Having sex with a boy in an unfamiliar house Dreams about: I had a dream that I was in an unknown person's house and I was in a bedroom, then the boy I like came into my room grabbed me and kissed me repeatedly. Then we made love. Dreaming of being inside a house you have never been before is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter from someone who wants to be a part of your life. This could interfere with the relationship you are having right now. Having sex with someone you consider attractive or desirable is actually a symbol of having too many choices you are considering before making the final decision to give your attention to someone who you think will be the best match for you.
Sex with a man without seeing his face I'm having sex with a man in my dream and I like it and I can't see his face. Dreaming of scenes of desired sex or seeing your fantasies being played out is a sign of insecurity. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these are hindering you from realizing your goals or objectives. It can also refer to your incapability to satisfy your sexual needs or the needs of your partner. The notion of not being able to see the face of the person you are having sex with could be an indication of having too many encounters (such as dates) you may be having in order to improve your sexual life, but this could also bring along some unpleasant or even negative experiences into your life.
Sex with a girlfriend I dreamed about having sex with my girlfriend. Dreaming of scenes of desired sex or seeing your fantasies being played out is a sign of insecurity. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these are hindering you from realizing your goals or objectives. It can also refer to your incapability to satisfy your sexual needs or the needs of your partner.
In-laws having a sexual affair My sister and my brother in laws having a sex affair. Dreaming about sexual scenes between your close relatives has negative connotations. It could be a forewarning about some upcoming unpleasant events. You could become involved in a conflictual, dramatic or hazardous situation which might have disastrous consequences. Their successful resolution would demand your utmost dedication, concentration, energy and time. These unexpected circumstances would not necessarily be sex-related. However, they would probably have relational and social repercussions. For example, someone could commit some socially unacceptable act. Furthermore, they would probably affect people that are close to you, even maybe those that appeared in this dream.
Having a meal with family and asking father for sex Having a good meal that I cooked then all of a sudden I am asking for sex from my dad and he says no and I am so embarrassed. He eats the food while smiling and says he has to go and leaves my sister with a lot of money but leaves me with less. This is a very disturbing dream. Dreaming about having a meal with your close family members could be an indication that you are expecting one of your close family members to leave the family soon or move away for a long period of time. This could involve your anticipation or knowledge that one or more family members would soon be going to college, changing their job so that they would have to travel to a distant place.The notion of thinking about having sex with your father in the same dream reflects your excessive interest in supernatural phenomena and spiritualism. You could be also easily influenced by everything that is connected to or originates from black magic, mediums, afterlife and other related things. You are most likely in the process of sorting things out for yourself and could be subconsciously comparing your personal philosophy and outlook on life with other people's views and beliefs.
Sex with husband Having sex with my husband. Dreaming about having sex with your husband could have possible meanings depending on the actual nature of the relationship between you and your husband. If you haven’t had intimate contact with him in a while, this could be a reflection of your desire to have sexual intercourse with him. If you are intimate life is already going well, you could be wanting to spice up this activity because you are not completely satisfied with the way it is performed, either on his or your part.
Being incarcerated and having sex with a stranger I am a 25 year old female who, last week lost my job and my car. This morning just before waking I dreamt I was playing a woman who was going to jail, I cannot recall why, but within minutes of being there still out in the open being walked towards my cell, a guard brought in a male inmate who was on "good behavior". This man was part elephant and he was allowed to rape my female character only with his trunk as the rest of the jail watched. She hated it but decided to make the situation her own by making it the best sex this elephant had and she climaxed as well. Then I woke. Curious for result. Dreaming about being arrested or entering jail indicates an inclination towards solitude and shutting yourself off from those around you, even those you care about. It may also point to an aversion to entertaining other points of view of taking third-party opinions seriously, particularly when they are regarding your life and situation directly. Scenes of sexual violence coupled with actually receiving sexual relief in dream visions often point toward conflict. In this case, it seems you could feel challenged or affronted by someone who you believe thinks too highly of themselves and their own ideas. This may be despite the fact that they have shown you kindness in the past or are trying to help you now.
Menstruation during sex I was having sex with a girl I am currently with, she was on her period during sex, well at the end I didn't enjoy it at all, I hated it. You have not specified whether you are a male or female, so we are providing common interpretation for this kind of dream vision for both situations. For females, visions of menstruation during sex predict encountering obstacles or misunderstandings arising between you and the other person whom you are currently seeing or in a relationship with. For males, similar visions point to his extreme aversion to everything he perceives unclean, immoral or even revolting during sex. The dream suggests you could be enjoying sex activities more if you accept them as a natural and pleasurable part of human nature.
Horses having sex Two horses having sexual intercourse in the missionary position, male above penetrating the female below and lying on her back. Based on traditional interpretation sources, seeing animals in your dream represented by horses signifies your excessive energy, this could include energy you devote to satisfy your sexual needs. Therefore, this dream could either be a reflection of your recent sexual experience which left a lasting imprint on you at subconscious level, or it could be an expression of your sexual fantasies as a response to your libido.
Running away from someone and ending up having homosexual experience I had a dream about me and my best friend running from someone. Then we stop and asked each other if we wanted to have sex. So then we went in a tent and had gay sex. What does this mean? Engaging in a sexual act under unusual circumstances or as something you would not normally do could indicate that your current lover or sexual partner, if you have one, could be exerting a lot of pressure on you or try to dominate you physically or emotionally in order to get complete satisfaction. If you felt in this dream that the experience was pleasant or fulfilling as far as your real-life fantasies are concerned, it could be a sign of insecurity and low self-confidence. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these aspects of your personality may be hindering you from realizing your true potential.
