Husband protecting from a lion attack I am separated from my husband. We are legally getting divorced soon. Off late I keep getting dreams about him.. but this morning it was weird. I got a dream where I am being protected by him from a lion who entered my house during the night. I felt the care from him which he never showed after my marriage when I was with him. When I woke up...I realized it was just a dream. The reality is different. He is a evil and a selfish person. I got this dream only because that was my thought. I always wanted a happy marriage and a caring husband.. a husband who will genuinely care. You have partially answered your own dream visions and meaning by saying you always think about a better person to be your husband. The notion of seeing yourself being attacked by a lion means you may soon experience possible negativity or offensive behavior (could be coming from your current husband or someone else), but you will be able to counteract them successfully. In your wake life, you most likely do not give too much attention as to how to attract a better individual who would better appreciate your abilities, talents or other aspects of your personality, this might prevent you from finding a better husband.
Husband getting out of prison and wanting to be with another woman My husband got out of prison and walked in with another woman and said he wanted to be with her and walked out. Dreaming of your husband leaving you for some reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation from this person, but which will eventually become a relationship filled with harmony and balance. Dreaming of seeing your husband falling in love with someone else and being happy about it could be an indication that you need to re-examine your own way of life. It is probable that your life is currently filled with some meaningless tasks or trifling daily routines and is in need of making some changes or adjustments.
Husband visiting I have had a dream about my husband. He surprised me to visit my place were I am gonna live. Dreaming of seeing your husband in a good mood and being very cheerful is a good sign. It means you may receive an interesting proposition or an enticing idea coming from him which may result in some major positive changes and favorable outcomes for your current relationship with this person.
Husband leaving and unable to call him I had a dream that my husband left me and when I would try to call him I couldn't dial his number on the phone. Dreaming of your husband leaving you for no apparent reason is a sign of a possible temporary separation. You could be parted from your husband, but also from someone who is as important to you as he is. Alternatively, you might be subconsciously fearing the possibility of breaking up. Although you might not be consciously aware of the reasons, your subconscious may be picking up some clues about such impeding event. The notion of being unable to dial the number and reach him suggests that these issues are related to communication problems. For the relationship to be working, you may need to try to solve any misunderstandings that may arise from poor communication. A serious and honest conversation might help addressing any existing issues. Ultimately, you could always seek a counselor's guidance.
Trying to have sex with husband and buying things together I dreamed of my late husband two nights in a row. The first night I met him in the hall and he said said I need sex with a big smile and I said I do too. Later while looking for him, he was watching TV and did not seem interested or not aware of my presence. We were also looking at a large plantation home to purchase. I have recently moved to a new home. The second night we were at a furniture store that I am waiting for furniture that has been ordered. (I really am waiting). In the same dream we are outside the furniture store with our children or grandchildren playing and going into the store. It is interesting that the dream involves your late husband. This suggests that you could miss him. You would subconsciously want him to be affectionate towards you, watch TV with you, make plans for the future and help you through your daily chores, such as furniture buying. Life would be perfect if he was there, alongside you and your family. However, at some point, he was not aware of your presence. Here, your subconsciously is showing you that, in reality, he is absent; that he is no longer there. It is showing you that your wish cannot come true. This dream could also reveal your desire to have someone as important to you as your late husband in your life. The notions of shopping together could be your subconscious reflection of the importance of sharing similar interests or pursuits with this person. You could presently feeling alone. You would want someone to pay more attention to you and share your interests. Alternatively, the dream would be comparing your late husband and the person with whom you currently share your life with. You could feel unsatisfied with the new person, but also have some guilty feelings because of your inability, for some reason, to express to him what you want and feel. You would silence yourself in fear of damaging your existing relationship. However, acting upon the situation would be beneficial to your current emotional state.
Spouses each getting a new car My friend dreamt about me and my husband having a new car each. The dream of getting a new car by each of you, but when the dream vision was experienced by someone else other than you, could be a reflection of some visible and obvious competition or difference in views and opinions between you and your husband. This could involve demonstrating rivalry in front of other people (including your friend who had this dream) intentionally or unknowingly. Perhaps it has left such a big imprint on your friend that it manifested itself subconsciously. You could be taking this spousal competition for granted and consider it to be a normal part of your life, but to others it might seem somewhat strange or inappropriate. It could be as subtle as verbal remarks or gestures exchanged between you and your husband, or it could be the way you offer distinctly different opinions on things in front of others.
Driving off an sinking into the ocean My husband was the driver and I was the passenger. The car goes off the bridge into the ocean and as we get deeper and deeper down, the car window glass begins to break and then I wake up.... Dreaming about being in a car accident that you did not cause may indicate some problems or challenges you are about to face that could cause things to go topsy-turvey in your life. These issues are likely completely out of your control and also may develop out of the blue. Falling into the ocean has two possible meanings. On one hand, it may indicate experiencing new situations or learning new things. However, in this case, it probably represents finding a solution or answer that solves your problems and gives you some closure and peace of mind.
