People threatening to kill brother I dreamed I'm talking to my brother on the phone and going to him. I realize some people are following me, when I ask why they say they are gonna get him and they are holding swords and stuff to kill him and then I wake up. Dreaming about a phone call with your brother alludes to misunderstandings or disagreements between the two of you that need to be addressed. One or both of you may be avoiding discussing the problem in order to evade possible conflict or confrontation. However, if you do not deal with it soon, it could grow into a more serious problem which may threaten to break the two of you apart. The people following you with the intent to kill your brother is a representation of the degree of damage that would take place if the issue is not resolved as soon as possible.
Dating sister's boyfriend I keep dreaming that I show up to my 5-year high school reunion with my sister's hot friend as my date and I try to make people jealous and I want to rub it in people's faces that I'm dating my sister's hot friend. Dreaming about reunions generally reveals the dreamer's unfinished business, especially regarding childhood and adolescent issues. Perhaps you did not have the best time when you were younger and you are still harboring resentments or frustrations for the individuals from that period of your personal journey. Meanwhile, showing off or bragging in whatever form, in your case using your sister's attractive friend, actually alludes to your insecurities and low self-esteem. You may still feel like you have not changed much from when you were younger, hence you have a tendency to overcompensate. This could be your mind's way of making you more self-aware, so instead of building a facade, you would actually work on self-improvement from inside out.
Discovering sister's death while camping I am a woman, I've had this reoccurring dream in which my family and I go on a familiar vacation, like camping, and at the camp site I find a shrine-like thing dedicated to a baby girl that was stillborn and I find out that she is my older sister and I can't help but cry really hard and uncontrollably. Then I wake up with my heart racing. Going on a camping trip with your family means you have this desire to get away from a toxic environment, such as your workplace or even home setting. There may be too much going on in your life right now, so you are looking for a getaway or a vacation to help you recharge and recover. In connection with this desire to escape, the shrine of your sister probably means you have been neglecting your own needs and not taking care of yourself properly. Ultimately, your subconscious is reminding you to attend to your physical and spiritual needs as well.
An upset sister sending a letter My sister hands me a letter I read it and feel sad because in the letter she is expressing how I hurt her feelings. A letter from relatives often reveals issues you may have buried or repressed, especially in relation to a loved one. In the context of your dream, the hurt feelings expressed by your sister in the letter may be an indication that there are some instances of resentment and conflict developing between the two of you. Perhaps you need to open your communication lines with your sister in order to uncover possible problems that may have been pushed aside all this time. In doing so, you can both find ways to resolve any issues and avoid further complications.
Sister stabbing a deer with keys A deer was limping in my back garden, then one of my sisters appeared holding keys that she had used to stab the deer in his side a few times. Your dream about encountering a deer by itself could be symbolic of an uneventful and stable family life, which can be described as peaceful but also boring. It is also a symbol of the deep ties you have with your loved ones, be it friends or family members. However, the recollection of your sister stabbing the deer could mean that there is some kind of approaching conflict or unexpected circumstance that could affect your family's cohesion and stability, and your sister could be the reason why these things happen, whether she would do unintentionally or willingly.
Sister jumping off a tall building I was inside a tall building, I was looking out the window, I couldn't see the ground. It seemed like a everlasting chasm. Then I looked up and saw my sister. She stood on the ledge. I felt something horrible was about to happen. I started pounding on the window, screaming and sobbing. It was useless, I begged her to stop, to come inside, to stay with me. But then she gave me a small smile, and leaned back, she fell, and her body disappeared in the darkness. The towering building or skyscraper in your dream reveals your ambitious nature or high standards and aspirations. You may be the type of person who likes setting the bar high not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. While this can be a positive force allowing you to hit your personal and professional targets, you may also be inadvertently causing stress to your colleagues and loved ones especially when they fail to meet you expectations. Alternatively, being high up on this building could also be a representation of your tendency to look down on individuals whom you think are not on the same level as you are. In this context, seeing your sister jumping off a ledge could be indicative of either her refusal to tolerate your tendency to be condescending or her inability to cope with your high standards. Either way, this dream vision may be reminding you to be more observant and sensitive towards others, especially family members, because they may not share the same dreams and standards you have set for yourself.
Fighting with sister over food I dreamed I was going to eat some chicken, my sister came by and said she invited people from the church to my house to eat. I told her no, only had enough for us. Then she lit a piece of paper on fire that I was holding. i got angry and started kicking and hitting her. My hits were so light, barely touching her, could not get a hard kick in. Depending on how you view chickens in reality, it can be interpreted as a positive or negative dream symbol. If you like eating chicken, then this means you are going to improve your financial status as well as your personal relationships. In this context, refusing to share the chicken with your sister means you lack generosity and prefer to keep your wealth to yourself. On the other hand, if you are not particularly fond of chicken meat, then this implies fear and cowardice. You are trying to hide your insecurity from your loved ones. Instead of confiding your problems and personal issues with them, you tend to put your walls up and keep everyone at bay. Meanwhile, setting paper on fire or burning paper is a generally auspicious symbol which also refers to success. So in combination with the presence of your sister, this means your subconscious is telling you that to prosper or to achieve more in your life, you need your loved ones to either support you or work with you in implementing your goals. Similarly, your weak attempts at kicking and hitting your sister refers to your weak willpower and motivation. You need an extra push to assert yourself and actively work on your goals. You cannot succeed on your own.
