Husband protecting from a lion attack I am separated from my husband. We are legally getting divorced soon. Off late I keep getting dreams about him.. but this morning it was weird. I got a dream where I am being protected by him from a lion who entered my house during the night. I felt the care from him which he never showed after my marriage when I was with him. When I woke up...I realized it was just a dream. The reality is different. He is a evil and a selfish person. I got this dream only because that was my thought. I always wanted a happy marriage and a caring husband.. a husband who will genuinely care. You have partially answered your own dream visions and meaning by saying you always think about a better person to be your husband. The notion of seeing yourself being attacked by a lion means you may soon experience possible negativity or offensive behavior (could be coming from your current husband or someone else), but you will be able to counteract them successfully. In your wake life, you most likely do not give too much attention as to how to attract a better individual who would better appreciate your abilities, talents or other aspects of your personality, this might prevent you from finding a better husband.
Husband getting out of prison and wanting to be with another woman My husband got out of prison and walked in with another woman and said he wanted to be with her and walked out. Dreaming of your husband leaving you for some reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation from this person, but which will eventually become a relationship filled with harmony and balance. Dreaming of seeing your husband falling in love with someone else and being happy about it could be an indication that you need to re-examine your own way of life. It is probable that your life is currently filled with some meaningless tasks or trifling daily routines and is in need of making some changes or adjustments.
Husband visiting I have had a dream about my husband. He surprised me to visit my place were I am gonna live. Dreaming of seeing your husband in a good mood and being very cheerful is a good sign. It means you may receive an interesting proposition or an enticing idea coming from him which may result in some major positive changes and favorable outcomes for your current relationship with this person.
Husband leaving and unable to call him I had a dream that my husband left me and when I would try to call him I couldn't dial his number on the phone. Dreaming of your husband leaving you for no apparent reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation. You could be parted from your husband, but also from someone who is as important to you as he is. Alternatively, you might be subconsciously fearing the possibility of breaking up. Although you might not be consciously aware of the reasons, your subconscious may be picking up some clues about such impeding event. The notion of being unable to dial the number and reach him suggests that these issues are related to communication problems. For the relationship to be working, you may need to try to solve any misunderstandings that may arise from poor communication. A serious and honest conversation might help addressing any existing issues. Ultimately, you could always seek a counselor’s guidance.
Trying to have sex with husband and buying things together I dreamed of my late husband two nights in a row. The first night I met him in the hall and he said said I need sex with a big smile and I said I do too. Later while looking for him, he was watching TV and did not seem interested or not aware of my presence. We were also looking at a large plantation home to purchase. I have recently moved to a new home. The second night we were at a furniture store that I am waiting for furniture that has been ordered. (I really am waiting). In the same dream we are outside the furniture store with our children or grandchildren playing and going into the store. It is interesting that the dream involves your late husband. This suggests that you could miss him. You would subconsciously want him to be affectionate towards you, watch TV with you, make plans for the future and help you through your daily chores, such as furniture buying. Life would be perfect if he was there, alongside you and your family. However, at some point, he was not aware of your presence. Here, your subconsciously is showing you that, in reality, he is absent; that he is no longer there. It is showing you that your wish cannot come true. This dream could also reveal your desire to have someone as important to you as your late husband in your life. The notions of shopping together could be your subconscious reflection of the importance of sharing similar interests or pursuits with this person. You could presently feeling alone. You would want someone to pay more attention to you and share your interests. Alternatively, the dream would be comparing your late husband and the person with whom you currently share your life with. You could feel unsatisfied with the new person, but also have some guilty feelings because of your inability, for some reason, to express to him what you want and feel. You would silence yourself in fear of damaging your existing relationship. However, acting upon the situation would be beneficial to your current emotional state.
Spouses each getting a new car My friend dreamt about me and my husband having a new car each. The dream of getting a new car by each of you, but when the dream vision was experienced by someone else other than you, could be a reflection of some visible and obvious competition or difference in views and opinions between you and your husband. This could involve demonstrating rivalry in front of other people (including your friend who had this dream) intentionally or unknowingly. Perhaps it has left such a big imprint on your friend that it manifested itself subconsciously. You could be taking this spousal competition for granted and consider it to be a normal part of your life, but to others it might seem somewhat strange or inappropriate. It could be as subtle as verbal remarks or gestures exchanged between you and your husband, or it could be the way you offer distinctly different opinions on things in front of others.
Driving off an sinking into the ocean My husband was the driver and I was the passenger. The car goes off the bridge into the ocean and as we get deeper and deeper down, the car window glass begins to break and then I wake up.... Dreaming about being in a car accident that you did not cause may indicate some problems or challenges you are about to face that could cause things to go topsy-turvey in your life. These issues are likely completely out of your control and also may develop out of the blue. Falling into the ocean has two possible meanings. On one hand, it may indicate experiencing new situations or learning new things. However, in this case, it probably represents finding a solution or answer that solves your problems and gives you some closure and peace of mind.
Husband having sex with son Second time having this dream. I walk in on my husband having sex with our youngest son who is 28. I try to hurt my husband but something is holding me back. I found them the first time and my son says "It's ok mother, I told him it was ok". Second time, my God daughter and I catch them. Please what is this sick dream. Thank you so much for your time. Dreaming of seeing your husband and your son involved in such a scandalous situation could be an indication of existing minor problems inside your family, but it can also be a sign of a possible divorce or separation related to this person. Alternatively, you could be suspecting your husband or your son trying to hide something from you, which you deem important for the stability of your family and want to find out about, but cannot because of your inability to bring it up in a conversation, readily discuss with either of them or both of them at the same time.
Relationship made public in printed media I am going through a separation with my husband in real life. My sister dreamt that whatever had happened between my husband and me was publicized in an article in a magazine and my photo was on the cover of that magazine. What does that mean? It was an early morning dream. Having unflattering information publicized in a dream usually indicates some guilt or feelings of remorse by the dreamer. However, because it was your sister dreaming about you, it can represent her fears about how others will perceive you after such a separation takes place. It may also reflect some concerns about the cause of the split and the effect it has on you.
Good relationship with husband contrary to reality Dreamt of ex-husband who we are not friendly with each other of being friendly with him in my dream and actually sleeping with him and wondering what they mean. In the real world we do not speak and he is not nice. Dreaming about having friendly relations with someone who you were once involved with, especially someone you now avoid or dislike, predicts you will soon meet someone you get along with very well. This dream particularly points to finding a romantic partner who shares your opinions and interests, making time and conversation spent with them very interesting and rewarding. In this case, the image of your ex-husband is just a stand-in for whoever you are destined to meet.
