Seeing an old teacher at school and plastic chairs Dreams about I was in a classroom, and an old teacher of mine who had died several years back was in my dream teaching the class. There was a lot of chairs of all kinds. Some where made of paper like plastic that unfolded to make a chair. The plastic like material he was showing me. He made a electrical cell diagram in parallel. Then he sat down as I look at him. A dream in which you can perceive your former school teacher is symbolic of your own tolerant and compliant nature. It signifies that you are very accommodating as well as receptive of new things and ideas and this in turn allows you to undertake innovative projects with relative ease. The vision of several chairs in the room, including plastic ones, predicts having to start dealing or working alongside several individuals who are much more experienced (experts) and knowledgeable than you are. This dream suggests exercising tact and being polite if you want to be accepted into their circle.
Being disorganized during an exam On two different occasions, I have had this dream that I was in an exam hall and I could not make head or tail of my exam sheet, like I was dyslexic. And time was going. The second time was a class test, I couldn't find the questions in my notebook, so I asked for someone else's book and I still couldn't make it out. And time was running out. Please, what does this mean! Despite seeming to depict being unprepared or a lack of integrity, this dream actually has quite the opposite meaning in terms of your talents and preparedness. Being in either an exam hall or a classroom is often associated with being in a stressful situation, while the act of taking a test that you cannot understand or were not ready to take may represent being a high-achiever who is overly concerned with being on top or pushing yourself to your limit. This all comes down to indicating a tendency to put yourself in stressful situations and then push yourself to rise above such a difficulty. This dream vision may also be the result of a prior experience in which you were completely taken aback by another person, possibly a friend or colleague, who was unable to perform well because they did not arrange things properly or plan ahead of time.
Being accused of cheating on exam and arguing with the teacher I had a dream where by I wrote my final exam. I paid for a back door fee for good results. One morning I went to class and found all my papers under my desk. I asked one of my mates who linked me to the back why do I have my papers here. He couldn't answer and after a while I took the papers out and one teacher saw it and asked why do I have my papers with me, but I should return it. I didn't after a few minutes the teacher checked back and said why haven't I sent it back. It blew out of proportion and the teacher reported the case saying I have stolen the papers and trying to cheat. This dream vision could reflect your fears or concerns about your performance at school or even a possibility that you could be earning good grades without applying too much effort or skipping through parts of the assignments you are given. Even though it is unclear from your message whether you have cheated in the past in your waking life or not, you seem to be overly concerned in relation to how your final results or progress are viewed by others, both teachers and peers. In general, having a dream about papers or notebooks is usually interpreted as having a strong, if not overwhelming, desire or need to share your nagging issues with someone or to resolve them by communicating them out.
A crush sending a note around at school This dream was about me sitting in my classroom at school in Grade 6, and I see everyone talking and playing (while our teacher was in the classroom), and it was in the afternoon. So I saw my crush writing a letter about me to someone else in my class, and I saw my name in it, and when I wanted to see it, he just quickly hides it away. If you are currently not attending school, dreaming about yourself and the person you have a crush on being in the same room means that there could be some information circulating about your behavior or the way you conduct yourself in front of others. The written note your crush was hiding from you could also mean that other people are either discussing your demeanor online or using others means of available communication. However, if you are currently attending school, this dream vision could be just a reflection of the everyday school routine and busy schedule you may have been overwhelmed by.
In high school and pregnant I was in a high school setting, I am almost done with college now, and I was pregnant, but when I gave birth, a 1-2 year old golden retriever was my baby and I named it Kit-Kat. Dreaming about being back in high school represents some negative energy in your life right now, suggesting you yearn for the simplicity of times past. This is further supported by your being pregnant within the dream, which connects this unhappiness to your relationships, most likely a partner or significant other. This person is likely causing a lot of stress and unhappiness in your life, which is symbolized in the form of the dog. You may need to consider if this person still adds value to your life and, if need be, remove yourself from this unpleasant situation before you are dragged down with them.
Getting beaten by teachers and expelled from school I had a dream in the morning, 6:30AM, of getting beaten by two school teachers in front of the whole class and after that I was expelled from school. You do not mention whether you are currently enrolled in school or not, but, in general, being in a school suggests you are going through a difficult, stressful time in you life. If you are in school, this might mean you have many tests or a lot of homework due. If you are not in school though, this may indicate you have a lot of tedious, time-consuming errands to run, either for personal reasons or for work. Being beaten by teachers in front of the class predicts a recent or upcoming situation in which you embarrass yourself, most likely in regards to saying something without knowing all the facts first. It might be wise, despite your current levels of stress, to think before you speak and not jump to conclusions hastily.
Doing bad things at the lecturer's house I used a key to open the door of my lecturer's house. I entered because I was pressed and peed on the sofa in his house. I knew he was inside the room, but he didn't bother to come out or send me away. I later sprayed perfume on the sofa and went my way, but after a few days a course mate entered his house, but he went after him, so that made me realize he must have seen me the other day, but just let me be. Don't understand this dream, thanks. Dreaming about a specific person, your instructor in this case, indicates that they are on your mind. Since it seems you are currently taking his course, this is understandable and relatively common. Envisioning yourself peeing on his furniture, however, suggests some major problems. This sign is often an indication of major conflict which could have a negative impact on his career and your academic success. The fact that someone else entered the home and was prevented from causing damage indicates others are having a serious problem as well, but that something or someone is holding them back from making any major breaches of decorum. Now that you have this warning, you should be on your guard and take caution in times when there is an opportunity to speak freely, otherwise it may come back to haunt you later.
