Wife cutting hair too short Dreamed twice that my wife cut her hair too short and I was mad about it. What's the meaning? Dreaming that your wife has cut her hair too short is actually a warning about your own financial situation and spending habits. More specifically, this sign points to living beyond your means or not having a solid plan for your future. You may have even been hiding your extra expenses from your wife, which could explain her presence in this dream.
Scared of husband while in bed I'm busy going trough a divorce. I had this dream where I was in bed and I pretended I was asleep, so my husband could leave me alone, but in my dream he entered the room a few times and I felt so afraid in my dream, it felt so real. My body went numb, it felt like I was going to die. Then at some point my husband was in bed next to me and I was crying out to him to help me, my heart stopped. Feeling like your body is numb and unable to move in a dream vision is highly symbolic and reflects your current state of mind. It indicates the battle within you during difficult times in your life, specifically the divorce which you are currently going through. In this case, your mind and heart are probably going back and forth between what you want to do, what you should do, what you need to do, and what others are telling you to do. No matter which path you choose, you probably feel as though you will not be completely happy.
Husband having pains after intimacy I dream that my husband had intense pain after sexual intercourse. I ask him what was wrong, but he could not answer, because of the pain. Experiencing pain after intercourse could refer to existing dissatisfaction in your relationship. There could be underlying resentment between the two of you which could lead to possible altercations in the future. A lack of open communication may be feeding into your frustrations with one another, so there could be a need for better interactions in your relationship to properly address any issues.
Wife transforming into three sisters who look the same My wife became 3 separate sisters. I loved them all equally. Although they had different clothes and hair styles, they all were physically similar. One of them told me that they would not be jealous about the other two because they were the same person. Nonetheless jealousy arose! The appearance of your wife as three separate sisters in your dream reflects your view of her multi-faceted character. There may be days when you have to get along with contradicting aspects of her personality and yet despite this, you have learned to love the nuances that you keep discovering about her during this marriage. This vision could be a manifestation of your struggle to reconcile all sides of your wife and understand her persona. Perhaps the aim of this dream is to help you see your wife as a whole instead of the bits and pieces of a fragmented human being.
Looking at a carton of eggs I dreamed that me and my wife were staring at a carton of eggs. A dream in which your wife is staring at a carton of eggs is a good portent. It symbolizes the positive outcome of a future endeavor, such as a business decision or an investment. It is possible that your wife could be the one to come up with the right idea in the first place, so be attentive to her suggestions.
Wife trying to drown instead of helping I was drowning in a lake. My wife was on the pier and instead of helping me, every time I would reach the surface for some air, she would keep pushing my head under water. A dream about drowning reflects overwhelming stress or an emotional roller coaster. Drowning involves the inability to breathe and the constant threat of going under water. In the real world, this symbol of drowning may come from present or future challenges you are going to face and which could make you feel suffocated. The notion that your wife, whom you trust to save you, kept pushing your head underwater alludes to problems between the two of you. Perhaps you feel like she is not being supportive or concerned about your welfare. Additionally, this could be a sign of troubles developing within your marriage which are causing you distress. Both of you could benefit from reaching out to each other to hash out any brewing or suppressed issues.
Back together with deceased ex husband I am very happily married, but I have had several dreams about my ex-husband who is now deceased, but in my dreams he and I are together. Why? Dreaming of your deceased husband whilst being happily married may have something to do with the lessons you learned from that past relationship. Maybe you are experiencing a similar concern that you went through with your ex-husband, so that the memories and recollections from the past are trying to help you with present predicaments. In addition, you may be looking for certain qualities that your ex-husband possessed and your present husband is lacking. Sometimes looking at your past can reveal a wealth of knowledge that can help you in navigating the present.
Husband cheating when it is time to have surgery I was having surgery and had to go down a ladder to get to the surgery floor. A woman I never met was at the bottom of the ladder and claimed my husband was texting her to be with him. I went in an elevator to get to my room and looked at his phone to see they were texting nude photos and inappropriate messages. What does this mean? This dream involving an act of cheating or indiscretion by your husband could be a reflection of your insecurity and trust issues. Perhaps you are feeling neglected in reality, which is why this scenario appeared in your vision. On the other hand, this dream could be a good sign pointing you to the direction of healing and freeing your mind of anxieties. The surgery alludes to a need for emotional renewal and recovery. You may need to let go of negative thoughts and energies that are holding your back. Being cheated on in this context could be a good thing. It means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be temporarily freed of everyday worries and have a more peaceful existence.
