Planting rice and having sex with a stranger I am female, I experienced two reoccurring dreams. First I see myself planting rice seedlings in a field, harvesting rice, sometimes I find a rice garden already harvested, no rice in it and the crops are dry. Second dream, I find myself in the same isolated room with many people having sex as I watch them, but last dream one man, a film actor begged me to have sex. I refused, but he had sex with me, I just realized when he had finished, I got ashamed and covered myself in my boss's pajama. Planting rice reveals your industry and the hard work that you put into your job, while harvesting rice points to the fruits of your labors. So the more rice you harvest in the dream, the more rewards you will reap in reality. In that context, the crops represent the state of your livelihood. In one instance when the crops are dry, it means you have not performed well at work so your income could suffer. You could commit an error or fail to complete a task in a satisfactory manner which would reflect poorly in your performance. The second dream could also be related to your work because of the presence of your boss' pajama. The orgy means you are taking on too much responsibilities and this is giving you a lot of stress. Being forced to have sex means you are allowing yourself to be bullied into handling more workload even though you can no longer manage it effectively. At this point you are in dire need of some rest and relaxation and this is actually indicated by the pajama. You need to talk to your boss or supervisor about delegating certain tasks to others so you can maintain the quality of your work.
Things appearing bigger than they are Childhood dreams. When the dream starts, everything around me is really big. A reoccurring theme would be in something like pinball machines where the metal balls would be the size of boulders. Dreaming that objects appear huge or gigantic means you are feeling overwhelmed in reality. You are tackling problems and challenges which you think are beyond your capabilities, hence you are stressed and perhaps a bit anxious. The type of object also adds meaning to your vision. For example, a pinball machine points to a goal or a target. Since the machine looms large, it means you think that you are overreaching. However, it is also telling you that what appears to be daunting is actually achievable if your break it down to smaller and manageable steps.
Looking for a girl while being gay I was dreaming asking someone to be my girl but I'm gay, I was talking to my friend about her. Asking someone to be your girlfriend does not necessarily mean that you have romantic feelings for the girl. In your case, this means that you may feel a kinship towards her because of a shared interest or because of similar circumstances. You probably want to get to know her better because you feel like you can be good friends in reality. Alternatively, you may desire to have certain qualities of this girl. It could be a physical attribute that you want for yourself or a personality trait that you admire and would want to emulate.
Being bothered while trying to sleep I was in my bed and I felt someone smack me on my butt. I woke up and I got scared to death, as I began to fall back to sleep I felt my covers moving and I woke up again. After I tried to dose off again and I could feel someone touch my hand and me remembering when I was a kid I saw grandparents. I felt ok until that drifted away and it was back to a feeling of terror. Feeling terrified, especially while you are falling asleep, denotes a deep-seated personal issue. You are afraid of letting your guard down because someone could take advantage of you. The smack on your butt represents a power struggle. A domineering figure is forcing you to become submissive. This could be tied to an unresolved fear within you that you have been repressing. However, the more you repress it, the more it surfaces, especially during times when you are unguarded. If this is a recurring issue of night terrors or feeling that someone is harassing you, then you may have to consult a professional that would help you confront your inner demons.
Being surrounded by transgender people A crowd of transgender people surrounding me from nowhere, I dreamed about falling off from a train and then when I get down safely, these people surround me? Being surrounded by transgenders reveals your mixed feelings or confusion about gender and sexuality. Transgenders and the discussion about trans-sexuality could be a salient feature in your day to day. This either makes you curious or conflicted, depending on how you felt in the dream. It is also possible that you are entering an unfamiliar phase in your life and you would experience a lot of adjustments as part of this transition.
Running and hiding from police I was on the run from police... In hiding. Running away and hiding from the police in this dream means you are running away from your responsibilities. You are in the middle of an important undertaking and people are expecting you to perform your duties, however you do not want the obligation. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from this. Sooner or later the repercussions of your unprofessionalism would catch up to you and when that time comes, it would be a much heavier burden to bear.
Failing to achieve I was a professor for 35 years, now retired. I won multiple awards for teaching and research. I dream almost nightly of failing at both. Experiencing failure in dreams reveals your insecurity about your capability to succeed. Despite your skills and experience, deep down you still do not feel good enough. Perhaps you feel like a fraud. In the context of your vision, dreaming of failing at your job when you already experienced success in reality is an indication of dissatisfaction. There is something you strive to accomplish and you are either having difficulties or have failed already. There is one last thing you want to attain that would finally give you the feeling of fulfillment, and right now there are obstacles in the way which you must strive to overcome.
Flying and unable to touch the ground In many of my dreams I am hovering above the ground and no matter how hard I try I am unable to touch my feet to the ground. It is very frustrating and I wake up exhausted, physically and mentally. Dreaming about hovering very close to the ground is often interpreted as a neutral dream symbol. It serves as a reminder to avoid taking advice or suggestions from dear friends or close family members and to follow the promptings of your heart when it comes to making important life decisions. The frustration you feel in these visions is a reflection of the frustration you and those around you might feel during this time. Your friends and family members probably have your best interests at heart, but they do not know the inner workings of your heart. A firm "Thank you, but I need to do this for myself" should help them understand your position and give you more peace of mind.