Being hesitant about enrolling in school I saw a dream in which I was holding a university admission form but I was not filling it. This dream vision about not taking advantage of the opportunity to enroll in studying at an university, regardless of the fact if you presently study at school or college, or not, speaks of your anticipation of a big change. You could soon be presented with a chance to improve and grow, either professionally or on a personal level, however, you could be subconsciously sensing that you do not have enough skills, resources or time to take full advantage of it. The dream serves as a hint to carefully assess you current situation and pull your best qualities together in order to succeed, even if you have doubts that you will.
Finding a badge in the school yard So it was one day in the afternoon at school when we all went downstairs to play outside on interval time, and outside the school quad, I found a prefect badge with my name on it. Does this mean I will be prefect? Being at school in a dream vision often suggests being in a stressful situation in wake life, whether at school, at work, or in the home. Seeing a prefect badge with your name on it is the manifestation of your dreams for greatness, such as seeing your name displayed proudly on the wall, receiving an award, or becoming famous in some way. While this vision gives no indication as to how successful you may eventually become, it can be interpreted as a sign that you may be within reach of your goals soon.
Teacher forcing to have sex with someone My teacher that I love was being evil and making me have sex with a boy that is way older than me and might be my crush. Your teachers in a dream, even when you like and respect them in real life, represent authority figures in your life. Being forced to have an intercourse with someone older and, perhaps, more experienced, suggests that you might be going through some internal conflict or an open confrontation with those who exert pressure and dominance over you. Chances are you are being obligated to do or follow something you dislike doing and want to be more independent and less oppressed.
Being told of insanity by teachers I dreamed that I was at school and the guidance counselor and my math teacher asked to talk to me outside. They said that I needed to go to a mental hospital urgently. So I ran to the beach to get away. I tried to drown myself, but they got a year 12 to save me. A mental hospital suggests a place of rigorous training imposing discipline and learning which takes you away from your comfort zone, even your family. In the dream, your guidance counselor and Math teacher represent authority figures telling you to get it together. You may be feeling out of sorts from overwhelming academic and personal matters causing your performance to suffer. Thus, they could be advising you to isolate yourself or veer away from distractions to get back on track. However, the pressure could be catching up with you, which is why you tried to drown yourself in your dream. Fret not and look for older and wiser peers and mentors to help you manage the stress and avoid complications.
A classroom without students and teacher wearing a black shirt Hello. Please help me by interpreting my dream. I am a student. I dreamt I entered to a class in my college and only few students were in the class. The trainer was a person who wore a black t-shirt with Nestle logo. Seeing yourself attending a lesson or a class with few to no students is a symbol of some negative emotions you may have been harboring for some time now. These negative feelings could stem from health issues that either you or someone you know may be experiencing, which is what the black t-shirt the trainer in your dream was wearing is most likely associated with. You should try your best to not let such negativity rule your life and remain aware of the positive things around you.
A college mate perceived to be a little girl Hi, in my dreams I played with a little girl, she is so pretty, wearing light dress, she gets in my hands and I asked her in which class she is, she told me "I'm like your friend, I'm in college" and laughed at me. This dream evokes a sense of nostalgia. The little girl recounts a time of innocence and being sheltered. You could be yearning for your more carefree and youthful days. However, a laughing little girl oftentimes also carries negative connotation. It sometimes represents the possibility of being displeased or disappointed by an unexpected occurrence. That is, it sometimes translates an upcoming unhappiness that would affect you or some of your close relationship to the point of leaving you or other people in tears. It is almost as if the girl was laughing at something that is about to happen.
Being pregnant by a teacher at school I woke up in bed with my English teacher naked. Then in a few weeks I found out I was pregnant and I was eating in a long line at school to pick up NyQuil and the lady asked me if I was pregnant and I said "Yes" and asked if pregnant people can take NyQuil. Then I knew I had to tell my English teacher that I was pregnant and I was nervous how people were going to perceive us. I did not care, but I was looking out for him. Getting in bed or having consensual sex with a teacher or an authority figure speaks of your open mind in relation to this person's advice. It is likely that the pregnancy that occurred in this dream after being in bed with him reflects ideas taking root from the advice or knowledge you gained from him. Your attitude in the dream about not caring about what other people think seems to be a reflection of taking pride in your education. Perhaps you have certain perspectives and opinions now that go against popular views, yet you are willing to take a stand and remain firm in your convictions.
Having an anxiety attack while at school I was in a school and in a class, we were all sitting on the floor cross-legged like we used to when we were younger. I can't remember how it happened, but I started crying. I think it was a panic attack and ran out the room. The teacher started chasing me down the corridors saying "You can't keep blaming things on your anxiety" and "Stop being overemotional". I remember the school was quite dark and it felt cold and there were no other classes in the school other than the one I was attending. Depending on whether you suffer from depression or anxiety in real life, this vision could have a very literal interpretation. School settings in dream visions are usually associated with higher than normal stress levels in the waking world. If you are a student, you may be under pressure from your parents to get good grades or to fit in with your peers. If you are a working adult, you may have a tight deadline that you need to meet. In either case, the words of this vision are quite telling, suggesting that your subconscious does not think you should make excuses for yourself. You may need to ask others for help and support, but the road to getting better can only be traveled one step at a time.
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