Coerced to having sex with a toy My dream was about having sex with a toy kids play, it looked something like Snoopie, but I didn't have sex with it. I fight it off and said I only love my first love. While the use of toys during sex in a dream usually points toward a fulfilling sex life, seeing real toys, those not intended to be used for these purposes, may be the manifestation of some immature aspect of your personality. For example, while you may be willing to take on more responsibilities at work to support an adult life style, you may not necessarily be ready to start a family or provide for a dependent. Fighting off the toy may indicate some internal struggle over these issues, meaning in some ways you feel ready to give up your childhood ways and grow up, but in other ways you are not ready to let go yet.
Being inseminated by a stranger I dreamed a stranger ejaculated in me, but I hurried up and tried to push the sperm out of me before my husband found out. Dreaming about someone ejaculating in you could be symbolic of finalizing your plans or making your intentions reach their conclusion. In the context of the rest of the dream, this could be concerning your relationship with your husband. You may be in a stage of putting finishing touches on something important you want to reveal to him. The dream vision suggests you are soon to surprise him with a big news or announcement, and his reaction to that will depend on the nature of this message.
Becoming a lesbian and telling parents I am a female and I dreamed that I told my dad I was a lesbian, then I had sexual intercourse with a female. Whether you are a lesbian or not, this vision is a negative sign pointing towards bad luck and conflict in your future. More specifically, this dream vision portends having a disagreement with a close friend or relative about who is right and who is wrong. No matter the actual truth, you are not likely to win this argument, and may lose face with your group of friends or family members until the two of you have come to an accord.
Sexual intentions toward an aunt Last night I dreamt I was french-kissing my aunt on her lips and also playing with her clitoris. Dreams containing images of having sexual contact with your immediate family members or relatives are indicative of your hesitations, apprehensions or doubts in regards to things you need to accomplish at the moment. You could be in a situation when other people are preventing you from moving ahead, either intentionally or unknowingly. This dream vision advises to carefully assess your options before you make any major decisions or decide to devote your time and resources on things that matter to you.
Enjoying sex with demons and monsters I keep dreaming about being raped or molested, but enjoying it. Frequently, the dreams involved being raped by a demon, monster or Satan himself. I know in my dream that it's wrong but I can't help enjoying it. Being raped or molested in this vision seems to be a warning about upcoming difficulties you are likely to face, especially in relation to how other people view you and your actions. Specifically envisioning these acts taking place with monsters and demons, the minions in Satan's army, indicates being unable to attain something you badly desire, whether it is wealth, fame or just love. Your desire and drive to gain these things may even be driving you crazy, causing you to consider courses of action normally considered illegal or immoral. This is also supported by the image of Satan himself, which suggests criminal activity of some kind in pursuit of these aims. However, you should avoid falling into this trap, as seeking and pursuing bad means for a good end is unlikely to give you the results you want and could culminate in eternal shame and punishment.
Having sex with twins and clear liquid gushing out This dream was in the morning of having sexual acts performed on me by twins that I have never met personally. I remember seeing the number 22 and 10 (almost like a flash across the scenery). I reached my peek during the sexual acts and it was lots of clear fluid gushing out of me like a stream. I see the twins' eyes looking up at me (piercing eyes). I also remember seeing my husband in a dark colored suit, not sure where he was going. Seeing and interacting (including sexually) with twins in a dream is a symbol of fertility and ability to give birth. You could become pregnant soon or it could be another female announcing that she is expecting. However, the second part of this dream about clear fluid coming out of you is also a symbol of great emotional turmoil you could be experiencing right now. Based on the context of the dream you are describing, these feelings could be related to questioning yourself about the real father of your or the other woman's baby, since there could be more than one person involved in conceiving.
Watching people having anal sex I was watching someone have intense anal sex. I saw the interpretation on having anal sex and watching someone have sex but not sure how to tie the two together. It seems there may be forces working behind your back which aim to hurt or deceive you in the worst possible way. However, there is a part of you that would rather ignore the truth of the situation rather than admit the reality of it all. This is most likely related to a relationship with someone close to you, either a good friend or lover, who is treating you badly or purposefully leaving you out of parts of their life. While it may be difficult to come to grips with such attitude and treatment, being able to confront them and move past it may ease some of the burden you have been carrying.
Having sex in a car and cockroaches everywhere I was dreaming about having sex in a car with this person (we were very into each other until January when something happened and he can't tell me). Anyway, I was having sex in the car and then, boom, hundreds of cockroaches in the car, outside and I was very ashamed of this. There are two prominent symbols in your dream, sex in the car and cockroaches. Having sex in the car portends an unexpected event that is about to happen and which you may be unprepared to face. Cockroaches, on the other hand, are symbolic of harmful habits, dangerous behavior as well as suspicious transactions. Roaches are also associated with filth and disease, as such, further interpretation of this symbol extends to vices and negative consequences of engaging in abusive or excessive lifestyles. The interaction of both symbols gives an impression that there is an undesirable and deleterious occurrence in the imminent future as a result of careless decisions and reckless behavior. Your conscience is warning you to be more circumspect to steer clear of trouble.
Getting caught while commiting adultery Sex with a married man. His wife caught us in the act. He walked away unperturbed. To dream about having sex with a married man reflects personal guilt. You may have done something that you regret and this feeling of remorse is manifesting in your dream. The lack of guilt from your partner despite being caught in the act alludes to the tendency of people around you to tolerate the wrongdoings you commit. Your personal beliefs may have been shaken and your subconscious is trying to make sense of the situation.
