A ceiling on fire at school I dreamt that I was watching boys run out of a classroom where the ceiling was on fire and I walked with them to the fire exit. Classrooms and the school setting in general represent anxiety or stressful situations present in wake life. Seeing boys run out of the classroom could reveal others are in the same situation as you, but rather that enduring unbearable circumstances, they are finding a way to avoid the trouble. This is reinforced by the burning of the ceiling. Not only does the emergency itself reflect how dire your case may be, following the boys who run away could mean you would learn from their ways and not subject yourself to unnecessary pain.
Being disorganized in college I am a female dreaming about my years in college and I was confused with my class schedules and which classrooms to go to. Dreaming about college or school in general typically means you need to learn a lesson. This may be related to falling into the same patterns or making the same mistakes. In that sense, the confusion about class schedules and room assignments may reveal your anxieties about your present preoccupations. Perhaps you have a fear of failure and you feel you are unable to adequately manage your current duties and responsibilities. Maybe this is your subconscious telling you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to be more effective at your job.
Marrying a former student Female. Dreamt I married my male ex-student. I am 28, he is about 20 or 21 years old. Becoming that close to your former student in a dream may reveal your attraction towards him. Perhaps you admire some of his qualities which you suppressed because it seemed inappropriate to you or to the eyes of outsiders. It can also mean that you are afraid of getting older and you want to recapture your youth. In a sense, the attraction may not be about your former student specifically, but what he represents to you, such as youth, potential and optimism. Growing older may be making you more aware of responsibilities and societal expectations which could have triggered a longing for your younger and more carefree years.
Octopuses at school I was at a school that seemed like Sacred Heart but wasn't. There were baby octopuses all over the ground and they would climb all over your hand if you picked one up. The school was right on a dock, and there was a huge giant octopus that would use its huge tentacle to try to crush us. Suddenly we were back on campus going to study. We went to the "Poetry Building", but it looked exactly the same as the "Business Building". We were looking for a girl's crush, and found him in another room. The setting of this vision in a school is very revealing. It suggests you are facing some stressful or difficult situations in reality. Additionally, the image of the octopuses on the ground could mean that your stress is being caused by little setbacks that keep piling up. Even though they seem small and insignificant, the relentless obstacles to your progression are likely taxing your ability to keep calm and focused. This is complemented by your search for the girl's crush, a symbol that suggests you are working toward a particular goal in your life that requires your focus and attention.
Wanting to poop at school I have a recurring dream that I'm in middle school in a stall, but the toilet is overflowing and I have to poop so bad. I'm trying so hard to not poop. Your dream could mean that you feel ashamed over something that you consider to be normal but which others might not look upon so kindly. For example, you could have some kind of illness you are unwilling to share with friends and family because you fear their harsh judgement over what could have caused it. The location of the middle school for this vision makes sense, then, because such a location is often associated with feeling humiliated or embarrassed.
Serving food to a teacher I had a dream where I saw my chemistry teacher and in dreams she said I should separate food which I did and after I served her the food while my friend gossiped about her. Seeing a school teacher in dream visions may reveal your desire to acquire new knowledge or seek guidance in the waking world. Meanwhile, serving food alludes to the sharing of ideas and interests. As such, the scenario in your dream could mean that you may be concocting plans and projects in line with your passion and interests. However, you may be having trouble figuring out the details and the steps needed to implement your project. So you are looking towards more experienced and more knowledgeable figures in the real world to help you achieve your goals and to ultimately realize your dreams. Finally, your gossiping friend likely means you tend to listen to or ask for advice from unreliable and less credible sources. Perhaps you need to find and try to approach more trustworthy and dependable personalities instead of trusting or believing random bits of information from questionable characters.
Terror on a school bus My daughter dreamt of terrorism at her school. A school bus with identifying labels removed and bus windows blacked out. She had to run to one of the buses to hide. Schools tend to represent growing anxiety or stress, likely caused by an increase in projects or responsibilities. It is possible that your daughter is currently worried about tests and projects due at the end of the current year or is concerned about what would be expected of her in the next year. This is supported by the image of the school bus, a symbol associated with specific concerns about responsibility and duty. If she is in charge of a task or working with others, she may become upset with their lack of ability or effort, causing her to take on more than her fair share of the load.
Unable to finish an exam I dream always of taking exams or tests. I am the last to finish these exams. The teachers are always willing to wait until I finish my exams. Often, I am left alone in the room to complete the test. The teachers are always very accommodating towards me. Taking an exam often represents a challenge. Sometimes this challenge could happen to someone else who needs your help, but oftentimes this reveals your own struggle. The recurring aspect of your dream points to an unresolved issue. This could be a pattern of behavior you are trying to get rid of or a lesson you need to learn, but you often do not acknowledge the fact. You are always the last one to finish likely because you feel like you are being left behind by your contemporaries. For example, you friends or colleagues are getting promoted and achieving more than yourself. However, your lack of anxiety in the vision and the accommodating teachers is indicative of your cool attitude and overall composure about the whole thing. Rather than feeling defeated about your slow progress, you believe that you are just taking a longer path to achieving your dreams.
