Men from the past fooling around I dreamed that my ex and my childhood friend had started messing around. This disturbs me? What does this mean? It seemed so real? Dreaming about specfic people, in this case your ex and your friend, suggests you have had a recent interaction with one of them or that they have been on your mind a lot recently. You may have ran into your ex at a social gathering or had a serious conversation with your friend. In either case, seeing them together predicts having to deal with people you do not like and who don't like you either. This experience is likely to leave you feeling frustrated and stressed and could lead to a major confrontation in the near future.
Unable to communicate with an ex while on the couch I was lying on my couch watching TV. But my ex was there too, on the other side of the couch watching TV. And I tried to crawl over to him to cuddle, but I couldn't. It's like there was a wall between us or something. I tried to get his attention, but I couldn't. I tried to call out to him yelling for him, but he couldn't hear me. The couch is a place for rest and relaxation. It is also associated with sex and intimacy. The scenario in your dream may point to the more romantic interpretation of this symbol. Perhaps you want to bridge the gap between you and your ex. Maybe the thought of getting back together crossed your mind. However, the invisible wall you could not breach between him and yourself in the vision points to irreparable damage in your bond, such as the reasons the two of you broke up. Becoming friends at this point may only be wishful thinking. More time and healing are needed to reconnect, let alone act civil towards each other.
Current and ex lovers in the same house I came home with my girlfriend and the house was decorated for Christmas by someone else. Then my ex popped into the dream and was moving her stuff back into the apartment. Seeing your former lover in the same dream with your current partner is highly ominous and should be taken as a warning. Ex's are often associated with the idea that your current relationship is about to hit a rough patch. Depending on how awkward or difficult the situation was in your dream, it could predict the level of discomfort you are about to experience in waking life. To avoid the worst of the troubles, it may be wise to be careful around your girlfriend until the storm passes.
A female friend being kept on a train I am female. In my dream me and my girlfriend when on a train fairground ride and at the end of it, the conductor refused to let her off after letting me off, no matter what I did he wouldn't let her out. She was trapped in the carriage away from me. Trains and other vehicles are often thought to represent our journeys through life. In this way, being on a train with your girlfriend at a fair could be the manifestation of the happy times you have shared together. However, being asked to get off the train (and her inability to exit) could predict someone or something coming between the two of you. The distance between you represents the growing sadness or depression which could arise following this event, leaving you feeling isolated and lonely.
Fiance mistaken for a dead lover Walking through a street I saw my dead lover in front of me. He smiled and asked me "Why were you so late? I was waiting for you too long". We hugged each other and sat on the edge of the mountain and suddenly I realized that I am sitting with my fiance. A dream in which you envision talking with your deceased lover only for him to suddenly become your fiance, points to certain feelings of depression caused by aspects of your everyday life. It is possible that things like work, studies or, perhaps, your current relationship may be affecting you more than you realize or are willing to admit. If this were to be the case, it would be wise to seek the help of your closest friends and relatives or look into the possibility of getting professional counsel.
Performing in front of a lover at a casino I went to casino to perform. I was part of a dance group like in college. Then a person I love worked at the casino. I saw him and said "Wow, the world just got a whole lot smaller". He looked at me surprised. I said "Anyway, how have you been"? I started walking away before he responded. He said "Good, don't wait on me". Shaking his finger at me. I performed, he watched, but didn't want me see he was. Then I was a cashier ringing him out he was buying baseball stuff, batting gloves. Then he left without buying them. Dancing in front of the guy you love in waking life could represent the uncomfortable feelings you may have in regards to your relationship with him while around other people. Perhaps your parents do not like him or you are often worried that another lover he meets could try to steal him from you. No matter the case, seeing him watching you secretly could reflect your desire to brush off those negative feelings and jump right into loving him through passionate sexual acts or even fetishes. However, the notion of him leaving the shop you worked at without buying anything could predict major conflicts coming between you despite your best efforts.
Husband and ex lover wearing same shirt My husband and ex lover wearing the same shirt. I was trying to hide my face. Envisioning your husband and former lover wearing the same clothes symbolically represents subconsciously suspecting your husband of cheating. This means your subconscious mind thinks he may be up to something, whether he actually is or not. Perhaps you are not as open with your thoughts and feelings as you should be, or maybe he has a past that makes you doubt him. In either case, you may want to do better for the sake of your relationship with him.