Having sex with an ex and his girlfriend in a hotel I had recently had a dream about what seemed like a threesome with my ex and his girlfriend, but the girlfriend didn't participate in the actual act of sex. She just sat back and watched as we (my ex and I) ravished each other on the hotel room bed. After he and I finished she wasn't there. We showered and began to have sex again in the shower and that's when I woke up. Dreaming about having sex with an ex-boyfriend is a highly ominous sign predicting the return of past problems. You probably thought you had resolved or eliminated this issue a long time ago, but it is about to rear its ugly head again, putting a damper on your current plans and mood. The setting of the hotel indicates this trouble is likely to be related to money or the law, meaning you may find that you struggle financially or that, if you have one, your criminal past is finally catching up with you.
Having sex with a ghost and talking about it in class Well, I had a weird dream that, well, I had sex with a ghost and after that I went to my class and while I was talking to my friends, my crush was caught staring at me while I was talking. Encountering a ghost by itself is a fairly ominous symbol associated with internal turmoil and a lack of direction in your life. Considering your intimate relations with this ethereal spirit, it seems your troubles are related to your love life (or lack there of). This is made clear in the image of your crush who represents your current dissatisfaction with romance. You might need to change some things in this aspect of your life in order to find peace and satisfaction in the other areas.
Having sex with strangers while husband is asleep I was having sex with two guys on a boat while my husband slept. Having sex with multiple men is a highly auspicious sign predicting an upcoming promotion or elevation in status. This is accompanied by the idea of your husband being unaware of your affair, which suggests that your sudden rise may be tainted by accusations of illegal activities or an unfair advantage over your peers. You may want to make sure your hands are clean and that no one has any information that can be used against you.
Sexual acts involving deceased parents I really need an answer. This dream is driving me crazy. I have this weird dream that my husband is having sex with my dead mom in front of me. The weird thing is that my mom never met my hubby. She died before, but only saw my hubby's pic that I sent her few month before she died. In my dream it felt like my hubby is my dad and I am having an affair with my dad and he won't leave my mom for me. This makes me so uncomfortable. I love him so much and he won't leave her for me. Feeling like your husband is your father in a dream vision predicts worsening health in your future, possibly over the course of a few months or years. This, combined with the image of your husband (father) having sex with your deceased mother could suggest that negative feelings or a dim outlook on life could contribute to your decline. Your frustration and discomfort in this situation is likely representative of similar feelings in wake life. In this case, not only is the dream a warning to take precautions with your physical well-being, but also to try to focus more on the blessings in your life instead of the challenges.
Sex between the two identities of oneself I am a transgender pre-op biological male that identifies as female. I am bisexual, and happy with my girlfriend. I have an accepting family, but I am asked to dress as a boy around them. In my dream I am myself, but a girl, longer hair, breasts, vagina, voice. And I'm having sex with my male self, how I look with shorter hair and scruff, but his penis is slightly larger. I can feel everything, like a fullness in my crotch and amazing explosions. We say I love you a lot I wake up in semen. Your dream has elements of the yin and yang - opposites, but both part of a whole. Seeing yourself as a female represents how you see yourself. It is, as you said, how you identify. The male appearance represents your past, and the intercourse that proceeds between those two parts of who you are alludes to a coming together of both sides. The sexual act normally denotes acceptance. To fully emerge as a whole person, you may have to accept all aspects of your being - both the feminine and the masculine qualities that make you a unique individual. You journey to transformation, therefore, does not entail shunning or shedding aspects of yourself, but embracing who you are at the core of your being.
Sex after being engaged She was happy about getting engaged and to celebrate, we had rough sex... A dream about getting engaged reflects your need for intimacy and commitment. You may be feeling sad and lonely, thus the nature of your dream vision revolves around getting closer and being intimate with someone. Being in a secure and stable romantic bond with someone may be a current unmet need. Alternatively, the rough sex may refer to your repressed sexual needs. You may be looking for something more casual, so long as it satisfies your physical desires.
Mother repusled by sex acts My boyfriend having oral sex in my bed with three women and they said he was doing spiritual work, chakras, and that three pastors ok-yed the activity. I saw genitals of my guy and two of the women. They had on shoes and socks in my bed. I watched my mom who is dead drove off in my car. She would never have driven my car, she was invalid yet in dream she did this. The variety of sexual images in this vision suggests that you are very open with your emotions in front of others. You rarely shy from expressing your views and are quick to pass judgement on different ideas and trends. As mothers tend to represent happiness and joy, watching your deceased mother drive away could signal a change to the normally upbeat atmosphere around you. This is likely related to the first half of the vision, meaning you may say the wrong thing or bring up a topic which rubs those around you the wrong way. You may want to be a little more careful with your words and be conscientious of the beliefs and feelings of others.
Sex with a classmate I'm a male and I have this dream of making love with my female best friend in our classroom and even in her house. Dreaming that you make love to your female friend in different locations is a warning. Unless you take steps to become more diligent in your day-to-day activities, you could soon find yourself falling behind your peers. If you really want to accomplish the goals set before you, work harder and strive to improve yourself along the way.
Having sex with a woman for women Dreams about me (a woman) having sex with another woman and my husband's friend walked in and asked her if she had any marijuana. This dream wherein you are having sex with another woman may only be a manifestation of your appreciation of values and characteristics typically associated with a woman. You may have a strong sense of identity and uphold such feminine qualities as grace, warmth and understanding. In addition, you may be in the process of fully embracing your womanhood. Your husband may not be so keen on supporting your feminist views and this could cause disagreements. Perhaps he is trying to avoid talking about sensitive issues to avoid conflict with you.
Wife having sex with her son My wife had a dream where she had sexual relations with one of our sons. What could this possibly mean? When a parent dreams about having sexual relations with their child, it is often thought to portend an upcoming scandal affecting this person or entire family. In this case, your wife or son could become involved in something they would rather keep under wraps, but extenuating circumstances could force their hand, revealing to others something embarrassing or outrageous. This could have a negative impact on the reputation of the whole family, so it would be wise to keep private matters protected and ask them to avoid any unnecessarily risky activities.
