Bunch of little snakes from eggs I dreamt that there are two eggs and when I break them I see small baby snakes coming out Seeing a bunch of little snakes in your dream refers to suffering because of malicious attempts against you. You will be able to handle negative behavior of other people towards you by ignoring their actions. These people will try to spread rumors about you or would try to jeopardize your plans but you will be able to brush them off. The appearance of the two eggs being found by you and breaking them could symbolize something about you or the way you are acting towards others to allow this type of behavior to incubate. Be wise in not only who you allow to be in your inner circle, but also with how you represent yourself. Behavior is learned, sometimes you need to show people how to treat others through your own actions.
Water snakes without heads It was about water snakes and everyone was picking them up but you couldn't see their heads and I was yelling at my son because he was try to catch them. Dreaming about one or a group of water snakes which are swimming or trying to cross over shallow waters could be a warning sign. You could be displeased by your current life circumstances. For example, you could dislike your house or your friends or your profession. You already would be, or soon would become extremely preoccupied, anxious or nervous about the current state of affairs. You further dreamed that the snake's heads were hidden from your sight. This could suggest that there would be some resolution attempts on your behalf. However, you would be unsuccessful. Such inability to find a solution for your worries and problems could be a result of the adoption of inappropriate strategies and approaches. It could also be a result of the interfering intervention of someone. This person could be trying to prevent you from succeeding or creating obstacles to the implementation of your plans and solutions.
A pet snake trying to escape a cage and attack In my dream my pet snake, although in reality I'm terrified of snakes, was in the cage and kept striking at the side, toward me. I thought it was funny, until it began striking at the top, knocking the lid off and slowly got out of the cage. I was so so so scared I was going to die, I was screaming for my mom and she didn't come. Then I woke up. The vision of a pet or tamed snake trying to attack could be indicative of your current preoccupation with the fulfillment of impending projects or plans which you think would bring you some financial gains. You fear that you will be unable to accomplish these goals. The fact that the snake was caged could also mean that you might have possible creative solutions for overcoming these obstacles, however, you feel hesitant and unsure about their usefulness or effectiveness. Therefore, you keep them in a “cage” or “box”. The snake symbol represents one of your utmost fears. Still, in the dream, it was your pet. It turned against you, confirming the existence of your fear. This could suggest that you may have some intuition about how you should not trust someone or accept something that seems questionable to you. Even though you are currently discarding such suspicion, the dream suggests that such mistrust is justified. This suspicion could be about your ability to accomplish your objectives, but also about the expectations you have about what is going to happen. The snake's behavior could also symbolize how you have been able to control your fears so far, but you now feel on the edge. The pressure is building and you could be losing control. This could hinder your success. It is important to remain in control of the situation, without panicking. Finally, you asked the help of a significant other but you remained alone, with your fear, in a situation which was evolving dramatically. This could translate your anticipation that no one would be able to help you out of your circumstances to overcome your obstacles. Overall, this dream advises you to act on your own in your decisions, because you are probably the only one who can find the best solution and succeed. You should expect the unexpected, act with wisdom and build up some energy so that you can deal with these issues.
Snakes spitting in the face Lots of different snakes all spitting me in the face. Having a dream about a bunch of snakes attacking you could be symbolic of people trying to take advantage of you and attempting to destroy your reputation and image because of some mistakes you have recently made. The vision of snakes spitting venom in your face is your subconscious anticipation of these people's retaliation and revenge. Someone could be spreading rumors or false information about you and the only way to prevent possible damage would be not to focus excessively on their behavior, attitude and actions. Alternatively, you could be just imagining possible threats from people in your waking life because you do not fully trust them or think they know too much about your past.
Being chased by snakes and a man cutting grass Me and my son were being chased by snakes and out of nowhere there was a man outside cutting my grass. And I wake up. We assume that these events in the dream were taking place around or close to your house. Being chased by snakes, especially if they looked menacing, could be a sign of you or your son being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. At the same time, the vision of an unfamiliar man cutting grass is associated with starting a relationship with someone who may become useful and help overcome possible situations difficult to handle on your own. Therefore, although you may face some possible issues or complications, you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. This will ensure that nothing harms you or disrupts your normal course of life.
Snakes in the house Dreams about 2 big snakes going inside the house and I protect the twins baby and 1 big snake caught. Seeing snakes entering the house and becoming a threat to the twins you were trying to protect could serve as a sign of you or perhaps your children recently becoming intimidated or threatened by someone. At the same time, the vision of being able to catch one of the snakes could represent receiving help or piece of advice to help you in overcoming possible situations difficult to handle on your own. Therefore, although you may face some possible issues or complications, you can expect protection and safety. Nothing serious should harm you or disrupt your normal course of life.