Husband wearing former wife's wedding dress My dream was about my husband wearing his former wife's wedding dress. She has died years ago. This was in my grandmother's home. Dreaming about seeing your husband trying on a wedding dress which belongs to his ex-wife is a reflection of some developing issues between your husband and you, even though they may seem insignificant or minor at the moment. The notion of your grandmother's place where this dream took place points to the possibility that other family members or relatives from either side could be the source of these unfolding tensions. At the same time, your husband could have recently started expressing emotions and feelings which were picked up by your subconscious mind as signs that he is not quite happy with the relationship between you and him, things like inability to discuss matters between the two of you, or spending too little or too much time together.
Following husband and hearing strange sounds I dreamt my husband saying he is going to sleep by my mother (she has passed on) shortly after that I followed, when I got there, he was lying in bed, showing me his teeth. A while after that I heard my son crying as I wanted to call him, I heard child's footsteps entering my room, and then calling mommy. it was not my son's voice. Dreaming about your husband wanting or intending to sleep near your now deceased mother suggests he may be hiding something from you in wake life. It may be something innocuous, but it could also be something more serious as well. The bed and his visible teeth both mean it is likely something to do with your relationship and that he has not had the chance or ability to express himself with words. Suddenly hearing your son's cries but not recognizing the voice which calls out for you represents some internal unrest over something in your family, which may or may not be connected to what your husband has to say. This dream as a whole seems to indicate a need to open up communication between you and your spouse about life at home.
Husband spanking son My husband spanking my son thinking it's funny. Seeing your husband spanking your son, no matter the reason, indicates that he (your husband) has recently done something which you find annoying or inappropriate. The humor your husband exudes in the dream is a message from your subconscious meaning you do not think he understands that his behavior is not acceptable to you. You may need to have a serious conversation with him before things pile up and become more serious.
Wife with a book with black and white pages My wife sees a black color book with many black pages, but some of white pages. My girlfriend is wishing to take that book, but unsuccessful. Dreams containing images of book pages are subconscious representations of important decisions you have recently made in your waking life. Based on the notion of your wife and girlfriend being present in this same dream, it is possible that your mind could be preoccupied with ongoing dynamics of the relationships with both of them and how these interactions affect you on a personal level, either in positive or negative ways (when you mention a relatively greater number of black pages, it is probably an indication of some unfavorable events or inconveniences that accompany your life). When your girlfriend tries to take the book in this dream and to no avail, it is a clear indication of your tendency to trust your wife more, and have the girlfriend play the role of a more casual and less important part of your life.
Husband spitting salt out of his mouth I saw my husband splitting salt out from his mouth after using it to clear some bitter taste out. Having an unusual taste in the mouth indicates being dissatisfied with life as it is. Because it was your husband who experienced this sensation in your vision, you could have some problems with the relationship or the issue may be one that affects both of you. In either case, the notions of salt represent being surrounded by multiple opinions, most likely in relation to whatever is not making you happy at the moment. You, as part of a family, believe that certain things can help, but your friends could be suggesting something else. There is no end to the amount of advice you could receive, which may not be helpful when trying to make up your mind. It would be wise to weigh the pros and cons of any action you take and to consider what really matter for you and your husband as spouses.
Husband getting arrested for possession of drugs The dream was about my husband being arrested for possession, but then the police lost him and he was never found. Dreams involving scenes of arrest of someone close to you by police, in this case of your husband, and his subsequent disappearance, suggest that some aspects of your marriage may culminate in disharmony, even a temporary separation from each other. The outside force represented by the police arresting your spouse is an indicator of anxiety linked to existing or upcoming conflicts and disagreements. However, this is likely to be only a temporary disagreement, and after it is over you are likely to be victorious over your fears and doubts. After the crisis is over, you would see slow, but major improvements, as far as your bond with your husband is concerned. The outcomes of this situation are contingent on the efforts both of you are willing to invest when you try to make it happen.
Spouse being endowed I had a dream that my husband had a long penis, we are separated at the moment. Phallic images are often seen as symbols of growing strength and power, meaning it is likely you have gained or are gaining authority at the moment. This could be in relation to your separation with your husband, such as division of assets or custody of children, but it is equally likely that this is connected to your work situation. Additionally, a long penis can represent positive character traits, both for yourself and as perceived by other people around, such as being a hard worker or a visionary.
A woman pregnant by the husband who leaves with her A tall pregnant woman, 29 years old, comes to me and tells me "I'm pregnant from your husband. I don't want him to know". Then my husband walks in from the door sees her and only looks at her, acted like he doesn't know her, she goes out very quickly, he takes my jacket and goes after her under the rain. Envisioning a situation in which your husband could be cheating on you, while not indicating the actual occurrence of such an affair, actually points toward your own feelings of being vulnerable or more trusting than you think you should be. Your husband is someone who you can and should be able to trust with everything, but leaving yourself completely vulnerable to someone else is still scary and can cause apprehension, even after years together. Being aware of this situation may inspire you to try and change this aspect of yourself though it is possible that someone is actually taking advantage of you now and should be stopped as soon as possible.
Being told of husband's imminent death I had a dream today, a man was telling my fiance that he will die of poison and I, as the wife, just have to learn to accept his death and yet I can still save him and I know how. Poison, in a dream vision, is a highly ominous sign indicative of tragic events or serious health problems. Because you envisioned your future husband in this dream, it could predict that some terrible misfortune is about to befall him. This equally affects you too, as his future wife. The other man in this vision represents the presence of someone who either orchestrated or benefits from this situation, meaning they are opposed to your marriage. This could be a jealous rival or a relative who has been against this match from the beginning. In either case, you should be wary of situations where accidents could occur and communicate your concerns with your fiance.
A naked husband holding a dog eating feces Saw my husband naked, popping in our living room and holding a brown dog eating his feces, as he's saying that there's no available bathroom. Seeing your husband appearing naked in a dream could predict that he is about to be exposed to worsening health conditions. There could be bad vibes coming towards him, which may result in sickness or being afflicted with prolonged illness which could eventually negatively impact his overall health. The vision of a dog eating his feces is also a bad sign pointing to the existence of negativity and discord inside your household at the moment, not necessarily between you and your husband, contributing even more to the possible outcomes mentioned earlier.
Getting married and deceased family members present I was marrying my ex-husband and my parents did not attend. My ex-husband and I are sitting alone at a table after the wedding and my parents come in and rave on about the party they went to instead. My father has been deceased for 5 years. Dreaming about marriage to a previous partner is often interpreted as a sign of negative events to come. More specifically, you are likely to experience great hardship and misfortune in your personal life. This is because seeing your deceased father in a dream vision points to unfinished business that is coming back to haunt you. Until matters have been cleared up, you may not be able to feel peace and tranquility in your life.
Walking on the road and holding hands with a child Someone dreamt of me walking on the road with my wife and son and both of us were held by the child's hands. Dreaming about holding a child's hand while walking is symbolic of finding a resolution to a sticky situation in wake life. While it is normally the parents who guide the child, in this case, a simpler, "child's" solution is likely to fix the problem you may be experiencing, giving you great relief and satisfaction.
