Fiance turning back because of the storm Me and my now fiance were on this road and it was a long narrow road and it was storming and the sky was grey and white and dark and we were heading up the stream. My fiance said we have to turn around, it's getting worse and I wanted to keep going and we ended up turning around towards the non-raging river? And ended up at a country restaurant? I really hope this man isn't leading me away from God??? He got scared of the storm and we turned around to a calm storm? I'm a little nervous. There are conflicting symbols in your dream. Driving on a long and narrow road means you are about to undertake a journey that is designed to satisfy a desire for stability and a respectable social status. However, the dark and stormy sky in a distance refers to problems or even repressed anger on your part. As such, turning around to avoid the storm likely means that your fiance is the type who avoids conflict. It could also be a reflection of your own misgivings and apprehensions about the upcoming nuptials. Maybe it is you who is unsure. In that regard, the restaurant becomes a place of safety, possibly involving family and close friends, where you can discuss and mull over your decisions before you fully commit to your significant other you want to spend your life with.
Receiving letters from an ex who leaves It was about my ex who still lives with me, he had to leave because he was in trouble. He wrote two letters, one for our son and one for me. He was upset, he didn't want to leave, but he had to. I read the letter to my son, but before I could read mine I woke up. Dreaming of your ex leaving likely portends an unanticipated ending. While it may not necessarily mean an actual physical separation, it does point to a closing of a chapter in order to enter a new phase. Maybe it is also a wish fulfillment of some kind. Your mind could be conjuring up the scenario you have been hoping would happen in reality. The letters he wrote signal a possibility that you would fall victim to lies and deceit. Your ex or someone close to you may soon try to deceive you for his or her own personal gain, so be mindful of whom you choose to trust.
Talking with a foster mother My foster mother who wronged me as a child and she was trying to explain why, but half way through I was so angry I blocked out half of what she was saying. But the beginning part where she talked about my father was puzzling because some of what she said wasn't true. Learning new information about relatives in the dream world usually serves to open the dreamer's mind to new possibilities. In your case, the unfamiliar story or false information being recounted about your father may be your subconscious trying to get your attention. The intent may be for you to open your mind and heart to your foster mother in order to understand where she is coming from. Perhaps the burden of holding a grudge towards her is weighing heavily on your psyche. Hence, to alleviate the stress, the process of forgiveness needs to start.
Lover moving to another country A lover tells me he is moving to another country, New Zealand. Dreaming about your lover moving to another country is a direct manifestation of your feelings in waking life. Perhaps your lover has been acting distant from you and you are feeling abandoned and lonely. Though it is normal to have those feelings if there have been certain situations where you felt ignored, it is better to give some thought to what is actually transpiring in your relationship. A detailed talk with your partner could actually help eliminate any negativity which you may be feeling.
An affair between husband and best friend I had a dream that I was in the shower and I looked at the wall in the shower and there was a message on the shower wall that said "Hi Sunshine!" Sunshine is what my best friend and I call each other. I have suspected for a while that my husband and best friend are having an affair, however, I can't prove it. But in my dream I asked my husband if she had been over, and he avoids answering me. Dreaming that your spouse or partner is cheating on you is generally an allusion to your trusting nature and vulnerable personality. Oddly enough, the shower is actually a symbol of emotional intimacy. Since you were not taking a shower in the dream, it could mean that you are dwelling on negative emotions and unfounded assumptions instead of ridding yourself of those emotional burdens. This means your insecurities could be revealing themselves to you. Perhaps you feel you no longer know enough about your husband since he is being distant and unresponsive in reality, hence the message on the wall likely illustrates the need for a more open and straightforward communication to clear the air.
Starting a family with an ex lady friend I dreamed about an ex lady friend and I got married and had children together. Then I dreamed we were in church together sitting next to each other. She was on the right side of me. You may be facing a predicament at the moment or sometime in the near future because the symbol of the church means you are searching for guidance and enlightenment. In this context, the ex from your vision could represent your past mistakes that you want to correct in order to move forward with your life. Your regrets and failures may be holding you back from embracing new possibilities and exploring new opportunities.
Breaking up with a long-time partner My life partner of 20 years and I broke up and are living apart, that's how the dream starts. When I wake I'm so so sad. I've had this dream several times in the last couple of years. About a month ago she had a similar dream about us. Breaking up in the dream world often has little to do with such an event in waking life. Rather, it is the reflection of insecurities or worries from reality manifesting themselves in your subconscious state. In a sense, you fear your short-comings would lead to a split or separation, leading to this vision. Because your partner had a similar dream, it is possible that you have both grown and changed over the last twenty years, but your communication style may not have kept up with the times. You may need to reevaluate how and what you share, possibly giving more of yourself than you have in the past.
Tearing apart marriage certificate I ripped my matrimony certificate and I was sad, but my friends were like "So what?". Tearing apart your certificate of marriage indicates that something in reality is troubling you greatly. This could be a relationship you are having trouble dealing with or a predicament that seems to have no end. Your effort used to rip the certificate suggests you are the one at fault in this situation, so you may need to consider an apology or finding a way to make amends for what was done. The apathy of your friends may be your subconscious unsuccessfully trying to find a way to justify your behavior.
