Having sex with a boy in an unfamiliar house Dreams about: I had a dream that I was in an unknown person's house and I was in a bedroom, then the boy I like came into my room grabbed me and kissed me repeatedly. Then we made love. Dreaming of being inside a house you have never been before is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter from someone who wants to be a part of your life. This could interfere with the relationship you are having right now. Having sex with someone you consider attractive or desirable is actually a symbol of having too many choices you are considering before making the final decision to give your attention to someone who you think will be the best match for you.
Sex with a man without seeing his face I'm having sex with a man in my dream and I like it and I can't see his face. Dreaming of scenes of desired sex or seeing your fantasies being played out is a sign of insecurity. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these are hindering you from realizing your goals or objectives. It can also refer to your incapability to satisfy your sexual needs or the needs of your partner. The notion of not being able to see the face of the person you are having sex with could be an indication of having too many encounters (such as dates) you may be having in order to improve your sexual life, but this could also bring along some unpleasant or even negative experiences into your life.
Sex with a girlfriend I dreamed about having sex with my girlfriend. Dreaming of scenes of desired sex or seeing your fantasies being played out is a sign of insecurity. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these are hindering you from realizing your goals or objectives. It can also refer to your incapability to satisfy your sexual needs or the needs of your partner.
In-laws having a sexual affair My sister and my brother in laws having a sex affair. Dreaming about sexual scenes between your close relatives has negative connotations. It could be a forewarning about some upcoming unpleasant events. You could become involved in a conflictual, dramatic or hazardous situation which might have disastrous consequences. Their successful resolution would demand your utmost dedication, concentration, energy and time. These unexpected circumstances would not necessarily be sex-related. However, they would probably have relational and social repercussions. For example, someone could commit some socially unacceptable act. Furthermore, they would probably affect people that are close to you, even maybe those that appeared in this dream.
Having a meal with family and asking father for sex Having a good meal that I cooked then all of a sudden I am asking for sex from my dad and he says no and I am so embarrassed. He eats the food while smiling and says he has to go and leaves my sister with a lot of money but leaves me with less. This is a very disturbing dream. Dreaming about having a meal with your close family members could be an indication that you are expecting one of your close family members to leave the family soon or move away for a long period of time. This could involve your anticipation or knowledge that one or more family members would soon be going to college, changing their job so that they would have to travel to a distant place.The notion of thinking about having sex with your father in the same dream reflects your excessive interest in supernatural phenomena and spiritualism. You could be also easily influenced by everything that is connected to or originates from black magic, mediums, afterlife and other related things. You are most likely in the process of sorting things out for yourself and could be subconsciously comparing your personal philosophy and outlook on life with other people's views and beliefs.
Sex with husband Having sex with my husband. Dreaming about having sex with your husband could have possible meanings depending on the actual nature of the relationship between you and your husband. If you haven't had intimate contact with him in a while, this could be a reflection of your desire to have sexual intercourse with him. If you are intimate life is already going well, you could be wanting to spice up this activity because you are not completely satisfied with the way it is performed, either on his or your part.
Being incarcerated and having sex with a stranger I am a 25 year old female who, last week lost my job and my car. This morning just before waking I dreamt I was playing a woman who was going to jail, I cannot recall why, but within minutes of being there still out in the open being walked towards my cell, a guard brought in a male inmate who was on "good behavior". This man was part elephant and he was allowed to rape my female character only with his trunk as the rest of the jail watched. She hated it but decided to make the situation her own by making it the best sex this elephant had and she climaxed as well. Then I woke. Curious for result. Dreaming about being arrested or entering jail indicates an inclination towards solitude and shutting yourself off from those around you, even those you care about. It may also point to an aversion to entertaining other points of view of taking third-party opinions seriously, particularly when they are regarding your life and situation directly. Scenes of sexual violence coupled with actually receiving sexual relief in dream visions often point toward conflict. In this case, it seems you could feel challenged or affronted by someone who you believe thinks too highly of themselves and their own ideas. This may be despite the fact that they have shown you kindness in the past or are trying to help you now.
