Being accepted as gay by boyfriend's family I am a guy. My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to two months now, but he has never told his parents about me for fear of their rejection of his sexuality (as they have in the past). In the dream I was at his house when his dad, brother, and mother came home. He told me to hide from them but I go curious and looked up. His dad called my name and said “It’s okay if you want to come out. We know who you are”. I then proceeded to hug him (the dad) while crying. Both parents seemed happy. Dreaming about your boyfriend's family reveals your yearning to get to know your partner on a much deeper level. This also signifies your frustrations about your current relationship status. Being told to hide represents his reluctance to reveal your relationship to his family for fear of being rejected. So his dad's acceptance in the dream actually represents your optimism. While you cannot predict the family's reaction if your boyfriend does introduce you to them, this dream vision is a reassurance that you remain hopeful about a positive outcome. You also believe that his parents may have softened over the years and so they are more open-minded as well as accepting of their son's sexuality so long as he is happy.
Unable to feed ex boyfriend I am a female. I dreamt that I and my husband were celebrating a special event (cannot recall which) and his friends came visiting too to celebrate with us. My ex came too but not as his friend but a cleaner, he cleaned and dusted everywhere. While cleaning, he recovered some missing items for us including my gold chain. I served everyone food except him since he was busy. By the time he was less busy, I wasn't around to serve him food. When I came back home, he was about leaving. I pleaded for him to come in and eat some food, he refused at first and when he was about to agree, another friend of his who was urinating by, told him not to answer me. I had a serious quarrel with the guy and that was when I woke up. This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal connections, but it also could contain some predictions about your future. The large gathering at your house points toward change and upheaval. Perhaps you are about to enter a new stage of your life or start a new, important project. The idea that your ex was cleaning your house during this event means you are likely to meet some new individuals who would greatly impact your life for the better. Just as your ex was cleaning and helping out, so would these men or women give of themselves to help you grow. Your attempts to give back, however, may be met with confusion or disdain. Your attempts in this vision to feed your ex can be interpreted as a sign that in helping others you tend to stick your nose a little too far into their business. If you hope to remain on friendly terms with everyone, it might be wise to maintain a friendly, polite distance until they are comfortable with you.
A deceased relative with a little girl Dreamt of a deceased sister in law with an unfamiliar little girl. Dreaming about your deceased sister-in-law suggests you are currently in a negative mindset in reality. This symbol is seen as the manifestation of negative emotions, such as loss, confusion and displeasure. In fact, the image of the little girl with your sister-in-law may point toward feelings of loss for a relative. This could be your sister-in-law herself or another family member you were once close to who has already passed beyond. You miss this individual's presence and the love, comfort and security your relationship with them provided you. Now would be a good time to share your memories of this man or woman with those who understand your feelings. Mutual sympathy would be sure to alleviate some of the pain you are feeling.
Meeting an ex lover accidentally I had a dream that I was going to some video game competition, but on the way I stop by this house. My ex lover comes out the front door. I started to apologize, and then she says she misses me. I tell her I miss her too and then leave. I don't remember whether I won the competition or not. Participating in any competition in the dream world, such as a video game competition, means there is an urgent need for you to develop your skills and expand your horizons. You are standing still personally and professionally, so this is a wake up call for you to become driven and motivated again. The presence of your ex lover suggests this symbol has more to do with your personal relationships rather than your career. You and a romantic prospect or your current partner are going to experience a rough patch and this will trigger memories of your conflicts with your former flame. So, you need to be able to learn from your past mistakes in order to stop going back into old and self-destructive patterns.
Ex joining the marines Ex joining the marines. Dreaming that your ex has joined the marines is a reflection of your personal transformation. You are done dwelling on past mistakes and bad experiences, instead you are set on fully committing yourself into developing your career and making a difference in your chosen field. This means becoming more disciplined, letting go of bad habits and focusing on things you can control. If you are able to set your sights on the future, then you can expect great rewards ahead.