Husband having sex with son Second time having this dream. I walk in on my husband having sex with our youngest son who is 28. I try to hurt my husband but something is holding me back. I found them the first time and my son says "It's ok mother, I told him it was ok". Second time, my God daughter and I catch them. Please what is this sick dream. Thank you so much for your time. Dreaming of seeing your husband and your son involved in such a scandalous situation could be an indication of existing minor problems inside your family, but it can also be a sign of a possible divorce or separation related to this person. Alternatively, you could be suspecting your husband or your son trying to hide something from you, which you deem important for the stability of your family and want to find out about, but cannot because of your inability to bring it up in a conversation, readily discuss with either of them or both of them at the same time.
Relationship made public in printed media I am going through a separation with my husband in real life. My sister dreamt that whatever had happened between my husband and me was publicized in an article in a magazine and my photo was on the cover of that magazine. What does that mean? It was an early morning dream. Having unflattering information publicized in a dream usually indicates some guilt or feelings of remorse by the dreamer. However, because it was your sister dreaming about you, it can represent her fears about how others will perceive you after such a separation takes place. It may also reflect some concerns about the cause of the split and the effect it has on you.
Good relationship with husband contrary to reality Dreamt of ex-husband who we are not friendly with each other of being friendly with him in my dream and actually sleeping with him and wondering what they mean. In the real world we do not speak and he is not nice. Dreaming about having friendly relations with someone who you were once involved with, especially someone you now avoid or dislike, predicts you will soon meet someone you get along with very well. This dream particularly points to finding a romantic partner who shares your opinions and interests, making time and conversation spent with them very interesting and rewarding. In this case, the image of your ex-husband is just a stand-in for whoever you are destined to meet.
Husband wearing former wife's wedding dress My dream was about my husband wearing his former wife's wedding dress. She has died years ago. This was in my grandmother's home. Dreaming about seeing your husband trying on a wedding dress which belongs to his ex-wife is a reflection of some developing issues between your husband and you, even though they may seem insignificant or minor at the moment. The notion of your grandmother's place where this dream took place points to the possibility that other family members or relatives from either side could be the source of these unfolding tensions. At the same time, your husband could have recently started expressing emotions and feelings which were picked up by your subconscious mind as signs that he is not quite happy with the relationship between you and him, things like inability to discuss matters between the two of you, or spending too little or too much time together.
Following husband and hearing strange sounds I dreamt my husband saying he is going to sleep by my mother (she has passed on) shortly after that I followed, when I got there, he was lying in bed, showing me his teeth. A while after that I heard my son crying as I wanted to call him, I heard child's footsteps entering my room, and then calling mommy. it was not my son's voice. Dreaming about your husband wanting or intending to sleep near your now deceased mother suggests he may be hiding something from you in wake life. It may be something innocuous, but it could also be something more serious as well. The bed and his visible teeth both mean it is likely something to do with your relationship and that he has not had the chance or ability to express himself with words. Suddenly hearing your son's cries but not recognizing the voice which calls out for you represents some internal unrest over something in your family, which may or may not be connected to what your husband has to say. This dream as a whole seems to indicate a need to open up communication between you and your spouse about life at home.
Husband spanking son My husband spanking my son thinking it's funny. Seeing your husband spanking your son, no matter the reason, indicates that he (your husband) has recently done something which you find annoying or inappropriate. The humor your husband exudes in the dream is a message from your subconscious meaning you do not think he understands that his behavior is not acceptable to you. You may need to have a serious conversation with him before things pile up and become more serious.
Wife with a book with black and white pages My wife sees a black color book with many black pages, but some of white pages. My girlfriend is wishing to take that book, but unsuccessful. Dreams containing images of book pages are subconscious representations of important decisions you have recently made in your waking life. Based on the notion of your wife and girlfriend being present in this same dream, it is possible that your mind could be preoccupied with ongoing dynamics of the relationships with both of them and how these interactions affect you on a personal level, either in positive or negative ways (when you mention a relatively greater number of black pages, it is probably an indication of some unfavorable events or inconveniences that accompany your life). When your girlfriend tries to take the book in this dream and to no avail, it is a clear indication of your tendency to trust your wife more, and have the girlfriend play the role of a more casual and less important part of your life.
Husband spitting salt out of his mouth I saw my husband splitting salt out from his mouth after using it to clear some bitter taste out. Having an unusual taste in the mouth indicates being dissatisfied with life as it is. Because it was your husband who experienced this sensation in your vision, you could have some problems with the relationship or the issue may be one that affects both of you. In either case, the notions of salt represent being surrounded by multiple opinions, most likely in relation to whatever is not making you happy at the moment. You, as part of a family, believe that certain things can help, but your friends could be suggesting something else. There is no end to the amount of advice you could receive, which may not be helpful when trying to make up your mind. It would be wise to weigh the pros and cons of any action you take and to consider what really matter for you and your husband as spouses.
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