Men from the past fooling around I dreamed that my ex and my childhood friend had started messing around. This disturbs me? What does this mean? It seemed so real? Dreaming about specfic people, in this case your ex and your friend, suggests you have had a recent interaction with one of them or that they have been on your mind a lot recently. You may have ran into your ex at a social gathering or had a serious conversation with your friend. In either case, seeing them together predicts having to deal with people you do not like and who don't like you either. This experience is likely to leave you feeling frustrated and stressed and could lead to a major confrontation in the near future.
Unable to communicate with an ex while on the couch I was lying on my couch watching TV. But my ex was there too, on the other side of the couch watching TV. And I tried to crawl over to him to cuddle, but I couldn't. It's like there was a wall between us or something. I tried to get his attention, but I couldn't. I tried to call out to him yelling for him, but he couldn't hear me. The couch is a place for rest and relaxation. It is also associated with sex and intimacy. The scenario in your dream may point to the more romantic interpretation of this symbol. Perhaps you want to bridge the gap between you and your ex. Maybe the thought of getting back together crossed your mind. However, the invisible wall you could not breach between him and yourself in the vision points to irreparable damage in your bond, such as the reasons the two of you broke up. Becoming friends at this point may only be wishful thinking. More time and healing are needed to reconnect, let alone act civil towards each other.
Current and ex lovers in the same house I came home with my girlfriend and the house was decorated for Christmas by someone else. Then my ex popped into the dream and was moving her stuff back into the apartment. Seeing your former lover in the same dream with your current partner is highly ominous and should be taken as a warning. Ex's are often associated with the idea that your current relationship is about to hit a rough patch. Depending on how awkward or difficult the situation was in your dream, it could predict the level of discomfort you are about to experience in waking life. To avoid the worst of the troubles, it may be wise to be careful around your girlfriend until the storm passes.
A female friend being kept on a train I am female. In my dream me and my girlfriend when on a train fairground ride and at the end of it, the conductor refused to let her off after letting me off, no matter what I did he wouldn't let her out. She was trapped in the carriage away from me. Trains and other vehicles are often thought to represent our journeys through life. In this way, being on a train with your girlfriend at a fair could be the manifestation of the happy times you have shared together. However, being asked to get off the train (and her inability to exit) could predict someone or something coming between the two of you. The distance between you represents the growing sadness or depression which could arise following this event, leaving you feeling isolated and lonely.
Fiance mistaken for a dead lover Walking through a street I saw my dead lover in front of me. He smiled and asked me "Why were you so late? I was waiting for you too long". We hugged each other and sat on the edge of the mountain and suddenly I realized that I am sitting with my fiance. A dream in which you envision talking with your deceased lover only for him to suddenly become your fiance, points to certain feelings of depression caused by aspects of your everyday life. It is possible that things like work, studies or, perhaps, your current relationship may be affecting you more than you realize or are willing to admit. If this were to be the case, it would be wise to seek the help of your closest friends and relatives or look into the possibility of getting professional counsel.
Performing in front of a lover at a casino I went to casino to perform. I was part of a dance group like in college. Then a person I love worked at the casino. I saw him and said "Wow, the world just got a whole lot smaller". He looked at me surprised. I said "Anyway, how have you been"? I started walking away before he responded. He said "Good, don't wait on me". Shaking his finger at me. I performed, he watched, but didn't want me see he was. Then I was a cashier ringing him out he was buying baseball stuff, batting gloves. Then he left without buying them. Dancing in front of the guy you love in waking life could represent the uncomfortable feelings you may have in regards to your relationship with him while around other people. Perhaps your parents do not like him or you are often worried that another lover he meets could try to steal him from you. No matter the case, seeing him watching you secretly could reflect your desire to brush off those negative feelings and jump right into loving him through passionate sexual acts or even fetishes. However, the notion of him leaving the shop you worked at without buying anything could predict major conflicts coming between you despite your best efforts.
Husband and ex lover wearing same shirt My husband and ex lover wearing the same shirt. I was trying to hide my face. Envisioning your husband and former lover wearing the same clothes symbolically represents subconsciously suspecting your husband of cheating. This means your subconscious mind thinks he may be up to something, whether he actually is or not. Perhaps you are not as open with your thoughts and feelings as you should be, or maybe he has a past that makes you doubt him. In either case, you may want to do better for the sake of your relationship with him.
Someone sleeping with girlfriend Somebody sleeps with my woman in a dream using my face and in the morning I tell her I went to sleep with her. What is the meaning of this dream? This dream of someone being intimate with your partner reflects your current insecurities or doubts about the relationship with her. There could be some outside influences or factors that make you doubt the strength and commitment between you and your lover. The notion of someone using your face while being with your woman could also point to some secrets or shameful moments you try to keep to yourself, without her being aware of those, whether she deserves it or not.
