Best friend trying to be on top during sex My best friend now, but we had a relationship before. I dreamed that we were trying to have sex and he was trying to get on top of me. I wanted him on top of me but for some reason the position was difficult. I don't know why we kept trying and then I don't remember the rest of the dream. Dreaming about having sex perceived in a forced or awkward way with your now best-friend could mean that you are not comfortable with the relationship as you claim it to be and perhaps you wish to return to your old self before you re-engage with this person on an emotional level. This does not mean that he is trying to overpower you nor that he wishes to hurt you, but you could be treating his presence as invasive, even though you are not quite ready to admit it, because it seems like the person is playing an important role in your life.
Having sex with the same person I have had sex with the same person in 3-4 dreams in the past 4 months. I had the first three before having ever had sex with him and the last one after having actually had sex with him. I've never had reoccurring dreams about having sex with the same person before. In the first dream the sex was awkward. In the second it was a bit more natural and in the most recent one it was actually very intimate. Not in a romantic way. In real life I do not have romantic feelings for him though I am very attracted to him. Recurring dreams about having sex with the same person reveal your growing feelings for them. Whether you are aware of it or not, the increasingly intimate bond you have with him may be influencing your emotions towards him. What started out as physical attraction may have the potential of developing into something deeper and more personal. Perhaps even before the sexual experience in reality, you already had a connection based on your shared interests or similarities, which triggered the pleasure centers in your brain. Even if it is not romantic, the multiple sex dreams you had involving him likely reveal a desire to embody certain aspects of his personality. You likely admire or want to emulate some of his qualities.
Sex with a strange man and spiders I am a 42 yo woman. I was having really hot sex with an unknown man. His mood was intense, angry and volatile, so I had to keep coaxing him to continue having sex because it was so good. My ex bf and his gf showed up and suddenly there were 3 white furry spiders. One behind the toilet, another on the man's head. Cannot remember where the third was. The man's demeanor seemed to change from intense to mentally challenged or just slow and unsure of himself. Enjoying a hot, pleasurable sex with an unknown man represents your current state of affairs in reality. You probably feel confident and comfortable with the direction your life is taking. This is supported by the image of your ex-boyfriend and his current lover. It suggests you are happy to have him out of your life and are moving on without him. However, the presence of the white spiders reveals that your future plans, particularly ones revolving around romantic relations, may be in trouble. Specifically, they suggest you may learn something unpleasant about the person you are interested in. This is supported by the sudden shift in the unknown man's sexual ability. All the time you spend trying to make this new relationship work is likely to come crumbling down around you unless you get out before it is too late.
Ex having an orgy My ex was having an orgy in my childhood home and my children were in the dream. Watching your ex have group sex in your childhood home could have multiple interpretations, depending your present situation. On one hand, the orgy itself may be a sign that you do not trust your ex with the sensitive information he now has no reason to keep from spreading. Since your relationship is over, you could be worried that your previous lover would divulge secrets, habits or activities that you have carefully guarded for a long time. Similarly, this vision may also mean you are concerned about what your separation means for those who knew you were dating. The location of your childhood home refers to your comfort zone and those you have trusted and relied on for many years. If your ex was particularly popular with members of your family or social circle, you may fear backlash from those individuals. This is also supported by the presence of your children. If you are concerned about your ex after this break up, it may be better to air those concerns in the open, especially in the presence of a neutral third party who could corroborate what happens at that meeting.
Sex with mother in law I have dreamt that I had sexual intercourse with an old lady mother in law. What does it signify? it was day time nap. Dreaming that you have had sex with an older woman who is your mother-in-law is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests you either feel great pressure from someone who is socially higher ranked than you or that you feel inadequate in the presence of someone you love and respect. In either case, your emotions under these circumstances are likely to be negative in nature, and when you are feeling unhappy and stressed, you are unlikely to make the soundest, most responsible decisions. It may be time for you to do a little self-care. Improving your own mood and self-image would go a long way in improving how others see and respond to you.
Wanting to run away with an abusive boyfriend Female. My boyfriend was abusing me. Had a knife tracing around my body and poked my eye in and I went blind and he was laughing with friends. I was upset and he tried to have sex. I was naked and my parents walked in. He ran out the door and I was told to clean my mess. I looked out the window and he was leaving in his car, I knocked on the window and he saw me and I ran down to get in the car with him, we were arguing and the dream ended. Dreaming that your boyfriend is being abusive and torturing you means you are feeling powerless in your relationship. The attempted rape also indicates a power imbalance between the two of you. You feel like he is taking advantage of you in reality and perhaps your love for him is blinding you from all his shortcomings or making you overlook his negative traits. The injury to your eye also means being blinded by your emotions. In addition, the image of your parents witnessing the abuse implies that your loved ones are aware of your unhappiness. Overall, your subconscious could be urging you to be more rational and look at your relationship from a more practical perspective so you can judge whether it is destructive or whether it is worth keeping.
Sex with an attorney I met this male attorney for free legal advice. I had a waking dream about him about a week later and it felt completely real. He was on top of me and we were having sex. During this sex dream or maybe astral sex he told me he wanted to get me pregnant. I was silent for a while and he told me to say yes. It felt like he really needed to hear me say it. Also, in the short time I spoke with this man he complimented me and said I was beautiful and smart and flirted the whole time. He hugged me. Envisioning yourself having sex with your attorney means your subconscious is responding to his flirtations or masculinity traits in reality. A part of you may be attracted to him, or at the very least curious, so your mind is exploring possibilities of intimacy should you decide to reciprocate his advances. On the other hand, your feelings for him may not entirely be sexual or romantic in nature. Sex in dreams represents a union or a desire to acquire certain qualities of the other person. Since you sought legal advice from your attorney, it means he has something which you need and even want for yourself. In your case, it is legal knowledge and expertise that could help you resolve your problems. Ultimately, sex is merely a metaphor of acquiring pertinent information you need for a legal battle.
