Being sent to church My husband had a dream, in his dream he sinned and was sent to church to stay with the priest, but he managed to run away from the church house and then his ex boss was there. He had a paper which proved that they had a wrong person sent and but still the guy that works for his ex boss still tried to catch him but he managed to fight his way out, please help. Your husband’s dream about being sent to church and running away from people who were trying to make him stay in church can possibly mean that your husband cannot come to terms with something that torments him, this could be related to the relationship with his boss. He may have subconscious desire to resolve an issue or something that happened between him and his boss (or other individuals present in this dream), but does not have enough courage to do so. He could try speaking with the person and resolve a long-standing issue or misunderstanding from the past.
Krishna on the surface of the ocean Lord Krishna riding chariot on an ocean. Although there is no exact meaning to match the dream you have experienced, dreaming about the divine entity (Krishna) on the surface of the ocean can mean that your goals and aspirations in life will be achieved, the most sacred dreams and hopes will materialize, you may be very happy in love and satisfied with the way your life is progressing.
Meeting with Loki I had a dream at the start of this year. I was at a table top sale and surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. I spotted a man sitting in amongst them. He looked like any other guy, but he was trying to wind them up. He then turned around and looked right at me. From the cheeky, up-to-mischief look in his eyes, I knew that he was Loki. Dreams about meeting Loki is a sign of being affected by allergies, especially caused by air-borne substances. Be careful and take precautionary steps when spending time outdoors, for example when exercising, camping or going to the park, try to avoid swampy or damp environments. This dream can also be related to hearing about your close relative becoming sick or not feeling well. If you happened to talk with Loki in your dream - this could be a sign that your significant one may be cheating on you.
Elephants in a temple I dreamt about elephants in a Hindu temple. Dreams which involve visions of a temple usually mean that you are longing to expand your spiritual self and learn more about religion or various aspects of your faith. Seeing elephants in the temple in the same dream is symbolic of trying to find like-minded people or seek help from them during this spiritual journey.
Shankhs, one with opposite-side openings I have seen many shankh in dream, one shankh have both right and left opening. What is the meaning of this dream? Dreaming about a number of shankh is a sign of wasting a lot of time trying to engage into projects or endeavors which will not bring any benefit or satisfaction after they are completed. Seeing a shankh with openings on both sides means you tend to accept or get involved in new projects or things to do without giving much consideration or thoughts to see whether they are important to you or not. Although this might show your zeal and energy, but try to take some time to decide if this is what you really need to spend your time doing.
Mixed gods First day dream: Goddess idol moving from east to south direction. Second day dream: I am on the way to Vaishnavi Mata temple in Jammu. Climbing mountain, happily say JAI MATAJI. Third day dream: Shivlinga and multicolored nagdevta around linga. Nagdevta coming to me for many times but no harm. I was fearing but mother says it will not harm. Dreaming about a goddess idol symbolizes your hopes to get help from your spirituality and faith in life situations when you cannot receive support from other sources. Climbing a mountain can be an indication of an important phase you are going through at the moment and reflects your self-confidence and firm beliefs that you can accomplish what you are planning on achieving in life. The third dream can be a reflection of your fears of uncertainties or the fact that you have very diverse spiritual needs and aspects of faith.
A saint wearing white clothes I saw that a sage (a saint) with pure white clothes in my dream ...they awake me ...i saw that dream at morning 7 am.... Seeing a saint wearing white clothes is a positive sign which could mean you are about to experience a beneficial occurrence that is getting ready to happen real soon.
Jesus, a little girl and a dress I saw Jesus coming from the next room with a small girl in his hand. Then it turned to a desert. Then I went near Jesus and his face was full of blood as thought crowned. He was lying down. A girl was missing. He smiled at me. He asked me whether I remember the day when I brought the dress which I was wearing. The dress was a usual house wearing dress. If you are a female and had a dream about a little girl or you were a little girl in your dream, this could mean that you might be lacking (including on a subconscious level) warmth, tenderness and security in your relationship with your current partner. The vision of a dress points to a certain item (not necessarily clothing or accessories) you could make use of or pay attention to and which could help you mend or improve this relationship. Dreaming about Jesus in general, seeing or talking to him, could be an indication of presence of some demonic entities or tendencies in your life. The dream therefore urges you to examine your inner spiritual state and balance because most likely these visions come to you in a dream because of some moral dilemmas or questioning spiritual life or faith.
Being able to calm a stormy river down It was heavy rain and storm in Ganga river. I went near river and took water in my hand from stormy river and applied on my face. And the movement I took water and applied on my face storm calmed down. I felt presence of lord Shiva in storm. You had a dream about stormy weather. This could translate your current worries and concerns. Namely, you may be experiencing some difficulties or going through a rough patch. You might be feeling stressed, anguished or lost due to your inability to figure out how these problems could be resolved for the better. You then went to a river and splashed water over your face. This action brought Shiva about and calmed the storm down. This could reveal your desire to become quieter, more peaceful or more satisfied with your life. Shiva is also the God of transformation, which was precisely his role in the dream. This could suggest that you think that only God is of help to you at this point in your life - that a miracle is needed. Alternatively, it could represent your tendency to seek help by turning to your personal religious side and faith. Importantly, Shiva’s appearance further accentuates your desire for changing your tough situation to a better one. Finally, the notion of being able to calm the stormy river down signifies your readiness, strength, will and ability to face and deal with the hardships in your life. You are hopeful to rely on your inner power this time around.
Sharing food with God I dreamt of myself as a woman sharing food on the same plate with my father in the Lord. Dreaming about sharing food with God has positive connotations. Such a vision entails a great deal of kindness in your life. You would become the recipient of good fortune and much joyous contentment. These pleasant events could come as a surprise. You also dreamt that you were sharing as a woman. This could suggest that you are or will be living your life in God's ways, following His word, be willfully submissive to His will. The sharing of food could also translate that you were being accepted into His kingdom. Rewards would follow. Note that God, for non-religious people, would still represent some ethical and moral social extra-personal code. This code should be followed for the sake of the collective to which you belong.
Three heart-shaped rocks, people in hell and candleholder I dreamed of three heart-shaped rocks. After that, I saw people falling to hell and a lot of souls trying to escape out from hell. Suddenly, the picture of hell becomes candle holders which was like that of the church but instead of candles, toys are being held by the candle holders and in its corner stood a long black candle but not placed in the holder. Please help interpret this dream. Thank you in advance. This dream contains some interconnected visions which most likely pertain to your spiritual well-being and inner balance. Heart-shaped objects in a dream can mean that you have recently been subjected to or starting to sense acts of betrayal or deceit by someone close to you and whom you used to trust immensely. You could be acting on it by knowingly or inadvertently hurting other people around you whom you deal with on a regular basis. Even though you may feel regretful for your actions toward these people, you seem to be gradually distancing yourself from them. Dreaming about a candle holder with unusual objects held by it instead of candles is your realization or discovery related to your propensity toward magic, occult knowledge and everything supernatural. You could be accumulating information from these spheres in order to solve some personal issues or help yourself understand your life situation better, but perhaps focusing on these topics in excess. Finally, the image of a black tall candle on the side and apart from the candle holder speaks of the memories related to someone who passed away, either recently or some time ago, which are etched in your subconscious mind, but do not connect to you in any personal or significant way.
A temple in the sea and people visiting it There was an Indian temple in the sea, but the temple was a little near to the land. People were going inside and coming out but I was just staring at it. I didn't go inside. This vision of seeing a temple in the sea is a reflection of your inner desire to enrich yourself spiritually and welcome faith and religion into your existence. However, seeing people going in and out but at the same time being reluctant or perhaps afraid to join or follow them speaks of your hesitation and critical view in regards to some aspects of religious traditions, celebrations or rituals. The proximity of the temple to the land in this dream is a subtle suggestion for you to re-assess your values and personal beliefs and make the choice that is right for you.
Healing a sick boy with prayers I dream that I was at a hospital with sick people. And I saw a crippled boy laying in a bed. I passed by him and start praying to God about the sick people. The young boy heard me praying out loud to God and something power came over me and the young boy was healed immediately by me praying. The dream vision you have had represents your exceptional position in regards to faith. Healing others in your dreams reveals your ability to follow your beliefs precisely and find gratification and hope in what you choose as your religion. It can also indicate your innate ability to help people in need regardless of their relation to you or, for that matter, whether they practice or immerse themselves in something completely different from what you personally believe in.
Raining outside and praying I dreamt that it was raining, so when l came out it was full of white worms, l came out and l saw some young men standing outside drinking. So I told them to go on their knees to pray while l was on my knees too and before l realized l was at church alone praying. Dreams about rain, in general, point towards shutting yourself from others, either emotionally or physically. Rain tends to hide or obscure objects and people, and this forced seclusion may be because of a natural inclination towards being introverted and reserved or because you may be currently experiencing some feelings of sadness, depression, or humility. The symbol of white worms is often interpreted based on their tendency in real life to be burrowed in dark, safe places, like the moist earth or a fresh apple. Combined with the sign of rain, these two indicators point toward drawing in on yourself and putting up walls, possibly to protect yourself from others. Asking others to join you in prayer but then being left alone represents feeling isolated or fearing being left alone. It is likely that, despite your hesitation to let people get close to you, you still subconsciously believe people are good.
Surrounded by angels in white Four angels with white on flying above me. The sky was clear and blue. One angel stood in front of me with eyes of fire. Didn't say anything. Seeing several angels soaring above you is a sign of good news. However, if you keep having this same dream on a frequent basis, then it may mean that you are about to stumble into some trouble by speaking too much when a detailed explanation or personal opinion is not needed. Angels in white clothes traditionally symbolize a beneficial occurrence that is getting ready to happen, however the image of one angel with fiery eyes could also serve as a warning to exercise tact and be careful of what you say because you could miss on such good opportunity if you behave inappropriately when communicating with other people around you.
Baby rabbits and saints In my dream, I saw two baby rabbits besides me when I was bowing in front of two saints (one was a male and another was a female). I was feeling very calm at that time in my dreams. Seeing rabbits right in front of you in your dreams is a good sign. It means you will definitely have an overall improvement in your living conditions and a significant increase in your income and assets. Saints in this dream could also represent the people who are connected to you on a spiritual level and who will go great distances in helping you to achieve these fortuitous events in your waking life.
