Husband getting arrested for possession of drugs The dream was about my husband being arrested for possession, but then the police lost him and he was never found. Dreams involving scenes of arrest of someone close to you by police, in this case of your husband, and his subsequent disappearance, suggest that some aspects of your marriage may culminate in disharmony, even a temporary separation from each other. The outside force represented by the police arresting your spouse is an indicator of anxiety linked to existing or upcoming conflicts and disagreements. However, this is likely to be only a temporary disagreement, and after it is over you are likely to be victorious over your fears and doubts. After the crisis is over, you would see slow, but major improvements, as far as your bond with your husband is concerned. The outcomes of this situation are contingent on the efforts both of you are willing to invest when you try to make it happen.
Spouse being endowed I had a dream that my husband had a long penis, we are separated at the moment. Phallic images are often seen as symbols of growing strength and power, meaning it is likely you have gained or are gaining authority at the moment. This could be in relation to your separation with your husband, such as division of assets or custody of children, but it is equally likely that this is connected to your work situation. Additionally, a long penis can represent positive character traits, both for yourself and as perceived by other people around, such as being a hard worker or a visionary.
A woman pregnant by the husband who leaves with her A tall pregnant woman, 29 years old, comes to me and tells me "I'm pregnant from your husband. I don't want him to know". Then my husband walks in from the door sees her and only looks at her, acted like he doesn't know her, she goes out very quickly, he takes my jacket and goes after her under the rain. Envisioning a situation in which your husband could be cheating on you, while not indicating the actual occurrence of such an affair, actually points toward your own feelings of being vulnerable or more trusting than you think you should be. Your husband is someone who you can and should be able to trust with everything, but leaving yourself completely vulnerable to someone else is still scary and can cause apprehension, even after years together. Being aware of this situation may inspire you to try and change this aspect of yourself though it is possible that someone is actually taking advantage of you now and should be stopped as soon as possible.
Being told of husband's imminent death I had a dream today, a man was telling my fiance that he will die of poison and I, as the wife, just have to learn to accept his death and yet I can still save him and I know how. Poison, in a dream vision, is a highly ominous sign indicative of tragic events or serious health problems. Because you envisioned your future husband in this dream, it could predict that some terrible misfortune is about to befall him. This equally affects you too, as his future wife. The other man in this vision represents the presence of someone who either orchestrated or benefits from this situation, meaning they are opposed to your marriage. This could be a jealous rival or a relative who has been against this match from the beginning. In either case, you should be wary of situations where accidents could occur and communicate your concerns with your fiance.
A naked husband holding a dog eating feces Saw my husband naked, popping in our living room and holding a brown dog eating his feces, as he's saying that there's no available bathroom. Seeing your husband appearing naked in a dream could predict that he is about to be exposed to worsening health conditions. There could be bad vibes coming towards him, which may result in sickness or being afflicted with prolonged illness which could eventually negatively impact his overall health. The vision of a dog eating his feces is also a bad sign pointing to the existence of negativity and discord inside your household at the moment, not necessarily between you and your husband, contributing even more to the possible outcomes mentioned earlier.
Getting married and deceased family members present I was marrying my ex-husband and my parents did not attend. My ex-husband and I are sitting alone at a table after the wedding and my parents come in and rave on about the party they went to instead. My father has been deceased for 5 years. Dreaming about marriage to a previous partner is often interpreted as a sign of negative events to come. More specifically, you are likely to experience great hardship and misfortune in your personal life. This is because seeing your deceased father in a dream vision points to unfinished business that is coming back to haunt you. Until matters have been cleared up, you may not be able to feel peace and tranquility in your life.
Walking on the road and holding hands with a child Someone dreamt of me walking on the road with my wife and son and both of us were held by the child's hands. Dreaming about holding a child's hand while walking is symbolic of finding a resolution to a sticky situation in wake life. While it is normally the parents who guide the child, in this case, a simpler, "child's" solution is likely to fix the problem you may be experiencing, giving you great relief and satisfaction.
Husband having a gay relationship with a coworker My dream happened last night, I had the same one 3 times in one night of husband doing gay stuff with his male coworker. Although this vision may seem strange or even shocking, it could represent your worries and concerns about your husband spending more time either at work or with his co-workers. Dream visions about spouses turning gay rarely mean the same situation in real life. Your dreams could also be fueled by his frequent absences from home or not performing like he used to when it comes to the intimate aspect of your relationship.
Betrayal by the husband and being eaten by fish My husband, me and my kids were vacationing. The kids were in the house and my husband and I were outside on this dock, and I grabbed a bag of food to feed the fish. I started to throw some in the water and the fish came, I told my husband to get a fishing pole, he said no, I turned to ask why and I slipped and slid into the water and reached my hand up to have my husband help and he didn't. He just stared as the fish were eating me and my spirit left my body, my husband told cops and kids I fell into the water and there was nothing he could do. The main two symbols that stand out in this dream vision are wanting to feed fish with the goal of catching it later and your husband ignoring you which leads to your death. The first symbol speaks of your tendency to literally tolerate performing tasks or responsibilities which are not very appealing to you, perhaps within your household or related to family obligations. It could equally mean being involved in tedious or time-consuming activities which start out being boring and monotonous, but bring a lot of happiness and satisfaction upon completion. The imagery of your husband leaving you to be eaten alive by the fish in this dream could indicate possible temporary separation from him, but which would eventually make you both feel glad it had happened.