Someone sleeping with girlfriend Somebody sleeps with my woman in a dream using my face and in the morning I tell her I went to sleep with her. What is the meaning of this dream? This dream of someone being intimate with your partner reflects your current insecurities or doubts about the relationship with her. There could be some outside influences or factors that make you doubt the strength and commitment between you and your lover. The notion of someone using your face while being with your woman could also point to some secrets or shameful moments you try to keep to yourself, without her being aware of those, whether she deserves it or not.
Husband revealing love for ex-wife I don't remember the surroundings of the dream, but at some point my soon to be husband said, "I love you." Of course I believed he was talking to me until I looked up and realized that he was instead telling his ex-wife that he loved her. It was as if I was present in the dream and then just became an observer. Dreaming of any type of indiscretion from a romantic partner reveals your trust issues. You may be questioning your fiance's loyalty and love for you. Furthermore, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Since you are getting married soon, you may just be experiencing cold feet as the date of the wedding is approaching. It is possible that you do not want to settle down yet or are worried about opportunities you could miss out on. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.
Ex-boyfriend in a colorful setting Kindly interpret my dream. I saw my ex-boyfriend (now is married) was telling my family that his father was in Norway for long time, while I was hanging a yellow square design table clothes on a rope. After that I was buying ice cream whereas I wore silver color sandals with white platform. The yellow color in this dream signifies jealousy. You may be harboring a lingering fondness for your ex and his marriage is pushing those emotions on the surface. Perhaps you have not fully moved on and are holding onto hopes that you would get back together. This jealous side of you is probably being highlighted due to your lack of romantic prospects at the moment. If you are in a relationship, then perhaps the ice cream points to your desire for more romance and sweetness that the current bond that you have does not provide. You may also be yearning to settle down and get married yourself.
Strong dislike toward people from the past My fiance was with his ex, she convinced him to cut off his beard. I was pissed because I like his beard. When I tried to resolve it, I couldn't find him and realized he was with her and I was paranoid he might be cheating on me, but he wasn't. It hurt my feelings. In another dream I was with my ex. He was trying to get me to perform music with him. He is now married, but in this dream he was flirting with me and he disgusted me, but I played for him anyway. Both men have cheated on me. Your first vision, which centers on your fear of your fiance cheating, suggests you are concerned about being around a certain individual or a group of people in the future. This is likely related to your wedding plans, so it seems you could be hesitant to invite some family members or a past "frenemy" who has rubbed you the wrong way. The second dream about playing music with your ex-boyfriend may represent an upcoming event which perplexes or surprises you. It is neither a positive nor a negative symbol. It only warns that you should anticipate the unexpected to happen.
On the shore of a holly river with boyfriend I am 26, I dreamed that I was at a shore of a holly river as I was upset as my boyfriend is with me and a little time before he said me to go out of my life and soon after he came up to me holding me from my back placing his arms around me like a very lovely couple and came to me to that shore of river. I was crying and told him I want to go to that holly river and wash my face. He walked down with me to the shore, when I used to wash my face, the current becomes so fast, it took me. Dreaming that your boyfriend wants you out of his life alludes to the changing dynamics between the two of you. Perhaps there is a need to give each other space in the waking world so you can sort out personal issues without projecting negative emotions to the other party. It may not necessarily mean that the two of you are separating, only that challenges are part of your journey to help strengthen your bond. It is possible that you tend to get emotional during confrontations, as symbolized by the strong current of the river, such that you end up making irrational decisions. As such, the holy river represents your desire to manage your emotions and gain clarity when you and your boyfriend are faced with trials in order to arrive at an optimal resolution.
Boyfriend cheating with own sister I caught my boyfriend and sister having an affair for two consecutive dreams. But in real life they don't even know each other. However, twice in my dreams I caught them having an affair. Dreaming about your sister and your boyfriend caught in a compromising position actually portends a great deal of negativity. Despite the fact that they may not know each other at the moment, such a thing could become a possibility. Seeing your sister as a rival for your love in a dream means that it could happen in your waking life as well. Make sure you stay aware and reassess your relationship with both your boyfriend and your sister.
Walking away from wife with another woman I dreamed that I am walking away from my wife with another woman, very much in love and happy. There are two distinct components in this dream vision. When you dream about seeing yourself walking away from your wife with another woman, it signifies you are about to meet and interact with someone who would help you deal with life's issues and become a trusted friend. Being in love and happy with a woman other than your wife could also denote your loneliness and dissatisfaction with how things are progressing in your relationship with your spouse. Generally, outside affairs are used as an escape from the boredom of daily life, so it likely means your current daily routine needs excitement and you strive for more meaningful experiences and interactions with others.