Hugging with an ex boyfriend It was about my ex and we met up, he hugged me and we went together. Dreaming of reuniting with your ex boyfriend can be interpreted in various ways, depending on other dream symbols present as well as the context. Usually, this symbol means you have been thinking about your ex or some incident triggered memories of your time together. On a deeper level, this also points to your desire to find a romantic partner again. Specifically, the hug you shared represents your longing to feel loved and cared for again, but in order to do so you need to move past the pain of your previous breakup. As such, this is also your subconscious asking you to find closure and to finally close this chapter of your life.
Mother showing time on the clock I am female, my mother in spirit came in my dream and showed me a small blue cover clock showing the time of 3 o'clock. What is the meaning of this please? The spirit of your mother reveals your need for guidance. You are feeling out of control and having a hard time managing a demanding project as illustrated by the image of a clock. As such, 3 o'clock can have a personal meaning to you and this would reveal the hidden meaning behind it. But in general, 3 o'clock usually carries religious connotations. If this is relevant to you, then your subconscious could be telling you to have faith and believe that challenges are not given to you if you cannot handle them.
Looking for a man for married women I am female and married. I dream I am anxiously looking for a man for a relationship. My husband doesn't factor into this. As if he doesn't exist. I ask people if they know someone they can fix me up with. I keep mentioning that I'm turning 60 next year and am afraid I will be alone for the rest of my life. My marriage is fine btw. Dreaming that you are looking for a man, when you are in a healthy relationship in reality, suggests unacknowledged discontent. This does not have to be related to your marriage, but merely your own frustrations and unrealized dreams. More specifically, for a married woman, the search for a man as a romantic prospect represents your need to assert your freedom and follow your guts. For years, you have placed your husband and your family's needs over your own, but now you want to pursue something for your own happiness and sense of fulfillment.
Reconciling with an ex I had a dream about a lover I had a falling out with. I dreamt I finally had the nerve to talk to her, and I messaged her on Facebook. Next thing I know we're talking to one another face to face. She tells me that she broke up with her bf over a podcast he listened to. I remember asking her if she was still mad at me, she looked at me and said no. It felt good, almost like we were finally coming back together. Dreaming of a former lover signifies regret. Your desire to get back together or repair the relationship triggered this dream scenario as a wish fulfillment on your part. Your subconscious wants this to happen, but your real-world self is crippled by fear and apprehension. So, to resolve the conflict, your subconscious conjured this dream vision. Alternatively, being forgiven can also symbolize closure. This is what you need to move forward and pursue other romantic interests, hence your mind gave you this dream as an incentive for you to finally close this chapter of your life. A similar dream symbol, talking to an ex, alludes to mediocrity and a lack of drive. This usually means that while you have the potential to improve your situation, something is holding you back. Instead of rekindling the relationship, your subconscious mind is also urging you not to repeat the same mistakes.
Not helping an ex boyfriend who is sick My ex is psychologically abusive. He has made contact with my 2 sisters, both much older and estranged from me for many years, one has been issued a harassment warning. So in the dream I stood outside his house (not his current house) and my 2 sisters were inside hosting a party. I could see them through a big window. Some of my friends were going and I tried to warn them but they didn’t understand. My daughter was with me. We walked away and I saw my ex in a chair. He is morbidly obese but in the dream he was sickly and very very thin. He had hospital tubes coming out of his nose and was suffering from a serious illness. He seemed to reach out to me for help. I turned around and could see my sisters still in his house laughing and partying and him alone and I turned with my daughter and walked away from both my sisters and my ex. I felt guilty but I was done. I wanted to protect my daughter and we both walked away, me holding her hand. This dream illustrates the various aspects of your current dilemma in reality. Watching your sisters and your ex from the outside of a house reveals your sense of isolation. You feel like you are not getting the support you need from your loved ones. The party represents your view of their lives, especially your sisters. While they are relaxed and enjoying themselves, you are left abandoned and bearing the burden of adult responsibilities on your own. Meanwhile, the ailing state of your ex in the dream is actually a bad omen for you because it indicates vengeance. His serious sickness means your ex is capable of doing whatever it takes to make you suffer. His silent plea to reach out means he is tricking you into making a bad decision by playing with your emotions. He is planning to attack, so the wise move is to avoid instigating a fight because this will end in his victory. As such, walking away with your daughter in tow means you will choose to take the high road. Despite the pain of being left to fend on your own, it will be better for you and your child's future. Holding your daughter's hand also means you are choosing your future instead of dwelling on your past and allowing your past mistakes to hold you back.