Husband having a gay relationship with a coworker My dream happened last night, I had the same one 3 times in one night of husband doing gay stuff with his male coworker. Although this vision may seem strange or even shocking, it could represent your worries and concerns about your husband spending more time either at work or with his co-workers. Dream visions about spouses turning gay rarely mean the same situation in real life. Your dreams could also be fueled by his frequent absences from home or not performing like he used to when it comes to the intimate aspect of your relationship.
Betrayal by the husband and being eaten by fish My husband, me and my kids were vacationing. The kids were in the house and my husband and I were outside on this dock, and I grabbed a bag of food to feed the fish. I started to throw some in the water and the fish came, I told my husband to get a fishing pole, he said no, I turned to ask why and I slipped and slid into the water and reached my hand up to have my husband help and he didn't. He just stared as the fish were eating me and my spirit left my body, my husband told cops and kids I fell into the water and there was nothing he could do. The main two symbols that stand out in this dream vision are wanting to feed fish with the goal of catching it later and your husband ignoring you which leads to your death. The first symbol speaks of your tendency to literally tolerate performing tasks or responsibilities which are not very appealing to you, perhaps within your household or related to family obligations. It could equally mean being involved in tedious or time-consuming activities which start out being boring and monotonous, but bring a lot of happiness and satisfaction upon completion. The imagery of your husband leaving you to be eaten alive by the fish in this dream could indicate possible temporary separation from him, but which would eventually make you both feel glad it had happened.
Looking for closure with former husband I had a dream that my ex husband and I were talking with each other, but we were standing in a house and one half of the house basically fell down. He and I actually engaged in several sexual encounters. His current wife was around, but my wife wasn't. I was asking for closure with him. He told me he couldn't give me closure, my wife was asking me for closure. An old problem is creeping up on you and wreaking havoc in your current relationship, hence the half-demolished house. Having sex with your ex-husband is a sign that you could be repeating the same old patterns from that relationship in your current relationship. Furthermore, you may be falling in the trap of making the same mistakes and reacting the same way. This cycle is causing a strain between you and your wife. Asking for closure from your ex-husband is akin to recognizing the repetition of previous failings and learning from the lessons of the past. Once this realization hits home, then you can begin to rebuild the damaged trust and heal the hurt feelings.
Getting re-married and strange things happening I keep dreaming that I am getting married to my husband. One of my recent dreams - it was the after party of our wedding and my husband and I were happy and dancing underneath a chandelier of several light candles (but the candles were upside down), and they suddenly went out. Then the two of us stopped dancing and sat down together and a guest (female) asked if she could see my ring, then she just took it off and put it on her own finger but it did not fit her. That is all I dreamt. Your dream is rife with misgivings, from the upside-down candles to the light going out and the ring being taken away. To begin with, the recurring dream of a wedding ceremony or getting married indicates a desire to renew your vows or restore a trust that could be eroding. Dancing at the wedding signifies unhealthy competition. The chandelier represents grandeur, ambitions and wealth. However, the misaligned candles and the lights going off mean that reality may be creeping up on you and perhaps does not measure up to your expectations. Finally, the interloper who snatched your wedding ring epitomize all the threats and challenges making you doubt your relationship or your capabilities. On the whole, the fears and doubts that are manifested in your dream may not be directly related to a rocky relationship or infidelity. They could also stem from your anxieties about your current status in life, both at home and in your chosen career. You may be looking for assurance or yearning for advancement.
Husband holding orange candles Me and my husband are going through a big struggle in our marriage due to his depression and he wants to end the marriage. I dreamed that he came out of one room and me from another and bumped into each other and he was holding 4 lit orange candles? What does this mean? Perhaps due to the strain in the relationship, you and your husband are not seeing each other eye-to-eye at the moment. However, as implied in your dream, there is an effort to meet each other halfway or try to understand the situation on either side because while you come from different rooms, different perspectives, you cannot help but bump into each other or check on how the other half is doing. Lit candles in dreams represent hope and optimism amidst difficult challenges. It is likely that your husband is seeking enlightenment and guidance in his bout with depression. Orange is also an important sign in the dream. Like the lit candle, it signifies hope, respect and courtesy. However, it can also symbolize power and leverage. You could be frustrated by the situation, feeling like you are being backed up in a wall with no say on the matter. Handling this hurdle could be tricky, but the number four conveys a positive message. You may have personal associations with the number four, but it generally refers to the restoration of balance and elimination of negativity.
Unable to see own husband I am trying to see my husband. I can see all family members, but I'm not able to see my husband. What it means? Being unable to see or locate your husband in your dream could be a sign of miscommunication in real life. It could be an upcoming disagreement between you and your spouse that could prevent the both of your from seeing eye-to-eye. Try to find out whether there is any hidden tension in your household or a subject matter which could lead to potential disputes among its members.
Wife trying to kill herself in traffic Wife takes off coat, wearing Hollywood-style white dress, runs under a moving truck, truck swerves, she gets up, runs toward another vehicle. Seeing your wife in a beautiful white dress is symbolic of your relationship with each other as man and wife. This could serve as a reminder of your past happiness and commitment or indicate how much your relationship has grown since your marriage. Her unusual behavior, however, suggests something (or someone) is threatening the happiness of the life you have built together. This could be some addiction or outside force which is tearing down what has grown over time, or it could be a person who is trying to draw one of you away from the other. You may need to be strong in the face of great difficulty or temptation in order to overcome this situation.
Looking for husband at a restaurant and meeting with deceased father instead I went to a restaurant to find my living husband. When I walked in, the host sitting people looked at me as if to say "What are you doing here?". I walked by my dead father who was sitting at a table with two women I never met. He was happy and we cheerfully chatted, even though I don't know about what. Before I walked away to find my husband, I woke up. When dead relatives manifest in dreams, it is usually a result of missing their presence in your life. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are searching for answers that you think your dead father would know. Trying to find your husband in this restaurant and finding your father instead speaks of a possible yearning for your husband to be more like your father. Perhaps you are looking for certain characteristics of your father that your husband lacks. Alternatively, you may just be going through tough time and you need your father's guidance in order to navigate the issue. Look to lessons from the past to help bring clarity to the present.
Wife cutting hair too short Dreamed twice that my wife cut her hair too short and I was mad about it. What's the meaning? Dreaming that your wife has cut her hair too short is actually a warning about your own financial situation and spending habits. More specifically, this sign points to living beyond your means or not having a solid plan for your future. You may have even been hiding your extra expenses from your wife, which could explain her presence in this dream.