An ex-girlfriend and a teenager I saw a teenager kneeling down beside a grey cross, then I started walking up a hill and an ex girlfriend appeared. She said "You left me for her and now this is what you must face to get your life back". The appearance of your ex-girlfriend in your dream suggests unresolved issues between the two of you. The break up may have caused emotional distress and suffering on your part as indicated by the cross. The teenager, on the other hand, could be an allusion to immaturity, so perhaps you feel like you are not yet mature enough to settle down or handle a long-term commitment. Your ex could also be associated with your past, such that prior mistakes may be causing problems in your current existence.
Fiance turning back because of the storm Me and my now fiance were on this road and it was a long narrow road and it was storming and the sky was grey and white and dark and we were heading up the stream. My fiance said we have to turn around, it's getting worse and I wanted to keep going and we ended up turning around towards the non-raging river? And ended up at a country restaurant? I really hope this man isn't leading me away from God??? He got scared of the storm and we turned around to a calm storm? I'm a little nervous. There are conflicting symbols in your dream. Driving on a long and narrow road means you are about to undertake a journey that is designed to satisfy a desire for stability and a respectable social status. However, the dark and stormy sky in a distance refers to problems or even repressed anger on your part. As such, turning around to avoid the storm likely means that your fiance is the type who avoids conflict. It could also be a reflection of your own misgivings and apprehensions about the upcoming nuptials. Maybe it is you who is unsure. In that regard, the restaurant becomes a place of safety, possibly involving family and close friends, where you can discuss and mull over your decisions before you fully commit to your significant other you want to spend your life with.
Receiving letters from an ex who leaves It was about my ex who still lives with me, he had to leave because he was in trouble. He wrote two letters, one for our son and one for me. He was upset, he didn't want to leave, but he had to. I read the letter to my son, but before I could read mine I woke up. Dreaming of your ex leaving likely portends an unanticipated ending. While it may not necessarily mean an actual physical separation, it does point to a closing of a chapter in order to enter a new phase. Maybe it is also a wish fulfillment of some kind. Your mind could be conjuring up the scenario you have been hoping would happen in reality. The letters he wrote signal a possibility that you would fall victim to lies and deceit. Your ex or someone close to you may soon try to deceive you for his or her own personal gain, so be mindful of whom you choose to trust.
Talking with a foster mother My foster mother who wronged me as a child and she was trying to explain why, but half way through I was so angry I blocked out half of what she was saying. But the beginning part where she talked about my father was puzzling because some of what she said wasn't true. Learning new information about relatives in the dream world usually serves to open the dreamer's mind to new possibilities. In your case, the unfamiliar story or false information being recounted about your father may be your subconscious trying to get your attention. The intent may be for you to open your mind and heart to your foster mother in order to understand where she is coming from. Perhaps the burden of holding a grudge towards her is weighing heavily on your psyche. Hence, to alleviate the stress, the process of forgiveness needs to start.
Lover moving to another country A lover tells me he is moving to another country, New Zealand. Dreaming about your lover moving to another country is a direct manifestation of your feelings in waking life. Perhaps your lover has been acting distant from you and you are feeling abandoned and lonely. Though it is normal to have those feelings if there have been certain situations where you felt ignored, it is better to give some thought to what is actually transpiring in your relationship. A detailed talk with your partner could actually help eliminate any negativity which you may be feeling.
An affair between husband and best friend I had a dream that I was in the shower and I looked at the wall in the shower and there was a message on the shower wall that said "Hi Sunshine!" Sunshine is what my best friend and I call each other. I have suspected for a while that my husband and best friend are having an affair, however, I can't prove it. But in my dream I asked my husband if she had been over, and he avoids answering me. Dreaming that your spouse or partner is cheating on you is generally an allusion to your trusting nature and vulnerable personality. Oddly enough, the shower is actually a symbol of emotional intimacy. Since you were not taking a shower in the dream, it could mean that you are dwelling on negative emotions and unfounded assumptions instead of ridding yourself of those emotional burdens. This means your insecurities could be revealing themselves to you. Perhaps you feel you no longer know enough about your husband since he is being distant and unresponsive in reality, hence the message on the wall likely illustrates the need for a more open and straightforward communication to clear the air.
Starting a family with an ex lady friend I dreamed about an ex lady friend and I got married and had children together. Then I dreamed we were in church together sitting next to each other. She was on the right side of me. You may be facing a predicament at the moment or sometime in the near future because the symbol of the church means you are searching for guidance and enlightenment. In this context, the ex from your vision could represent your past mistakes that you want to correct in order to move forward with your life. Your regrets and failures may be holding you back from embracing new possibilities and exploring new opportunities.