Battling with snakes and a dead person appearing My daughter grabbed the snake, a big red brown I jelled at here. Then there where little ones and some medium ones (boa)ish type. One of my cats was killed by one and I get fire started to burn them. My other whom is dead was also in my dream. Seeing a brown or bronze snake in a dream is a symbol of jealousy. It may be that someone you know is envious of your success or life, possibly enough to interfere with your plans or dreams. This is further illustrated by the multiple snakes that appear, which point to experiencing hardship due to other people's actions against you. However, despite their gossip and attempts to make your life difficult, you will overcome and even come out stronger. Seeing a dead cat or watching a cat die represents bad behavior or unwise choices, especially when you have to make a big decision quickly. It might be a subconscious sign that you need to take some time to carefully consider your options before acting. Also, seeing someone in a dream who has passed in real life means possibly exhibiting rude or awkward behavior, at least from the perspective of others. You may need to look at your words and actions more carefully in the future.
Walking with husband and discovering snakes My husband and I were walking around a place that I spent most of my childhood at. It was grassy, and all of a sudden all these big long snakes were sporadically all on the ground. I was scared, I walked faster and as I turned to make sure my spouse was behind me there was a snake and it snapped at my ankle but didn't bite. I avoided the snake and we walked a minute longer and they disappeared and my dream continued mundanely after that. I will say when I dream my spouse is with me 75% of the time. The most prominent symbol in this dream is that of the snakes which dominate the main part of the vision. Snakes by themselves indicate upcoming opportunities which may bring you success or admiration. It is likely you already are well-liked by those around you, such as co-workers or people you volunteer with. However, the image of the snake following and attacking you suggests that someone is lurking near you who would like nothing more than to bring you down and steal what they feel is theirs. Successfully avoiding the snake attack portends either being able to win or avoid conflict with this person and finding yourself in a safe environments, including the protection of your spouse, which is further supported by this dream taking place somewhere you are highly familiar with.
A close encounter with snakes In the dream I was sitting in the veranda of my friend's house, at night time, I saw a big grey snake crawling and it had a big black snake in its mouth.. It was moving along the outside area of the right side of the house. We entered house immediately due to fear. In the dream I felt like my eyes encountered with grey snakes eyes. The image of the snake is very prominent in this dream. Snakes can indicate both the presence of opportunities or be a warning of difficulties to come. In this case, the black snake seems to represent lucky chances or experiences that would better you, while the large grey snake portends others trying to keep you from gaining success and notoriety, especially within your career, field, or community. Successfully avoiding the grey snake by moving indoors means that, at least for now, the danger has passed. However, feeling some connection with the snake, like making eye contact with it, suggests that this is not the last you have seen of your enemies.
Being threatened by a snake I dream that my husband hold this big black snake straight to me. In my face.We was sitting in the valley with two of his church colleagues. His sister, she is also a pastor actually he is also a pastor, and the Evangelist. He hold the snake straight to my face and his colleagues hold my hands. I was crying, screaming for help but nobody heard me. The snake look straight into my eyes and said "Pssssttt, don't tell the others about this", while he and his colleagues laughed at me. The image of the snake is very prominent in this dream. Snakes can indicate both the presence of opportunities or be a warning of difficult times to come. In this case, the symbol of a black snake held to your face by other people represents their strong desire or even urge to tell you that something you have recently done or are doing at the moment is either wrong or seem to bother them a great deal. The fact that you were making an eye contact with the snake reveals that you stand firm in your beliefs and resist other people's attempts to change your ways, possibly ignoring the fact that it may later negatively affect both you and others involved.
Black little snakes following and overcrowding Many baby black snakes were being released. They were going away from me to a dark field or dark water. Some tried to cling or stick to me but I brushed them away. They were sticky and some were stuck to each other. They were a few inches long but had adult sized heads. As I went about my life I would see them across the dark water or field. Some would come towards me, but I scared them away. One baby black snake, almost like a worm, kept coming towards me, but he was dragging a ridiculous bright colored scarf or string. I could see him easily, he could not sneak up on me. I laughed at him and flicked him away. While the imagery in this dream is rather negative, your attitude during the vision gives the impression that it is actually neutral in nature. Specifically, black snakes point toward suffering, and seeing multiple small snakes also portends someone trying to sabotage you, most likely through trickery or gossip. The water symbolizes some worry over these attacks against you, which is understandable if you are the victim of some malicious deeds. However, you are very likely to overcome these troubles if you take the moral high ground and avoid being pulled down to this person's level. While it may be difficult to be patient, it would be wise to let things take their course instead of getting involved in someone else's drama.
A snake coming out of the purse and severing ties with a friend because of what happened Backstory: I had a close friend shoot herself.. Upon being released she found a live snake in her home. My youngest daughter (10) said she had seen snakes coming out of the girls purse. Lots of them. Don't know the color. But I know she doesn't like when the friend comes around anymore. And I had been feeling very irritated... I am a very spiritual person and don't doubt what my daughter saw, just want to clarity, so I know exactly what I'm praying about. Thanks so much! God bless you all. Although you did not specify whether this was an actual dream vision or real-life matters, snakes present or found in the house, when seen in a dream, indicate some sinister air and malevolent presence still remaining in your immediate environment. It could be that you are feeling that you were somehow connected to this unfortunate event, or you could be in a guilty state questioning what you would have done to prevent the tragedy from happening. The most disturbing part of this personal ordeal is that you seem to have begun distancing yourself and your family members from other people, who may never have been involved or knew about what was to come. Maybe this is what you should be praying for?