Being on the bottom of a well and feeling spiritually lifted I had a dream that I was in a very wet place in that place, it looked like a bottom of a hole or a very underground place, in that place there was a hole full of water, and that hole was the only way out as the water there would go down taking anybody sitting on top of the water by the hole with, and then in the same dream there was my late grandmother and my late grandfather ,and my late pastor. One of them showed me a church and he said I want to give you a gift, at that time I felt this spiritual feeling I cannot describe, what does this mean? Envisioning yourself in a wet, damp place indicates having feelings of concern or being uncertain about some aspect of your future. This is also seen in the imagery of being underground, which points to dark and possibly repressed emotions. It may be that you have been keeping some things to yourself that you need to share with others in order to lighten your emotional load and improve your well-being. In addition, seeing people who have passed in a dream vision may also represent some sadness in your life, though receiving a spiritual non-material gift from someone you once knew often means they are still trying to help you, even now. This is further seen in the appearance of a church, which usually symbolizes protection and hope.
A church statue of a blue bull After working so hard on it, church members proudly completed a six-foot high statue of a blue bull, and rolled out the door of the church. If you are a member of this congregation, the symbolic depiction of the blue bull statue in this dream signifies soon receiving a monetary incentive or donation for your collective efforts or recently accomplished deeds. The size of the statue in this dream is also important, because you subconsciously anticipate being rewarded as a group and directly proportional to your joined efforts in making it happen.
Pastor standing in blood I had a dream when my pastor's legs were full of blood as if he was standing in blood. Dreaming about a religious leader portends being faced with two choices when dealing with a religious or moral issue. Going back and forth weighing the pros and cons is likely to cause feelings of frustration and anxiety, especially because there are some points you agree and disagree with on both sides of the issue. The blood in this dream represents making a choice which disappoints some people you care about, possibly to the point where they do not wish to associate with you anymore. This could be your pastor, or it may also be other people you are close to, like family and friends.
Holding hands with Jesus I had a dream last night... I saw a person seated on a golden chair. As I got closer the face blurred... I saw Jesus smiling.. The happiness in me was exploding... I hugged him tight... Then I remember lying down in my bed closing my eyes... I asked him to hold my hands to prove you really are Jesus... And he held my hand. Seeing the image of Jesus in a dream suggests you are currently grappling with moral or ethical issues. This may be related to work or personal matters, but, in either case, indicates you are stuck with a very difficult choice. You can either do what is easy, or you can do what is right. This vision may be a warning to think carefully before making a choice so that you do not feel disappointed in yourself in the future.
Being in a relationship with the pastor I keep having dreams about me and my pastor are a couple or we keep looking at each other but scared to speak. Dreaming about being in a relationship with your pastor predicts going through a period of moral struggles that will greatly strain your relationship with those close to you, especially you family. Having a bit of eye contact but refusing to speak highlights the worry or apprehension you felt in the dream, indicating that whatever challenge you are facing greatly affects your future. It may primarily deal with the relationship with your loved ones, but it could also have a ripple effect on your career and life outside the home.
Next to a famous statue and crying In my dream Mata Durga Pooja was done in the temple at midnight and we had to go close to her statue for receiving blessings. I was massaging her feet, the mother opened her eyes and saw me tearing up and again she was a decorated statue. What should I do ? Dream visions about being at the feet level of a statue, regardless whether it is a religious representation or a secular object, contain connotations of being dependent on someone or submissive to their will and power. Considering the fact that your mother noticed you crying in this dream, it could be an indication of your discontentment with your current situation, or your growing desire to break free or rid yourself from this influence. The vision of the statue being decorated means that you could be trying to figure out this situation by comparing it to other people's experiences or knowledge.
Strange treatment from a pastor at a church There were many people who lie down on the floor and I was visiting the church, but when I get into the house, this pastor looking me in the eyes and prophet me that I will marry another girl, but acting like a boy then I scream because I don't know these people. I was just visiting. Then the pastor said I must take off my clothes and stay with a bra. After that I prayed, then this pastor gone like that: "And they beat these ladies with sjumbok". A church, in the context of this dream, seems to represent some feelings of hopelessness or despair. You are likely going through a dark period in your life characterized by loss, either of a person, material possessions and wealth, or opportunity. This loss has negatively impacted your life, making you wonder what the point of it all is. Pastors are often symbols of having to choose between two courses of action, one good and one evil. Making the right choice may make all the difference in your future, though you may be tempted to make a bad decision based on your recent experiences. Also, taking off your clothes represents a tendency to get involved in other people's business when you shouldn't do so. This vision may be a warning to focus on yourself and your spiritual well-being so you can be prepared for the challenges ahead.
Being and a temple and feeding cows I have been to a temple. I don't remember the god, but they have given me butter as prasadam and I came out in the premises, there was a white cow and a baby white cow and I went near them and started feeding them butter of which I already ate a little. A religious place such as a temple can have a positive or negative meaning depending on the symbols associated with it in a dream. Given the overall positive message of the rest of the imagery, it points to spiritual growth and strong faith on your part. As butter is an important ingredient for adding flavor in real life, it is usually associated with positive outcomes, in this case, possibly becoming blessed with things you want to happen. The image of the white cow and its calf represents giving back to others as much as you receive, and this is most likely what you have already been doing in your waking life, because this is what makes you truly content and at peace with yourself.
A well with a stranger swimming in clear water inside I was standing near a well, near to well Lord Hanuman and Krishna are kept, and near by inside the well I can see bright and very clear water, looks like unknown stranger is swimming inside. Based on the context of the dream you had, the well represents you spiritual world, faith and beliefs. And even though you have values and spiritual wealth, you, for some reason known to you, are either reluctant to share it with others who want to open up to you, or you feel intimidated, if not threatened to welcome them into your life as far as your spirituality and religion is concerned. The dream suggests building bridges and connect with people who share you values and, even perhaps more important, with those who may differ in opinions and views.
Receiving a ring from the divine I had a dream in which Lord Hanuman Ji was carrying or giving the Raavans ring to me that I don't remember. Also, the ring had three flags or colors showing different things which I don't know. I guess it contained symbols of places in Sri Lanka. If you dream about receiving a ring as a gift, this could symbolize that all the differences which you have had in your relationship will be resolved, the fights and episodes of unhappiness will become a thing of the past. This will pave the way to a more harmonious and successful relationship which will bring you peace and tranquility. Different colors and things you saw depicted on the ring you received could also represent the aspects of your personality which are your strongest traits, helping you in achieving these positive outcomes, but you are probably unsure what they are exactly.
Being pulled up towards the skies by unknown forces I dreamt once of being pulled towards the sky or precisely towards which I perceived was a powerful force or it what I thought was God, with such a strong grip but not all at once. It was gradual until I reached high and I was looking up all the time. This dream felt very real to me and was short and it was all about that segment and then I woke up. Before that I was generally praying and then fell asleep, but the dream felt real and I could feel some fear because it felt so real, but still safe and accepting as if I was trusting that force (God) pulling me up to the sky towards him. Thank you. This vision is full of positive imagery and portends blessings and success. Feeling yourself being lifted up into the sky predicts being supported in your endeavors, leading you to success and riches that were unknown to you before. Additionally, believing that it was God who was pulling you toward Him can be interpreted to mean that you are about to receive some unexpected, but positive news. These blessings may come with some test of faith, however, so while good things are in store for you, you should not become discouraged if they take time or if you have to go through some challenge first.
Falling asleep at church and waking up near graves I was singing with some worshipers, then I went to sleep, when I woke up, one of them said, you are too strong to sleep in such a place, she wondered, but when I turned on my right, I found myself sleeping near three graves piled with stones. Dreaming about yourself singing psalms at a church often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it could represent a good-quality home environment. That is, you always feel that you belong and are loved, respected and understood by your household members. Overall, an ambiance of peace, harmony and mutual understanding reign inside your house. Another interpretation for the same vision could be a reflection of your hopes or attempts to receive inheritance or get a hold of material or financial means as a result of someone's will after they pass away. But the imagery of three graves laid with stones at the end of the dream could also mean some major obstructions, either physical or moral, which would prevent you from achieving what you want, possibly to the benefit of other members of the family or other eligible heirs.
Hugging with Jesus Hugging Jesus Seeing yourself hug Jesus in a dream vision, particularly if you felt inner peace after the encounter, is symbolic of currently fighting temptation in your life. There may recently have been a series of opportunities in which you could give in and do something morally questionable. However, this sign is meant to be encouraging, showing you that you have the power to overcome these demons. It may also represent a subconscious desire to return to religion (if you have left) or to devote more of your energy to self-reflection and penance.
Daughter hugging Jesus I dreamed I saw my daughter for a brief second, then saw her with Jesus. She was hugging Jesus, then knelt down and hugged his feet. I had the feeling, Jesus had come for her. Jesus in this dream symbolizes the side of you that is selfless and protective of your children and your loved ones. The dream of seeing your daughter hugging Jesus is a manifestation of your concerns and worries about your family's life choices and welfare. This vision serves as confirmation of your hope that your family remains strong amidst worldly temptations. This is also a reflection of your personal desire to reconnect with your faith as well as your religious and spiritual values and beliefs.
Preaching to others while not being religious Started off in small islands which were surrounded by shallow water, maybe 4-5 people I was talking to about following Jesus and they didn't believe me, so I got really mad and started yelling and cussing saying ya all will get what is coming. Then a huge water wave came. Everyone was under water, then It felt like I was pushed or pulled on my chest down to deep darkness really fast, or jerked back to my body and woke up immediately. I am not religious so was curious about dream. Thanks. The islands in your dream allude to your feelings of isolation. Perhaps you think that you are lacking support and help from the people who surround you. Their supposed lack of belief in you is causing you to lash out. The tidal wave represents your pent up feelings of frustration and aggression that may surface and devastate your friends, family, including yourself. This surge of emotion, if not kept in check, can end up dragging you and your loved ones down. Your vision cautions you to be aware of emotional outbursts and getting carried away with anger. The more constructive message here is the potential for a cleaner slate. The wave that washes away the negative feelings can ultimately leave you in a place where you can have a fresh start.
Offering things to Gods We both went to Lord Ganapathi's temple. who is my favorite deity, where she was following me very closely as if like hugging in the said temple. We both had darshan (seen) the God in the temple and offered our prayers. The priest in the temple telling me not to get close to her. Immediately, we came out of the temple and I overheard somebody (maybe God) saying that if I make a coconut offering to the Lord, my marriage with the said girl would be performed. While temples in dreams represent meditation and growth, seeing or hearing God in dreams has an undesirable message. On the one hand, entering the temple and offering prayers denote a yearning for refuge and a place for rumination to sort out your dilemmas. On the other hand, the darshan of God implies a possible involvement with an overbearing woman who would control your actions or manipulate your behavior. This destructive relationship would inspire feelings of confinement and misery. Hence, this epiphany drives you away from oblivion and into wakefulness to guide your decisions on important matters pertaining to your relationships.