Drowning with a spouse Me and my spouse were under water almost out of breath. Couple more minutes and we would have started drowning. But someone somehow opened a valve of some sort letting the water level lower, then he pulled us out. Struggling in water and almost drowning refers to overwhelming emotions. You and your spouse may be under a lot of stress, which is creating substantial tension between the two of you and causing some strain in your bond as husband and wife. Letting emotions get the best of either one of you could cause irreparable damage. Sometimes petty stuff and small differences could pile up and make one or both of you lose your cool. This dream vision cautions you from losing sight of your love for one another during emotional and irrational moments.
Becoming jealous while playing soccer I was dreaming I was playing soccer with my husband and another couple, and husband was touching the other girl's ass, so I got mad and ripped his necklace. This vision is a highly ominous sign regarding the people you trust most. Playing soccer with your husband and another couple suggests you have been too trusting and may have divulged information to someone who is planning to use it against you. While your husband is the main source of your ire in this vision, he could be a symbol created by your subconscious, due to your close connection with him, used to represent another friend or family member. Your danger is further illustrated through your husband's cheating on you, which represents the serious lengths your enemy is willing to go through to sabotage your life.
Mad at the husband while asleep I was dreaming and screaming out loud while sleeping telling my husband to get his stuff and get out and not to forget to take his daughters with him. They are daughters from a previous marriage, but I have adopted them. He heard me say everything and I do not know why I was dreaming that. Screaming at your husband during the course of a dream vision could be your subconscious mind's attempt to eliminate some stress that has been building up in waking life. This stress may be related to either your husband or daughters, but the focus on your husband, at least verbally, suggests he is the one you need to talk to in order to relieve the pressure. While there may be some brief conflict or uncomfortable feelings at first, there is likely to be no lasting damage.
Husband engaging in sex while on a house tour Me and my husband went to see the world's dustiest house with my cousin and there was a female there with her brother and I went to get the tour with my cousin and he went to the bathroom and during the tour I noticed he's not back yet and when I looked down the stairs, the female was blowing him. When I walked down the stairs to confront them, my husband looked high and he was basically rubbing his penis on her and then all of a sudden he starts apologizing because he hadn't noticed I was there. Catching your husband in a compromising situation in the dream reflects your insecurities. You may be sensing some coldness or indifference from him in the waking world and you are afraid that whatever is causing this change in his behavior has to do with his diminishing love for you. However, these are all speculations on your part which are only being highlighted by your anxious mind. Oral sex symbolizes your uncertainty or questioning in regards to his love and affection for you. Maybe it would be wiser to openly communicate these issues to avoid anxiety-filled dreams and achieve clarity in your relationship with your spouse.
Husband refusing affection My husband and myself are traveling in a car, my husband is driving. I go to kiss his cheek and he says no, I am married to another! I felt very confused as he never rejects intimacy. Traveling with your husband by means of driving reveals your tendency to be a passive passenger in your marriage. Thus, getting rejected by your husband through the invalidation of your marriage could mean that you may harbor insecurities and fears of not being good enough for him. Any sign of conflict probably gives you a lot of anxiety. Perhaps you need to trust not only your husband, but also yourself.
Wife trying to push to be killed by a bear I fought off a bear and he went over a cliff and I realized my wife was behind me and was going to push me over the cliff. Then I woke up. Seeing yourself fighting a bear and ultimately winning only to see your wife try to push you over the cliff right after could represent your bad or questionable behavior when dealing with competition. You may be easily provoked into conflicts and quick to raise your voice and show temper. It is possible that your wife is someone whom you see as competition over a particular aspect of your shared life, such as who takes the best care of the children, gets paid a better salary and so on. You should try to avoid getting into confrontations if this happens to be the case and learn to be happy with what you can do and accomplish together.
A breakup with wife at a party I have a recurring dream that my wife is leaving me for another man. I find out she has a boyfriend at a social gathering which the three of us attend. It's never the same guy or social function. Dreaming that your wife decides to leave you for a secret lover is an ill-omen. This dream could be representative of certain issues in your marriage. While you may be unaware of them or perhaps, actively ignoring these problems, they could have long-term ramifications for your conjugal life. Your best tool in cases like these is a good line of communication, being willing to admit that there is something wrong and trying to figure out how to fix it.
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