fast emotional recovery from this tragic occurrence. Alternatively, the loss that this tree symbolizes could also apply to your career and other aspects of your existence. In relation to this loss, the tree full of nuts represents the struggles of picking yourself up and fighting through your personal or professional setbacks to work towards your recovery. Knowing not to eat the bloom off the cypress tree means that you should not dwell on failures and losses, and cultivate a more optimistic outlook on life instead.
Breaking a rose flower I saw a dream in which I break a rose flower at night in darkness in my home garden road? Envisioning a flower being broken is often interpreted as a negative sign. It warns of the imminent end of a relationship with someone close to you, either a friendship or romantic partnership. The loss of this person's companionship may cause a long period of grieving and even depression. The notion of darkness also implies that your decisions or motivations could be based on your inability or unwillingness to think rationally at the moment.
Someone getting green vegetables Someone was being given a lot of green vegetables. Vegetables in a dream are generally associated with enrichment of the soul. In particular, the green vegetables in your dream likely allude to physical as well as spiritual improvement. The individual receiving the vegetables therefore could represent a close friend whom you feel is a bit lost in his or her ways and needs guidance. Alternatively, it could also be a bad indication of losses and financial setbacks. A project or position you have been eyeing may end up being awarded to someone else.
Surrounded by fruits and vegetables I am in a room full of yams, plantains, sweet potatoes and eggplant. Envisioning yourself surrounded by fruits and vegetables in a dream suggests being modest and simple. It could be that you and your family have settled and grown roots in your present residence, or perhaps this could be happening soon. It could also indicate that you are happy living in your present surroundings. Yams, plantains and sweet potatoes are considered comfort food, so having these in your dream reflects that you are comfortably settled and accomplished at this stage of your life. This uncomplicated existence is admired and craved for by others, those who may have come to witness these blessings.
Flowers on the outside of a window I was standing in front of a window then I opened up the blinds as I was looking out of the window, I saw three big flowers pods. The top half of the flower petals were bright red and the bottom half were bright yellow and the green leaves were at the bottom of each. The first flower was really big, the second one was medium and third was small. I could barely see it, but I could tell it was the same as the others. The flowers with red and yellow petals that you saw from the window represent your ambitions. You are likely a very driven individual who makes decisions based on passion, symbolized by the red petals, and tempered by your own wisdom gleaned from personal experience, signified by the yellow petals. Furthermore, the crystal encasing the flowers pertains to your quest for self-actualization. In essence, the flowers represent various challenges on your path which you must go through or overcome before reaching your desired destination.
Plants burnt as a result of plane crash I saw burnt plants. My house was on fire due to a plane crash. Because of this fire, plants got burnt. First of all, the plane crash suggests setbacks and failures in your future. It portends collaborative projects that are doomed to fail due to mismanagement. Consequently, the burnt plants represent dashed hopes due to disappointments and unrealized potential. However, despite the grim message, your subconscious is trying to show you a way to emerge victorious from the upcoming setbacks which is symbolized by the burning house. It is akin to phoenix rising from the ashes. All those trials would end up transforming you into a stronger, more confident version of yourself.
Picking mangos from a tree I was with two colleagues of mine and I saw a very ripe mango tree and I decided to climb the mango tree to pluck for my friends and I did exactly that. But when I came down from the tree, the tree was trying to fall and I did everything I could to stand back from the tree. Climbing a mango tree to pluck its ripe fruits in this dream alludes to the fulfillment of your desires. You would soon reap the rewards of your hard work and you would generously share the fruits of your labors with your colleagues or teammates. Unfortunately, the falling tree at the end of the dream likely reveals some future disappointments on your part. Perhaps the success and victory you achieve from your activity may not give you the satisfaction you expected. You may find yourself wondering whether the path you are on is the right one.
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