Being accused Injustice.. Being accused of something I haven't done. Dreaming about being subjected to an act or acts of injustice of any kind can be interpreted as a dream advising you not to be excessively and overly obsessed and worried about everyday issues and troubles in anticipation for them to happen and bring you down. The meaning of this dream is to simply be happy and content with each new coming day and take care of things which need to be taken care of as they come. Otherwise, you could start harboring negative attitude and experience unnecessary stress. If you had a dream vision of being accused of something you had not done or were not responsible for, this is an indication of succeeding in something you are currently trying to pursue or make come true.
Being in an empty apartment and labeled unattractive Alone in my apt that was completely empty. I walk up to a wall and find a video tape taped to the wall. It is labeled "Ugly Girl." I knew someone was watching me and had filmed me, and was in my house. I ran out of the house trying to make it to my apartment office. As I run there are men sitting on my path and I ask them what the quickest way there is, they point and I keep running. I am very scared (p.s. this is very cool! thanks for taking the time to do interpret!). This dream could be an indication of your recent attempts or plans to initiate contact with a certain person in your life or network with a group of people who interest you in a significant way. This interest could be originating from your desire to acquire more friends or to succeed, either by improving your interpersonal skills or by matching your behavior with that of peers who surround you in everyday life. However, you could have experienced some downfalls or disappointments, and the main reason for such outcomes could be exposing your weaker side, such as trusting others too much or letting them take advantage of your gullible nature. The dream also reveals that you could be trying to find shortcuts and fastest ways possible to solve potential problems while communicating with others in your social circle, and such "sorting machine" approach could hamper your efforts in finding true and long-lasting connections.
Punished by family, naked and saved by a beautiful stranger A sad dream that ended on such a beautiful note that I can't forget it. I was living in a house somewhere with a family that does not love me. I made a mistake and they punish me by stripping me naked and chaining me to the gate. People pass by and make fun of me laughing and ridiculing. And then he comes - his kind, gentle arms lift me up and cradle me with love. He touches his face to mine and understands instantly. He takes me away - away into our own dream world. It was just so beautiful and reassuring to be in his arms. Perceiving yourself stripped naked as a way of being punished by your unloving family could be a subconscious reflection of your current state of mind when you are having a romantic affair with someone and try to keep a secret. It could also be that you are having a secret crush on someone, but afraid of making a first step to tell this person or feeling ashamed, for some reason, that people will find out about your involvement. Deep inside you want to find ways to resolve this situation, but being constrained by material dependence or family ties in waking life prevents you from doing so. Additionally, this dream could be related to simple fascination with some fictional character or someone else’s ongoing love affair which has left a lasting imprint in your consciousness manifesting itself in your dream world.
Perceived as a child held in own arms I saw me as a child in my own arms without any expression on my face. This dream about seeing yourself as a child could be indicative of your tendency to exhibit inappropriate or offensive behavior or treat people in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. As a result, they can have a very low opinion about you or try to avoid you at all costs. Holding yourself in your own arms and with no facial expression could mean that you do little to nothing about improving the situation because you try to rationalize your actions and attitude.
A mirror image of oneself and dancing I step into a garden and there is a boy who looks exactly like me but in a boy form. We are then dancing to the beat of my mothers heart beat until a dark shadow from the tree pulls him away from me. I am then alone and the rows cold and the garden starts to die around me. Then a black figure walks into the gate and tries to hit me. As it strikes my face I wake up. Seeing the mirror image of yourself in a dream is usually representative of a relationship, which is further illustrated through dancing together with it, that is holding you down or not necessarily beneficial to you. This relationship may be with someone who is unable to do much on their own or relies heavily on you, as this person is depicted as very similar to you, in looks and superficially, but who cannot actually be you, due to their lack of abilities or resources. The connection between you could be familial, professional, platonic or romantic in nature, though it is unlikely to be either someone very close to you or a mere acquaintance. Because your doppelganger is suddenly pulled away and everything becomes cold and begins to die, it likely indicates your hesitation to end your association with this person, either because you do not like to change or because you fear repercussions. This is also shown in the dark figure which comes forth to assault you, symbolizing a lack of confidence or low self-esteem in your decision-making abilities.
Looking through a frosted glass and a couple holding a dead baby I dreamt I was looking through frosted glass but I could see right through the glass. Then I dreamt about a man and lady, but he was holding a child that had passed away... If the glass you were looking through in your dream was frosted because of the cold, it could predict meeting with someone soon who may become your true love. If you were able to see through the glass which was artificially matted, this is a reflection of your ability to predict unfavorable changes or challenges coming your way and successfully avoid potential issues and problems. The second dream vision could point to something related to people you know closely and if they have been through difficulties or tough times, the issues might soon disappear because the man in this relationship would be able to find the right solution to end the hardship.
Being suicidal and purposely crashing a car I dreamed that I was very suicidal and depressed and wanted to die, so I took the car, but I am only 15 and in the dream it was like no one cared how old I was, and when I started the car this person told me to stop and not go but I went anyways and I drove very fast hoping I would crash. Then somehow I flipped the car and purposely made the car crash, but nothing was wrong with me, the car got all squeezed in and there was no blood and this little boy was recording the whole thing, please help me out. Having suicidal tendencies in a dream may be an indication of hindering someone else's chances for success, especially in tasks or endeavors that are important to them or crucial to their future. Perhaps you are distracting one of your friends as they try to study for an important test, or maybe you are unintentionally standing in the way of two people getting together and starting a relationship. Trying to drive a car that does not belong to you and then crashing it predicts getting involved with a bad crowd and, in particular, participating in illegal activities like fraud or identity theft. You may think your actions are harmless at first, but just like driving a car before a giant crash, the reality will become a major issue for you if you get in too deep. The little boy recording this series of events represents looking at your life from another perspective. Therefore, it would be wise to look at your actions and those you associate with and decide if this is the person you really want to be. If dark thoughts persist in waking moments, you may also want to talk to an authority figure, like a parent or counselor, so they can point you in the right direction if you need help.
Getting into an awkward situation and becoming famous I was on a water slide and as I was going down it broke and as I was in the air a girl from my volleyball team took a video of me while one of my friends danced awkwardly and the other was in a complete panic. Then the girl from my volleyball team posted it online and then I just saw a video of me falling with 1 billion views on YouTube posted by the girl. Dreaming about seeing yourself becoming famous or popular (in your case online) means that one of your wishes or plans still remains unrealized either because of the lack of resources, time or personal abilities, or because other people are standing in your way. Most likely, you have overestimated your own abilities or existing competition and may be living through some disappointing times right now because you fell like the opportunity is gone forever now.
In a dark room and promising I am in a dark room saying I promise. Envisioning yourself in a dark room may represent worry over uncertain outcomes for some result you are expecting or complications occurring in regard to a task you are working on. Giving your word in a dream, particularly if it was repeated multiple times, points toward taking on new responsibilities or being trusted with some duty that is difficult for you to handle alone. It may be that your participation, whether you chose to become involved or not, causes some stress or agitation in you life. In summary, this dream seems to be a warning to consider carefully everything you must do before taking action or getting too heavily engrossed in a task.
Getting down from the hill with steps I was high up on a hill, there were lots of people about. There were steps down, but I couldn't get down as several of the steps were broken. I don't know how I managed to get down, but I did. Seeing yourself in a high place, like the top of a hill or a high staircase, is a positive sign connected to the work you do or activities you join in real life. It indicates a kind, thoughtful disposition and a natural gift for helping those in trouble or need, such as members of your family, friends, acquaintances, or people you work with. Being able to descend the stairs even though some were damaged and broken symbolizes a blindness to social class, wealth, or other superficial factors, representing your sympathy and empathy towards anyone who needs your assistance whether they can return the favor or not.
Dressed as a celebrity I had a dream I was part of a sketch comedy act. I was dressed as Ozzy Osbourne and it was set in a retirement home. I had on a Beatles T-shirt, and when they asked me why I had on a Beatles T-shirt, I said "because they f***ing dress me here"! Dreaming about performing while portraying someone famous or popular means that you tend to imitate or act like this person or people in your waking life. The questions asked by the audience about your performance or about the way you were dressed could also mean that some people from your social circle or even unfamiliar people could be displeased or even irritated by the way you act and present yourself in front of them. The dream could also serve as a warning of some upcoming surprises or news which could be both positive, or not so pleasant when you receive them.
Floating over the bed and unable to scream I am in an old white-washed house, in the bedroom. I am floating above the bed and then do one clockwise spin and drop hard onto the bed. Then I hear a whisper of my name and it's a mans voice. I try to scream repeatedly and nothing comes out of my mouth. Dreaming about being in a random house predicts meeting or interacting with someone you know and are probably close to, though in an unexpected or unusual way. The exact imagery of being inside a bedroom may point toward some romantic or intimate interactions, but this may not necessarily be the case. A spinning clock is often interpreted as a symbol for being very busy or confused, likely causing feeling of anxiousness, helplessness, or frustration. Finally, both whispers and lack of a voice are signs of becoming sick in the future. It may be that because you are so busy and stressed, you do not have time to properly take care of yourself and, as a result, come down with a cold or some other minor illness.
Being homeless I dreamed I was homeless. Dreams containing images of being homeless predict a possibility of soon experiencing great disappointments, frustrations and things which would turn out to be a complete opposite of what you were expecting to happen. The underlying cause of these circumstances is most likely the result of unfair treatment, disrespect or inferiority complex you may have or express in respect to other people around you.
Hearing voices with no people around Someone yells "Stone mountain" in my ear and I hear a whole lot of people talking but no one is around. Hearing sounds while finding yourself alone suggests recent feelings of isolation or rejection, most likely from a family member or close friend. It may be that you wanted to hang out when they were busy or that you got into some small disagreement. If the sounds made you feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared, it may indicate feelings of guilt and regret for the part you played. However, if the sounds had no effect or made you happy, it may reflect a tendency to hold your opinion higher than other people's ideas.
Being saved by someone from drowning I was sleeping on a boat, boat wasn't moving and things were calm. I knew I was going to fall, and I let myself fall into the water. Like my mind was awake, but I couldn't wake my body. I was trying to swim up, but I was falling faster than I could swim, like my body wasn't fully awake but my mind was aware what was happening. Then somebody else saved me. Not exactly sure who it was, it was a guy friend, not my husband. Being on a boat in a dream indicates going through a change in your life. The fact that you are sleeping at first suggests you were not previously ready for this journey. However, falling into water, in this vision, predicts that you can handle the changes and solve any problems that come your way. This is also supported by the person who saved you in this dream, who represents struggles in your past, but a great potential to succeed, especially with the help of other people.
Cutting off dog's head I dreamt I was cutting the head of a dog. This dream vision could be a reflection of your current state of mind when you are considering severing ties or ending friendship with one or more people who once were important in your life. This decision could be a direct result of their insincerity, an act of betrayal or simply because you feel you have outgrown this relationship beyond compatibility or any significant value to you.
Being an elephant and inroduced to the herd I am a female and I dreamed I was a young male elephant. I left my herd and found another but every time I tried to stand in the middle of the new herd they, the older elephants, would move. So, another elephant the same age and same size as me gave me his trunk and led me to the middle and the older elephants stayed surrounding me. Dreaming about animals represented by elephants in general could signify your loneliness and dissatisfaction when communicating with other people, either in person or distantly. At the same time, focusing on an elephant's trunk in the same dream for females could contain symbolism with sexual connotations. It is possible that you are experiencing some intense sexual desire towards the opposite sex. You may be attracted to a man and want to have intimate relationship with him or express you affection sexually. Alternatively, you could be aspiring to possess the social power and influence of a man. That is, you might be wanting to have a more masculine social role and recognition in your social setting.
Challenged to a fight and having different aspects of personality I dropped my wife off at her job in a store similar to a JC Penney's. Then I went to another area of the store where there was an outside break room. There were a bunch of coworkers yelling and talking about how they had to fight themselves and how crazy it was. Then I saw myself in that group. My coworkers turned towards me and said "It is your turn, Mike". We started fighting. There was no slow motion aspect about it. This younger me wanted to fight, but my experience made it simple. This other me looked like me before I became a family man but with my current weight. I won, he disappeared. Seeing a group of people fighting indicates an aspect of your personality which is free and gives you the ability to "be your own man." This is juxtaposed with the symbols of the two people you are fighting. The first fight, where you win easily, suggests there is something you are missing in your wake life. When you figure it out, you are likely to be caught off guard and may not know how to respond. The image of fighting another version of yourself, however, is more telling. It suggests an internal struggle, either with some part of your personality that you did not like from your previous life or with the "what-ifs" that plague the minds of creative people. In both cases, the fact that you won the fight suggests finding peace or contentment through your perseverance and hard work.
Changing modes from flying to zombie-like and seeing a stranger I dreamt I was at my house with my mum, dad and sister. My sister told me that there something in the house. All of a sudden I rose up in flying mode and started circling the coffee table. Even my mum couldn't break my hands free, then said something in a different voice, then it changed to zombie mode. I went into a safe house and then again changed to a mall, a KFC was there, then changed to me using the loo and dada walks. While walking out I saw some black guy coming towards me, I never greeted him and he turns away. That's when I woke up. The powers you experienced, flying and zombie mode, have somewhat different meanings in the context of dream interpretation. Flying indicates experiencing freedom from the responsibilities and feelings that hold you down while being a zombie may be a manifestation of bad habits that you cannot shake off. It seems like you want to break free of some aspect of you past self that everyone else is comfortable with and accepts (represented by your house and family within it). However, without their support, you are likely to continue reverting back to your old self without making any progress toward your goals. Seeing a stranger coming towards you also represents failure, but seeing him turn and go away right before you wake up suggests you have been given another chance. You can use this opportunity to make things right and to make the positive change you have been working so hard on. In this case, you should put your full effort behind the self-improvement you seek and try to rely on those around you to help you.
Being imprisoned and seeing strange things happening around Went to jail for a 90-day sentence. I don't know what I did wrong. And there was no place for me to sleep except on top of a picnic table with a thin mattress that was covered in root beer, cold and sticky. Jailer was "nice", not mean, but said that's all they had. After he left and I tried to sleep, I walked around and found a better place to sleep. After a nap I awoke to the jail being turned into a swimming pool. Everyone was enjoying the water, but fully clothed and swimming, except 2 female guards, swimming in bathing suits that everyone, even horny guys, stayed away from. Being in jail, even for a short length of time, predicts you are about to hit an unlucky streak in your life. This is especially true if you are working on or about to start a major project. It might be better to avoid beginning any special endeavors until after this period has passed. In addition, an unusual sleeping situation, such as the mattress covered in root beer or the random place you took a nap, suggests there may be an opportunity to turn this situation around. However, this chance to break away from the bad luck that overshadows you may only come to pass if you stick to the straight and narrow, meaning you follow all the rules (work, social, and otherwise) pertinent to your place in life. This is symbolized by the people enjoying the water with all their clothes on. If you try to cheat or put less than your best foot forward, you are likely to miss the opportunity and might be stuck in a cycle of disappointment and sadness for some time.
