Ex-husband with his mistress I dreamt a week ago, it's about my ex and his mistress. My ex-husband gave me a surprise gift, my future dream house, then suddenly, I was shocked because when I looked back some visitors came, the family of his mistress. And there was a ceremony, I thought it was a wedding because there was a priest who last came while preparing the venue, there was a woman who came wearing a simple dress. When I looked carefully, she was my husband's mistress. I was dumbfounded with tears in my eyes. Your dream could mean you are experiencing some anxiety at the moment because some traumatic moments in your past keep coming back to haunt you. Your ex-husband giving you such a generous gift could symbolize all the hope that you once had for your relationship and future together, while the sudden appearance of his mistress and a makeshift wedding is a violent blow to all of your former aspirations. This dream could mean you are getting yourself too caught up in the past and it serves as a reminder that your former lover is now gone and constantly thinking about him could only lead you to experience great pain, as if you were reliving his departure over and over again.
A complicated triangle with best friend and her crush To make this easier I will use names. My best friend is Sally. My best friend's crush is Steve. Steve and I got along really well. You could say we had a bond. Then Sally came along. Sally and Steve had an even stronger bond. Steve started to push me aside and after a while Sally did too. She didn't seem like my best friend anymore. I wasn't mad because Sally pushed me away, but actually because Steve pushed me away. The meaning could be simple, but I would like to hear from someone else. Having a dream wherein your friends suddenly begin to shun you may reveal some subconscious fears you have about the future of your relations with others. Whether the friends or situation you experienced in your vision are from real life or not, the meaning of this vision is that you are concerned that others do not find you interesting or no longer wish to associate for some reason. Your partial reaction to the abandonment shows that you are generally not a jealous person. However, you could be worried that your friends would rather hang out with each other than you. It would be wise to share your concerns with your friends and make an effort to hang out with them both as a group and individually.
Leaving husband and running away with a girl I was marrying some other man while still being married to my husband, but I don't know who the other guy is. Then I see an ex-lover from 10 years ago and start having feelings for him, an then I'm telling my current husband while crying saying that I'm sorry and didn't ever want to hurt him. But I'm leaving him and all the other guys for a beautiful woman an he says he understands because she's very beautiful. At that moment I'm running with the girl on a ship and then a tidal wave hits the boat and then I awake. Based on your dream vision, it seems as if your emotional life is in turmoil and you do not seem capable of making an important decision. Whether you really have issues going on inside your marriage or not, or whether you are thinking of leaving your husband, the kind of hesitation displayed in the dream seems to mirror your lack of commitment to your decisions. Leaving all those different men for a woman could be seen as some sort of escape, as if you were trying to cheat your way out of actually making a choice. However, the way the dream ends, with both of you eloping on a ship suddenly hit by a tidal wave, could mean that you are unable to really get away from all your weaknesses and things that bother you. In a way, this dream serves to remind you that there are no easy fixes or magical solutions and you must be able to face your problems head on, with no excuses.
Being told about a relationship ending What does it mean to dream of a woman telling you that your relationship with your boyfriend will end at a certain month? Dreaming that your current relationship is in trouble or is ending soon reveals your reservations about your romantic partner. The woman is a representation of your insecurities and lack of trust in your boyfriend. Perhaps there are days when you question his loyalty or you yourself are unsure about your feelings for him. Either way, this vision can either be a premonition of the demise of your relationship due to a weak foundation or it could be the eye opener you need to address any issues coming in between the two of you.
Husband having a mistress and a child I dreamt of my husband going out with his mistress, they even have a child in which the mistress brought to my husband, and she even locked up the house to keep my husband there. Will you please interpret that dream? In real life, me and my husband are far from each other, me in Dubai and he is in Singapore and our baby girl is in the Philippines. Dreaming about seeing your husband with someone else and having an extramarital affair suggests that you have to reexamine the way your relationship is progressing. It could be the case that your own needs have become more important, which is preventing you from making this relationship to follow its normal course. Your subconscious visions could be trying to warn you about some unfortunate circumstances coming into play, because dreaming about your husband being locked up in the house means that he could be facing some personal issues or inability to express his true feelings to you, so your own transformation and understanding is needed to resolve any existing problems in a positive way.