Snakes mating in the middle of a carpeted room In the closed light-blue living room of my 1st home, there was a female red snake and a male light blue snake following the red across the carpet. Both were white underneath. I can't remember what they were saying, but the female allowed the male to impregnate her (by entering the middle of her body with its head) out of duty or loyalty to their species. It was all very serious. Then the dream restarted and this time she said "No", but the male ignored her and chased her around the room eventually telling other slightly smaller whitish grey snakes under the carpet to attack and rape her too. The two symbolic visions that stand out in this dream are colors and acts of procreation. The colors going from vivid and vibrant in the beginning of this dream to white and pale at the end speak of your disappointment and loss of faith in an ongoing relationship with someone special. You may have entrusted this person with your most deep and sacred feelings, but now begin to realize it was a big mistake. The imagery of the snakes having sex, which turns into an act of rape could indicate your second thoughts and reservations in regards to confiding in anyone else because the emotional wounds are still fresh and need to be healed first.
Giant snakes around the property I keep having this dream, but there are these gigantic snakes coiled up either in my yard or my house, usually both during the same dream. Since it is a reoccurring dream, I feel I should probably listen to the message. Snakes in dream symbolism are often seen as nefarious creatures and are typically harbingers of bad fortune. Seeing gigantic snakes coiled up inside or around your house implies danger or a threat in your household that you are unprepared to deal with. The recurring aspect of the dream could also be a sign of sickness. A loved one could succumb to illness and you may find yourself being the only source of strength and support during this challenging period in their life.
Seeing a snake in the yard but not doing anything about it Hello, I visualized a huge yellow and green color snake near my aunt's old house. The snake was just lying over there coiled. I was watching my aunt do her normal chores irrespective of the presence of the snake over there. Also, the snake was moving around the house in and out. I was simply watching the behavior of the snake intently and worried that it might harm someone. Snakes are ominous signs of a potential bad fortune. The huge snake that you saw coiled up and then moving in and out of the house suggests danger or a threat in your household that you may be unprepared to face. Specifically, green snakes symbolize feelings of greed and superiority. Perhaps someone domineering is causing trouble to your loved ones. Keep a watchful eye for enemies and adversaries, especially those you suspect are more cunning than kind. They may charm their way into your good graces, quietly gaining your trust before preparing to pounce.
Snakes in water I saw two snakes floating in the river, one was then killed by a lion and the other escaped into trees near the riverside. Dreaming about snakes floating in the river water, for instance when they are swimming or trying to cross over, could be a warning sign. You could be displeased by your current life circumstances. For example, you could dislike your living arrangements, your friends or your current occupation. You already may be or soon would become extremely preoccupied, anxious or nervous about the current state of affairs. The visions at the end of this dream indicate both your determination to change this situation, and your conviction that some things are better left the way they are.
A snake caught before it could strike There were rattlesnakes slithering about, but then a man grabbed one as it was about to strike. Snakes that are aggressive and seem like they are about to attack represent competitors and rivals in your life. These people may soon be ready to launch an attack against you or to sabotage your efforts to get ahead in life. In either case, a man preventing the snake from biting you represents a third party or a situation outside your control which thwarts your enemies' efforts, protecting you from their evil intent.
Snakes in boxes under blankets Me, Larny and Nathan were at mum's and Nathan and Alarna were back together again, so they were sleeping in the same room. Mum had rows of boxes in her lounge room and dinning room with a blanket covering them. I walked out to the lounge room at night and there was a snake in 2 of the boxes on either end curled up and I told mum she has to put the boxes outside because of snakes. So she did with blankets still covering them and then next minute I'm in the corner standing on a stool to get away from the snakes. Dreaming of snakes inside the house portends danger or an unfavorable situation. You may soon face some kind of danger or a threat while you are away from home or while no one is watching it. This can also happen whether someone is inside your home or not present. Perhaps some part of you feels threatened hence you look to your parent's warmth, love, security and protection to keep you safe, as represented by the blanket. It might be better to take some kind of precaution when you are leaving your home for some time. Look out for suspicious people ingratiating themselves into your lives.
A green snake from a fake tree attacking I was in someone's house and they had a fake tree and the tree was light green and a green snake came out of the tree and said "I am going to get you" and snapped at me and I snapped back and the snake put its face on my face and I grabbed its neck and told may daughter to give me scissors and I started stabbing it and it died. Being inside a house that does not belong to you suggests your actions maybe be a hindrance to someone else around you, possibly a co-worker or community member. Fake trees can represent being on the wrong path in life, so it seems likely your disruptions are done on purpose and meant to annoy this individual specifically. However, the image of the snake contains a warning that you should avoid meddling in the affairs of others lest your behavior come back to bite you later on. You may have been successful in overcoming the snake in your vision, but karma always gets its way in the end.
Being saved from a python attack by friends I saw a big black python along with other snakes resting on cattle food near a temple. As I walked from there, a black python attacked my right hand. Then my friends pulled me back and saved me. A dream in which you are bitten, or nearly bitten, by a large snake could be considered a warning. Something akin to a scandalous situation may develop around you. You may become the victim of ridicule or derision even though you probably had very little to do with whatever caused things to get out of control in the first place. Everything would eventually return to normal if you somehow manage to not get involved any further.
