Having sex with twins and clear liquid gushing out This dream was in the morning of having sexual acts performed on me by twins that I have never met personally. I remember seeing the number 22 and 10 (almost like a flash across the scenery). I reached my peek during the sexual acts and it was lots of clear fluid gushing out of me like a stream. I see the twins' eyes looking up at me (piercing eyes). I also remember seeing my husband in a dark colored suit, not sure where he was going. Seeing and interacting (including sexually) with twins in a dream is a symbol of fertility and ability to give birth. You could become pregnant soon or it could be another female announcing that she is expecting. However, the second part of this dream about clear fluid coming out of you is also a symbol of great emotional turmoil you could be experiencing right now. Based on the context of the dream you are describing, these feelings could be related to questioning yourself about the real father of your or the other woman's baby, since there could be more than one person involved in conceiving.
Watching people having anal sex I was watching someone have intense anal sex. I saw the interpretation on having anal sex and watching someone have sex but not sure how to tie the two together. It seems there may be forces working behind your back which aim to hurt or deceive you in the worst possible way. However, there is a part of you that would rather ignore the truth of the situation rather than admit the reality of it all. This is most likely related to a relationship with someone close to you, either a good friend or lover, who is treating you badly or purposefully leaving you out of parts of their life. While it may be difficult to come to grips with such attitude and treatment, being able to confront them and move past it may ease some of the burden you have been carrying.
Having sex in a car and cockroaches everywhere I was dreaming about having sex in a car with this person (we were very into each other until January when something happened and he can't tell me). Anyway, I was having sex in the car and then, boom, hundreds of cockroaches in the car, outside and I was very ashamed of this. There are two prominent symbols in your dream, sex in the car and cockroaches. Having sex in the car portends an unexpected event that is about to happen and which you may be unprepared to face. Cockroaches, on the other hand, are symbolic of harmful habits, dangerous behavior as well as suspicious transactions. Roaches are also associated with filth and disease, as such, further interpretation of this symbol extends to vices and negative consequences of engaging in abusive or excessive lifestyles. The interaction of both symbols gives an impression that there is an undesirable and deleterious occurrence in the imminent future as a result of careless decisions and reckless behavior. Your conscience is warning you to be more circumspect to steer clear of trouble.
Getting caught while commiting adultery Sex with a married man. His wife caught us in the act. He walked away unperturbed. To dream about having sex with a married man reflects personal guilt. You may have done something that you regret and this feeling of remorse is manifesting in your dream. The lack of guilt from your partner despite being caught in the act alludes to the tendency of people around you to tolerate the wrongdoings you commit. Your personal beliefs may have been shaken and your subconscious is trying to make sense of the situation.
Having sex with an ex and his girlfriend in a hotel I had recently had a dream about what seemed like a threesome with my ex and his girlfriend, but the girlfriend didn't participate in the actual act of sex. She just sat back and watched as we (my ex and I) ravished each other on the hotel room bed. After he and I finished she wasn't there. We showered and began to have sex again in the shower and that's when I woke up. Dreaming about having sex with an ex-boyfriend is a highly ominous sign predicting the return of past problems. You probably thought you had resolved or eliminated this issue a long time ago, but it is about to rear its ugly head again, putting a damper on your current plans and mood. The setting of the hotel indicates this trouble is likely to be related to money or the law, meaning you may find that you struggle financially or that, if you have one, your criminal past is finally catching up with you.
Having sex with a ghost and talking about it in class Well, I had a weird dream that, well, I had sex with a ghost and after that I went to my class and while I was talking to my friends, my crush was caught staring at me while I was talking. Encountering a ghost by itself is a fairly ominous symbol associated with internal turmoil and a lack of direction in your life. Considering your intimate relations with this ethereal spirit, it seems your troubles are related to your love life (or lack there of). This is made clear in the image of your crush who represents your current dissatisfaction with romance. You might need to change some things in this aspect of your life in order to find peace and satisfaction in the other areas.
Having sex with strangers while husband is asleep I was having sex with two guys on a boat while my husband slept. Having sex with multiple men is a highly auspicious sign predicting an upcoming promotion or elevation in status. This is accompanied by the idea of your husband being unaware of your affair, which suggests that your sudden rise may be tainted by accusations of illegal activities or an unfair advantage over your peers. You may want to make sure your hands are clean and that no one has any information that can be used against you.