Hiding from danger in a temple and animals protecting I was scared and I was running away from something and then I reached a temple of Lord Shiva in the middle of a thick forest, I climbed up and tried to hide. When I looked up, many snakes were protecting me from the thing I was running from. Seeking refuge in a temple most often symbolizes the possibility of being positively charged. In other words, opportunities for success and happiness may present themselves to you in the near future. The snakes protecting you from the thing that was chasing you represent overwhelming emotions, often romantic in nature, which you may be feeling toward someone. If you play your hand right, there is a good chance you could turn such feelings into a fruitful and fulfilling relationship.
Being lost and stumbling on God represented by a child I saw a dream about getting lost when I was back from church and found another church. When I was searching my way, I could not go to that church because the stairs were far from me, so I walked through beside the stairs and there was a grave. I jumped over it and was walking forward, I found a canal full of gold water flowing from the top and a child sitting on the top. I asked that child to come down, the child replied to me "I don't come to you people, come to me always, because I am your god". Wandering around or near churches in dreams symbolically represents not having a safe haven to land in wake life, meaning you likely feel very much alone in the world. Churches are associated with protection and safety, so seeing a church but not entering it suggests feeling abandoned or not having someone to rely on. This situation is likely to change for the better, however, as the image of the canal with gold water indicates a future love affair that is filled with happiness and bliss. This relationship could even grow to become a satisfying and pleasurable union of two loving hearts.
Being ridiculed while in church Had a dream that I entered a church and the entire congregation turned to look at me and immediately started speaking in tongues. As I'm walking up the aisle, their voices started getting louder and I started laughing (because I was so confused I didn't know what else to do). Everyone was literally staring at me talking in tongues, then suddenly they all run out of the church... so randomly... except for one person who got up and approached me. Churches represent safety or being in your comfort zone, so entering a church and walking deeper inside it suggests that when things get tough you tend to fold in on yourself and hide somewhere safe until the trouble passes. It can also represent having difficulty branching out and trying new things, especially activities and ideas that would broaden your horizons and possibly make you more open-minded. The people speaking in tongues, however, are a warning that too much time in your comfort zone can prevent you from realizing your dreams or make them obsolete, giving you little to look forward to in the future.
Saved from rain and Satan by God I saw God, he turned and walked away, then there was torrential rain and I saw a man in black I knew to be Satan. I knew he was going to get me. The rain didn't touch me and then I looked up and one drop hit my forehead. I was then crouched down and God had turned into a locust-type white creature. His legs came over me and created a cage protecting me from Satan and I was saved by God. Rain usually indicates a growing presence of depression, introversion, feelings of inferiority and dwelling on some psychological problems you may be experiencing. Thus, the presence of God during this torrential rain in your dream denotes a yearning for shelter in times of trouble. On the other hand, Satan's manifestation in the dream vision alludes to situations closely related to humiliation, shame and disgrace. You could be tempted into some kind of fraud or criminal activity, which could have serious consequences later on, including incarceration or even death. In trying to resist him, you are in fact trying to counteract someone's negative influence over you. You could face a predicament that will tug at your conscience and challenge your personal values.
Pastor revealing true facts about sister Good day, kindly interpret, I dreamed I was with my sister at some church and the Lady Pastor had a prophecy on her saying "The wedding ring you are wearing, your marriage is not nice, you are having problems, also you always have miscarriages". And my sister was defensive arguing with Pastor. And in real life it is true, it happened to her life. Please help. A pastor in a church is often an ominous sign predicting hardship and misfortune. In this vision, the pastor seems to be reminding your sister of all the difficulties she is facing, meaning that you (the creator of this dream) are manifesting your feelings about your sister's situation through this dream. It may be that you are worried about your sister and are trying to find a way to help her through these images. Or, you may be concerned that such troubling times may befall you and are concerned for your own health and well-being. In either case, this vision carries no prediction for the future, but should perhaps be a reminder to love and care for your sister as much as she loves and cares for you.
Being in church and a jacket clinging Female, 35 years old. I had a dream about a guy I like he was at church praying with his head down. I was sitting on the front bench, I got up to leave and there was 2 women there, she had a jacket and it got stuck on to me. What does that mean? Dreaming about seeing people praying inside a church, like the person you like, foretells issues arising in the near future for you. The jacket that got stuck to you could be a particular problem that may end up troubling for a long time. On a lighter note, this issue would eventually resolve itself, so you should not fall into despair if it happens.
Witnessing manifestation of Jesus through strange objects appearing Was walking in darkness, I noticed a man pushing a passenger rail cart. I said to him "Amtrak, really"? He said "Yep" and kept walking. The I see the clouds form a circle and inside the circle the stars and sun and the moon were moving like time-elapsed. Then I saw a very large baby goat head peeking from inside the circle. I said "God" with excitement jumping up and down. Went and got the same man I saw earlier and asked him if he saw the same thing and he said "Yes" and walked away. I yelled "That's Jesus!". This vision, despite its apparent randomness on the surface, seems to contain a fairly clear message in regards to your social life, particularly your romantic endeavors or affairs. The rail cart for an Amtrak train gives us the topic of the vision, namely that your sexual encounters have been or are about to become a very important part of your image and identity. While this could be interpreted as a good sign, the time-elapsed sun and moon paint a slightly different picture. The moon suggests control and strength of mind, but the Sun points toward out of control emotions and confusion. In this case, your romantic partners may cause more trouble than satisfaction in your life if you have a tendency to regularly change or "rotate" them.
Ghost monkeys needing water Friendly ghost monkeys representing forefathers asking for drinking water. Seeing your forefathers represented by ghost monkeys in a dream reveals your need for counsel. The ghost monkeys represent wise, experienced figures in your reality. The act of requesting drinking water from you points to cleansing. Perhaps this represents a purification process, meaning that you need to gain clarity within yourself to arrive to the solutions of your problems. The clarity may be in terms of your goals and your beliefs. Even though you are the one seeking answers, you in fact already have the answers. You need only dip into the well of your consciousness.
Mixed feelings about people who are close while at church I am in a church holding a cell phone in my hands, texting, I think. The man that I love steps in the church with his music keyboard. I see my sister entering the church behind the man. She is smiling. She is happy. She is a member of the choir. I am not a member of the choir. After saying hello to the man I walk into another room. There will be a rehearsal of a choir in the church. After the rehearsal, the man that I love says to me that I do not give him the attention he desired. Churches generally represent spiritual enlightenment, guidance and renewal. Being inside a church and being preoccupied with your phone suggests a loose or detached faith in a higher power. In contrast, your sister who is a member of the choir appears happy. This alludes to the inner peace and harmony she may have achieved, which is something that you possibly lack at the moment. The church may not directly point to religion, but a sense of purpose or beliefs. This is the part where you are still struggling to formulate and perhaps also part of the reason why you cannot fully sympathize or connect with your romantic partner. Alternatively, it could refer to your commitment issues. Perhaps you are not yet ready to be rooted and to settle down.
Being told to eat salt by a prophet I dreamt that a prophet gave me some salt in a small salt package and told me to eat it and I did. To dream about eating salt portends a serious illness. The fact that you seem in the pink of health and far from getting sick at the moment is no reason to be complacent. You might be surprised to discover some dormant disease which could surface anytime soon and develop to an extent beyond saving. Before this could happen, you would do well by making a quick appointment with a trusted specialist and learning what you can do to prevent this potentially serious health situation.
A mythological depiction of a sacred cow I see a golden cow "Kamdhenu Cow", Sacred Cow according to Hindu Mythology, and she constantly changing her appearance. First she changes to a lion, then to some sort of a dragon-like and then some unknown animal and then finally having sex with an ox, but dog-knot style. A cow in dreams typically symbolizes abundance, femininity, love and motherhood. This cow in your dream could represent a maternal figure in the waking world. The constant transformation alludes to the different aspects of her persona - perhaps the manipulative side (the lion) and a tendency to be arrogant and temperamental (dragon). To tame the beast, so to speak, perhaps this individual needs to find her match, that is, the symbolic ox in the dream. Alternatively, the cow could be your passivity and all the other transformations refer to your varying moods. To become more assertive in the real world, you may need to achieve a balance between your passive side (cow) and volatile side (lion, dragon) through hard work and diligence (ox).
Angels descending on the beach It was morning I was on the beach about to swim. When all of a sudden there's a dark smoke all over the place. I covered my nose while holding a little girl and helping her cover her nose as well. When I looked around, people started to fall down and look like they are dead. All of a sudden out from the sky there are angels coming along with horses and with lights all over. They sprinkle something I don't know what and people started crying and saying that the Lord God has come. What does it mean? The setting of the beach is highly symbolic, often associated with regrets or a focus on past errors. In fact, this has likely made it difficult for you to act in the present, as you could feel hesitation or even fear over a decision that could turn out badly. These ideas, combined, are further explained in the image of the sky with angels, horses and lights. This suggests your apprehension is multiplied in very specific situations, probably those most closely resembling where your erred in the past. Saving the little girl, however, portends eventually coming to terms with your past and moving past your issues to a brighter, better future.
Being punished by God Lord Vishnu, his snake has hold me on my head and shaking me horrifically, though my god is seeing he is not helping me. I request to help me, but he doesn't respond, he is the only one in this world for me. A vision of a snake getting ahold of you portends falling victim to the attacks of your foes. You may miss the signs of their imminent strike and fail to protect yourself from harm. Your god's lack of interference when you expected it in this vision does not suggest the same in wake life. It merely serves as the manifestation of your need of external higher power to get your through such troubled times if they do arrive.
Visiting a temple and seeing God I had a dream wherein I had visited some old Shiv temple which was inside a very small cave, sort of a thing. Long queue of people were there waiting. I was pouring water on Shiv Ling and I guess I saw one of the two eyes of Shiv Ling. Very strange dream. Regards. Temples in dreams typically represent enlightenment and spiritual growth. Going to this Shiv temple in your dream connotes your yearning for purpose in life or inner peace. Since the Shiv lingam is often associated with creation and regeneration, you may be contemplating a major decision which could have serious repercussions in your future. Perhaps you are entertaining thoughts of forming or expanding your family by having children. The long queue symbolizes the enormity of your decision, such that you need to wait for the perfect time for you to implement your plans and ideas.