Snakes in the hallway and a boy on the grass I was in a room and a snake came to me and led me down the hall where it attacked another snake then ate it. Then I was outside on a sunny day watching a little boy walk through the grass holding his mother's hand. A dream in which you see a snake approaching you and then attacking and eating another snake could be interpreted as a wake-up call for you. This dream symbolizes the need for a change in your everyday life. Falling into monotony or some other bad habits could stunt your growth as a human being. Unless you find a way to change things for the better, you could end up unable to reach your goals. The dream already has the answer for you to help finding a brighter and more fulfilling future, as the image of a little boy led by his mother suggests.
A woman swimming with snakes My dream was about seeing a woman swimming with snakes. Seeing a woman swimming with snakes in a dream represents the possibility of a woman finding out personal information about you. You may know this person, she may even be one of your close acquaintances. The information she may have discovered would be sensitive in nature, the kind you would rather not have being spread around to others.
Surrounded by thousands of snakes I've had this dream all my life. I was little. I was in my childhood house, in the kitchen, surrounded by thousands of snakes, I was scared. I tried picking the snakes up over and over stuffing them in a huge garbage can. They would not stay in. I'm 44 years old now. At that age and the time I lived there I was being molested by my 2 uncles. I never confronted them as I got older. I stopped visiting them, I don't know. Anyway I have bad feelings about the house. Thank you. Given your personal background, this dream seems to reflect the emotional turmoil that you felt as a child and still go through. Childhood homes are usually associated with the idea of comfort and protection. However, the image of snakes covering the floor and other surfaces twists the meaning of the house, pointing to feelings of fear and frustration. Additionally, snakes can be connected to the physical self to suggest problems with the body, such as a distorted body image or being uncomfortable in your own skin. Stuffing the snakes in the garbage, then, could be your subconscious attempt to cover up the damage and move on. But, as you saw in the vision, the snakes cannot be hidden away or brushed aside. This means you may need to tackle the problem head on either through direct confrontation or talking it out with someone you love and trust.
A snake in a stolen bag Picked up my stolen bag only to discover a snake in it. Threw the bag and the snake away. While I watched, the snake crawled away. Getting back your stolen bag only to find a snake in it could be interpreted as competitors and rivals in your life, people who would like to pull the rug from under your feet may be scheming against you. Using some sort of underhanded method these individuals may soon put their plan in motion. Be careful with any special project or endeavor you decide to take on.
Being given snakes which attack someone I was in a bad neighborhood, a little old lady, almost like a witch doctor, gave me 3 venomous snakes to take home. But they managed to get out of the container they were in and got loose. I ran scared looking at the 3 snakes slithering around everywhere very wildly as if looking for someone. Then, all of a sudden, I am outside next to someone and 1 snake bites him in the leg and it coils around itself, seems it just caught his pants. Then I wake up. Ugly, fast venomous snakes. Witch doctors and their magical mystique are often regarded as signs of opportunity or possibility, although not necessarily in the good sense. In this case, the venomous snakes represent the rise of your enemies, and their escape from the container you took them home in suggests their power and influence is beyond your control, which puts you at a great disadvantage. Watching a snake bite someone else predicts that a friend may come to your aid in this time of need, but in your own fear and hurt you may wind up lashing out at this person, possibly resulting in the end of the friendship.
A cow fighting with a snake Saw a big fat cow fighting a snake and defeating it. I know this in a real world a cow can never defeat a snake. Symbolically, cows and snakes are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Cows represent the loving and nurturing aspects of human beings, while snakes are associated with being cold-blooded and ruthless. As such, this dream may be showing you the two sides of your personality and serving as a confirmation that no matter what happens, you always choose to be generous and sympathetic towards others, especially your loved ones.
Swimming with snakes and then attacked My friend and I were swimming with a lot of large black snakes and we had our own pet snakes as well. Nothing bad was happening until the snakes started constricting around my friend and his snake. My friend passed out and I quickly dragged them out first killing the snakes around my friend and pulling them off, then doing the same with his snake. His snake was dead, but I I did not know if my friend was. Swimming with snakes should be considered a serious warning that someone is plotting against you and your friend. Watching your friend being attacked by snakes later, then, is an obvious sign that he is in danger. Pulling the snakes off and killing them symbolically represents your attempts to save your friend and yourself. It could be very difficult, almost impossible even, to avoid the attacks of those who seek to harm you. However, that does not mean you should not try to persist. Any effort you can exert to protect yourself would be worth your time and energy in the long run.
An anaconda attacking a child An anaconda was chasing us in my grandma's house. It bit a puppy that turned into a young child (girl) about a year old. It bit her on her right leg. Being chased by an anaconda could be a sign that you are being followed by an aggressive stalker or intimidated by someone in wake life. The fact that this incident took place at your grandmother's residence may represent the closeness of this person to you, either by blood, such as a family member, or physical proximity, like a neighbor. Both puppies and young girls are symbolically associated with love and being on the receiving end of gifts and affection, so seeing the anaconda bite her on the leg could predict that your antagonist may go after those you care about, so that they can monopolize your time and attention.