Looking for closure with former husband I had a dream that my ex husband and I were talking with each other, but we were standing in a house and one half of the house basically fell down. He and I actually engaged in several sexual encounters. His current wife was around, but my wife wasn't. I was asking for closure with him. He told me he couldn't give me closure, my wife was asking me for closure. An old problem is creeping up on you and wreaking havoc in your current relationship, hence the half-demolished house. Having sex with your ex-husband is a sign that you could be repeating the same old patterns from that relationship in your current relationship. Furthermore, you may be falling in the trap of making the same mistakes and reacting the same way. This cycle is causing a strain between you and your wife. Asking for closure from your ex-husband is akin to recognizing the repetition of previous failings and learning from the lessons of the past. Once this realization hits home, then you can begin to rebuild the damaged trust and heal the hurt feelings.
Getting re-married and strange things happening I keep dreaming that I am getting married to my husband. One of my recent dreams - it was the after party of our wedding and my husband and I were happy and dancing underneath a chandelier of several light candles (but the candles were upside down), and they suddenly went out. Then the two of us stopped dancing and sat down together and a guest (female) asked if she could see my ring, then she just took it off and put it on her own finger but it did not fit her. That is all I dreamt. Your dream is rife with misgivings, from the upside-down candles to the light going out and the ring being taken away. To begin with, the recurring dream of a wedding ceremony or getting married indicates a desire to renew your vows or restore a trust that could be eroding. Dancing at the wedding signifies unhealthy competition. The chandelier represents grandeur, ambitions and wealth. However, the misaligned candles and the lights going off mean that reality may be creeping up on you and perhaps does not measure up to your expectations. Finally, the interloper who snatched your wedding ring epitomize all the threats and challenges making you doubt your relationship or your capabilities. On the whole, the fears and doubts that are manifested in your dream may not be directly related to a rocky relationship or infidelity. They could also stem from your anxieties about your current status in life, both at home and in your chosen career. You may be looking for assurance or yearning for advancement.
Husband holding orange candles Me and my husband are going through a big struggle in our marriage due to his depression and he wants to end the marriage. I dreamed that he came out of one room and me from another and bumped into each other and he was holding 4 lit orange candles? What does this mean? Perhaps due to the strain in the relationship, you and your husband are not seeing each other eye-to-eye at the moment. However, as implied in your dream, there is an effort to meet each other halfway or try to understand the situation on either side because while you come from different rooms, different perspectives, you cannot help but bump into each other or check on how the other half is doing. Lit candles in dreams represent hope and optimism amidst difficult challenges. It is likely that your husband is seeking enlightenment and guidance in his bout with depression. Orange is also an important sign in the dream. Like the lit candle, it signifies hope, respect and courtesy. However, it can also symbolize power and leverage. You could be frustrated by the situation, feeling like you are being backed up in a wall with no say on the matter. Handling this hurdle could be tricky, but the number four conveys a positive message. You may have personal associations with the number four, but it generally refers to the restoration of balance and elimination of negativity.
Unable to see own husband I am trying to see my husband. I can see all family members, but I'm not able to see my husband. What it means? Being unable to see or locate your husband in your dream could be a sign of miscommunication in real life. It could be an upcoming disagreement between you and your spouse that could prevent the both of your from seeing eye-to-eye. Try to find out whether there is any hidden tension in your household or a subject matter which could lead to potential disputes among its members.
Wife trying to kill herself in traffic Wife takes off coat, wearing Hollywood-style white dress, runs under a moving truck, truck swerves, she gets up, runs toward another vehicle. Seeing your wife in a beautiful white dress is symbolic of your relationship with each other as man and wife. This could serve as a reminder of your past happiness and commitment or indicate how much your relationship has grown since your marriage. Her unusual behavior, however, suggests something (or someone) is threatening the happiness of the life you have built together. This could be some addiction or outside force which is tearing down what has grown over time, or it could be a person who is trying to draw one of you away from the other. You may need to be strong in the face of great difficulty or temptation in order to overcome this situation.
Looking for husband at a restaurant and meeting with deceased father instead I went to a restaurant to find my living husband. When I walked in, the host sitting people looked at me as if to say "What are you doing here?". I walked by my dead father who was sitting at a table with two women I never met. He was happy and we cheerfully chatted, even though I don't know about what. Before I walked away to find my husband, I woke up. When dead relatives manifest in dreams, it is usually a result of missing their presence in your life. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are searching for answers that you think your dead father would know. Trying to find your husband in this restaurant and finding your father instead speaks of a possible yearning for your husband to be more like your father. Perhaps you are looking for certain characteristics of your father that your husband lacks. Alternatively, you may just be going through tough time and you need your father's guidance in order to navigate the issue. Look to lessons from the past to help bring clarity to the present.
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