Looking for a shrine and meeting an angel I was looking for a shrine with our lady on it. I found it, I was right In front of it. I kneeled down and looked up. It rose into the sky beside it there was a line, then a cross appeared and an angel came out beside it and came down to me and went behind me and around me. It asked me what I wanted. I told it I wanted to be happy and I was panicking thinking of what I wanted and it flew back to where the cross was. I looked up where the cross was and there was someone hanging upside down in the shape of cross. Seeing a shrine in a dream suggests a strong fixation on one aspect of your existence. You may be obsessing over a specific problem or issue and, as a result, you lose sight of all the other things happening around you. Maybe because of focusing too much on this personal problem or concern, you forget that you are inadvertently sacrificing your values and principles. This dream encourages you to look at the big picture and what the consequences may be outside of that one element of your life. Failure to be circumspect about your priorities could put your life in a tangle of mess, as symbolized by the upside-down cross. The upside-down crucifix could also reflect negative emotions, such as fear, anger and despair, which could send you on a path of disorder and self-destruction.
Being anointed with the wind I was in the dream and I saw the founder of my church was late telling the general overseer to anoint me. And to anoint me with the wind. That is he anointed me by stretching forth his hand towards me and the wind was blowing towards while he was anointing me. And I also heard the founder saying that it is the way the general overseer was anointed. Please I need the meaning? Getting anointed in your dream alludes to transitional events in the near future. You may be prone to indulging in excessive and unhealthy activities and the anointment reveals your awareness of the destructive nature of your harmful habits. The wind represents your energy and vitality. Hence, being anointed with the wind symbolizes a renewal or revival of your well-being through enlightenment and personal discoveries. Alternatively, you may be slow on the uptake and passing up opportunities because of procrastination. Perhaps the wind is meant to get you moving to bring you closer to achieving your goals.
A voice in a cave I was in a dark cave and in this cave there was a bright light shining through the cave and I heard a voice speaking to me, but I did not really hear clearly what the voice were telling me. Heard a name from the bible, but I forgot the name that I heard before I was awake. Being in a cave during a dream vision often represents our deepest, darkest feelings that life is pointless and that we cannot overcome the challenges standing in our way. Things may seem very hopeless at this point in time, making it difficult to muster the energy to even try and change your circumstances for the better. However, the bright light shining through the cave can be interpreted as the literal "light at the end of a tunnel," suggesting that not all hope is lost yet. It may take great effort and dedication to meet your challenges head on, but there is hope for your success in these endeavors if you just keep on trying.
A dog disturbing church members I dreamt a male dog standing disturbing people in the church with its penis erected. I tried to stop it while it was refusing, it turned into a woman leader that I know at my church. Dogs typically represent loyalty and protection. Within the context of your dream, the dog's arousal within the confines of the church represents your weakening beliefs and diminished faith in your church. Perhaps you have heard of or witnessed moments in which your loyalty was shaken. Those events could involve influential religious figures and respected leaders. In your eyes, their credibility may have been tarnished and you are no longer easily swayed by their teachings and sermons.
An unwelcome visit from a pastor To explain the significance: I am not religious and have a rooted disdain for church. This pastor has been in my dreams before. Never met this person before. In this dream he does a pop-up visit and walks into my house without being invited. We are sitting on a couch as my son is reading the Bible to us. The dream ends with him getting up from rain-drenched chair having hundreds of worms and fleas feeding on his head. They leave in a hurry leaving their electronic devices. Much more detail to this dream. Despite your lack of belief in religion, seeing a pastor pop up in your dreams says a lot about your mental or emotional state at this period in your life. In wake life, people tend to rely on religious leaders for guidance when they are experiencing difficulty and hardship. In dreams these same pastors take on a similar role, suggesting, then, that the dreamer feels disappointed in something or hopeless about a certain situation. However, this is in opposition to the image of the chair, which signifies a desire to be left alone even when you could use the extra help. Finally, the worms and fleas which feed upon the priest tell of your lack of enthusiasm for religious matters. While a priest or pastor may be too far of a stretch, finding a counselor or good friend you can rely on when all hope seems lost could help improve your mood and ability to cope with the challenges life throws your way.
An owl and Jesus in the sky I saw a cloud that slowly took the formation of a huge white owl and then I saw Jesus flying on the left side of the owl but both the owl and Jesus weren't moving. The white owl you observed in your dream represents a current or would-be intimate relationship with a person you highly respect. It indicates that the relationship would be reciprocal and complementary and based on complete trust. Hence, both of you would increasingly enjoy each other's company. Meanwhile, the presence of Jesus alongside the white owl image is a reminder to always place your faith and principles as guiding lights to your blossoming relationship. This dream vision reminds you to be strong amidst worldly temptations.
Heavenly figures in the sky I saw a huge heavenly figure, I believe God, standing on a huge banner in the sky reading "Vengeance is mine". The whole world could see Him, looking out of my window. He just stood for some few minutes and disappeared. A lady then came out of the skies and started pouring water from the skies. So, I came out to receive it, thinking it was Holy water but, I got burnt and ran back. That was what woke me up. Gender: Male. Seeing God in the sky in your dream is an ominous symbol of trying times ahead. The religious undertone reveals your inner apprehensions about the society. Perhaps you feel as if the world is going to shambles and higher forces are looking down on us with disappointment. The lady that poured water from the sky symbolizes punishment, a way of washing away and cleaning the world of impurities and sin. Alternatively, God represents perfection. It is likely you are struggling to become the best version of yourself and you are now starting to doubt your ability to achieve your lofty ambitions.
Asking for a picture from a religious friend I had a dream that when I came out of my house, I met a church friend who is very spiritual and I demanded my picture from him. He entered his house to bring me my picture. I woke up from my sleep. Your dream is associated with your religious beliefs and faith in a higher being. When you asked for a picture from your friend from church, you were asking about certain truths and wisdom about life that religion imparts to others. As such, when the friend went inside to bring the picture of you, it means that you have to discover these things for yourself. You need to dig deep and find your purpose in the world.
Flying with an angel I had a dream, it felt real. I was flying with an angel who was holding me, I could feel the angel putting me back in bed. It was then when I woke up and seen the back of the angel going out of my bedroom door. I felt so calm. Flying with an angel is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It predicts receiving a great honor or earning the admiration of those around you in wake life, such as co-workers or members of your community. Additionally, if you do some noteworthy action, it is very likely to be well-received and garner high praise from local critics and reviewers. The happiness and peace you felt in this vision represent much the same emotions in wake life, suggesting your success and admiration earned would bring you great joy and contentment.
Getting married outside religion I dreamed about getting married with a non-Muslim. Marrying someone outside of your religion in a dream could be representative of certain worries and concerns you may have. These troublesome thoughts could be aimed at the prospect of being in danger or the possibility of harm befalling you. You should exercise caution and try to be extra careful until you truly feel you are safe.
The Devil on the back and dying My dream was about me dying after sacrificing my newborn baby and I was in a pool of blood when I died. I'm not certain how the Devil got on my back or how I was alive after I saw myself dead and each time I go close to someone from my family for assistance to get the Devil off my back, the Devil would do glow red since my family members are prayerful. When I realized that prayer was the solution and started praying, the Devil vanished from my back... Kindly interpret what this dream means. To dream about sacrificing your baby suggests a loss of innocence. Dying in a pool of blood reflects the sense of hopelessness as a result of being confronted by the harsh reality. Perhaps you are an optimist and an idealist who was or would be forced to rethink your ideals and beliefs due to morally ambiguous circumstances. Thus, the Devil on your back is a part of you tempting you to abandon your faith in humanity or subscribe to cynicism. These negative thoughts and emotions may be coming between you and your loved ones. As such, the vision reminds you to hold firm to your faith and beliefs, so you do not succumb to the darkness.
Water turning into flowing gold Water was flowing down the hill and it turned into flowing gold as I was looking at it. I then started to pick up pieces of gold and one of the pieces was a written message about God. I was happy in the dream. Water which flows steadily down a hill in a dream is a highly auspicious symbol associated with wealth and financial security. It usually predicts that you, the dreamer, are about to come into some money which allows you to live a comfortable, independent life. This is supported and enhanced by the idea of the water turning into gold. Not only does this represent wealth, but also suggests your influence and authority may grow in tandem with your prosperity.
Looking for a place to worship I saw a dream yesterday about a religious place that I am trying to find but couldn't. I kept searching for it. I went to one place, it wasn't there. Then I went to another place, but it wasn't there. It struck me that it would have been at the same place I previously checked. That is all I say. I did not find that place and the dream ended. A dream in which you are frantically and relentlessly looking for a place of religious significance could have serious implications for your life. The signs in your dream portend significant changes that may completely shift the way you look at things around you. It is likely that these changes would be religious in nature and may even bring your current faith and beliefs into question.
An angel calling by name An angel was at the window calling my name. Hearing an angel calling out your name in a dream is an ominous sign. It points to the possibility that an exotic but mostly superficial change in your life may interfere with the way you normally do things. This could be something rather superfluous like a new high-tech gadget your partner may get which would end up annoying you or some minor change at work which could mess with the flow with which things usually progress there. You should do your best to not let such things stress you out and learn to ignore them altogether.
Giving an empty plastic container to the pastor Dreamt about giving an empty plastic medicine bottle to my pastor. A dream in which you give your pastor an empty plastic bottle could be symbolic representation of hard times ahead of you. The empty bottle represents the possibility of falling on hard times financially. The fact that you presented this bottle to your pastor could point to you questioning your faith and beliefs during these trying times.
A shape of an angel in the starry sky The shape of an angel made up of stars in the night sky. It was very bright and brilliantly sparkly and it handed me a bundle of crosses. The angel was calm, happy and peaceful. Seeing an angel in a dream vision often portends going through some special turn of events in your life which touches your very essence. Envisioning the angel as made up of stars suggests that this situation has been prepared for you especially by the higher powers. This means that whatever you learn from this experience is likely necessary for what God has in store for you.
Reluctant to kiss a holy man because of smell I dreamt that there is a procession going with the body of a holy man and then I go forward to kiss the forehead of the holy man, but get repulsed by the thought that the body may smell, but I am surprised that there is no smell at all. Envisioning a procession in the context of a dream vision often portends reuniting with someone from your past. Most likely this is someone who was once very important to you, for example, an older family member or popular friend. However, this person seems to have great power and influence over you, suggesting that their return may not be for the best. This seems to be related to your fears about the smell. The absence of smell could mean that this person has moved on and is no longer trying to control you, but it may be best to keep your guard up just in case.