Being picked up with a car that looked like a hearse I had a dream my father picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at the hotel I stayed at when he passed away and when I looked back to see what car he picked me up in it was an off-white hearse ... Please can u help me understand hearses are usually black, why the off-white color? Traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of a hearse in a dream as an indication of upcoming illness or worsening health conditions for the dreamer. At the same time, the darker the color of the hearse was perceived, the more serious this condition would be. The beginning of this dream also indicates your worries and concerns about relying on help of your family members or relatives. Overall, these developments could affect either your father or you personally, but it does not seem that the consequences would be dramatic or too significant if anything ever happens to either of you two.
Eating animals alive for vegetarians This is not the first time I've had this type of dream. I was eating a domesticated animal while it was still alive. There were people with me and they were eating much more than I was. When realized what was happening, I was incredibly sad. I am a vegetarian and have been for most of my life. These dreams stick with me for a couple of days, haunting me and making me feel like crying. There are two different images coming through in this dream. The first, eating meat, is a relatively positive sign representing having a lot of energy to take on the world and to fight for what you believe in. If you are not working toward any particular goal at the moment, now might be the time to start. On the other hand, hurting a living animal suggests danger may be lurking just around the corner. Situations like this come around every once in a blue moon. There is an opportunity to succeed and excel, but only after overcoming some major obstacle. Even if you do pass the test, though, it may still leave a mark on you. It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide if the risk is worth the reward.
Lighting and blowing out candles while on the dock I dreamt that I lit three candles which were all in a bin and then I walked away and had a shower. Then I looked into someone's eyes and thought that I could not trust them. Then I walked out onto a dock with an orange and pink sunset in the background and blew out one candle with my breath and the next with the lid of the bin, except I accidentally burnt the bin a bit. Then I walked off of the dock and woke up. This vision has a number of complicated symbols within it though there are a few that stand out. The first are the three lit candles, which are a particularly lucky sign. They indicate having good luck in regards to current goals or dreams, meaning either making great progress toward or successfully finishing a project. Suddenly going to take a shower, however, suggests what you are working on is uncommon or expensive. This not only makes it difficult to do regularly but also takes a lot of time and money. However, completion of this task is likely to make you a star among your friends and family, if not more widely. This is represented in the sign of the sunset seen from the dock, which predicts recognition for your accomplishments. If there is a project you are particularly interested in at the moment, you should take full advantage of this interpretation and do your best.
Falling off a high cliff and surviving by hitting water I'm being dared to jump off an insanely high cliff into a lake. I walk to the edge and think "No, I'm not doing it", but I slip an fall off the edge. As I fall, I realize I'm gonna hit the cliff wall and steer myself away from it. I'm happy at this an have no fear. I'm falling for a long time. I don't remember hitting the water, but I remember afterwards in my dream I'm bragging to friends about how high it was and that it took me at least 25 seconds to reach the bottom. To understand this vision, we should look at the signs in reverse. A large body of water, such as the one you fell into at the end of a dream, portends opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. However, the feeling of falling from a great height suggests you may be easily fooled or have a tendency to get involved with unprofitable enterprises. If you see an opportunity that looks too good to be true, it's best to avoid it. Focus your energies on projects that have consistently proven successful rather that ones that are completely up to chance.
Being afraid to be outside on the street I will highly appreciate if you could help me in finding out the meaning of this dream, it's really bothering me on daily basis, I watch out for myself as I have this fear to be out on the street, it's real bad. Please help. Walking in the street in a dream vision is an auspicious sign predicting success at work and suggests you have already poured a lot of your time, effort, and heart into your chosen field. However, being fearful of being on the street seems to indicate you are worried about taking the next step on your career path. It may be you have been offered a promotion you are not sure you are ready for, or you might think it is time to change careers completely. In either case, taking such a major plunge might be risky, but if you choose to take the opportunity and do your best with it, you are likely to have results which you can be proud of.
Being chased and attacked by a dog I was trying to get away cause I had weed on me, then I jumped a fence. I saw the dog legs, it tried to attack me. Dreams containing images of being chased by someone or something is an indication that you have a tendency to do things in a haste, without careful consideration and attention given to the matter. It could be happening recently, or you could have this inherent quality because of your personality and character. At the same time, you may be slowly coming to the realization that this way of approaching things is starting to bother you, as the image of the dog in the same dream implies. Most likely, the mistakes you have made in the past are catching up with you resulting in a great deal of frustration and prevent you from achieving more in life.
Walking barefoot in the darkness I was walking alone in the dark barefoot in a forest. My feet were sinking in the mud. I was a bit scared. Usually, dream visions about walking barefoot and sinking in mud serve as an indication of upcoming minor sickness or not feeling well. Walking alone in the dark in this context, means that is condition would either not be acquired as a result of interacting with other people who may be affected by common illnesses, such as flu, or it could mean some anxiety and fear related to uncertainty and worry after hearing something bad or disheartening related to your health.
Flying over and interacting with snow I was dreaming that I was flying barefoot in a nightgown over snow-covered threes and ground and I felt very powerful like I was possessed by something. Then I landed slowly on my feet and walked a little bit, and then I lied in the snow and then I rubbed my face with the snow and it felt cold on my cheek which felt so good. Dreaming that you are flying over vast land completely or partially covered in snow is a vision of success in partnership. You and your spouse or partner may have complementary traits, skills and talents, and your relationship could be bringing out the best in both of you. As a result of working in great harmony and perfect unison, you would find more happiness and success. The same meaning could be attributed to cases when you are thinking of starting a new relationship, either personal, professional or social.
Being trapped inside a box and choking a woman I dreamed for the second time that I was inside a box with windows.This time I was trapped. I also dreamed I choked a woman with cords. There are two main images in this dream. The first is being unable to escape the windowed box, which predicts experiencing negative circumstances due to other people's actions, most likely the spreading of gossip or unflattering rumors. The second image of choking a woman, suggests you do not like a lot of change in your life, especially in regards to your relationships. Other people may wonder if your personality traits (being stuck in your ways) is conducive to sustaining relationships. You may consider spicing things up by being spontaneous or trying something new. It could give less fuel to the rumors and be a positive boost to your relationships, especially intimate ones.
Committing adultery I dreamt that I committed adultery. Committing an act of adultery in your dream depends on your current situation in waking life. If you are unattached, engaging in these kinds of activities portends finding yourself in a situation when you would be tempted to enter into a deal or agreement forced upon you, so you should steer clear of such propositions. If you are in a relationship at the moment, dreams of this nature predict major disagreements and quarrels you may regret later on if you do not analyze and take care of potential dangers lurking in the shadows and feeding on your lack of attention, which are bound to leave you destitute and hopeless.
Training someone to be a fighter and improve I was watching a random person whom I apparently knew fight. The person lost the fight and was getting criticized by our peers. I guess we were all fighters. I kept telling him that he just needed to work harder and eventually he would improve. Some random person suggested that I should train him. All of a sudden, I'm sitting in a circle with some people meditating, when I make my choice to train this person. I hop up with a new aura of energy and tell this person that I will help them. The whole dream changes. Everyone's hyped up as they know this person is going to be something special. Overall, this dream vision of training your peer to be a fighter could be revealing your own lack of leadership and initiative when you need it the most. It could be that you have faced some episodes of indecisiveness or lack of control in your everyday dealings. Trying to control another person or people in a dream carries notions of being unable to manage your interaction with other people, which could be hurting your self-confidence and personal character. You seem to have a strong and courageous personality, but you could be at odds as far as you ability to get your points across is concerned.
Interacting with a crush and getting a wig I went to see a play and my crush sat next to me. Then afterwards I told him to meet me in the village because I needed to get a white wig because his eyes were gray on a full noon and wanted him to teach me his power. My crush agreed and said my eyes are beautiful and that they were like the stars. Anyway, I left and got the wig, but on my way home I somehow lost the wig. I told my crush this when I found him, he said he would go back to the store and get me the wig. I agreed and started running, but suddenly a steep slope came, so I quit running and started jogging. This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of prominent symbols, so a concise interpretation is rather difficult to find. The first major sign is seeing someone you know in real life in your dream. This is normally a sign of having had a recent interaction with this person or thinking about them often, which is clear given your existing feelings for him. However, because he seems to reciprocate these feelings in your vision, it indicates that, whether anything comes of it or not, you have satisfying relationships with family and friends, so you do not feel lonely or isolated. The last two symbols are probably unrelated to the first two. Losing a wig represents being criticized for something you were working on, such as a school project or some creative endeavor. You may have put on a brave face for others, but their rejection of your efforts may have hurt you deeply. While you may not want to take their harsh words to heart, the image of the play at the beginning of the vision suggests you may not be pursuing the right goal in your life anyway. This means that you should probably reevaluate what is important to you and make decisions which bring you closer to your ideal future.
Moving to an unknown place Moving not knowing where. Both moving house and going somewhere unknown are symbolic of experiencing a major transformation in your waking life. Not knowing where you are moving suggests a major change brought forward through someone else's actions, like being offered a new position or suddenly being given the opportunity to do something you have always wanted. Moving house also means the same outcomes, though it indicates someone bringing this news to you in the form of a verbal message or written correspondence, implying that you already know the person who delivers this news to you.
Having two different selves and meeting with a friend Had a dream that I went out with a friend, he was a prominent person coming with his entourage. All of them are wearing white garments, but in the dream my friend saw that I appeared to be two of me, with different attires and the prominent person shook hands with just one of me. Both seeing your friend wearing white clothes and receiving a handshake either from him or a member of his entourage in this dream point to the possibility of parting your ways with this person for reasons known to you, or unexpectedly. The images of his prominence are your doubts and insecurity regarding this relationship and you may be considering someone more suitable and understanding as a friend. In your opinion, you have certain strong sides, but there are also weaknesses, as represented by the image of yourself split in two distinct selves, which may never be reconciled or taken as a whole by your friend. Overall, this dream vision serves as a hint to re-evaluate the sides of your personality, so you can create meaningful and lasting friendships in the future.
Losing weight and being complimented for it I had lost a lot of weight in the upcoming year, and many people had complimented me. I had talked to a boy over the phone who was in college and said he couldn't come home for my birthday. Suddenly, I go to my school office and find flowers from him. I walk to my car and find him there and we hugged for a long time. Dreaming about losing weight is reflective of a frugal nature. While being strict with finances is usually a good idea, this vision suggests things may have gone too far, and your actions regarding finances may be putting a strain on your relationships. Your friends may be trying to get you to hang out more than you responsibly can, which is also supported by talking to a boy on the phone. This means you may want to spend more time on your own doing activities which suit your budget-minded lifestyle. The image of receiving flowers and being affectionate with the boy predict that, despite your wishes for privacy, there are a number of men who could be interested in you at the moment. Depending on your situation and feelings, you might consider getting to know one of these people better.
Waiting for drug test results from a parole officer I'm at home and a parole officer shows up unexpectedly, I know who she is and she is requesting me to give a piss test. And talking dirty to me as I give up the sample. Then I start cleaning house as I await the result. I know I smoked weed. But it seems like a long time to wait, so I look for her and yes she is there, still no test result. Awake mad because I'm not on parole and don't smoke weed. 2-x reoccurring dream. Dreaming about being on parole and having an officer come to your house can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to make a very important decision which could affect the rest or multiple aspects of your life. Given the rest of this dream, this decision is probably in regards to your work, meaning you may be near a promotion, transfer, or complete change of work. The next symbol, submitting a urine sample for analysis, specifically represents work-related anxiety and stress. Working hard for weeks and months on end is likely to cause high levels of stress, especially physical stress which could exhaust you over time if not addressed. Spending time cleaning things in your house, however, predicts improvements in your standard of living and a well-deserved break after all your hard work. Once everything is settled, taking some time for yourself to recuperate and create a clean slate may help in the transition to your next phase.
Being pushed down the bed while asleep I dreamt I was being pushed down on my bed like someone was trying to stop me from moving. I was trying to wake up asking God for help and as I woke up I was thanking God. This vision is a warning to be mindful of your choices and behavior you engage in. Being unable to move in a dream suggests there is a war within you between what is good and practical and your selfish, immoral desires. There is no middle ground in this case, and you must either choose between an ethical, though less appealing, choice and one that may alienate you from others. This is further supported by your asking God for help and then thanking him, which suggests that meticulous attention to detail and hard work, namely the good but more difficult choice, is the right one. Giving into temptation this once may be one step toward a complete degradation of character and morals.
Putting money in a safe and strange sexual experience I had a dream that I am putting money in a safe and also another dream that I am making love to a woman who has a male organ. Dreaming about keeping money in a safe points to having a lack of diligence, it is an indication of your carelessness and simple-mindedness. Maybe you are being unmindful about your life because you feel that there will be someone else who will watch out for you, as the image of a woman with male genitalia (more power) from another dream suggests. It could also mean that you tend to take things lightly, even when the situation requires a more careful thought and consideration from you. Maybe it is high time to start being more responsible and plan ahead when it is needed.
Falling, surviving and surrounded by statues I saw me falling from top of some place in a very heavy water fall. I was scared and I landed on a huge stone from where I got without any injury and I started walking and then I saw huge idols of Lord Buddha in bronze color around me. Falling from a great height and surviving in a dream could predict being faced with opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. However, the feeling of being scared during this fall suggests you may be easily fooled or have a tendency to get involved with meaningless and trifle things instead of focusing on what really matters. The imagery of idols at the end of this dream is suggestive of your current search for inspirational and challenging things in life, which could certainly make you happier and more wholesome once your destination is reached.
Pursuaded to get down from a building top and choosing another way I am standing on high ledge looking down at ladder to get me down. Someone unknown is with me. Down at the bottom is a person telling me to step on the structure to get down and being very convincing. I knew if I step down I will fall and kill myself for the structure is very unstable. Finally is said NO, and took the a service elevator down, even if the power was not working in this construction building which is very high. Finally I reached the ground safe and said to the person with me "See, if I stepped down on that structure, I would have killed myself. Now I am safe back on the ground". Finding yourself in a high place with others who are urging you to come down is symbolic of rising negative energy in your life. However, you seem to understand the danger of falling from this height, which indicates you are aware of the evil around you and seek to distance yourself from it though you may be unsure where to turn or how to go about this. Reaching the ground safely by way of an elevator predicts meeting or being introduced to someone who has a very positive impact and influence on your life. This person can guide you on the right path and help you overcome the challenges that may arise due to the circumstances which surround you.
