Sex with a deceased uncle I dream about having sex with my deceased uncle in the dream. Dreaming about having sex with someone related to you who passed away signifies that memories of the past are returning to your mind recently. You may have nostalgic feelings about that period of life when your deceased uncle was still alive because he reminds you of a more carefree and simpler time. You are probably in a stage of your life with too many responsibilities which your subconscious replaces with the scenes of physical intimacy with your relative. This dream may be trying to suggest to you to handle your duties in a less chaotic way.
Wife having sex with a cousin My wife (yes, she is female) told me she had a dream that she had sex with my cousin (yes, he is male). She said I was dead and my cousin came over and he had sex with her. That was all the details. Your wife's dream about having sex with your cousin indicates sexual dissatisfaction your wife could be presently experiencing. On the other hand, it can also suggest that she could be envious of someone in your family circle or outside whom she knows for his or her recent success or luck, so in this case, your wife’s dream is a manifestation of an unrealized desire to reach a goal or satisfy an ambition. The fact you were dead in her vision also predicts that a conflict may arise between you and her because of this dissatisfaction, which can lead to a rift between the two of you for a short period of time.
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