Playing basketball and causing an accident on the road I was walking out of somewhere with my friends in Nigeria and I saw some boys playing basketball, the basketball was big, so it fell from the sky as they played and I had to dodge my head. After I crossed the gate, I started playing with them. My basketball went into the road and a motorcyclist stopped while his motorcycle touched the ball a little. The ball turned into a tire and caught fire. I got a bucket of water as everyone was panicking and ended the fire with one pour of water. Being in a familiar place in a dream vision usually points toward feelings of nostalgia or wanting to return to a comfortable place, either because it makes you happy or because your current situation makes you worried or scared. Playing basketball in an enclosed area with friends further supports this idea, suggesting that you are partial to the way you were raised and the rhythm of you childhood life. This means you tend to look back at the lessons you learned in your home as the most beneficial and practical rather than those you learned from your formal schooling. The fire and your subsequent dousing of it suggest, however, that you life is about to be flipped upside down (which you may already be aware of). While you may like the old way, it could be beneficial to go with the flow rather than being a stick in the mud.
Wanting a better golf ball I wanted an un-moldy golf ball. Golf balls in dreams may represent having a bad relationship with someone who you think is on your side. They do not show their distaste for you outright, but there are little indicators on the surface, much like the indentations on a golf ball. Focusing on specific details about this golf ball may represent your growing realization of the true character of this person or these people.
Wanting to play soccer but relaxing instead I'm a male of 60 years. I dreamt that I was in a field with a friend and decided to play soccer with a tennis ball in this green field on beautiful grass, so I built a net and proceeded to play. Then next thing I knew I was just sitting in under the net, legs stretched out with my right leg crossed over and leaning on my elbows looking out at the beauty and the children playing. Next thing I knew there was a man talking to me and 2 children and 2 puppies, laughing or smiling or giggling. Playing soccer in the dream world could be a reflection of your many milestones and achievements in this life. It is a sort of retrospective approach to illustrating how you navigated the world, such as by following the norms and rules, cooperating with others and building connections over time. Now that you are older and wiser, you see yourself sitting on the sidelines watching the next generation navigate the real world, as represented by the children and puppies. Building the net is a metaphor for passing on the lessons and wisdom you have collected from your experiences, possibly to family members or friends who are younger than yourself.
Failing at a diving competition I'm female. In my dream I was at a swimming contest at a pool with two other people who seemed to be my friends, we were on a team and I seemed to keep messing up. When I went to dive off the board my knees started to give out and I kinda just fumbled in the water. When I went in the water I felt embarrassed and sank down to the bottom and stayed there until I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I went back up to the top. Then all the sudden the water was on fire. I got out. Others didn't. Dreaming that you are swimming and diving in the water usually contains a negative message related to taking on a new project or getting into a new relationship. This new endeavor could get you so totally immersed in it that you would forget all your other responsibilities. This is especially concerning because this new preoccupation would not end well for you. If it is a romantic prospect, then there would likely be a bad break up. Alternatively, a swimming contest can be an allusion to emotional instability. Perhaps you are not in the best mindset because of piling stress or a toxic environment, at work or at home. Unfortunately, if you do not manage your anger and frustrations well, you could end up lashing out or having an outburst which could damage your social relations, especially with your friends.
Missing a ball and falling off a cliff Playing catch and I missed the ball. I run after the ball to retrieve the ball and fall off a cliff I did not know was there. I woke up as I started to fall. Falling off a cliff in the dream world is often associated with the idea of jumping into things too quickly. It means you are probably about to rush into an activity, a decision or a relationship without giving yourself enough time to consider the consequences. This could turn out badly, but you may have enough self-awareness to prevent yourself from failing completely, as is evidenced by the fact that you woke up just as you started to fall. The game of catch in this vision should be considered a warning as to the type of activity you would be tempted to rush into. Specifically, it refers to a less that legal or moral activity that would, if followed through, cause damage to your happiness and self-esteem.
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