Scared of husband while in bed I'm busy going trough a divorce. I had this dream where I was in bed and I pretended I was asleep, so my husband could leave me alone, but in my dream he entered the room a few times and I felt so afraid in my dream, it felt so real. My body went numb, it felt like I was going to die. Then at some point my husband was in bed next to me and I was crying out to him to help me, my heart stopped. Feeling like your body is numb and unable to move in a dream vision is highly symbolic and reflects your current state of mind. It indicates the battle within you during difficult times in your life, specifically the divorce which you are currently going through. In this case, your mind and heart are probably going back and forth between what you want to do, what you should do, what you need to do, and what others are telling you to do. No matter which path you choose, you probably feel as though you will not be completely happy.
Husband having pains after intimacy I dream that my husband had intense pain after sexual intercourse. I ask him what was wrong, but he could not answer, because of the pain. Experiencing pain after intercourse could refer to existing dissatisfaction in your relationship. There could be underlying resentment between the two of you which could lead to possible altercations in the future. A lack of open communication may be feeding into your frustrations with one another, so there could be a need for better interactions in your relationship to properly address any issues.
Wife transforming into three sisters who look the same My wife became 3 separate sisters. I loved them all equally. Although they had different clothes and hair styles, they all were physically similar. One of them told me that they would not be jealous about the other two because they were the same person. Nonetheless jealousy arose! The appearance of your wife as three separate sisters in your dream reflects your view of her multi-faceted character. There may be days when you have to get along with contradicting aspects of her personality and yet despite this, you have learned to love the nuances that you keep discovering about her during this marriage. This vision could be a manifestation of your struggle to reconcile all sides of your wife and understand her persona. Perhaps the aim of this dream is to help you see your wife as a whole instead of the bits and pieces of a fragmented human being.
Looking at a carton of eggs I dreamed that me and my wife were staring at a carton of eggs. A dream in which your wife is staring at a carton of eggs is a good portent. It symbolizes the positive outcome of a future endeavor, such as a business decision or an investment. It is possible that your wife could be the one to come up with the right idea in the first place, so be attentive to her suggestions.
Wife trying to drown instead of helping I was drowning in a lake. My wife was on the pier and instead of helping me, every time I would reach the surface for some air, she would keep pushing my head under water. A dream about drowning reflects overwhelming stress or an emotional roller coaster. Drowning involves the inability to breathe and the constant threat of going under water. In the real world, this symbol of drowning may come from present or future challenges you are going to face and which could make you feel suffocated. The notion that your wife, whom you trust to save you, kept pushing your head underwater alludes to problems between the two of you. Perhaps you feel like she is not being supportive or concerned about your welfare. Additionally, this could be a sign of troubles developing within your marriage which are causing you distress. Both of you could benefit from reaching out to each other to hash out any brewing or suppressed issues.
Back together with deceased ex husband I am very happily married, but I have had several dreams about my ex-husband who is now deceased, but in my dreams he and I are together. Why? Dreaming of your deceased husband whilst being happily married may have something to do with the lessons you learned from that past relationship. Maybe you are experiencing a similar concern that you went through with your ex-husband, so that the memories and recollections from the past are trying to help you with present predicaments. In addition, you may be looking for certain qualities that your ex-husband possessed and your present husband is lacking. Sometimes looking at your past can reveal a wealth of knowledge that can help you in navigating the present.
Husband cheating when it is time to have surgery I was having surgery and had to go down a ladder to get to the surgery floor. A woman I never met was at the bottom of the ladder and claimed my husband was texting her to be with him. I went in an elevator to get to my room and looked at his phone to see they were texting nude photos and inappropriate messages. What does this mean? This dream involving an act of cheating or indiscretion by your husband could be a reflection of your insecurity and trust issues. Perhaps you are feeling neglected in reality, which is why this scenario appeared in your vision. On the other hand, this dream could be a good sign pointing you to the direction of healing and freeing your mind of anxieties. The surgery alludes to a need for emotional renewal and recovery. You may need to let go of negative thoughts and energies that are holding your back. Being cheated on in this context could be a good thing. It means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be temporarily freed of everyday worries and have a more peaceful existence.
Drowning with a spouse Me and my spouse were under water almost out of breath. Couple more minutes and we would have started drowning. But someone somehow opened a valve of some sort letting the water level lower, then he pulled us out. Struggling in water and almost drowning refers to overwhelming emotions. You and your spouse may be under a lot of stress, which is creating substantial tension between the two of you and causing some strain in your bond as husband and wife. Letting emotions get the best of either one of you could cause irreparable damage. Sometimes petty stuff and small differences could pile up and make one or both of you lose your cool. This dream vision cautions you from losing sight of your love for one another during emotional and irrational moments.
Becoming jealous while playing soccer I was dreaming I was playing soccer with my husband and another couple, and husband was touching the other girl's ass, so I got mad and ripped his necklace. This vision is a highly ominous sign regarding the people you trust most. Playing soccer with your husband and another couple suggests you have been too trusting and may have divulged information to someone who is planning to use it against you. While your husband is the main source of your ire in this vision, he could be a symbol created by your subconscious, due to your close connection with him, used to represent another friend or family member. Your danger is further illustrated through your husband's cheating on you, which represents the serious lengths your enemy is willing to go through to sabotage your life.
Mad at the husband while asleep I was dreaming and screaming out loud while sleeping telling my husband to get his stuff and get out and not to forget to take his daughters with him. They are daughters from a previous marriage, but I have adopted them. He heard me say everything and I do not know why I was dreaming that. Screaming at your husband during the course of a dream vision could be your subconscious mind's attempt to eliminate some stress that has been building up in waking life. This stress may be related to either your husband or daughters, but the focus on your husband, at least verbally, suggests he is the one you need to talk to in order to relieve the pressure. While there may be some brief conflict or uncomfortable feelings at first, there is likely to be no lasting damage.
Husband engaging in sex while on a house tour Me and my husband went to see the world's dustiest house with my cousin and there was a female there with her brother and I went to get the tour with my cousin and he went to the bathroom and during the tour I noticed he's not back yet and when I looked down the stairs, the female was blowing him. When I walked down the stairs to confront them, my husband looked high and he was basically rubbing his penis on her and then all of a sudden he starts apologizing because he hadn't noticed I was there. Catching your husband in a compromising situation in the dream reflects your insecurities. You may be sensing some coldness or indifference from him in the waking world and you are afraid that whatever is causing this change in his behavior has to do with his diminishing love for you. However, these are all speculations on your part which are only being highlighted by your anxious mind. Oral sex symbolizes your uncertainty or questioning in regards to his love and affection for you. Maybe it would be wiser to openly communicate these issues to avoid anxiety-filled dreams and achieve clarity in your relationship with your spouse.
Husband refusing affection My husband and myself are traveling in a car, my husband is driving. I go to kiss his cheek and he says no, I am married to another! I felt very confused as he never rejects intimacy. Traveling with your husband by means of driving reveals your tendency to be a passive passenger in your marriage. Thus, getting rejected by your husband through the invalidation of your marriage could mean that you may harbor insecurities and fears of not being good enough for him. Any sign of conflict probably gives you a lot of anxiety. Perhaps you need to trust not only your husband, but also yourself.
