Sex with ex-wife Keep having dreams about ex-wife and I am having different types of sex with a lot of orgasm. Dreaming about an ex usually reveals a tendency to repeat the same mistakes or patterns. The sex in your vision suggests that you may be prone to indulging in pleasure-seeking activities despite knowing the negative repercussions of careless decisions and behavior. Alternatively, your subconscious may be reminding you about the lessons you learned from past experiences which could be applicable to your present situation. Perhaps there is a need to learn and internalize those lessons in order to break the destructive cycle or unhealthy patterns of behavior.
An ugly old woman wanting sex I saw an ugly old woman asking for sex in a dream. I woke up when she touched me in the dream. My age is 34 years and I am unmarried still. An unattractive old woman can represent upcoming trials and tribulations in the waking world. You may soon realize that some past issue is rearing its ugly head again, even if you thought all was said and done with the matter. Her asking for sex and touching you without your permission in this vision could be the manifestation of your feelings of helplessness in the face of such a negative situation. You may no longer be prepared to deal with the issue again, or it is possible you put the last of your strength into your efforts to overcome it last time. In either case, you may need to exert extreme effort to fix your problems once and for all.
Coming out as bisexual I am male. I had a dream I was forced to come out as bisexual. Dreaming that you are bisexual could mean that you have not fully embraced your flaws and weaknesses. Alternatively, it could also reveal your inability to fully express your sexuality. Perhaps societal expectations or conservative beliefs are preventing you from doing so. This does not necessarily mean that you could be attracted to both genders, only that you may be going through an identity crisis because of your inherent fear of judgment and disapproval, especially from your loved ones. Living in fear of other people's opinions may be making your subconscious restless, which is why it is forcing you to confront these suppressed issues.
A dildo for a present I'm female and I had a dream that my dad got me a huge dildo for Valentine's Day. Also, my relationship isn't very well with my dad. Dreaming about being gifted a dildo could signify that you have a sexually satisfying relationship. You might find sexual gratification with a variety of partners as well. Even though you may be happy and content with your choice of partners, the notion that your father gave you the sex toy indicates that he may not approve of your relationships. Perhaps your liaison with a particular partner could be the cause of this discord between the two of you.
Sex with a cousin I was having sex with my cousin. Dreaming about having sex with your cousin reveals sexual dissatisfaction. You may have been celibate for a while now and your hormones are raging as a result. This sexual stagnation means you are looking for release and your subconscious conjured the image of someone you often see in reality as a mere representation. Alternatively, sex can be a symbol for pleasure and satisfaction in general. In that sense, you may be envious of someone for seemingly being happier or more satisfied than you are, whether it refers to sexual life or satisfaction in other areas of his or her existence. Perhaps you envy this cousin and want some of his or her achievements or possessions for yourself.
Sex with a sister I am a male. I had a dream last night that my little sister walked into my bedroom and asked me why I never play with her and my brother anymore. I said I do and she said alright. I then walked into her room where she was lying down on her bed playing a game on her tablet. I then said "Hey, I can play with you now?", she looked at me and said "Yay". "So.." she said "What would you like to play?" I looked at her and smiled. I then walked over closer to her, pulled down her pants and then started to have sex. Incestuous acts in the dream world refer to unification. In extreme cases, they can signify forbidden desires and repressed sexual urges. However, in your case, sex could be an allusion to a merging of personalities. Perhaps you long for your younger years and envy your sister's innocence and carefree ways. What you desire is not physical but more of a mindset or characteristic you associate with her. Similarly, not having time to play with your siblings means you are busy with grown-up concerns and responsibilities. While you are well aware of your duties and the need to deal with reality, you cannot help but feel nostalgic about your childhood years as embodied by your younger siblings.
Being raped by the boss at work My boss took me in his office, we were talking and he grabbed me from behind put me on his lap to feel his penis. Then he made me give him a hand job. And after that her raped me even though I asked him to stop and I said "No!". This vision bodes ill for your work situation. Seeing your boss, in general, is a fairly negative symbol to behold in a dream vision. It reveals your lack of satisfaction with your job as well as suggests that you have a grudge against the job itself or your co-workers. The rape you experienced further predicts the situation becoming worse. Your workday may become very difficult, making it challenging not only to do your job but to relax even when you are off the clock. Being forced to touch your boss's penis may reveal that the source of your workplace troubles is related to your connections with colleagues, such as sexual, flirtatious or platonic.