A man warning about the Judgement Day I had this dream this morning. There was a man and he came toward me. He sat down in front of me and had said the time of judgement is coming. The ominous tone of your dream reveals your apprehensions and anxieties. You may be anticipating a major event or decisive moment and you are currently feeling the pressure as you get closer to this momentous day. Alternatively, the time of judgment could indicate guilt over mistakes you have made in the past and you are regretting some of the actions you have made.
Giving birth to Jesus like Virgin Mary Basically, I was told that I was pregnant with the second coming of Christ because I went to bed at night not pregnant and woke up the next morning 8 months pregnant. Plus I could suddenly walk on water, turn water into wine, and heal the sick and injured, like Jesus. When I was in labor, I was surrounded by my closest friends, some of whom are basically family to me, who were singing and not acting like I was in labor or pain at all, which I was. Then I gave birth (at home) and woke up. Dreams concerning the second coming of Christ are often thought to predict meeting obstacles or having your ideas challenged, likely by older males who put their institution before what is actually moral and relevant to you. This could make you feel disheartened or even cause pain, just like the birthing process you envisioned in this dream. Despite this, however, you should stick to you guns, explaining yourself clearly and maintaining yourself calm and poised. Eventually, others should come to see things the way you do. Seeing your friends surround you at the end of the vision suggests that, once things go your way, some new and interesting events are likely to occur.
Being helped by a priest during apocalypse The world started ending in my dream and I was in this room filled with moths and they all started dying, so I ran desperately looking for help. In this room where there was a man, I had a feeling that he was like priests and next to him was another person. When I entered the room I could see myself and I started bleeding from my nose and then a deep cut was made beneath my right eye causing me to bleed more. The priest man then extracted from me some type of a spider the size and color of sand. Observing apocalypse in your dream signifies something catastrophic developing in your life. You may experience despair and hopelessness brought about by some difficult, life-changing event. The moths that die in droves around you could be an indicator of your lack of knowledge about how to deal with this situation or whom you can turn to for help and support. As a result, you could find yourself in dire straights. Bleeding often is suggestive of loss, particularly monetary and material. It would be wise to think carefully about whom you can rely on in times of trouble and perhaps come up with a list of emergency contacts just in case.
Asking God for help when trying to kill oneself Can't scream, a rugged knife appeared in my hand, I couldn't let it go, I tried putting it down, throwing it and I couldn't. I heard what I was watching on TV in my dream, it seemed as if I was being forced to try to stab or cut myself, but I wouldn't let myself. I tried opening up my eyes, just half-way and I could. I said "Lord, please help me, no cover me with your blood". And I dropped the knife and felt something go down my back. The knife in your dream represents pent-up rage. All the bad things and negative events happening all around you may be causing some deep and dark emotions to pile up in your subconscious mind. You are aware of the dangers of harboring ill thoughts, this is why you try your best to suppress them. However, this could also end up destroying you as they fester in the dark recesses of your mind. Perhaps you need a productive outlet and a strong foundation for your values to avoid entertaining self-destructive behavior. You may want to consider seeking guidance from your religion to help you deal with existing issues and gain more clarity.
Having sex with an angel I dreamed about having sex with an angel. He was gorgeous, white and glowing, light-blue wings. Having sexual intercourse with an attractive angel may be the manifestation of your connection with higher powers. This suggests you could also acquire some particularly sensitive spiritual energy or be bestowed with some wisdom that would greatly benefit you in your future endeavors. It would be wise to listen carefully to the voice of your heart and conscious in order to determine what this message is and how best to use it.
Having a meal with the Devil Last night I dreamed my aunt was trying to get me to go to hell with her, I wasn't really scared, but I was hesitant, so me and my two kids finally gave in and went to hell with her. When I got there, the Devil was sitting at a table eating breakfast, he started talking to my little boy and asking him how he was doing and what he wanted to eat. He fed both of my kids and got up and gave me his chair at the head of the table and told me to sit down and eat. Going to hell in the dream world without fear and pain is an auspicious symbol of impending fortune. You may be about to experience a moment where all your deepest wishes and desires come true for yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, the meal and conversation shared with the Devil in the same dream vision further solidifies the positive message of blessings coming your way. If you have been experiencing difficulties in the waking world, do not fret because you may soon become much wealthier and start living a carefree life because of a sudden improvement in your financial situation.
People worshiping a statue of an owl I saw several people worshiping an owl statue at a very old house or place and while they were doing so, the statue falls into a pond nearby and then those people again bring that statue and put it back and again and start worshiping. Scenarios in the dream world involving worshiping an owl or its likeness suggest rational thinking. Owls represent knowledge, so the individuals exalting the owl statue likely refer to academics in the waking world. Perhaps this dream vision portrays the conflicting ideals within you as a result of your education. Perhaps your religiosity has been significantly affected by your intellectual capacity.
Seeing statues of gods I entered a pious person's house and introduced myself as son of my dad (name specified). I go inside and see a small silver statue of lord Ganesha sleeping on a silver plate, this whole thing is in a silver architected small temple. Upon return I see another temple where there is no god on the throne. Temples in dreams typically represent enlightenment and spiritual growth. Seeing a statue of Ganesha in your dream reveals your yearning for success and recognition. Perhaps you want to escape your father's shadow and make a name for yourself. As such, the second scenario involving the temple with no god alludes to your personal conviction that faith and religion are not the only solution in getting yourself closer to your goals. Perhaps believing in yourself and your capabilities are just as important.
People having a party inside church I was cooking for the people in the church. Inside of the church it was dark and the people were having a party. A dream about cooking food for a number of people belonging to a church congregation has negative connotations. It portends the arrival of difficulties and troubles in your life outside church affairs. This is further reinforced by the image of a darkened church, which again has ominous symbolism. The dark church represents situations which may cause you inconvenience, distress or even harm. Make sure you stay alert and aware regarding any mishaps unfolding in reality.
People inside a dark church A boy was giving me a key in my dream and when I opened, it was just a church, a dark church and that is our church. Suddenly there was a light after all and several people inside. What does it mean? Dreaming of entering a dim, dark or poorly-lit church suggests a likelihood of upcoming negative occurrences. Namely, you may have to attend someone's funeral in the near future. Alternatively, you could soon find yourself in some unexpected, uncertain and uncomfortable situation. You would have difficulties coping with it and start pining for better circumstances and happier times. Hence, the light and people gathered after a fashion represent your saving grace, possibly a renewed faith in your religion.
Little angels dancing in the field Yesterday my sister-in-law informed me of her second miscarriage. I have two little girls, and she has one little girl. Also, our pastor informed us that the Church will be joining another Church in the town we live in. I have also been trying to conceive. My dream was about 5 beautiful little angel girls dancing and singing in a line through the field across from the field where I grew up. Witnessing singing angels in the dream world is an auspicious symbol. It means you may soon achieve a sense of enjoyment and a peaceful existence. In addition, it can also refer to the possibility that you would become the recipient of a large inheritance from an unanticipated source. The interpretation of the number five depends on its significance in your existence. However, part of the Biblical explanation of this symbol has to do with God's generosity and good will towards humankind. Perhaps the downtrodden days would finally come to an end and fulfillment and satisfaction would finally prevail.
Saving animals by taking them on a boat It was a normal day in my dream when God told me to gather 2 of all kinds of animals and take them onto some boat-like structure. I gathered the animals, not even knowing where they came from and led them onto the boat. In the boat was God, but I didn't see him, I just knew he was there, because I was talking to him. It was time for me and the animals to sleep, so I asked God, aren't you tired? When are you going to sleep? And he laughed and said, I never sleep with a calm voice. That's all. Dreaming of being called by God to accomplish the same task as the events in Noah's Ark reveals your deeply religious nature. Perhaps your consciousness is troubled by all the violent and seemingly senseless tragedies in the world. Specifically, the ark in your dream symbolizes salvation and rebirth. It marks the end of suffering and the beginning of peace. The animals you gathered and led into the ark refer to what is left of humanity's innate goodness. In a sense, God in the dream is asking you to see the goodness of humankind and let that be your guiding light in how you view the world. This would be your saving grace. It is a hopeful message reminding you to remain kind and extend a helping hand to those in need no matter how jaded and pessimistic others may be.
A candle lit inside a Catholic school My dream was my sister's wedding was taking place again in a Catholic school and a woman who was already in the school lit a candle as it was dark. She lit the candle and the candle was red and its holder was attached to what I thought looked like fireplace and once the red candle was lit it literally got taller and taller and touched the ceiling. Then would get smaller then taller again, but the flame never went out and I dunno why I had this dream. I've not been in a Catholic school before. The setting of this vision is very telling, as schools often appear in dreams as a response to the dreamer's level of stress in wake life. Furthermore, the fact that this was a Catholic school, a type of school associated with strictness, more clearly reinforces the idea of tension. Considering your sister's wedding and the lit candles, it seems that the cause of your mental and physical strain may be related to the current or upcoming union between two people, likely yourself and someone else. While this sounds like a positive situation, the red candle suggests there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Red is often associated with passion and strong emotions. In some cases, it is connected with the idea of deep love, however, it can also show instances where the tension runs so high that it leads to irrational and even violent behavior. It is possible that you see this type of dynamic forming in your relationship with another half. It would be wise to take a breath, step back, and look at the situation as rationally and objectively as possible to choose the best course of action.
A God figure on fire I dream of God figure catching fire and I am trying to put out the fire. Dreaming that God, or a God-like presence, is catching or gathering fire alludes to the challenges and difficulties you would have to overcome in order to find your true purpose. You could be facing turbulent times ahead as you continue pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Fortunately, your valiant efforts in trying to put out the fire reveal your determination and perseverance. It is a symbol of eventual victory. It means you have the advantage of being able to handle any upcoming issues or problems coming your way.
Fighting with a prophet Prophet wants to take my daughter and I fought him, he was not bleeding even after I stabbed him several times. It was like he was the devil. Dreaming of a prophet is usually associated with the dreamer's quest to find wisdom and guidance in the real world. Perhaps you have uncertainties or apprehensions in terms of raising your daughter. Her presence in the dream, and the fact that the prophet is taking her away from you, reveals your own doubts about taking care of her. However, seeing yourself as you were fighting back to save your child means that you do not let problems or misunderstandings completely destroy or sever the ties that bind you. You are humble enough to own up to your mistakes and patch things up with her.