Wife trying to push to be killed by a bear I fought off a bear and he went over a cliff and I realized my wife was behind me and was going to push me over the cliff. Then I woke up. Seeing yourself fighting a bear and ultimately winning only to see your wife try to push you over the cliff right after could represent your bad or questionable behavior when dealing with competition. You may be easily provoked into conflicts and quick to raise your voice and show temper. It is possible that your wife is someone whom you see as competition over a particular aspect of your shared life, such as who takes the best care of the children, gets paid a better salary and so on. You should try to avoid getting into confrontations if this happens to be the case and learn to be happy with what you can do and accomplish together.
A breakup with wife at a party I have a recurring dream that my wife is leaving me for another man. I find out she has a boyfriend at a social gathering which the three of us attend. It's never the same guy or social function. Dreaming that your wife decides to leave you for a secret lover is an ill-omen. This dream could be representative of certain issues in your marriage. While you may be unaware of them or perhaps, actively ignoring these problems, they could have long-term ramifications for your conjugal life. Your best tool in cases like these is a good line of communication, being willing to admit that there is something wrong and trying to figure out how to fix it.
Ex-husband being possessive My dream was my ex husband grabbing my face and telling I could never leave him. This dream vision of your ex-husband acting possessively towards you could reflect the fact that you want him back in your life, or it could be an indication of your dissatisfaction with the way things are developing between you and another lover. You may also be comparing your current interest to him. There are certain undertones of jealousy or dissatisfaction which you seem to be expressing through your subconscious mind. You should avoid contacting or being overly friendly with your ex because, if you continue to focus excessively on your past, you may hurt your current or future relationships.
In a camper trailer with ex-husband I dreamed of my ex-husband who I have two children with and am going through a court case. My sixteen-year-old son was driving a ATV through a bunch of water and it was very cold weather. My ex-husband was in a red and black checkered jacket and we were having words of conversation. His former wife that he has now was in a camper trailer and I did not want her to hear us talking, however for some strange reason I ended up on my mattress and he sat on the end of the bed and in a camper trailer. He also was rubbing my feet. What does it mean when ex-husband is rubbing your feet while you are crying? Seeing your son driving an off-road vehicle is a sign of experiencing emotional turmoil and uncertainty. It can also mean you are about to experience a loss of material possessions or significant financial shortages. This is likely related to your son, suggesting that he may need extra money for activities you are not sure would yield any tangible benefits. This is supported by the image of your ex-husband rubbing your feet at the end of the vision, as this points toward the idea that you would soon be astounded by unexpected or surprising events of a negative nature. You may want to be cautious with what money you spend on your son, making sure that his associations and activities are adding value to his life.
Ex-husband and river water A dream about ex husband and river water. Rivers in dreams are closely connected to emotions and workings of subconscious desires. Perhaps you have been thinking about your ex-husband recently and such thoughts are dredging up past issues. You could still be emotionally attached or deeply affected whenever you think of the memories you shared together in the past. Maybe you have not fully recovered from the separation and there is some healing left to do.
Estranged wife confessing she is pregnant Dreamed my wife who is estranged, came to me saying she was 4-months pregnant. We separated 3 months ago. I had a vasectomy 5 years ago. She came to me at night supposedly from her boyfriend's house, who threw her out once, she told him she was pregnant. She came wearing a perfume and a shirt that I had bought for her. She was also crying, but she doesn't cry in front of people, even loved ones. This dream vision reveals upcoming difficulties on a project you are currently working on. These challenges and missteps would likely make you feel miserable and dejected. Dreaming that your estranged wife is pregnant is a sign that she could be able to lend physical or mental support during this trying period. It also reveals that she is still compassionate towards you. Fortunately, your hard work and dedication would see you through these troubles and bring good financial changes along with happiness in your professional life once the problems have been sorted out.
Ex-wife refusing to sign a document I dreamt my ex-wife wearing a grey suit. We had a bitter disagreement about her signing a document and I threaten to kill her if she refuse to sign it. A dream wherein you see yourself arguing with your ex wife has ominous connotations. It could possibly be a manifestation of troubles in your current relationships with others. Normally, the image of your disagreement with your ex points towards shortcomings in your present life. The disagreement which you seem to be having with her is perhaps an indication of your struggles and clashes with your partner or people close to you in waking life. The best course of action would be to reevaluate your ways of interacting with people present in your life and make amends before things go awry.
Wife tying shoelace I saw my wife tying my shoelace in the dream. Envisioning your wife in a dream as she goes about tying your shoelace usually is a symbol of good tidings. Perhaps you are about to receive good news about a risky venture you invested in or a business activity where you have put a lot of time and effort in. These good tidings will take the weight off your chest, making you stress-free and relaxed for a while.
Husband who is about to die soon I lost my passion to my husband, we only have physical relations. My dream was, he will be going dead by Halloween, he has bad health, I hope someone knows something about my dream. Envisioning your husband dying in a dream vision is the manifestation of disappointments and negativity caused by him in reality. Because of the lost passion between you and your husband in the waking world, perhaps this vision is your subconscious projecting the disenchantment and sadness you are currently feeling. In a sense, the frustration you feel toward your husband has been caged inside you for so long that your subconscious is manifesting it within this dream. It would be wise to find a healthy outlet for these emotions and to have open communication with you husband to help rekindle the spark between you.
Becoming the wife of a customer My husband was working next to my house that was being remodeled and my customer was doing it. My husband comes over and my customer tells my husband I'm his now. What does that mean? Dreaming about a house in a state of being remodeled signifies a changing life condition. It suggests that a major personal transformation is coming into your life. Perhaps you have been dissatisfied with the way your relationship is progressing with your husband. You could be comparing your marriage to other couples' and trying to improve it in one aspect or another. The scenario of realizing you belong to someone else in this dream points to the lack of communication with your husband or your inability to address important issues with him because of his unwillingness to listen to what you have to say.
Leaving husband for someone else I went on a trip with an old boyfriend, my husband told me I couldn't go. I went anyway and when I came back I saw a man tied and cuffed to a bed. I heard people say the task is done. I scream, I don't understand them. Someone said that man shot my husband. A dream wherein you see yourself leaving with an ex, despite having a husband, alludes to the presence of discontent in your waking life. Perhaps your marriage is in trouble and you would like to take a break from all the problems which you both are facing. This is reinforced by the image of you leaving with your ex despite your husband's disapproval. It seems as if your marriage is going through a rough patch, and the symbolism of your husband being shot while you are away again denotes negativity. It would be better if you focus on steering your marriage towards resolution of existing issues instead of focusing on the past. Make sure you give this relationship enough time and energy if you want it to last.