Changing schools I dreamed about my previous school (it was a university) and now I'm now studying in an Academy. Actually, I hate to study here but I have no choice since it's my parents' decision and I didn't dare to interfere. It's just that, in my dream... I meet my old classmates and some are new ones. The place is the same but some things changed. In my dream, I transferred here in the middle of senior year and I'm quite scared. Why? Dreaming about your previous school or your old school is an indication of your reluctance to accept your new reality or situation. Since you do not like your current school, your subconscious is bringing you back to your comfort zone surrounded by your old classmates for reassurance. However, the presence of new faces and the changes in the place suggest you are already starting to adapt to your new environment. While your more emotional side is protesting the transfer to this academy, your rational side is already starting to accept and embrace this new phase in your personal journey. As such, the fear you felt in the dream is a natural reaction to change because you are apprehensive and uncertain about your future in this new school.
Not receiving a diploma The dream is always different in small details but is always about me not having gotten my diploma (which I did) and things always happening to keep me from getting to class to do it. Sometimes I’m young again and sometimes I’m my actual age (50). In dreams, a diploma represents achievements, recognition and your point of pride. As such, dreaming of not getting your diploma means you do not feel accomplished enough. There are still things you want to chase, especially passions you may have set aside for more immediate priorities. The obstacles to get to class also has something to do with distractions. Instead of focusing your energy on realizing your ultimate goals, other things and responsibilities get in the way. Alternatively, this could also reveal your resentment for not being recognized for all your hard work. Even though you place other people's needs over your own, they still do not give you enough credit for all your sacrifices. So, this is your subconscious urging you to finally prioritize yourself for a change.
Fire and rain during a school reunion My dream was about the high school that I attended catching fire during my reunion. I was calm and with a faceless friend the entire time. Then it started pouring down raining and I made it to my truck and offered a man and a lady a ride home and they accepted. It was raining so hard but as soon as we were around the corner from the school we stopped at a store and the rain turned into drizzle. I had a feeling of peace when I woke up just minutes ago. Reunions, such as a school reunion, represent unresolved issues and past events that are haunting you until now. Your subconscious is telling you to look to your past for valuable lessons because these insights would help you navigate the tumultuous time ahead. In particular, the symbol of the pouring rain points towards negative feelings that are plaguing your waking life, such as depression and feelings of inadequacy. The fact that you let a man and woman inside the car to escape the rain indicates that you might come to a crossroads point in your life. Overcoming the negative emotions that are holding you back would help you start a new, passionate relationship that could greatly enrich your life or lead you on an amazing journey you never thought possible before. These new options available to you would bring you much happiness and contentment, as witnessed by the sense of peace you woke up with.
A boy hanging another boy at school So there was this boy and he went to I guess it was a private school with all kinds of different kids. But everyone was standing outside and this boy threw this other boy on a rope and hung him in front of everyone out of a window. The private school aspect of the dream means a big secret is a about to be revealed to you. This secret will prove to be helpful since you can use this as a leverage if and when you find yourself in a difficult position. Having this bargaining chip gives you an opportunity to pull away from your rivals, whether it is landing an important project or getting closer to a romantic prospect. Furthermore, seeing a person hanging suggests a dilemma which will force you to throw someone under the bus, so to speak. This could end a wonderful friendship, but it is up to you whether your interests and aspirations are more important than maintaining some of your relationships.
Real and fictional schools together My school and Hogwarts (Harry Potter) combined. I had to go outside for a something and my friends tagged along. While we were passing a classroom, we caught professor Snape doing a spell that was not allowed. My friend yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and all of a sudden we started running. Then my teacher told me to carry something and my crush kept on being annoying. After a while, I had enough and I asked him what is it? Why is he always so mean to me but then doesn't want me to like others? Dreams that take place in fictional universes are fairly common. In this case, a magical world like Harry Potter points toward an innate desire to escape some of the troubles that currently plague you in reality. This type of coping mechanism suggests you prefer to focus on what things could be like rather than the actual way things are at present. Your disagreement with your crush in the dream world is also telling, as it sheds light on your personality. It reveals you tend to be shy and reserved in front of those you are concerned about making a good impression on. You may even believe you have made a bad impression on someone you were hoping to impress, like a love interest or teacher. Perhaps you need to focus on the skills and topics you need to get along with this individual rather than pretending like nothing is wrong.
Boyfriend having sex in class I am young, and I went to bed last night happy because I finally was dating my crush. In my dream, my boyfriend and his (horny) ex were having sex inches away from me underneath the same blanket I was under in my history class!!!! Please tell me what this means? Dreaming that your boyfriend is cheating on you, such as seeing him having sex with an ex, suggests you will make enemies in the waking world. In addition, witnessing this encounter in class means you will end up learning a lot from a confrontation or a rivalry. Perhaps this conflict would occur as a result of your relationship with your crush. There could be some jealousy involved which would lead to irrational or emotional behavior from you and the other person involved.
Unable to move at school I am at school and I can't move at all no mater how much I try. Perceiving in a dream that you cannot move your body suggests subconscious dilemma. It means, your mind is not able to rest because something is bothering it. The reason can be that you presently embrace two different views or hold two opposing positions in real life. In essence, your conscious self is pestered with contradictory feelings, while another part of you is trying to gain clarity. This sort of discrepancy generally appears when the dreamer believes that a particular type of behavior works for him or her, but others cannot do the same. For instance, if you make a mistake you consider it justifiable, but if someone else commits the same error, they have to be judged or held responsible, in your view. You need to redefine some of your values and keep a more balanced, tolerant outlook on life.
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