Husband revealing love for ex-wife I don't remember the surroundings of the dream, but at some point my soon to be husband said, "I love you." Of course I believed he was talking to me until I looked up and realized that he was instead telling his ex-wife that he loved her. It was as if I was present in the dream and then just became an observer. Dreaming of any type of indiscretion from a romantic partner reveals your trust issues. You may be questioning your fiance's loyalty and love for you. Furthermore, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Since you are getting married soon, you may just be experiencing cold feet as the date of the wedding is approaching. It is possible that you do not want to settle down yet or are worried about opportunities you could miss out on. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.
Ex-boyfriend in a colorful setting Kindly interpret my dream. I saw my ex-boyfriend (now is married) was telling my family that his father was in Norway for long time, while I was hanging a yellow square design table clothes on a rope. After that I was buying ice cream whereas I wore silver color sandals with white platform. The yellow color in this dream signifies jealousy. You may be harboring a lingering fondness for your ex and his marriage is pushing those emotions on the surface. Perhaps you have not fully moved on and are holding onto hopes that you would get back together. This jealous side of you is probably being highlighted due to your lack of romantic prospects at the moment. If you are in a relationship, then perhaps the ice cream points to your desire for more romance and sweetness that the current bond that you have does not provide. You may also be yearning to settle down and get married yourself.
Strong dislike toward people from the past My fiance was with his ex, she convinced him to cut off his beard. I was pissed because I like his beard. When I tried to resolve it, I couldn't find him and realized he was with her and I was paranoid he might be cheating on me, but he wasn't. It hurt my feelings. In another dream I was with my ex. He was trying to get me to perform music with him. He is now married, but in this dream he was flirting with me and he disgusted me, but I played for him anyway. Both men have cheated on me. Your first vision, which centers on your fear of your fiance cheating, suggests you are concerned about being around a certain individual or a group of people in the future. This is likely related to your wedding plans, so it seems you could be hesitant to invite some family members or a past "frenemy" who has rubbed you the wrong way. The second dream about playing music with your ex-boyfriend may represent an upcoming event which perplexes or surprises you. It is neither a positive nor a negative symbol. It only warns that you should anticipate the unexpected to happen.
On the shore of a holly river with boyfriend I am 26, I dreamed that I was at a shore of a holly river as I was upset as my boyfriend is with me and a little time before he said me to go out of my life and soon after he came up to me holding me from my back placing his arms around me like a very lovely couple and came to me to that shore of river. I was crying and told him I want to go to that holly river and wash my face. He walked down with me to the shore, when I used to wash my face, the current becomes so fast, it took me. Dreaming that your boyfriend wants you out of his life alludes to the changing dynamics between the two of you. Perhaps there is a need to give each other space in the waking world so you can sort out personal issues without projecting negative emotions to the other party. It may not necessarily mean that the two of you are separating, only that challenges are part of your journey to help strengthen your bond. It is possible that you tend to get emotional during confrontations, as symbolized by the strong current of the river, such that you end up making irrational decisions. As such, the holy river represents your desire to manage your emotions and gain clarity when you and your boyfriend are faced with trials in order to arrive at an optimal resolution.
Boyfriend cheating with own sister I caught my boyfriend and sister having an affair for two consecutive dreams. But in real life they don't even know each other. However, twice in my dreams I caught them having an affair. Dreaming about your sister and your boyfriend caught in a compromising position actually portends a great deal of negativity. Despite the fact that they may not know each other at the moment, such a thing could become a possibility. Seeing your sister as a rival for your love in a dream means that it could happen in your waking life as well. Make sure you stay aware and reassess your relationship with both your boyfriend and your sister.
Walking away from wife with another woman I dreamed that I am walking away from my wife with another woman, very much in love and happy. There are two distinct components in this dream vision. When you dream about seeing yourself walking away from your wife with another woman, it signifies you are about to meet and interact with someone who would help you deal with life's issues and become a trusted friend. Being in love and happy with a woman other than your wife could also denote your loneliness and dissatisfaction with how things are progressing in your relationship with your spouse. Generally, outside affairs are used as an escape from the boredom of daily life, so it likely means your current daily routine needs excitement and you strive for more meaningful experiences and interactions with others.
An ex-girlfriend and a teenager I saw a teenager kneeling down beside a grey cross, then I started walking up a hill and an ex girlfriend appeared. She said "You left me for her and now this is what you must face to get your life back". The appearance of your ex-girlfriend in your dream suggests unresolved issues between the two of you. The break up may have caused emotional distress and suffering on your part as indicated by the cross. The teenager, on the other hand, could be an allusion to immaturity, so perhaps you feel like you are not yet mature enough to settle down or handle a long-term commitment. Your ex could also be associated with your past, such that prior mistakes may be causing problems in your current existence.
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