Shooting involving ex and current husbands I was on "Bachelor in Paradise" type of show with a bunch of strangers, my ex-husband was there as well and my husband now. One night a shooter came toward the front of the house and started shooting into the house. My kids were suddenly in the house when the shooting started. No one I knew was shot. Dreaming about your ex-husband, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems he is presently experiencing or between the two of you. Having your current and ex-husband within the same setting may be conveying a message of comparison and contrast. Perhaps there are traits your ex-husband possessed which your current husband lacks or does not display to you. Furthermore, there could be some insights and lessons you gleaned from your previous marriage which could be applicable to your current relationship. Meanwhile, the shooter targeting your house either means you have enemies lurking in the background or possibly a representation of your own feelings of guilt or shame. The doubts eating you from inside could potentially have a detrimental effect on your husband and kids.
Meeting with a future wife I had a dream last night that I have met my future wife but I don't know who she is. I just want to know what is the meaning of that. Dreaming about meeting your future wife portends the arrival of someone interesting in your life. This new association could actually lead to the formation of a mutually beneficial relationship. Your vision could further predict that you would be introduced to a woman who is charming and alluring. It is even possible you would feel a strong connection with her. However, just because you find her appealing does not mean that she would automatically reciprocate your feelings. In order to win her over, you might have to prove you are a gentleman worthy of her affections.
Husband having a baby with someone else have had this dream several times about my husband having a baby outside our marriage. When your husband has a baby outside of your marriage in a dream, it often reflects having the same fear in the waking world. It likely means that you think and worry about his faithfulness, so your subconscious manifests this idea in your visions. This is perhaps because you are not satisfied with the deepness of your communication or because you have been fighting more recently. If he has given you no reason to be concerned, you should try to get rid of such uncharitable thoughts and take time to work on your communication skills with him.
A stranger inside the bedroom Sleeping in bed with husband and heard a door open and tried to wake my husband up, started crying and saw a man at the end of our bed. A dream wherein you see yourself sleeping with your husband signifies the deep and profound relationship shared by the two of you. However, the fact that you find a stranger standing at the edge of your bed negates the happy image of the first part of your dream. You may experience a rift with your husband and it may involve another person coming between the two of you. Make sure that you do not offend or hurt your husband and stay away from people who may try to wedge into your relationship.
Inside a plastic bag with wife My wife and I were inside a very large plastic bag that was filled with glue, we drained the glue out. That is all I remember. Envisioning yourself and your wife inside a large plastic bag with glue in this dream suggests closeness and intimacy. As a husband, you are privy to your wife's secrets and you also disclose any information to your wife with ease. It could be any little details or facts concerning friends, family or colleagues. Sharing of such sensitive aspects makes your bond and affection stronger as it gives both of you the assurance that your conjugal life is going well. Draining the glue out in the dream is also suggestive that both of you also talk and confide to close friends about the state of your marital affairs. This could be positive or negative depending on the information being disclosed and it is probably wise to discuss this matter with your wife and set boundaries on the facts being shared with the outside circle.
Women's underwear in husband's backpack I had a dream that I found a white pair of women's thong undergarments in a backpack that belong to my spouse. The backpack belonging to your spouse represents responsibilities, burdens and problems. These are issues your romantic partner has been carrying around, probably from even before your were married. Meanwhile, the white thong is a symbol of intimacy and sexuality. Perhaps you feel there are still things you do not know about your spouse, or there could be situations or specific topics they do not like talking about. This vision could be the manifestation of your desire to get to know your partner more intimately and to allow them to show their vulnerabilities to you.
Husband dying and resurrecting I dreamt my husband died, then came back to life. This dream is pointing to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. Certain decision that you have made as of late are not really beneficial for you and may have consequences and long-term ramifications in your life. Thus, it is advisable for you to be more careful with any important decision you are forced to take. There is no shame in asking for a second opinion before starting something that could end up requiring a lot of your time and effort later on.
Wife eating raw meat I've seen in a dream my wife secretly eating raw meat with blood, and her face along with mouth was stained with blood, while I catch her, she shows it is her normal attitude. Seeing someone eating raw meat in the dream world is usually a sign of possible problems they face at work or even at home. Perhaps you noticed subtle differences in your wife's behavior and your gut tells you that something is not right. Your instincts may be right, as she could be experiencing some health or mental issues which she is hesitating to share with you. Alternatively, blood is a metaphor for passion and love, so in that context, there is a likelihood that your wife is indulging in her passions by rediscovering her interests. For so long she may have focused on the needs of others and it is only recently when she has had the freedom to pursue her own dreams. It could be jarring or unfamiliar territory for you, but perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to understand her motivations and support the ambitions she has.
Husband taking everything after a breakup I dreamed I found my husband had cheated on me. I told him to leave and when I arrived home, he took most of our stuff but the big thing was he took the kitchen sink! He left me with very little and I had to take a second job. He went to live with his ex even though he cheated with a younger girl. Dreaming that your spouse is cheating on you actually reveals your insecurities. The part where it is revealed that your husband cheated on you with a younger girl could be the subconscious manifestation of your suspicions in the waking world. While it does not necessarily mean that this is true, you may have been questioning your husband's loyalty and love towards you recently, leading to this vision. Because kitchen sinks symbolize emotional control, taking it away could mean outbursts and irrational behavior. Perhaps you are starting to formulate your own assumptions without talking it out with your husband. The sink could be a crucial clue prompting you to become more open and honest about your doubts and fears with your spouse instead of jumping to conclusions.
Wife caught in a wind tunnel I was in a house, it had 4 rooms. I was standing in what looked like the dining room and kitchen living room area, the front door was open as well as the back door. I saw a wind tunnel in the room not touching the other areas just from door to door. I saw my wife walking in the wind with her arm over her chest and her hand over her eyes saying "I can't fight against this. I need help!" I was reaching to her trying to help her. But the wind area stayed in a z pattern. Seeing your wife being swept around by strong gusts of wind points to stressful situations and changes in the waking world. You could be moving to another place or a new job opportunity would present itself that could affect your daily lives. Fortunately, these drastic changes and stressful transitions have positive consequences. The wide open doors of your house are positive symbols predicting lucrative opportunities for you and your family. Blessings and rewards for you industry and hard work would come pouring into your household which would make all the challenges worth it in the end.
Husband being arrested while swimming A female friend of mine dreamt that me, my husband and all family were swimming, then water started draining out when my husband moved out of the pool. He was then taken by uniformed people. Your friend's dream reveals her concern for you and your family's well-being. The image of you and your family swimming in water suggests emotional turmoil. Perhaps you have been dealing with financial difficulties or undergoing therapy for the issues you have been grappling with. In that sense, the final scene where your husband is being taken by uniformed people could mean that he needs to be more disciplined and responsible in order to save you and your family from this ordeal.