An intercourse with deceased mother I am a 72 years old male and my mum died about 30 years ago. My dream is that I am in bed with my mother first as a child, then I realize I am at my present age and am feeling and getting really too heavy with my petting, so I say is it ok to carry on and she just nods, we then continue to full intercourse and both seem to enjoy it. My younger sister calls up the stairs for her breakfast and we both sigh and casually clean ourselves up and then I wake. Strangely I do not feel guilty. Incestuous acts in the dream world are often a metaphor of union or a coming together of ideas. In that sense, the intercourse with your deceased mother is not about physical aspects of sex, but more of an illustration of your desire to emulate certain aspects of her personality. There could be characteristics of your mother that you admire and perhaps want to have for yourself or it is something which you look for in others around you. The presence of a deceased relative also refers to a lesson you still need to learn or use. Maybe your mother is reminding you to remember her guidance and words of wisdom while she was still alive. The lessons you learned from her could help you out in a present predicament or concern.
Sex with a girl and parents indifferent I am a male. I had a dream that a girl from school (whom I have kissed, but is not my girlfriend) showed up at my apartment. She told me she had just broke up with her boyfriend and she wanted to have sex. She said she really liked our kiss and turned to me to fulfill her sexual needs. Then we did the deed and while we were both not clothed my parents came in to the room, but they surprisingly did not say anything. They left and the girl and I started talking and walking around the house nude. When you dream about having sex with someone you have a crush on or who has a crush on you, it could mean you are keeping some fantasies or secret desires hidden deep inside your consciousness and you are not yet ready to make those intimate desires you cherish in the back of your mind come true. Perhaps that is why your parents walking in on you did not show any signs of embarrassment or shame when within the dream you were letting your wildest fantasies to be exposed. When you envision someone naked in your dream, it could also point to a growing affection toward the person you are naked with and reflect your desire to form a bond, physical or emotional, between the two of you.
An offer to have anal sex for money I had a dream a man I work with was offering me 100 dollars to let him have anal sex with me. I am also a man. The symbols in this dream suggest you should be very wary of those you are currently dealing with in reality. First, the idea of having gay sex in a dream could be a reflection of your appreciation for typically male qualities, like strength and bravery. By itself, this is neither a good nor bad symbol to behold. However, the idea that you were being coerced or bribed into having anal sex could mean that someone is utilizing their possession of these traits to deceive you or get you to do things you would normally be against.
Being caught during sex I am male by gender. I had a dream when I was caught in a sexual act with my girlfriend. When you dream about being caught while having sex with your girlfriend, it could mean that someone from your inner circle is meddling in your personal life. The sex is not the main symbol of the dream, but rather an intimate moment being witnessed by someone else, possibly leaving you feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Maybe you are sensing that someone is attempting to make you feel uncomfortable in the waking world by taking personal details of your life and making them public.
Sex with a younger man For the past three nights I have been dreaming about having passionate sex with a much younger blonde-haired man. Would like to know what that means. Sex with a younger individual in a dream may be an allusion to repressed desires. The desire does not have to be sexual in nature, however. In your case, the younger man may be a representation of passions or dreams you have lost over the years. In that sense, the intercourse symbolizes the act of reigniting your long-lost curiosity or your desire to try something fresh and new. Perhaps your daily routine is too dull and monotonous, making your subconscious yearn for excitement and interesting opportunities.
Parents naked and having sex Hi. I had this strange dream where I saw my parents naked, enjoying themselves and they were in front of me. They said "Now you are studying mobs, so we have no problem in revealing up." It turned more awkward when my father started... fingering... And she jerked out... Now I am worried. While it can be disturbing, seeing your parents having sex in your dream does not necessarily convey sexual connotations. The intimate act may reveal qualities about their marriage or partnership which you deem similar with your current relationship or blossoming romance. Perhaps you are looking to your parents for some guidance on how to have a stronger bond with your romantic partner. Alternatively, their nudity may be an indication of disclosures. Perhaps they are starting to give you honest advice about love and life in general. Some of their words of wisdom may be uncomfortable or difficult to accept, hence your discomfort at seeing them naked.
A woman needing to be pleased A woman at a table. She said something that implied someone pleasuring her under the table. I'm asexual lesbian but pro-sex. The vision of a woman in front of you who you thought was in need of sexual pleasure could represent a prototype or paradigm of what you consider women to be. Her notions of someone pleasuring her, when you were unsure of who it was or what exactly was going on, may be a reflection of your general attitude towards sex. Although you are not against it, you may still feel engaging in intimate psychical relations could lead you to awkward situations with those you feel you are attracted to.
Women making ejaculate I dreamt a lady I know with two other ladies gathered around me, the one I know rubbed my penis till I cum. I am a male. Ejaculating in dreams often reveals the dreamer's need for release and satisfaction. Perhaps the women who gathered around you represent your unfulfilled needs and wants. Meanwhile, the act of pleasuring you may be a reference to short-lived satisfaction. Getting what you want may feel like it is not enough. As such, there is a possibility that you are short-sighted in your ambitions. What you need is so much more that what you are actually getting. Maybe it is time to reevaluate your priorities and plan something more far-reaching for yourself.
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