Not feeling well in a dream A dream about feeling unwell. Being sick in the context of a dream often points to being on the receiving end of bad news. If you were expecting to hear back from someone about something positive, such as a new job or special opportunity, you may be very disappointed. In one case, you may get just the opposite news to what you were hoping for, or you may find that the other party is ignoring your calls, giving you no sense of closure.
Strange animal transformations and being clawed as a result I was a fox running through a forest. As I was running I noticed a bush move. I stopped running, however, I changed perspectives and now I was the thing in the bush. I jump out and attack the fox, but as I do this I change perspectives again. Now I'm the fox. A wolf is trying to bite my side. I try clawing the wolf so it will let go. But then I wake up because I just clawed my own arm in real life. Later today, I looked at my arm and I see marks where I had clawed myself. What does this mean? This is a symbolically rich vision centered on the interaction between the fox and the wolf. Foxes often symbolically represent communicating or dealing with a person who is not all they seem. This means they either do not have your best interests at heart or they are outright deceiving you and trying to take advantage of your gullibility. This is juxtaposed by the image of the wolf which is symbolic of another rival in your life. This person's actions border on predatory, meaning they are not afraid of getting aggressive if it suits their goals. The interesting part is your perspective, which seems to indicate you are both the fox and the wolf. In order to get the higher ground in this challenging and precarious situation, you may have to utilize the tactics of your competitors, which may surprise them and help you get ahead.
Falling and being saved by a cow Bad people were chasing me in a old style, very tall cathedral-type building, so I jumped over the railing from the highest level of the cathedral and as I started falling, I fall on top of a cow that was falling as well, then the cow hit the ground and I was on top of the cow... So, the cow broke my fall but it died of course because I fell on top of it. What does this mean? Falling from a great height and surviving in a dream is indicative of being faced with opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. The other details of this dream are more closely related to your personality traits and the attitude you express when you try to use these chances to your advantage. Being chased in this dream represents that you are likely surrounded by rivals and competitors who want to succeed in the same field or get their share of the things they equally desire. In this pursuit, you tend to rely and depend on others, rather than act on your own, which could be beneficial for you, because it increases your chances to succeed, but not so good for them, because they may be losing on goals important to them.
Strange advances from own self In my dream I was laying in a bed under anesthesia while the doctor was getting things ready. Another, me was in a bed next to myself looking at my unconscious self just laying there asleep. My unconscious self woke up out of anesthesia and noticed me and came on to the bed I was on and tried to lay with me. I was freaked out by it in my dream state and was reluctant and tried pushing myself away. Then myself tried kissing myself and called me baby and honey and sweet names, then went back to his bed. He seemed groggy, like he didn't know it was himself. It was the strangest dream ever. This vision is highly ominous in nature and predicts some serious negative changes in your health. Being in a hospital, much like in wake life, represents illness or becoming sick in the near future. But not something simple, like a cold or an upset stomach. It is more likely to be some disease which knocks you flat and prevents you from living your life normally. Additionally, getting into bed with yourself, especially initiating intimacy and romantic overtures with yourself, suggests this could be related to diseases that could be passed on to you, particularly STDs and Hepatitis. You may want to keep an eye on your health or see a doctor soon to check for such diseases if they are a possibility.
Being captured, deprived of food and made fun of I am captivated with my kids, but I have lots of food with me and people snatched entire food and they are eating without giving grain. And I am shouting at them that I need to eat food as I am breast-feeding my baby, but everyone is making fun of me. This dream has two main images which have the same significance. Dreaming of being captured or taken as a hostage signifies losses and disappointments especially related to your romantic and intimate life. In the dream you also had food taken away from you, which can indicate being separated from your loved ones, either temporarily or forever. It can also predict treason or betrayal you are about to face in a short period of time.
Walking on the beach and wearing white clothes A friend of mine had a dream that I was walking along the beach dressed in white clothing. What does that mean? Considering the fact that this vision was experienced not by you, but your friend, it could be a manifestation that this person wants to see you as well as the other people both of you used to be around with in the past reuniting or spending time together. This could be related to class reunions, parties or simply going out for a meal as a bunch of old friends. When your friend envisioned you wearing white clothes while on the beach, it could be symbolic of their respect and reverence in regards to your spiritual values or secular beliefs which you tend to stick to in your life. However, the same dream could have a more negative meaning if perceived as them walking together with you. In this case, it could signify that they are sensing you could soon experience undesirable events or misfortune which are about to enter your life, things like financial problems or health issues.
Struggling through darkness, unable to move and no one helping I am surrounded by darkness and when I try to run, my legs won't move. Then, I see a faint light and look down and see that I am covered in my own blood and something keeps cutting me but I don't know what it is. I look at the light again and see someone standing there and reach out for them because somehow I know it's someone I trust and care for, but they don't come to me so I try to yell out for them but I fall on the ground and try to reach out for them again, but they turn and walk away and the light slowly fades with them and then everything is completely dark again. The symbols of darkness, helplessness and being covered in blood experienced in this dream connote the state of despair and uncertainty you could presently find yourself in. Falling down and being left alone is a manifestation of the hard choice you need to make, and it seems to be the result of the mistakes you have just made or things you let spiral out of control. The overall atmosphere of this vision suggests you may want to start from ground zero and look for means to find your way out of the dark tunnel you are in.
Hanging another person and going down the stairs I am hanging sometimes another person... and I am walking down the stairs. Hanging in dreams is a sign of complicated issues or challenges troubling you in your waking life. This sign, coupled with that of walking down a flight of stairs, could represent the distance you put between yourself and your goals in life. It could also be interpreted as letting your problems dictate the direction your life takes. You need to take control of your life again, but do not be afraid to ask for help from your friends or family if you are unable to do it alone.
Descending into progressively bad behavior I was drunk at a work function, so I removed my clothes, I then ruined a colleague's painting exam by painting over it. I could not get a lift home as my lift left without me. I went from one group of people throughout the city to the next, each in a worse social state. The dream had a strange glow about it. I was finally raped by a lesbian lover. This dream has a number of complicated symbols, making it difficult to clearly interpret. The first situation, behaving badly at a work function, indicates dealing with a lot of stress, almost to the snapping point. You might sometimes feel like throwing caution to the wind and giving up because of the difficulties and challenges you face. Your journey and the ensuing desolation you find represent feelings of isolation in wake life, possibly due to your hectic schedule. This culminates in rape which, though horrific in wake life, is actually a sign of success in dreams. If you are able to overcome your current situation, you are likely to be met with recognition and respect.
Seeing things which doubled up What does it mean to have two sets of different looking twins in your dream? I also remember a scene where I was cooking two pieces of Filet Mignon? Seeing double in a dream vision symbolically represents fears becoming a reality in wake life. If you have a phobia or have been concerned about a certain situation recently, you might want to plan for and expect the worst from it. While there is little to nothing you can do to stop this from becoming true, worrying and stressing is not likely to help. You should focus your energy on mitigating as much damage as you can and, after the fact, cleaning up the mess.
Attending own funeral I had a dream that I was at a funeral and everyone was standing around a casket. Mom was there and so was dad. And they were crying. None of my family was there, so I didn't know who it was. But I hugged mom, but she wouldn't talk to me. Almost like I wasn't there. I looked in casket and it was me. Just laying there... Lifeless... Being at a funeral and seeing other people mourning is usually seen as a negative sign predicting being the recipient of unfortunate news. However, seeing yourself dead indicates being released from the burdens you carry and finding internal peace. While these symbols seem to oppose each other on the surface, they make a lot of sense looking slightly deeper. It is likely you have been waiting to hear back on some important information, and this vision suggests the answer you receive may disappoint you. But now that you know the truth of the situation, you can relax and move forward, while making better-informed choices which would influence your life in a more positive way.
Someone overpowering while in bed My dream started with me laying in bed. All of a sudden, I felt someone blowing on my back all the way up to my ear and whispered, "Wish!" They went back to blowing on my back and I was unable to move and my breathing was heavy. I was trying to move a little and look behind me, but all I saw was me. Wasn't sure if it was a picture of me or if it was really me. Finding yourself in bed in your dreams suggests a heightened awareness of your surroundings, possibly the beginnings of a lucid dream. Being in bed can also be suggestive of laziness or an upcoming illness which could cause your confinement in bed. In your case, the second part of the dream is more aligned with the idleness explanation, since you end up seeing yourself or your likeness. The "Wish!" message could be you telling yourself to make a wish, dare to dream or make something of your life.
Unable to move or scream and calling on the phone for help I just knew I was in my room, but everything was white and blank except my bed and a stool and chair, they were black. My ears were vibrating and ringing and my body was numb, and I couldn't dial a number on my phone, but a lady picked up and asked me to please hold. I quickly hung up and tried to scream, but it was silent and breathy. My dad walked in and said he had a fire call and left. When I woke up there were random numbers dialed and called with only 6 numbers. My dad actually had a fire call. You may have been in a semi-conscious state when you dreamt this. When your body is asleep but your mind is still conscious, things happening around you could get interweaved in your dreams and vice versa. A white room generally indicates a new beginning or a blank canvas. This means that you were in the process of entering the dream world and this blank slate or tabula rasa that is your room is the beginning of your journey. The black bed and the chair are the things that have you tethered in the real world, mostly because these objects are your source of security and comfort in your state between waking and dreaming.
People watching while being in a dressing room I was standing in a dressing room. I looked up and there was a crowd of people staring. I asked my girlfriend to hand me a towel, but there was a big black man standing in between us so she couldn't. I am a 23 year old male. I continued dressing and when I was done, I had the towel. Dressing rooms are thought to represent a certain place or situation in which change takes place. In wake life, this may be a coming-of-age ceremony, birthday, graduation or other life-altering event. The presence of your girlfriend (a helping factor) and the man between you two (a hindering factor) suggest that this moment may have been preceded by certain challenges which you were able to overcome with the support of others.
Getting lost in the snow I was in a meeting or conference in a strange place, suddenly I found myself outside barefoot, I lost my shoes and was barefoot in a snow, and could not get back to the meeting place, was going around and appearing even further from where I needed to be. Then my friend appeared from somewhere and held my hand and led me. This vision is a highly ominous sign which, to be understood correctly, should be interpreted in reverse order. The final sign is that of your friend holding your hand and represents going through a rough period in your life. This is most likely related to your business, career or finances as bare feet in dreams tend to predict monetary losses while business meetings warn that something precious to you may be lost or traded in your desperation to provide for yourself. This vision indicates a need to make preparations for this possible future if you have not done so already.
Being controlled by something and told to kill girlfriend I had this dream where I had no control over my actions, but I knew someone or something was controlling them. For some reason it was happening at my grade school, but it looked way different. This "thing" controlling me kept trying to get me to harm or even kill my girlfriend and it has tried on numerous occasions. I remember her saying that she couldn't be with me because of it and I remember being devastated because I couldn't control it. What could this dream mean? This is an issue of control. Dreaming that you are being compelled to act against your will is a testament of your need to always be in charge. Maybe there are aspects of life that are going against your expectations and you are constantly trying and pushing to get it back on track. However, this also reveals that somewhere inside you is an awareness that some things are completely out of your control. Relationships and life in general work in ways which are oftentimes beyond our capacity to comprehend, hence we can only attempt to do what we think is right and what is best for the people we love. Attempting to kill your girlfriend as commanded by an invisible being speaks of emotional outbursts and an unpredictable temperament. You could be exhibiting certain harmful behaviors and attitude that is offending people close to you. The dream could be telling you to reflect on your conduct in real life to gain clarity and perspective.
Seeing own image in someone unfamiliar I was in bathroom getting ready for a Halloween party. Other people were also in there with me, this one girl in particular was standing against the wall with her back to the wall and I poked her to tell her it was time to go and when she looked at me it was me. It was really trippy, so I told my boyfriend to go in the bathroom and look, and he said there was nobody in there. Seeing your doppelganger in a dream symbolizes bad decisions. Your vision is a forewarning of the undesirable consequences of thoughtless decisions or reckless behavior. Doppelgangers are generally harbingers of bad omen, such as accidents, bad luck and health issues. Hence, take extra care that you do not come to regret your choices in the waking world because you may just end up taking a good, hard look at your life when you reach the lowest point.
Taking the blame for someone else's wrongdoing and being punished Me and all my siblings were being punished for something. I knew it was my brother who did wrong, but knowing the punishment was death, I took the blame. The person cut off one of my eyelids, but I didn't die, so he forces multiple pills down my throat. Then, all of a sudden, I was laying on my bed with a pen and a piece of paper to write my last words, (don't have space to write it all) but, I said I had feelings for my best friend (same gender). Then before I finished, I died, then woke up. To dream of being punished reflects feelings of guilt. Volunteering to die in place of your brother alludes to a sense of responsibility on your part. Perhaps some part of you feels culpable for any negative situation or issues your loved ones may be going through. The letter you write at the end of your dream before you die speaks of unresolved or repressed issues, not necessarily related to gender issues. It could be a sign of wanting to let go certain aspects of yourself that you deem destructive or deleterious to the people close to you. Alternatively, dying in dreams indicate negligence in the upkeep of select areas of your life, such as your health or performance at work. Being distracted by other matters may have costly consequences, so the vision is a reminder to achieve a semblance of balance in all aspects of your life.
Being taken over by an unknown creature which turns into a dog As I was lying on my bed on my back with my legs open, there was this heavy body on my body, really heavy that was trying to penetrate me. I tried so hard to fight this body off my body as I couldn't breathe and then I started saying "In Jesus name, in Jesus name" and the body suddenly lifted off my body and as it left my body it turned into a dog and it ran off with its tail between its legs. Dreaming about being raped by what feels to be a heavy, formless body is often interpreted as a sign of demons and other negative energy trying to get inside of you and get ahold of your soul. This can be caused by the presence of trials and tribulations in your life which could influence you to act negatively. The culmination of these hardships is likely to be a separation from someone you loved or once had a strong connection to, as seen in the image of the retreating dog. Calling out to Jesus, however, suggests your faith is strong and that you have the strength it takes to fight these battles.
Trapped in spider webs and caught in traffic I have had two dreams... One about I was trying to get back to work and got caught and trapped in spider webs. The other, I couldn't get out of traffic and when I did, the road began to collapse. To dream that you are caught in a spider web reflects your state of being preoccupied with things that bother you a lot at the moment. You are likely being very reluctant to meet new acquaintances and make new friends outside the work environment. Simlarly, getting stuck in a traffic jam alludes to feelings of frustration in your waking life. Maybe you feel like you are standing still and not quite progressing personally or professionally. As such, the message of your dream visions seem to be advising you to take opportunities to widen your social circle in order to find opportunities for growth.