Having sex with a deceased man I dreamed me and another girl had sex with a dead man who was alive in the dream. We were clothed in a public place. A business we used to own. The man was well-endowed. The other girl got mad at me. Having sex with a man who is already dead in reality alludes to some unfinished business. Perhaps you and the other girl have a score to settle with the man and he is causing trouble between the two of you. Alternatively, since the man is well-endowed in the dream, perhaps this reflects the respect and admiration you have for him, which makes the other girl feel resentful and angry. It is possible that until now you still think about what the man would do in certain situations instead of considering the advice and counsel of your female acquaintance or someone else who may be involved.
Oral sex with a former schoolmate A girl I went to school with I never talked to giving me a blow job. This confused me because I am engaged to someone else and want to know if it means anything. Getting a blow job or dreaming of oral sex has to do with issues of dominance as well as commitment. For males, this signifies their tendency to be flaky or indecisive when it comes to establishing relationships or dating women. The girl represents all the dating possibilities you think you would be missing out on as a result of being engaged. It is the dream world equivalent of having cold feet. This is normal and a way for your subconscious to hash out any lingering issues you may have about your commitment to your fiance.
Sex with stepmother I was having sex with my stepmother, we were both enjoying it, but she would not look me in the eyes while we were at it. Dreaming about having sexual relations with your stepmother may be the manifestation of growing negativity in your life. The cause of this is likely your own pessimism or cynicism. This attitude may be doing more harm than you think, as a poor outlook on life and the future could affect your ability to prioritize tasks and maintain enthusiasm. However, the notion that your stepmother was avoiding direct eye contact may be an indication that you do not have the power or discipline to make this change on your own. Rather, you would need some event or intervention from others to get you on the right track.
An affair with a married man In my dream I was having an affair with a married acquaintance of mine. When he ejaculated, it had the appearance and consistency of a hand sanitizer and I believe I was upset that he came. Dreaming of committing adultery or having an affair with a married man alludes to your yearning to be desirable as a well as constant search for sexual satisfaction. On the other hand, this could be an allusion to the guilt and shame you harbor for being tempted into similar situations. If you are presently involved in illicit activities, this may be your subconscious confronting you with your indiscretions, so that your awareness may help you steer clear of sensitive situations which could get you into more trouble.
Having to choose whom to have sex with I had oral sex with my ex and had to choose between my current boyfriend and my ex. Envisioning yourself having oral sex with your ex-boyfriend has something to do with commitment issues. It is equivalent to having cold feet in the waking world. Choosing between your ex and your current boyfriend in your dream further strengthens these possible issues you may be facing. Perhaps lately you have been realizing shortcomings or emotional discomfort as a result of being with your current boyfriend. In the waking world you may feel indecisive towards him and your subconscious is now manifesting these thoughts. This is normal and a way for your mind to hash out lingering issues you may have about this commitment.
Having gay sex I am male. I have a dream that I have a sexual intercourse with a man, that means gay sex relationship that too with my friends. I need to know the dream interpretation. Thank you. A dream wherein you are having sex with someone who is the same gender as you signifies your appreciation of values and characteristics typically associated with men. You may have a strong sense of manhood and try to exude positive male qualities, such as integrity, respectfulness and courage. Most men are raised to believe they need to fight and conquer others to earn admiration, but you understand that you only need to overcome your personal faults to become better. You are focused on maintaining these qualities which is why this vision manifested in your subconscious.
Husband having sex with his sister My husband had sex with his sister on our bed and I was awake, saw everything they did and I was jealous. Seeing your husband and your sister-in-law involved in such an act of sexual deviancy could be an indication of existing minor problems inside your family, especially between you and his side of the family. It is possible that the bad blood that is between you may be causing stress to accumulate in waking life, leading to this vision. Alternatively, this vision can predict a divorce or separation from your husband, possibly due to a conflict between your different ideals.
Men having sex in between husband and self I am a woman and I had a dream of two straight men having sex in the middle of my husband and I. My husband was on texting while this was going on. The images in this vision seem to demonstrate a disconnect between how you think your husband should act versus how he behaves in reality. Two men having sex in this dream could be the manifestation of your feelings in relation to the idea of masculinity. In this case, you may associate masculinity with strength, passion and integrity. However, your husband may not show these qualities, and you may be disappointed that he does not initiate sex or act confidently as you might expect of him. In a sense, this vision is revealing your feelings about him and could either point toward a need to communicate with him more or a need to be more understanding of his personality.
Erect penises for females I am female married for 6 years. I am 38 years old. I often see erect penises in my dreams at least once a month. I don't know its meaning, please help. The image of a penis in the world of dreams may reflect problems with sexuality in reality. In a sense, some aspects of your intimacy with your spouse may not be fully satisfying you. If you desire more sexual encounters or specific sexual acts, it may be better to tell your partner directly rather than hoping they would eventually get the hint.
Having sex with an enemy Having sex with my enemy, woman to woman, this is the second time having the same dream. I am scared because we work together and she doesn't even talk to me. Dreaming about having sex with someone you dislike may reveal a subconscious desire to be like her or use some of her qualities to your advantage. In a sense, you are appreciating her through the act of sex. However, this vision may at the same time show jealousy or other negative emotions associated with this individual.