Being an opposite gender I woke up as the opposite gender. No one noticed. For a female, dreaming of being a man means you are anticipating a radical change in your existence. However, this change you are waiting for would end up anticlimactic or even disappointing for you. This change could range from finding a new job, moving to a new place or even coming out of the closet. If you are male and you dream of yourself as the opposite gender, then this reveals emotional instability and mood swings. Although this could also mean that you are going to experience an existential crisis. Your mind is going through different possibilities because you do not know yourself that well yet. To find your true self and your purpose in this world, you need to submit to introspection.
Being lost and a white horse My mother had a dream last night. She dreamed that she was lost and couldn't find her car but instead saw me and my father nursing an injured white horse where her car was parked. What does her dream mean? Losing a vehicle in dreams is usually a sign of difficulty in making decisions as well as obstacles in the dreamer's career or personal life. As such, your mother's dream reveals her anxiety about making a major choice which would have far-reaching consequences for herself and your entire family. Meanwhile, the white horse you and your father were nursing in her dream alludes to trouble in your household. Healthy, white horses usually suggest a happy and fruitful marriage, so in your mother's mind she can foresee problems brewing in your family which could put significant strain on your parent's marriage. In connection to the first dream symbol, this can also mean that getting preoccupied with her work or responsibilities outside the home could mean neglecting her family. Her subconscious is actually reminding her to focus on the people who matter instead of getting sidetracked by distractions elsewhere.
Being naked and recorded My dream was about being naked and dancing in a luxurious place I never saw. I think it was some hotel and it got a secret camera which recorded my nakedness and then I got to know about that video and I was afraid they would blackmail me. Being naked in your dream symbolizes an illicit relationship. You are going to get involved with someone who will make you question your morality. This will also tarnish your reputation and leave you with feelings of shame and guilt. Meanwhile, dancing alone portends success and personal achievements. So, while you are dealing in questionable activities, you are also enjoying victories. Unfortunately, all your triumphs and victories would come crumbling down once your dirty secret comes out. The hidden camera represents discovery and public humiliation. If you do not want a scandal to damage your reputation and credibility, then you better behave accordingly because secrets have a way of being discovered when you least expect it.
Paralyzed during a presentation I'm about to give a presentation and I fall down 100% paralyzed and no one notices. I am male, this dream occurs regularly (just different surroundings). Giving a presentation is a reference to how you present yourself in public. This persona you project allows you to influence other people's opinion about you. So, falling down and becoming paralyzed as you are about to make a presentation means you do not feel in control in the waking world. This kind of dream scenario often recurs whenever you are thrust in an unfamiliar situation. You need to think on your feet and improvise, yet you are scared of looking foolish. Your anxiety is keeping you from demonstrating your skills. Therefore, to avoid such panic attacks and self-sabotage, you need to learn not to take things too seriously. Learn to embrace your flaws and laugh at yourself once in a while. This way, other people will see your sincerity.
Unable to get out of the hole in the ground I am a female and I dream most of my life. I dream that I was in a hole and I was trying to get out but the more I try to jump on top, the more sand was preventing me. There was one person that was sitting at the top and try to get me out but there was something distracting and I woke up. Dreaming that you are in a hole is a sign of depression. You feel surrounded by darkness and hopelessness, and you do not know how to lift yourself out of this bleak emotional state. This dream symbol would often recur during low points in your life, if you have just ended a relationship or you are faced with another failure. Meanwhile, the sand keeping you from getting out of this hole denotes instability. You lack the discipline and the determination to hold down a job and manage your finances. You could also be sabotaging yourself, making rash decisions and actions which prevent other people from helping you. You tend to push people away because of your pride and defensive nature.
Being tired I dreamt I was so tired I collapsed and woke up in hospital and telling my kids I was just overtired. Both symbols in this vision point toward health issues arising in the future and should be regarded as a warning. In particular, your extreme fatigue and tiredness indicate not only physical ailment, but also suggest a weakening of resolve or mental stamina. The idea that this leads you to stay in the hospital even further illustrates how downtrodden and weak you could be feeling at the moment. Perhaps the weather or the amount of activity in your life is wearing you down unreasonably. You may need to take more time for yourself, perhaps with family and loved ones whose presence could improve your mood and overall well-being.
Being followed by a person in black clothes I dream about being followed by someone in black clothes, this person was a white guy. Later in the dream he stopped following me. This vision could mean you are sad or unhappy at this point in time, or perhaps you are dreading some event about to take place in the future. This is seen in the image of the man following you in all black clothes. However, the white man may actually represent happiness or fulfillment, suggesting that whatever is bothering you may be a blessing in disguise. It may be that you need to look at something from a different point of view or try to see the silver-lining in a difficult situation. In any case, your dream is a reminder that things are not as bad as they seem.
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