Flying over the ocean with an ex My ex and I recently broke up, we were together for 4 years. It ended on good terms, the spark just wasn't there anymore, we argued and made up many times, but he got tired, so he ended it. But we still love each other a lot and remain somewhat close. I had a vivid dream that my ex and I were flying over the ocean in the sky smiling, holding hands. We were peaceful and happy being together and just staring at each other. For those in love, the imagery of the ocean is usually a positive sign of harmonious relations. Despite the separation, your fondness and affection for each other remains untarnished. Likewise, flying denotes freedom and independence. It is likely that you are at peace with your decision to break up with each other. Perhaps you even feel a little relieved and thankful for the independence and freedom that you have now. At the same time, holding hands could also be interpreted as dependency and a longing to reconnect, revealing your subconscious thoughts about getting back together and giving it another try.
Kidnapped but feeling safe I am a female and my ex-husband and I were both kidnapped by a psycho and I can't remember what happened to us. But the one thing I felt was being safe. I was never afraid in the dream. Dreams of being kidnapped usually suggest feelings of frustration and stagnation. Perhaps you have become complacent in reality and this has led to little or no development both in your personal as well as professional life. The presence of your ex in the dream likely means that you share the same predicament. It is possible that a part of you feels like that the best years of your life are behind you. Although the lack of fear could be indicative of your contentment with your present existence. Perhaps you do not have any regrets despite having been derailed from your desired path.
Being married to an older man I am female. 24 years old. In my dream I was recently married to a person who had already two wives. I was the favorite. That person was a middle age. He had a son who was a little younger than me. The person I was married to was really good. He took care of me in every way and he was hot and good looking. Please interpret this. Getting married to someone who is older than you could be a positive symbol that alludes to positive changes taking place in your life. This could be related to either your personal affairs or your work situation. The fact that you perceived him as handsome and good-looking may further point toward interesting and exciting developments in your love life. The two other women may be the manifestation of different parts of your personality, for example, one could represent a strong, confident persona while the other reveals a more sensitive, thoughtful side. Your perception that you were the favorite could show a tendency for favoring some aspects of your personality while ignoring the rest. In order to be successful and utilize the upcoming changes to their fullest, you would need to embrace yourself as a whole.
A marriage proposal from neighbors I am a 16 year-old girl, we were on this boat with my mom, and my neighbors, who have two sons that are both 6 and 7. My neighbor says that I should marry one of them, and my parents love the idea. I decide to play along with it. When we are at home the next day, both my family and the neighbors are making food for the upcoming wedding. I then have a second thought, and I tell my mother I don't want to marry one of the neighbor's sons. My mother gives me a look of disapproval, then she leaves. Dreaming about being in a boat with someone signifies upcoming positive changes in your life. You may soon go through certain circumstances which would have a deep impact on your life. The notion of you getting a marriage proposal from your neighbors also symbolizes positive outcomes in any endeavor which you are about to undertake. However, the idea of rejecting the proposal and your mother's disapproval could portend a few wrongdoings on your part which could have a negative bearing on your life. Make sure you tread carefully and handle any opportunity with wisdom and consideration so that you do not jeopardize your future.
Ex-husband sick and needing help I have dreamed about my former husband becoming sick and needing my help. Seeing your ex-husband ill and in need of assistance may reveal some issues that had caused the marriage to fall apart. Specifically, this symbol normally suggests he was cheating or engaging in a secret affair. However, it does not always have to be the case. For example, he may also have been keeping things secret from you or going against your wishes when he thought you were not aware.
Being born outside of own race I am a female. Fifteen-year old Hispanic, to be more precise. I previously have had a dream where I was in a park during a family gathering or funeral. However, my family supposedly consisted of African Americans whereas I am Mexican. I kept being called "The Sad Child" by those who supposedly knew me. Near the end of the dream, it was revealed that I was, to be exact, "an unplanned pregnancy." Therefore the term given, "The Sad Child". Being at a funeral or other family gathering in a park during a dream vision could reveal some negative changes taking place in your life. You would need to make tough choices or decisions which would put you in a bad situation. However, not doing so could lead to even worse repercussions. Envisioning yourself as an unplanned, unwanted child could be the manifestation of your desire for help and support during this period. You may be unable to directly vocalize your requests for some reason, possibly because of embarrassment or concern about inconveniencing others. It would be wise to seek help when it is needed so that things do not progress beyond the point of no return.
Having sex and a baby with biological father I am female. I had a very detailed dream of having very passionate sex with my biological father whom I currently live with and get along with very well. In my dream we had sex many times and it was extremely passionate and resulted in a child. This to me the following morning seemed messed up as it was my biological father who was featured in my dream. A dream that centers around the idea of having sexual intercourse with your father is not necessarily related to your relationship with him. Rather, this vision reflects your tendency to make generalizations or assumptions that do not really reflect the reality of the situation. By over-simplifying the situation, you do not allow yourself to grow as a person or be exposed to varying points of view. Alternatively, you may soon find yourself at the mercy of serious illness or the effects of black magic.
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