Grandmother wrapping Christmas presents My dad had a dream that he was lying in bed and heard a home intruder downstairs. He ran downstairs to see his mother in-law (my grandmother) wrapping Christmas presents. My grandmother passed away in 2010. She did not speak to him. Dreaming of a deceased relative often represents unfinished business or unresolved issues. Your dad's dream about your grandmother means the memory of your grandma is still very salient and prominent in his subconscious. Something in reality could have also triggered the memories of your grandma. For example, an issue within your family or between your parents could stem from your dad's strained relationship with your grandmother. In order for him to resolve existing problems, he needs to be able to get to the root of the problem and not allow old issues to drive a wedge into his current relationships.
Dead uncle's tombstone Me with my dead uncle looking at his headstone. Seeing your dead uncle in a dream reveals a decline in either your physical or emotional wellness. The reason for your health deterioration could be from a rocky relationship or rejection that causes a lot of self-doubt which puts you on an emotional roller coaster. Meanwhile, the headstone means buried secrets and repressed memories. You must look within yourself to confront your demons and personal issues so you can emerge a better person during this ordeal.
Being inside grandparents' old house My grandparents, as their younger selves, came back to life and I dreamt about their old house that’s been refurbished but not completed. It’s been abandoned for nearly ten years. They bought back the house as they were sad about it being unfinished and left that way. When we entered the house it was all different but at one point during the dream I was the only family member able to walk around. Everyone had frozen and I could walk round the house freely. Why was I the only one not frozen? Dreaming of dead relatives coming alive is their way of communicating an urgent message to you. This is usually a warning and a reminder for you to use wisdom before making important decisions, especially when it comes to your goals and aspirations. In the context of your dream, their old house represents their legacy and your family's reputation. They want you to let their legacy live on, which is why you were the only one able to move around the house while the rest of your family were frozen. In reality, they are too preoccupied with their own interests and problems that they do not have the time and energy to worry about tradition and your heritage. It seems that you are the only one capable of paying tribute to your grandparents, whether it is about following their footsteps, taking on the family business or to continue what they have started.
With grandmother during a storm I was at my old grandmother's house. My uncles were vacating that place and gave a TV for us. My first uncle was showing me how to switch on the TV and how to connect the wires. My granny came and told me to come and I followed her, we both came to our old home were mats were spread open in the hall, it was dark and raining heavily with thunderstorm. I was trying to close all the windows and doors, but she was arguing with me not to do so, I continued anyway and she tried to stop me by hand, I woke up. Your grandmother's old house or a house from your past generally refers to revisiting your childhood. You would be flooded by nostalgia because of an event or encounter that would trigger your memories as a child. The television is your struggle to gather experiences and lessons from your past in an attempt to make sense of a current predicament. Your uncle is showing you how to make the TV work because in reality you are seeking advice from your elders. Similarly, the heavy thunderstorm ravaging your home portends a difficult and life-changing period ahead of you. Your grandma stopping you from closing all the doors and windows is your subconscious telling you to brave the storm instead of crawling into your safe space where no one can hurt you. The lesson evident in this dream vision is the need for you to face your problems and confront past mistakes and issues that are negatively affecting your present relationships.
Nephew tormented by a demon Female. Seen my nephew being tormented by a demon. I wasn't there but could see and feel everything. They tried to move and get help but nothing helped. I was scared for his life. Hyperventilating in my sleep. Witnessing your nephew being tormented by a demon reveals you concern that you are losing him to negative forces. This is a cry for help and a bad omen. If you do not intervene, your nephew could be overpowered by destructive thoughts and emotions. It is up to you to find out the root of his suffering. It is possible he is being bullied or coerced by bad influences into someone he is not. And if he does not find guidance and support from his family, there is a good chance he would stray.
Dead aunt walking and talking I dreamed of my late aunt Janice after she died, family was all together, even Janice's husband Dave. Janice was dead and walked real stiff like a corpse, she even said it was hard to get back in her dead body. She talked to her son Michael, then she told us if we only knew the truth. She scowled at Dave (husband), she said they only let her out that one time to communicate. They caught her talking and put her back in prison for dead people. If only she had known she said. Dreaming about your deceased relatives is usually a reminder about some unanswered or unfulfilled aspect regarding your relationship with them. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about not providing enough attention or support when she needed it. Maybe there are also sides to her personality you disliked or did not fully accept. The dream therefore advises to make amends to how you treat others, not necessarily the members of your close family circle, because one day you could find yourself in the same situation or circumstance as your now deceased aunt.
Cousin harming your daughter I (female) am talking to my male cousin (he’s is an adult now) in the house he grew up in. Then I put my 6-year old daughter in bed. I go to get a glass of water. When I get back to my daughter my male (adult) cousin is cutting and stabbing my daughter's legs. Seeing your male cousin in a dream vision represents a piece of news coming from far away. You could receive an email or a phone call about it from a long-lost relative or a childhood friend. Unfortunately, because of the dream symbol of slashed legs, this is bound to be heartbreaking news for your family. In the worst case scenario, this means the death of someone near and dear to your heart. You will want to shield your daughter from the sorrow this will bring, however it is out of your hands. You can choose to comfort her and explain the situation to help with the healing.
Talking with grandmother I'm a man and I was in an outside area talking with an older guy. Then as I looked to my left I saw my grandmother looking at me, she was about 8-10 feet away from me . As I kept talking to the guy I realized “Hey, my grandmother is here too”. I walked to her and we walked and talked which seemed to be about 30 min. I don’t remember our conversation . Then my dream cut off. The older man in your dream is actually an aspect of yourself or the person you aspire to be. Specifically, he represents maturity and wisdom which you intend to acquire as you live your life. Meanwhile, your grandmother symbolizes a big challenge ahead of you. You could be having problems in your relationship and you are debating whether to push through or end it. You can also face a challenge about moving abroad and having a fresh start. Therefore, both symbols lead to your personal transformation. After dealing with this obstacle, you will become a more mature and wiser version of yourself.
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