Breaking up with a long-time partner My life partner of 20 years and I broke up and are living apart, that's how the dream starts. When I wake I'm so so sad. I've had this dream several times in the last couple of years. About a month ago she had a similar dream about us. Breaking up in the dream world often has little to do with such an event in waking life. Rather, it is the reflection of insecurities or worries from reality manifesting themselves in your subconscious state. In a sense, you fear your short-comings would lead to a split or separation, leading to this vision. Because your partner had a similar dream, it is possible that you have both grown and changed over the last twenty years, but your communication style may not have kept up with the times. You may need to reevaluate how and what you share, possibly giving more of yourself than you have in the past.
Tearing apart marriage certificate I ripped my matrimony certificate and I was sad, but my friends were like "So what?". Tearing apart your certificate of marriage indicates that something in reality is troubling you greatly. This could be a relationship you are having trouble dealing with or a predicament that seems to have no end. Your effort used to rip the certificate suggests you are the one at fault in this situation, so you may need to consider an apology or finding a way to make amends for what was done. The apathy of your friends may be your subconscious unsuccessfully trying to find a way to justify your behavior.
Flying over the ocean with an ex My ex and I recently broke up, we were together for 4 years. It ended on good terms, the spark just wasn't there anymore, we argued and made up many times, but he got tired, so he ended it. But we still love each other a lot and remain somewhat close. I had a vivid dream that my ex and I were flying over the ocean in the sky smiling, holding hands. We were peaceful and happy being together and just staring at each other. For those in love, the imagery of the ocean is usually a positive sign of harmonious relations. Despite the separation, your fondness and affection for each other remains untarnished. Likewise, flying denotes freedom and independence. It is likely that you are at peace with your decision to break up with each other. Perhaps you even feel a little relieved and thankful for the independence and freedom that you have now. At the same time, holding hands could also be interpreted as dependency and a longing to reconnect, revealing your subconscious thoughts about getting back together and giving it another try.
Kidnapped but feeling safe I am a female and my ex-husband and I were both kidnapped by a psycho and I can't remember what happened to us. But the one thing I felt was being safe. I was never afraid in the dream. Dreams of being kidnapped usually suggest feelings of frustration and stagnation. Perhaps you have become complacent in reality and this has led to little or no development both in your personal as well as professional life. The presence of your ex in the dream likely means that you share the same predicament. It is possible that a part of you feels like that the best years of your life are behind you. Although the lack of fear could be indicative of your contentment with your present existence. Perhaps you do not have any regrets despite having been derailed from your desired path.
Being married to an older man I am female. 24 years old. In my dream I was recently married to a person who had already two wives. I was the favorite. That person was a middle age. He had a son who was a little younger than me. The person I was married to was really good. He took care of me in every way and he was hot and good looking. Please interpret this. Getting married to someone who is older than you could be a positive symbol that alludes to positive changes taking place in your life. This could be related to either your personal affairs or your work situation. The fact that you perceived him as handsome and good-looking may further point toward interesting and exciting developments in your love life. The two other women may be the manifestation of different parts of your personality, for example, one could represent a strong, confident persona while the other reveals a more sensitive, thoughtful side. Your perception that you were the favorite could show a tendency for favoring some aspects of your personality while ignoring the rest. In order to be successful and utilize the upcoming changes to their fullest, you would need to embrace yourself as a whole.
A marriage proposal from neighbors I am a 16 year-old girl, we were on this boat with my mom, and my neighbors, who have two sons that are both 6 and 7. My neighbor says that I should marry one of them, and my parents love the idea. I decide to play along with it. When we are at home the next day, both my family and the neighbors are making food for the upcoming wedding. I then have a second thought, and I tell my mother I don't want to marry one of the neighbor's sons. My mother gives me a look of disapproval, then she leaves. Dreaming about being in a boat with someone signifies upcoming positive changes in your life. You may soon go through certain circumstances which would have a deep impact on your life. The notion of you getting a marriage proposal from your neighbors also symbolizes positive outcomes in any endeavor which you are about to undertake. However, the idea of rejecting the proposal and your mother's disapproval could portend a few wrongdoings on your part which could have a negative bearing on your life. Make sure you tread carefully and handle any opportunity with wisdom and consideration so that you do not jeopardize your future.
Ex-husband sick and needing help I have dreamed about my former husband becoming sick and needing my help. Seeing your ex-husband ill and in need of assistance may reveal some issues that had caused the marriage to fall apart. Specifically, this symbol normally suggests he was cheating or engaging in a secret affair. However, it does not always have to be the case. For example, he may also have been keeping things secret from you or going against your wishes when he thought you were not aware.