Husband leaving for Hawaii My husband left me to go to Hawaii with another woman that he never had sex with or sexual interest in. Dreaming that your husband is cheating on you says a lot more about your mentality than anything he has done in waking life. In a sense, this vision is the manifestation of your own worries and low self-esteem. This is supported by the idea that he left for Hawaii with this woman. Hawaii has the image of being a tropical paradise that is separate from the rest of the world. You may be thinking that you are not as attractive or exciting in his view any more, leading to your concern that your husband is losing interest. You may need to focus on loving yourself and sharing your concerns with your husband in order to be free of these feelings.
Husband finding a new wife Husband surprised me with marring another woman I didn't know and he wanted to surprise his family with his new wife and we were packing to go and I couldn't hold in my jealousy like I was trying to do and be OK with what he did! This girl was nice though and was trying to be friends with me and I was being very fake with her. I was not OK with this, I felt hurt, betrayed and not worthy. I got really mad when I thought about them having sex or when I brought it up with him and he didn't deny it. Dreaming about your husband marrying some other woman and introducing her to the rest of the family could be a reflection of your tendency to be too absorbed in and excessively consumed by the lives of celebrities, social events or relationships which involve the rich and famous or life stories you are constantly showered with by the media. Perhaps this interest in success stories of other people is preventing you from achieving a more balanced and happier life, especially as far as the relationship with your husband is concerned.
Husband pooping on a chair Last night I dreamt that I was in the process of getting the kids ready for school. My husband and, for some reason, my mother-in-law (whom I consider a friend, so no bad vibes there) were chatting at the breakfast table as I'm scrambling to get the kids ready and out the door. After the kids leave, I go to take a shower, but the shower is in a corner of our bedroom and not enclosed in any way. As I am in the shower, my husband brings my mother-in-law in so he can show her something. She is carrying a basket of folded laundry. I cover up and yell something like "Hey! Some privacy, please!" She avoids my eyes, but my husband yells at me to stop worrying about it. They leave. I finish showering and get dressed. As I go into the kitchen, I notice a brown mess on the chair my husband was sitting on. I look and it's poop. I ask him about it and he says something along the lines of pooping in his pants after his workout. He hadn't changed his clothes because he wasn't ready to get a shower and get ready for school yet. Again, he was really snippy with me about the fact that he was choosing to sit in a pile of poop and that I couldn't make him change. He refused to clean up the DR chair, too. In writing this, I just realized that his mom is no longer there. Dreaming about a pile of poop, despite the sullied imagery, has positive connotations. It could signify that you may soon come across a great deal of fortune and wealth. The notion that it was your husband sitting on that pile of feces could symbolize that he would be the one who is responsible for this acquisition of wealth and prosperity. Your recollection of going about your daily chores in the same dream symbolizes that you are satisfied and happy with your lot in life. Also, observing your mother-in-law together with your husband in your dream implies that she is always there to help you. However, the sudden increase in affluence and fortune could become a welcome change and may help make things even easier and more pleasant between you and her. It could therefore reduce or eliminate the need of constant support from your mother-in-law and could be the explanation for her absence at the end of your dream. In any event, it could be a good time now for you and your family to start expecting some fortuitous developments to take place.
Husband giving dirt to eat My husband gave me dirt to eat. Dirt or soil seen in dreams can symbolize humility, so being given soil or dirt to eat can mean that your husband is trying to rein in your spending and hedonistic habits. He may be trying to make you more practical, even frugal, in reality because you have been spending too much on unnecessary items or hobbies. Alternatively, dirt can also symbolize shameful secrets. In that sense, the dream can also mean your husband may soon reveal some new information about himself which you may have trouble accepting.
Wife being escorted and bleeding I had a dream that I woke up in a hotel to my wife coming to the door of the room with two escorts bleeding from mouth and teeth falling out. When I ask what happened as she opens her mouth to speak, one escort covers her mouth with their hand. I woke up from the dream and Googled you guys. Being in a hotel typically means you are looking for an escape. You could be feeling stressed or listless and you want to have some leisure time, perhaps on your own, in order to recharge. Negatively, this can also be an ill omen of relationship problems which may lead to separation. Similarly, a bleeding mouth portends conflict and family problems. The mouth is a symbol of communication, so maybe part of the problem is that one or both of you are hiding vital, possibly destructive information, from the other. This is especially represented by the notion of her mouth being covered. Finally, seeing someone losing teeth reveals your fear of losing your wife. You may have sensed a gap forming between the two of you in reality and this has instilled some anxieties and apprehensions about the possible dissolution of your marriage.
Being saved out of water by someone other than husband My husband had a dream of me in it, but I was holding a baby, not sure if it was ours, but water sucked me in while I was holding the baby. But as my husband was just standing there watching with fear, he didn't go in for me. Another man went to save me and this child. I'm a female and my husband a male. The unfamiliar baby in your husband's dream likely means that he could be neglecting the needs of his loved ones, perhaps including you. He may be unaware that certain individuals close to him need his attention, guidance and support. Meanwhile, the latter part of his dream may reveal his fears and insecurities. Perhaps he thinks he is not good enough or capable of protecting and supporting the members of his family. Ironically, his focus on his own insecurities may be part of the reason why he is inattentive to his loved ones' plight.
Dinner with the wife and some stranger My wife and I are in a dimly-lit very large dining room. In the middle is a very long table. I have to sit on the other side of the table, so it takes a while to get around. When I get to where I need to be, there is a man sitting next to my wife, but I cannot see who he is due to to the poor lighting and a table decoration and he ignores any attempt at starting a conversation with me, though he'll happily talk with my wife. As the dinner winds down, the table gets smaller but I still can't see the other side. The long dinning table you describe could be a metaphor for the growing distance you perceive in the relationship with your wife. The notion about taking a while to get around the table and go where you needed to be shows how much effort you could be putting into approaching your wife's needs in general. As for the man whose face you could not really see, it could be symbolic of your own presence in your wife's life, shared aspects of the relationship which you feel could be taking too much of your attention, making you feel increasingly estranged from her interests or needs. The man who would not talk to you is a reflection of yourself no longer feeling as an influential individual when confronted with your wife's behavior or attitude.
Husband driving off a pile of soil Men were working in the compound, there was a large pile of soil, making it look like a cliff or small hill in the compound, all of a sudden my husband lost control and drove a car off that cliff and crashed into the wall fence. I feared he was dead but he came out with only his head injured and with little blood. I asked him if I should take him to hospital but he didn't answer me and just went to check on the car wreck. The large pile of soil in the compound represents the wealth and prosperity accumulated over the course of your life. In this case, the notion that there were other workers present could mean you are benefiting from the hard work of others without contributing much yourself. Car crashes often represent some major occurrence or conflict, so it seems likely that you would face some backlash from this situation which involves inequality or despair on someone's part. While it is unlikely that the criticism or fighting that ensues would leave permanent damage, you may want to think about ways you could prevent this situation from unfolding to begin with.