Being bitten by a white cobra I was carrying a white cobra when it suddenly bit me in the neck. I pulled it away but it stricken again. My neck swelled up and it was becoming harder and harder to breathe. I then passed out. I have no fear of snakes. Carrying a white cobra in a dream alludes to a well-meaning idea or concept you have been entertaining for a while. While it may seem worthy and harmless, this idea may just as well have questionable or even destructive consequences. The cobra's bite on your neck reveals your tendency to get caught up in theoretical ideals without considering their practical implications. It is in the implementation of your concept that trouble may be hiding behind, so think carefully about the bigger picture instead of getting lost in particulars which can potentially spell disaster for you in a long run.
Sister bitten by a snake My sister being bitten by a rattle snake. Seeing your sister, no matter if she is younger or older than you, being bitten by a rattle snake in this dream suggests your growing awareness of mortality in general. She may be showing signs of aging and perhaps not being as strong or motivated as she used to be. It does not necessarily have to be an illness or bad habits, it is just a realization that she is changing in some way and no longer carefree and free-spirited as before.
A cobra on top of a termite hill Saw a termite hill and above a termite hill a cobra was sitting and watching me and I was standing in front of it. A hill of termites can be connected with the idea of problems manifesting themselves before your very eyes. This is likely due to your own recent actions, suggesting that you have put yourself in a bad situation and now you must deal with the unpleasant consequences. The snake staring at you can be interpreted as a sign that others have noticed your behavior and are probably not sympathetic to your present position.
A two-headed snake at work I dreamed about a two-headed snake. I went to my workplace to clean the place. And that time the owner said there's a snake in the corner. But I did not see it. A few minutes later I saw a snake with two heads. I felt afraid. It was of brown color. When we sent it out, it went upside down. Dreaming of a snake represents a threat to your well-being. Finding the snake in your workplace means that this threat may be an unassuming individual at work who may be looking for the perfect opportunity to take you down. The two heads allude to the duplicitous nature of this individual. He or she may be working to get your trust and would end up betraying you. As such, your subconscious mind is reminding you to stay alert for lurking threats wearing the mask of a benign and well-meaning persona.
Snakes killing an elephant An elephant grazing and a snake bites the trunk of the elephant, the elephant attempts to kill it by eating it and instead the elephant dies and the two snakes come for me and as attempting to kill them, baby snakes appear. Elephants that are grazing tend to represent the relationships you have with others, meaning that you are kind and respectful to those who have the pleasure of your company. The snake that bites the elephant, and eventually kills it, suggests that a rival is planning to get ahead of you, using your good nature and lack of suspicion to take advantage of you and prevail. The baby snakes at the end of this dream vision further support this idea. Once one attack is successful, you may have difficulty avoiding what is to follow.
Snakes coming out of forehead I dreamed that a snake was coming out of my forehead. The snake would spit fire and try to bite anything. Even after cutting one snake off, another would appear at any given moment. The second snake that came out from my forehead bit my father's tongue, which swelled and went numb. I begged my brother to cut off the second snake and when he did, all that was left was an ash mark on my forehead. I was scared that another snake could appear at any time, but was woken up by external noise. Snakes in dreams typically represent real-world threats that may stem from external elements or internal conflict. Meanwhile, the forehead represents intellect and rationality. As the scenario in your dream implies, you may be guilty of using your mental powers and knowledge to hurt others instead of treating them properly. Therefore, the snakes coming out of your forehead serve as a warning that you could cause real pain and suffering to someone who is close to you. You may unwittingly be hurting your loved ones because of your condescension, which could lead to silent treatment or a gap in your relationships with others. As such, this vision reminds you to be more mindful of what you say and how you say things because they could easily be taken negatively by others.
A snake from an anthill attacking the son My son wanted to sit on what I thought was an ant pile and I told him no. Then he got up. I was on the phone and when I looked back over there, he was pulling down his pants. I'm guessing trying to use the bathroom, trying to sit back on the pile. Before I could tell him no, a snake came out of the pile, bit him on his ankle and began to swing my son all over the place slithering down the street. Of course I'm chasing after them, my son is reaching for me. When it finally let's him go I grab him and I wake up. Ant hills in dreams are normally associated with growing problems in waking life, so watching your son try to sit on one could represent your knowledge of issues in his life that you are not addressing or taking seriously. This is further supported by the image of him trying to use the top of the pile as a toilet, a symbol which alludes to declining fortune and existing struggles. The situation culminates in the snake bite your son receives from the serpent that crawled out of the hill. Being bitten by a snake predicts that others could try to take advantage of your son and use your lack of care or attention to better themselves at his and your expense. You may want to seriously consider being more responsible and diligent, so that matters do not spiral out of hand.
Acting like a snake Had a dream that I was acting like a snake, kept spinning like snakes do. Dreaming that you are behaving like a snake likely reveals your inability to suppress your negative emotions. Perhaps you are being consumed by your anxieties and apprehensions, thereby making you lash out on your family and friends. You may be transforming into a worse version of yourself because of your fears and insecurities.