Anxious to exit the church building I was in this church where the architecture was white. There were people sitting in the pews with their backs to me. I would enter through a little arch on either side. They wouldn't look at me until I made a certain noise. The goal was to get out. This lady helped me and she told me I had to fake their accent to get out. I got out and I had to leave on a raft down a rapid. The white church in your dream symbolizes enlightenment and guidance. You may have made some mistakes in the past and now you are trying to repent in order to unburden yourself. However, your desire to escape the holy establishment likely means that you are not yet ready to confront your problems. Perhaps you are in denial or trying to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. Leaving using a raft down the rapids reflects your confusion, instability and penchant for emotional outbursts.
Walking up the stairs with Muslim people I'm walking up the stairs and I guess I see someone whom I know or someone I know is a Muslim. Then he says "Salam" and I return it. We walk up the stairs, me, my mom and some people that are unfamiliar, but I know them, walk into the house which seems like a mansion or a building and inside it's dimly-lit, the furniture is like all dark brown but still looks pleasing to the eye and we recognize one of the guards from a mosque we go to. A dream in which you find yourself walking up the stairs is actually a very good sign. Each step represents a successful achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you are climbing upwards with your mother surrounded by people from your religious community, the dream means that together you would experience an auspicious period, filled with satisfied desires and victories. Ultimately, you would feel happy, fortunate and lucky after having this dream. It will look to you as if everything is going according to your plans and aspirations.
Angels fighting Angels fighting in the sky. Seeing angels in the dream world is usually a sign of good news. However, because the angels were fighting in your dream, perhaps the angels reflect your conflicted emotions. You may be struggling to reconcile your behavior with your values and personal beliefs. Going against your principles may be causing dissonance in your mind, hence you are now trying to rationalize your actions.
God giving a green cloth I have seen a dream in the mid-day sleep. I seen that GOD has gifted me a green cloth with some flower. I want to know the meaning of this dream. Dreaming about receiving a gift from God has positive connotations. It indicates that you would have a great deal of good fortune and things would work in your favor. This is further reinforced by the symbolism of the green cloth. The color green is a sign of auspicious tidings and is associated with joy and happiness. Expect your life becoming more pleasant and happier in the time to come.
Bible in unclean water I dreamed of a Bible cover and a Bible floating in a stream of unclear water up the road from my dwelling. The Bible is a symbol of truth, belief and knowledge. Its appearance in your dream likely reveals your current desire to find truth and clarity about your circumstances or lot in life. However, possibly due to some personal issues, your mindset is not equipped and ready to fully digest the reasons behind the challenges you are facing. The Bible may also refer to your values and principles. You may be prone to getting overwhelmed and swept away by ongoing emotional turmoil, as represented by the murky water. However, if you let negative thoughts prevail over your beliefs, you may end up becoming inundated with self-doubt and anxieties.
Crown of thorns and bleeding palms Crown of thorns and palms bleeding on self in a dream. The presence of symbols associated with the crucifixion of Jesus likely reveals your religious nature. In particular, the crown of thorns points to your search for meaning and spiritual enlightenment. Your dream shows you that the path to enlightenment is not always easy. As indicated by the bleeding palms, a reference to the stigmata, you would have to overcome a lot of challenges and make significant sacrifices to find your true path and become enlightened.
A lit cross and hellfire I saw a cross full with white light, then I saw one line and then I saw myself in the fire of hell, and then came to earth again. The white light from the cross signifies your search for spiritual enlightenment. You may find yourself in a morally ambiguous position in which you would have to abandon some personal beliefs and values for the sake of the greater good. As such, finding yourself in hell represents your discomfort about making the decision, you may even become a changed person in the process. Alternatively, It could be a warning against those who envy you because of your innate charm and varied achievements. The vision reminds you to remain grounded and hold on to your principles.
Sex with the Devil to save husband I dreamed I was having sex with the Devil to save my husband. Having sex with the devil in order to save your husband may be the manifestation of your concerns about his safety, health and happiness in waking life. The image of the devil by itself suggests some medical issues or possible accidents which may soon give you the reason to be concerned. Sleeping with the devil in exchange for the protection of your husband's life, then, may reveal the uncertainty you would feel in this difficult, trying time.
Sacrificing a camel I have seen a dream last night just before the fajre prayer that I am sacrificing a camel while the camel was fully calm. Dreaming of sacrificing a camel alludes to your desire to be free. You may have too many responsibilities and duties in reality which is causing you a lot of grief. As such, the sacrifice of the camel is your decision to put yourself first instead of constantly looking after the needs of others. Alternatively, this could also be a symbol of enlightenment. If no longer shackled by traditions and old-fashioned beliefs, you could be willing to open your mind to new perspectives and worldviews.
Being in a cult I was in a cult and couldn't get out. Being trapped within a cult in a dream may actually represent disenchantment with religious institutions or other groups with a particular set of beliefs or ideology, such as political parties or fan clubs. While you may not be a part of any such group in reality, this vision could represent fears or uneasiness about how those groups could affect your life. In a sense, you may feel pressure to sympathize or join with the larger group just to avoid being ostracized or retaliated against later on.
Sleeping while in church I was sleeping in church but so were others. When I woke up, I was embarrassed but looked around and I wasn't the only one. My ex was there with my dog watching me in the church. Dreaming about being inside a church symbolizes a spiritual reawakening. However, the notion of you being asleep and waking up embarrassed while in a church could be a manifestation of your guilt. This feeling could be a result of your misgivings regarding your current spiritual state. You may be feeling that you should focus more on religion. The idea of others being asleep as well points towards them being in a similar position as you. Being easy on yourself and learning to incorporate devoutness in your everyday endeavors could help you enjoy a more fruitful and rewarding life.
A white owl and scriptures I'm female. I saw a dream of a white owl, I'm seeing a white owl for the second or third time in a dream, followed by a blue woodpecker. And then I see a future date inscribed in the second epistle of John. I haven't a clue what it means, any insight will be helpful. The white owl is a symbol of good luck and happiness, particularly in regards to romantic relationships. If you are currently single, you may meet someone who perfectly embodies everything you desire in a partner. If you are seeing someone, it is possible your bond with this individual would deepen and grow. In either case, the blue woodpecker is another auspicious sign associated with wealth, prosperity and good health. All in all, the beginning of your dream reveals that your present or future situation would bring you great comfort and happiness. The date inscribed in the second epistle of John by itself has no definitive meaning. But it could represent your fear that such good times must come to an end. In essence, you would be unable to appreciate or enjoy your current blessings because you are too focused on the eventual end. This vision could therefore be a warning to live in the present and be thankful for what you have now.
Praying to God and a big moon Hi. I am female single. One night I had a dream I was praying to god from the open window of my room. I asked god for my wish to become true. It was night, suddenly I turned my head to the right and saw a big bright full moon in the sky very near to me. There was a shadow of a branch with leaves on the moon. I felt good in the dream. That's all I remembered. Thanks. Praying to God in the dream world is often associated with needing forgiveness in waking life. You may have recently done something which inconvenienced or hurt a friend or family member while pursuing your own wants and desires. Given that you asked God to fulfill a wish of yours, it seems you may also be ignoring the needs of others while you try to make your dreams come true. The big, bright moon with a silhouette of a tree branch further reveals a feud or misunderstanding that would occur because of your actions. You may need to reconcile with someone close to you and spend more time following moral principles while trying to advance your personal agenda.
Seeing God during the Rapture A dream of God that is bigger than all the buildings overlooking everything and then me looking at the time on my watch and being very anxious and afraid, but also excited (felt like it was The Rapture). Seeing God in the dream world portends negative events. There is a possibility that you could get involved in an unhealthy bond with a controlling and manipulative individual. In addition, the watch means you could be waiting for a life-changing event as a result of your dissatisfaction or disappointment with your current existence. This yearning for something more could push you to submit to the whims of a charismatic or enticing personality in the waking world.
Selecting clothes to wear in church I found myself in the same room with a Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ whom I got to know, he had died since 2012. It's like he was preparing for an outing. I picked the same type and color of clothes he was wearing, but it was oversized on me. He asked me to remove it as it was not meant for me. I pulled it off and I was now selecting clothes from my personal box in that dream, then I woke up and started praying against any spirit of death. Dreaming about meeting a person who is already deceased is indicative of the kindness shown to you by those in your immediate circle. It symbolizes a period of good fortune when things would turn in your favor. However, the image of wearing clothes which do not fit could point towards you committing certain mistakes. Also, the notion that you were advised to remove that clothing means that you would be given timely advice. One, which would help you make the right judgment. This guidance would be provided out of sheer consideration for you and would come from an individual who cares deeply about you.
Light striking a Buddha statue I dreamed of golden Buddha with bright light from the sky striking in it and the reflection of Buddha is a boy in white cloth. A dream wherein you see golden Buddha indicates that you have attained a certain level of spirituality. Since the symbol itself represents enlightenment, it could portend the occurrence of events which would have a profound impact on how you live your life. You would be more religiously inclined. The notion of seeing Buddha's reflection when the light strikes it symbolizes your ability to see things deeply and clearly. This ability would actually help you find your real purpose in life and guide you in the right direction.
Hands holding tablet stones I had a dream 12 years ago about bare hands holding two tablet stones of ten commandments and stroke it in my face as a lightning. Dreams with religious symbols or images usually reveal the dreamer's tendency to question his or her own faith. In your case, perhaps there have been recent instances which made you question the main tenets of your religion. In addition, you could have been tempted to behave in a way that violates certain religious beliefs or even your own personal values. The Ten Commandments represent rules for moral behavior, so maybe your subconscious is reminding you that following rules and etiquette will have a positive impact on you and, perhaps, this is what you need to renew your faith.
Waiting for the Judgement Day I saw that tomorrow is the Judgement Day. I am feeling worried about what is going to be on the next day. Dreaming about anticipating the Judgement Day may predict some terrible catastrophe befalling you or your community. You are likely to feel very hopeless in this situation, unable to see any possibility of improvement or reconciliation in the immediate future. Your ability to recover from this could be greatly hampered by these pessimistic feelings. Alternatively, the time of judgment could indicate guilt over mistakes you have made in the past and you could be regretting some of the acts you have previously committed.