Trying to follow ex's car In my dream my ex was driving in front of me but I don’t know if I was following him because we were going somewhere together or if he was trying to get away from me. So I would speed up to catch up to him and right when I thought I was getting closer, another car would get in the way and and I'd keep going to find him and it was the same thing, over and over. Following your ex as he is driving in your dream reveals your inability to accept the fact that you have parted ways. As it is, you are living your life holding on to the hope of you and him getting back together. You could still be trying to please him or behave in ways which would make him notice you favorably. Unfortunately, all those other cars preventing you from catching up are all the reasons your subconscious is telling you to let him go. Let him live his life and follow your own path, instead of building your happiness on whether or not he wants you back.
Ex-boyfriend in a boat I saw my ex-boyfriend sitting in a boat and keep talking to me? Seeing your ex-boyfriend in the dream world may reflect a desire to see or communicate with him in reality. Perhaps there is still unfinished business between the two of you, or maybe you still have questions for him despite the amount of time that has passed. The boat he sat in could reflect getting the answers you desire to hear or successfully establishing communication between you and him. However, just because you learn what you desire does not mean it will make you happy or bring you peace.
Meeting an ex at the mall I had a dream where my friends asked to hangout and then we went to the mall and at one store there was a party with everyone from school and I run into my boyfriend and say hi. Then when we were going to leave I see my ex who is working there tell me he still loves me and then I leave to find my friends and go somewhere to eat. Being at a mall during a night vision suggests a need to make a good impression on someone. In your case, it seems you are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship with your current boyfriend, hence the need to keep up appearances. You are also perhaps keen to make your ex a little jealous of your happiness. Your ex's confession about still loving you means you would soon be surprised or astounded by one of these men in reality. Perhaps your ex-flame would indeed confess his lingering attachment or make some grand gesture to win you back. Despite how nice this might sound, whatever this surprise is would turn out to be more trouble than it's worth. It could make your life very difficult or cause some friction between you and your current boyfriend.
Meeting an ex at the library I had a weird dream where I was skating and stopped at this library. I saw that some people where doing class. Then I saw an ex lover in the class. She had a bald spot, and I remember asking her had she forgiven me. She said no, but still wanted to talk. I told her that she missed out on that along time ago. She asked for my number and told me to give it to her before class, I did. And she stated that she would unblock me. The setting of the library in your dream vision reflects your personal journey through life and the lessons you have learned thus far. The library is a representation of your mind's storehouse for all the knowledge and experience you have gained over the years. Dreaming that your ex-lover was in the library and balding could shed light on both the prominent position she once held in your life and the trouble and hurt she caused at that time. Her willingness to unblock your number and contact you in the dream realm, rather than suggesting she is still interested, predicts that you would soon be surprised or confused by some event or action that occurs in reality. You could soon be shocked by something your ex does or suddenly and unexpectedly meet someone who replaces her in your mind and heart completely.
Being asked to sign divorce papers I am a 26 year old married woman with kids. I had a dream that I kissed my ex boyfriend. Then, I went home, there were lots of people showing up at my house. Suddenly, a man in a suit with lots of papers came in, sat down at the coffee table. I asked him who he was, what he was doing here. He said he was here for me to sign divorce papers. My husband wanted a divorce. I signed them without reading them. It was also a trick to frame me for a crime of murder I didn't commit. Despite the ominous message of the dream, this is actually the opposite of what will happen in reality. Specifically, dreaming of yourself kissing your ex-boyfriend means there will be unexpected events or circumstances which will take you by surprise. Fortunately, the second part of your dream suggests this surprise will be a positive one. The reason you can expect positive developments in your life is because a divorce in dreams actually means your marriage is stronger than ever. Instead of worrying about problems with your partnership, you will be happy to know that you have a loving, supportive and loyal husband. In combination with the first dream symbol, this means a new factor will add more blessings and optimism to your household. Perhaps there will be an addition to your family or you can expect current issues to be resolved leading to peace and harmony once again.
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