Fictional characters present in a classroom setting Kindly interpret my dream. I entered to a "level four class". I wore a grey coat with black scarf. In front part, my hair was curly. In class, one of students was Jew. She wore a light color coat and a dark blue scarf. The lecturer was my ex-colleague and his family's name translated to English was Farmer. In actuality, he is not a lecturer. I entered to the class and asked the lecturer to allow me to put my chopped cream cheese in the fridge in the class. Attending a class in a dream could mean that there is a lesson you need to learn. The lecturer in your visions, whose English-translated surname means farmer, represents an authority figure or someone supposedly tasked to bring out your full potential. Your dark coat juxtaposed by the lighter one alludes to clashing principles or point of views. There may be a sort of tug of war dynamics between him and you. Your dark coat refers to your tendency to block out the opinion of others. The cream cheese likewise symbolizes your dominating nature. This attitude is in direct opposition to the one which is supposed to otherwise teach you a lesson, which is embodied by the light-coated individual in your vision. You may need to swallow your pride and try to keep an open mind if you are looking for development and self-improvement.
A school mate who is not close in reality I had a dream of one of my school mates whom I had no interaction with during my school life and also have no communication after that. She is the top student in our class. Dreaming about this seemingly random person from your past is actually a sign of depression or a lack of self-confidence in some aspect of your existence. Your subconscious is narrowing in to the image of someone whom you do not have a strong feeling for emotionally, but who represents success and achievement at some point on your life's journey. In this case, your mind could be trying to emulate your memory of this person (because you do not know about their current situation). It may be better, however, to focus your energies on self-improvement without comparing yourself to others for you do not know what personal battles they may have fought themselves.
Things happening while missing an exam Finishing up my PhD, but family needs me to come home to help with Thanksgiving. Need to leave 2 days early and miss exams. Get home and end up getting back with an ex, pregnant with his baby. Running around crazy trying to help, ignored by everyone. At night, a cat with glowing orange eyes sneaks into the house and tries to hurt the animals. Trying to fend off the cat and show everyone it exists, start to miscarry and bleed. No one notices. Try to get a bag ready to take myself to the hospital. Missing exams that you intended to take could represent a subconscious fear that no one wants or needs you. Just as being present for an exam is a necessity for passing, not being present suggests feeling unimportant or optional in the lives of those around you. However, the image of you getting back together with your ex and then becoming pregnant with his child predicts this situation would not last much longer, as someone is about to enter your life and sweep you off your feet. This man is likely to be a vast improvement over past suitors and could make you feel like a princess. While others may not give you the time or attention you deserve, this man would make you his whole world.
Being bullied at school I got tackled by a bunch of people in my school cafeteria with some of my friends with me. The only one I can remember is that guy in a chicken suit who tackled me. There was some person in a beige fedora and beige trench coat in the corner, but I don't remember his face. Getting tackled means something or someone is preventing you from achieving your goals. Since this dream scenario occurred in a cafeteria, it means that the main obstacle could be yourself. You may be suffering from a lot of personal issues that are holding you back from harnessing your full potential. These personal doubts may be associated with some details of your appearance or a negative self-image. You may be constantly putting yourself down instead of embracing and accepting who you are.
Hands reaching down to a school cafeteria table I'm at my childhood elementary school in the cafeteria under a table and a pair of hands are trying to grab me and I try to run out from under the table, but my vision gets cloudy and everything starts getting dizzy. This vision that you saw suggests that you are currently under a great deal of stress. The notion of the school gives a general feeling of pressure or stress, while the hands trying to grab you and drag you from your hiding spot further suggest that you are being forced to do something or act in a way that is against your wishes. The cloudy vision you experienced at the end of the dream could be interpreted as a sign of monetary troubles, so it may be that you have to work somewhere you loathe because you need the money. There is no good answer to this problem. You just have to be patient until the time is right to find something new and better for you.
A school bus exploding I had a dream last night that I was at school and a bus exploded. This dream has happened two times in a row, except the first time I was driving the bus, but the second time I was not on the bus. What does this mean? Schools tend to represent growing anxiety or stress, likely caused by an increase in projects or responsibilities. This is supported by the image of the school bus, a symbol associated with specific concerns about responsibility and duty. If you are in charge of a task or working with others, you may be frustrated with their lack of ability or effort, causing you to take on more than you should. However, the image of the bus exploding suggests that dealing with things yourself could literally blow up in your face. If others are not pulling their weight, it would be better to talk to someone with more authority and get it sorted out.
Parting ways with girlfriend to go to college I dreamt about me and my girlfriend going to college next year and we said bye and went in different directions. Dreaming about a specific person symbolizes this individual's presence in the forefront of your mind, meaning you either thought about or recently interacted with your girlfriend. Separating from her in this vision suggests you may have to take a great risk in order to make a great gain. While it may be scary to let go of something or someone you have cared about for a long time, doing so may open you up to new experiences, offering you opportunities to grow and become an even better version of yourself.