Having sex with a husband's friend I am a married woman, 27 and I have a daughter already. But last night I had a dream that I was having sex with our friend, which is a friend of my husband and mine. I dream that I have him beside me in my bed but not my husband and was already having sex with him. In my dream I liked the way he treated me during our sex time. Does it mean something bad? Or does it mean something will happen? Thank you. Dreaming about having sex with someone both you and your husband know could be the manifestation of your actual feelings for this individual. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to this man in wake life. Though you may not acknowledge it openly, your latent desires seem to have been expressed in your dream. The notion of enjoying sex with this person may further reveal your dissatisfaction with your current sex life with your husband. This vision could be an indication that you should have a detailed talk with your spouse regarding what you expect from him and how physical gratification would help improve your relationship.
Sex on a beach I'm a girl and I had a dream about my friend who is a guy and basically we somehow ended up on a beach and we had sex on the sand, very close to the water, I could feel it on my legs. But me and my friend, we live far away and I mean quite far like across the ocean. But he had a sex dream about me too, about 2 nights before I had mine. Is it some kind of sign or just a coincidence? I hope you can explain this to me, thank you. Dreaming about having sex with your friend can be awkward, but it actually happens more often than you would think. Often these intimate dream scenarios manifest as a result of getting closer. Reaching a level of comfort where you are able to disclose sensitive information about yourself can often conjure up this type of vision. Alternatively, sex can also reveal your admiration of him and perhaps a desire to emulate certain aspects you see in him. Both the beach and sex represent a union. With sex it is a meeting of the body and soul, while the beach represents a merging of opposite ideas and perspectives. In that sense, it is possible that having sex on the beach reveals your complementary relationship with him. The fact that you both had the same dream scenario suggests you both value each other and are deeply connected.
Being almost sexually assaulted I've had this dream before once but the ending was different. I'm a female. I was with a guy I have no idea who he was, or where it was. He was trying to hack something. He got sexually aroused and wanted to do something while we wait. I don't remember what I said but I made a joke because I didn't want to and I was nervous. I locked him in the bathroom but he got out and was mad. He picked me up and took me into there, then I woke up. I've been sexually assaulted before, I knew where it was going. Being sexually assaulted in dreams suggests feelings of helplessness in reality. There could be things occurring in your waking world that are beyond your capacity to control. Alternatively, this dream scenario could be your subconscious trying to recreate the abuse you suffered in the real world. The trauma of being victimized has taken residence in your subconscious and would usually manifest during emotional or stressful times. The bathroom represents cleansing, so perhaps this recurring dream scenario is your mind's way of encouraging you to confront and overcome your fears in order to let go of your pent-up anger, anxieties and other negative emotions building up inside of you.
Having sex with ex husband I was having sex with my ex husband last night. We were on a huge bed. There was a lot of foreplay and it was very nice. I had graphic details of his penis. I kept thinking he is going to leave as soon as we are done. He is using me. I felt sad and a bit insecure. He was very kind and caring. In my subconsciousness there was a door. Dreaming about having sex with an ex has negative connotations. It should be considered a forewarning. Events which may have hindered you in the past are about to make a comeback and create further problems for you. Despite the notion that you were enjoying the foreplay, the tiny voice telling you that your spouse would soon leave is actually a manifestation of your subconscious trying to steer you away from trouble. Just because things may seem all hunky-dory and easy does not mean you let down your guard. It would be helpful to keep yourself on high alert and avoid any circumstances or individuals who could cause problems for you in the near future.
Someone masturbating Female, 20. I had a weird dream that this guy I am interested in in a romantic way masturbated in front of me or for me, but I was both disgusted and slightly aroused by this. I am confused by what this dream means, as this is someone I am in love with and this dream was not even sexual in a good or erotic way, it was odd and him masturbating in front of me intentionally whilst looking at me felt like something out of a porn movie I would never enjoy, and didn't enjoy in the dream either. Dreaming about the person you are interested in romantically masturbating in front of you is actually a manifestation of your anxiety about your current relationship. It's an indication that things in your waking life aren't going as expected. Certain aspects you desire could be lacking making you feel doubtful and hesitant. This is further reinforced by your feelings of ambiguity, the notion of you being fascinated yet disgusted at the same time. On the other hand, this dream vision could also mean that there is some sexual tension between you and this person. Perhaps these issues could be resolved amicably by being open with one another. If you are unsure about your sexual compatibility, have a heart to heart talk with him. This, in turn, would strengthen your relationship and help ease the anxiety which you are experiencing.
Feeling guilty about sleeping with a policewoman I am heterosexual male (interested in females). I dreamt that I got pulled over by an extremely attractive blond-haired Greek cop (saw a face, but it was that of no one I had ever met before), but instead of her arresting me we had sex in the car. I am in a relationship and in my dream I remembered thinking it's wrong of me to have sex with this cop, but like maybe I can justify it to my girlfriend because that's such a once in a lifetime opportunity, such a cool thing to happen. So I ended up sleeping with the cop. Dreaming about having sex with a female stranger actually implies that you are about to discover some hidden qualities which you possess. It is simply your subconscious asking you to explore these capabilities. Since you felt in this dream scenario that it was a rare opportunity, it's an indication that you need to find your true calling. Doing so would open vistas which may at one time seemed almost impossible. Learn to tap into your potential and do your best to achieve success in your life. On the other hand, this dream may also indicate that you would like your partner to have the traits or qualities of the woman you met in your dreams. Perhaps you have always been attracted to these types of women and your physical desire to be with a similar kind of person triggered your dream.
Sex with ex-wife Keep having dreams about ex-wife and I am having different types of sex with a lot of orgasm. Dreaming about an ex usually reveals a tendency to repeat the same mistakes or patterns. The sex in your vision suggests that you may be prone to indulging in pleasure-seeking activities despite knowing the negative repercussions of careless decisions and behavior. Alternatively, your subconscious may be reminding you about the lessons you learned from past experiences which could be applicable to your present situation. Perhaps there is a need to learn and internalize those lessons in order to break the destructive cycle or unhealthy patterns of behavior.