Menstruation during sex I was having sex with a girl I am currently with, she was on her period during sex, well at the end I didn't enjoy it at all, I hated it. You have not specified whether you are a male or female, so we are providing common interpretation for this kind of dream vision for both situations. For females, visions of menstruation during sex predict encountering obstacles or misunderstandings arising between you and the other person whom you are currently seeing or in a relationship with. For males, similar visions point to his extreme aversion to everything he perceives unclean, immoral or even revolting during sex. The dream suggests you could be enjoying sex activities more if you accept them as a natural and pleasurable part of human nature.
Horses having sex Two horses having sexual intercourse in the missionary position, male above penetrating the female below and lying on her back. Based on traditional interpretation sources, seeing animals in your dream represented by horses signifies your excessive energy, this could include energy you devote to satisfy your sexual needs. Therefore, this dream could either be a reflection of your recent sexual experience which left a lasting imprint on you at subconscious level, or it could be an expression of your sexual fantasies as a response to your libido.
Running away from someone and ending up having homosexual experience I had a dream about me and my best friend running from someone. Then we stop and asked each other if we wanted to have sex. So then we went in a tent and had gay sex. What does this mean? Engaging in a sexual act under unusual circumstances or as something you would not normally do could indicate that your current lover or sexual partner, if you have one, could be exerting a lot of pressure on you or try to dominate you physically or emotionally in order to get complete satisfaction. If you felt in this dream that the experience was pleasant or fulfilling as far as your real-life fantasies are concerned, it could be a sign of insecurity and low self-confidence. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these aspects of your personality may be hindering you from realizing your true potential.
Coerced to having sex with a toy My dream was about having sex with a toy kids play, it looked something like Snoopie, but I didn't have sex with it. I fight it off and said I only love my first love. While the use of toys during sex in a dream usually points toward a fulfilling sex life, seeing real toys, those not intended to be used for these purposes, may be the manifestation of some immature aspect of your personality. For example, while you may be willing to take on more responsibilities at work to support an adult life style, you may not necessarily be ready to start a family or provide for a dependent. Fighting off the toy may indicate some internal struggle over these issues, meaning in some ways you feel ready to give up your childhood ways and grow up, but in other ways you are not ready to let go yet.
Being inseminated by a stranger I dreamed a stranger ejaculated in me, but I hurried up and tried to push the sperm out of me before my husband found out. Dreaming about someone ejaculating in you could be symbolic of finalizing your plans or making your intentions reach their conclusion. In the context of the rest of the dream, this could be concerning your relationship with your husband. You may be in a stage of putting finishing touches on something important you want to reveal to him. The dream vision suggests you are soon to surprise him with a big news or announcement, and his reaction to that will depend on the nature of this message.
Becoming a lesbian and telling parents I am a female and I dreamed that I told my dad I was a lesbian, then I had sexual intercourse with a female. Whether you are a lesbian or not, this vision is a negative sign pointing towards bad luck and conflict in your future. More specifically, this dream vision portends having a disagreement with a close friend or relative about who is right and who is wrong. No matter the actual truth, you are not likely to win this argument, and may lose face with your group of friends or family members until the two of you have come to an accord.
Sexual intentions toward an aunt Last night I dreamt I was french-kissing my aunt on her lips and also playing with her clitoris. Dreams containing images of having sexual contact with your immediate family members or relatives are indicative of your hesitations, apprehensions or doubts in regards to things you need to accomplish at the moment. You could be in a situation when other people are preventing you from moving ahead, either intentionally or unknowingly. This dream vision advises to carefully assess your options before you make any major decisions or decide to devote your time and resources on things that matter to you.
Enjoying sex with demons and monsters I keep dreaming about being raped or molested, but enjoying it. Frequently, the dreams involved being raped by a demon, monster or Satan himself. I know in my dream that it's wrong but I can't help enjoying it. Being raped or molested in this vision seems to be a warning about upcoming difficulties you are likely to face, especially in relation to how other people view you and your actions. Specifically envisioning these acts taking place with monsters and demons, the minions in Satan's army, indicates being unable to attain something you badly desire, whether it is wealth, fame or just love. Your desire and drive to gain these things may even be driving you crazy, causing you to consider courses of action normally considered illegal or immoral. This is also supported by the image of Satan himself, which suggests criminal activity of some kind in pursuit of these aims. However, you should avoid falling into this trap, as seeking and pursuing bad means for a good end is unlikely to give you the results you want and could culminate in eternal shame and punishment.
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