Scared by a classmates' visit I saw two young boys of class 12 came to my house and gave me half a glass of milk and spinach. I am scared of them as I am feeling that they had come for wrong intention. But they entered my house during night. I locked myself in the washroom. Someone entering your house without permission in a dream vision, especially at night, reveals your fear of having your privacy invaded. This is likely a reflection of your anxieties about being found out or losing your personal space. The milk and spinach given to you are symbols of goodwill. Milk generally refers to kindness and nurturing, while spinach alludes to strength and wellness. This means that your fear of being vulnerable may be clouding your judgments, resulting in being suspicious towards even those who just want to get to know you better.
A teacher slamming into a wall My English teacher, female whom I have a crush on shoved me into a wall. Being pushed into wall by someone you like may symbolize a growing dissatisfaction with aspects of your life which are important to you. Considering that the person you like is also your teacher, it may be that you are frustrated with your current status of being a student. While there is not much available that can change your current place in life, you can use this dream as a chance to reevaluate what you want out of the future and the type of person you want to become.
Being pulled by legs at school New classmates were pulling my right leg. Wanted me to participate in something. I held on to an old classmate's leg. The old classmate was originally going away but helped me when she saw I needed help. The old classmate sat calmly on some grass while I held on to her leg and I was terrified. A dream wherein you see other people trying to pull your legs has negative connotations. It signifies financial losses or money shortages. The classmates pulling your legs could refer to individuals in your waking life who would like to create problems for you. However, the fact that you had someone to hang on to should be an assurance that you would prevail despite any obstacles placed in your path. Make sure you remain wary of anyone trying to cause trouble or take advantage of you.
A flooded school and ex girlfriend In my dream I was in a school and a bunch of people I knew were there and I was trying to get some food, but the school was filling up with water and by the time I got my food the water level had reached my chest so I left. Then I saw my ex girlfriend and she was crying, she said she was sad that I would find someone else and forget about her. I cried too because I love her, so I hugged her. And that's where my dream ends. The flooding you witnessed in your dream could allude to your raging hormones and turbulent emotions. The presence of water flooding your school likely means that you may be distracted by other non-academic concerns. Instead of learning your lessons and studying, your attention may be more attune to peers you are attracted to or other social concerns. This diversion and flawed priorities could reflect negatively on your academic performance. Hence, you may need to reevaluate your present motivations and goals in life.
Skipping a class by hiding in a coffin I dreamed that my friends were skipping a whole day's class by putting themselves in a coffin all day, 6 feet under and sleep mostly. I was willing to try it and I'm claustrophobic but I was getting ready to try but I woke up early. Skipping classes in the dream world suggests avoiding responsibilities in reality. You could be faced with temptations to neglect your duties in favor of more hedonistic pursuits. Furthermore, sleeping in a coffin alludes to escapism. Coffins in dreams typically represent a safe place or a comfort zone, so hiding out inside one represents your reluctance to confront your problems. Therefore, waking up early from your slumber means that there is no escaping your responsibilities. Sooner or later you would have to deal with them if you ever want them to go away.
Failing while in college I am a 50-year old housewife, I saw a dream that I am in college and did not attend any class of math and I keep avoiding the class and fear that I will fail in that subject, and I dreamed this same thing again and again. Dreaming repeatedly about developing a fear of failing in anything which you have undertaken is symbolic of your current situation in waking life. It signifies that you are afraid to take any steps towards progression only because you feel that you may not experience the outcomes that you desire. This feeling of trepidation could be causing hindrances and obstacles for you and preventing you from achieving true happiness. It would be better to focus on things one at a time so that you do not become overwhelmed.
Unable to open a locker My gender is female and my dream starts when I am back at high school. I am aware that I had been out of high school for a while in dream. I usually go to a few classes or wonder the hallways and all is fine until I walk up to my locker. I try to unlock it but I don't remember the combination, I sit there trying to undo the lock to get to class or get my stuff to leave school. Yet, no matter how hard I try I can't unlock my locker. I just sit staring at the lock with frustration and confusion. Being in high school in the dream world is often thought to be the manifestation of stress in the dreamer's waking life. High school is often thought to be more stressful in some ways and less stressful in others compared to adult life, however, for the dreamer, this symbol suggests experiencing a certain kind of stress at the moment. The things inside the locker, your school books and supplies, represent your future. Your ambitions, desires and wishes are all very close to you, but perhaps they are beyond your reach at present. That is where the symbol of the locker and forgotten combination come into play. The locker suggests there is something standing between you and your goals, either a person, requirement or quality you are currently lacking. Your inability to remember how to open your locker suggests you have the power within you to make your dreams come true, but you have either forgotten an important lesson or have not utilized that particular skill in a long time. Until you are able to regain what you have lost, you may be faced with more stress and hardship.
School being under all sorts of attacks My dream was my school being in lock down, surrounded by fire, attacked by spiders, blown up, and shot at. We were saved at the end, but they never found out who did it. I am a girl. Dreaming that your school is under lock-down means that there is a lesson you need to learn. The chaos surrounding the establishment, including the fire and the explosions, refer to distractions keeping you from concentrating on the task at hand. Meanwhile, the spiders represent powerful and influential individuals likely urging you to remain motivated while in the confines of the school, such as the educators and administrators. Ultimately, the dream may be a projection of your emotional state which is characterized by a yearning to get through the requirements put forward for you.
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