Walking in the snow while holding a candle that would not go off I was walking in an area fully covered by snow with white lit candle in hand in the evening. I was trying to extinguish the candle but I couldn't. I stumbled many times, but each time I got up and was hopeful to have the candle unlit, but again it was lit. I kept going forward. I bumped into my ex-lecturer and asked him to extinguish it, but he couldn't. Instead he said "Do you know you are a last member of a family that will go to Canada from Germany?". Walking on a snow-covered area or being snowed in suggests bearing witness to the hardships and difficulties that the people around you are going through in reality. You may be faced with the dilemma of helping these people out of their predicament, thereby risking your own life and limb, or ignoring their pleas for help and being accused of callousness and indifference. The candle you hold in your hand with the flame that cannot be extinguished predicts a happy reunion with someone you have fallen out of touch with or have not seen for some time. Perhaps you may soon become a beacon of hope for this person. Alternatively, dream visions of this nature portend finding new opportunities or being offered a chance to do something exciting and fulfilling. A lit candle is a sign of intellect and enlightenment, this would be your guiding light in the coming challenges you could face in your life.
Standing alone on a cliff with a city burning behind It is neither day or night, no sun, no moon, no stars, no wind, no clouds. I'm standing alone and calm on a cliff high above the ocean, behind and beneath me there is a city completely burning. Subconsciously, cliffs represent standing at the precipice of some great change or new phase in your life. The direction of this upheaval, however, is unclear because the image of the ocean spread before you predicts a vast number of opportunities for you to choose from. In this case, you may be able to study something you are deeply interested in, find a new job or meet the person of your dreams. Whatever the case, this change in circumstances is likely to bring you great happiness and pleasure, as the image of the burning city behind you suggests that whatever you experience can ignite the fire of passion and motivation within you.
Spinning and seeing different colors I saw myself spinning around and the color green and blue was on me, and then I lift my hands and they were gold. The colors blue and green tend to represent both your current happiness and your dreams for the future, so in dream visions they usually point toward good luck and satisfaction. However, spinning around and around while envisioning these colors is an ominous sign which warns that your future happiness may be in short-lived. These two opposing images are explained by the presence of gold at the end of the vision. It shows that your current goals and aspirations may be based on illusions or that someone is tricking you, making you believe things are much better than they truly are.
Being lost in large places and feeling tired because of this I have several similar dreams: I am lost in a large shopping center and can't locate an exit... Or I've parked my car and don't remember where it is located when I return from doing whatever! I have these dreams at least once a week and I am exhausted from mentally racing around. Dreaming that you are lost in a large place, such as a shopping center or a parking lot, represents your existing insecurities. There may certain aspects of your life that you wish you could know more about. Such subconscious concerns may be causing you undue stress and keeping you from having a good night's rest. Do not be afraid or ashamed of reaching for professional help should things start spiraling out of control.
Being saved from rape and drowning My ex boyfriend saved me from being raped and we ended up having sex, but then I woke up on the beach and someone told me they saved me from drowning and I dreamt everything and nobody I knew was there. Being saved from getting raped by your ex-boyfriend alludes to some lingering feelings for your ex. You could be harboring a desire to get back together with him. Maybe you are feeling insecure or vulnerable at the moment and you long for the comfort and security of having a romantic partner. The sex with your ex-boyfriend, however, is a bad sign that an old conflict or issue will be returning to your life, which will require you to spend a considerable amount of time dealing with it. So before you entertain thoughts of returning to an old pattern or getting back together with your ex, think of the consequences of such a decision. Awakening at the beach likewise refers to rationality. The presence of sand and water in the context of your vision suggests a need to temper your fluid, impulsive nature with your solid, pragmatic side.
Being hypnotized by music while being watched by others I have had a dream 3 times and each time I am with a friend and fall asleep and when I wake up I'm with her and a few other people. All the people seem to be studying me and then I hear "I'm going to play the music again." When I hear the music I fall asleep and when the music stops I wake up. That keeps repeating itself until I wake up. Being watched or scrutinized, in the context of a dream vision, usually points to higher than normal stress levels when awake. Your body may be trying to process the strain you are currently under by focusing on a mundane, but persistent task. This is followed by music which, in a dream vision, is a positive sign associated with opportunity and happiness. You may find that all your hard work is about to pay off with an enticing chance in the near future.
Feeling the presence of a male sprinkling water I was lying down on the bed when I suddenly fell asleep. I dreamt that a male entity was standing besides my bed. My neck was exposed and he sprinkled some water on it. I actually felt those water drops on my neck. Please help. Dreaming about an unwelcome man in your bedroom is often interpreted as a sign that something is not right in your current way of living. Your routines may not match with the type of future you envisioned for yourself, or perhaps they are not conducive to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Having water splashed on your body, in this case, seems to be both a wake-up call pointing out the time to change and a signal that there is someone waiting for you who can help with your transformation, most likely by providing you with a loving, safe relationship in which to grow.
Realization of being kidnapped and trying to escape I had a dream that I was kidnapped and held in a white room. I was a male and would find pieces of newspaper articles of me being missing. I was famous for something. When I read a newspaper article, I would would think something like, "I wish my family would find me," and then I would find an article about my family putting more of an effort to find me. The dream goes on about me finding another guy. We met two other girls, and found a hole that led to a wall with a black pentagram on it. To dream that you have been kidnapped denotes latent feelings of limitations, restrictions and being trapped. There may be parts of your reality, possibly your peers and family, trying to control your decisions or actions. Alternatively, you may be feeling alienated from your loved ones because of some existing disagreements. Perhaps they are trying to find the old you or are struggling to relate to who you have become. The pentagram suggests spirituality and wisdom. You may need to be more self-assured and evaluate your principles to help yourself and other lost souls out there.
Being an abandoned baby I am a naked crying baby on the ground in a storm. This vision carries a highly ominous prediction and should not be taken lightly. Envisioning yourself as a baby in the context of a dream vision predicts going through a transition in your life, like a change in lifestyle or physical space. Both crying and the storm, however, suggest troubling times ahead, especially for your health. You may want to take precautions, such as early screenings for diseases that run in your family. Additionally, you should consider others measures, including a will or final message, in case the worst befalls you.
Becoming a woman for a male and enjoying it I am a male in high school. In my dream I was a woman for 4 days. I spent those days making friends and being truly happy. On the last day, I went to prom, and asked my friend to get me laid, and wasted. For males, perceiving themselves as a woman in a dream bears ambiguous meaning. For one, it may reveal emotional instability. Perhaps you experience sudden mood swings for no apparent reason. Another reason behind this dream vision could be a latent discontent about who you are. You may still be in the process of getting to know your real self, and as a result, your mind goes through other existential possibilities. Alternatively, this could just be a manifestation of your curiosity about women and femininity. In trying to understand women, your mind conjured up a situation wherein you are quite literally walking in a woman's shoes.
Unable to hear or speak with family members My eyes were open, but I couldn't see anything and I couldn't hear anything. I didn't know if anyone was looking at me or talking to me. Eventually my vision came back and I was somehow in my dining room with my mother, father and sister. I started speaking, but they ignored me, so then I started screaming saying "I can't hear anything" and they looked at me and I fell to the floor crying and then I woke up. Given the introduction and ending of this vision, it seems there are aspects of both reality and symbolic imagery involved. For example, being unable to see or hear anything as though you were deaf and blind could indicate feeling alone in the depths of despair. Even your own family may be unable to understand or sympathize with your feelings, making you feel isolated and unable to connect deeply with others. However, the connection of two souls may be exactly what is needed to scare away the shadows and bring you back to a safe, happy place.
Returning home with unpleasant appearance I frequently dream that I have returned to my place of birth barefoot and looking untidy. This vision is a highly ominous warning that should not be taken lightly. Being barefoot in the course of a dream suggests constant anticipation that some aspect of your future is uncertain or dim, meaning that you feel future events may strongly sway the course of your life for better or for worse. This is supported by your untidy appearance, which also represents possibly falling victim to the lies of someone you thought you could trust. Should things unfold in this way, you may find yourself going back to your family for both moral and financial support.
Receiving beads and tickets In my first dream, a man gave me beads. In the second dream, I was given flight ticket to travel, I missed the flight and the ticket name was changed to Mr. and Mrs. and it was given back to me. Beads often represent happy occasions and get-togethers, so receiving beads from someone during the course of a dream usually predicts being invited to a party or having an event thrown in your honor. The second dream further validates the idea of an upcoming party and portends, through receiving the plane ticket, meeting someone who sweeps you off your feet. However, missing the flight could suggest that there is some impediment to such an outcome, such as a current relationship or a difference in religion, language or personal views.
Giving birth and learning skills In my dreams I gave birth to twin girls through C S. Yet, in another dream, I was married to my boyfriend and a little cute boy looking like my boyfriend appeared somehow, but I didn't give birth to him. However I grew fond of the child and loved him like mine. In the third one, I was going to learn bead making, catering, bridal make ups and bag making. Your dreams are rife with allusions to settling down and domestication. The first vision involving giving birth to twins symbolizes family celebrations. You would soon find yourself taking part in or hosting festive gatherings with family and friends in commemoration of important events. In the second vision, the marriage refers to upcoming positive or encouraging changes in your everyday existence. Finally, the housekeeping and wedding-related learning in the third vision reveals your desire to commit yourself to someone. Overall, your yearning for security and wanting a family of your own are manifesting in the dream world. This overwhelming desire could end up influencing the events and decisions in your reality.
Someone giving kisses while in bed I was sleeping and someone was sitting on the edge of my bed caressing me and kissing me. It wasn't clear who that person was, it felt so real. I even thought my sister was doing that before I fully woke up. To dream that someone is kissing you symbolizes love and satisfaction. You could be getting into a period of your personal journey where everything seems to fall perfectly into place. The kisses and caresses you felt in your dream vision also predict lasting happiness no matter what obstacles or frustrations you may encounter in your life. This sense of contentment could only help you overcome them quickly and with little effort on your part.
Walking naked through neighborhood I find myself walking at night naked or nearly naked to get to my car or to get home which is several miles away and through a neighborhood that I am familiar with and where people would know me. In the dream I have not yet been caught but I'm worrying about it. I wake up before I get caught but never make it home or to my car. Your dream wherein you are walking naked at night alludes to fear of being exposed. Exposure could mean long-held secrets or things that you are ashamed of. Maybe you got involved in questionable activities and you are anxious about being found out. Whatever secret it is that you are hiding, you fear that it would bring you shame and tarnish your reputation. Alternatively, this dream could be a reflection of your low self-esteem. Perhaps you are not yet fully comfortable in your own skin or you have not fully embraced your flaws and shortcomings. You may be a perfectionist, hence you do not want others to find out about your insecurities and weaker sides. However, in order to find security and inner peace, as symbolized by the need to go home, you need to be able to accept yourself fully, as any human being who has flaws and weaknesses.
Going through a series of losses Was in a change room, left for 2 seconds and an aboriginal lady stole my purse, but I caught her. We got into a big argument waited for cops to come and was waiting for my husband. I was crying a lot. A lady asked if I was going to be OK. Then, all of a sudden, I was driving alone, very upset, realized I was lost and scared on a dangerous road, called husband, crying, saying "I'm lost". Came to a bridge, lost control of the car, dropped phone and woke up. This dream seems to suggest feelings of insecurity on your part inside your relationship with your husband. Losing a purse to a theft in this dream is indicative of owing someone a debt, but being unable to repay them when asked to. Both waiting for the police to arrive and having an accident on a bridge allude to great uncertainty and a lot going on on your mind at the moment. Perhaps you sense that you are left alone in this predicament, without any help or support you would expect from your husband or other family members.
Looking for something house-to-house I am trying to get somewhere. I have left something and need to get back to get it. In trying to accomplish that I make my way back as the crow flies. I find myself walking into people's houses. Houses I don't know and people I don't know. Walking into a door and knowing I need to crawl out a window to get to where I am going... I try to not let them see me and when they do it is no big deal. During my venture I get side-tracked, never accomplishing what I set out to find. Dreaming that you have left something behind and need to go back to that place to retrieve it symbolically represents the presence of a task or decision that you have yet to take care of. This outstanding issue is likely something you have been avoiding, as the image of entering through a door could point toward some indecisiveness about the matter. Maybe you are unsure about the consequences and want to avoid responsibility for the results, or maybe you are afraid that you can never return to where you were before the choice was made. In either case, exiting from the window is probably a suggestion from your subconscious to jump in feet first and not worry too much about things you do not have control over.
Left in the dark after candles burn out It was about candles and some were being put out and others were just going out by themselves. All of a sudden everything got dark and I got upset for no reason, but I couldn't move because I was stuck, so I ended up crying. Seeing burning candles suddenly being extinguished without reason or explanation is an ill-omen. Candles usually represent good luck when trying to reach certain goals, but seeing them being put out points to certain issues that would get between you and what you are hoping to accomplish. Being unable to move and crying at the end could be interpreted as your own feelings of helplessness regarding the difficulties you may encounter along the way.
Losing a singing voice Hi, I love singing. That's what I am praying for if that is what God wants me to do with my voice. I sang in the bar before, but I know God don't want me to sing there. I sang also praise and worship songs. I was dreaming that my golden voice disappeared, I don't know if they can still hear me, all I know I can't hear it myself, or let's say I am deaf! I cried because I lost my voice. What does it mean? Thank you and more power. Losing your voice or being unable to hear your own voice in a dream represents the sadness you feel or the concern you have for the future of your singing career. You seem to have strong motivation to sing, but your circumstances do not allow you to shine to your fullest potential. In this case, your vision is a warning about falling into despair, perhaps giving up your dream altogether. It may be time to find a new attack plan to achieve your goals and utilize your voice under the right circumstances.
Misfortunes happening in a row I am from India and I have come to Canada to my relatives. This is the third dream I had last night. The first was I am with my daughter in a lift going up in a building and the lift wire broke, it started falling down fast and I woke up with fear. In the second, I was in aircraft with my family and suddenly my wife had a heart attack, I was in distress and I saw my son creating ruckus on the plane and wanted it to land immediately. The third was I was in a room in a building and it started falling and I woke up. These visions are highly ominous and should be regarded with caution. Falling in a lift is a very inauspicious symbol associated with a decrease in your quality of life. Despite your recent change of scenery, there are likely some aspects of life which have not improved. For example, you may have difficulty communicating your wants and needs to others, or the change in climate may have started having a negative effect on your overall health. Envisioning your wife having a heart attack while in flight also suggests misfortune, suggesting that the cause is your own inability to manage your time and resources wisely. You may want to take your next steps more carefully than you were planning to avoid the worst of these issues.