An ugly old woman wanting sex I saw an ugly old woman asking for sex in a dream. I woke up when she touched me in the dream. My age is 34 years and I am unmarried still. An unattractive old woman can represent upcoming trials and tribulations in the waking world. You may soon realize that some past issue is rearing its ugly head again, even if you thought all was said and done with the matter. Her asking for sex and touching you without your permission in this vision could be the manifestation of your feelings of helplessness in the face of such a negative situation. You may no longer be prepared to deal with the issue again, or it is possible you put the last of your strength into your efforts to overcome it last time. In either case, you may need to exert extreme effort to fix your problems once and for all.
Coming out as bisexual I am male. I had a dream I was forced to come out as bisexual. Dreaming that you are bisexual could mean that you have not fully embraced your flaws and weaknesses. Alternatively, it could also reveal your inability to fully express your sexuality. Perhaps societal expectations or conservative beliefs are preventing you from doing so. This does not necessarily mean that you could be attracted to both genders, only that you may be going through an identity crisis because of your inherent fear of judgment and disapproval, especially from your loved ones. Living in fear of other people's opinions may be making your subconscious restless, which is why it is forcing you to confront these suppressed issues.
A dildo for a present I'm female and I had a dream that my dad got me a huge dildo for Valentine's Day. Also, my relationship isn't very well with my dad. Dreaming about being gifted a dildo could signify that you have a sexually satisfying relationship. You might find sexual gratification with a variety of partners as well. Even though you may be happy and content with your choice of partners, the notion that your father gave you the sex toy indicates that he may not approve of your relationships. Perhaps your liaison with a particular partner could be the cause of this discord between the two of you.
Sex with a cousin I was having sex with my cousin. Dreaming about having sex with your cousin reveals sexual dissatisfaction. You may have been celibate for a while now and your hormones are raging as a result. This sexual stagnation means you are looking for release and your subconscious conjured the image of someone you often see in reality as a mere representation. Alternatively, sex can be a symbol for pleasure and satisfaction in general. In that sense, you may be envious of someone for seemingly being happier or more satisfied than you are, whether it refers to sexual life or satisfaction in other areas of his or her existence. Perhaps you envy this cousin and want some of his or her achievements or possessions for yourself.
Sex with a sister I am a male. I had a dream last night that my little sister walked into my bedroom and asked me why I never play with her and my brother anymore. I said I do and she said alright. I then walked into her room where she was lying down on her bed playing a game on her tablet. I then said "Hey, I can play with you now?", she looked at me and said "Yay". "So.." she said "What would you like to play?" I looked at her and smiled. I then walked over closer to her, pulled down her pants and then started to have sex. Incestuous acts in the dream world refer to unification. In extreme cases, they can signify forbidden desires and repressed sexual urges. However, in your case, sex could be an allusion to a merging of personalities. Perhaps you long for your younger years and envy your sister's innocence and carefree ways. What you desire is not physical but more of a mindset or characteristic you associate with her. Similarly, not having time to play with your siblings means you are busy with grown-up concerns and responsibilities. While you are well aware of your duties and the need to deal with reality, you cannot help but feel nostalgic about your childhood years as embodied by your younger siblings.
Being raped by the boss at work My boss took me in his office, we were talking and he grabbed me from behind put me on his lap to feel his penis. Then he made me give him a hand job. And after that her raped me even though I asked him to stop and I said "No!". This vision bodes ill for your work situation. Seeing your boss, in general, is a fairly negative symbol to behold in a dream vision. It reveals your lack of satisfaction with your job as well as suggests that you have a grudge against the job itself or your co-workers. The rape you experienced further predicts the situation becoming worse. Your workday may become very difficult, making it challenging not only to do your job but to relax even when you are off the clock. Being forced to touch your boss's penis may reveal that the source of your workplace troubles is related to your connections with colleagues, such as sexual, flirtatious or platonic.
An intercourse with deceased mother I am a 72 years old male and my mum died about 30 years ago. My dream is that I am in bed with my mother first as a child, then I realize I am at my present age and am feeling and getting really too heavy with my petting, so I say is it ok to carry on and she just nods, we then continue to full intercourse and both seem to enjoy it. My younger sister calls up the stairs for her breakfast and we both sigh and casually clean ourselves up and then I wake. Strangely I do not feel guilty. Incestuous acts in the dream world are often a metaphor of union or a coming together of ideas. In that sense, the intercourse with your deceased mother is not about physical aspects of sex, but more of an illustration of your desire to emulate certain aspects of her personality. There could be characteristics of your mother that you admire and perhaps want to have for yourself or it is something which you look for in others around you. The presence of a deceased relative also refers to a lesson you still need to learn or use. Maybe your mother is reminding you to remember her guidance and words of wisdom while she was still alive. The lessons you learned from her could help you out in a present predicament or concern.
Sex with a girl and parents indifferent I am a male. I had a dream that a girl from school (whom I have kissed, but is not my girlfriend) showed up at my apartment. She told me she had just broke up with her boyfriend and she wanted to have sex. She said she really liked our kiss and turned to me to fulfill her sexual needs. Then we did the deed and while we were both not clothed my parents came in to the room, but they surprisingly did not say anything. They left and the girl and I started talking and walking around the house nude. When you dream about having sex with someone you have a crush on or who has a crush on you, it could mean you are keeping some fantasies or secret desires hidden deep inside your consciousness and you are not yet ready to make those intimate desires you cherish in the back of your mind come true. Perhaps that is why your parents walking in on you did not show any signs of embarrassment or shame when within the dream you were letting your wildest fantasies to be exposed. When you envision someone naked in your dream, it could also point to a growing affection toward the person you are naked with and reflect your desire to form a bond, physical or emotional, between the two of you.