Sex with wife and a dirty street man I had a dream of me and a well-known stranger dirty man in my street having sex with my wife at the same time. Dreaming of having three-way sex means you think there is something missing in your marriage. The other man may possess qualities which you wish you had or learned. For example, you may be wanting to become more adventurous sexually or you want your wife to be less inhibited. Although this does not have to be related to your sex life, it could also point to another aspect of your relationship and your marriage which you find lacking.
Sex with a mother at a construction site A male having sex with mother in a construction site and wondering if people can see them. Seeing your or someone else's mother having sex with a man, especially a stranger, means you think your mother has changed and this has affected your relationship with her. In addition, sex implies union and a merging of values, so you could be noticing your mother being more assertive and having more qualities normally associated with men. Depending on your current interpersonal dynamics, this could be a good thing or it could mean a more imbalanced and confrontational relationship, especially if you are hiding secrets from each other.
Sex in public Male. Seen a girl I know on vacation. She walked up to me an handed me a drink, we talked then had sex on the beach in front of everybody and no one seemed to see us or care. Meeting a girl during a vacation means good things are going to happen to you, especially when it comes to your personal life. In particular, having sex in a public place where there are a lot of onlookers reveals your transparency to others. This openness about your thoughts and feelings can be both advantageous and problematic depending on the situation. For example, opening up to someone you barely know could be deemed inappropriate. However, since you were having sex on the beach, it means you would meet someone with the same wavelength as yours. This connection and kinship would have the potential of opening yourself up to new perspectives and a deeper understanding of who you are.
Boyfriend having anal sex I am a woman and my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and we have two children together. I have had a couple of dreams that he was having sex with men. I walk in and catch him penetrating another man anally and it wakes me up out of my sleep. What can this mean? Watching someone else have anal sex, especially someone close to you like your partner, is often considered an indicator of dark forces working around you. In many cases, it symbolizes someone attempting to purposely hurt or wound you in some way, either physically or emotionally. As this individual is likely someone close to you, possibly your boyfriend or another close friend, you probably are unwilling to see the truth of the situation or at least not ready to accept that this man or woman does not have your back. You may need to reevaluate a close companionship you share with someone if they are no longer willing to treat you with the care and love you deserve.
A movie about pedophiles I dreamt that I was making a film about the sexual abuse of young girls in a school. I had to pretend to have a sexual act performed on me by an actress who was playing the part of a pedophile teacher. Dreaming about making a movie about a particular subject means that you have been trying to sort out or solve some real-life issue or dilemma. The scenes related to sexual abuse you had to deal with in this film within the dream could be an expression of your anger towards discrimination or injustice you have witnessed toward someone or some people, or it could be something you are presently experiencing in your own reality while being victimized by someone, not necessarily in a sexual way. Additionally, seeing an actress perform in your dream could also speak of the lack of direction and priorities in your waking life and whether this is related to real challenges you may be experiencing or something that simply distracts you from achieving more is only for you to try to figure out.
Boyfriend masturbating I walked in on my boyfriend ( I don't have one in waking life. The person in my dream hasn't talked to me for a couple weeks. I don't want to have a crush on him) who was masturbating under his black jeans to a blank laptop screen. I came in we talked briefly and he said "Come on then" to say "Okay let's have sex". I struggled to take off my jeans and tights together but managed to do so to my knees and I really needed to pee, so I went to the toilet. I urinated for ages. Then my alarm woke me up. The presence of someone you know from reality masturbating is not actually a sign that you have subconscious feelings for him. Rather, it suggests you have a desire to try some activities traditionally considered masculine, such as fishing, woodworking, gaming or sports. The invitation for sex in this vision may refer to the warm feelings associated with this activity or, if you have tried it before, the nostalgia of going back to your roots. Taking off your clothes under these circumstances means positive change could be on the horizon, so maybe by accepting yourself for who you are you are becoming a better version of yourself. This is supported by your need to urinate for a long time, a symbol associated with fortune and success. You would find great happiness and peace of mind through being in tune with yourself and doing things that make you happy.
Sex with a chat mate Sex with a chat mate. Under certain circumstances, sex with a chat mate could mean you are preoccupied with some worries in reality. This type of symbol is seen during times of uncertainty and tension, suggesting that there is some aspect of you relationship with this individual that is yet unresolved. The best way to move beyond these feelings is to be direct about your intentions and determine if you and your online buddy are interested in the same thing.
Having sex with a girl for women I am a girl. I was in a strange house with a girl I don't know with black hair, she was beautiful we had sex and I liked it. Then she said we are only sex friends. For women, having sex with another woman in a dream vision can mean two different things depending on your orientation in wake life. If you consider yourself to be homosexual, it may be only the manifestation of your personal preferences, meaning you see a woman because you prefer to be with women in reality. If you consider yourself to be heterosexual, however, dreaming about a same-sex encounter could reveal your appreciation of traits typically found in your own gender. In this case, you may admire feminine qualities, such as grace, patience or understanding.
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