An angel giving life In my dream an angel Michael or Gabriel, gave me its life by entering me. In the dream world death often symbolizes a new beginning. The notion that you were given life by an angel could signify that there would be certain instances or events in your life which could change your perception forever. It would lead to the death of all your old ideas and beliefs and you might have a spiritual awakening. It would benefit you greatly and give you access to opportunities which had once seemed almost impossible for you to have.
God and Jesus and crying Asking God why he loved me. Him telling me because he created me. Jesus putting his arms out to me. I see his crucifixion holes and I fall to my face and cry. This religious imagery and your interaction with God and his son could be considered a warning for any task or endeavor you are currently undertaking in wake life. In many cases, meetings with God indicate that the dreamer should be extremely cautious and careful with their words, actions and decisions lest an accident occurs or you get more than you bargained for. If you rush ahead or do something rashly, you may feel much guilt or have to ask for forgiveness both from the person you hurt and God the Father.
A lizard and an image of God A lizard running away from behind the God 's photograph. Your dream may be an allusion to your religious beliefs. The lizards likely represent individuals or personalities questioning your faith in the real world. As there is no definitive photograph or image of God, merely representations, the dream further reveals your own reservations about your religion. There may have been ideas or opinions you have been exposed to which made you think about faith and other philosophical aspects in general. Maybe your mind is reminding you to be strong and stay true to your values and principles.
Lighting a lamp in a shrine I went to a Shive Mandir and lit up a diya there, but after lighting the diya it blew off. What does this mean?? Trying to light a lamp inside a temple could symbolize altruistic or spiritual acts in your future. In particular, you could be about to dedicate your life to helping others improve their spiritual lives or promote their personal growth. Things may not go exactly as you plan, however, because not being able to keep the flame going predicts some aspect of your endeavors going awry or against your expectations.
A crucifix shielding from the storm I'm a female. In my dream I saw my husband carrying a huge crucifix and he placed it against a door to shield me from a coming storm. The approaching storm in your dream vision could signify an underlying health condition that could worsen if not treated properly. On the other hand, the crucifix symbolizes sacrifice, suffering and faith. Perhaps your subconscious is preparing you for a rough patch in the near future. During this tumultuous period, you and your husband would have to rely on each other to overcome the challenges. Those are the times that would test your bond as husband and wife. If the crucifix was gold, then that conveys a positive resolution to your problems which would in turn strengthen your marriage and partnership.
Running and reaching the Heavens door I saw myself running with many people around me and while running I was constantly falling down. So, someone told me that this is not right path for you, take other path. So, I started running on the other path and finally reached a door located in village where my aunt says you have reached the door of heaven. Your dream seems to go through several phases. The mob at the beginning of your vision may be a sign of receiving financial assistance in the future. However, your constant falling could be a forewarning of disillusionment connected to hopes or projects you are working on. Reaching the door to heaven at the end of the vision leaves everything on a positive note, suggesting future opportunities have the ability to change your current status. Since you have not quite figured out your true purpose, this dream might be a reflection of the anxiety that accompanies change and growth.
Spiritual father reading psalms Hello, I did dream when my spiritual father had two young sons, one he was preparing juice for him and it spilled and the child cried. In response, my spiritual father responded like with utter brokenness using David's Psalms. While the impression of this vision may appear negative, the interpretation is mostly positive in nature. First, the image of your spiritual father spilling juice could confirm that you are making good choices and that you would be able to achieve some great purpose through your labors. Furthermore, his reciting a psalm may predict that you would have a happy, content home life. The sadness surrounding this vision may simply be a reaction to all the happiness. You could be overwhelmed emotionally, especially if you have experienced hardship or difficulties before this point.
Being given a Bible I was given a Bible, it was very large and had "Holy Bible" written on it. It was a beautiful Burgundy Red color. An old rival friend from a job I retired from handed the bible to me, she had her hair done wildly, with lots of little pony tails, and instead of blond, her hair was blue and brown. Two friends were sitting next to me. One had a standard bible, and was amazed at my larger than life beautiful bible. Being given a large beautiful Bible could mean that someone close to you is not who they seem to be. A partner may be lying to you about their intentions, or a friend may be looking for an opportune moment to stab you in the back. This is repeated in the burgundy color of the book, another symbol associated with ill intentions coming from someone who should have your back. However, the idea that your friend, whose appearance was different than normal, gave you this Bible may reveal that not only would you find out about this betrayal soon, but that you would also be able to counteract it or prevent it from happening in the first place.
Dressed up and holding the Bible A man of God sees me in a vision wearing a coat and bow tie and holding the Bible. What is the interpretation? Dreaming about a religious figure seeing you in such condition could mean that you are sensing some kind of hypocrisy in the way you have been acting. The man of God could symbolize righteousness and honesty, while you being dressed in a coat and bow tie, which represent secular aspects of yourself, could symbolize the mundane world, the unholy reality that tries to pass for sacred, especially because you were holding a Bible in your hands and did not seem to be a devotee in this dream.
Being an angel with wings I am a female. In my dream I am an angel with beautiful wings. I am flying. I feel very free and happy. After a couple of minutes I land on earth, my wings go into my back and hide so I blend in as a human. Then I help children in need. Dreaming about having wings and flying could have multiple interpretations, but the notion of being an angel at the same time in this dream vision could be indicative of your worries and concerns toward someone you care about in your waking life. This desire to help the individual, either materially or emotionally, resonates with the ending of your dream. Your recollection of hiding your wings inside your back after flying could also point out dissatisfaction with your own existence and constant questioning your true calling and place in life. Perhaps by helping others you can finally attain peace of mind and certainty for yourself.
Accused and redeemed because of God I was being arrested for false accusation and then while taking me to the court someone shaved my hair. Then we reached the court and I cried out loud if The Almighty is a living then he will save me and then after a few minutes it was proved that I am innocent. Your dream could mean that you are feeling conflicted about something you have recently done which you think is regarded as a sin by other people, perhaps by the members of your social circle or your family, but you firmly believe that you are not engaging in any wrongdoing. Since you seemed unable to prove it to others in the dream, you reach out to the authority of god in order to prove your innocence and rehabilitate yourself in the eyes of others. This is also a way for you to find the strength to come clean and tell everyone the truth about yourself.
Being Virgin Mary and Greek gods In my dream I'm my regular self (16 year old female), but I am the Virgin Mary, and I'm not a virgin. I never do the deed in my dream but I just know that I am not a virgin but I'm still the Virgin Mary with Jesus inside of me. It wasn't god that impregnated me though, it was the Greek god Dionysus. He just stands in front of me and says nothing. All of the sudden I sit up and say, "Wait am I Ariadne?". Then he nods. Ariadne is the human girl who Thesus left on Naxos to be wed to Dionysus in the legend of the Minotaur. Then it ends and I never actually give birth to Jesus. Your dream seems to be riddled with symbolic images of the Western civilization. You being the Virgin Mary could mean you are admired by others because of qualities people associate with that religious figure, such as kindness or devotion. However, you seem to feel a little bit like a fraud because of your sins and when everyone expects you to give birth to Jesus you are actually anticipating to give birth from the Greek god of pleasure, the complete opposite of the Virgin Mary and you wonder whether you had been chosen for his wife. This could mean you do not relate to the angelical image you might project to other people but you actually feel much closer to your primordial desires, the kind we might call pagan. Perhaps you want to be seen as you really are and you do not wish to be taken as a fraud in case you are not able to conform to other people's expectations of you.
Walking and holding a candle Walking alone at night on a sidewalk while holding a lit candle up and then people started to follow me. It was like to remind the world that god is real. Seeing lit candles in dreams is usually associated with religion and faith, especially when feel that you have opportunities to reunite with God and with others around you, forging deeper connections with people and possibly meeting again with someone you have fallen out of touch with. Either way, it harbors positive feelings of a happier, brighter future awaiting you and your renewed faith in higher power and stronger bonds with your loved ones, which could provide you with peace of mind and solace to dedicate yourself to projects and ideas that inspire you.
Being a prophet and fighting with Lucifer I was a prophet of God. Healing people from mental disability and physical dysfunction. Lucifer kept trying to kill me and my son. I saw through his plan and took my son before he did. I was very upset to be a prophet. Dreaming about being a prophet of God while under persecution by Lucifer could mean that you are observing some negative things which are happening around you and you want to change them, however you feel powerless to do so. You could be struggling morally with the decisions people close to you are making and you want to help them but you do not know how to do it and you feel like you and your loved ones are suffering from other people's life choices.
Being healed by a prophet I dreamt a well-known prophet was touching my legs and he told me he loves me. I suffer from arthritis of hips and shoulders. I was at a conference with him but when I woke up I couldn't remember the venue. This prophet is famous for healing. A prophet in dreams alludes to wisdom and guidance. In your case, your health issues may have conjured up the prophet healing you in your dream in an attempt to shed some light on how to effectively manage your ailment. Perhaps you are afraid that your arthritis would worsen in the coming weeks and months. Hence, your subconscious may be assuring you that with faith and proper self-care, you can improve the condition you suffer from.
The Virgin Mary and bananas Mama Mary with baby Jesus asked me to pick up the bananas given to her as gifts. One piece fell and she still wants it though it's already deformed from falling. Dreaming about the Virgin Mary and Jesus could mean that you are undergoing some inner spiritual conflict and you are looking for the support of higher power to resolve it. Because you mention that the Virgin Mary accepted one of the bananas you picked up after it fell on the ground and went bad, it could be a sign that Jesus and his mother will always love you no matter what happens, all you have to do is acknowledge your sins and ask for forgiveness, with an honest desire to improve the aspects of yourself you question or are not happy with.
Being touched by an angel I heard an angel say "Husband", it touched me very lightly on the hip and the touch got heavier as it pressed in on my hip and it woke me up. When I woke up I could still feel where it touched me. When an angel is present in a dream, it usually sheds light on some future event that would be both wonderful and a little unsettling to witness. It could refer to an interaction with a spirit or other higher power, or it may mean you would have a close encounter with death or another universe. The pressure on your hip may have been the angel's attempt at guiding you toward this experience. You could interpret this literally, as in the direction the angel pushed represents the direction you need to go, or figuratively, as in when it is related to some physical relationship with someone in reality.
An angel on fire Male. My dream was of an angel on fire descending down. Seeing an angel on fire means someone you know who has a pure heart would be corrupted by evil forces in their environment. This could be a kid you know who would become involved in criminal activities and their potential would be crushed because of terrible circumstances. Alternatively, the angel could also be a symbol of your own goodness and desire to protect your loved ones. Unfortunately, you would be exposed to the harsh realities of life which would make you cynical or even ruthless in order to survive. Your ambition would outweigh compassion and you would end up hurting important people in your life.