Running through a loop of doors I had a nightmare that involved someone trying to kill me. I kept going through doors, but none of them lead to where they should've gone. I couldn't see who was trying to kill, but I was very afraid. I was stuck in a continuous loop of going through doors. Someone attempting to kill you during the course of a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting the rise of negative energy in your life, specifically in the form of a new acquaintance who tries to coerce you into doing things you normally would not. Going through door after door and being unable to find an escape route suggests finding your way out of this situation could prove to be very challenging. Because you were unable to solve the problem before the end of the dream, it could represent your inability to do so in wake life as well.
Being naked in public places I continually dream that I am in some public place busy with what I am doing and suddenly realize that my breast are exposed (naked). I am embarrassed, but I try to stay cool about it. People are looking, but I try to act like I am confident. This has been in different pubic settings in each dream. Dreaming of being naked in public reveals your fears and insecurities. This is not about body image, rather an issue of vulnerability. You could be reluctant to show your weaknesses lest they get used against you. It is also possible that you are afraid that others would find out about certain secrets or private information about you. You dislike being in a compromising position and you tend to prefer situations wherein you have full control.
Unable to find way back home I left my kids at home whilst I went to the shop round the corner and I got lost and couldn't find my way home. I rung my mum to go to my room after them because I felt my baby was crying, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get home. Getting lost while out and about is often associated with the idea of misunderstandings and communication troubles between you and those around you. In this case, your mother could be one of the main sources of your frustration in this regard, given her presence in the vision. You may also feel some distance between you and your children which is represented by the physical separation experienced in this vision. It may be wise to be more clear about your wants and desires when talking, but also to listen carefully both to what others are saying and what they are not saying.
Unable to count when asked Since I was little I always had this dream where I would be asked to count. I don't know what I would count, but I couldn't ever count, not even to one. I would wake up crying and I have never been able to count and I want to know what my dream means. Counting in dreams typically alludes to being organized to the point of being obsessive. It signifies discipline and systematic thinking. Thus, being unable to count could point to a laid-back attitude. Perhaps others are putting a lot of pressure on you or forcing you to be more responsible and it is not in your nature to be the one in charge. This recurring dream means you may be constantly faced with responsibilities you did not choose or want in the first place. However, having no other choice or not wanting to disappoint others still makes you do your best to perform your duties despite piling stress.
Unable to see but hearing loud voices When I was younger, I had a recurring dream. I couldn't see anything. I could only hear. It started as one whisper and grew into a thousand of people talking really loudly. Dreaming that you are blind refers to your tendency to ignore the truth even when it is already obvious. You may be experiencing difficulties and problems at the moment and you refuse to acknowledge their overpowering effects. Perhaps you are ignoring the obvious solution because it would involve your own effort and time. The recurring aspect of this dream means you are not learning a valuable lesson. Maybe you need to listen more to others rather than rely on your own ways, because a second opinion can offer valuable insights and help look at things from a different perspective.
The complete opposite of reality In my dream, I went to sleep and dreamed about my life and how it is now. When I woke up in the dream, everything was completely opposite. I lived west instead of east. My best male friend was a woman and my wife, my real wife was my best friend. Instead of being an engineer I was a nurse, or a doctor. In the dream I have no kids, in real life I do. My dad died instead of my mom. And when I would try to tell people in the dream that it wasn't right they thought I was crazy. I don't feel right, now. Dreaming that your life is the opposite of what it is now is an ominous message to receive in a dream vision. This vision speaks of peer rejection, suggesting your social life and interactions may suffer greatly in the near future. It could be that you are simply being misunderstood, or people may begin to distance themselves from you because your words and actions may be rubbing them the wrong way. In many ways, this could symbolize the need for self-assessment and an evaluation of how you treat and interact with others. If you do not, you could go through a period of loneliness and isolation, which could in turn result in extreme depression.
White clothes and straight hair Wearing white pants and white suit jacket with low hills and hair freshly done straight. Wearing white clothes in your dream refers to substantial changes in your life that would happen in the near future. However, these events or circumstances would have a negative impact on your current situation and thus would likely lead to undesirable outcomes. Alternatively, it means you are trying to be optimistic about your life. The straightened hair points to achieving clarity through a more pragmatic and down-to-earth perspective.
Hiding from being seen I move to avoid being seen and am hiding behind a bicycle tire. I continue to move to keep from being seen. In real life I am moving in bed. I have had this dream 3 times and actually fall out of bed onto the floor each time. Hiding or not wanting to be seen in a dream implies keeping secrets as well as shame. You could be in the possession of some sensitive information and you are afraid of being found out.The recurring aspect of this dream means that the weight of keeping secrets is starting to take its toll on you. You are restless in the dream and in reality possibly because your conscience is constantly keeping you in check. Perhaps some of what you are doing in the waking world goes against your beliefs and values.
Being a male for females I am a female but for years I have dreamt that I am a male of some sort. Usually in a fantasy or movie setting. I only have dreams that I am myself when it's about work or stressful or upsetting situations in my life. For a woman, being a man in a dream vision represents constant anticipation that some aspect of your day-to-day existence could become rather unusual. You may be expecting that this strange turn of events could have a deep impact on your life and on interactions with others despite seeming to be inconsequential in the short-term. The fact that these visions often take place in unreal or fictional settings supports this idea, further showcasing the different twists and turns you constantly expect to take place in your life.
Resisting falling off a bridge A recurring nightmare I had when I was about 4 where I'd fall from an actual local bridge into the falls below. I would awaken in a fright. In the final occurrence I realized I was dreaming and flew to the ground and ran off laughing. I have never had a nightmare since. This dream has actually had a profound change on the way I see fear and life in general. The bridge in your dream refers to your social connections. As such, falling off the bridge reveals your fear of being isolated and left to fend for yourself. As a kid, this fear may stem from abandonment issues. This kind of dream may recur every time you feel rejected by peers and loved ones in the waking world. Consequently, falling into the waterfalls represents your emotional response to rejection and feelings of isolation. It also symbolizes being overwhelmed by difficulties and challenges associated with striving to reach your goals. So the awareness in the dream which subsequently leads you to fly and run off laughing is indicative of the resilience and courage you have developed over the years. Perhaps you are slowly getting braver and able to stand on your own two feet.
Trapped in a maze and a voice commanding I'm female. The dream I have is a recurring dream. In my dream I'm always in a maze, I get a small sense of foreboding when I start walking through the maze as if I'm being watched. It's also always nighttime, but I never see any stars. After a while of walking and ending up in front of dead ends, a heavy fog seems to settle. I hear a voice beckoning me to come to it. When I don't, I feel something cold grab me and pull me towards the voice. The fog lifts, then and I'm standing in a mass of bodies. This recurring dream of finding yourself in a maze may allude to your inability to handle a problem in a straightforward manner. Your meandering ways could be taking you further away from your goals. Similarly, the starless night sky reveals the kind of hopelessness or loss of motivation that happens to you whenever things become too complicated. The voice and the mass of bodies, therefore, point to an immediate need for decision-making and becoming able to confront your problems head on, as others are depending on you. You may have to rethink your strategies and attitude during challenging times, so this anxiety-laden dream would stop recurring.
Being chased by something in the storm I was escaping from something, maybe aliens, I was grasping at the tops of trees holding on, it was pouring rain and windy. I found a house and was looking for supplies, someone was there and gave me some things. I told them I had to get away and survive. As I was leaving the house I remember thinking, "I don't even have an umbrella". And walked out into this horrible storm. A dream about being chased by unknown force, such as aliens, reflects your innate desire to escape from changes which are foreign or new to you. Perhaps you, as an individual, may be resistant to any modifications appearing in the course of your everyday existence. The fact that you eventually found shelter reveals the help you would receive when you struggle to make decisions on your own. In the dream world an umbrella signifies safety and security. Since you realized in the dream you did not have an umbrella while being caught in the storm, it could mean that you are left alone to deal with realities of life and therefore resist any influence or outside forces you think could negatively impact your life.
Being told of being wanted by authorities I had a vivid dream that I was getting my cards read and she first said that I would be going back to college, then she just turned and looked at me and said "Did you sin"? I said yes she then said "The authorities are looking for you". I jumped up and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. Being told that you would go back to college by a card reader reveals your inner thoughts about your achievements and whatever milestones you may have reached thus far. The associated guilt about the sin suggests feelings of ineptitude or being undeserving of the life you currently lead. Either you are insecure, or you think you have somehow failed the people who matter most to you. You may need to spend some time getting to the root of your insecurities in order to stop feeling unworthy and be confident in your situation in life.
Many images around while being held against own will In my dream I was being held against my will, throwing a fit about not being able to wash my laundry, talking to an undercover cop, seeing a little kid with burn blisters on them, hot frying oil, and walking around an unknown village. Being held against your will in a dream is a manifestation of your feelings of being restricted in the waking world. All these surreal images point towards your current state of mind. It seems as if there is a great deal of turmoil going on and you need to get some respite. Talking to a cop represents searching for an authority figure who could help you deal with these problems. The child with blisters represents impeding problems which you may have to face because of your inability to break free of limitations. Similarly, the image of walking around an unknown village could symbolize financial losses. Perhaps your indecisiveness is what may cause you to lose your financial footing. Make sure you take the necessary measures to help you get out trouble and try to reassert yourself to gain control of your life.
Floating in space and ending up in a house Since the age of 5 same dream. I start to fall asleep, but instead get up, I find my body is different, lighter and happy. I see myself laying in my bed and I fly to space and notice I can feel it like a soft fabric. I pinch a bit of space and tear a hole in it, inside it's bright light and I crawl into the torn hole. I fall into a room with a wooden table and perfect circle of light. A man with no face comes and tells me things to do with my life. I wake up and walk to my window and asked how long I have been alive. 5 years old. Dreaming about being in space without a spaceship is a subconscious manifestation of your habit of indulging in wayward fantasies. Perhaps as a child you may have liked daydreaming and still do. This is further reinforced by the image of entering an almost real-life situation, like being in a room where you are given advice regarding your life by a stranger. It is your own subconscious attempts to break free from these fantasies, so you could concentrate on things which are actually important. It is okay to keep time aside for trivialities, but focus more on tasks which truly matter.
Convinced the town is on fire Female. My dream consisted of watching the town I reside in, burn from a wildfire that came from a northern city (flames like the northern lights). No one in the town seems bothered by this. While I am trying to get my family to evacuate, each member calmly tells me they will and not to worry. My husband especially is very laid back about the fire that seems to be closer to our home. Also, my best friend lectures me on taking food with us, takes it out of my hands then eats it. Dreaming about a town burning, despite the morbid imagery, has positive connotations. It marks an event or joyful occurrence which is surprising. Since this is unanticipated, it is going to give you great pleasure and happiness. This denotes a time in your life when you would be contented with whatever you have and become blessed with more than you thought. This is further reinforced by your family members unperturbed by the fire. It could mean that things would eventually fall into place and harmony inside your family would remain balanced. However, the image of your friend eating up your food reveals the jealousy a friend might feel at hearing about your good fortune. Make sure you keep yourself guarded from such people and do not reveal too much to those who may be envious.
Living in an unfamilar city and a bird flying in I was on the phone with my ex-bf whom I haven't been with for 5 years now, he was asking me where I live now. I remember looking around out the window and seeing tall buildings like I was living in the city. I then walked to the bathroom and I could see a bird flying towards me. The bird had a bright light around it, it flew in my window and on my head and pooped on me and the bird was saying like a poem or riddle. I can't remember what it was saying. In a dream, conversing with an ex-boyfriend has negative connotations. It could denote one of the people close to you, such as a family member, spouse or friend, becoming ill or disabled. This vision does not reveal the severity of the condition, but the later symbols indicate you could profit or better your situation due to these circumstances. This is because seeing tall buildings signifies a fortunate event positively affecting your finances. It suggests that you are likely to receive a financial incentive, like a stipend, bonus or reward. This positive event is further strengthened by the talking bird, as this particular sign symbolizes fortune and good luck. It would be wise to take a chance and go forward with activities that you have been planning for a while.
Going the opposite way from others Everyone is going round and me going the opposite way round to them. Being surrounded by a group of people in a dream vision is a powerful portent indicative of exciting developments or events taking place in reality. Given the opposing directions of your movement, you may be about to go against the grain and do something new and interesting that others have yet to try. While you may feel some embarrassment, shyness or even discomfort at the idea of standing out, this vision suggests something great could come of your efforts if you put yourself out there and have courage.
Unable to dial emergency number I keep having dreams where different emergencies are happening and I need to dial 911, but something happens each time to where my fingers physically cannot dial the numbers. Sometimes my fingers physically won't move, sometimes I keep pressing the wrong numbers, and sometimes my fingers just keep missing the buttons. Being in a catastrophic or emergency situation in a dream vision often predicts much the same in wake life, namely that you may find yourself in some difficult situation in the near future. This is opposed by the image of you unsuccessfully contacting emergency services on the phone, a symbol which points toward self-deprecating feelings or behavior. You may think you are unlucky when in reality there is nothing wrong or there are very few problems in your life. These two signs combined seem to suggest that you blow things out of proportion or even make problems where none exist. This vision could be a warning from your subconscious to chill out and see the good in life rather than focusing on the bad.
Being alone I have had two reoccurring dreams. Both I was alone. One was about being alone in a big house and it was cozy inside and storming outside. The other was me traveling the world alone. Dreaming of being alone likely pertains to feelings of isolation and rejection. You could be feeling neglected or misunderstood. Then again, it could also mean that you have a tendency to isolate yourself or become detached from your surroundings. The first dream of being by yourself in a big house while it is storming outside symbolizes disconnection. Perhaps you realize that you are unable to empathize with the problems of others because of your privilege. Thus, this could become a lonely existence. On the other hand, solo travels refer to your quest towards self-awareness. In order to empathize and understand the plight of others, perhaps it is necessary to reflect on your own feelings and behavior.
Meeting with a younger version of oneself Hello, I had a dream last night about meeting my younger or past self. I met with a 14-16 year old me and I am 21. I've never encountered this type of dream before and I can't find a consistent interpretation online. What does this mean? Thank you. Themes involving the past in the dream world usually have something to do with nostalgia. In your case, meeting your younger self likely means that you are currently at a crossroads in your personal journey. Maybe there are still unresolved issues from your youth and loose ends you need to deal with before moving forward with your journey. Alternatively, this current dilemma you are facing may be inspiring a desire to go back to a less complicated existence during your teenage years. This is probably an idealized period because you were more carefree and careless with your actions. Meanwhile, you now have to contend with grown-up responsibilities and accountability. This is probably why your fears and anxieties are making you confront and revisit your more youthful self.