Being born outside of own race I am a female. Fifteen-year old Hispanic, to be more precise. I previously have had a dream where I was in a park during a family gathering or funeral. However, my family supposedly consisted of African Americans whereas I am Mexican. I kept being called "The Sad Child" by those who supposedly knew me. Near the end of the dream, it was revealed that I was, to be exact, "an unplanned pregnancy." Therefore the term given, "The Sad Child". Being at a funeral or other family gathering in a park during a dream vision could reveal some negative changes taking place in your life. You would need to make tough choices or decisions which would put you in a bad situation. However, not doing so could lead to even worse repercussions. Envisioning yourself as an unplanned, unwanted child could be the manifestation of your desire for help and support during this period. You may be unable to directly vocalize your requests for some reason, possibly because of embarrassment or concern about inconveniencing others. It would be wise to seek help when it is needed so that things do not progress beyond the point of no return.
Having sex and a baby with biological father I am female. I had a very detailed dream of having very passionate sex with my biological father whom I currently live with and get along with very well. In my dream we had sex many times and it was extremely passionate and resulted in a child. This to me the following morning seemed messed up as it was my biological father who was featured in my dream. A dream that centers around the idea of having sexual intercourse with your father is not necessarily related to your relationship with him. Rather, this vision reflects your tendency to make generalizations or assumptions that do not really reflect the reality of the situation. By over-simplifying the situation, you do not allow yourself to grow as a person or be exposed to varying points of view. Alternatively, you may soon find yourself at the mercy of serious illness or the effects of black magic.
Ex-husband with his mistress I dreamt a week ago, it's about my ex and his mistress. My ex-husband gave me a surprise gift, my future dream house, then suddenly, I was shocked because when I looked back some visitors came, the family of his mistress. And there was a ceremony, I thought it was a wedding because there was a priest who last came while preparing the venue, there was a woman who came wearing a simple dress. When I looked carefully, she was my husband's mistress. I was dumbfounded with tears in my eyes. Your dream could mean you are experiencing some anxiety at the moment because some traumatic moments in your past keep coming back to haunt you. Your ex-husband giving you such a generous gift could symbolize all the hope that you once had for your relationship and future together, while the sudden appearance of his mistress and a makeshift wedding is a violent blow to all of your former aspirations. This dream could mean you are getting yourself too caught up in the past and it serves as a reminder that your former lover is now gone and constantly thinking about him could only lead you to experience great pain, as if you were reliving his departure over and over again.
A complicated triangle with best friend and her crush To make this easier I will use names. My best friend is Sally. My best friend's crush is Steve. Steve and I got along really well. You could say we had a bond. Then Sally came along. Sally and Steve had an even stronger bond. Steve started to push me aside and after a while Sally did too. She didn't seem like my best friend anymore. I wasn't mad because Sally pushed me away, but actually because Steve pushed me away. The meaning could be simple, but I would like to hear from someone else. Having a dream wherein your friends suddenly begin to shun you may reveal some subconscious fears you have about the future of your relations with others. Whether the friends or situation you experienced in your vision are from real life or not, the meaning of this vision is that you are concerned that others do not find you interesting or no longer wish to associate for some reason. Your partial reaction to the abandonment shows that you are generally not a jealous person. However, you could be worried that your friends would rather hang out with each other than you. It would be wise to share your concerns with your friends and make an effort to hang out with them both as a group and individually.
Leaving husband and running away with a girl I was marrying some other man while still being married to my husband, but I don't know who the other guy is. Then I see an ex-lover from 10 years ago and start having feelings for him, an then I'm telling my current husband while crying saying that I'm sorry and didn't ever want to hurt him. But I'm leaving him and all the other guys for a beautiful woman an he says he understands because she's very beautiful. At that moment I'm running with the girl on a ship and then a tidal wave hits the boat and then I awake. Based on your dream vision, it seems as if your emotional life is in turmoil and you do not seem capable of making an important decision. Whether you really have issues going on inside your marriage or not, or whether you are thinking of leaving your husband, the kind of hesitation displayed in the dream seems to mirror your lack of commitment to your decisions. Leaving all those different men for a woman could be seen as some sort of escape, as if you were trying to cheat your way out of actually making a choice. However, the way the dream ends, with both of you eloping on a ship suddenly hit by a tidal wave, could mean that you are unable to really get away from all your weaknesses and things that bother you. In a way, this dream serves to remind you that there are no easy fixes or magical solutions and you must be able to face your problems head on, with no excuses.