Sister drowning in dark water I dreamed I was somewhere different, my sister and one other person was there too. There was water nearby, my sister and the other one decided they were leaving. I asked them not to, but they did anyway. They started out crossing the water. It was dark water. There was 2 black bears nearby in the water. I was afraid for my sister, I again yelled at them to come back, don't go. But they kept going. Then my sister slipped, went under the water, her legs were straight up out the water, body under. The dark water in your dream vision refers to grief or depression. The image of your sister and her companion represents a loved one who is suffering and may need your help and support. It could be your own sister who is experiencing negative emotions and she is sinking deeper and deeper into darkness. Black bears symbolize illness. She or someone else in your family could be hiding their illness from you so you would not be burdened by it, but your subconscious is urging you to reach out before they meet their demise. There could still be hope for recovery if they do decide to accept the help from the loved ones, but you have to be ready to make sacrifices on your end as well.
Trying to stab a sister Me and my sister were in a room, I looked around and found a needle with drugs sitting in a room with my kids. I went looking for my mom and said "If you don't make her leave I will". I was trying so hard to say "stab her", I couldn't say it, then finally when I could say it I woke up saying it out loud. I am a female (my sister is also struggling with addiction), me and my mom also had a huge fight today and she disowned me. This part is not a part of my dream, just the top part is. Finding drugs in your dreams represents your desire to escape your problems. You are hurting too much and you are not emotionally prepared to face conflicts, especially the one you just had with your mom. Unfortunately, drugs as a dream symbol also allude to a more dangerous message which is the high risk of you turning to lethal ways of escaping your problems. Similarly, wanting to stab your mom or sister means your anger is escalating and you could lash out on others. You could drive yourself to self-destruction, so consider this vision as a warning. You need to control your urges, especially when those urges are leading you to life-threatening situations.
Crystals and being in hospital HI there! Thank you so much for allowing me to share this dream with you. My sister (we are twin girls) has been having very intense, vivid and crazy dreams. She has been dreaming a lot about crystals and dreamt I was in the hospital, her ex came to visit me and destroyed her citrine. What could that mean? Crystals generally portend an ominous message associated with unfavorable events which are beyond the dreamer's control. Seeing you in a hospital means your sister is worried about your well-being. The ill-fated event she dreads somehow involves you. The destruction of the citrine is particularly telling of her sense of powerlessness. She is still saddled by baggage and issues from her previous relationships, so she is worried that focusing on these matters will make her overlook problems or upcoming issues you would become embroiled in. Her subconscious is basically urging her to break free from her past, so she can focus on people who actually matter.
Sitting next to sister outside My sister was sitting on a safe solid concrete step, that was approx 300 meters high, I was sitting alongside her on top of a rickety wooden clothes airer that was moving side to side. Dreaming that your real-life sister is sitting on solid steps reveals that you are on the right path towards self-fulfillment and about to realize your goals toward happiness and prosperity. You may be going ahead rather gradually as the symbol of the step suggests. This moderate improvement could be somewhat upsetting for you. The symbol of a sister in dream visions also denotes effective social skills. The vision that the airer was moving side to side signifies hesitation inside you about the direction you want to take to achieve your goals. You may feel that you are wasting your time in some unproductive pursuits, or you could have a tendency to spend a lot of your time before you bump into something meaningful or interesting.
Searching for treasure with sister I'm a female. This dream was a repeated dream. My sister and I were younger maybe 8 or 9. We were digging for treasures beside this big white house that had a porch wrapped with lattice. Huge front steps to the porch. We even dug under the porch. Sometimes we found the treasure. Money. This vision seems to be related to feelings of nostalgia. It both represents a desire to reflect on or return to moments in the past and predicts being part of a large family gathering in the future. In your dream, you see your younger self and your sister, which may reveal your memories from the past. Perhaps you were recently reminded of some event from your youth through conversation or old pictures. This is supported by the money and treasure you found by digging, a sign often associated with large parties or gatherings. You probably subconsciously desire to get together with your relatives and loved ones to remember the good old days.
Brother buried in sand I dreamt about my brother being buried in sea sand, and when I uncovered him he indicated he's fine and did not want me to remove the rest of sand off him. Seeing yourself with your brother in the same dream predicts future tranquillity and equilibrium both with your close family members and your extended relatives. This vision can also foretell that you are about to receive surprising news or find a solution to a problem you have been dealing with for some time. The notion that your brother was buried in the sand is also a favorable dream symbol, particularly concerning money. Your brother may start increasing his financial investments, multiplying his earnings or receiving some property from a late family member. This prosperity would lead to other opportunities both for him and his loved ones.
Sister with the hair styled Dreamed I saw my sister, she has short grey and silver hair. In the dream, she had just had it styled, it looked good. She had gold highlights throughout the hair. What does the gold highlights mean? Thank you. Dreaming of your sister with shiny golden highlights in her hair is a sign that you have a good friend by your side for life. She is someone who you are happy to support and love, as she is trustworthy, loyal and honest. Sisterhood is a beautiful thing, and your lifelong connection would continue to bring you much happiness and satisfaction.
Losing younger sister at the mall I dreamed that me and my family were in the mall and all of the sudden my younger sister goes missing and we never find her before my dream ended. Dreaming that you are at a shopping mall means you are in a secure place in reality. In some cases this refers to financial security, but the other symbols in this vision point toward a more figurative interpretation, suggesting that you are secure in yourself as a person. You probably have a good idea of what your future would look like, and your personality has likely not changed much in recent years. To dream that your sister has gone missing sheds light on some growing chasm in your connection with her. Perhaps your growing sense of self has distanced you from her in some way, such as in maturity or interests. Perhaps this vision is a message from your subconscious that you should spend more time doing things she enjoys so as to protect and strengthen your bond.
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