Getting wet while others do not I saw a dream in which I was getting wet and my friend only few distance away was just looking at the rain and was not getting wet. This vision contains two fairly ominous symbols and, as a result, should be regarded carefully. First, getting drenched by rain in a dream vision means you would have much trouble in the near future. This symbol is often associated with both conflict and failure. The other image, your nearby friend being unaffected by the rain, can have one of two possible interpretations under these circumstances. On one hand, it could simply represent your friend being unable to help and support you during this trying time or, more disturbingly, that your friend has somehow played a part in your misfortune.
Surrounded by lions and toilets A group of lions around me in a den but did not hurt me. I found myself on a road full of toilets. To find yourself in a den full of lions means you would interact with someone ignorant and selfish in the future. This is likely to be someone who is already present in your life, although they may not have exhibited such behavior before. Such an interaction with this individual would change you, but because you were unhurt by the lions, it is possible that you may come out better than before. This vision is confirmed by the second dream. A road littered with toilets signifies a huge alteration in your daily life that is completely opposite from what you are used to. You may be able to use your dealing with the selfish man or woman to become the ideal version of yourself and, in doing so, create a completely new image and lifestyle.
Being able to breathe under water I was walking beside a semi-crowded public outdoor pool with overflowing water, suddenly I lose my balance and fall into the water face first with half of my body submerged, but it didn't seem like I was drowning. I could breathe normally and it was actually soothing seeing that it was hot that day. I also had a small snorkel in my hand that I never used, and at that moment I wake up. Dreaming about accidentally falling into a pool of water portends unexpected changes soon occurring in your life. These could actually alter everything for you and even dramatically impact the course of your life. However, when you perceived yourself able to breathe while being submerged, it's an indication that you would adapt to these circumstances easily and may even benefit from them. Make sure that you keep yourself open to anything new and continue to stay focused to get the best out of any situation, no matter how unexpected or complicated it might seem.
Floating on water face down I have a recurring dream. I usually have it when I'm happy and content which is rare. Otherwise, I hardly ever dream and if I do it's horrible. My recurring dream is that I'm always floating in water, can be all different bodies of water, but in each dream I am floating face down and find something under water that I want, cool beach glass, jewels, perfect shells. It makes me really happy and excited. Water is often used to symbolize emotions and consciousness, such that floating in water typically suggests peace and contentment. As you mentioned, whenever you are in a good mood or disposition, those are the times this theme in your dream recurs. As such, the image of floating on water likely reflects your stability and full control in the waking world. In those moments, you are able to manage your emotions and gain clarity about your purpose. Furthermore, the items you find underwater likely represent new insights or perspectives you have gained. These thoughts or ideas fuel your motivation to keep on working towards your goals.
Walking through objects with ease I always seem to have dreams that I am walking through walls and glass windows without them breaking and I can't feel the sensation as I push through them. But every dream I have I can do the same and also can control what I am dreaming, like if I wanted to fly I could or control objects in them. Walking through walls and windows is symbolically associated with the idea of freedom in the dream world. The recurring nature of this vision suggests you are in the process of or have the ability to break the bonds that have tied you down for a long time. Being able to control your actions in the dream world represents your ability to make things happen in reality, meaning that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything you set your heart on. You should be on the lookout for opportunities to spread your wings and make your dreams come true.
Telling oneself to leave the house I dreamt that a girl came to my house and I told her she had to leave and put her in a car. I couldn't see her face until the car was driving away and she rolled down the window and it was me. Refusing to allow someone to enter your house and physically escorting them away from the premises may reflect a personal tendency to avoid facing the truth of the situation. While some say that ignorance is bliss, willful ignorance would probably end up hurting you more than if you just accepted the situation the way it is unfolding. In fact, seeing yourself as the girl at the end of the vision suggests you may already be aware of this problem. This vision, then, is possibly a message from your subconscious asking you to face your problems in a straightforward way and formulate a possible solution.
Losing friends and being naked in public I have two recurring dream themes. One is I'm going somewhere with a friend who is leading the way. I always get separated, I lose him or her in the crowd or I look away and he or she is gone. I will wander along after that. The other dream is I'm often nude in very commonplace situations with others around. I'm the only naked one. I only care because I know they will. What do these things mean??? Having a friend leading you and then losing your way in this dream likely means that you are uncertain about where you are headed, so you tend to take a cue on others and just follow their lead. You may rely heavily on the advice of your peers and loved ones. Furthermore, you tend to constantly look for guidance because of self-doubt and insecurity. On the other hand, you could also be facing and navigating a new phase in your personal journey and you are struggling to adapt to this recent change. As for the second dream theme, nudity or being naked in public likewise reveals your fears and insecurities. This is not necessarily about body image, instead it serves to illustrate your vulnerability and sensitive nature. You could be afraid to show your weaknesses because others could use them to take advantage of you. Ultimately, these recurring themes highlight your fear of being placed in a compromising position and you tend to prefer situations wherein you have full control.
Carrying a heavy burden My dream was about carrying something heavy. That it was so heavy I struggle to walk, and each step I make will make my legs shake and want to fall, but I keep trying to keep walking. And I see a long road, then I wake up. Dreaming about carrying a heavy burden is symbolic of the extra responsibilities you have taken up in wake life. Struggling to carry the weight is a direct representation of your weariness and fatigue. However, the fact that you still carry on suggests you have both the power and endurance to bear all the burdens, even those that are not yours to keep. While it is good to be dependable in many situations, it is also important to take care of yourself. You can help others without overdoing it to the extent that you hurt yourself.
Seeing oneself in a truck accident I'm in a truck accident, the truck is rolled over on the passenger side, but the driver side is damaged. I'm outside talking to the people at the scene but I can see my body in the truck, so can the other people. Being involved in a truck accident in your dream likely points to a mistake or a severed bond in reality. You may have made bad decisions that have negatively affected your day-to-day existence. Alternatively, you may have, or could soon, cut ties with friends and loved ones due to personal differences. Either way, you may have to deal with a lot of loose ends and unresolved issues in the wake of those incidents. Furthermore, viewing your body as a third person implies objectivity. Time and distance would give you a perspective free of emotions to understand the events or decisions that led to your current state.
Lifted in the air by an unknown force I was in my kitchen when I was putting on this black hoodie. I then got lifted into the air close to the ceiling and around in circles. When I flew by the hall mirror I realized nothing was holding me, but it definitely felt like something had its grip on me. I woke up yelling "Put me down!". The starting location of this dream, the kitchen, suggests you are currently under a lot of stress in waking life. This stress is manifesting itself in your dream both through this sign and the image of the black hoodie, a symbol commonly associated with sadness and depression. This is opposed by the idea that you were flying or being carried through the air, as this is usually associated with a positive outlook on life. It seems that your current situation may even be exasperating to your unshakable optimism.
Drowning in blood and water I drowned in my own blood, then in a pool of water. Blood can be a metaphor for passion and love, while water refers to your consciousness and emotions. You could fall head over heels in love with somebody only to have your heart broken. The aftermath of the heartbreak would leave you wallowing in misery and crippling self-doubt. Then again, the dream could be a reference to the saying "blood is thicker than water." You could have a falling out with one of your relatives or family members, perhaps because of differing ideologies, which would trigger a period of soul searching and introspection on your part.
Unable to write and being robbed of money Same dream. My boyfriend holding a strange female's hand slightly on the fingers, guiding her while walking on the grass out of his yard. A young male friend with them in which I held back to write my phone number with a red ink pen. I tried writing the number on the wall and on paper, it was not visible for the guy to see it to contact me if there was any deception going on with my boyfriend. Also being mugged by strange man on roadside who kept grabbing my money (20's rolled up) and a bank card. Witnessing your boyfriend holding the hand of another girl in your dream is a reflection of your insecurity. You may be questioning your boyfriend's love and loyalty in the real world due to some observable changes in his behavior. Likewise, the mugging incident represents your fear of losing something valuable, likely a reference to your fear of losing your boyfriend, as illustrated in the first scenario. Instead of jumping to conclusions, perhaps your subconscious is merely showing you your own apprehensions so that you can discuss or work out your concerns about your relationship in a straightforward manner before you go overboard with your assumptions.
Being a slave to own family Female. I was a slave in my childhood home and would only be allowed basic things if I completed tasks. Mother refused to help me. Dreaming of being a slave likely points to your sense of oppression in the real world. Perhaps you feel like a prisoner in your home and you want to have more freedom to pursue your interests. Even as an adult, you may still feel the burden of expectations from your family or society in general. This perceived notion of always needing to please others could be bringing out feelings of frustration and resentment. You want to break free. However, the fact that your mother does not help you in the dream means that you may tend to depend on your parents or other powerful figures to make important decisions. Perhaps it is time for you to stand up for yourself and do whatever it is that makes you happy instead being limited by what others expect of you.
A little girl resembling self I had a dream that I was with my family and my boyfriend and they wanted me to watch this little girl that looked exactly like me as a child and when she looked up at me, she had one eye that was blue and one was red. Then I was sitting at a table eating with my family and the little girl popped up and opened her eyes and I just screamed so loud and hid behind my mom. I am a female and I am 18 and am very curious about my dream meaning. Seeing a younger version of yourself in this dream probably means that you are approaching a crossroads in your existence. You may have some unresolved issues from your past which would once again resurface. The scenario involving your family eating a meal points to a significant event in your future which would affect everyone in your close kin. Perhaps a wedding would take place or a big gathering. Whatever the case, your personal demons and past issues may get in the way of a happy occasion. You may need to deal with your problems before you can welcome a new chapter in your personal journey.
Own self standing by the bed I dreamed that I woke up, checked my alarm clock and it was 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I was startled by someone standing at the edge of my bed. It was me. I was just standing there looking at me (but I'm definitely only aware of being the me in bed). The standing me appears very calm. My presence doesn't scare me, but gives me the feeling that I can't do anything. Then my alarm woke me up. Seeing your likeness or a doppelganger in a dream generally alludes to bad decisions. In addition, doppelgangers portend tragic events such as accidents, physical decline or general bad luck. These unfortunate circumstances could be brought about by careless decision-making or even reckless behavior. Furthermore, noticing the alarm clock in the same dream reveals your anxieties. You may feel like you are running out of time in trying to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. This sense of dread and apprehension, if left uncontrolled or allowed to influence your state of mind, could lead to a period of suffering. Hence, it may be best to be prudent with your actions and decisions to avoid negative outcomes.
Staring at a bowl and seeing an object in the sky I was sitting at a table in a small house staring at a bowl of soup for quite some time. Then I stood up and walked out to the backyard, it was a large field with a treeline after about 100ft. I then looked up and saw a large object floating in the sky. I am a male. This vision seems to be related to a friendship from your past, either a recent one that ended due to a conflict or one from long ago that fell apart because of distance and time. In either case, staring at the bowl of soup suggests that you lost a relationship which was important to you, and the result is that you have felt a bit of melancholy since that time. You probably valued that individual's companionship, so losing it has left you more alone and vulnerable than you were before. The treeline in the distance implies your current connections cannot fill the void left by this friend. This leads to the symbol of the large object in the sky, a sign that represents adversity. You would either have to find a way to make amends with this friend or get over your sadness so you can connect with someone new.
Ability to breathe underwater I have dreams, different ones, where i can breathe underwater. In a dream vision, being in water is often associated with opportunity. Being underwater, however, might be the manifestation of some existing fears, suggesting that this opportunity may be an art or hobby that you do not think could be a viable path for you. Your ability to breathe underwater, then, serves as a reminder that anything is possible with creativity and a bit of elbow grease. If you put your mind to it, no path is impossible.
Seeing own self in a mirror I had a dream of seeing someone behind me in a mirror, but I was alone in my bedroom and upon looking closely at the mirror it was me, it was like looking at my twin though I don't have one! She was me, but wearing a green floral dress. It was so creepy I freaked out and woke up with a start! Seeing your likeness or your own image in the dream world suggests regrettable decisions. Dreaming of doppelgangers typically carries a negative message because they represent the dreamer's unsavory characteristics or dark sides. Thus, looking into a mirror and seeing your doppelganger means you likely need to confront your issues and personal problems before they take over or play havoc with your state of mind. Take care not to allow your pessimism or negative worldview to dictate your actions in the real world.
Being in the dark and unable to speak I've had a recurring dream since I was about 14. In the dream I'm in a dark house (my house usually) and when I try to turn the lights on, it doesn't work. It remains dark. So I start to panic and call out for someone, but I'm unable to yell. I can barely even speak in the dream. After a few cries out for help, I wake up. And the only reason I wake up is because I'm yelling in real life and I end up waking myself up because of it. I have this dream 2-4 times a month since I was about 14. Thank you. A house in dreams typically represents the dreamer's own psyche and persona, so a dark house could signify failures or your own pessimism. Meanwhile, the struggle to speak is an allusion to your insecurities and possible identity crisis. You may be having trouble expressing yourself in reality and this is causing your subconscious to become cloudy and burdened with self-doubt. The fact that you wake up screaming actually reveals pent up anger and frustrations. The emotions are piling up inside and they are looking for an outlet. Perhaps you need to improve your self-esteem and learn to assert yourself instead of keeping it all inside in order to avoid a possible emotional breakdown.
Being controlled by a famous personality I had a dream about Aleister Crowley. I was lying on my stomach. It was bright morning. I look up to the window which was literally facing me about 2 inches away from my face, I stare into my reflection, then I merge into Aleister Crowley's face, his voice then proceeded to tell me "Let the serpent control you". I feel intense pain in my genitals, as if something was entering my energy field, I started to vibrate all over, suddenly waking up letting out a faint scream. Please let me know. Looking through a window in the dream world alludes to the possibility of gaining new perspectives by observing your surroundings. Meanwhile, the serpent, because of its biblical association, is often used to symbolize wisdom and truth. As such, your dream may be alluding to a period of enlightenment for you. You may be faced with a predicament or an identity crisis which would force you to confront your demons in order to become a better version of yourself. The image of Aleister Crowley may hint at the type of personality crisis you would have to deal with, such as an egotistical attitude or a delusion of grandeur.