Being told about a relationship ending What does it mean to dream of a woman telling you that your relationship with your boyfriend will end at a certain month? Dreaming that your current relationship is in trouble or is ending soon reveals your reservations about your romantic partner. The woman is a representation of your insecurities and lack of trust in your boyfriend. Perhaps there are days when you question his loyalty or you yourself are unsure about your feelings for him. Either way, this vision can either be a premonition of the demise of your relationship due to a weak foundation or it could be the eye opener you need to address any issues coming in between the two of you.
Husband having a mistress and a child I dreamt of my husband going out with his mistress, they even have a child in which the mistress brought to my husband, and she even locked up the house to keep my husband there. Will you please interpret that dream? In real life, me and my husband are far from each other, me in Dubai and he is in Singapore and our baby girl is in the Philippines. Dreaming about seeing your husband with someone else and having an extramarital affair suggests that you have to reexamine the way your relationship is progressing. It could be the case that your own needs have become more important, which is preventing you from making this relationship to follow its normal course. Your subconscious visions could be trying to warn you about some unfortunate circumstances coming into play, because dreaming about your husband being locked up in the house means that he could be facing some personal issues or inability to express his true feelings to you, so your own transformation and understanding is needed to resolve any existing problems in a positive way.
A car accident and love confession A reoccurring dream of me (female) being in a car accident, being severely injured and being in a coma with the guy I was in a relationship at the time (in the dream) who never cared to show up to visit me and the guy I like in real life confessed his love for me but I had been waiting for him to actually communicate it to me as in real life he loves me but won't talk to me. The dream then cuts to the guy that confessed his love and me being together for 4 years and married with 2 children (twins). Surviving a car accident in a dream may refer to a problematic relationship from your past that you have overcome. Because this vision is recurring, it means there may have been numerous arguments and misunderstandings with your previous boyfriend that eventually led to your break up. The severe injury is the manifestation of the lingering emotional damage caused by that bad break up. As such, the scenario of getting together with the guy you like in reality reveals your hope of finding love again. Perhaps your mind is telling you that you are ready to take a chance at finding happiness and that in order for you to move forward to a better future, you may have to make the first move. Initiating more opportunities to connect socially may allow you to form a deeper bond.
An ex trying to throw out of a moving van I was riding in a van with my ex and he tried to throw me out. Riding in a vehicle is often thought to represent the dreamer's path in life. As such, riding in the car with your ex could reveal their ongoing influence in your life, either as a friend or a memory. Your ex's efforts to throw you out of the car has two potential interpretations, depending on their current role. If you ex is still present in your life, it is possible they are trying to use their past influence over you to their advantage. If your ex is simply a memory, it is likely this vision is the manifestation of your heart's desire to share a connection with this individual again.
Wanting to walk with an ex-lover I dreamt I was with my ex-lover (14 years together) in the middle of an intersection. This intersection exists in reality and is right in the middle of the road between his apartment and mine (10 min away by foot). From what I remember there were no people or cars around us. We were holding hands and I looked into his eyes (he was next to me, my right side) and told him "Let me walk you home" (after I looked in the direction of where his house is). What I felt was very pleasant and I was smiling. Dreaming of an ex lover usually points to leftover fond feelings you have for the person or a lack of proper closure in your relationship. The unanswered questions you may have about why you had to part ways and the many "what if" scenarios you have built up in your head may have been triggered by an event or moment in reality, hence this was projected into your subconscious. The intersection in your vision refers to a crossroad in you life. Should you close this chapter and move on to a new path or would you choose to dwell on the past and try to heal your broken relationship? Saying "let me walk you home" seems to illustrate your strong reluctance to let him go. Perhaps you feel like he is lost without you. Ultimately, you would have to make a choice about what is the best option to take not only for you, but also for the sake of your ex.
Looking for a partner for partnered Looking for a partner when I've already got one. Looking for a partner or lover when you already have one in reality could indicate that, while you care for them, they are not meeting all of your needs simultaneously. Perhaps they are kind or a good listener, but they lack experience in bed or a lucrative career path. It is possible you mind is considering the pros and cons of continuing to be with this individual, whether or not your have actively thought about the possibility in reality.
