An uncle asking for water Male. I dreamt that I saw my uncle in his room laying on the bed and he asked me to carry a bowl full of pure water. Carrying water in your dream symbolizes your triumph over adversities. The bowl of pure water represents your state of mind, hence carrying it around refers to successfully managing your emotions and putting your psyche at ease. You would finally be able to win over all the negative things in your life that may have hounded you for some time now.
Future father-in-law dying and resurrecting In this dream my future father-in-law died and became alive again. Only me could see him and he is at first angry because I did not get to wear a sliver ring with a blue stone. The presence of your future father-in-law in this dream likely reveals your mixed feelings towards him. Maybe you think he is constantly keeping tabs on you, even though he is not physically present. It could also signify certain unresolved issues between the two of you and you feel it is necessary to confront and resolve before marrying the person he holds dear to his heart. On the other hand, the silver ring can be viewed as an indication of sadness or depression which you try to hide from others. Are you getting cold feet? Perhaps this is your subconscious urging you to tie loose ends before entering this new chapter in your life.
Niece dying My niece dying and her wearing an infinity charm on her bracelet. She had died and I remember that in my dream I well knew this. I went to a witch and she gave me a bracelet with an infinity charm which was supposed to give my niece life. The scary thing is my sister, my niece's mother, had a dream about her dying as well. Not the same night. But she confessed she had. What can it all mean? A dream wherein you see your niece dying is indicative of upcoming changes in your life which could have a lasting impact on your present and future situation. Because it is your niece who dies, it could point towards her actions being the trigger for those alterations. Visiting a witch in order to prevent your niece's death represents your desire to stop her from taking any actions that could impact you. Also, the fact that your sister had a similar dream suggests that both of you disapprove of her behavior. While it is important to keep in mind that you cannot actually prevent your niece from doing something she is determined to do, you can do your best to be prepared for the coming upheavals which you might face.
Disowning a cousin Met a cousin at another relative's house and I disowned him. Dreaming about disowning your cousin could be a manifestation of your negative feelings about him in your waking life. Perhaps he has done something which may have irked you or caused difficulties for you. Try and adopt a more forgiving attitude. If you feel unable to do so, it would be better to keep mum about it so as to avoid any disagreements within the family.
Deceased aunt breastfeeding and brother masturbating Last night I was in a dream where I saw my aunt who died nine years ago breastfeeding her baby. In the same room where she was breastfeeding the baby, my younger brother was sitting on the floor masturbating I even saw him ejaculate. Please help me. I am a woman. Thank you. Seeing a relative who has passed away is usually a warning to use wisdom and to be logical when making important choices regarding your future. Watching your deceased aunt breastfeed a baby could therefore point toward something to do with your health. For example, if you make good choices now, you could live a long, happy life free of complications and difficulties. However, if you make short-sighted decisions to eat unhealthy foods and put off exercise, you may develop multiple medical conditions in the future. Finally, the image of your brother masturbating and ejaculating could reveal a hidden desire to do more masculine activities. Perhaps you are concerned that exercise would make you appear unfeminine. It may be better to consider your health and future benefits rather than how others perceive you.
Niece sleeping with an alligator I dreamt an alligator cozies up to my 4-yr old niece and sleeps with her on the couch. This dream vision contains two opposing symbols which tend to neutralize each other in their overall meaning. The image of an alligator in a dream portends potential obstacles or issues looming ahead for the members of your family or people who matter in your life, perhaps the family of your niece. At the same time, the imagery of a sleeping child predicts that either these issues would be minor or insignificant, or that they can be overcome in a relatively short period of time with no impact on their lives.
Hurting a niece I'm female and I dreamt that I was holding my 8-year old niece who means the world to me at my job's break room when I dipped her head down (like we always do). She hit her head really hard on the floor and was knocked out. I freaked out and woke up before I could tell if she was even semi okay or not. Accidentally hurting a child in the dream world portends a surprising turn of events. A certain news or situation could catch you off guard but the result of that would be a welcome change in your life's journey. The anxiety you felt because of the accident likely reflects your discomfort over change. Alternatively, it can symbolize personal transformation, such as letting go of childish thoughts and being able to control immature tendencies.
Choking and no one helping Male. Choking, couldn't breathe, deceased mom there along with two sisters, no one would call 911. Woke up in panic. Dreams about suffocating could indicate that you are not feeling satisfied with your life and instead consumed by fear, too worried about what others might think of you. It could also mean a growing indifference towards your career which could endanger everything you have worked hard for. However, the presence of your deceased mother and other family members carries with it a positive meaning, symbolizing a new and happier period in your life marked by changes which would be beneficial to you both personally and professionally.