A snake cut in half on the kitchen floor I was trying to bake, but there was a snake that had been cut in half, writhing on the floor trying to bite me. Eventually the threatening half disappeared, but the benign half was still in my way. I was unable to remove it, so my father removed it for me. Dreaming about a snake trying to attack you has negative connotations. It could indicate the presence of difficulties in your waking life. Perhaps these obstacles are making it challenging for you to achieve what you want. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you were attempting to bake, but unsuccessfully because of the presence of the snake. However, you would receive help during your difficult times, as indicated by your father taking care of the snake. Make sure that you remain alert and on guard from anybody trying to cause problems and never refuse help from your loved ones if the need arises.
A snake biting liver A snake in a basket bites my liver. I then wake up from the dream. What does this mean? Seeing a snake inside a basket predicts upcoming health issues in the context of dreams. The snake bite to your liver could point toward unhealthy habits and self-destructive behavior, particularly drinking or drug use. Alternatively, the snake may represent a lurking danger or personal fear that you have been carrying around with you. These insecurities may be hindering your progress on important tasks or goals. Perhaps you are undermining your own potential by focusing too much on what could be instead of what you can do now.
A snake biting on a finger I dreamed I saw a little snake and it bit me on my index finger. Getting bitten by a little snake in the dream world points to minor annoyances. Irritating situations or trivial matters may be affecting your judgment and common sense. There could be rumors going around about you or you may be unnecessarily worried about the outcome of certain events. These pesky little problems may be doing more harm than good on your psyche, hence your subconscious is showing you the negative effects of dwelling too much on them.
A snake-like lizard attacking daughter My children and I were out playing in my dream and we saw a snake-like lizard that we started chasing to try to kill. My daughter was closest to it and when she turned around it was hanging from her chest where it bit her. I tried to pull it off and it was latched on her skin. I was panicking but once it got off her all I did was pour water on the wound and begin chasing the black snake-like lizard again with a trash pick up clamp, like you would collect trash from the ground with. Never caught it. Snakes are typically associated with real-world threats and anxieties. Alternatively, they can also be interpreted as temptations and sexuality. Similarly, since lizards are reptiles like snakes, the snake resembling a lizard in your dream vision may be a reference to your cold-blooded nature and natural instincts. The creature's bite to your daughter's chest means you may end up unintentionally hurting her feelings because of your thoughtless actions or risky behavior. Chasing the black snake, therefore, alludes to your efforts to contain or manage your selfish needs and self-indulgent actions. Perhaps you, as a mother, are still struggling to balance your needs and the needs of your children.
Snakes being placed on the body I woke up screaming "Please don't put your snakes on me!". Snakes in dreams can refer to fears and anxieties about threats in the waking world. When you said "Don't put your snakes on me" you were probably alluding to the pervading sense of apprehension and uncertainty in your workplace or your social group being projected onto you and inevitably affecting your own worldview. Snakes are also phallic symbols, so perhaps your dream is also a metaphor for unwanted sexual advances you may be fending off in the waking world.
A snake in the pile of leaves A small pile of leaves set to the right of myself and in the leaves a venomous snake came out with about half of its body. Then I woke up. Dreaming about a pile of fallen leaves has negative connotations. It symbolizes that you may experience some difficulties in your waking life. The venomous snake could represent the presence of a wicked and malicious individual in your social circle. They may try to cause problems for you or place obstacles in your path. Make sure you stay alert regarding any untoward activities and keep yourself away from people who show signs of possible harm directed at you.
A snake turning into other animals My dream was about a snake that I found in the house, but I only saw it's tail every time I entered the house. I looked at the snake as it was trying to escape from me. Later I found that it has two heads, even it's tail has a head, then it later changed to moving in a different direction as I was looking at it, then it turned into a fish and last into a hare. A two-headed snake in the dream world can either mean cooperation or deception depending on how you felt when you saw it. Snakes also suggest looming threats or problems in the real world, so perhaps this vision is a warning of an upcoming complication about to fall on your household. This obstacle would rally members of your family to work together in order to find a solution. Consequently, its transformation into a fish which then turned into a hare alludes to ideas and quick thinking. There could, in fact, be a way for your family to turn this crisis into an opportunity.
Snakes in a dark room I am by myself in a room, the ceiling and walls are pitch black and the floor cannot be seen because there are thousands of snakes crawling on the floor. The snakes are crawling up me and strangling me and I cannot cry out for help. Finding yourself inside a dark room in the dream world suggests persistent worries over uncertain outcomes of projects you are handling in your household. In addition, the thousands of snakes surrounding you could be associated with the state of your health or body issues you are currently dealing with. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, which could have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Maybe your subconscious is helping you overcome your anxieties by allowing you to confront your fears in a safe environment, in this case, the dream world.
Snakes inside the body When I was a child I had dreams that snakes were let loose inside my vagina and would supposedly bite me if I didn't do what I was told to by people I didn't know, what does it mean? Snakes represent threats in the real world, though their phallic appearance also lends sexual and intimate meanings when it comes to the dream world. You may have been dealing with an aggressive figure in your childhood trying to advance their interests at your expense. This powerful individual may have been trying to manipulate you into submission because they saw you as a passive personality who could be easily controlled. Perhaps your mind was making you aware of your weakness and tendency towards passivity so you could learn to be more outspoken and assertive.