A violent church teacher I was at church and my best friend was being violently yelled at by my baptism teacher because he had no dad and then the friend gave me a signal to take all the kids who are my friends and run outside. Then I told them to go outside and I came back inside. When I came back, my baptism teacher said they are going to fight later, then left the room. Next I remember all the kids I took outside, me and my friend were in a room, the teacher came in, I tried to defend them and the teacher tried to blind me. The I woke up. Dreams of being reprimanded by a teacher are usually related to disciplinary issues. In your case, the vision of your teacher yelling at your best friend means one or both of you need to learn a lesson. Your grades could be failing or you could be disrupting your class yet you do not understand the negative consequences of your actions. Maybe you see your teacher as the villain in your life, but your subconscious is telling you to look at things from the teacher's perspective so you can understand why he or she is giving you a hard time. Blindness at the end actually means you need to think about your actions in order to see clearly.
A black angel on a black horse Hi, I am a female. I dreamed of a black angel on a black horse came to me in church and I was crying out loudly as the room was spinning and woke up out of my sleep an screamed "Jesus" as I opened my eyes. A black angel represents the end of a chapter in your life. While endings can be a sad affair, it just means that you can look forward to a new beginning. So there is an implication that you would soon embark on a new journey. As illustrated by the black horse, this journey would be daunting and filled with uncertainty. The church gives further clues about the nature of your impending journey. Churches often symbolize enlightenment and the dreamer's long-held beliefs, so combined with the previous dream symbols, it seems that your faith would soon be tested. Real-world events and first-hand experiences would open your mind about the realities of life, both good and bad, which would ultimately give you the knowledge to decide for yourself whether what you believe is infallible or ultimately flawed.
Being invited to heaven I was in heaven with my friend who passed and she told me they are preparing a place for me at the table and she would see me soon. Heaven as a dream symbol represents perfection. Usually, this has to do with your ideal life, including all aspects of your existence. When this symbol appears in a vision, it often means that your reality is far from your expectations. You are probably going through a lot of problems, if not then you are about to experience a rough patch which would make you want to escape to a place which is much more comfortable and problem-free. Being told that you have a place in heaven means you would eventually overcome your problems and triumph over adversity, but you cannot achieve this on your own. The table symbolizes support, meaning you need to seek help from your friends and family in order to survive the challenges ahead.
Pastor killing other people I am female. I have different dreams about same pastor. First dream, I was with a male friend known to me in dreams only, we were chasing murderers, after getting rid of them this pastor came to us and I realized he murdered a baby, the pastor touched me and I fainted, to wake up I saw myself in my childhood house with a note from this friend saying "I have realized you are the woman I have to marry". I saw bridesmaids coming for me dressed in white. The second dream was that the pastor killed a woman and buried her in a desert. Envisioning a pastor in the dream world points toward having to make a difficult choice in reality. It is likely that this decision is causing you a lot of anxiety and heartache, probably because you would likely disappoint someone no matter which way you decide to go. The murderers you chased in the first vision suggest you have a strong desire to succeed and that your strong will and ability to mobilize not only yourself but others are some of your core strengths. The second vision where the pastor kills and buries a woman in the desert, however, speaks of overwhelming stress and pressure. Perhaps this pressure is not just coming from those around you but also from your own self. Maybe you expect that you should be able to find a solution that appeals to everyone. While this is an admirable way to think, it may not be possible. Instead, you should focus on how your choice would affect you and those you care about most. Focusing on those most important to you would help alleviate some of your obligation to others and help you justify your decision if others object.
Bible falling in water I dreamed my bible fell in bath water. The Bible symbolizes truth, faith and higher knowledge, so this dream symbol in your vision means you are seeking truth, clarity and enlightenment about your current existence. Unfortunately, when the Bible fell in bath water, especially if the water was already dirty, it indicates you are not yet ready to face the truth. You still tend to be swayed by your emotions and other external factors instead of relying on your spirituality to behave accordingly during difficult situations.
Dancing with Jews and surrounded by gold I dreamed of dancing with Jewish Rabbis dressed in shining gold robes and there were other Jews there too. We were in a huge shining gold room with a dome. Gold everywhere. The presence of rabbis in your dream indicates a renewal of faith. Meanwhile, the golden color symbolizes prosperity and spiritual enlightenment, so the prevalence of gold in your dream vision denotes an outpouring of blessings. Specifically, the gold-colored robes represent an opportunity to follow your dreams and realize your ambitions, while the golden room refers to a talent or skill you would uncover that would propel you to success. You only need to dig deeper and find your strength to achieve your full potential.
Being taken to heaven Female, not overly religious. My dead father (3 years) appeared in my dream and got my attention to look up at the sky. It was night time and there were shadows being cast around the Moon. When I stepped forward to take a closer look I started being enraptured up to heaven. Like it was the beginning of possibly the Apocalypse. I was very peaceful and I knew I am a good person and I was being chosen to be brought up to heaven. I was flying in the sky toward the shadows across the Moon into the clouds. The end. Flying to the moon or being lifted up to the heavens means you are about to experience life-changing events. The presence of your deceased father reveals your need for guidance during this uncertain period. Traditionally, the moon represents a mysterious, invisible power exerting control over your life. As such, these life-changing events are out of your control. There could be a huge disruptive event in your area, an epidemic or social unrest that would force you to uproot yourself and adapt in an unfamiliar environment. The uncertainty of this strange, new circumstance is symbolized by the shadows around the moon. Similarly, the feeling of an impending apocalypse signifies something catastrophic. This could also be an extension of your grief for your father's passing. The abrupt changes that would occur would further fuel your feelings of aimlessness and melancholy.
Seeing Jesus during heart surgery I dreamed I was having open heart surgery. Then I was running off a cliff towards Jesus with open arms. I was scared I would fall, then I ran and said "Take me Jesus!". Then he set me down in a room full of doors. Then I woke up. What does this mean? Undergoing an open heart surgery means you need a change of heart or a radical shift in perspective. So, falling off a cliff towards Jesus means there is an upcoming critical event or situation which would restore your faith in Him. Your faith would be tested by a failure in your career or a scandal that would tarnish your reputation. Fortunately, if you remain firm in your beliefs, new opportunities would open up which is represented by the room full of doors.
Being saved by an angel I dreamed about the ocean and how an angel saved me from the ocean that was going to destroy the city, he was so nice to me that he gave me money and place to stay in my dream. Female. For women, dreaming about the ocean is often thought to be the manifestation of stress and anxiety in reality. You are likely under pressure from multiple areas in your life, like work and familial obligations, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed or drowning in responsibilities. In this case, the angel who saves you and brings you to a safe dwelling suggests you could be acting poorly towards those who are trying to help you during this stressful time, such as your partner, parents or co-workers. You may need to apologize to someone you have lashed out at unjustly. The money you received from the angel is an indication that you are a kind and generous individual at heart. You just need a reminder sometimes that everyone has challenges and that we need to be careful that our own frustrations are not taken out on others.
Praying and a pigeon turning to a fish I was talking and praying to God in my dream. Suddenly it starts to rain. I was still praying and the rain gets heavier. I saw some pigeons starting to paddle because of the rain. I couldn't do anything for them. At the end of my dream I recognized the pigeon has turned to fish! Praying to God in dreams means you need to express remorse for your transgressions. It can also be an indication that you need to devote more time to religion and renewing your faith so you can follow a straightforward path to the future. You will be tested with problems and challenges as symbolized by the heavy rain. If you manage to overcome these obstacles, you will be rewarded. Specifically, the transformation of the pigeon into a fish signifies insights you would learn from all the hardship. This could even result in a brilliant project that would give you a lot of blessings once started.
Pastor forgetting names I dreamt I was in church after service. My wife and I was speaking with pastor but he didn’t remember our names so I told him our names. I am wondering what is the interpretation of this dream. The church in your dream means you are seeking guidance, enlightenment and spiritual cleansing. This kind of dream vision usually manifests whenever the dreamer is feeling uncertain of the future or there is a sense of helplessness. To gain self-control and purpose, you need to turn to wise elders and mentors to give you some valuable advice. This source of wisdom is embodied by the pastor in your dream. In reality he could be one of your your parents, teachers or counselors. Telling him your name means you need to willingly ask for help. You need to recognize your possible limitations and ask for guidance for this to be effective in transforming your life.
Being an angel and taking people to heaven I was an angel, and I was saving the good souls and taking them up to heaven, I saw the city of heaven, I was part of a group of angels. I would fly up to a human and put my hand out and say "In the name of Jesus", and say a prayer, if the person passed out, they were not good, but if the person didn’t pass out, I would take them up to heaven. I would go through houses and was faced with dark energy, but once I said "In the name of Jesus", it would disappear. It was a very lucid and colorful dream. Being an angel in the dream world is usually considered a warning in reality. It is usually related to how you use money in daily life. However, considering your good works in the vision, it seems more likely this vision is talking about spiritual wealth rather than physical objects. In that sense, your vision may be a reminder of the good you were put on earth to achieve. This is supported by your guidance of good souls to heaven, a symbol associated with success and the achievement of goals. Your power over dark forces also speaks of the internal power you have to make good out of dark situations. Perhaps you have someone close to you, either family or someone in your faith community, who could use your help and strong spirit to overcome their troubles. By blessing their life with your support, you would be blessing your own.
Laying a church foundation Laying a church building foundation in my dream. Building the foundation of a church means you are actively renewing your faith. You want to be uplifted and enlightened, especially after all the trials and hardships you have recently encountered. Alternatively, you could have lost your faith and belief in higher powers after bad things happened to you, but after some soul searching you have realized the value of religion and spirituality. Now you may even be contemplating sharing this journey with others who are feeling lost and hopeless.
Burning crosses falling from the sky I had a dream about burning crosses that fell down from the sky and set on fire. Me and my brothers quickly got into the house because the crosses were falling on police cars and destroying them. A burning cross suggests chaos and lawlessness. Since a cross is a symbol of faith and religion, all those burning crosses represent societal decline due to humanity's declining sense of empathy, kindness and overall decorum. Taking shelter in your house means that as you encounter hatred from others, you would find comfort and safety among your close friends and family. Your subconscious is telling you not to lose heart and retain a sense of hope that things will take a turn for the better, instead of becoming cynical and angry about the world.
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