A car accident and love confession A reoccurring dream of me (female) being in a car accident, being severely injured and being in a coma with the guy I was in a relationship at the time (in the dream) who never cared to show up to visit me and the guy I like in real life confessed his love for me but I had been waiting for him to actually communicate it to me as in real life he loves me but won't talk to me. The dream then cuts to the guy that confessed his love and me being together for 4 years and married with 2 children (twins). Surviving a car accident in a dream may refer to a problematic relationship from your past that you have overcome. Because this vision is recurring, it means there may have been numerous arguments and misunderstandings with your previous boyfriend that eventually led to your break up. The severe injury is the manifestation of the lingering emotional damage caused by that bad break up. As such, the scenario of getting together with the guy you like in reality reveals your hope of finding love again. Perhaps your mind is telling you that you are ready to take a chance at finding happiness and that in order for you to move forward to a better future, you may have to make the first move. Initiating more opportunities to connect socially may allow you to form a deeper bond.
An ex trying to throw out of a moving van I was riding in a van with my ex and he tried to throw me out. Riding in a vehicle is often thought to represent the dreamer's path in life. As such, riding in the car with your ex could reveal their ongoing influence in your life, either as a friend or a memory. Your ex's efforts to throw you out of the car has two potential interpretations, depending on their current role. If you ex is still present in your life, it is possible they are trying to use their past influence over you to their advantage. If your ex is simply a memory, it is likely this vision is the manifestation of your heart's desire to share a connection with this individual again.
Wanting to walk with an ex-lover I dreamt I was with my ex-lover (14 years together) in the middle of an intersection. This intersection exists in reality and is right in the middle of the road between his apartment and mine (10 min away by foot). From what I remember there were no people or cars around us. We were holding hands and I looked into his eyes (he was next to me, my right side) and told him "Let me walk you home" (after I looked in the direction of where his house is). What I felt was very pleasant and I was smiling. Dreaming of an ex lover usually points to leftover fond feelings you have for the person or a lack of proper closure in your relationship. The unanswered questions you may have about why you had to part ways and the many "what if" scenarios you have built up in your head may have been triggered by an event or moment in reality, hence this was projected into your subconscious. The intersection in your vision refers to a crossroad in you life. Should you close this chapter and move on to a new path or would you choose to dwell on the past and try to heal your broken relationship? Saying "let me walk you home" seems to illustrate your strong reluctance to let him go. Perhaps you feel like he is lost without you. Ultimately, you would have to make a choice about what is the best option to take not only for you, but also for the sake of your ex.
Looking for a partner for partnered Looking for a partner when I've already got one. Looking for a partner or lover when you already have one in reality could indicate that, while you care for them, they are not meeting all of your needs simultaneously. Perhaps they are kind or a good listener, but they lack experience in bed or a lucrative career path. It is possible you mind is considering the pros and cons of continuing to be with this individual, whether or not your have actively thought about the possibility in reality.
At lover's house with a baby and a dog I am 35 year old female. I have been seeing another man for a few years. Last night I dreamt that we were together at his house. The front door opened and it was his wife returning. At first I hid but there was a baby in a car seat in the room. I think the baby was mine. I heard raised voices and decided to leave. I lifted the baby seat and also, strangely, my dog was with me, so I took him also. When I left the house I was not worried about my own situation, I was only concerned about not seeing him. Being at the house of your lover in a dream vision could represent your desire to find safety or solace in the union you have established with him. Perhaps something unexpected happened recently that threw off your inner balance, or maybe your relationship with this man is not on the solid ground as you once believed. Envisioning the sudden appearance of his wife and subsequently hiding from them could mean you subconsciously recognize this current situation poses some major barriers to your future happiness. The baby and the dog, in this case, may symbolize your desire for a stable family life or at least stability within this relationship. While you may not particularly want to have children or pets with the man, the images of a traditional family or an animal companion are subconscious representations closely associated with personal stability and peace of mind. You may want to consider some alternative ways to find balance between physical intimacy needs and emotional well-being.