Killing a snake and a frog Saw a snake which I had wanted to kill and at the same time I saw a frog and I killed it first, as I proceeded on to kill the snake, it was trying to hide from me. What's the meaning? The main symbols in this vision, killing a frog and then a snake, point to two conflicting issues you may face in the future. The frog in this context is associated with wellness, so killing one may represent health problems or issues with your physical condition. This may be related to lifestyle choices, such as poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking. On the other hand, killing a snake reveals your desire to be more powerful and assertive. At the present or in the near future, however, you may become a slave to your deteriorating condition, so it may be wise to take better care of your health to avoid any serious declines health-wise.
A cobra on a basketball court I was playing basketball, which was a weird way, because we were using balloons. Then a red king cobra snake came on court towards me and one guy tried to kiss the snake, which was weird. The snake struck once and missed, then struck again and bit him on the forehead. The other guy didn't see the snake, he was on the phone and got bit on his ankle, then the snake got off court into the grass as I call the ambulance for aide. I followed the snake as it played in the grass and I was warning everyone who was passing. Playing basketball in the dream world often alludes to projects and events requiring teamwork. In the context of your dream, the use of balloons during the game probably suggests tension developing among inflated egos or stubborn members of the team. Headstrong individuals and clashing personalities could cause conflict which would contribute to the failure of certain projects or plans. Meanwhile, the king cobra represents innovative ideas and creative insights that could open opportunities for yourself and your peers in reality. Unfortunately, self-interest and attempts to take credit for certain ideas and efforts may serve only to sabotage a great opportunity for everyone involved.
A dead snake in bed I dreamt about seeing a snake under my pillow, it seemed dead because it wasn't moving but I am certain it was a snake because its tail was extended outside the pillow. A dead snake refers to suffering, particularly the feeling of betrayal that comes when someone you trust causes you pain. However, your lack of interaction with the snake may mean you have not actually experienced this pain yet, only that you are aware it is nearby. This is supported by the image of the bed. Your bed represents your safe space, so finding the snake under the pillow reveals your knowledge of the precarious situation you are in. This may be similar to the idea of making your bed before you get into it. You may see a choice you have made leading somewhere you would rather not go. There may still be time to change the outcome if you act carefully and thoughtfully.
A floating dead body and snakes I have seen a human body floating (maybe dead) in a water body and a long white snake goes through that body and gone. Then many snakes of different sizes and colors suddenly appear. The snakes in the water reveal your dissatisfaction about the current flow of your existence. Perhaps you dream of a better circumstance or lifestyle that you could be living and this makes your deeply disappointed. Unfortunately, the body floating in the water represents your passivity. You may not be doing anything proactive to change your situation. As such, your attitude and lack of initiative would further contribute to the dissatisfaction and stagnation you could be feeling at the moment.
A snake attacking in the barn A snake lying on the floor of a barn. I fell and it immediately came toward me. When it reached me, it went under my legs and back around to the front side of my legs. It went to strike and I grabbed it behind the head to prevent it from biting, then woke up. The image of the snake is very prominent in your vision. Snakes can represent both the presence of opportunities or be a warning of difficult times to come. In this case, the symbol of a snake suggests jealous individuals who may be plotting against you and trying to find your weaknesses. However, your ability to keep the snake at bay by holding it could predict being able to avoid these individuals or make a successful counterattack against them. The cause of their jealousy may be related to the notion of the barn. Barns are associated with abundance and contentment in the dream universe, so these envious personalities may be upset at your success and prosperity in certain areas of life.
Cobra eggs in a garden Me and my friend and our five children were out in the garden and we found seven eggs, but they were more like egg sacks than egg shells. We put them into a clear plastic container and they hatched into what looked like miniaturized adult cobras. Your dream of collecting eggs in the garden is an auspicious symbol of blessings about to come your way. This may point to a possible promotion at work or a lucrative idea for a business venture potentially involving your friends and family. In addition, cobras are often associated with burst of energy and creativity, so be extra observant and keep your mind open to bright ideas and inspiration. You would soon find the energy and passion to pursue a project with tremendous potential. The number seven may refer to a timeline or the number of key insights you would need in order to hatch your plan.
Afraid of snakes in a jungle Kindly interpret my dream. I was walking through a dark jungle. I was accompanied by my cousin and his father. They were Illuminating my way by a torch. It was lighting up a small area in front of me but I could move on. I was stepping on medium grasses and was so scared of being bitten by snakes. However, my cousin and his father reminded me that it was early in the morning and no snake was coming out. Your dream could mean that you are about to experience some major changes in your waking life which could cause you to feel lost or confused, but you should always keep in mind that you have people in your life who are willing to guide and support you through the worst moments. Your cousin and his father could be the symbolic reflections of those people who will reach out to you and help you understand that the worst dangers you envision are not a real impediment for you and so you can embrace your future without fear.