At lover's house with a baby and a dog I am 35 year old female. I have been seeing another man for a few years. Last night I dreamt that we were together at his house. The front door opened and it was his wife returning. At first I hid but there was a baby in a car seat in the room. I think the baby was mine. I heard raised voices and decided to leave. I lifted the baby seat and also, strangely, my dog was with me, so I took him also. When I left the house I was not worried about my own situation, I was only concerned about not seeing him. Being at the house of your lover in a dream vision could represent your desire to find safety or solace in the union you have established with him. Perhaps something unexpected happened recently that threw off your inner balance, or maybe your relationship with this man is not on the solid ground as you once believed. Envisioning the sudden appearance of his wife and subsequently hiding from them could mean you subconsciously recognize this current situation poses some major barriers to your future happiness. The baby and the dog, in this case, may symbolize your desire for a stable family life or at least stability within this relationship. While you may not particularly want to have children or pets with the man, the images of a traditional family or an animal companion are subconscious representations closely associated with personal stability and peace of mind. You may want to consider some alternative ways to find balance between physical intimacy needs and emotional well-being.
Ex boyfriend threatening with a knife I was in a new empty house. Neighborhood feels familiar but I don't currently live there. I feel the presence and she doesn't like me. Two cars pull up in the driveway at night. I'm looking out of the window in my room staring at a street light. Next day I'm in the kitchen, my parents are there but they can't see me. My ex BF yells my name outside and comes to the door to try and get in. He has a knife trying to cut me while I'm trying to shut the door. My brother comes behind me and slams it shut. The idea that you were in a new house at the beginning of this vision suggests there are multiple paths open to you that could lead to wealth, prosperity and happiness. However, the unfriendly presence in and around the house may reveal your hesitation to take the opportunities available to you, perhaps because you fear they would upset others or cause rifts in some relationships. Your presence in the kitchen the next day further supports this interpretation, as kitchens tend to be associated with stress. Your perceived invisibility, at least to your parents, suggests you cannot appeal to them for advice or support. It may very well mean there are only few people you can turn to in this situation. The last part, being chased by your ex with a knife, predicts major changes taking place in your future. Though whether you will be able to make positive changes based on the chances you have been given or would be stuck without the support you need is unclear.
Boyfriend pointing at his doppelganger I woke up to see my boyfriend standing by the sofa we had fallen asleep on, he appeared upset and was holding his hand out to something next to me, I looked over and it was him asleep next to me. The sofa or couch in your dream vision could serve as an indication that you need to relax and take a break from whatever may be giving you stress in reality. Maybe you are worn out from your work or some personal matters. It is also possible that you are bored or losing your enthusiasm and motivation for things you were normally excited about. It can also have intimacy-related connotations which may be associated with your current relationship. In that context, your boyfriend's doppelganger or having two of them in this dream scenario means you see two sides to your boyfriend, so the notion that he was angry at his likeness could be an allusion to a growing misunderstanding between the two of you. Maybe you think he has changed and his recent personal transformation does not excite you as much as it had been before.
Cheating on husband and getting pregnant I am a female who cheated on my husband with my good friend's brother and got pregnant. Cheating on your husband can be bad omen for your marriage. It usually means that you may soon lose your husband's trust or love, probably due to other issues you are facing in reality. It could involve a long and unresolved problem or a lack of open communication between the two of you. On the other hand, getting pregnant from this adulterous relationship means it may be you who is experiencing dissatisfaction in your marriage. Perhaps you are looking for something that would fulfill you outside of your own relationship. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you think can make you feel happier. Maybe it is just a matter of finding new hobbies and projects to make you feel productive. Alternatively, you may be seeking attention and affection elsewhere.
Ex-husband tapping on the shoulder My ex husband tapped me on the shoulder and called out my name. Dreaming of your ex husband usually means that you have unfinished business between the two of you. The tap on your shoulder suggests your husband is holding you responsible for the disintegration of your marriage, so calling out your name points to a need for you and your ex to hash out existing issues in order to achieve closure. This would benefit both of you and you can move forward without any personal baggage.
Helping ex-boyfriend to iron out new relationship My ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend almost broke up and I helped them talk out the situation and get back together. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover whom you have had a separation with indicates that he has recently been on your mind. Perhaps you have seen him recently or were reminded of him after hearing a song or visiting a location you once frequented together. Your interaction with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, specifically your actions to help repair their relationship, suggests you want to open a line of communication with him, even though he may be in a relationship with someone else. Perhaps you miss or enjoy his company as a person, even if you no longer want a romantic connection.