Husband's girlfriend being sick My husband's girlfriend wearing white top, green dark blue long skirt. Sick with some bone illness, looking at me with light brown eyes. Me suggesting her doctors and medical information. Dreaming about someone you know becoming sick, although it can contain an ambiguous message, could actually mean that your waking life is currently without any kind of major disappointments or bad luck. You may even be feeling quite happy that things are looking promising for you and that you are successful and financially stable. Everything that you have and cherish is admired by those around you, especially people outside your normal circle of friends.
Husband stabbed with scissors Female. I dreamt that my husband was stabbed in the back with scissors by an acquaintance of his. Dreaming that your husband was stabbed in the back can be an allusion to disingenuous friends or colleagues he or both of you have. You may have given your trust to someone who does not deserve it. In addition, scissors refer to cutting ties and losses. Your subconscious is advising you to let go of toxic and two-faced individuals because they are not only draining your energy, they may also be trying to sabotage the good things that are happening to you both personally and professionally. Growing older can sometimes mean choosing quality over quantity when it comes to your friends.
Wife covered in mud I am male, I dreamed of my wife covered in mud. Mud generally represents struggle and stagnation. When associated with work, this means a barrage of tasks and tedious undertakings would slow down your personal and professional progress while also weighing you down with stress. However, since your wife figures in this dream vision and she is the one covered in mud, then you can anticipate a pretty messy and complicated situation which would involve her. She could get herself involved in shady deals or illicit activities and you would have to clean up the mess. Then again, this tricky situation could brew between the two of you and you would find out too late about it. You need to be able to open the communication lines in case one, or both, of you is hiding something that could damage your marriage.
Husband cheating with a man I am a 21 year old female. I had a dream my husband had cheated on me with a man and the wanted a divorce. I was trying to keep my marriage in the dream and then I told him he had to at least keep his promise to me about us having a baby. Dreaming that your husband cheated on you means that, whether you are aware of it or not, there is a level of distrust between you and your significant other. This is further fueled by your own insecurity. You think you are not providing what your husband needs, so you envisioned him cheating on you with a man in order to tell yourself that you are not responsible for your relationship problems. In a way, this is for self-preservation so your self-esteem would not suffer as much as it already has. Therefore the baby represents redemption and a second chance. Your subconscious is telling you to confront your inner demons and open communications lines with your husband so you can have a fresh start.
With husband during a storm My husband and I were going through a storm, we survived it but he didn't get on the bus with me. When I looked around I saw him shaking his head, then as if he went on his knee to pray. A storm denotes a rocky period in your relationship. Like all the other challenges you experienced together, you would be able to overcome this tough time. However, getting on the bus without him means there could be changes in your priorities. While you would choose to focus on your career and practical matters, your husband may be inclined to explore spirituality and look to a higher being for guidance. These differences in your path could be complementary or destructive to your marriage depending on the strength of your bond as well as the openness in your communication.
Wife in a casket My wife is in the casket while she has so many ants on and then she woke up and grabbed my daughter's hand. After that she said "Why are you lying?" and then I answered her question and then she says "You promised me that you would change the sim card". After that she smiled and then grabbed me and kissed me. Dreaming that your wife is inside a casket or coffin means there is an issue festering between the two of you that threatens to destroy your relationship. The reference to a lie suggests your own guilt because you are hiding something from her that you are ashamed of. Fortunately, the kiss and reconciliation at the end of your dream vision means you have nothing to fear. She has a large capacity for understanding and forgiveness. So the more you assume the worst, and thereby withhold any information from her, the more resentment and distance is going to build in your marriage.
Husband trying to sneak out I’m a female and saw my husband sneaking out of a closet, my sister was with me talking in another room so he thought I wasn’t around and stepped out of a closet with keys in hand. I wanted to get mad but I just asked what he was doing sneaking around? I woke up before he could respond but in my dream he was surprised I caught him because he thought I was talking to my sister in the other room. I had by coincidence walked away and saw him step out and hid beside the wall, he saw me and sighed. A vision of your husband sneaking out of a closet sheds light on the nature of your relationship in reality. In this case, his presence suggests a physical closeness. This is tied to both your closeness as a married couple and shows how each individual’s health, mood and quirks affect the other. On one hand, positive emotions and good health pave the way toward a happy and prosperous marriage. However, if one of you is in failing health or is acting in a way counterproductive to your partnership, it could have a negative effect on your married relationship. This vision should be taken as a sign that you should take stock of your relationship so that you can be in the best place possible for the years to come.
Husband bleeding or leaving with others Hello, please help interpret my dream. I have had several dreams about my hubby. One of which I saw blood gushing from his nose and mouth and he collapsed. Another was where I was mourning him. And he talked to me of how he keeps seeing dead families leading him to a place or handing something to him. Dreaming about your husband in these situations does not necessarily mean the dream is about him. In this case, it seems your husband is meant to represent your family, particularly your immediate family members but also perhaps your extended family as well. For instance, the blood that comes from his nose denotes money problems and financial insecurity. When combined with the symbol of a bleeding mouth, a symbol associated with discord among relatives and conflict in reality, it suggests financial pressure would put a lot of strain on your household, leading to disagreements about things that never would have bothered you before. If you are not already suffering from a limited budget and multiple obligations, it may be wise to save a little money for a rainy day. It may alleviate some of the pressure you feel later on and limit some of the conflict you would otherwise experience.
Husband in bad shape I was seeing my husband pale, wearing a black beanie and oversized jeans walking barefooted. Seeing your husband looking pale or tired suggests potential health issues. His own health could deteriorate after contracting an illness, but it could also be someone else in the family. Since he is wearing oversized jeans, then the illness could stem from too much stress and expectations from all the responsibilities he is juggling. He needs to take a break and relax that is why he appears barefoot in your dream. You would have to take up some of the load until he recovers.
Husband in a wheelchair and being promiscuous I am a female. My dream was of my husband in a wheelchair going into bathrooms and other rooms having sexual encounters with males and females. He is not in a wheelchair in real life. Dreaming that your husband is in a wheelchair means he badly needs your help in reality. He is probably scared to approach you about his problems or there could be some shame and guilt involved. Fortunately, your subconscious has picked up on his silent cries for help and this is why these dream symbols have manifested in your dream. The sexual encounters with various individuals, both males and females, suggest a humiliating or shameful secret your husband is keeping from you. He wants to unburden and relieve himself of these issues in order to seek professional help. Before he can do that, he would need your understanding and support to get through this ordeal.
Husband buying clothes My husband for the first time in my life was buying traditional clothes outfit for me. Dreaming that your husband is buying clothes for you means he is trying to force his beliefs and opinions on you. He wants you to turn into someone you are not. Specifically, traditional clothes refer to conservative values and conventional views. Depending on how you feel about it, you could clash and have a big argument or you could choose to let him call the shots to maintain peace and harmony in your household.
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