Bitten by a snake while with sister Me and my sister by the water and a snake hits her with its tail then bites her. Then I jump in the water and grab the snake off of her and the snake bites me and I wake up. When you dream about seeing your sister and yourself being bitten by a snake, it could mean that you are growing aware of mortality in general. You could be coming to terms that you are both becoming older and you can see the signs, such as a lack of motivation, more tiredness, maybe even some sort of illness. You are thinking that both of you are not quite as carefree and free-spirited as before and you are still subconsciously processing these feelings.
Coiled by a shiny snake I had a dream about a shining snake, shining like a peacock's feathers and while I am going near to the snake, it coiled around me. That was all, no bites. I am male. Thanks. Dreaming that a snake is coiled up around you, whether it is about to bite you or not, symbolizes passivity. Perhaps you have a tendency of becoming submissive and non-confrontational when facing rivals and enemies in the waking world. Your distaste for arguments and conflict in general may stem from your fear of authorities or disappointing your peers. Unfortunately, your inability to defend yourself could lead to bigger problems. If the wrong sorts of characters find out about this weakness of yours, they may end up taking advantage of you.
A snake giving birth My gender is female. I had a dream about snakes I can't understand. In dream there was an incredibly large snake. Its body was misshaped like it had humans or animals in its belly. It was green with orange stripes. The snake ended up being killed (car ran over it). The snake's belly split open and a baby snake came out. I was incredibly scared when the baby snake came out and tried to get my friend to catch it. The baby snake had a broken neck or injury. It quickly got away before it got caught. Snakes in dreams usually indicate fear or threat lurking in your waking life. The large size of the snake in your particular dream vision could mean that you are dealing with a powerful and influential personality who poses a significant problem to you. Maybe this individual is trying to sabotage your career or social standing. In addition, a green-colored snake is often related to parties, drinking and hedonistic habits or lifestyle. In that context, the threatening personality could be a well-known socialite or a person you socialize with. As for the baby snake, it means that time and circumstances may quash your main rival or enemy, maybe by surpassing this person's influence or rising up to his or her status. However, that person's friend, relative or protege may continue the grudge match between you and your rival, so you still have to keep your guard up. Alternatively, this large and destructive force in your life may also refer to your self-sabotaging ways. Are you perhaps involved in risky activities or engaging in self-destructive habits and behavior? If that is the case, then the dream suggests that you may be able to kick the habit, though a new addiction may take its place. It may seem benign at first, but if you do not keep it in check, you could just as easily go back to a downward spiral.
Blue snakes blocking way out I dreamed I was in a building, with 3 entrances. Each entrance had a blue snake blocking my way out. One blue snake was huge, other two long but thinner. Someone near me pushed the smaller one back with something, and I got out. The snakes were light blue. The building itself represents you and your state of mind. In that context, the doors or entrances are your choices for a major decision you have to make. Since you are trying to get out of the building, perhaps those entrances symbolize an escape from your own insecurities and doubts. The snakes similarly symbolize your fears and uncertainties especially when it comes to your skills and abilities. You could be planning to strike out on your own, become more independent and self-sufficient yet your fears are holding you back. The three snakes likely represent specific reservations or apprehensions you have, some are crippling you more than others, but it would only take a bit more courage or encouragement for you to start pursuing your goals.
A peacock snatching a snake I saw a snake on the road and one snake in my brother's hand. Then a flying peacock came and took the snake which was on the road. What does this dream mean? Encountering a snake on a road means there are obstacles in your path, whether at work or in your personal life. Snakes are generally negative dream symbols, so be on your guard. Since your brother is carrying a snake in his hand, it seems that he could be the hindrance to your goals. He could have a tendency to be controlling, manipulative or downright vicious whenever his patience runs out. This limits your personal freedom and diminishes your self-esteem. Alternatively, he could introduce you to someone who would become a toxic presence in your life. Fortunately, the peacock symbolizes growth and success. So to be able to drive away the threats and bad energies in your circle, you need to stand up for yourself and refuse to be underestimated or taken advantage of by others.
A white snake inside intestines Dreamt that there was a big long white snake in my intestine with the mouth about to enter my stomach. I’m a female. A white snake in dreams often refers to a disturbing piece of information. This bothersome news can distract you from the important things you need to attend to. The snake is in your intestine because this information would send you into a roller coaster ride of emotions. Furthermore, because this snake is entering your stomach, it means there will be a significant and abrupt shift in your life because of this shocking news and in order for you to overcome this trial, you need to manage your emotions and remain in control no matter how hard it hits you.
Deceased brother bitten by a snake Had a dream my brother was bitten by a snake, but my brother is dead. Seeing your deceased brother in the realm of dreams is usually associated with success and well-being in reality. It suggests your future holds many positive developments, including good health, a long life and peace of mind. You may even have better than average luck in overcoming the challenges that may stand in your path to true happiness. However, envisioning that your brother was bitten by a snake may allude to jealous enemies on the fringes of your circle of influence. These ruthless individuals are probably interested in either robbing you of your success or ruining your chance at happiness. It would be wise to be vigilant of those who would like nothing more than to see you fail and focus your energy on rising above them rather than stooping to their level.
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