Being accepted as gay by boyfriend's family I am a guy. My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to two months now, but he has never told his parents about me for fear of their rejection of his sexuality (as they have in the past). In the dream I was at his house when his dad, brother, and mother came home. He told me to hide from them but I go curious and looked up. His dad called my name and said “It’s okay if you want to come out. We know who you are”. I then proceeded to hug him (the dad) while crying. Both parents seemed happy. Dreaming about your boyfriend's family reveals your yearning to get to know your partner on a much deeper level. This also signifies your frustrations about your current relationship status. Being told to hide represents his reluctance to reveal your relationship to his family for fear of being rejected. So his dad's acceptance in the dream actually represents your optimism. While you cannot predict the family's reaction if your boyfriend does introduce you to them, this dream vision is a reassurance that you remain hopeful about a positive outcome. You also believe that his parents may have softened over the years and so they are more open-minded as well as accepting of their son's sexuality so long as he is happy.
Unable to feed ex boyfriend I am a female. I dreamt that I and my husband were celebrating a special event (cannot recall which) and his friends came visiting too to celebrate with us. My ex came too but not as his friend but a cleaner, he cleaned and dusted everywhere. While cleaning, he recovered some missing items for us including my gold chain. I served everyone food except him since he was busy. By the time he was less busy, I wasn't around to serve him food. When I came back home, he was about leaving. I pleaded for him to come in and eat some food, he refused at first and when he was about to agree, another friend of his who was urinating by, told him not to answer me. I had a serious quarrel with the guy and that was when I woke up. This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal connections, but it also could contain some predictions about your future. The large gathering at your house points toward change and upheaval. Perhaps you are about to enter a new stage of your life or start a new, important project. The idea that your ex was cleaning your house during this event means you are likely to meet some new individuals who would greatly impact your life for the better. Just as your ex was cleaning and helping out, so would these men or women give of themselves to help you grow. Your attempts to give back, however, may be met with confusion or disdain. Your attempts in this vision to feed your ex can be interpreted as a sign that in helping others you tend to stick your nose a little too far into their business. If you hope to remain on friendly terms with everyone, it might be wise to maintain a friendly, polite distance until they are comfortable with you.
A deceased relative with a little girl Dreamt of a deceased sister in law with an unfamiliar little girl. Dreaming about your deceased sister-in-law suggests you are currently in a negative mindset in reality. This symbol is seen as the manifestation of negative emotions, such as loss, confusion and displeasure. In fact, the image of the little girl with your sister-in-law may point toward feelings of loss for a relative. This could be your sister-in-law herself or another family member you were once close to who has already passed beyond. You miss this individual's presence and the love, comfort and security your relationship with them provided you. Now would be a good time to share your memories of this man or woman with those who understand your feelings. Mutual sympathy would be sure to alleviate some of the pain you are feeling.
Meeting an ex lover accidentally I had a dream that I was going to some video game competition, but on the way I stop by this house. My ex lover comes out the front door. I started to apologize, and then she says she misses me. I tell her I miss her too and then leave. I don't remember whether I won the competition or not. Participating in any competition in the dream world, such as a video game competition, means there is an urgent need for you to develop your skills and expand your horizons. You are standing still personally and professionally, so this is a wake up call for you to become driven and motivated again. The presence of your ex lover suggests this symbol has more to do with your personal relationships rather than your career. You and a romantic prospect or your current partner are going to experience a rough patch and this will trigger memories of your conflicts with your former flame. So, you need to be able to learn from your past mistakes in order to stop going back into old and self-destructive patterns.
Ex joining the marines Ex joining the marines. Dreaming that your ex has joined the marines is a reflection of your personal transformation. You are done dwelling on past mistakes and bad experiences, instead you are set on fully committing yourself into developing your career and making a difference in your chosen field. This means becoming more disciplined, letting go of bad habits and focusing on things you can control. If you are able to set your sights on the future, then you can expect great rewards ahead.
Hugging with an ex boyfriend It was about my ex and we met up, he hugged me and we went together. Dreaming of reuniting with your ex boyfriend can be interpreted in various ways, depending on other dream symbols present as well as the context. Usually, this symbol means you have been thinking about your ex or some incident triggered memories of your time together. On a deeper level, this also points to your desire to find a romantic partner again. Specifically, the hug you shared represents your longing to feel loved and cared for again, but in order to do so you need to move past the pain of your previous breakup. As such, this is also your subconscious asking you to find closure and to finally close this chapter of your life.
Mother showing time on the clock I am female, my mother in spirit came in my dream and showed me a small blue cover clock showing the time of 3 o'clock. What is the meaning of this please? The spirit of your mother reveals your need for guidance. You are feeling out of control and having a hard time managing a demanding project as illustrated by the image of a clock. As such, 3 o'clock can have a personal meaning to you and this would reveal the hidden meaning behind it. But in general, 3 o'clock usually carries religious connotations. If this is relevant to you, then your subconscious could be telling you to have faith and believe that challenges are not given to you if you cannot handle them.
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