An offer to have anal sex for money I had a dream a man I work with was offering me 100 dollars to let him have anal sex with me. I am also a man. The symbols in this dream suggest you should be very wary of those you are currently dealing with in reality. First, the idea of having gay sex in a dream could be a reflection of your appreciation for typically male qualities, like strength and bravery. By itself, this is neither a good nor bad symbol to behold. However, the idea that you were being coerced or bribed into having anal sex could mean that someone is utilizing their possession of these traits to deceive you or get you to do things you would normally be against.
Being caught during sex I am male by gender. I had a dream when I was caught in a sexual act with my girlfriend. When you dream about being caught while having sex with your girlfriend, it could mean that someone from your inner circle is meddling in your personal life. The sex is not the main symbol of the dream, but rather an intimate moment being witnessed by someone else, possibly leaving you feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Maybe you are sensing that someone is attempting to make you feel uncomfortable in the waking world by taking personal details of your life and making them public.
Sex with a younger man For the past three nights I have been dreaming about having passionate sex with a much younger blonde-haired man. Would like to know what that means. Sex with a younger individual in a dream may be an allusion to repressed desires. The desire does not have to be sexual in nature, however. In your case, the younger man may be a representation of passions or dreams you have lost over the years. In that sense, the intercourse symbolizes the act of reigniting your long-lost curiosity or your desire to try something fresh and new. Perhaps your daily routine is too dull and monotonous, making your subconscious yearn for excitement and interesting opportunities.
Parents naked and having sex Hi. I had this strange dream where I saw my parents naked, enjoying themselves and they were in front of me. They said "Now you are studying mobs, so we have no problem in revealing up." It turned more awkward when my father started... fingering... And she jerked out... Now I am worried. While it can be disturbing, seeing your parents having sex in your dream does not necessarily convey sexual connotations. The intimate act may reveal qualities about their marriage or partnership which you deem similar with your current relationship or blossoming romance. Perhaps you are looking to your parents for some guidance on how to have a stronger bond with your romantic partner. Alternatively, their nudity may be an indication of disclosures. Perhaps they are starting to give you honest advice about love and life in general. Some of their words of wisdom may be uncomfortable or difficult to accept, hence your discomfort at seeing them naked.
A woman needing to be pleased A woman at a table. She said something that implied someone pleasuring her under the table. I'm asexual lesbian but pro-sex. The vision of a woman in front of you who you thought was in need of sexual pleasure could represent a prototype or paradigm of what you consider women to be. Her notions of someone pleasuring her, when you were unsure of who it was or what exactly was going on, may be a reflection of your general attitude towards sex. Although you are not against it, you may still feel engaging in intimate psychical relations could lead you to awkward situations with those you feel you are attracted to.
Women making ejaculate I dreamt a lady I know with two other ladies gathered around me, the one I know rubbed my penis till I cum. I am a male. Ejaculating in dreams often reveals the dreamer's need for release and satisfaction. Perhaps the women who gathered around you represent your unfulfilled needs and wants. Meanwhile, the act of pleasuring you may be a reference to short-lived satisfaction. Getting what you want may feel like it is not enough. As such, there is a possibility that you are short-sighted in your ambitions. What you need is so much more that what you are actually getting. Maybe it is time to reevaluate your priorities and plan something more far-reaching for yourself.
Best friend trying to be on top during sex My best friend now, but we had a relationship before. I dreamed that we were trying to have sex and he was trying to get on top of me. I wanted him on top of me but for some reason the position was difficult. I don't know why we kept trying and then I don't remember the rest of the dream. Dreaming about having sex perceived in a forced or awkward way with your now best-friend could mean that you are not comfortable with the relationship as you claim it to be and perhaps you wish to return to your old self before you re-engage with this person on an emotional level. This does not mean that he is trying to overpower you nor that he wishes to hurt you, but you could be treating his presence as invasive, even though you are not quite ready to admit it, because it seems like the person is playing an important role in your life.
Having sex with the same person I have had sex with the same person in 3-4 dreams in the past 4 months. I had the first three before having ever had sex with him and the last one after having actually had sex with him. I've never had reoccurring dreams about having sex with the same person before. In the first dream the sex was awkward. In the second it was a bit more natural and in the most recent one it was actually very intimate. Not in a romantic way. In real life I do not have romantic feelings for him though I am very attracted to him. Recurring dreams about having sex with the same person reveal your growing feelings for them. Whether you are aware of it or not, the increasingly intimate bond you have with him may be influencing your emotions towards him. What started out as physical attraction may have the potential of developing into something deeper and more personal. Perhaps even before the sexual experience in reality, you already had a connection based on your shared interests or similarities, which triggered the pleasure centers in your brain. Even if it is not romantic, the multiple sex dreams you had involving him likely reveal a desire to embody certain aspects of his personality. You likely admire or want to emulate some of his qualities.
Sex with a strange man and spiders I’m a 42 yo woman. I was having really hot sex with an unknown man. His mood was intense, angry and volatile, so I had to keep coaxing him to continue having sex because it was so good. My ex bf and his gf showed up and suddenly there were 3 white furry spiders. One behind the toilet, another on the man's head. Can’t remember where the third was. The man's demeanor seemed to change from intense to mentally challenged or just slow and unsure of himself. Enjoying a hot, pleasurable sex with an unknown man represents your current state of affairs in reality. You probably feel confident and comfortable with the direction your life is taking. This is supported by the image of your ex-boyfriend and his current lover. It suggests you are happy to have him out of your life and are moving on without him. However, the presence of the white spiders reveals that your future plans, particularly ones revolving around romantic relations, may be in trouble. Specifically, they suggest you may learn something unpleasant about the person you are interested in. This is supported by the sudden shift in the unknown man's sexual ability. All the time you spend trying to make this new relationship work is likely to come crumbling down around you unless you get out before it is too late.