Relatives arguing while in the car In a car with my aunt driving. A cousin in front passenger seat, myself and another cousin in the back seat. We are on a country road, we pull into a gravel parking lot of an antique or junk shop. Then the people in the front seat start to argue, then I realize they are arguing because i do not have shoes on. The antique shop in your dream alludes to tradition and old-fashioned values. You may have a very strict family who tries to control your decisions and the path you should take for your future. Being barefoot in the vision reveals your laid-back attitude and free-spirited nature. What you want for yourself and what your family expects from you may be two different things. You may be torn between following your passions and conforming to expectations. This may cause conflict between you and your family. No matter which path you choose, you need to be able to deal with the consequences.
A cousin giving birth at a cemetery My cousin was having her baby at the cemetery, and I delivered the baby. But, in the dream I didn't see a casket out or anything. There are two elements in this dream that stand out. First, the cemetery, does not represent a negative omen, but rather a metaphor for an imminent departure from the mundane or a major change occurring soon. Secondly, seeing someone giving birth is usually a sign of wealth and prosperity, not only for you but also for those around you. So what your dream could be trying to tell you is that you could experience major changes in your life that could force you to leave familiar grounds but, in the end, it could all lead to a much happier and fruitful future.
Cousin's wife breastfeeding son My wife dreamt that the wife of my cousin was breastfeeding our child boy. Symbolically, the vision of breastfeeding is often associated with good health, positive energy and overall well-being. As such, when your wife saw your cousin's wife breastfeeding your baby, it was likely referring to the developing connection between them, which may become more important as your child grows older. It is possible your cousin's wife would give some important life advice or become a crucial networking element in your child's future.
Waiting for daughter with yellow flowers My daughter has this dream, can you let me know what it means. "I had a nice dream and you were in it! I was walking on the edge of a city near water. Imagine near where Mom grew up and that area that's developing between there and south station. And I saw you sitting in a field with yellow flowers waiting for me, and we hung out watching airplanes go by above us". Dreams containing imagery of being near water usually reflect dreamer's emotional state or certain concerns related to loved ones. Since you were the prominent figure in this dream, your daughter could be preoccupied with thoughts about you in particular. Yellow flowers you were holding, as a dream symbol, could point to some developing challenges or emerging obstacles in something important you are currently trying to accomplish or decide on, either on your own or together with your daughter. There could also be some visible signs of frustration or dissatisfaction on your part which have recently become apparent to her. Similarly, the notion of watching planes in sky above points to her anticipation of this situation changing very soon, either in a positive or negative way. Perhaps this dream is a hint for you to act or make a decision in a more proactive way, especially considering the fact that she has shared this dream with you personally.
Losing one of the relatives My dream was about running down the stairs with my loved ones. We were hurrying to the bus, my loved ones go first and I'm going in second. When I reach down I can't find my loved one, she was missing in that place. Later I get a phone call from one of my friends calling me from my residence place. My loved one was lost. Losing a loved one on a bus can refer to a possible interpersonal conflict in reality. Buses often symbolize drive and social mobility, so perhaps the cause of a disagreement between you and your loved one would be work or career-related. Perhaps you would become too busy and preoccupied with your respective jobs that you would forget to spend quality time together. It is also likely that your priorities would change and you would become different people than you were in the past. Maybe this is your subconscious warning you about brewing problems that could get out of hand when you fail to recognize them. You may have been drifting apart without realizing it.
A cousin looking for her son I dreamt that I was driving home at night and my cousin was on the side of the road yelling and going crazy looking for her son. I saw complete terror in her eyes, I was so frightened then I woke up. Driving at night means you are currently following an uncertain path. You are struggling with your work probably because you see no future in your current situation. A project could be too difficult for you to see through to the end or you no longer enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Similarly, a missing child signifies loss of hope. Your fear within the dream mirrors the same fear you feel in reality. You are losing motivation in your profession or even in your own abilities. It could be a good time for you to revisit your goals and re-assess where your strengths lie, so you can plot your plans for the future.
A deceased aunt I was in my aunt's house, who passed away 8 yrs ago. She was downstairs calling my name. Saying we have to go, everyone is waiting on us. And for some reason I couldn't get dressed. Struggling to get dressed means you are stressed out in reality. Someone in particular could be the cause of all the pressure you are feeling, likely your boss or a colleague. So the presence of your deceased aunt means you need some advice and guidance from more experienced and wiser people in your life. In addition, being told that everyone is waiting means you need to face your responsibilities and deal with the main cause of your stress rather than avoid it and continue to suffer in silence.
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