Sexual acts involving deceased parents I really need an answer. This dream is driving me crazy. I have this weird dream that my husband is having sex with my dead mom in front of me. The weird thing is that my mom never met my hubby. She died before, but only saw my hubby's pic that I sent her few month before she died. In my dream it felt like my hubby is my dad and I am having an affair with my dad and he won't leave my mom for me. This makes me so uncomfortable. I love him so much and he won't leave her for me. Feeling like your husband is your father in a dream vision predicts worsening health in your future, possibly over the course of a few months or years. This, combined with the image of your husband (father) having sex with your deceased mother could suggest that negative feelings or a dim outlook on life could contribute to your decline. Your frustration and discomfort in this situation is likely representative of similar feelings in wake life. In this case, not only is the dream a warning to take precautions with your physical well-being, but also to try to focus more on the blessings in your life instead of the challenges.
Sex between the two identities of oneself I am a transgender pre-op biological male that identifies as female. I am bisexual, and happy with my girlfriend. I have an accepting family, but I am asked to dress as a boy around them. In my dream I am myself, but a girl, longer hair, breasts, vagina, voice. And I'm having sex with my male self, how I look with shorter hair and scruff, but his penis is slightly larger. I can feel everything, like a fullness in my crotch and amazing explosions. We say I love you a lot I wake up in semen. Your dream has elements of the yin and yang - opposites, but both part of a whole. Seeing yourself as a female represents how you see yourself. It is, as you said, how you identify. The male appearance represents your past, and the intercourse that proceeds between those two parts of who you are alludes to a coming together of both sides. The sexual act normally denotes acceptance. To fully emerge as a whole person, you may have to accept all aspects of your being - both the feminine and the masculine qualities that make you a unique individual. You journey to transformation, therefore, does not entail shunning or shedding aspects of yourself, but embracing who you are at the core of your being.
Sex after being engaged She was happy about getting engaged and to celebrate, we had rough sex... A dream about getting engaged reflects your need for intimacy and commitment. You may be feeling sad and lonely, thus the nature of your dream vision revolves around getting closer and being intimate with someone. Being in a secure and stable romantic bond with someone may be a current unmet need. Alternatively, the rough sex may refer to your repressed sexual needs. You may be looking for something more casual, so long as it satisfies your physical desires.
Mother repusled by sex acts My boyfriend having oral sex in my bed with three women and they said he was doing spiritual work, chakras, and that three pastors ok-yed the activity. I saw genitals of my guy and two of the women. They had on shoes and socks in my bed. I watched my mom who is dead drove off in my car. She would never have driven my car, she was invalid yet in dream she did this. The variety of sexual images in this vision suggests that you are very open with your emotions in front of others. You rarely shy from expressing your views and are quick to pass judgement on different ideas and trends. As mothers tend to represent happiness and joy, watching your deceased mother drive away could signal a change to the normally upbeat atmosphere around you. This is likely related to the first half of the vision, meaning you may say the wrong thing or bring up a topic which rubs those around you the wrong way. You may want to be a little more careful with your words and be conscientious of the beliefs and feelings of others.
Sex with a classmate I'm a male and I have this dream of making love with my female best friend in our classroom and even in her house. Dreaming that you make love to your female friend in different locations is a warning. Unless you take steps to become more diligent in your day-to-day activities, you could soon find yourself falling behind your peers. If you really want to accomplish the goals set before you, work harder and strive to improve yourself along the way.
Having sex with a woman for women Dreams about me (a woman) having sex with another woman and my husband's friend walked in and asked her if she had any marijuana. This dream wherein you are having sex with another woman may only be a manifestation of your appreciation of values and characteristics typically associated with a woman. You may have a strong sense of identity and uphold such feminine qualities as grace, warmth and understanding. In addition, you may be in the process of fully embracing your womanhood. Your husband may not be so keen on supporting your feminist views and this could cause disagreements. Perhaps he is trying to avoid talking about sensitive issues to avoid conflict with you.
Wife having sex with her son My wife had a dream where she had sexual relations with one of our sons. What could this possibly mean? When a parent dreams about having sexual relations with their child, it is often thought to portend an upcoming scandal affecting this person or entire family. In this case, your wife or son could become involved in something they would rather keep under wraps, but extenuating circumstances could force their hand, revealing to others something embarrassing or outrageous. This could have a negative impact on the reputation of the whole family, so it would be wise to keep private matters protected and ask them to avoid any unnecessarily risky activities.
Having sex with a deceased man I dreamed me and another girl had sex with a dead man who was alive in the dream. We were clothed in a public place. A business we used to own. The man was well-endowed. The other girl got mad at me. Having sex with a man who is already dead in reality alludes to some unfinished business. Perhaps you and the other girl have a score to settle with the man and he is causing trouble between the two of you. Alternatively, since the man is well-endowed in the dream, perhaps this reflects the respect and admiration you have for him, which makes the other girl feel resentful and angry. It is possible that until now you still think about what the man would do in certain situations instead of considering the advice and counsel of your female acquaintance or someone else who may be involved.
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