Sex with a deceased uncle I dream about having sex with my deceased uncle in the dream. Dreaming about having sex with someone related to you who passed away signifies that memories of the past are returning to your mind recently. You may have nostalgic feelings about that period of life when your deceased uncle was still alive because he reminds you of a more carefree and simpler time. You are probably in a stage of your life with too many responsibilities which your subconscious replaces with the scenes of physical intimacy with your relative. This dream may be trying to suggest to you to handle your duties in a less chaotic way.
Wife having sex with a cousin My wife (yes, she is female) told me she had a dream that she had sex with my cousin (yes, he is male). She said I was dead and my cousin came over and he had sex with her. That was all the details. Your wife's dream about having sex with your cousin indicates sexual dissatisfaction your wife could be presently experiencing. On the other hand, it can also suggest that she could be envious of someone in your family circle or outside whom she knows for his or her recent success or luck, so in this case, your wife's dream is a manifestation of an unrealized desire to reach a goal or satisfy an ambition. The fact you were dead in her vision also predicts that a conflict may arise between you and her because of this dissatisfaction, which can lead to a rift between the two of you for a short period of time.
Seeing crush at an orgy I dreamt that I was at an orgy, and I noticed some colleges from work, also there was this woman there who looked like the girl I currently have a crush on but extremely older and with a tear tattoo on her face, she was sitting next to another girl who looks like the girl I have a crush on. I then remember a girl showing her ass to me and telling me I have a huge dick. An orgy can represent sharing too much personal information with others. It is a reflection of your tendency to over-share and perhaps make things awkward by not sticking to normal, polite conversation topics. Seeing women who look like your crush in one way or another could be the manifestation of your feelings for her in reality. It is possible that you are subconsciously concerned whether or not your loose lips are having a negative effect on her impression of you. Seeing another woman's bottom and being informed that you have a large penis, then, show that you desire to have authority and be respected. In that case, practicing discretion and being more cautious with what you share could help you maintain your image better than sharing everything with everyone.
Having a threesome during crescent moon I had a dream a girl I know from high school came over to mine and my husbands house and we had a threesome. It was cool and relaxed and fun. And when she left she got picked up by her parents. While my husband and I were outside I looked up and saw a huge crescent moon, it was so close to Earth, I kind of got a little nervous. After we went inside the balance became off. And after that there wasn't really much to the dream. To understand this vision clearly, we should consider the symbols in order of their prominence. The second symbol, the large crescent moon, is large and close to the Earth, making it more important in this dream. It reveals that some long-awaited dream or goal would finally come to fruition. Something you have been hoping for may suddenly go your way, bringing you great happiness and satisfaction. A threesome, however, usually points toward a lack of tact or propriety in wake life. Perhaps you overshare personal information or gossip more than you should. In this case, your desire to share the good luck that has befallen you may actually hurt the individuals you chose to share it with. For example, if you and a friend were vying for the same position at work, expressing your joy could negatively affect them.
Incest with father I am female aged 25 who dreamt of almost getting intimate with my dad, but was stopped by mum? Incest in dreams, when it mirrors sexual abuse in reality, is a sign of psychological issues which requires professional attention. However, if you have healthy family relations, then incestuous dream images merely point to the tendency of combining feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. Almost getting intimate with your dad reveals your yearning to be more like him, whether it is his authority or how he handles relationships. It can also mean you are prone to committing the same mistakes as he tends to. In this sense, your mom's intervention represents your pragmatic and assertive side trying to keep yourself from following the same path as your dad. Perhaps you want to blaze your own trail and be your own person, away from your parent's shadow.
Bed on fire during sex Female. I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were trying to have sex and every time before we could the metal bed frame under us would catch on fire. Envisioning that your bed catches on fire every time you try to have sex with your boyfriend is a highly volatile and perhaps ominous symbol to perceive. It suggests major changes are about to come about in relation to the dynamic of your interactions with your boyfriend. Cheating is a major possibility in the future, if it is not already happening. New revelations about one or both of your pasts could also completely change how you view and connect with each other. If you cannot come to terms with these changes, it may lead to the end of your status as boyfriend and girlfriend.
A threesome with girlfriend and old crush Dream of threesome with girlfriend and old crush and they were making out in front of me. Having a threesome while you are dreaming is usually thought to reflect your lack of tact or propriety in wake life. You could have a tendency to brag, overshare or even make up complete lies about certain aspects of your life. In this case, it could be related to your relationships with your current girlfriend and your one time crush. One possible interpretation suggests you could be bragging to your male friends about your sexual exploits, be they true or not. Another possible interpretation points towards purposely or accidentally making comments to your current girlfriend about past romances and sexual fantasies.
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