Feeling the presence of a man for males I was on an empty airplane, and anytime I would try to relax, by trying to sleep or get into a more comfortable position I would feel a touch on the side of my stomach. It felt very real and although I couldn't see the person, I knew it was a man. When I got to my house, I laid in my bed and I felt the same man in the bed with me in some kind of spooning position and I could not move for hours. I am male. Dreaming about flying in an airplane symbolizes that you are about to make some major decisions in your waking life. It is an indication that you are about to embark on a journey which you always wanted to happen. However, the notion of being involved with a male actually depends upon your sexual orientation. If you consider yourself homosexual, it symbolizes that you would find yourself enter a new relationship or perhaps finally realize your inner desires. On the other hand, if you are straight such a dream could signify that you greatly admire masculine traits like strength, perseverance and good judgment. You would be able to find all these traits within yourself and these could help you achieve what you have always desired.
Becoming tired and lost while walking I saw in a dream walking with my boss, after a while I was walking alone and in front of myself was some guardrail. After I passed that difficulty I felt I was very tired and thinking I lost my way and I think I was lost. While this dream vision contains a number of symbols, the interpretation is actually quite simple and straightforward. As is seen commonly in dreams such as these, walking down a road is synonymous with your success in life and progress you are making toward your goals. However, it seems that there are a number of obstacles to your ultimate happiness. For example, seeing your boss could reflect work stress, while becoming tired and lost could allude to financial troubles. Even the guardrail could be interpreted literally, suggesting a barrier to success which stands in your way. In essence, it is possible for you to make your dreams come true and be successful, but you would have to overcome all the challenges that you face first.
Becoming rich and popular Last night I had one of the best dreams in my life. I was one of the coolest guys in school, which usually isn't the case. I had the bedroom I've always wanted with a sound system and a huge TV and everything. I had the coolest and newest clothes. I walked downstairs and there was a Jeep parked in the driveway. Pulled up to the prettiest girl in my school's driveway named Kassidy. We went on a picnic and then we went for a walk. We rolled down a hill and then tickled each other. Then we kissed. As you might have concluded for yourself, this type of vision contains a positive message concerning your future life, although it may not be exactly as you perceived it in your vision. Rather, being cool and presumably better looking in this dream suggests auspicious circumstances surrounding you and receiving good news about something you were hoping for. Kissing the prettiest girl in school also predicts you would be successful in your endeavors and have good luck with whatever you try to accomplish. While this dream may not exactly represent your future, it could be the manifestation of your heart's desires. With effort and patience, it may be possible to make some aspects of this vision a reality.
Stuck in a box with a bouncing ball I am stuck inside a box with a ball that's bouncing like crazy. I seem to be afraid, so I hide in the corner. There are two things happening within this dream which contain a warning. Being trapped inside a box and not able to get out means some unexpected negative developments arising due to the actions of other people around you, possibly connected to spreading lies or rumors. The ball bouncing and causing you feel uncomfortable and wanting to hide foretells malice directed at you, so be careful of whom you trust and let near. This evil may come in many forms, including a temptation or someone doing you wrong or attempting to lead you down a wrong path.
Alone in a dark room Female, self sitting in a wooden chair in a small four-wall, black room hands folded in lap, legs crossed staring into the darkness alone. It's pitch black, no noise or beings. Strong fear sense. No motion. Same dream if I wake up and fall back asleep. Every night... A dark room in the dream world symbolizes the dreamer's worries and anxieties over uncertain outcomes. You could be stressed out over a responsibility or a relationship which you think is not what it appears to be. The shadowy female figure in the chair may be a representation of your fears towards an individual or a situation that is unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you feel as if certain people, or even your own limited experience, are keeping you from making a clear judgment or opinion about something of great importance and this state of mind makes you feel tense and uncomfortable.
Alone in a childhood town Female. I was in a small town I used to live in and nobody was there. I kept looking around and inside houses, but I couldn't find anybody. A dream that takes place in your childhood or your past reveals nostalgia. Perhaps your current situation has triggered your sentimental side, so you are looking back at memories and past experiences. You could be looking for answers for a present predicament and you think you would find it from locales, personalities and experiences during that chapter in your existence. Unfortunately, you may have come up empty. Your subconscious may be telling you to stop dwelling in the past so you can move forward to a better future.
Masturbating and sperm I dreamt of me masturbating, and ready to drink my sperm. Dreaming that you are masturbating reveals your impatience. Similarly, consuming your own sperm points to a yearning for growth and development. You may be tired of waiting for the fruits of your labor. Perhaps you have been waiting for an increase in your income, a bonus or a promotion owing to the long hours and dedication you have put into your work. On a more personal note, it is also possible that you have been waiting for a relationship to blossom and yet there has been no progress with a romantic prospect.
Becoming a transgender I dreamt I had become a transgender, I am transsexual, born a female and want to become a male. I felt like coming out to my parents one day and my family, but one of them had said something that made me feel really insecure about it. But really, the only thing in my dream was that I was one and everyone was fine with it. Dreaming of becoming a transgender could reveal your desire to find a safe place. Your struggle to come out to your loved ones in reality may be exacerbating your anxieties and fears about not being accepted. As a result, your subconscious could be reassuring you and encouraging you to embrace who you are by creating a safe space in your dream. Perhaps the dream may seem as the opposite of your reality, but it is giving you a glimpse of the kind of freedom and relief you would experience when you finally find the courage to share your plans with other people.
Being watched while in a restroom I was going to the restroom to wash my face. I felt as if I was being watched. I slowly walk up to the window and see this man with a scary appearance. He had no face and wore a tuxedo. His face shape was very oval and incredibly white. Gender - female. When you dream about running into a faceless person it could mean there is someone in your inner social circle who wants to deceive you and probably is envious of your current situation or status. This person could have already managed to gain your trust by putting up a friendly face and hiding their true nature. The notion that in your dream the faceless man had a formal wear on could mean that this individual is attempting to make your life a living hell and create obstacles in your path by interfering with the things you consider to be vital to your future.
Gears being dropped on top of the bed I'm male, 27, and had a dream about being in bed and huge gears were dumped on top of me, but people were taking them off to build something. This vision contains two opposing symbols. The first, being in bed, is representative of idleness or laziness. On the other hand, the gears that were thrown upon you are associated with action and motivation. The final image of the people who removed the gears to build something is symbolic of group effort to a reach a certain goal. Together, it seems you may have a tendency to do the bare minimum in order to scrape by. However, you may feel pressure from others to contribute more to a task or goal that benefits more than just yourself. You may either resent this responsibility or feel inspired by it, leading to this vision.
Holding oneself as a baby and house collapsing I saw myself holding me as a baby in a room where all of a sudden the floor started falling apart and I had to leave the baby in the room. But it was okay and nothing happened to her, only the room I was in fell apart, all the other rooms in the house were okay and everyone acted so normal. Dreaming of seeing yourself as a baby means you may soon experience a state of transition. Perhaps a relationship would end or you would start a new job. Whatever the case, this is a chance for you to improve, at least in some aspects of your existence. Meanwhile, floors represent your foundation or your source of security. In a sense, the floor falling apart under your feet means you could undergo a shake up during this transitional period where you would feel unstable and unsure about your status. Your values and principles may even be tested during this time. The challenge is to keep yourself grounded and find clarity in your priorities.
Being pulled by a force and a blue dome Please translate my dream. I was standing in a room. Very strong energy was pulling me up as if a strong vacuum cleaner on the ceiling was doing it. I was resisting to not go up and get frustrated. I look up to see the source of energy, but suddenly I saw a blue dome of a mosque out of a window. Being pulled up or lifted in the air by an unknown force is usually associated with a positive outlook. Your optimism may be pushing you to reach new heights and become more ambitious with your personal and professional goals. However, the presence of the mosque or part of a mosque reveals your reservations about fully pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps you are looking for some guidance and signs that the right way forward is to take risks and take a stab at realizing your long-held goals. You want to be sure about your decisions and you could be going to your faith and beliefs to find the answers.
Unable to move and a cat over the face I wake up but cannot move. Start to scream and a cat jumps on me and puts its mouth over mine. Dreaming about being unable to move could mean that there is some sort of mental dichotomy impacting you in your waking life. You could be conflicted about two different ways of thinking related to a certain issue, perhaps while being caught between a more irrational and emotional response and a practical way of reasoning. The cat jumping on you and putting its mouth over yours could mean you feel smothered by those irrational desires associated with an instinctive way of thinking.
Climbing down a tree and clothes inside out I am a female and my older sister dreamt of me climbing down from a tree which is in our backyard, wearing my leopard dress inside out. Your sister's vision could be related to how she perceives your current lifestyle in reality. For example, the image of you climbing down a tree in your own backyard could mean she thinks that you are letting your relationships slide. You might not be putting as much time or effort into maintaining the connections as she thinks you should. Additionally, the image of wearing your clothes inside out suggests she feels you are giving in to old habits, so perhaps this is not the first time there has been some conflict.
Going through a door and falling into a hole I am having a dream that I'm with my mom but she doesn't look like herself and she tells me not to go through a door and I go through it, get chased and try to see who's chasing me but no one is there and the I fall in a endless hole. Doors in dreams represent fresh starts and new possibilities. Your mom in your dream may be reminding you to be extra cautious and circumspect before accepting opportunities or getting involved in deals which seem too good to be true. Being chased upon entering the door alludes to the strings attached to offers and proposals. If you do not keep your guard up and your wits about you, you could end up digging a bigger hole for yourself. Free falling towards the end of your dream refers to troubles ahead. You may end up in debt or having to deal with one problem after another if you make decisions on a whim or without careful consideration.
Followed by foxes and pregnant I saw myself going to the hospital and on the way two white foxes snatching my dress. After reaching the hospital I saw my parents happy and the doctor said I am 3 months pregnant. Visions of foxes are usually symbols of deceit and can contain predictions of dealings with cunning and dishonest people, such as a lover who cheats. The notion of foxes jumping on you and snatching your dress could predict that you may experience a detour while pursuing your dreams causing you to stop and calm down for a little while. However, the news about being pregnant at the end contain positive energies. It could mean that, even though it will be hard, you would be able to reach your dreams and fulfill your goals while relying on support and love of those who are close to you.
Naked in public and finding a celebrity's wallet I was in public, naked and realized that my upper body was covered in hair, raising from my entire chest at least. I realized that I had removed my clothes. I was aware l had to cover myself. I walked a little way. I was with a companion. Insisted we had to go to a downward exterior concrete stairwell of a library. There l found what I knew I would find, a small black zippered cloth wallet containing Demi Moore's personal Identification, cards, etc. Dreaming about finding yourself naked in public could mean that you are involved in some kind of illicit relationship, something you are not proud of because you are probably aware that it could bring some problems later on, however you do not seem to be able to stop yourself from pursuing it. The thick hair shows the immorality of your thoughts or actions in the context of such relationship, while the famous personality's belongings could be a symbol of the person you imagine yourself becoming when you indulge in these pleasure-seeking activities. A more secluded place represented by the library in this dream is perhaps your subconscious mind's way of reminding you to use wisdom and common sense if you want to obtain peace of mind and stability in your waking life.
Flying with birds Male. Thought I was flying with two birds. Seeing yourself flying in a dream is a promising message indicating freedom and independence. Perhaps you have been wanting to break free from social pressures and expectations. Fortunately, this vision may be telling you that your desires are close at hand. In addition, flying with birds is an allusion to the kind of group you would likely meet or become part of. These individuals are driven and ambitious, so you would learn a lot from their wisdom and experiences. You would grow personally and professionally as a result of surrounding yourself with front runners and innovators.
Being spotted by a helicopter Saw a helicopter using spotlights to spot me and I tried to hide yet it found me. Helicopters in dreams represent goals and aspirations. As such, your dream reveals your reservations about pursuing your dreams. Perhaps insecurity and indecisiveness are at play in your current dilemma. Yet you seem to be really passionate about your goals, so no matter how much you deny your desire to pursue your passions, your subconscious keeps reminding you to follow your instincts. The spotlights could mean that realizing your dreams may entail being scrutinized. This may be the part which you fear the most.
Being someone else I am always someone else in my dreams. Dreaming that you are someone else means that you are struggling with your identity. Because this scenario is a recurring theme in your dreams, you may be in the process of constructing your sense of self. An essential part of this process is building your self-confidence, including becoming comfortable in your own skin. Alternatively, you may be trying out different personas in reality out of curiosity. Meeting new personalities and experiencing different social situations may have opened up your worldview, allowing you to explore parts of yourself which you previously did not know existed.
Jumping through a window and getting injured I jumped through a window and glass shards got into my knee. Windows in dreams refer to opportunities, so jumping through a window can symbolize exciting events and favorable circumstances. Perhaps you cannot wait to take on new challenges and learn new things. However, grabbing this opportunity, whether it is for career or personal advancement, could be both difficult and painful. The shards of broken glass in your knee allude to losing your balance and sense of control. There may be a lot of unfamiliar situations and tasks which could take a lot out of you on all fronts: physically, emotionally and mentally. The emotional aspects may come from dealing with new personalities and the politics that comes with it.
Unable to call 911 and getting lost For a while I've been having a reoccurring dream where something happens, and I can't get a hold of 911. The situation (there's a break in, someone kidnaps me, etc.) is usually different, but the fact I can't get a hold of 911 stays the same. Most recently I've had a different but similar dream. In this one, I am somewhere normal, but I don't know the exact way to get home, so I type it into my GPS. But I can't get home (missing exits, taking wrong turns, etc.) even though the GPS says 2-4 minutes away. You are right to see a connection between these two dream visions as they are quite similar in their meaning. First, having an emergency but being unable to reach medical or police services could reveal communication problems when in high-stress situations. For example, if you need to make a good impression on a higher-up or deliver an important news to a client, you may find yourself tripping over your tongue or even sabotaging your own efforts to be perceived in a good light. In the second vision, your unsuccessful efforts to get to a certain location also speak of your troubles in fulfilling your responsibilities or achieving your goals. Because you seem to be alone or at least unassisted in these visions, it is possible your subconscious is trying to show you how important it is to get support from those around you by putting you in impossible situations while you are being all by yourself.
Whispering instead of screaming My dream was about a loud screeching sound that seemed to be coming out of a shadowy figure by my bed. I am in the same room as my mom, so in my dream I tried to wake her by screaming her name but it only came out as a raspy whisper. I have actually had lots of dreams that something bad or scary is happening to me and I try to call for help, but I can't scream. My voice is always a raspy whisper. I wanted to know what this means. If you possibly could tell me? The struggle to speak in a dream vision is often considered an allusion to your insecurities and possibly hints at an identity crisis. You may be having trouble expressing yourself to friends and family in reality, and this is causing your subconscious to become cloudy and burdened with self-doubt. Wanting to scream, in this case, actually reveals pent up anger and frustrations that you are trying to express. The emotions are piling up inside, and they are looking for an outlet. The evil, shadowy presence by your bed could represent past attempts to tell others how you really feel that have turned out poorly. Perhaps your confidants did not believe you or reacted badly to what you shared. You may need to temper your feelings slightly to improve how others react to your true feelings.
