Wife covered in mud I am male, I dreamed of my wife covered in mud. Mud generally represents struggle and stagnation. When associated with work, this means a barrage of tasks and tedious undertakings would slow down your personal and professional progress while also weighing you down with stress. However, since your wife figures in this dream vision and she is the one covered in mud, then you can anticipate a pretty messy and complicated situation which would involve her. She could get herself involved in shady deals or illicit activities and you would have to clean up the mess. Then again, this tricky situation could brew between the two of you and you would find out too late about it. You need to be able to open the communication lines in case one, or both, of you is hiding something that could damage your marriage.
Husband cheating with a man I am a 21 year old female. I had a dream my husband had cheated on me with a man and the wanted a divorce. I was trying to keep my marriage in the dream and then I told him he had to at least keep his promise to me about us having a baby. Dreaming that your husband cheated on you means that, whether you are aware of it or not, there is a level of distrust between you and your significant other. This is further fueled by your own insecurity. You think you are not providing what your husband needs, so you envisioned him cheating on you with a man in order to tell yourself that you are not responsible for your relationship problems. In a way, this is for self-preservation so your self-esteem would not suffer as much as it already has. Therefore the baby represents redemption and a second chance. Your subconscious is telling you to confront your inner demons and open communications lines with your husband so you can have a fresh start.
With husband during a storm My husband and I were going through a storm, we survived it but he didn't get on the bus with me. When I looked around I saw him shaking his head, then as if he went on his knee to pray. A storm denotes a rocky period in your relationship. Like all the other challenges you experienced together, you would be able to overcome this tough time. However, getting on the bus without him means there could be changes in your priorities. While you would choose to focus on your career and practical matters, your husband may be inclined to explore spirituality and look to a higher being for guidance. These differences in your path could be complementary or destructive to your marriage depending on the strength of your bond as well as the openness in your communication.
Wife in a casket My wife is in the casket while she has so many ants on and then she woke up and grabbed my daughter's hand. After that she said "Why are you lying?" and then I answered her question and then she says "You promised me that you would change the sim card". After that she smiled and then grabbed me and kissed me. Dreaming that your wife is inside a casket or coffin means there is an issue festering between the two of you that threatens to destroy your relationship. The reference to a lie suggests your own guilt because you are hiding something from her that you are ashamed of. Fortunately, the kiss and reconciliation at the end of your dream vision means you have nothing to fear. She has a large capacity for understanding and forgiveness. So the more you assume the worst, and thereby withhold any information from her, the more resentment and distance is going to build in your marriage.
Husband trying to sneak out I’m a female and saw my husband sneaking out of a closet, my sister was with me talking in another room so he thought I wasn’t around and stepped out of a closet with keys in hand. I wanted to get mad but I just asked what he was doing sneaking around? I woke up before he could respond but in my dream he was surprised I caught him because he thought I was talking to my sister in the other room. I had by coincidence walked away and saw him step out and hid beside the wall, he saw me and sighed. A vision of your husband sneaking out of a closet sheds light on the nature of your relationship in reality. In this case, his presence suggests a physical closeness. This is tied to both your closeness as a married couple and shows how each individual’s health, mood and quirks affect the other. On one hand, positive emotions and good health pave the way toward a happy and prosperous marriage. However, if one of you is in failing health or is acting in a way counterproductive to your partnership, it could have a negative effect on your married relationship. This vision should be taken as a sign that you should take stock of your relationship so that you can be in the best place possible for the years to come.
Husband bleeding or leaving with others Hello, please help interpret my dream. I have had several dreams about my hubby. One of which I saw blood gushing from his nose and mouth and he collapsed. Another was where I was mourning him. And he talked to me of how he keeps seeing dead families leading him to a place or handing something to him. Dreaming about your husband in these situations does not necessarily mean the dream is about him. In this case, it seems your husband is meant to represent your family, particularly your immediate family members but also perhaps your extended family as well. For instance, the blood that comes from his nose denotes money problems and financial insecurity. When combined with the symbol of a bleeding mouth, a symbol associated with discord among relatives and conflict in reality, it suggests financial pressure would put a lot of strain on your household, leading to disagreements about things that never would have bothered you before. If you are not already suffering from a limited budget and multiple obligations, it may be wise to save a little money for a rainy day. It may alleviate some of the pressure you feel later on and limit some of the conflict you would otherwise experience.
Husband in bad shape I was seeing my husband pale, wearing a black beanie and oversized jeans walking barefooted. Seeing your husband looking pale or tired suggests potential health issues. His own health could deteriorate after contracting an illness, but it could also be someone else in the family. Since he is wearing oversized jeans, then the illness could stem from too much stress and expectations from all the responsibilities he is juggling. He needs to take a break and relax that is why he appears barefoot in your dream. You would have to take up some of the load until he recovers.
Husband in a wheelchair and being promiscuous I am a female. My dream was of my husband in a wheelchair going into bathrooms and other rooms having sexual encounters with males and females. He is not in a wheelchair in real life. Dreaming that your husband is in a wheelchair means he badly needs your help in reality. He is probably scared to approach you about his problems or there could be some shame and guilt involved. Fortunately, your subconscious has picked up on his silent cries for help and this is why these dream symbols have manifested in your dream. The sexual encounters with various individuals, both males and females, suggest a humiliating or shameful secret your husband is keeping from you. He wants to unburden and relieve himself of these issues in order to seek professional help. Before he can do that, he would need your understanding and support to get through this ordeal.
Husband buying clothes My husband for the first time in my life was buying traditional clothes outfit for me. Dreaming that your husband is buying clothes for you means he is trying to force his beliefs and opinions on you. He wants you to turn into someone you are not. Specifically, traditional clothes refer to conservative values and conventional views. Depending on how you feel about it, you could clash and have a big argument or you could choose to let him call the shots to maintain peace and harmony in your household.
Husband interested in an aunt Dreamt of a husband flirting and making sexual comments to wife's aunt. Dreaming that someone's husband is flirting with someone else reveals your suspicions about your friends in reality. There is a particular individual in your social circle who you sense is disingenuous, perhaps even engaged in illicit activities.This is troubling your subconscious because this dubious personality is somewhat respected or trusted in your circle. You feel the need to expose this individual to stop them from taking advantage of your friends.
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