Ex having an orgy My ex was having an orgy in my childhood home and my children were in the dream. Watching your ex have group sex in your childhood home could have multiple interpretations, depending your present situation. On one hand, the orgy itself may be a sign that you do not trust your ex with the sensitive information he now has no reason to keep from spreading. Since your relationship is over, you could be worried that your previous lover would divulge secrets, habits or activities that you have carefully guarded for a long time. Similarly, this vision may also mean you are concerned about what your separation means for those who knew you were dating. The location of your childhood home refers to your comfort zone and those you have trusted and relied on for many years. If your ex was particularly popular with members of your family or social circle, you may fear backlash from those individuals. This is also supported by the presence of your children. If you are concerned about your ex after this break up, it may be better to air those concerns in the open, especially in the presence of a neutral third party who could corroborate what happens at that meeting.
Sex with mother in law I have dreamt that I had sexual intercourse with an old lady mother in law. What does it signify? it was day time nap. Dreaming that you have had sex with an older woman who is your mother-in-law is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests you either feel great pressure from someone who is socially higher ranked than you or that you feel inadequate in the presence of someone you love and respect. In either case, your emotions under these circumstances are likely to be negative in nature, and when you are feeling unhappy and stressed, you are unlikely to make the soundest, most responsible decisions. It may be time for you to do a little self-care. Improving your own mood and self-image would go a long way in improving how others see and respond to you.
Wanting to run away with an abusive boyfriend Female. My boyfriend was abusing me. Had a knife tracing around my body and poked my eye in and I went blind and he was laughing with friends. I was upset and he tried to have sex. I was naked and my parents walked in. He ran out the door and I was told to clean my mess. I looked out the window and he was leaving in his car, I knocked on the window and he saw me and I ran down to get in the car with him, we were arguing and the dream ended. Dreaming that your boyfriend is being abusive and torturing you means you are feeling powerless in your relationship. The attempted rape also indicates a power imbalance between the two of you. You feel like he is taking advantage of you in reality and perhaps your love for him is blinding you from all his shortcomings or making you overlook his negative traits. The injury to your eye also means being blinded by your emotions. In addition, the image of your parents witnessing the abuse implies that your loved ones are aware of your unhappiness. Overall, your subconscious could be urging you to be more rational and look at your relationship from a more practical perspective so you can judge whether it is destructive or whether it is worth keeping.
Sex with an attorney I met this male attorney for free legal advice. I had a waking dream about him about a week later and it felt completely real. He was on top of me and we were having sex. During this sex dream or maybe astral sex he told me he wanted to get me pregnant. I was silent for a while and he told me to say yes. It felt like he really needed to hear me say it. Also, in the short time I spoke with this man he complimented me and said I was beautiful and smart and flirted the whole time. He hugged me. Envisioning yourself having sex with your attorney means your subconscious is responding to his flirtations or masculinity traits in reality. A part of you may be attracted to him, or at the very least curious, so your mind is exploring possibilities of intimacy should you decide to reciprocate his advances. On the other hand, your feelings for him may not entirely be sexual or romantic in nature. Sex in dreams represents a union or a desire to acquire certain qualities of the other person. Since you sought legal advice from your attorney, it means he has something which you need and even want for yourself. In your case, it is legal knowledge and expertise that could help you resolve your problems. Ultimately, sex is merely a metaphor of acquiring pertinent information you need for a legal battle.
Sex with wife and a dirty street man I had a dream of me and a well-known stranger dirty man in my street having sex with my wife at the same time. Dreaming of having three-way sex means you think there is something missing in your marriage. The other man may possess qualities which you wish you had or learned. For example, you may be wanting to become more adventurous sexually or you want your wife to be less inhibited. Although this does not have to be related to your sex life, it could also point to another aspect of your relationship and your marriage which you find lacking.
Sex with a mother at a construction site A male having sex with mother in a construction site and wondering if people can see them. Seeing your or someone else's mother having sex with a man, especially a stranger, means you think your mother has changed and this has affected your relationship with her. In addition, sex implies union and a merging of values, so you could be noticing your mother being more assertive and having more qualities normally associated with men. Depending on your current interpersonal dynamics, this could be a good thing or it could mean a more imbalanced and confrontational relationship, especially if you are hiding secrets from each other.
Sex in public Male. Seen a girl I know on vacation. She walked up to me an handed me a drink, we talked then had sex on the beach in front of everybody and no one seemed to see us or care. Meeting a girl during a vacation means good things are going to happen to you, especially when it comes to your personal life. In particular, having sex in a public place where there are a lot of onlookers reveals your transparency to others. This openness about your thoughts and feelings can be both advantageous and problematic depending on the situation. For example, opening up to someone you barely know could be deemed inappropriate. However, since you were having sex on the beach, it means you would meet someone with the same wavelength as yours. This connection and kinship would have the potential of opening yourself up to new perspectives and a deeper understanding of who you are.
Boyfriend having anal sex I am a woman and my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and we have two children together. I have had a couple of dreams that he was having sex with men. I walk in and catch him penetrating another man anally and it wakes me up out of my sleep. What can this mean? Watching someone else have anal sex, especially someone close to you like your partner, is often considered an indicator of dark forces working around you. In many cases, it symbolizes someone attempting to purposely hurt or wound you in some way, either physically or emotionally. As this individual is likely someone close to you, possibly your boyfriend or another close friend, you probably are unwilling to see the truth of the situation or at least not ready to accept that this man or woman does not have your back. You may need to reevaluate a close companionship you share with someone if they are no longer willing to treat you with the care and love you deserve.
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