Unable to stop the car and being lost My car stops on top of a steep hill, on a hilly curvy road and begins going backwards. I finally come to a stop at a highway cop dept. and they are talking about faulty breaks, then I woke up. My reoccurring dream is being lost in a very large building and can't find my way out. Driving your car up a steep hill indicates your drive and ambition. The curvy road means you had to go through a lot of obstacles to gain what you have achieved so far in your life. Unfortunately, stopping and then going downhill likely reveals more struggles and setbacks in your future. Things are not going to go according to plan. Furthermore, the cops or policemen represent authority figures, probably your mentors or supervisors at work. Hearing them talk about faulty brakes may reveal your cautious nature and fear of taking risks lest you lose all that you have worked so hard for. On the other hand, your recurring dream of being trapped in a large building could mean that you are trapped in your own mind. It is possible that you are dwelling on past mistakes or you keep stumbling into old habits and behavioral patterns. This could be related to your dream vision involving car troubles. You probably do not know what you want, so you keep searching within yourself for answers. However, too much thinking and over-analyzing may be keeping you from achieving your full potential.
Losing a boarding pass and purse I lost my boarding pass (with destination unknown) and searched frantically for it, but did not find it. Then I lost my purse with additional documentation in it, so had to stop searching. At the end I found my purse and resumed searching with a sigh of relief. Losing a purse in dreams often reveals the dreamer's fear of financial instability. Usually, this dream scenario occurs when you are unsure about your capacity to repay your debts. However, in the context of your dream, the purse may symbolize identity more than financial security. Since you were traveling in this dream vision, perhaps the loss of your purse and your boarding pass serves to illustrate your feelings of inadequacy or ineptitude. You could be gunning for a promotion or hoping to close a deal in reality, however there could be a nagging thought at the back of your mind which is making you doubt your skills and capabilities. Perhaps you are afraid of failure or of not being good enough. Alternatively, this may also refer to your anxieties about a significant change that is about to happen in your waking life. You could be moving to another country or starting a new job or project. In such situations, adapting to new circumstances and resulting uncertainties ahead could be the main reasons for your worries. You want to be prepared, but at the same time you are scared of forgetting something crucial.
Learning about being taken advantage of I’m a female and I was at a house party. 10 people were in the house. There was this man there that was being rude to me. I kept asking him "Why don't you love me?" He responded by saying "I was just using you!" I couldn’t see his face. Attending a party in the dream world and talking to someone you do not know or recognize may reveal that your enemies or rivals are getting closer to their goal of putting you down. The idea that one man in particular was rude or unkind to you suggests this may be related to some romantic liaison from your past or present. For example, one of your ex-lovers may be interested in getting revenge for a past hurt or are jealous of a current connection. The fact that you could not see this man's face in the vision predicts frustration with this situation if your enemies succeed in making your life difficult. You may want to take extra precautions and avoid unnecessary contact with those who do not have your best interests at heart.
Lost and trapped in a hotel I'm female, I dream I am in a hotel or holiday resort and I'm lost, I can't find my way, nor my family, I don't recognize where I am or how to get out of an area or a market or how to find the lift, nor my room. I get into corridors that are only miles of brick or concrete, sometimes leading to a dead end and then can't find the way back and start to panic and feel trapped. A hotel as a dream symbol usually refers to prosperity, relaxation and leisure. A resort similarly represents the same meanings as a hotel. In addition, resorts and hotels are often used to illustrate a need to escape. You could be going through a stressful period in your life, hence your mind has transported you in this seemingly ideal place which reveals your desire to kick back and forget about your troubles at least for a little while. However, getting lost in the hotel could be an indication of confusion and inability to get back to your usual routine. An experience or encounter may have altered your perspective about life or changed your way of life in a significant way. If this is the case, the feeling of being trapped means you are struggling to get your life back on track or get things back to normal. A dilemma may have backed you up in a corner and you feel like there is no way out of it. So perhaps this is your subconscious showing you the weight of your burden which in turn may encourage you to reach out to your loved ones for help or some much-needed advice, otherwise your anxiety could worsen.
Being burnt alive I dreamt that I was being chased by familiar people because of something I did. And my younger brother tried to help me escape. But the people eventually found me and delivered me to be burnt alive.. My bigger sister was standing by to comfort me. And I took sleeping pills to get me dozed so that I won't feel the pain.. I burnt without feeling anything.. But I did not see end results. Envisioning people you recognize or know in the dream world suggests you are worried about or suspicious of them in reality. Perhaps you wonder if they have your best interest at heart or if they are using you for their own gain. Being burned alive, then, is a warning that if you delve deeper you are probably not going to like what you find. This does not necessarily mean your friends and family are out to betray you, however. It just means there is more to this situation than meets the eye. If you want to know the truth, be prepared to ask the tough questions and do not be surprised if what you find is more sad, shocking or terrifying than you originally thought.
Planting rice and having sex with a stranger I am female, I experienced two reoccurring dreams. First I see myself planting rice seedlings in a field, harvesting rice, sometimes I find a rice garden already harvested, no rice in it and the crops are dry. Second dream, I find myself in the same isolated room with many people having sex as I watch them, but last dream one man, a film actor begged me to have sex. I refused, but he had sex with me, I just realized when he had finished, I got ashamed and covered myself in my boss's pajama. Planting rice reveals your industry and the hard work that you put into your job, while harvesting rice points to the fruits of your labors. So the more rice you harvest in the dream, the more rewards you will reap in reality. In that context, the crops represent the state of your livelihood. In one instance when the crops are dry, it means you have not performed well at work so your income could suffer. You could commit an error or fail to complete a task in a satisfactory manner which would reflect poorly in your performance. The second dream could also be related to your work because of the presence of your boss' pajama. The orgy means you are taking on too much responsibilities and this is giving you a lot of stress. Being forced to have sex means you are allowing yourself to be bullied into handling more workload even though you can no longer manage it effectively. At this point you are in dire need of some rest and relaxation and this is actually indicated by the pajama. You need to talk to your boss or supervisor about delegating certain tasks to others so you can maintain the quality of your work.
Things appearing bigger than they are Childhood dreams. When the dream starts, everything around me is really big. A reoccurring theme would be in something like pinball machines where the metal balls would be the size of boulders. Dreaming that objects appear huge or gigantic means you are feeling overwhelmed in reality. You are tackling problems and challenges which you think are beyond your capabilities, hence you are stressed and perhaps a bit anxious. The type of object also adds meaning to your vision. For example, a pinball machine points to a goal or a target. Since the machine looms large, it means you think that you are overreaching. However, it is also telling you that what appears to be daunting is actually achievable if your break it down to smaller and manageable steps.
Looking for a girl while being gay I was dreaming asking someone to be my girl but I'm gay, I was talking to my friend about her. Asking someone to be your girlfriend does not necessarily mean that you have romantic feelings for the girl. In your case, this means that you may feel a kinship towards her because of a shared interest or because of similar circumstances. You probably want to get to know her better because you feel like you can be good friends in reality. Alternatively, you may desire to have certain qualities of this girl. It could be a physical attribute that you want for yourself or a personality trait that you admire and would want to emulate.
Being bothered while trying to sleep I was in my bed and I felt someone smack me on my butt. I woke up and I got scared to death, as I began to fall back to sleep I felt my covers moving and I woke up again. After I tried to dose off again and I could feel someone touch my hand and me remembering when I was a kid I saw grandparents. I felt ok until that drifted away and it was back to a feeling of terror. Feeling terrified, especially while you are falling asleep, denotes a deep-seated personal issue. You are afraid of letting your guard down because someone could take advantage of you. The smack on your butt represents a power struggle. A domineering figure is forcing you to become submissive. This could be tied to an unresolved fear within you that you have been repressing. However, the more you repress it, the more it surfaces, especially during times when you are unguarded. If this is a recurring issue of night terrors or feeling that someone is harassing you, then you may have to consult a professional that would help you confront your inner demons.
Being surrounded by transgender people A crowd of transgender people surrounding me from nowhere, I dreamed about falling off from a train and then when I get down safely, these people surround me? Being surrounded by transgenders reveals your mixed feelings or confusion about gender and sexuality. Transgenders and the discussion about trans-sexuality could be a salient feature in your day to day. This either makes you curious or conflicted, depending on how you felt in the dream. It is also possible that you are entering an unfamiliar phase in your life and you would experience a lot of adjustments as part of this transition.
Running and hiding from police I was on the run from police... In hiding. Running away and hiding from the police in this dream means you are running away from your responsibilities. You are in the middle of an important undertaking and people are expecting you to perform your duties, however you do not want the obligation. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from this. Sooner or later the repercussions of your unprofessionalism would catch up to you and when that time comes, it would be a much heavier burden to bear.
Failing to achieve I was a professor for 35 years, now retired. I won multiple awards for teaching and research. I dream almost nightly of failing at both. Experiencing failure in dreams reveals your insecurity about your capability to succeed. Despite your skills and experience, deep down you still do not feel good enough. Perhaps you feel like a fraud. In the context of your vision, dreaming of failing at your job when you already experienced success in reality is an indication of dissatisfaction. There is something you strive to accomplish and you are either having difficulties or have failed already. There is one last thing you want to attain that would finally give you the feeling of fulfillment, and right now there are obstacles in the way which you must strive to overcome.
Flying and unable to touch the ground In many of my dreams I am hovering above the ground and no matter how hard I try I am unable to touch my feet to the ground. It is very frustrating and I wake up exhausted, physically and mentally. Dreaming about hovering very close to the ground is often interpreted as a neutral dream symbol. It serves as a reminder to avoid taking advice or suggestions from dear friends or close family members and to follow the promptings of your heart when it comes to making important life decisions. The frustration you feel in these visions is a reflection of the frustration you and those around you might feel during this time. Your friends and family members probably have your best interests at heart, but they do not know the inner workings of your heart. A firm "Thank you, but I need to do this for myself" should help them understand your position and give you more peace of mind.
Being an opposite gender I woke up as the opposite gender. No one noticed. For a female, dreaming of being a man means you are anticipating a radical change in your existence. However, this change you are waiting for would end up anticlimactic or even disappointing for you. This change could range from finding a new job, moving to a new place or even coming out of the closet. If you are male and you dream of yourself as the opposite gender, then this reveals emotional instability and mood swings. Although this could also mean that you are going to experience an existential crisis. Your mind is going through different possibilities because you do not know yourself that well yet. To find your true self and your purpose in this world, you need to submit to introspection.
Being lost and a white horse My mother had a dream last night. She dreamed that she was lost and couldn't find her car but instead saw me and my father nursing an injured white horse where her car was parked. What does her dream mean? Losing a vehicle in dreams is usually a sign of difficulty in making decisions as well as obstacles in the dreamer's career or personal life. As such, your mother's dream reveals her anxiety about making a major choice which would have far-reaching consequences for herself and your entire family. Meanwhile, the white horse you and your father were nursing in her dream alludes to trouble in your household. Healthy, white horses usually suggest a happy and fruitful marriage, so in your mother's mind she can foresee problems brewing in your family which could put significant strain on your parent's marriage. In connection to the first dream symbol, this can also mean that getting preoccupied with her work or responsibilities outside the home could mean neglecting her family. Her subconscious is actually reminding her to focus on the people who matter instead of getting sidetracked by distractions elsewhere.
Being naked and recorded My dream was about being naked and dancing in a luxurious place I never saw. I think it was some hotel and it got a secret camera which recorded my nakedness and then I got to know about that video and I was afraid they would blackmail me. Being naked in your dream symbolizes an illicit relationship. You are going to get involved with someone who will make you question your morality. This will also tarnish your reputation and leave you with feelings of shame and guilt. Meanwhile, dancing alone portends success and personal achievements. So, while you are dealing in questionable activities, you are also enjoying victories. Unfortunately, all your triumphs and victories would come crumbling down once your dirty secret comes out. The hidden camera represents discovery and public humiliation. If you do not want a scandal to damage your reputation and credibility, then you better behave accordingly because secrets have a way of being discovered when you least expect it.
Paralyzed during a presentation I'm about to give a presentation and I fall down 100% paralyzed and no one notices. I am male, this dream occurs regularly (just different surroundings). Giving a presentation is a reference to how you present yourself in public. This persona you project allows you to influence other people's opinion about you. So, falling down and becoming paralyzed as you are about to make a presentation means you do not feel in control in the waking world. This kind of dream scenario often recurs whenever you are thrust in an unfamiliar situation. You need to think on your feet and improvise, yet you are scared of looking foolish. Your anxiety is keeping you from demonstrating your skills. Therefore, to avoid such panic attacks and self-sabotage, you need to learn not to take things too seriously. Learn to embrace your flaws and laugh at yourself once in a while. This way, other people will see your sincerity.
Unable to get out of the hole in the ground I am a female and I dream most of my life. I dream that I was in a hole and I was trying to get out but the more I try to jump on top, the more sand was preventing me. There was one person that was sitting at the top and try to get me out but there was something distracting and I woke up. Dreaming that you are in a hole is a sign of depression. You feel surrounded by darkness and hopelessness, and you do not know how to lift yourself out of this bleak emotional state. This dream symbol would often recur during low points in your life, if you have just ended a relationship or you are faced with another failure. Meanwhile, the sand keeping you from getting out of this hole denotes instability. You lack the discipline and the determination to hold down a job and manage your finances. You could also be sabotaging yourself, making rash decisions and actions which prevent other people from helping you. You tend to push people away because of your pride and defensive nature.
Being tired I dreamt I was so tired I collapsed and woke up in hospital and telling my kids I was just overtired. Both symbols in this vision point toward health issues arising in the future and should be regarded as a warning. In particular, your extreme fatigue and tiredness indicate not only physical ailment, but also suggest a weakening of resolve or mental stamina. The idea that this leads you to stay in the hospital even further illustrates how downtrodden and weak you could be feeling at the moment. Perhaps the weather or the amount of activity in your life is wearing you down unreasonably. You may need to take more time for yourself, perhaps with family and loved ones whose presence could improve your mood and overall well-being.
Being followed by a person in black clothes I dream about being followed by someone in black clothes, this person was a white guy. Later in the dream he stopped following me. This vision could mean you are sad or unhappy at this point in time, or perhaps you are dreading some event about to take place in the future. This is seen in the image of the man following you in all black clothes. However, the white man may actually represent happiness or fulfillment, suggesting that whatever is bothering you may be a blessing in disguise. It may be that you need to look at something from a different point of view or try to see the silver-lining in a difficult situation. In any case, your dream is a reminder that things are not as bad as they seem.
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