A papaya tree Seeing a papaya tree with one papaya hanging from it. The image of a papaya tree with fruit on it is symbolic of achievement and satisfaction in the dream world. Therefore, a tree with a single fruit truly draws attention to the one major goal or ambition you have held in your heart for a long time. This vision may be a message that it is time to pursue that dream, either by finding the people you need to teach you those skills or gathering the resources you need to make this ambition a reality. Once on the path, you are sure to feel happy and content that one of your greatest desires is on its way to completion.
A corn husk A corn husk. A corn husk represents a brilliant idea which would be improperly executed. You would waste a lot of time and money on a project that would end up failing because of mismanagement. Alternatively, this could also mean you would be deceived into investing in an over-hyped product or business which in reality is not making any profit. Joining the bandwagon would mean big losses for you, so practice due diligence before investing your hard-earned money.
Receiving aloe from a crush Receiving an aloe plant from high school crush friend. An aloe plant in dreams signifies an upcoming situation which requires your wit and resourcefulness. Since the plant came from a high school crush, it means this situation will be associated with social connections, perhaps even romance. To achieve your goal, you have to be extra creative with your strategy, whether it is about winning someone over or getting back into the good graces of your significant other.
Aloe plant with growing roots In my dream I saw an aloe plant. The aloe stem stayed the same size but the roots were growing longer, what does it mean? The aloe plant with a growing root system is a symbol that displays two sides of a single coin. On one hand, the aloe plant itself represents developing strategies to improve your position in life and help you tackle new goals. On the other hand, the roots that continued to grow suggest losing yourself to your new way of life. You could become consumed by the pressure to be perfect at everything. This is the danger of self-improvement. While becoming the best version of you is an admirable goal, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.
Apple tree seedlings I dreamed in my garden lots of apple tree seedlings were coming up, probably dozens of small little apple trees with green leaves on them, about a foot tall. Dreaming about fruit seedlings growing into trees predicts the arrival of a bundle of joy into your family. You or someone you are related to would soon give birth to a healthy baby boy, bringing much happiness to your entire extended family and relatives. The green leaves represent an indecent or tactless act. While births are generally joyous occasions, drama can be sparked by a single off-hand comment. It would be wise to watch what you say in these highly emotional times.
Lime tree fruits I dreamed I was looking at a lime tree in my yard. It had lots of lime fruit. I was picking the lime fruits as they were starting to get mold on them. I was disappointed that I had to throw so many away. Then I looked up and noticed my lime tree had a brand new branch that was even bigger growing above the tree, It was loaded with many fresh good limes. This vision of fruits in various stages of ripeness is a reflection of your anticipation in regards to things or projects you want to see completed. Rotting or mold-covered fruits symbolize those projects that you had to abandon or put on the back burner because of the lack of time or changed priorities. Your subconsciousness is guilty for not being able to keep up with obligations or commitments you had once made for yourself. Regardless of whether you will be able to return to these tasks or not, soon or in the future, the appearance of a new branch on the fruit tree is telling you that you are genuinely interested in revisiting what you have unaccomplished or starting something completely new and fresh.
Dogwood trees dying and coming back to life I dreamed my dogwood trees were dying, brown. Then I found a small green dogwood with leaves. Then the dying brown dogwoods were coming to life, with new leaves and new growth. The image of both dying and living dogwood trees is a two-fold symbol. On one hand, dying trees represent sadness, hardship and loss. But from this tragedy could come great happiness and success, as illustrated by the smaller living tree and the revival of the dying dogwood. Perhaps this dream is a message to look forward to better days even in the worst situations.
Looking for a fruit It was a midday and I was looking for a fruit all by the waterside. I was looking for the fruit? Having a dream vision involving the midday sun means that your personal knowledge and experience allow you to make the right decisions even under extremely difficult conditions. You may have lived through complicated situations in the past from which you have drawn the correct conclusions in order to make rational decisions since then. However, the symbol of searching for fruit implies that you do not have a clear idea about your place in life, so you have been searching for your true purpose.
Planting tomato seeds I dreamed of planting many tomato seeds, planting and sprouting them. There was a lot of seeds. This vision could have two possible interpretations depending on your situation in life. The most common understanding of this dream symbol is that those who are sick, injured or otherwise infirm would see improvements in their health and well-being. You may see an increase in the quality of your life, or you may have an easier time getting around. For example, you may find that your joints ache less or that public transportation improves so that you can visit friends or shop easier. The other interpretation of this symbol associates tomato seeds with the sowing of the seeds of friendship. You may be on the cusp of meeting a new group of people who are destined to become true friends for life.
A pink flower on the table Standing in front of a circle table with no chairs. I was playing with some sort of a flower, it was pink and green in the middle and if I played with it the right way this big black thing would launch. This vision seems to point toward some upcoming event in your home or related to one of your close family members. The pink flower in particular points toward this event being a reunion of sorts, as many of your family members may live slightly farther away than allows for easy travel. The round table may represent some opportunity to easily reconnect or interact with these individuals. Just as a round table has no head, so does this symbol mean you would be on equal footing with the other members. The lack of chairs, however, suggests your efforts to get into the good graces of at least some of the members would be in vain.
Strawberries in general Strawberries The interpretation of a dream about strawberries depends on the context you envisioned. Fresh and ripe strawberries mean falling in love head over heals, but if they were rotten or moldy it indicates negative consequences of a love affair, like breakup, an STD or even abortion.
Collards growing in the woods I dreamed of seeing big heads of collards growing in the woods where I grew up. Then I realized there was even more big heads of collards growing all through the woods. This is a property I own and love. They were big, dark green and with many heads. I have a house close by to this property and was surprised to see the collards. My sister lives close by to them also. The collard greens and the old, familiar properties you know and love both represent a strong longing for times that have passed. You are likely feeling a great sense of nostalgia for the good old days, perhaps when you were younger and not aware of how deeply troubled the world really is. This reminder from the unconscious mind may have been triggered by a conversation with someone who knew you all those years ago, like your sister, or it may have come about as a reaction to all the bad news and media coverage taking place today. In either case, this vision should bring you some peace knowing that in your memories there is a safe place for you to rest your weary mind.
Fern in general Fern Dreaming about seeing or coming across a fern in general, for example while hiking or in someone's home is symbolic of glimmer of hope in a challenging situation you may be facing now or expression of love during difficult and trying times.
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