Ex boyfriend threatening with a knife I was in a new empty house. Neighborhood feels familiar but I don't currently live there. I feel the presence and she doesn't like me. Two cars pull up in the driveway at night. I'm looking out of the window in my room staring at a street light. Next day I'm in the kitchen, my parents are there but they can't see me. My ex BF yells my name outside and comes to the door to try and get in. He has a knife trying to cut me while I'm trying to shut the door. My brother comes behind me and slams it shut. The idea that you were in a new house at the beginning of this vision suggests there are multiple paths open to you that could lead to wealth, prosperity and happiness. However, the unfriendly presence in and around the house may reveal your hesitation to take the opportunities available to you, perhaps because you fear they would upset others or cause rifts in some relationships. Your presence in the kitchen the next day further supports this interpretation, as kitchens tend to be associated with stress. Your perceived invisibility, at least to your parents, suggests you cannot appeal to them for advice or support. It may very well mean there are only few people you can turn to in this situation. The last part, being chased by your ex with a knife, predicts major changes taking place in your future. Though whether you will be able to make positive changes based on the chances you have been given or would be stuck without the support you need is unclear.
Boyfriend pointing at his doppelganger I woke up to see my boyfriend standing by the sofa we had fallen asleep on, he appeared upset and was holding his hand out to something next to me, I looked over and it was him asleep next to me. The sofa or couch in your dream vision could serve as an indication that you need to relax and take a break from whatever may be giving you stress in reality. Maybe you are worn out from your work or some personal matters. It is also possible that you are bored or losing your enthusiasm and motivation for things you were normally excited about. It can also have intimacy-related connotations which may be associated with your current relationship. In that context, your boyfriend's doppelganger or having two of them in this dream scenario means you see two sides to your boyfriend, so the notion that he was angry at his likeness could be an allusion to a growing misunderstanding between the two of you. Maybe you think he has changed and his recent personal transformation does not excite you as much as it had been before.
Cheating on husband and getting pregnant I am a female who cheated on my husband with my good friend's brother and got pregnant. Cheating on your husband can be bad omen for your marriage. It usually means that you may soon lose your husband's trust or love, probably due to other issues you are facing in reality. It could involve a long and unresolved problem or a lack of open communication between the two of you. On the other hand, getting pregnant from this adulterous relationship means it may be you who is experiencing dissatisfaction in your marriage. Perhaps you are looking for something that would fulfill you outside of your own relationship. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you think can make you feel happier. Maybe it is just a matter of finding new hobbies and projects to make you feel productive. Alternatively, you may be seeking attention and affection elsewhere.
Ex-husband tapping on the shoulder My ex husband tapped me on the shoulder and called out my name. Dreaming of your ex husband usually means that you have unfinished business between the two of you. The tap on your shoulder suggests your husband is holding you responsible for the disintegration of your marriage, so calling out your name points to a need for you and your ex to hash out existing issues in order to achieve closure. This would benefit both of you and you can move forward without any personal baggage.
Helping ex-boyfriend to iron out new relationship My ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend almost broke up and I helped them talk out the situation and get back together. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover whom you have had a separation with indicates that he has recently been on your mind. Perhaps you have seen him recently or were reminded of him after hearing a song or visiting a location you once frequented together. Your interaction with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, specifically your actions to help repair their relationship, suggests you want to open a line of communication with him, even though he may be in a relationship with someone else. Perhaps you miss or enjoy his company as a person, even if you no longer want a romantic connection.
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